Memento Mori


Three nature-based behavior patterns

Part 1a violence, Part 1b intimacy, Part 2 some type of Parade

Same behavior as

1a some type of violence (from harsh thinking up to killing) 1b some type of intimacy 2 Community involvement


These 3 acts are a significant part of the function and structure of human nature.

Part 1a Some type of Violence, from the smallest infraction (thinking badly about someone), up to and through killing them. Everything is a x y z with time aspects of degree. From the lightest most tame to the darkest most nasty examples humans can think of.

Part 1b Some type of intimacy. from the most platonic/family up to and through full coitus. Everything is a x y z with time aspects of degree. From the lightest most tame to the darkest most nasty examples humans can think of.

Taken from a conversation with a female who is so drawn to 1b actions, we met in a fb discussion group about Ted Bundy the 1a serial killer 1b who took gratification with the person he just killed, as well as at least 2 girl friends 1b he chose to be intimate with but not 1a violent. there is an element of 1a between females drawn to this pattern, theri mates having to deal with your 1b actions, and the men you are with are in effect invading 1a the space of another man. in a very patriarchal and in no small way misogynistic perspective. which I do not share but others might and males wide many human males do share said "ownership" of their mates genitalia

Part 2 The Parade after. Rarely are the first 2 acts performed in isolation, the two events usually are A and B of the same action. Depending on sequences the 3rd act the Parade or Part 2 occurs after, with some type of community interactions or community bragging. Everything is a x y z with time aspects of degree. From the lightest most tame to the darkest most nasty examples humans can think of.

Rome Memento Mori specific ;

1a a Military commander would choose a victim, killing that victim.

1b that military commander would then go into the other temple and have coitus with a willing or semi willing participant.

The military commander would then go into battle. Usually taking months if not longer. In small battles he would come back with a smaller amount of slaves, victims, and treasure. But on large battles he would send the heads of key leaders back to Rome months before he would return (usually the heads of armies, or specifically nasty politicians, occasionally the heads of clergy who aligned themselves and their followers against the roman empire. Those who were killed in battle, those who survived the battles would be dispatched in special ceremonies in Rome itself.) to Rome. The Skulls would putrefy. After the skull would be decorated with the battle achievements their killer performed. The skull would be carved with said in effect bill board descriptions of the battle victories.

Part 2 a single bone, more likely the main skull which started this specific sequence of events off (the commanders personal 1a victim) a Jewish slave would hold up the skull (hamlet style) behind the commander and whisper “you are dead” in his ear while he Paraded down the streets of Rome. From the Vatican Hills (to drop off any Jewish  prisoners his army managed to capture. Some of them would be crucified, some would be used as future 1a victims. Some of the “more talented” females would be used as 1b), Part 2 the Parade across the bridge to the main road leading to the Capitoline Hill, around the Capitoline hill (dropping off prisoners at the Temple of Jupiter to be sacrificed in a bit) to the Curia Julii to present his honors and gifts to the Senate and the People of Rome. At some point his prisoners would be sacrificed in one of Rome’s most holy of ceremonies. He would be given Senate Accolades, while his prisoners would be in various ways killed (both at the Vatican 1a west hill, crucified on the east hill and inside the temple of Jupiter only a few dozen feet from the Curia Julii at the bottom of the Forum). The more elaborate the commander the more layers of the celebration. More would be killed in the Temple of Jupiter and killed in the east little hill of the Vatican where the Obelisk sits now, on occasion his subordinates and lowest commanders or the teenage boys of his commanders who needed seasoning would be put in charge of their own 1a killings (it is not outside the realm of possibility that the victim would be someone their father or uncle specifically selected for them from the battle. This is also part of unit discipline regarding “To decimate” a group of males who either did something wrong or had displeased their commander in some way. To decimate actually means to kill 1 in every 10 people in the group. Either by very slow beating  them to death, or in temple very quickly as a sacrifice to whatever deity was selected.), while their fathers and the commanding officer was at the Temple of Jupiter killing those prisoners, and or in the forum before the Senate performing other rites. Sometimes included publicly executing the king of the defeated culture in the forum at close to a 90’ right angle between the Curia Julii and the Temple of Jupiter.

Rome Memento Mori This story is actually hugely and in most ways of looking at it genocidally more complex than the on the extreme side of edited down from the original Memento Mori Ceremony. Practically every single aspect of Roman Culture itself revolved around the 3 acts of Memento Mori. From the Gladiator Games No photo description available. (THE Face of Janus, to give all honor and glory to Janus. Ribchester Helmet.

The Ribchester Helmet is a Roman bronze ceremonial helmet dating to between the late 1st and early 2nd centuries AD. The helmet was impractical for protecting a soldier in battle. The helmet was intended for displays of elite horsemanship known as hippika gymnasia or cavalry sports.

)(It is impossible to find solid documentation regarding this already in existence, already well organized, previous to it “poof” into existance circa 310 bce. ) which started well before the birth of Romulus’ Great Grandparents (linguistically there is two pieces of direct evidence that points directly to both the foundation of the meaning of Romulus and of course the existence of Remus change the foundation of the story entirely. Pharaoh was beyond a huge deal in the Mediterranean cultures, Agamemnon name changed after he crowned himself Pharaoh of the City of Troy. His brother Menelaus also name changed. The Two Heads of Janus of Janus are the foundation concept of both Pharaoh and the Pyramids of Egypt. Janus came from the Egyptian roots of the city of Samhain aka Halloween. Janus is literally built directly into Halloween “What do you want to be for Halloween”. Being the East face of Janus and the Costume being the West Face of Janus. In addition, in Arabic Roman translates to Rum, which another version is Run. Add an e and you have the Latin version of the Runes aka the Elder Futhark. Makes the name of the Roman Empire more like to be the Elder Futhark Empire. Which radically changes the entire structure of Rome and Samhain; which is the old name for the city of Rome. It used to be called “Samhain” which pronounced in English sounds like Seven. Linguistically [despite the facts that the original 3 versions of this story were written in languages the later Romans intentionally destroyed to hide any information they did not personally approve of. Whatever language was used the first day of Rome has been purposely lost to history. They might have used Italic, or Etruscan, or some version of proto Arabic, or any number of other languages known or not known. The Romans followed by the Vatican were on the extreme side of good at destroying any and all things they did not like] there is no way to determine what exact language was used in the first days, weeks, years of the Roman Empire. Roman and Latin came about much later. The names being Romulus and Remus. These names could be Remus Pre 1a killing someone ceremony taking on the Pharaoh Name Romulus, or whatever his name was previous he killed his brother Remus and took on the Pharaoh name Romulus, in reference to both the west face of Janus and the Elder Futhark eg Rom, Rum, Run to runes as the Elder Futhark is known in Latin.) were born. Obviously, the Memento Mori Ceremony had been part of Roman Culture since day one. There is less than no evidence pointing away from a similar ceremony being performed under a different name was in operation in the city of Samhain previous to April 21, 753 bce. Despite the fictions that the Roman Senate worked very hard for more than 2500 years to convince the population Rome was built in a day shortly after an extremely bloody battle 1a. Included is the battle 1a, the battle glory 1b, and the honor of victorious combat Part 2. What was left out, who the enemy was, how large was each army, etc. all the specifics of the battle were left out. Only how great of a in effect general Romulus was.

The Crucifixion of Jesus; it is beyond easy to find the layers and layers of Memento Mori directly inside the events of Jesus life. Violence 1a, intimacies 1b (miracles are intimacies between god and a human), the parade 2 the ministry itself is a public thing which requires community interactions.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Events

The Crucifixion of Jesus Sybils

The night before his arrest 1a; Jesus spent the night with some of his closest friends 1b in the Julii Gardens 2 to the south and west of the Vatican Hill which is where one of the Temples of Janus was. Up till a few months later, when the Senate ordered the Hills of the Vatican erased from existence. The stones Quarried would be a giant wall around where the Hill used to be, to prevent the location from becoming a Pilgrimage site after Jesus Rose part 2 from the dead 1a. Boy did that fail in all aspects. But instead of being a pilgrimage site for the followers of Jesus/Simon Peter, it became a pilgrimage site for the begat of Paul who was on the extreme side of hate filled.

This night in the Garden was immediately after the meal of both Pass Over and of course the Easter March 22 time to choose the new Pharaoh. Upon the death of Tiberious aka Caesarian, Caligula took over but only with the understanding that he would immediately hand over the Emperor’s Throne to Jesus at the correct time. That correct time was the night of the Last Supper. When Jesus accepted the title of Pharaoh and took on the traditional additional names “You will build (Simon) your Church (Sacred Sound from the church) upon me (Ben Ben Stone aka Peter)” In that verse Jesus takes on the name Simon Peter and is recognized as the next Pharaoh of Egypt. His Roman name was Claudius. After they broke for the night, Simon Peter and a few friends headed to the Garden to rest. Jesus kept coming and going from the camp site venturing into and out of the Sacred Temple of Sybils 1b which is still located to the south west of the Vatican. He Paraded into camp, interacted with his men, left 1a, to venture into the female temple 1b, then back again Part 2. He did this several times if not close to a dozen.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Sword Kiss Arrest

Event In the garden one of his men cuts 1a the ears off of a Roman Soldiers, Judas Kiss   1b, the “community parade part 2” arrest Jesus based on the rules and regulations of the society he lived in. He was taken under chains to the prison directly between the Curia Julii and the Temple of Jupiter. He was torture 1a, he was stripped naked 1b, and paraded in the middle of the Roman Forum for all to see and witness the start of his elaborate execution

The Crucifixion of Jesus Events Trial; has the Memento Mori repeated and repeated and repeated over and over again inside the larger Crucifixion event.  On the extreme side of Complex. However, the presence of these three acts repeated dozens and dozens of times points to a significant aspect of the gospels which has been obviously left out. But that is the problem with ignorance, destroying knowledge is great fun, but when the enemy leaves clues the population by then  had no idea they are too ignorant to know what is what to know x is parading around as  y and they need to destroy it. They have no idea the threat their ancestors worked very hard to destroy still exists, just in a form their ancestors were unaware existed.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Events Crucifixion stages of the cross; He is whipped 1a, he is humiliated naked in the forum 1b, he is forced to take his cross to the Vatican Hill almost a mile away on Parade Part 2.


He has at least 2 encounters with females. One Girls of the Temple 1b, and the female he used a cloth from her to remove the dirty and blood 1b. He is on the cross 1a (incredibly painful) in front of his mother 1b and his intimate companion Mary Magdalene 1b. Before being in the extremely rare “taken down from the cross” alive but tired. Dragged Part 2 to the west side of the Large Vatican Hill where he is stabbed in the right side 1a by is uncle Joseph of Arimathea 1b, and his body is take into the catacombs for putrefaction. Joseph was the head of the Jewish Counsel of Rome, it was his job to perform the execution. Which denied the head of the Senate the ability to perform the rite. The Blade was called Longinus not the man, that is more Roman fiction.


Jesus is condemned to death 2

Jesus carries His cross 2

Jesus falls for the first time 1a

Jesus meets His mother, Mary 1b

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross 2

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus 1b

Jesus falls for the second time 1a

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem 1b

Jesus falls for the third time 2

Jesus is stripped of His clothes Violently 1a Jesus is stripped nude 1b

Jesus is nailed to the cross 1a

Jesus dies on the cross 1a

Jesus is taken down from the cross by mom and Mary Magdalene 1b

Jesus is placed in the tomb 2


The key military commanders and politicians in Rome in victory parade back to the Forum to celebrate failed attempt of Jesus and the Jews attempt to reclaim their lost city of Samhain. The last Jew who tried to steal their power was Julius Caesar (very likely the great grandfather of Jesus) and Cleopatra, from one of their 3 kids. Caesarian (had a name change e.g. his pharaoh name Tiberius, “the sacred river”), Cleopatra viii or Alexander (both evacuated out of Rome to Northumberland, lived very happy lives outside of Rome). Shocker the Roman Senate (Philistine) lied about their actions regarding the Jews and Jewish Ceremonies. Within 3 centuries almost all of the details of Memento Mori would be entirely stripped out of Roman History, despite the fact that this ceremony was to the romans equal to air in importance.

A mild point regarding Cleopatra and Anthony their illusion of a relationship. He would have not ever been allowed within 3 feet of Cleopatra. She was both Pharaoh of Egypt and Co Emperor of Rome, shocker the Romans lied about her titles. She was pregnant with Caesars twins when he was assassinated by the Senate. Anthony was nothing more than her chief man at arms for her Roman Legions she was in charge of after her husband Caesar was killed. Again, shocker Caesar and Cleopatra’s marriage was not recognized by the Senate. Of course, being 6 foot tall, Cleopatra was close to a foot taller than most of the Senators in Rome, which they did not like that one tiny bit. Anthony and Cleopatra’s romance is absolutely pure fiction, there is less than absolutely no chance at all she would allow herself to be with anyone of such low breeding. She was Pharaoh, Anthony was from a family of the middle middle class section. This family had managed through business and military achievements work their way up from the gutter, but they were still insufficient  for her to even consider. Her 3 kids were from Caesar, her last son was from either a rather old Spartacus or his son who was in his mid-20s with Cleopatra in her late 20s early 30s. Spartacus was the several generations later the son of Hannibal Barka of Carthage. That is a long sequence of stories and events; which ironically started the 200-year chain of events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus. The Julii family moved heaven and earth to have the architecture and industrial infrastructure built and ready for Jesus to assume the throne of Emperor. Shocker the Roman Senate lied and fictionalized her death in Egypt, she was never captured. She sailed to Italy, picked up the  supplies needed, and headed out of the Mediterranean for Northumberland. What evidence more than half of the entire Roman Army was dispatched to Northumberland immediately and sat there for the next 500 years 40 bce to 400 ce when the Romans in Britain switched their name to Anglo, Saxon, Mercia, Londoner, Jute, Dane, etc. . Being defeated in battle 1a every single time the romans went north of Hadrians Wall. UP to and including Konstantinos who used all of his resources to push and push and push over the wall, destroying large chunks of the Roman Army in the process. Ending with him on his knees in the mud with a 1a blade against his neck from the King of the Kingdom of Ogle. He had to sign a peace deal which involved his marrying the Kings Daughter Helena; 1b which produced Constantine the Great Part 2. After half a century of bloody battles the Roman Army was in absolute tatters, Konstantinos had to agree and withdraw his troops. 10 years later with fresh meat the kids who were not old enough yet 10 years previous were now old enough and sent to war at Northumberland ending the piece, ending the marriage, and ending the supremacy of the Roman Army.

At that same time the very eager army of Paul was huge, well trained, and ready to seize Rome. Which is exactly what happened just a few years after Konstantinos was killed in battle 1a, allowing  his son 1b to become emperor and end the fighting. Reentering Rome as the conquering hero Parade and attempting to remove the library from Rome before the Vatican could destroy it. He combined the Roman library with his moms family library from Northumberland to create his new empire Byzantium and its insane library. which allowed the Vatican to destroy every book they could get their hands on. Which included erasing as much of the information regarding this ceremony and the facts that the crucifixion occurred in Rome Proper as possible.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Events Resurrection; 1a Jesus was dead in his tomb. 1b Mary Magdelaine came 3 days later to finish his burial rituals, Part 2 the two of them paraded around the city for all to see. He had defeated death 1a, he had risen 1b, He had fulfilled the promise to be the stand in for all who had been 1a sacrificed. All those murders had a point. The point was to provide an extra life for the military commanders and or politicians who needed to do “bad things” but survive. So they would kill 1a a Jew or someone, 1b use intimacy to seal the soul transference, go into battle with the heir of immortality. Jesus being a Theseus type volunteer for 1a means that he was willing to place himself in hell for all victims of 1a.  What happened next is a huge part of the end of the Roman Empire.

The Concept of Heaven; the concept of Heaven altered significantly after the formulation of the ministry of Jesus. First of all there are actually two described and defined Heavens. The documented and understandable heaven from antiquity, and the Paul version which is not that great.

The Jesus heaven is a return to the Garden of Eden, a return to sit with god and all others who are worthy of being in paradise. Then there is the evil priest Paul version of Heaven being more “Silver City”, billowy clouds, angels everywhere, wings, harps, etc. Two entirely different places. One requires a belief in and following of the rules of Jesus, the other requires and belief in and following the rules of the evil priest Paul. The Garden of Eden is a Tabernacle of Adam. Italy is one of the locations from which the Old Kingdom evacuated to when the Hyksos invaded Egypt circa 2100 bce. The City of Samhain was founded at some point previous to 700 bce, but as much evidence of said events were a special and specific target of the empire Romulus put together.

You can find the Memento Mori Ceremony buried in the Romulus Remus Story, and not that deeply buried either. You can also find the story repeat immediately with the Sabine Females 1b; the clergy were tasked with being the 1b for virtually the entire city of Rome.  The story was cleaned up a huge amount over the millennia.

Subtopic ritual the worlds oldest profession, which repeats itself several times over the course of Roman History. Interesting it repeated itself under the governments which came after the collapse of the Roman Empire as well. Elements are still present in the Present city of Rome and the country of Italy. Namely inside the Mafia and similar actions. It is unlikely that some of the prominent soldiers in Romulus army were not inclined regarding other than monogamous missionary position coitus. Some men enjoy 1b watching other men with their wives. This is not about cultural judgement; this is about science and finding aspects of human nature. Additional evidence to this pattern are the facts that in most western culture “relationships”, coitus 1b after say 3 dates has become a normal societally accepted pattern part 2. Ending relationship 1 for relationship 2, the ending of said intimate relationship is the “death” or violence 1a of the old and the start of a new. Just because the new couple might or might not inform their new lover of the previous lovers, does not mean for a second the previous lovers did not occur. Hence the consistency in the pattern of other men have been with your current love interest; which is only a mindset different and a few actions different between actively participating in none monogamous interactions and in effect serial dating. Being monogamous with one person at a time, dating for either months or years. Then moving onto the next love interest. Same pattern with a couple minor deviations; knowingly 1a your mate is being with 1b someone else and progressing to share time together 2. Knowing that breaking up 1a and both will move on to other love interests 1b and 2. 

The Story of Memento Mori is the renaming of the existing city itself. The Opening ceremony to consecrate 1a (killing his brother) 1b, renaming the city part 2. The City and to have Romulus appoint himself as King of the city and his supporters and his enemies accept 2 his new position in the city. More than a few rulers have performed some version of the above ceremony and been removed from power very quickly after trying to assume it. Performing the 1a b and 2, and being accepted by the 2 to rule is two entirely separate actions.

This ceremony is not all that different from the key elements of where the story of the Minotaur stops and the story of the Trojan War starts. The end of one is the start of the other. The 1b produce of coitus e.g. the daughter of Theseus and his wife who might be edited through misogyny the beast might have likely been a female, the Minotaur female makes the mother of Helen could be the Minotaur. She was not killed, but in effect released from the bounds of slavery in the Knossos Dungeon aka Labyrinth. Killing the Slave Master of the Beast 1a, mating with the Beast/Minotaur, producing a semi-Divine being (Nephlim) Helen. 1a being chosen for tribute, 1b male and female were chosen, 2 the parade down to Knossos.

That makes 3 “mythical creatures” with direct connections with the city of Athens. Medusa, Minotaur, Hercules,

Medusa was in effect 1a battled against by Pericles. Her head was cut off, her intimate gaze 1b was used to turn the sea monster to stone. Part 2 Pericles was made King of the City. Where he married the Princess 1b and produced many children.

Hercules ; he not only interacted with the city of Athens but he directly interacted with the “goddess Athena”. He achieved that goal about the same time he achieved the fight 1a with King Priam of Troy.

Minotaur; the weapon of Knossos be it just a WMD, be it some type or form of ancient knowledge, ancient wisdom. In modern academics the function ad structure of how libraries were arranged with different from both the Dewy decimal system as well as the modern Cit/Reference format. It appears since labyrinth and abyssal were common concepts related to library and biblios. **


Labyrinth; *** The Cycladic Cultures city of Knossos is supposedly where the Labyrinth was located. In that Maze, by definition is an endless (goes with the whole portal concept) maze of connected and interconnected ideas and concepts.

Labyrinth and the Solar Wind Physics ***

Labyrinth Maze Infinity

It was that weapon or the promise of that weapon which started Agamemnon on his quest to find and kill anyone who possessed that weapon.

Of course, if that weapon itself was a female half human half Jew, than the goal of the Trojan War was to obtain the direct offspring from Theseus mating with the possible female minotaur and producing Helen eg the famous Helen of Troy. Agamemnon upon arriving back home empty handed and of course minus a WMD, he would have to promise his brother Menelaus the hand in Helen in marriage. It did not matter she was already married and produced at least one child with Paris by the time the couple arrived in Troy. When violent war lords want something, they are usually not shy about being aggressive to get it.

Agamemnon laid out a plan. His plan was to travel with his army in secret, lay in wait for the perfect opportunity to attack and kill the King of Knossos. Take over the WMD of the Palace; presumably the Minotaur and or a library with the head librarian being the Minotaur. Or some type of Alexandria Lighthouse which had something to do with Jewish scholastics. But when you consider that the language of Hebrew is entirely descended from the Elder Futhark, the continuity of time is without doubt.

Janus is the Pyramids of Egypt; one spine facing orbital east, one spine facing orbital west eg the Future and Past respectively. Janus is all about the gateway between the past and the future, with the figure in a doorway Identical to Mezuzah which has the character of Shin prominently. The Character of Shin is the internal architecture of the Khufu Pyramid. The Giza Plateau had the consolation Orion directly over head in exact configuration around 13,000 years ago. The Mezuzah has the same position and same meaning in the Hebrew Faith as in the Roman Schema. More than a few things point to the facts that Rome’s former name Samhain was in direct connection with the aspects about the Jews.

Some hard facts. First when Agamemnon lost at Knossos 1a he followed Theseus to Athens. There Theseus had the rest of the Egyptian Army ready and waiting, he conquered the city of Athens and conquered Agamemnon. Agamemnon took more than a decade to reassemble an army to attack Troy. During that time the Trojans and company knew they had to create a plan from which to bring the war to Troy, at the same time they would begin to dig escape tunnels or at least refurbish escape tunnels from the inner palace out well beyond the camp of the enemy. Tunnels which would be miles long. Most ancient cities had them, many served three purposes. One catacomb for the dead, two a sewage system, and three evacuation tunnels for when the city fell and the citizens needed to evacuate.

Second the conquest of the city of Samhain is a physical direct war which occurred over the course of some 577 years form the moment the gates of Troy were in effect breached till the gates of Samhain were forced to be opened and its name was changed to Rome.

All the events the fall of Troy and the fall of Samhain are the same subject; no matter how violently the descendants of Agamemnon and his Philistine culture worked very very hard for 3300 years to make those facts not be true.

Agamemnon’s plan was to conquer the city of Athens and seized the female child Helena from her father Theseus. That battle failed, Helena moved to Troy with her husband never having seen Menelaus or if she had it was from a great distance with armies between.  Helena being the embodiment of 1b in both stories. First she is the product of 1b, and then she becomes an if possible to define that way Sabine Female in service to the clergy. Almost exactly the same job as both Cassandra and Briseis. Cassandra managed to escape with her family and lived at least for a time in Samhain with the rest of her Trojan Royal family in Exile in Italy. Sometime after days, weeks, etc. part of the family stayed in Italy, part moved to Paris, part moved to Northumberland under the leadership of the child of Ǽneas and his wife Queen Dido (aka Ankhesenamun), their son/grandson shocker the romans lied about both Queen Dido x2 and son grandson Prince of Troy Brutu. Brutu is the first leader of the British people, which was in part named in association with him. But Briseis was captured and turned into Achilles slave. He would go out and kill 1a during the day in battle, come home and 1b with his clergy slave, parading around after with battle glory and at least a couple children after 10 years of said actions. 1a 1b and 2 clear as day in the story. Romulus ancestors moved to Italy after they had seized the city of Troy. Agamemnon had what he wanted, but the other commanders did not have what they wanted yet. So they followed the evacuating Trojans from Troy to Italy. Where the next phase of the battles would take 577 years. marked from the death of King Tut 1330 bce to 753 when the city of Samhain was handed over to army under the command of Romulus and he then proceeded to erase as much of the fact’s ad evidence of the previous history as possible.

Christmas**; 1a naughty kids, 1b good kids, 2 Christmas morning Parade

nature cannot be stopped; it can only be redirected towards appropriate actions. at least based on the 3 categories of behavior are per culture. A being acceptable and rewarded behavior, B grey area from do not care to I would have never thought of that, C 100% unacceptable from light stuff up to the most radical laws against said behavior.


have to choose which society to live in based on your own personal ABC rules and the Society ABC rules. How well do your list of ABC rules and the culture you live inn’s ABC rules. For some people fit without much of any real problems their personal ABC with the rules of their culture. Other people have a for a missing better word moral compass which does not allow them to operate their ABC with the community around them ABC set of rules. Which the struggle with obtaining said balance is often played out within the use of the Memento Mori 3 acts.

FreeMasonry the aspects of the ceremony inside FreeMasonry logically, evidence, ad reason cannot be argued against. 1a violence, 1b intimacy (brotherly love), 2 Parades and public performances. As a Mason of some 10 years the number of different pieces parts, and aspects of these 3 acts are plentiful inside a Lodge. Specifically, to be one ask one.

Janus 1a the death of the past orbital west, 1b the live system and mating cycles of now, Part 2 parading into the future orbital east.

Which means that any and all things which stem from Janus, Janus is the Pyramids of Egypt.

Pyramids of Egypt ; the foundation of the title of the Mem ento Mori. The Mem is Pharaoh Mem, Pharaoh Mem is namesake of the southernmost Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. The Mem ento Mori ceremony obviously has a considerable amount to do with the Pyramids of Egypt. The Pepi I pyramid’s causeway bisects the Cave of the Nativity.

Skull and Bones

The Mafia; The 3 acts of the Mafia are the 3 acts of Memento Mori. Killing is a serious part of the Mob, obviously prostitution and the like, parading around in the community their can be no doubt at all. The Mob began as a police force, to regulate the actions of who was chosen to be killed 1a, who would be chosen for the in effect volunteers 1b, and the next days activities 2.


Gladiator Games to and through the modern action movies in the present which possess the same function and structure as these 3 acts. Most movies/tv shows have some form of violence 1a, intimacy 1b, and a group of people reacting to the events 2.



TV Shows

Opening a Portal; apparently the hope through most of these things was and in some ways still is that somewhere between the start of 1b and the end of 1b the actions would open some type of Einstein Rosen Bridge or Worm Hole between Any given fixed Point A and any given other fixed point B. A considerable amount of religious texts discuss this “Portal” phenomenon, up to and including the dedication of the Kirkland Ohio Temple LDS.

Serial Killers; are so drawn to part 1a and b they cannot help themselves

The Porn Industry; people who have a career and or interactions which involved with 1b.

Whore of Babylon this is two figures. First it is the actual position/title of the as previous mentioned the 1b job. This person fulfilled the job of 1b in the City of Babylon but  this places real substantive evidence that the Memento Mori ceremony

Caligula and his 1b proclamations; Caligula ordered that if the Roman senate and Military wanted to keep preforming the Memento Mori ceremony, they would have to use their own wives Cuckolding e.g. going back to the Sabine females who were used for 1b purposes. Itself is part of the Memento Mori 3 acts;  In the image You would be 1a, Me would be 1b, The event shared between 3 or more people Part 2 the Parade or community  involvement. A considerable number of people who participate in the Cuckholding lifestyle do so.

Caligula gave the Roman Senate what they wanted to be strictly Roman traditional, they all claimed to be descendants of the original founding senators. Than they would have no problem offering up their wives the same way their ancestors great x grandmothers has been used Sabine females. 

You see inside the Memento Mori Ceremony (which the Egyptians used this foundation Fertility rite for most of the time the Pharaohs were in charge of Egypt. the 1b part was a fertility rite which the Old Kingdom and of course the 18th dynasty relayed upon. There is a very good chance said tradition and good ceremony was repeated and used during the time of Ptolemy. the Children of the 1b were considered to be like Hercules and other Demi-Gods) the offspring of the 1b in at least Egypt and Greece were considered to be Semi Divine or Demi Gods. In the bible they are called Nephilim.

Prostitution; males and females perform the 1b aspects which society in undeniable ways actually needs. Or said actions would seriously not happen.

Joseph Smith and his connections with the Memento Mori Ceremony. He obtained the knowledge and secrets of this ceremony to and through the Ogle family of Tiffin Ohio. Which is only 99 miles away from Kirtland.

Joseph Smith and Memento Mori

B.Y.; saying BY both loved and hated his ceremony is a profound understatement. He loved it when it gave him more power, he hated the negative consiquences of it. He loved the 1a part which the LDS in the present are still militantly nasty about some things about themselves. They are truly nasty on a violent level, and refuse to see anything other than they are being attacked and the only remedy to being attacked is a solid defense which the best defense is a solid offense. To bring the fight to the person or group who it has been perceived hurt them; to bring the violence 1a to the enemy. The level of pure and simply inappropriate behavior I have received from the hands of the LDS from both the church and of course from dozens and dozens of individual members proves this beyond doubt. Violence is where they are comfortable interacting with anyone who has questions. The last word from the church was “join or have nothing else to do with us at all.” A couple of follow up missionaries knocked on the door, they were invited in, we chatted for a bit, I asked very nice questions. They were not allowed to come back. That has happened 3 times. Obviously the LDS has a huge thing regarding family land intimacy, the founders and the radical conservatives keep to the many wives doctrine most of whom marry when they are just teenagers. Of course, community (parade support) support and interaction. Although the War 1a between the message of Smith and the Message of Young was over a couple key points. First it was over the facts and evidence that the book of Mormon is not about Jesus Christ it is about the same message he was delivering, you see there is a difference between original Judaism, Hebrew, original the message and path of Jesus (the cloak of many colors), and the message of the Evil Priest Paul. Young and his large group of supporters Part 2 were violently and in most cases completely ok with genocide level of both Jews and brown skinned people. Being not only openly violent 1a but using those deaths as a kind of “ritual human sacrifice” to empower the church and its leaders. To in effect use the Memento Mori Ceremony the same way the Romans(Rune) used it; to use the ritual human sacrifice aspects (which is not that different in any way from the pockets of southern FreeMasons who did the same thing from ? unknown when it started up till circa 1980 when the last of the official “Strange Fruit” ended, and other techniques for killing brown and black folks started. The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy on several family trips to the deep south to visit his stepfathers family, he would have bee within less to 20 miles of at least two of those event in the 1950 up to ad through the middle of the 1970s. Ted in this early 20s also worked hard to become part of the LDS Church; statistically speaking he joined the church to be part of the hidden/secret LDS Memento Mori ceremony.) to power the Church and its leaders. At least that is what the direct evidence points to. The way to operate the ceremony correctly *










The Ceremony of Memento Mori itself is part of Human Nature.

Most entertainment is based on this concept.

The Latin phrase: Memento Mori “Remember you are Dead”.

This ceremony has its base in very ancient Egypt regarding the power dynamic between three Egyptian Characters.




The Memento Mori Ceremony

1a a victim is killed; in Ancient Egypt that would be Osiris.

2 in a lavish parade Osiris killer Set assumes the throne, sending the corpse of this brother in a zzDjed to zzBiblos to be made into one of the Major Pillars of the Temple.

Isis retrieves the Djed and the body of her husband.

She does resurrection and other ceremonies and brings zzOsiris back to life.

They make 1b Osiris and Isis mate.

2 Horus grows up and challenges his uncle for the throne of zzEgypt.

Horus wins casting Set into the underworld.










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