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Memento Mori

3 acts of human nature Behavior Pattern

The Memento Mori Ceremony

The Ceremony is a 3 primary act behavior pattern, with a dozen layers of other behavior patters, each one both lesser and lesser degrees of direct intensity but no less of importance.

Ohms Law completely the circuit inside the Aett.

The AEtt the outside of the completed circuit (Ohm’s Law) which then allows for this AEtt to connect with other AEtts.

Part 1a violence, Part 1b intimacy, Part 2 some type of Parade community involvement


Janus Jesus Fish

Janus Egyptian Pyramids

Quantum Field Consciousness  this is both a controversial subject and several nowhere in the area of small archaeological sites show direct physical evidence of some type of using sound to interact with some type of quantum (aether) field of consciousness.

Pharaoh MemMenkaure - Wikipedia


Thermodynamics of Quartz

Mem   Ento   Mori


Memento Mori The Brain

Memento Mori and the Synoptic Gospels

Synoptic Gospels and the Brain

Jacob Traveled North West of Luz to the Light Place Jacobs Ladder

The Memento Mori Ceremony from Rome has its foundation at least in part from the Pyramids of Egypt. Specifically, the Mem Kaure Pyramid, which is the farthest South Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Which also has the equivalent of the 3 main nerves coming off the base of the Cervical Vertebrae. The Ceremony was in effect named after Pharaoh Mem, whose name in Hieroglyphics translates as “Father of All” or in Hebrew “Abraham”.


310’ is a perfect 45’ angle from the Mouth of the Nile River to the center of the ColiseumImage may contain: outdoor.

science is all about being able to predict the next fixed point

Jacob left Luz to travel to the light place.

where he built a ladder to heaven, or a radio telescope. The Jesus Fish; could this be a symbolic pathway of Jesus was now Pharaoh of the Light Place. Jesus would be the new Jacob.

Memento Mori The 4 Gospels

Mark (Parade) Matthew (1a) Act (1b) Luke (1c) John

Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope   

Jacobs Ladder Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope A close up of a map

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A close up of a map

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Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope ATEN


Pit of Hell


Coliseum most of the Coliseum is made of Quartz. quartz when compressed with weight releases electricity.

*The Laws of Thermal Dynamics, as the rock warms up it expands. Pushing against its internal self as well as the other rocks around it. The mass of the warm rocks pushes against the still cold rocks. Those producing vast amounts of electricity being released.

30k people plus at 150 lbs a piece, moving, breathing, jumping, reacting, stumping their feet, clapping, etc. (Which is give or take 4,500,000 lbs. of weight, moving and pushing on the millions of lbs of quartz used to build the Coliseum.) just a bit of weigh pressing in different rhythm on the tons and tons of quartz, the vast amount of electricity being released would be in the amps if not watts range.

The Coliseum and Stonehenge

that is actually a religious symbol of Janus. That is a meg-shift Janus Temple. It could been carved shortly after the solder of a group of solders in question has defeated an enemy. A "look here Janus, take these lives in exchange for our place in the afterlife."  this is not an oil Lamp this is a Characterization of Janus. Stretching from the Vatican Hill to the Capitoline. Although with the x at the end this could be a roman version of an odd form of Christianity. The opening being Traitors Post renamed circa 200 ce Umbilicus



Part 1a

Simon Peter


Satellite Bowl


Temple of Solomon

Temple of Venus

Part 1b



West Tower



Palace of Claudius

Part 2



East Tower



Bath of Titus

Ohms Law Einstein Rosen Bridge anchor


Matthew II

North Tower



Domus of Julii

Part 1c



South Tower



The Passion of the Christ Part II

Construction Projects of Claudius specific to the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope

Each of the Structures around the Coliseum, their towers or some portion of the building was taller than the Coliseum by at least 50 feet if not more than 75 feet.

*let us not forget about the facts surrounding the entire structure of the Coliseum it itself built on a still very much in existence lake. A Lake which requires constant draining. It has been drained to about 10 feet blow the surface, but the lake is still very much present. That lake can also be filled back in, with a few months of work to undo the damage from just after the Passion ended.

Arch of Titus Designed and commissioned by Emperor Claudius finished 40 years later. The Senate decided to call it Titus. That Structure very likely contains the Arc of the Covenant. If so, it could explain why 7 emperors died suddenly. Nero, the 4 emperors, Vespasian, Domitian, Titus. The rules and laws regarding that structure went into place immediately and stayed till 1946. The arch was even called “The Inner Sanctum” for about 1500 years.

Temple of Venus The Temple was larger than its 230 ce replacement. The Rock was carved down more than 50 feet possibly even 75 feet to its current leveled off only a couple dozen feet above the surrounding flood plain. Originally the Hill was more than 150 feet above the current ground level. With at least 100 foot tall Temple on Top of that.

Palace of Claudius Designed and commissioned by Emperor Claudius

Domus Julii Designed, commissioned, lived in, upgraded dozens of times over the 1000 years the family lived in it.

Bath of Titus Designed and commissioned by Emperor Claudius was name changed decades after as well as remodeled a couple times.

Jesus Ladder apparently based on the construction projects which occurred immediately after the Passion of the Christ. Jesus or his Pharaoh name Simon Peter set himself to built a Jacobs Ladder in Rome Proper; or could it be said he set to rebuild Jacobs Ladder in Rome. Formerly called the City of Light aka “The Light Place”. Not the light outside, but the light within.

The New Testament of Jesus Memento Mori

Synoptic Gospels

Memento Mori 12 Stages of the Cross

Memento Mori The Crucifixion of Jesus

Psychology  I have spent the last couple weeks working on filling in the evidence from my ideas regarding the coliseum of Rome and the surrounding towers were when they were still in existence an Electro Magnetic Radio Telescope. Although radio waves are only a small fraction of the em spectrum. In order to send out waves from the games, but then act as a receiver for em waves by closing the aperture What is Aperture? Understanding Aperture in Photography  The Colosseum in Rome is widely known to be an engineering and ... 12 Interesting Facts About Colosseum at the time to focus the em waves in to a point on the 2 feet of quartz over the foot of timbers (think of a speaker), into the research labs and sound amplifiers. To listen for ?

TO determine if those em waves had definable "language" patterns.

I have other research regarding translating those em waves into definable language patterns. Em waves do "conversate". Or some type of definition.

I have a huge amount of other evidence secondarily to the coliseum itself being a radio telescope. But that is a different subject, not exactly specific to psychology or in this case some type of a planetary/cosmology/?? two way radio to ? up their. 

This 10 building structure 5 of them were built by the same man, 2 were built by his family centuries previous.

They all are from the Memento Mori Ceremony and its 3 acts, which I have found in about 10 million different aspects of behavior patterns. Which means I have found and can prove clinically these 3 acts are a foundation part of human nature.

"why can people not stop themselves from performing x action." x being individually defined. That is because x is one of 3 acts which can only be redirected as nature, they are not nurture to be extincted. Plus an Ohm's law comes into play, 100th monkey, which kicks it back into self Consciousness, the Quantum Field, electricity, the facts that atoms communicate with each other, and the original subject of a em radio telescope picking up on electro magnetic/electrical waves from any number of different sources has a lot to do with psychology.


Part 1a violence,

Part 1b intimacy,

Part 2 some type of Parade




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