MK Ultra


First some basic facts which are still classified.

The M in MK does not mean mind, the K does not mean control.

The M is likely the Futhark Character of Ewaz. Which means astrophysics.

The K is a symbolic reference to Cooperative. As in a collection of cooperatives individually performing tasks but working together to achieve a larger goal.  



This clandestine operation started at some point in the past and only became semi-public knowledge after the 1950s.


The Roots of this clandestine organization started well before either the founding of the American Government immediately before the Colonial Army won against both the British and the English, and before the Salem Witch Trails which cascaded directly into both the Seven Years War. The Seven years war began officially in 1754, but the fighting began well before that date. The Sevan Years Was did not stop till well into two decades later, although the politicians do not acknowledge the Clandestine operations which were still occurring after 1761. From Salem to the Seven Years War to the direct cascade affect Revolutionary War, these conflicts can easily be lumped into exactly the same conflict. With short pauses between them.   


Both programs were centered on and around the codes of the Weave of Time, those codes revolve around the function and structure of the Universe.














TR Welling