Memento Mori Part 1b


Part 1a some type of violence, sometimes involving intimacy

Part 1b is flat out intimacy.

Part 2 is community interactions, from just allowing others to know up to and through a parade down main street in celebration.

This section is on and about the functions and structures of intimacies. Which are supposedly about sealing the 1a deed with the 1b deeds.


Good Actions
the range of actions from the most innocent and platonic up to and through the hardest most intense non innocent but still consensual of intimate acts.

Good Actions intimate encounters innocent and platonic

Good Actions Dating life; eg sex after the 3rd date. Dinner, a movie (usually the movie has the 3 acts built in, on the extreme side of unusual if not included), from the most innocent up to and through coitus

Good Actions stripping and not the same but related prostitution

Good Actions adult industry from simple photos up to and through hard R ratings. But the porn industry takes over with the no longer acting but actual penetration minus kissing of course.

Good Actions porn


Neutral Actions

Neutral Actions

Neutral Actions

Neutral Actions

Bad Actions
actions and activities which are none consensual. Where only one party agrees to the behavior patterns. This could be as simple as I prefer you not be around me, up to and through the two most violent acts one human can do to another.
Bad Actions
serial killers
Bad Actions
serial rapist

Bad Actions sexual assault

Bad Actions


The most difficult aspect of this entire Ceremony at least from a Vatican/Puritan format perspective are the facts of the 1b part of the 3 part ceremony.

It is beyond clear despite the fact there are 3 distinct parts.

1 and 2 absolutely are north and south twins with each other partnered with the east and west twins. The east and west are the Janus Twins. which in effect makes the north and south temples in effect the aspects of the Valkyrie.

One aspect of them in the physical world, the other aspect of them in other dimensions.

Which became aspects of the south smaller temple being death, and the north smaller temple being intimacy.













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