Map of the Universe


·     Galaxy


·     Solar Systems

o  solar systems in this Galaxy between the enter of it and the is solar system

·     Our Solar System


o  Mercury

o  Venus

o  Earth

§  Past; in the Tarot this is both the Tower of Babel and the Elder Futhark symbol of Haggalaz. Haggalaz means past and is the 9th symbol in the Elder Futhark. However, the Tower of Babel has such a deeper meaning it is difficult to compress it into less than a couple hundred word abstract. The most basic translation of the Tower of Babel is the technology which created that and dozens and dozens of other Ziggurats in Levant lands were built based on the same extremely advanced engineering. The culture which created said engineering liked and respected the tools they built. They had and have no interest in turning said tools into weapons. However, the enemies of those cultures became enemies over jealously regarding the tools. All the enemies can see are weapons to use to destroy those they do not like, dominate the planet, and eventually challenge god for supremacy over the universe. It is an ego thing regarding the base nature of the enemy cultures are cults. Cult leaders only care about replacing god with themselves; on a theology level they have a personality identity disorder. Standing before a huge crowd being adored eventually becomes boring so the only fix becomes larger and larger crowds. All humans must adore/worship the leader to saite their genocidal ego. The Past is a collection of events where the good people try to live their lives while the bad people work every conceivable angle to become more and more powerful.

§  Present

§  Future

o  Mars

o  Neptune

o  Saturn

o  Jupiter

o  Uranus


·     Next Solar System

o   from our solar systems to the outer edges of this galaxy


·     The Next Galaxies


·     The next Galaxies


·     1000000000000000000000000000000000 Galaxies


·     Visible Universe


·     Other Electro-Magnetic Sequences




·     Quantum Field


What is the most difficult thing about the above is to try and understand that the first rule of Mathematics is the following; “Measure to and front FIXED POINTS”. This needs to be a mantra repeated 1000 times a day for 9 months (a 3 set of 3 Conditioned Responses, so the natural neuropathway building process for the rest of your life needs to look at absolutely everything from a perspective of what exactly is it and what are its fixed points) so ensure that the facts and functions of the fixed points of the Universe can be identified and the distances between each fixed point identified.


The Earth, this little 3rd rock from our sun has its fixed point sequences already identified and measured out. Those fixed points are 24 fixed points over the course of 15 day sequences and 5 which are 16 day, once very 4 years you have a 6 16 day month.


The ancients who built the Pryamids were experts in this type of language, mathematics, and science.


Now an interesting thing to note about two things. One the sun’s Electro-Magnetic Solar wind, and two the earths own Magnetosphere.

In the wake of the planet traveling both daily on its axis and yearly in its orbit; the earth passes through the sun’s Electro-Magnetic wake. A wake which is more than proven based on both the solar wind and the aurora borealis since the earth obviously has an affect on the flow patterns of the sun’s Solar Winds.

Said disturbance in the past leaves Electro-Magnetic signatures in the wake.

Since the earth does not  pass through the same areas of space again, based on the facts that the pivot point for the sun itself has its own pivot point, and that point has its own pivot point, sequenced to the middle of the solar system.


The Electro-Magnetic Waves  of the earth forms the shape of a snake or corkscrew. Said corkscrew has been identified in mythology and theology as “The Bottomless Pit of Hell”. Hell.

Over a persons life, their thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. become part of the Electro-Magnetic Waves left as the earth passes through time.


In a very real effect of those Electro-Magnetic waves could be properly identified and worked with.

Makes the whole concept of the TV Show Quantum Leap; seem very very real based on Experiment's conducted at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Tech). Expariments headed by Dr Workman, with Dr Colgate being one of the lead scientists. With a large number of professors and “contractors” {including my grandfather} working on that one specific project among a dozen others. How did Don Belisarius learn about it, that is a great question.

Taking the persons “Consciousness” on the Quantum level and sending it back into the whole the earth makes in the sun’s solar wind wake patterns.


It would look not all that dissimilar to a fish, dolphin, etc. swimming through the crest of a wave. Not on the wave as in a surfer and or someone swimming, but inside the wave.









TR Welling