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Ankhkheperure Smenkhkare 1334-1333


Ankhkheperure Smenkhkare; was either her husband or her Pharaonic name (one of them at least; possibly Horus name).


This woman had an absolutely fascinating life.

The daughter of Amenhotep IV; she was the first daughter and a prominent person in her fatherís life. She was also after his mother became unable to fulfill her queen duties took over as first lady.


After her father died her younger half-brother Tutankhamun took the throne.

After helping her younger half-brother to adulthood; or at least into his teens, this queen needed to have her own country to rule.


Possibly looking to her ancestors she traveled first to Spain, then to Scotland to establish her own kingship. Knowing she had to give up power and control of the country over to her brother, but also knowing that her brother was not strong enough to be pharaoh for long. This extremely wise and true daughter of her father a very powerful king; she chose to make life elsewhere.



The country of Scotland by legend is named after her.


There is no reason to assume she did not arrived in Scotland with a huge entourage, with a several year advance crew.

The advance crew could have easily attempted in Spain first. Found conditions there; unacceptable.


Decision was made to try in present day Northumberland.


Other royalfamilies figuring out regime change was coming could have left Egypt for Northumberland as well.

Creating a Hyksos descended; pics, Northumberland, scots triumvirate from 1500-50 b.c.e when Rome invaded. Of course petty squabbles and differences did and do come up. Some families are removed from power/die off others rise to power.

Those in Northumberland spent a considerable amount fo time preparing for the eventual Hyksos (or whatever their new name is going to be) invasion. The Hyksos as a culture and all their descended cultures almost by default change their cultural identifying name every generation or so. One of the ways they can be identified is by the facts of how mathematically exact they change their name.


But the important thing to remember;

Northumberland, Yr Hen Ogledd means the same as image020


This book and series chronicles the life and times of Meritaten, a bit about her ancestors, her life, her bother, the rise fo the Hyksos, her siblings being sent out to form their own kingdoms, and her eventual return to Egypt to be mummified and buried in her fatherís lands. Ironically the Battle of Troy have direct aspects to do with both her and her sister along with her brother Tut who married that sister. Her sister, her brotherís widow, went onto marry (by legend a Prince of Troy). Their love affair was the start of the Punic wars 500 years later. But that is another book and series regarding Meritatenís sister. The spear of Longinus is directly connected to both Meritiaten and her sister the wife of her bother Tut.


Another sister linguistically is directly connected to the conquest fo Athens, the Persian invasions of the Aegean, and the legends surrounding Medusa.


In truth it is possible and easy to connect the blade/spear of Jacob through Troy, to The City of Seven Hills, to Northumberland itself, backto Rome, to the Counsel Joseph of Aramathea was a member of.