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Memento Mori and FreeMasonry

1a death 1b intimacy (brotherly love) 2 a Parade community interaction.


I found enough evidence from a solid 1b from the Memento Mori ceremony as being part of FreeMasonry a solid theory about Masonry.

It also provides huge amounts of evidence that FreeMasonry was the cornerstone of the roman schema. The Romans called FreeMasonry Memento Mori. To them the emphasis was on the phrase "remember you are dead".

The emphasis with freemasonry is stunningly obvious. but the ceremony was in 3 acts, which we recreate in very close to the same form those 3 acts.

1a violence

1b intimacy (brotherly love). Specific to the evidence from the documentation of the Noachite Rite. Where the Third son Shem as opposed to his brother Ham reached into the grave to pull the body of their father out 1a. To commune with the body of their dead father in order to in some way absorb the function and structure of the Part 2 which was to be a two way radio with god. Which points to both the Pyramids containing more than 70% quarts in total materials used. Compressed quartz releases electricity. The shapes of the Pyramids through the normal progression of thermal dynamics released electricity every single day.

2 the parade.


documentation evidence can be found directly within the confines of the Halliwell manuscript, which is based from Dantes, which is openly based on the AEniad. Documentation straight from Troy.


The Pitt of Hell

No photo description available.

Doric were on the inside


1)    Tuscan Order x

2)    Doric Order

3)    Ionic Order x

4)    Corinthian Order x

5)    composite

Apparently Dante’s Inferno the Pitt of Hell is based on or from the Coliseum

 *. *Which gives a very interesting definition for the phrase* “Go to Hell”, could be a very  Which is fascinating since the Coliseum is built from some of the same exact materials from Levant Lands the city of Jupiter which was conquered, and name changed to Jerusalem.

King Solomon's Temple which was rebuild centuries later by Zerubbabel. Vespasian had the city sacked, the temple dismantled, had as many of the building supplies moved to Rome as possible in order to build a new Temple of Janus (Writing Equationthe Coliseum from the Great Temple to the Lord in Jerusalem. In the 1400s parts of the coliseum were dismantled and used to build the Sistine Chapel. Parts of the Coliseum but other materials came from the temples of Carthage, the main temple of Athens{the Temple of Athens or the Parthenon in Athens was decidated, redecidated, and redicated to various and assorted deities over the millennia different military factions contorled the city. However portions of the outbuildings and portions of the internal were brought from Athens [ The City of Athens and its name change<The Temple of Athena and its history regarding Theseus, his mother Aethra/aka Meretatan the oldest daughter of Amenhoteo iv aka Ahkenaten and Nefertiti,  of course the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, the Pyramids , Janus, Rome, the schema of Rome which is the Memento Mori Cermoney, etc.> at least 3 times from 2100 bce to present. Although its present name has lasted the longest circa 800 bce to present 2800 years. The Previous name was Poseidon, it was this exact city which provided the Tribute Bull as a gift to the King of Knossos. That Bull was not really a bull but in all hard reality that bull was a male rabbi. TO be sacrificed 1a, but instead< or poetic license altered by later conquerors who had a vastly different idea regarding the treatment of females. #which lso points to the function and structure of when Judah was sold by his brothers to the Pharaoh (Egypt), his brothers reported his being sold to the Pharaohs as he was killed on a hunt 1a. In Egypt Judah had many visions and many spiritual encounters. Then he was asked to perform the 1b with the wife of the Pharaohs. As the story goes he was too virtuous to accept, but very likely he actually did perform the 1b part of the ceremony with her which produced an in effect what the Greeks could called “A Demi God”. Children produced from said 1a 1b union were labeled as Divine or at least half divine.# The treatment of females by later conquerors is possessive, they did not understand the Memento Mori ceremony. Any and all females were in effect the property of the Leaders/slave master and on occasion the leader would choose to bed any female in his Domaine. This ceremony is an affront to those ideas.  This is not much different than the foundation plot of the movie “Irma La Duche” staring Shriley Maclaine and Jack Lemon. Where the pimp/boyfriend would protect 1a his girl, and she would turn tricks 1b for a living. 2 working out of the bar Mustache as a group/community accepted effort and aspect.> the King of Knossos chose to sacrifice 10 other not as good bulls (rabbi) and he kept that gift. Which on the extreme side angered both the King of Poseidon and the city of Poseidon itself. However one of his wifes was also a Memento Mori #more than half a millennia before he would have that specific name# in effect rabbi/clergy the documentation would be two Memento Mori clergy performed 1a 1b and 2 which created the Minotaur. #whether or not that Minotaur was a male of female the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians/Agamemnon/Philistines would never even dream of providing that type of information. Females are mostly useless property to those cultures. So a very  talented and deadly in battle female would be an afront to the entire Esau philosophy of acceptable realty. Which is a huge amount of evidence pointing to the offspring was a female, in this specific case that female would be called Helen. She would go on to do very interesting things which cascade effect started the Trojan War. Which is an entirely huge and complex subject all on its own. # in order to allow in effect both the Pharaoh of Egypt and King Knossos a powerful WMD in order to secure a more powerful nation. #another fascinating thing is, these Jacob and Judah events directly correspond with the function and structure of one the Pryamids and two the Minnortaur. Sincne the Pryamids construction began virtually the second Judah was sold to PHraoh 1a by his brothers. The Pyramids are Janus *Which also means the  Pyraids are a beast with two backs, since Janus is the schema of rome and that schema has two heads each with a separate spinal cord, those spiral cords literally have two backs. The Beasta of the Praymids and the Minotaur beast have a huge amount of variable sin common. They both scared the attacking culture enough to cause wars, genocide, and it appears the attacking culture did everything in its considerable power to erase any and all traces of this evidence. There is a huge amount of mor einfomration here, sub subjects, sub sub subjects, etc. This specific sequence of ideas is extremely complex.*  taking on the from ideas that the Pyramids are literally a double spinal cord. The foundation ceremony of which virtually the entire first Roman Empire and then the Papal states revolve around. * everything about the Papacy, every ritual, ceremony, every story, eeverytihgn, etc. is directly in association with the Memento Mori Ceremony 1a (the death of Jesus) 1b his intimately being placed in the tomb 2 his resurrection and the cascade effect after this parade event.* the Memento Mori ritual# from which to rule over. Some rulers are nice and good, some rules are tyrants and despots. Obviously, the Old Kingdom were good <at least from the vantagepoint of the Old Kingdoms perspective. They had enemies which the Hyksos can be counted close to at the very top of said enemies list. TO the Hyksos the Old Kingdoms of Egypt were horrible people who needed to be erased from existence in order for rightful rulers of the world to have no threats to their authority to power>

 and the Hyksos were either bad or not so good. < but that is specific to each cultures perspective. Each cultures group A rules of good and solid behavior do enot match other cultures group A rules of good and solid behavior. Whe this occurs the cultures involved usually have to either ignore each others Group A rules or they go to war. Group B rules are either neutral or the curtluer does not collectively care about said actionos. Group C are bad things which from no big deal to the worst punsihmetns imaginable the cultures Group C actions response is usually some form of “stopping it’. The problems occur when culture 1 encounters culture 2 and what is fine and dandy Group A rules for culture 1 are the deepest nastiest most objectionable rules for culture 2. Usually some type of war occurs. Culture 1 or 2 attack the other culture for erpformign what has become defined as “Crimes against humanity”. Which is exactly why the Hyksos invaded Egypt 2100 bce, to stop the crime of the Old KNgdom being in charge of large chunks of humanity. They did not like the Old Kingdom Group A rules. Which as it turns out have a direct relationship with the Beast of the Pyramids and the Minotaur Beast. Makes the Minotaur beast in more than a few ways directly connected with being a female rabbi in which Theseus mated with and produced Helen, hypothesis wise. Which the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Agememo could not stand the very idea of this outcome. deciding to attack and erase all traces of this unholy alignance and beast creation. # If correct Helen and Paris their chielren were at least by the standard definition of whatever language the culture Agamemnon *collected and ruled over for the rest of his life at the city of Troy. First outside the walls then after 10 years inside the walls as the new Pharaoh Agamemnon having the obligatory Pharaoh name change. What that new name is, is anyones guess. There are some records of what his new name was, but that has to be balanced with the facts that in the documentation He divorced his wife and she killed him and did some other really nasty stuff. Which was chronicled in Dante’s Inferno; one of Agemeon’s direct relatives a daughter I think was killed by the wife. So there is some oddities infovled with this story. since Helen might have been a Demi-God born from the use of the Memento Mori ceremony * which used to be a serious part of freemaonsery* , making Helen in effect a Beast. The officially position of the the descenatns of Esau; all offspring of a or any beast must be found and eliminated. HEce the named culture of Agamemnon the Philistines found it was their duty to follow the evacuating Trojans to Italy  * the arcapeligo itself appears to be in the shape of a boot/foot/heal/etc which means that this exact area has the geographical distinction of being in part the land of Jacob. Add to that the facts that Sem itic is only 2 letters shy of being the word Italic; Al are in Arabic short for Allah. Makes the area the trojans were evacuating not the Land of Jacob. Itic the land of or the area of; addin the al in the to at al ic and you have the name of the language which gteh Romans worked very  very hard for the last 2500 years to erase any and all traces of said language.* to seek and destroy them. The trojan war with these pieces of evidnece changes the story almost entirely into a new and different sperspecitve. In addition the entire book of the Odyssey is about battling the Cyclops which is a one eyed creature which Odysseus is caught by and it eats several of his men. A One Eyed Cyclop is alsmot identical to the definition of the ATEN with its own large circular disk and its huge all reaching arms. To get away the cyclops was blinded. The point is the Cyclops is a beast. Helen being at least in this hypothesis was the daughter of a Beast the Minotaur. Judah himself might have produced a beast with the wife of the pharaoh. The direct cascade effect is that the Pyramids were costruted immetietely after. The Pyramids have the ATEN built into their causeways. Beast everywhere in these stories with the same accompanying ATEN connections # so they could then rule over their lands and have no threats from anyone or anything. Of course what was left out of this little problem are the facts that the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorian/agememon/Philostine/Roman ctuleures definition of fine and dandy behavior includes gencide and eraseing any and all information they do not like which either hurts their feelings or makes them feel dumb. Or far far worse they think that some type of divine intervention/weapon their enemy culture possesses when in all hard reality it is them the descendants of Esau who should hold the power of the weapons of god and all should bow to their mightily power#which causes a huge problem since aprt of their story which started the cascade efeect which placed ABrmaam aka pharaoh mem in Egypt in the first place is he was running from the army of the city of UR which his father Terah attacked without mercy in order to seize control over the Tower of Babyle to gain access to the Eridu Zigurate which Terah and his oldest son or sons were completely voncined was a way to reach heaven. They must posess said weapon to challenge god to rewrite history to put them in charge of earth instead of this stupid work wit partnership with the land instead of its masters. The response was an Electro-Magnetic pulse which gave most of Tarah’s army an Electro-Magnetic lobotomy; amost identivcal to elecgtric shock therapy. Those who survived being electrocuted were never mentally the same after. The Pyramids are Electro-Magnetic geerators, they could produce 1.21 gigawatts of electricity given the correct parmaeters. Abraham aka Pharaoh Mem survived and went on to have a mostly successful life. His grandson Jacob and his 12th son Judah would go onto start Pyramid construction#, was a huge bone #The Memento Mori Ceremony, Mem is for Pharaoh Mem aka Abrham, the great grandfather of Judah# of contention between the descendental of Jacob and the descents of Esau. The descendants of Esau could never and will never let up on their soul level believe that they should be in charge of the planet and all things in relation, that they work as co equals to god and their human decisions are just as good as gods decisions. That when they and god disagree, god should side with them since they obviously know more about their needs than god does. So whenever a threat to their power or their connection  with the divine occurs, they attack that enemy with all they have.>. Being a bad cutluer since they ignore the rules god has set out “thall shalt not kill”, “thall shalt not have any other god before me” (which includes strong leaders who have been elevated by their minions into a divine category) “thal shalt not remove others free will to do what thout wilt.” Although removing free will is a center piece to the function and structure of the philosophy of Esua. Some behaviors of the desceatants of Esau literally make it all but impossible to allow others to hae free will. Slavery and an outright distain for females<female genitle mutilation being high on the list of sins against an entire gender. The long ago forgotten why to mutilate females is to prevent them from being able to orgasm, which to Esau Orgazm is 1b of the event. The 1b of Memento Mori they were afraid females would or could use their orgasm power to direct the events electricity and or the ceremony itself electricity to achieve goals the man did not want. THE man must have the power and control. He must be in command. So FGM became a thing to remove any hint that the beats living inside females could come out and do things which the males would not like. #This also points to the ideas that since FGM is very strong and a signiticant part of the culture in Egypt and Judah did his think in Egypt. That the very name Mem is Pharaoh Mem, which is the 3rd of the greats pyramida on the giza plateau, it is the smallest, and most south of the 3. More variables align with the reason for the FGM is the fears over the Memento Mori ceremony and the 1b female using the orgasm in way her master would not approve of. # in order to keep the man and males in paoer and in control. Which does not at all point to any type of really good behavior on the side of the descents of Esau. Mutliating your femles in order to remove their free will regarding their 1b beast asepcgts is absolutely against gods rules. But all that is needed is to create a new philosophy/relgion where the Memento Mori and or the FGM is the divine thing to do. However this si entirely contractidtry since a large number of the males in said FGM cultures have not only sever lawifes but several concumbines. Some have FGM some do not. So it is entirely arbiraty based on hwo week/timid/ the man feels as any give point > is so part of their culture and sub cugtlreus form esau they cannot funct ion in a world where their rules are not the one and only rules to follow. Just ask the residence of Salem Massechuests crica 1687; they ahd at least one active pedophone in their rnaks and up till the moment of truth were still defending his actions to force a 8-11 year old girl into an intimate relationship 1b. Killign her innocence and childhood 1a. Then parading around saying how great the Puritian ideals were.]to Rome under the ideals of Vespasian to destroy the very foundation of the Hebrew, Judaism, Christianity, and any and all other aspects of any threats to the stability and security of the Roman Empire. He was entirely bound and in all ways completely determiened to rule Rome as he saw fit. He made decisiosn as an old man which stil have huge ramifications 1900 years after he died[ Which very very likely based on the available evidence starting with the Roman Senate loved to lying 1b as much as they liked killing Jews 1a then bragging about how much they lied 2. Vespasian(June 23, 79 AD) died. Also Vespasian was almost guaranteed not in x location when he died/was killed he was likely in Pompeii on a kill all Jews campaign. He arrived back in Italy and instead of resting at his vacation home he traveled to Pompeii to kill Jews. If he was going to die, he wanted to die killing Jews. He was not a well man but he was well enough to direct his legion in battle. What no one but real scholars did not know was Vesuvius was about to blow. In the years previous to Vesuvius eruption, the Jews and scholars in the area began to bug out. Thus the Roman Empire felt a threat ]. He ordered the construction of the Coliseum as a Pitt of Hell *for his enemies. The main enemy of the ROMan Empire were both the Jews and according to him those two knuckle heads Jesus/Simon Peter and that solid hard core nut job the Evil Priest Paul [Th  who all but relied upon the killings part of 1a to in his opinion power his church. The more people he killed in sacrifice to his deity the better. He had in the previous decades chosen to use his army to seize control over the Vatican lands, he seized control over the transported city of Heliopolis and turned the city into his own personal ministry which later merged with the name of the Lands to be called “Vatican”, but it is the name of the land not the buildings which sit upon it< A  From the moment the city of Heliopolis arrived in Rome it took on the name Circus which means horse track ala the Trojan Horse.> which most of those buildings used to be part of the city of Heliopolis. Calgiula had Heliopolis and the Lake Nemi ships projects at the same time.]3

Immediately after the Crucifixion, the senate shaking in terror as to the events. Immediately orderd the erasure of the Rock of Mars and all associated documentation erased from existence. The Rock of Mars is where the Vatican Hill used to be, it is also known as Skull Mountain eg the east fact of Janus. * However immediately after the Roman Senate and the military could not function without their Memento Mori Cermeony so they had to come up with other plans. The Roman cultures shifted away from the Temple of Janus to the concept of the Gladiator games, which achieves the exact same goal. Exact reference to Gladiators would  be the Knights Templars;* with only a very small amount of difference in the situations. The events from 35 ce to 75 forced the Roman Senate to reconsider itself and its positiosn. They knew they could not go without the ceremony, they in effect depended on the 7 gramms of life force electricity to in effect power the Empire with. The more executions the more electricity, the more electrity the more stronger, richer, and more powerful the empire would grow. At least that was the placebo effect assumptions, based on a crude and genoncidal understanding of the Noachite Rite* performed by the dead 1a Noah and his 1b sons, teo determine who would rule the Children of Adam and Eve. The word Israel would not exist till after the Hykso introduced the concept of RA into the mixture post 2100 bce. The cultural chaos of those more than 4 decades was more than the culture could handle. Vespasian had an idea. he was going to seize the Roman Throne for himself by killing his rivals after he had removed Nero from the Throne. Of course part of that timeframe Nero went al but entirely nuts and in effect fiddled while Rome Burnt. It is semi true he was performing on the stage or at least ministering to his flock not in Rome when the fire broke out. But his response was to “Let it burn. I will build a new city form its ashes”. Which is semi close to what happened, but not under his emperorship. Vespasian took over and began to rebuild the city under his leadershiup and direction. Among the projects needed was a brand new Temple of Janus, however this one would be built different. This one instead of being at the end of the Vatican Hill in effect Phallus Hill, this one would be built in the position of the left upper chest of the female which is the Roman Forum. * [ the Roman forum was laid out intentionally as a female to the male Vatican Hill. Countless paintings and sculptures of this configuration can be found everywhere in the Roman Empire. ] Which allowed the entire Roman Culture to go back to the Janus ritual and life as normal, at least for the next few centuries, when the dominant paradigm shifted from 1a killing, 1b group intimacy, 2 the parade to a “all life is sacred, stop the killings”. Which effectively refmoed most of the powerful families interests in being involved with the Roman Cutlreu; as the emphasis on the cermoeny wained, those families ad people who could not stand not performing said moved out of the Mediterranean and for some reason they remoeved their ancesrros had several millennia previous had come from Mecca known as the descendants of Esau his curtlure the Hyksos/Avaris/Dorian/etc. to Roman. They in effect went back home, disgusted with the events unraveling in Rome. They went back to Mecca to regroup from circa 40-550 ce. THE consequences of these actions led to the military involvement with the Viking ships transprotiong scholastic materials from Constantiniple to northern Europe and back again. One specific shipment the soon to be called Muslims attacked and captured the ships. Caputring one of the captains of the ships. She was taken into slavery, and sold to a ffamily. She killed her “husband” 1a whichproduced a child, she was sold to another family after being a better warrior then the whole of his families attempt at killig her. Her second husband same result 1a she killed him on their wedding night. Which also produced a chid 1b. again she killed all of the family members how came to punish her for killing their own. Sje was sold to another family etc. same results 1a she killed him, 1b produced a dhild. Sold to her fourth husband one of the available males in that family was Moamemd, she was given to him as a gift. Mohaemd was not a warrior, he was a schlar, a thinker, a planner, he had the ability to study and strategize. He never let his guard down aroudn her; he was able to 1b mate with his slave bride which produced at least one female child * not unlike the results of the story of the Minotaur. Although in this case Theseus aka Mohammed was a bad man and Theseus was a good man. There was less than nothing consensual aboutu the mating of Mohammed and the mother of Fatimah 1b. It produced the desired result which was a child. Although Fatimah had her mothers grit and body type. Pushing 6 feet tall, amber hair, pail skin, hazel eyes, etc. she looked like her mother but was her fathers daughter. She took to Islam as a fish to water. She rejecgted her mothers virtual entierl life, fealing betrayed that mom did not love daddy the same way. Moms responsed was, when she had the ability to, she left the area escaping to go back home to her family. Leaving her daughter in the care of the fathers family. Hoping to never see her beast of a daughter ever again. But when this occurred, Abu Bakr found a weakness in Mohammed he wished to exploit. That weakness less directly to Fatimah leaving the area and being declared dead despite being very muc alive and kicking for the next several decades.  })



(Writing Equation F{U   [Th < A #R* K         / G  = W - H + N & I ^ J   12^  11& 10+  9-  8=  7/   6*  5#  4>  3]   2}  1) 

the subject

(F  )1

{ U   } 2

[Th   ] 3

< A   >4

# R   #5

* K   *6

/ G   /7

= W   =8

- H   -9

+ N   +10

& I   &11

^ J   ^12


 ) a few decades after the Janus temple complex was obliterated from existence weeks after the crucifixion of Jesus. The people refused to give up Memento Mori, no matter what it was called. So instead of using location A the people demanded another location, which happens to be in the “general location of the female upper left side thoracic region” from the oval shape of the Forum at the base of the Capitoline Hill which on its top used to sit the Temple of Jupiter.


Poral Einstein Rosen Bridge

Apparently, the ancient Mythology regarding performing the Memento Mori ceremony itself would and or could produce some type of an Electro-Magnetic Einstein Rosen Bridge someplace between the end of part 1a b and part 2.

It can be defined that something Spartacus did in the Arena actually did “open a portal” which caused Spartacus to achieve mythic level Legendary status all but instantly.




The Journey of the Minotaur is metaphorically the journey of every mason and of course lady of the eastern star. The journey from always looking around you for signs of danger the West Face of Janus, to being both present and looking planning for the future; to slowing making yourself both individually and in your support group (lodge) a better person. Most of Masonry has all but entirely forgotten this.

However it does point to the ideas that the Minotaur was a female, with Theseus being male.

Becoming together in the Lodge in the Inner Sanctum Sanctorum; Theseus and metaphorically a member of the Eastern Star Minotaur. To produce the Blessed by the gods aka Nephilum Helen who would eventually be married to Paris. After the Trojan War they eventuated to the city of Paris to head up the City and to continue the rich tradition of scholastics. Helen and Menelaus never met, they might have laid eyes on each other from at the closest several hundred feet away. But their was literally no possibly way in modern terms the son of Al Quida would ever meet let alone marry the daughter of the head of Masada or the Israel President. Such is the generalized stance of Helen being the Granddaughter of Amenhotep iv aka Akanaten and Nefertiti’s first daughter Meritaten. Paris was the son of the second daughter of Akanaten and Nefertiti’s, Meketaten. Her name was changed in the Iliad sometime between 1330-700 bce when proto proto Greek was invented.

The point to masonry is to go from being a good person inside a beast. To being a good person.

Memento Mori ceremony itself is what Modern FreeMasonry is based on or from. In addition the 1300s England law regarding No female could be within the distance a man could throw a Maul or hammer.










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