He had an interesting life. One full of oddities which were almost entirely slef created.

His followers are left with a man how rarely ever stopped lying about his “Prophecies” or the information contained in his “holy book”.

He did not receive the Quran from divine inspiration, he stole it from a shipment of books his wife/slave mother of his own surviving to adulthood child Fatimah was captaining from Constantinople to Northumberland.

She was captured in battle, sold to a family. Which in the Arab culture if you are captured in battle and sold that is what is a marriage to them.

She killed first husband on their wedding night, but she was too good and well trained at hand to hand combat to be killed by his family. Though she did become pregnant.

She was sold to a different family dead husband number two.

Sold to a different family, dead husband three.

The families took her first three children shortly after birth. They wanted the child, since a half Arab half Nordic child was valuable. They could make their money back from her purchase by selling her and the child.

Sold to Mohammed’s family in the hopes that since her previous husbands were warriors like Abu Bakr that a scholar and wimp would not bring our her rage and kill him. If she did, than not much of a loss.

For some reason she did not kill Mohammed, which they saw as a sign from Allah that things were different. She had earned a high degree of respect from the city of Mecca.

She could best some of their best fighters. She had killed many of their best fighters in both group settings and hand to hand. She was put into several groups of a dozen or more and he either killed most before the rest ran away or killed every one.

Mohammed was not threat so he was a different challenge.

But upon the birth of her fourth child, she had already started to think about how to evacuate out of the area. She sent notes out to her trading partners to start to build an evacuation plan. The red sea to Egypt, then up the Nile to the Mediterranean where she would be picked up by her own family ships and go back home.

Which she did a few years after the first of her fourth child Fatimah. Who looked like her, but was her father’s child. Dominate, strong personality, but strategic enough to make plots and not jump to violence to prove how strong she/he was.


After Evacuation, Mohamed was left with a missing wife that he stated had died and was buried in an undisclosed location. Which is Arabic code for he killed her and disposed of the body in a dishonorable way.


Fatimah was left without a mother with her father’s main rival wanting so badly to kill her he lusted about it. Abu Bakr hated Fatimah’s mother, but hated Fatimah more. She was just like her father and he hated her father. She looked like her mother, and he was convinced her mother was a Nephilim. As in half human half demon; he felt was his duty to find and kill every single Nephilim still in existence.


Mohammed’s journey to Jerusalem

This is an entirely odd part of the story since Mohammed journeyed to Jerusalem twice, but once.

He journeyed to Jerusalem in Egypt shortly after his forces captured the country. He wanted to undergo the ceremony of Pharaoh. Which he did.

Pharaoh Mohamed.

But 600 years previous the real Jerusalem was removed from Egypt aka Heliopolis and shipped to Rome. Where it was used as Caligula’s Circus Maximus.  

His first journey was to the location Jerusalem used to be, his second after death was to the place Jerusalem was taken.

Fatimah had placed her father’s mummy in the catacombs of Rome and created a ceremony to resurrect him.

“And the beast shall rise from the Sea”

The beast is Mohammed the sea is the Holy Sea.

A direct reference to the world Wales live in, Whales being an ancient symbol for resurrection.

Jonah’s and Jesus’s symbols are both Whales.

The country of Wales this is the origin. “the land of resurrection”

Part of the legend of the “fountain of youth” comes from Wales.

The story was combined between the Fountain and the Cup (Arthurian legend) although the two are entirely separate and take place in different areas.


Mohammed’s Journey to Jerusalem











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