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Memento Mori Ceremony The Crucifixion of Jesus

The Memento Mori Ceremony itself has 3 working parts.



Julii Family

Memento Mori Ceremony




Palatine Hill North Umber Land








Part 1a  violence. Striker Pharaoh NarmerA picture containing furniture

Description automatically generated(Jacob; Holder of the Foot {Romulus etymology “Fast moving water{divine warrior e.g. Pharaoh Narmer}” a divine striker (water ad divine being similar in Indo European Language. Narmer, Jacob, Romulus, Caesar, Louis each have the same foundation name. move the water faster, has two separate dictionary references to Pharaoh Narmer; striker. What is more interesting this is not the only direct repeat reference to both Narmer the first Pharaoh aka Scorpion King but to the Old Kingdom and the ATEN built into the Pyramids. North Umber Land is the translation of Palatine Hill which has not 1 not 2 but 2 separate aspects to the life of Romulus. Narmer and the Old Kingdom are despite separating by more than half a millennium are connected. Narmer Striker, Rome water striker, Narmer the Old Kingdom NorthUmberLand, Rome Palatine Hill. })(Laguz) to Strike, to impact, to cause pressure waves. Both the names Romulus and BC2439CB Remus translated through a couple dozen languages from whatever language they used to English all of those languages have the concept of Striker in direct association. River (Laguz)(Rivers Cut/Strike through land), Tiber River 1A308111, Oar Image result for Oar boat (impacting water), etc. In this case Romulus could have a connection with Noahs Flood Image result for Noah’s Flood, (layers and layers of 1a in direct association with that story) the ships altering the course of water, the people on the ships, and the cargo of the ships. All of the AEttsA picture containing athletic game, sport, basketball

Description automatically generated involved would be Impacted 1a by the pressure waves moving things.

Part 1b  Intimacy; from the most innocent to the most not innocent.

Part 2  Some type of community involvement, in Rome A large building

Description automatically generatedusually a Parade or some type of celebration. This is the central theme of the novel and movie series “The Hunger Games” the Parade of Tributes is all Memento Mori. Actually the The Hunger Games is based from the story of both the Minotaur Image result for minotaur (the tributes being literally fed to the “Beasts” which were illustrated at the end as dog like creatures) and the journey from the Crete Related image Labyrinth Image result for Labyrinth back to first Poseidon Image result for poseidon  (If you look at it from a NE corner it appears to have 3 points) to conquer the city renaming it ATEN A close up of a logo

Description automatically generatedand then to the Capital of Troy Image result for trojan war to interact with the Trojan War. Parades and community interaction in layers upon layers. The entire field of Psychology came directly from the stories written about those two events and their obvious cascade events aftermath. Parade after Parade after Community involvement. Part of the Army Agamemnon A5B6563B assembled left Troy after the city fell and Agamemnon appointed himself Pharaoh with the obligatory name change. However, this sequence of events is included in a series of books which directly inspired the Halliwell Manuscript; first Dante’s Inferno The Divine Comedy Illustrated 1485 by Sandro Botticelli image 0 which was itself inspired by the AEneid, which came from the books of Homer but from AEeas’ perspective not Odysseus.

From the first second Rome was Rome (Previous name Samhain eg October 31 the West Face of Janus Face of JanusA close up of a map

Description automatically generated, Hecate F150604C being the Present Mid-Winter December 22, and the East Face being Imbulc Feb 2) the Senate aka the Philistines used the ceremony to consolidate power and wealth. Specific targets for assassination were the Jews not the Hebrews but the Jews. The Jews are entirely different in most aspects to HebrewsA close up of text on a white background

Description automatically generated (Hebrews are Moses’ created culture Judaism is what Moses Image result for Moses and his family of Hyksos/Avaris were soul level needed to find and destroy any and all traces of said noun. Hebrews use the Language of Hebrew and have ignored almost all aspects of pre-Moses Judaism. Original Judaism there is almost nothing left from the original in documentation form. Minus the MezuzahA picture containing photo, text

Description automatically generated which is the character of Shin which is the architecture of the KhufuA picture containing text, map

Description automatically generated PyramidA close up of a logo

Description automatically generated); at least previous to 300 ce, when the 4th 1000 year dark age started. When as much of the records from previous cultures and civilizations became obliterated by the Romans, the Church of Paul, Islam, etc. any cultures threatened by education they immediately destroy libraries and scholars to ensure their authority is not questioned in any way. Jews were the primary Victims of 1a from unknown point in history through the entire Roman Empire Image result for roman empire 753 bce – 400 ce. First the ceremony was performed under the Roman name façade Memento Mori, then Gladiator Image result for gladiator games Games, then Witch Burning Time Image result for witch burnings, then Puritan censorship culture, then the Reich Image result for holocaust concentration camps death, etc.

zzShin in Memento Mori

Shin and the Tabernacle of Adam System (zzStille Group Concept)

A close up of text on a white background

Description automatically generated

zzShin zzMarking the Cities which were built to resemble the zzTabernacle of Adam System

In the evidence regarding this Hebrew character of Shin and its architectural design

zzNeapolitan ice cream

The name of zzGod inside the 8 gears of Shin.



The entire Roman Empire was founded and based on the concepts of the zzMemento Mori Ceremony

Namely to the Commanders and Politicians if they were going up against a specifically difficult situation, they would perform the Memento Mori Ceremony. 1a in the zzTemple of Janus approximately where the small south dome is on the Roof of St Peters BasilicaA screenshot of a cell phone screen with text

Description automatically generated; they would kill a Jew. 1b they would venture the dozen or so feet to the small north Temple of Janus Image result for temple of janus where they could perform some form of coitus 1b with one of the clergy present (the Sabine FemalesImage result for Sabine Females). Then either march to the battle, or march into the city to the Roman Forum. But usually they marched into battle, in the first days the battle was not far away, at the end the battle would take months to arrive at the front.

Jews and Memento Mori would be the victims or 1a.

However, after 700 years the Jews were on the extreme side of tired of being picked off very quickly by Roman Powerful, elite, Rich, and those who could not afford the full ceremony but performed the rite anyway. Usually soldiers or low end businesspeople would simply go into the streets of Rome and kill a Jew 1a, go to a house of ill repute 1b, then bragged about the acts to their community praising Janus the whole time 2. Not all that different from Allah AkBar which Janus can be sound wise altered a slight bit to become J = All N softens to become ah and the us is replaced by the Arabic bar. Killing Jews in the streets of Rome was only semi illegal.

Enter Jesus

The thing Jesus promised was an end to the endless genocide of Jews to in effect use the 7 grams of electricity of the soul to power the Empire itself.

The concept was/is to find a way to remove the “lost souls” from the planets orbital west tunnel aka the abyss of hell and give them their own afterlife. To punish those who performed the 1a to have a Jew stand in for them in the afterlife to give a boost in battle.


However, the foundation of the Christian faith is about “Jesus Saves” which has been so badly miss translated it hardly counts at all.

The Facts are that the Romans used the Memento Mori Ceremony from literally the first second the Commanding General (a strong academic argument can be made that his name was Remus and he killed either his brother, a twin brother, a brother in arms, his XO of his army, some random member of his army, a Jewish slave, a citizen of Samhain, etc. and not he was Romulus and he either killed Remus or Remus was killed by someone) killed someone (who that someone was is anyone’s guess) 1a, Romulus felt bad about it 1b and performed some type of intimacy (grieving counts as intimacy)(or he could have just as easily have grieved for a second, then turned to a female (very likely a captured Sabine female) and proceeded with coitus), then Paraded around the city naming it after himself Rome. Although it is a very strong academic argument that he was called Remus and he took on the Role of Pharaoh changing his name from Remus to Romulus. Romulus in whatever language he used (no records exist of what language the Philistines e.g. the descendants of the army and culture Agamemnon created to go and genocide the Jews a troy. They called themselves or at least their theocracy governing body Philistines.) the Ceremony to build his empire with. He used the mass murder of Jews and anyone else who questioned the authority of the Roman Empire through the ceremony to power/energize the culture itself.

Jesus was to put an end of said practice

Journey to Jerusalem

Rome Ministry

Trail of Jesus The Trial of Jesus took place in a couple parts. 1 was a meeting in the Senate Chamber

 The Parade from just in front of the Curia Julii Image result for curia julia around the Capitoline Hill  to the north, to the Roads leading to the gates of Rome, then outside the city gates to the Bridge to the Vatican Hill, up the Hill to the place Jews were Executed. The East Skull of Janus is the place of Crucifixion Image result for crucifixion, the West Hill/Face of Janus of the Vatican Hill would be where more religious and less public executions would take place. It took killing most of the population of Rome and 500 years (30 – 450 ce) to erase the above details from common knowledge. The city of Rome had a population of citizens well over 1 million during the Crucifixion of Jesus, 350 years later the population was less than 50k, a century later and the population was less than 10k. Slaves and non-romans outnumbered the Romans in Rome by between 3 and 5 to one. 400 ce and total souls in Rome Proper was about 7k. Huge population exodus occurred several times, so they were not all killed. Large groups left the city to live in Pompeii Image result for pompeii (which turned out to be a close to absolute fatal idea), a huge group left Rome and set up a new city in the Lagoon of Venice Image result for lagoon city of venice map using the architecture of Noah’s Fleet to build their Christian city, the remaining core of the direct descendants of the Philistines eg the descendants of Agamemnon left the city and moved to Mecca the land of their ancient ancestors. 

Jesus is Condemned to Death

Jesus carries his Cross

Jesus falls of the first Time

Jesus meets his Mother Mary

Simon of Cyrene helps carry of the Cross

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus Falls for the Second Time

Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem

Jesus falls for the Third Time

Jesus is stripped of this Clothing

Jesus Nailed to the Cross

Jesus is Killed in the Temple of Janus

Jesus is taken into the Catacombs cross

Jesus Placed in his Tomb

The 3 versions of the Gospels

Synoptic Gospels; the foundation of the Coptic.

AErdology; the Column

The Crucifixion Mirrors the Noachite Right. Which is where the foundation of FreeMasonry comes from

Past West Face of Janus


Future East Face of Janus







Luke ii

Eyes to the West

North and South Eyes

Eyes to the East



SW Complex Master JD

JW Temple Master

SS NE Eye 


Historia North Eye

Hecate Queen of Sheba

WM Noah Admiral E Eye



Dante’s Circles

Vatican Domes






Gospels of Matthew  Mark Luke and John Luke (light) II (Acts)

8 Eyes of Janus AErdology

Matthew  the perspective of 2. West Face of Janus 2 Eyes of the West Past

The sequence in which the Gospels are Presented indicate in dozens of ways the layered and cascade (chemistry) which the events are described and defined. Every single bit of the Gospels are time marked. Those time Marks (the second gospel Mark is direct physical documentation evidence of said intent to mark the points of interest.

Mark perspective of 1a  1a lots and lots of violence visited upon Jesus. Making a Mark a Sigil Fish/Janus/Pyramids/Pharaoh Meme. Present 2 Eyes North, 2 Eyes to the South

Luke the perspective of 1b innocent intimacies and miracles. 2 Eyes of the East Future

John the perspective of 2 community involvement


Resurrection Image result for Resurrection

Stigmata Image result for stigmata

FreeMasonry in FreeMasonry the object is in effect be either the Minotaur or Theseus Image result for theseus.

In the case of the Minotaur; to go from being a beast to a good person. A diamond in the ruff, or basically the same story as Aladdin’s Lamb Image result for Aladdin’s Lamb. The Lamb being a fictional application of the String of Theseus used. The Minotaur being converted to the Parrot of Jafar Image result for Parrot of Jafar although a fiction created by the WDW Image result for wdw info imaginers; this character type is present in different variables in several of the versions of the story. The problem with this story is that “supposedly, this story takes place in the Middle East, but there is much more evidence it takes place in Paris E127F302 in some secret area of the Catacombs”. This ties the story to the Passages of the Paris Catacombs 553D8A60 which reach into the Royal Palaces of Paris 48743F6E; which allowed for the Palatine to move secretly between the Royal Buildings The name Palatine is whatever language was used by Romulus day one of Rome, it is the name of the Palatine Hill and translates to North Umber Land or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. The Palatine Hill is directly behind where Trial of Jesus supposedly took place. The King of Knossos altered to being Jaffar, or the Cardinal Richelieu 5DB2CDAC (1585 1642) or a previous Cardinal of Paris circa 1455-1512. 

Or Theseus going from being a Tribute to conquering the Minotaur, emerging a better person to take his army to Poseidon conquering Poseidon renaming the city for his Grandfather’s (Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten) monotheistic deity the ATEN. The H and ‘s were added later.

The Roman version of FreeMasonry was the memento mori ceremony. but from the other way.

They focused on "Killing the Beast" then celebrating. we focus on ... then celebrating

The legend of the Minotaur for masons is more than easy to include. String, maze, the tribute selection process, the journey from Poseidon to Crete back to Poseidon renaming the city ATEN (centuries later Anti Semitic Cultures added a H after the T and make the word possessive ‘s). Then add the other elements. Then there is of course the Lodge of Athens Island Chain of the AEgean then the Grand Lodge of Troy.

The Minotaur the Trojan War and FreeMasonry

The Alter is laid out to represent or at least used to represent the journey of Theseus back to Poseidon to conquer the city and rename it after his god the deity ATEN, providing and Homage to the Old Kingdom and the Pyramids e.g. Janus.






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