Milgram “The Man who Shocked the World”, Milgram responded to the outrage regarding the western culture’s response to the NAZI’s.


“I would never do that”, was the common phrase to most of what the NAZI’s did.

But he wanted to prove beyond a doubt that most people are entirely susceptible to the influence of a charismatic leader giving an order to someone not in authority.


Milgram’s experiment proved to be entirely correct during the McCarthy “Black List” times, McCarthy’s assistant prosecutor was a man by the name of Richard Nixon. Who went on to become President of the United States and impeached for committing numerous felony actions. But he still have numerous supporters during and after his presidency.

St Reagan is still considered one fo the greatest presidents ever, even though his actual record was just shy of abysmal.

Bush Jr was more like his Grandfather Prescott Bush (A card Carrying NAZI) than anyone wants to admit.

Now little Donnie Trump (Drump) who is a raving lunatic who has more mental issues than can easily be worked around. He proves absolutely Milgram’s experiment is dead on the money true. Milgram himself proved that even a hard core NAZI could and likely would be elected to be President fo the United States. He was correct.

His supporters still love him, despite the fact that within his first year he will be impeached.






TR Welling