Miramont Castle


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The history of Miramont castle is as mysterious as the ghost stories which are associated with the castle.

It is a castle, a catholic priest built the building with at least two intentional chapels included. one up and behind and the other to the as you look at the grand staircase to the left.

Fr Francolon himself was a brilliant student who spent part of his youth in France, studying at some of the best intuitions France had to offer. he spent the rest of his youth with is father a career diplomat who took him around to his different postings.

Those differnet postings allow the boy to gain access to some of the best libraries the human race has created.

The decision was made that he would become a priest.

He trained to become a priest and achieved the goal in due time.

He was assigned to missionary work in the American South West in his early 20s.

By his late 20s early 30s he was ready to found his own mission.

He chose Manitou Springs Colorado. he chose to use his family fortune to build in that city up Ruxton avenue.


His castle would coast most of the money he had, he also hired Tesla to wire his castle.

A 5 story  building with an attacked hostile, that 5 story building is a couple hundred feet wide.

At night that building was the brightest structure minus tesla’s own laboratory about 5 miles away in Colorado springs in the entire front range.

All of new Mexico, all of western Kansas, all of Arizona, most of Wyoming, etc. the castle was not only one of the largest private structures similar in size to glen eyrie but was entirely wired for electricity.

Including the 4 story chapel up and behind the castle.

Accessible through a staircase about 30 feet beyond the top of the grand staircase.


Miramont Castle itself was deigned to achieve several goals. Most of those goals the born-again fanatics in Colorado Springs hated with an indescribable passion education they cannot control.











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