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The best and easiest way to erase something from the past is for the new leaders to inform their citizens that as a matter of hard fact they cannot and will not be accepted if they continue to assume something from the past is correct. If the leaders decide x is y and x no longer existed; the population based on peer pressure as well as needing to feel accepted within the community at large will either reject the fact x is in existence or do their best to reject x existed in the first place.

For instance Columbus some of his actions were so beastly in inhuman that most people simply cannot deal with the facts regarding he was a pawn for the church. If the church ordered x his only reply being a conversos would be; yes Father. That way he took the blame for the orders of the priests whom had orders to kill Columbus at the first sign he was not entirely dedicated to the course of what the priest and the pope wanted.

Whibby Whobbly

This book is designed to show how the passage of time is not a linear Cause to Effect, but more of a different things occurring at different times at different speeds with each other occurring and interacting with each other. The questions start to become whom is where and when. Interactions start to take on a life of their own. This book is not about a progression from ancient history to present, this book jumps around a great deal back and forth through the progress of history. Showing how different events at different times affected a variety of situations.

FreeMasonry and the Library

One of the reasons FreeMasonry was developed in the first place was to allow for a storehouse organization to be able to carry forward the key information which did not need to be written down. There were laws which prevented writing at times, so an organization was developed which forced those involved to memorize vast sums of information in order to maintain the key elements of the library without actually having to write anything down. In the last 1000 years; there are still organizations around entirely devoted erasing anything they do not like. Which includes information they do not like.

Yr Hen Ogle DD

Inner Sanctum Sanctorum Guardian is what this roughly translates to, Ogle family for short.

The Two Places the Ogle family were guaranteed to be are in Northumbria and Tiffin Ohio. Not forgetting St Louis Missouri. Among all the other things those two and three cities have in common is the following.

World class top of their fields Academic Institutions. The Major institutes around Tiffin are beyond impressive. The major institutes around Ogle Castle are the tops of their fields. Edinburg, NewCastle, etc.

This leaves the hardest evidence imaginable with Universities with major libraries in the two places which are entirely proven the Ogle family had centuries of interaction. Directly connects the libraries of Heidelberg and Edinburg to directly to Constantinople. Since part of the material those two libraries contain were written in Constantinople. Adding the hardest fact that Constantine was born from Helen after her soon to be fiancé lost to the army on the North Side of Hadrian’s wall. Which from then to now has been called the same thing in several languages Northumberland. Making Helen a Northumberland commanding General’s daughter to seal the peace deal. Which only lasted for 10 years. The Romans broke the truce; and the War was back on. And just like the previous almost half a millennia the Romans lost again. Unfortunately for the Roman Empire it was one of the last Wars they lost before the collapse.

Do not forget about Harvard and MIT which are very close to the areas of Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is the oldest if not the oldest portion of Boston. Beacon Hill; Beacon a Light shining at the top like a lighthouse. A beacon can also be interpreted as a Light Place “Genesis 28; 16-17 The Light Place where Jacob Slept for his Dream of the Ladder to Heaven   .” Ladder to Heaven aka an extension of one of the arms/limbs/feet of the ATEN.


The Cherubim are an edited and stylized format of the three cresent moons on the Ogle Family Coat of Arms. Three Above, a horizontal line dividen, and one below. Those are literally guardian cherubim. Which used to look like this; before of course they were altered into little angles in medival European paintings.


The most fundamental aspect of any and all items which are connected to monotheism is the word, name, and title Nazareth.

Nazareth: The person and or family which is in charge of the Great Long (tall)              (Esau seized control over the city circa 2600 b.c.e as revenge for his brother being appointed the King of IsrÆl . In the Temples at Heliopolis former name IWNW and Ptah in Memphis. He built his ladder 20 miles or so north west of Luz to complete the three point circuit )house which is the dwelling house of the Divine, inside that house are the four sacred trees of Creation. From which the Great Divine/god dwells and works with the Trees/Pillars to build and maintain life. A very long winded description the exact same meaning is applied to the word, title, name Pharaoh.

Pharaoh itself means in extreme literary and linguistic truth the same as Nazareth.

So stating INRI “Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx IūdÆōrum” Jesus Nazareth Rex Descendants of the tribe of Judah. "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews”; since Nazareth means exactly the same as Pharaoh than the following title is correct converted from Latin to English.

Pharaoh IsrÆl Jesus Emmanuelle

He could not have been called Pharaoh as in IPRI because that would not have been acceptable to either the Emperor or the Philistine’s. But in hard truth there is no reason at all to assume the N was not edited into a P. Linguistically it is easy to move the middle horizontal line down by 45’, erase the top line, extend the now half line of the right side of the P down to hit the base line, and you can make a P out of an N.

No evidence of the scene currently exists, so the hardest evidence of all is how much of those items were destroyed points to they contained information the enemies of Jacob worked to hide all the evidence to ensure future generations would have an impossible time not only finding the scene but finding evidence to back up the claim the events of the crucifixion existed at all. Including if the sign was a P rather than an N. If it was a P and not an N; that means it was not a threat to the Roman Empire but it later threat to Paul. Paul whom it can best be described as being a betrayer Philistine. E.g. he could have easily been a philistine trained priest and heard the message; hated the message with every fiber of his being and knew that he would have to infiltrate the ranks of this upstart religion to destroy it from within. He was going to have to turn himself into a Trojan Horse in order to seek out the organization to destroy it. Since the origination threatened the very base existence of Esau’s line philosophy. Hard evidence that those taught by Paul sought out and destroyed all that he would not like. The self-declared Apostle Paul suffered from Identity disorder, so his psychosis lead him to instruct his followers he was the real deal with the other guy was an impostor. Erasing as much evidence of the other guy as possible


Most of Catholicism is great, but it has elements of extreme nasty portions. The portions which include the Disneyfied version of the Hajj is bad, but the concentration on the house is good. Simon = Sacred Sound, Peter = Specifically defined area/land; which is also very close to the definition of Northumberland. Not the individual but the house itself. The house of the individual is good but not a solo-house. Houses work best in a social structure. Not a house 1000 miles away from the nearest anything.

Although the most sacred and pure portion of all aspects of Catholic is the Sanctifying of the Bread and Wine. Transmorphing the two using the power of god into the cannibalistic acts of the body (land, specifically defined area), and blood (Amber), and the sanctifying (lifting up vertical e.g. north to the divine). In short the “This is my body, this is my blood, consume of me and you will receive eternity” . First this is without the gross portions close to the definition of “North/vertical, Umber/Amber, Land” or Northumberland or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. The family name of Northumberland e.g. Ogle is what is being performed during the transubstantiation, Sacrament, Eucharist. By Ceremony this directly with the hardest evidence imaginable connects the Last Supper with the Ogle family. Interesting since the City on the East (From the West to the East; with a bit of Brigadoon for interesting measure) end of Hadrian’s Wall is none other than in Latin New Castle, in Hebrew same words literally translate to Jeru Salem . The code of Northumberland is hidden inside about a dozen aspects of the life of Jesus Christ. Not the least of which is The Nativity, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Passion, and three days in the tomb,  


Enemies will transform a story using all the good elements into bad and all the bad into worse.

Vampire drinking blood; transubstantiating wine into blood then consuming the body of Christ. The Mythologies are close, but missing key detailed. Amber

Land; vampires have issues with both a coffin, cannot enter a defined house. In some legends regarding Vampires they have to sleep on soil which is from their home area, and or they can only rest on the land which they were cursed on. Which means they have to take their land with them; usually in their coffin. Lining the floor of their coffin with a few inches of dirty from some special area.

Light/Amber/Umber; they not only have to drink the blood to obtain nutrients but they cannot subject themselves to sunlight.

Each one of those are good aspects turned bad by an enemy. Especially an enemy which perceives all Jacob line descendants as bad. Jeru and S the first five characters of the word Jerusalem both mean different aspects of Light from the Sun.

Paul the Vampire

In many ways the ordeal regarding how much of the life of Paul which has been hidden and or erased is significant. But the person and group whom erased the data was not Jesus’s descendants but Paul’s descendnats. So why would the upstart Paul order that his past be erased. Why would his past be so violent a threat that if specific details were discovered about his past that his church would be torn apart.

Ones a person think to a radical amount.


Simon Peter

Every pharaoh from Narmer to Cleopatra was given at least three if not five names upon ascending to the throne of the great house aka Pharaoh. Those name changes occurred from Narmer aka the Scorpion King circa 3200 b.c.e.  to Cleopatra 50 b.c.e.

Next hard undeniable fact; every Pope from Simon Peters successor to the current pope hates followed this 5300 year old tradition. The only Pope which did not follow the tradition is Simon Peter. Or did Simon Peter become a Name Jesus was given after the Last Supper; making him in all hard reality the new Pharaoh of IsrÆl. IsrÆl is not in Levant lands IsrÆl is in Egypt; according to the 60% of genesis which takes place in Egypt and the Temple of IWNW which by legend was built by Adam. It was a Temple of Pillars.

Every Pharaoh from Narmer to Cleopatra name changed upon ascending to the Throne. Every Pope from Simon Peter’s successor to Frances has name changed immediately after ascending to the Throne.

Fact if you take into account Cleopatra escaping into exile while Anthony ran block for her to escape at Antium; take her son with CÆsar and Heir to the thrones of both Rome and Egypt. CÆsarian take his age at 50 b.c.e and push forward the average lifespan of a royal in exile you get between 10-33 c.e. Which if he died about that time it would leave the Throne of Egypt aka Pharaoh of Egypt even in exile empty. Making it possible for Emmanuelle to ascend to be the next Pharaoh.

Wait does not Jesus have at least two names. Jesus and Emmanuelle.

Next Simon Peter is not present almost at all until the very end of the last supper, Jesus says “Build (peter) your house upon me, and Preach (Simon) the word of the lord”. Jesus is no longer mentioned and Simon Peter is. This name change is semi-talked about within the framework of the gospels. The name change occurred and edited so the understanding of it would become difficult to understand later on. When Simon Peter and Jesus are talking to each other; that is the point where the situation changes. Before this point Jesus was still just the Heir to the Thrones; after the entire gospel and situation itself changes. The voice, the narrative, the entire feel of the story changes from what the subject before was to the subject after.

Simon Peter travels to Antioch and builds a Church, being appointed the Archbishop of that church .

He is in Antioch for a number of years until Paul shows up and wants to start his own church.

Paul rejected by all the apostles’ travels to Greece, Simon Peter follows him to Greece.

Paul is arrested, Paul requests his trial to be in Rome proper. As any upstanding citizen of Rome could request. Especially if the person charged will be found guilty and the sentence is the standard public execution.

Paul is taken to Rome proper, Simon Peter follows. Not under arrest he follows upon his own accord. Which those that understand Roman Law, makes it literally impossible for Simon Peter to travel to Rome unless two things occurred. One he was a Roman Citizen, which is not impossible for a Jew but unless his family owned land in Rome Proper (e.g. inside the walls of the Seven Hills) than he would not have been a high enough ranked Roman Citizen to travel from the Middle East all the way to Rome without owning property in Rome Proper. Or Simon Peter was owned by a Roman Citizen whom did own land in Rome Proper. Which Uncle Joseph of Aramathea did own land in Rome Proper. He was a Jewish Counsel member; by default he would have either had to own land in Rome Proper or he would have been given land in Rome Proper. Either way shows that Jesus Christ was a Roman Citizen; Jewish Counsel members their entire first blood family were given Roman Citizenship. Which includes the first generation descendants of immediate family. Sister, niece, brother, nephew, their offspring would have been born as Roman Citizens. Which would allow Simon Peter to travel from Jeru Salem to Rome. Which would also allow Simon Peter to live in Rome Proper and start his ministry without being killed in the street by any number of different enemies, including an anti-Semitic soldier. Killing Jews in Rome proper was not a crime for most of the first century.

Simon Peter starts a ministry in Rome proper on land he owns.

Paul is forced to stay with a friend until his trial and execution.

Simon Peter and Paul exchange many letters, mostly negative and nasty on both sides. Simon Peter and all the rest of the apostles call Paul the Evil Priest or translated into German “HexenBeast”. Paul wants to be part of them. He wanted to be part but his message was pure Terah/Esau which was the opposite Jacob message that Jesus/Emmanuelle was talking about. Which is one of the major reasons the Apostils rejected him; Jesus’s this ministry was designed to create a clear distinction between Esau and Jacobs philosophies. It was also designed to separate out the Esau/Moses/etc. infiltrators whom had to infiltrate Jacobs’s philosophy and corrupt it away from truth and back to Esau. For some unknown reason Esau’s line is not ok with just living their live and their philosophy they need to infiltrate Jacob’s culture and destroy it from within. Moses did this by becoming a Jew and violently forcing the Jews to leave Israel and adopt Levant as Israel. A mythology and lie sequence still present to this day. At the same time same infiltration of the Trojan Bull into the City of Troy to let down the defenses and kill everyone whom resisted. Paul’s behavior eventually leads to his execution.

Simon Peter continues his ministry in Rome. Why because Rome former name the city of Seven Hills was designed with the Aten built in. Meaning the City of Seven Hills aka Rome was originally designed as a holy sanctuary city for the Children of the Light.

Joseph of Aramathea

Joseph of Aramathea plays one of the most key roles in the development of Mormonism next to the actual writers and Joseph Smith himself.

It can easily be proven that the documented council member Joseph of Aramathea existed. Not long after the crucifixion he traveled from the Middle East with items, libraries, and treasures to Northumberland. What does this unbelievable and strange walk through millennia of Egyptian history have anything to do with Mormonism. The answer is simple, John Ogle of the British Ogle family was on board the ships which reclaimed their city of New Amsterdam. Its pre-1630 conquest name was most likely New Castle meaning Jeru Salem ; named to honor Heliopolis and the Temple of Pillars by legend built by Adam as a reflection of “As above so below” from his tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden. Cleopatra takes the treasures of Egypt and the Treasures of Greece out of each and brings them with her to Northumberland. The one and only place in the entire Roman Empire she would be safe from attack from the Roman Empire. The Roman army had been losing battles and wars there since the minute CÆsar landed in the British Isles. The Plates could have easily been placed in Palmira from Northumberland by the Ogles whom never lost the ability to cross the Ocean. Nor did they lose their libraries. Nor did they lose the understanding of ancient technology. The Joseph Smith Plates the evidence clearly allows for the strong possibility that the Ogles left them in those mounds for safe keeping under conquest from the Islamic inspired philosophy Dutch Reform government.

The evidence clearly shows items from the Middle East at Glastonbury abbey; but this is misleading. The items were transported to Glastonbury abbey during the fall of the Ogle family during the Pictish battles from 620-780. The battles were so intense that as a matter of hard reality it became obvious that the Pictish and their new as of 610 c.e were allied with a new culture which changed the battle strategy.

The new battle strategy ultimately allowed for a win over the Ogles but at a radical cost. The new strategy involved huge amounts of fighters willing to jump into the middle of a battle and fight until their last breath. Not shield wall to shield wall but guys with 0 regard for themselves whose only goal was to kill as many of the enemy personnel as possible, before they were killed themselves. The higher the body count the more rewards in the afterlife they could by said philosophy count on. Does not matter if the philosophy was correct or not, the actions were the same.

Consequently the items Joseph of Aramathea brought to Northumberland (why Northumberland, the 70 ish miles of the yet to be built Hadrian’s Wall is the only place in the entire influence of Rome where the Romans lost and lost almost 99% of the time. Brings up a fascinating theory as to if Joseph, Cleopatra, her descendants, etc. were on the other side of the yet to be constructed wall; did the Romans build that wall through New Castle aka Jeru Salem Northumberland for the purpose of keeping their own casualties down and keep the remaining Egyptian empire from invading Rome.) From the Middle East had to be transported down to Glastonbury for safe keeping until the back of the Pictish culture was broken. Which was most likely going to take a while.

Why Northumberland. Because the Romans had been losing steadily at where Hadrian’s Wall would be built decades later from the time of CÆsar to the last day of the Roman Empire in Northumberland. If the Roman army was losing almost every battle; it only goes to show you where both Cleopatra and Joseph of Aramathea would have exiled themselves to; to avoid being executed (all that land 1,930,000 square miles and 70 miles from the east to the west) the Romans lost from 30 b.c.e to 400 c.e. Miles and miles of frontier and more than a quarter the entire army stationed in those 70 miles. Losing the battles almost constantly.)

The Ogles hired the Viking army while they were in exile in Ireland and Normandy to slowly whittle away at the militant Pictish army. The whittling process would take a while since battling against an army with 0 regard for itself requires time to in essence find and cut away at the base of those whom fight for a philosophy rather than fight for the home. Which is not all that different than the modern strategy of militant Islam Jihad battling against all whom oppose them; for 1500 years the rhetoric coming from the militant branch of those cultures are, “you must follow our rules of order, or we have the right to kill you.”. Which is also almost no difference at all from the military unit of the Persian army known as “The Immortals” which dressed similar to that of modern Jihadists with no identity. The reason the date of 620 c.e is key and beyond significant is that is close to the year Fatimah, Mohammed’s daughter, had to evacuate from Mecca or be killed by Abu Bakr. There is more than a little evidence to strongly point to Abu Bakr poisoned Mohammed to seize control over their new Neo-Esau/Hyksos religion.

The question becomes where did Fatimah (the only surviving child of Mohammed) escape to. Then where did she give birth to her fourth child. Her husband and three boys stayed in Mecca but where did she and her fourth child live in exile. Next question; did the militant and violent other arms of Islam follow her and work to destroy both her, her child, and the cultures which she did not stop preaching about her father’s philosophy. In the area she traveled to, was there a three way war, side one the native inhabitance, side two Fatimah’s entourage itself, a following of Abu Bakr army bent on being the only philosophy of Mahammad. Points strongly to Abu Bakr had a Dissociative identity disorder he could not stop himself from having a mental breakdown and no longer being Abu Bakr but instead being literally “The Profit”. More than a few celebrities have had assistance and close workers have mental break downs and want to disassociate who they truly are to become the person of their idolization. Psychologically points to the Sunni philosophy itself is designed to worship the Idol of the head man instead of follow the tenants of the philosophy. In which case that would be Abu Bakr and B.Y..

Example in the movie “Captain Philips” the head captor in the movie improvises “I am captain now”. To seize as much power and control over Captain Philips and that mega container ship as possible. That character based on a very real person whom will spend the majority of the rest of his life in federal prison. He needed to take back the feeling of powerlessness forced upon him He wanted to be a fisherman but the large western ships which fished the waters off Africa almost to extinction; he could not fish waters with no fish in them. So his entire culture had to find a different source of income; some chose piracy. In effect fish for white people and sell them for ransom. Same example similar outcomes; to feel stolen from reaction is violence to reclaim that power. (Which brings up an interesting note; the soul the blade of Adam stole from Esau, has his descendants been trying this entire time to steel/take/seize it back? The Soul of Esau and the soul of his culture. Would provide an incredibly powerful and entirely scientifically measurable reason for the violence which has taken place in recorded and documented history from 2100 b.c.e to present. The patterns were in existence before but not as well documented.) Terah (Abraham’s father) felt based on his behavior patterns writing into rabbinical accounts, was he hated feeling both dumb and those of the educated he felt they were taking the power of god from god and giving it to themselves. So he felt as though he was given a mandate to destroy as many ziggurats e.g. universities as he could; giving gods knowledge and power back. Removing it from those whom he felt presumed to steel the power of god away. Esau took a similar behavior pattern and carried forward with it. But instead of a generalized hatred of academics it was centralized upon this brother Jacob.

The question becomes where did that conflict between Fatimah and the Sunni followers occur. That question has an answer; although the answer is extremely complex.

The Vikings never lost the ability to cross the Atlantic. There is no reason at all to assume the Vikings were not a military hired by the Ogles to both escort the treasures of the divine from the Middle East to Northumberland then escort some of those same treasures from Northumberland across the Atlantic to first what would become known as Boston. Then down to Manhattan. Then West as the Protestant English and their other protestant allies followed the British Ogles from Northumberland to seek the gold and to possess the treasures.

Jeru Salem

The definition of Jerusalem; Jeru/a is the Futhark character for Jera which is  the 12 character in the sequence of the Futhark circle language. Specifically the Elder Futhark Circle .

Jera means the Passage of time. Which is important for the LDS since the L stands for Ladder. As in the Ladder portion of the day. In a very real way LDS is a layered hidden definition for Jerusalem. Ladder Jera, Day is the definition of Sowillo, Saints sacred e.g. Amber. Amber is what makes the difference between a Fort and a Castle. Castle e.g.  the Sacred day e.g. where the raises of the Sun/Aten reach and define sacred.

Sowillo the 16th character; means the Sun the center of our solar system

Ansuz the fourth character; means sound, it also means the hanged man Odin Hanging from the Tree of Yggdrasil.

Laguz is the 21st character; means the flow of energy of the universe itself. This character was flipped upside down to create the character of an L.

 Ewaz the 19the character; means the motions of the universe or in other words astrophysics.

Mannaz the 20th character in the sequence; means the self.


In this book the discussion of Esau’s discordancy regarding culture is a cornerstone to both the development of western culture and on occasion erasure.

The person identified in the bible as Esau the brother of Jacob and the great-grandson of Abraham who is himself the son of Terah the general in charge of attacking and destroying the Tower of Bebel aka the Eridu Ziggurat.

The Eridu Ziggurat is the cornerstone to the foundation of Mormonism. The Plates (at least a copy of said are most likely what Joseph Smith was able to find and translate) were placed in the new world can be traced backwards from Palmyra all the way back to the Eridu ziggurat.

With Terah and Esau and the philosophy of each man being very close to the same with the extreme prejudice violent behavior patterns associated from Esau down to his descended culture the Hyksos which means both “Shepherd Kings” as well as “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”; which is where the later Ionian to Dorian insult “Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts” came from. Esau and his descended cultures have always packaged their violence in acceptable formats but in total truth; their culture is based on making sure through violence in varying degrees only their philosophy is acceptable.

Esau conquered Mecca. Esau’s descendants for the most part owned Mecca for the next millennia mostly without question. From 2600 b.c.e to 2100 b.c.e; Esau’s descendants grew in power and numbers. When they were strong enough they immediately invaded Egypt; being known as the deeply insulting term Hyksos.

The “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” can be a reference to the Sword of Enoch

(Enochian script is supposedly the language of the angels. The writing on the blade of Enoch, which points to the writing on the blade of Adam being Enochian. Come to think of it, how did the Serpent aka the snake aka the Dragon of the Garden speak to Eve if they spoke different languages. In addition the constellation Draco aka Dragon is what used to be several 1000 years ago Polaris e.g. the North Star. The North Star corrupting Eve; to the west e.g. the setting sun which points to the West side of the Nile the Children of Israel the Bent Pyramid the entrance to the West being the Females entrance. Points strongly to Eve having something to do with the Tabernacle at the center of the Garden; might not have been bad, just something, later patriarchal and misogynistic cultures twisting the story bad. Esau and his descended cultures have a long history of misogynistic tendencies. Next of course there is the issue surrounding previous to the Tower of Babel; it is likely humans might have still known or still possessed access to Enochian scripts, languages, books, etc.) and the cursed half undead life Esau lived after he was stabbed disrupting the burial of his brother the King of IsrÆl Jacob. The sword used was the Tool/Tome/Blade of Adam. One he either used in the garden itself, or a copy of the tools he used in the garden itself.

Similar blade/tool of Methuselah which does all kinds of odd and unusual things to that which it is used against and used by. Which can be traced to the same or similar blade use by Roman Counsel Member and Uncle of Jesus Joseph of Aramathea at the Crucifixion.

After the Hyksos from 2100-1900 seized total and complete control over all of Egypt; the Hyksos gathered up the children of IsrÆl e.g. Jacobs line and their ancestors. Taking them as slaves, then proceeded to invade the Middle East using the Jews/IsrÆl as a shield wall. Conquering the Middle East, over to Anatolia, over to the Ægean from 1900-1550. Being told by their shield wall and the evacuating Cycladic culture from the Ægean that this is a very bad idea. The volcano of Thera is about to erupt and this is an insanely bad idea to conquer and area about to be leveled by a super volcano. The Esau/Hyksos not only did not listen they experienced the situation as a challenge and were in the process of moving most of their civilization from Egypt into the Ægean. Leaving only a small amount of their population and army in Egypt. Mostly to keep the remaining population inline. But the bulk of their forces were in the Ægean.

Why the Ægean what was so all powerful important about the Ægean is an interesting question. Especially when you add the name of the Prince of Troy whom escaped with some of the treasures of Troy with him. They have a remarkably similar name despite having different languages as their origin. Points to the name Aegea has a special significance; especially when the blade/Tome of Troy, the blade Brute brought with him, the Blade of Britain, Longinus, are not only connected have a continuity string through them. Which the same can be asked of the Persians. Why did they throw all those people and resources to conquer the Ægean. What was so important about the Ægean that they Esau/Hyksos/Persians broke their cultures attacking that area. The name of the Ægean itself is part of the name and title given to the Prince of Troy. The Trojans were not only expecting the war but sent out of harm’s way the most valuable of treasures. His Royal Title points to what the name of the sacred tools he was placed in charge of was called. That Tool was most likely the Blade of Enoch; which was the blade again by legend that Adam either brought with him or he fashioned based on what he could remember about that blade from the Garden. The Blade being passed from King to King from Adam to the line of IsrÆl Kings. Down to the Descendants of Jacob which is what Troy translates to. The area of the Ægean somehow was labeled with what was most likely the very name written on the Blade of Enoch itself.

The one key detail about the Esau’s line of succession is; they are always name changing. The next time they pop up in history is a few decades after the Thera volcano and they are going by the name Dorian. But the Dorians have exactly the same cultural philosophy and behavior patterns dating backwards to Esau and Terah as they do forwards. Just look for the behavior patterns, where they name change is easy to trace.

After they were known as the Hittites they were known as the Dorians. Then Persians. Although the Persians are simply a different branch of the same Hyksos culture. Different line of sons from the Dorian line. Think of it this way; the Tudors, Windsor’s, and Stewards are all related but come from different lines of a similar family tree.

The Persian culture was conquered and absorbed by the Islamic culture. Straight line from Esau to Mohammed.

The same philosophy strongly and violently influenced John Calvin and Martin Luther as the men developed Protestantism. The Ottoman Empire and their violent army were only a few dozen miles away from both men; had been in the area for centuries. Some cross over will occur in times of extreme trauma.

(Matthew 12:33-37; Luke 6:43-45)
15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? “DEFINE HYKSOS; Shepherd Kings, e.g. wolves/leaders in sheep’s clothing. False prophets from Esau's line

Female circumcision

The practice of female mutilation/circumcision can be traced at least in some ways back to the Jacob wife whom sat on a sacred statue Genesis 31:34. Rachael took sacred statues and sat on them; Esau was already so angry that Jacob was chosen instead of himself to be king of kings that he invaded Mecca just to seize control over a secondary temple dedicated to or by Adam to the divine. Most of Esau’s actions in the stories and legends were designed to punish Jacob and all associated with him for the unforgivable transgression of denying him the right to be king of kings. Even though he was not chosen because at the depth of his soul he was a sadistic and inhumane person. The concept of “If I cannot reign in heaven, I will rule Hell.” After his brother was elevated to the highest King of Kings under the divine; Esau and his descendants have spent virtually every minute from then to present working as hard as the cultures can to destroy any and all trace of Jacobs line. Which includes mutilating themselves to make sure they themselves will not fall off the task of destroying Jacob. Male and female mutilations are common throughout the entire culture, in most of their ceremonies and rituals. Not just female genital self-destruction but males are put through horrific behavior and self-destruction as well. All with the promise that the more they sacrifice on earth the more rewards they will find in heaven.

This barbaric to the point of inhumane practice removes the ability for the female which had it done to them from reaching and or achieving the nervous system energy connection to said physical energy. From the very ancient world circa 2500 b.c.e; this surgery prevents the female from being able to in effect invoke the divine female. Rendering the female literally only able to produce children with absolutely no connection what so ever to any type of the sacred feminine (if truth the application of female mutilation could also have a connection with what Fatimah and her role in the development of Islam. After her exile, being entirely alone on a different continent from her family she could have easily turned toward creating some type of Female Islamic Mysticism. If this has even the slightest bit of truth to it, than in all hard reality the female mutilation could be just another reason to mutilate the females of the tribe to ensure they can never repeat what Fatimah did). This practice the true meaning behind has been lost because those that perform said action also like burning libraries which might contain a letter which their clergy might think for a second could mean something their philosophy might, could, have the smallest flicker of doubt that their perspective is not 100% perfect in all ways shapes and forms.

One letter can render an entire library burned to the ground and the scholars murdered on the spot. An absolute zero tolerance policy toward questioning anything at all regarding the truth of their perspective has been tolerated since the days of Esau and Terah.


Invoking a deity is a similar tradition within the catholic faith. Nuns take a marriage vow to Jesus. Each nun based on that philosophy are married to Jesus himself. They in effect become Mary x; becoming the embodiment in the physical the Virgin Mary and the Magdalene. During their lifelong devotionals they can and do work from a point of view regarding emulating as much and as close to the lives of those two Mary’s as possible. To become the living, breathing, invocation of the divine feminine. Providing their innocents, chastity, etc. for the Vatican in order to assist in the Vatican to become closer to the Divine. Which adds strong evidence regarding Mother Mary was literally a Rabbinical Scholar who stayed a Virgin in keeping with that tradition. But Mother Mary being an extremely educated scholar and possibly a religious scholar before marrying and producing Jesus, goes along way regarding providing evidence for Mary’s scholarly background. It also provides evidence as to why the villagers were afraid of her, she was not a fallen woman but a scholar. During a time when the Esau descended armies were itching to kill anyone and everyone whom they perceived as being a threat. An educated woman would be close to the top of that list.

Militant Islam and Rape

It is very likely those members of militant Islam cultures whom are almost entirely devoted to raping have some odd energy soul level need to take from western cultures that which they restrict from their own culture. In affect their society rules do not permit x behavior; but their soul needs x behavior. So in order to obtain x behavior and or x energy for their soul they turn to cultures which possess the x thing they need. But instead of asking for it, they turn instead to battle and rage caused in a way from the grieving process of their entire cultures denial of x. you have something I need but I cannot have it, so the only way I can permit myself to have it is if I take it by force. Using the cloud of blood lust to take it; in effect using the blood lust of battle and religious fervor the same as other cultures use alcohol and drugs to allow themselves to perform whatever their culture and or individual x is.

Hard Evidence of Islam in Protestantism

The festival of Ramadan, around the times of the first thanksgivings can be attributed to a month of starvation to sacrifice to become closer to the divine.

In the early 1600’s as Protestantism was seizing control over the individuals in Europe. John Calvin 1564 and Martin Luther 1546 continued to engage in converting individuals from Catholicism to their new philosophy. Protestantism is between 75-95% Islamic philosophies. The Puritans and other protestant groups wanted to create their own communities in the America’s; but the rules they by default applied were far worse to those they considered heretics than the rules imposed onto them by those whom considered them heretics. Extremes in violence being a centerpiece

Latter Day Saints


Latter; this is an ancient word proto-Sumerian-/hieroglyphic indicating West, as in the west side of the day. In this case the People or Children of the West. The People of Death as in the Latter of the sequence of life. This word translates through German into English as The People of the Dirty; the Dirty of the people who live and or work with the Dead or the end of the day skills and abilities. Or another way of saying it “Dirty<end of the day people; the People of the West> Jew”. Nothing bad about it or unhygienic. Dirty refers to the skills and abilities of the west side of the day; which is where the name Sakkara Necropolis is from. Necro = Death or the Latter portion of a day.

Day; the cycles and sequences of astrology which point specifically to the sequence which is regarding to the rotation of the earth and the sun and moon

Saints; a person and or a group which have specifically designated areas. For a person whom has been specifically designated by the divine to be holy; an area from which the divine and or a saint has sanctified.

Latter = West, Day = the West portion of a day,

Is Ra EL

Isis = Eve = Wadjet

Ra = Ptah = Aten

EL = the Divine

Isis the essential female

Ra the sun god which is a translated by the Hyksos from Aten to Ra. Which is interesting since Ra does not mean sun it means the sun and the Rays of the son from the sun to the earth. E.g. the digits of the sun touching earth.

Adam is Sumerian for Red Earth. Red as in the amber red of the sun’s rays touching the earth. Ra could very well be a translation of Adam into the language the Hyksos forced people to know. Erasing what was previous to make sure their philosophy was the only philosophy.

Isis can easily be defined as Eve, Adam and Ra, El which is both a Magnet and the children of IsrÆl could be interpreted as the Children of the Souled individuals of Adam and Eve.

The plates

What can be added to the discussion regarding the plates?

The plates of destiny previous to them being discovered by Joseph Smith were placed there by the Ogle family from Northumberland ( the Three in effect cups are representations of Angels. Saying that “an Angel named Moroni” visited and helped Joseph Smith translate the plates. Since the Ogles are literally descended from British Royalty. Well in hard true reality, the Ogles are one of the first British Royal families. Predating the English Royal family by several millennia. But under rather intense battle conditions close to genocide best to politically hide whom one is when consorting with the lower classes e.g. Joseph Smith. The Ogles still possessed the illusions that in the late 1700s and early 1800s than they could rise to the challenge of being world leaders once again. 250 years later those illusions have proven to be just shy of delusional. But if the Ogles had <if true> guided Joseph Smith to the Plates, helped teach him the language ,  and assisted to show him how to go about traveling from Palmyra to Kirtland <Kirtland to Tiffin is a reasonable distance from the Ogles Farm, in Tiffin but close enough to interact when needed>. To formulate the church on what was just a few decades previous co-British and Royalist French country. Then move to Little Egypt in order to gain further support and pick up some of the hidden library caches in that area. Then move onto the symbol of the Aten dividing up the great temples to come to gain support and strength located at least 200 miles away from each other on the front range, another set on the other side of the Rockies/Cascades. An Aten layered effect.) I have evidence of said by way of John Ogle at the Battle of NewAmsertdam; which was a battle between the country of Holland (a former close ally to the British Ogles) and the British. The British and the English are vastly different cultures entirely. The English are at least in basic and brief associated with the Roman Empire, whereas the British are associated with the Prince of Troy and a very likely marriage to the Queen of Carthage. The son of the Prince of Troy whom founded Alba Longa after his time in Carthage after spending time in Tyre (a city beyond important to both the history of the plates and the great temple of King Solomon in Jeru Salem ) immediately after leaving Troy to avoid the entire family of Priam being executed. Conquering armies especially the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian descended armies have a close to 100% repeat pattern of killing all whom stand against them. Even if that stand against them is an illusion in the mind of the commanding general’s paranoid delusions. If he feels threatened he and his culture feel honor bound and entirely justified in killing every last person on the planet who get in their way. The plates or by a careful examination of legends converting those legends into a statistical analysis then cross comparing the key variables. The Sword of Enoch had printed on it the most powerful word in all creation; the word in brief was a close to the word and spelling god would allow as possible. This word as about as close to the truest name of the divine which exists. That word being printed on the sword of Enoch the grandson of Adam. Since that blade had writing on it, some call that blade just a package for the writing. So the writing took on a more important role than just being a blade; the name and word associated with said point to the tool of Enoch started to be known as the Tome of Enoch. Which became known as both the Tome of IsrÆl and the Blade of IsrÆl. After Jacob circa 2600 b.c.e the tome of IsrÆl became known as the tome of Jacob. Millennia later the Trojans applied their understanding through translations and a tyrannical Hyksos army the “Sword of Troy”. Which Trojan means: descendants of the foot holder, Jacob means: foot holder. Trojan are by linguistics descendants of Jacob. Jacob is a name from Sumerian which might not have a distinction between foot, hand, limb, etc. So the symbol of the ATEN with its extended “Limbs” from the Divine circle being in part a symbol for the Sun (Jera the Sun e.g. the New Day, for Mormons Jera the end of the day) the ATEN has radical and specific meaning for the Jews and Mormons. Since Jesus was a Jew; the portions of the book of Mormon written by Jesus are directly from ancient Jewish scriptures. Directly from the ATEN; Mormons can easily call themselves “Children of the Light<the light of the Sun = Jera) or Children of IsrÆl <Ra is the Hyksos word for Sun = Jera”. Politics aside, these are linguistically accurate.

If the blade/tome of Enoch and the Sword of Troy which is also known as the Tome of Troy are either one in the same and or descended from the blade of Enoch. That places the Sword/Tome of Jacob with the Prince of Troy and founder of Alba Longa. A city which was devastated and erased thanks to the conquest by the Villanovan general Romulus. Which forced the descendants of Brutus the son of the Prince of Troy into exile in Britain. The word and name of Britain is by legend a GÆlic version of the Italic and or Language of the Trojans a derivation of Brutus, or Brute of Troy. Which brings up a fascinating concept of; what was the language the Trojan royal family used. Publically they would have used some variation of Cuneiform, but privately they would have used some version of a Jewish language. But Hebrew was not invented yet, and Aramaic was too far away and not yet fully developed it could be very difficult for the Trojan’s to use Aramaic to communicate in the family.

The Plates Journey

From Palmyra back to New York e.g. the movie National Treasure (extremely fictionalized version of real events; though the library was moved to a variety of places including Palmyra circa 1630-1680)

From New York back to Northumberland

From Northumberland to Constantinople, Antioch, Jeru Salem , Tyre

From The Middle East back to Egypt

From Egypt bouncing around the Eastern Mediterranean for the previous several thousand years.

From Egypt carried by the biblical Abraham from the Eridu Ziggurat

From the Eridu Ziggurat since the biblical Adam and the cultures of that time had to build Mecca based on an Adam design they had to travel from Tabriz Iran to Mecca.

From THE Eridu ziggurat back to Tabriz Iran which is most likely the location of the Gate to travel to the Garden of Eden.

Brute King of Britain

Brutus, or Brute of Troy was the first King of Britain, he named the area from Sherwood Forest north to Perth after himself. The area south was another kingdom. The area north already belonged to the descendants of the 1550 b.c.e Hyksos.

Placing the Plates from the Tome/Blade of Enoch in the area of Northumberland. Millennia later the Ogles reenter history with the attacking army of the Romans whom are Hyksos/Dorian descendants whom had first conquered the City of Seven Hills renaming it Rome circa 753 b.c.e. Once in that city, the descendants of Romulus immediately started to attack and conquer almost a bee line towards Northumberland. Attacking north of the Alps before seizing all of the Peninsula they were living on. Immediately to western Ga’al. Although this took centuries.

Once at Northumberland the Romans met resistance the likes of which would eventually spell the end of the Roman Empire. But the treasures Brute the son of the Prince of Troy brought needed to be evacuated west across the ocean to already established strongholds on the eastern sea board.

Which draws a consistent line from troy forward to Carthage, forward to Alba Longa, forward to Britain, forward to the cities of Northumberland, forward back and forth to Germany, forward to the eastern sea board, forward to Palmira New York.

Evidence of this can be found in the name Æneas; name of the blade. Since Aeneas was given command of the treasures at least within this examination of these legends; then he would have been appointed to be Pharaoh in his own right. But since pharaohs were given five names; his primary name since his Trojan name would have marked him as someone the Dorians would want to hunt down and kill. He would have had to choose a different primary name. The Carrier of the Blade of Adam/Enoch/Methuselah would fit nicely. Those whom understood the code would know he was the New Pharaoh in exile and those that did not; do not need to know, unless they can break the code.

Taking the name of the Blade if this collection of examination of these legends and mythologies in this manner is correct than this Pharaonic Title stuck with the descendants of the carrier of the blade. Which after a dozen language changes and 100 conquerors meandered through these legends places the title of the carrier of the blade of Adam with the written word AEtt on it which in hieroglyphics could be spelled ATEN. That title in Latin would translate to Longinus; which still makes the title the name of the Blade not the name of the Man carrying the blade. If you carry the blade you take on the title, if you do not carry the blade you are no longer known by that title. Similar the concept of whatever vehicle is carrying the President of the United State that vehicle is labeled number One. For instance Marine One, AirForce One, Navy One, etc.

Backwards from Troy with the shield wall of the Hyksos. The Jews were used as a shield wall for the Hyksos to conquer cities and take possession of more land. Before the Hyksos invasions of Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e the Trojans were in Egypt on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza . Which is where their namesake person was when he was crowned Israel. Descendants of the FootHolder, or Limb Holder, or the extensions from the disk of the ATEN. A holder of an extension of the ATEN.

The plates Joseph was able to look at and translate through this statistical analysis are the same base information which constructed the Pyramids. Which have not the slightest thing to do with graves other than as a ceremonial affectation. Not real graves to place real dead bodies. Only ceremonially dead bodies.

British Culture

One thing which needs to be addressed; the British culture is an ancient culture which had been in the British Isles no later than 1000 b.c.e. At least by the name British; same culture was in the area of Britain long before but had a different name.

The English did not come around till after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

The two are fundamentally different in almost all aspects.

Divine Ceremonies

If a child of the King and Queen was conceived during a specific religious rite, that child was not called the child of its parents. That child was called by the name of that time of year. Child of Zeus, Child of Venus, etc.

Brute King of the British in his lineage is the names of Venus which means is mother and father conceived him during the rite of Venus.

Pharaonic names

Pharaohs did have traditionally five names, but after some of those cultures had to evacuate in order to continue to live they took their traditions of more than one name with them. Consequently in ancient Greece part of this tradition continued within the framework of naming a child conceived during a high holy festival of which there are eight per year. The child’s parent male or female became the deity or a more accurate description would be the fixed point in space and the energy thereof which marks a specific period of time. If a child was conceived during one of those mathematically fixed points which that fixed point is based on the physics of electro-magnetics; each electro-magnetic fixed point had a name. That child most likely would have that name as its parent. Pointing to an extremely strong degree ancient cultures possessed a far better understanding of both electro-magnetics and time than current western cultures most advanced physics.

A similar example can be found within the framework of the Asian cultures whom work to conceive a child during the aurora borealis. Conceiving a child during specific electro-magnetic occurrences is thought to be good by a variety of cultures.

13 names

Five Pharaonic names, rotating sacred names.

Very likely those eight rotating names might be spelled different based on which different years. Each year passed accent the name differently. To reflect what year as what of the eight holy days is being referred too.

Twelve apostles with Christ making thirteen. Five Pharaonic names 8 god/holiday names; 5 +8 = 13.

Pharaohs Names

The added names are a Jewish Pharaonic tradition which other invaders copied but did not understand.

Clergy of the Temple the fictional character of Briseis played by Rose Byrne

If a king mated with the opposite sex clergy of a temple; if that mating produced a child. The child’s male or female parent would be called the name the clergy was dedicated to. Achilles himself was the the product of one of these unions. Achilles his  mother mated with a god in order to conceive. Meaning that in that cultures traditions of both Jacobs line Trojans and Esau’s line capture shield wall Achilles the union would not have been against most rules. However the union would go against some of the more ancient rules of the culture; namely the conquest of the city. Achilles should have fought on the side of the Trojans once inside the gates. But he chose to continue to ally with Agamemnon.

In a temple during one of the eight celebrations per year; the queen is supposed to invoke the spirit of the deity of the holiday. While mating the queen would not be considered the queen but the deity herself. If the queen became pregnant during that ceremony; the child would not be known as the queen’s offspring but the deities off spring. Reference the multination conducted by Esau’s descendants could be in place to prevent said actions and activities.

Merovingian Kings

By legend the Merovingian Kings line stated as a temple fertility rite between two royal families in Germany the Rhine. After the Roman Empire collapsed parts of the allies which destroyed the Roman Empire attempted to expand out into their former territories. But they met with violent opposition from former Roman army unites attempting to claim lands which used to be Rome. All in all from 350-1066 mainland Europe was almost one solid and continuous battlefield. Heavily trained armies clashing almost constantly in order to dominate and control as much territory as they could. The Merovingian’s kings enter the fray about this same time. Though their origin is entirely mysterious. Layers and layers of buried family legends as well as later cultures political spin forced and end to most types of truth regarding this legendary family.

The family is first and foremost connected to the river Merwede which is a lower portion of the Rhine. However this is a nickname code from their former name. This is a replacement code; so their true origins would be hidden. Similar to how Columbus chose Indius as the name of the natives he found. A Conversos code to hide who they truly were from the cultures wanting to genocide them.

But River and fertility Rites; more than one name come into the balance both to confuse and provide a roadmap to decode whom this family actually was. The River means rivers of electro magnetics. Fertility Rites: during the eight high holy days a year the parents conceived this boy under those conditions.

The mother laying in a stream was encountered and had an intimate encounter with Neptune/Poseidon. Similar to Poseidon intimate encounter with Medusa. Giving medusa and the resulting offspring special gifts. But the family most likely come from the tribe of Dan.

The name Smith and the core of Merovingian.

Mar Wig; Mar means Famed and or Spectacular. In Dutch Mare means News, Bulletin, Alba (inscribed view). Alba or Inscribed, usually inscribing entails enscribed by the divine. Sacred marking direction.

Wig; means fight and or direction.

Vermaard; Divinily inspired/famous.

Vecht; direction of motion.

During the dark ages when being any type of jew was litterlaly a capital crime, hiding these types fo names under an unassuming pseudoname became standard. To many talented families of jewish origin whom had conctions with ancient sacred talents chose to abandon their old names and take on Smith.

Temple Fertility Rites

For high ranking members of the royal family. Sometimes husbands and wife’s would mate with each other. Sometimes they would mate with the clergy of the temple. If the wife was drawn to a female than mating with the female. Same for the husband; eight times a year males where homosexuality was not permitted could mate with male clergy in the temple. Obviously no offspring would be produced unless that clergy was a fertile hermaphrodite. The lineage parent of Brute was Aphrodite/Venus. Means that Æneas father mated in the temple during the celebration of Venus; either with a female clergy or his wife. To produce the offspring of Æneas.

With the Egyptian connection between Æneas and Dido the most likely widow of troy. Each king having five names. As well as the Trojans kings had five names since they were from Egypt long before the Esau/Hyksos invaded and used whomever remained as a shield wall in future conquests.

The list of times is difficult to decrypt since the list of names each pharaoh had five, plus the eight from different fertility rite ceremonies. Plus the history books state as a matter of hard fact that Æneas founded Rome and Alba Longa. Which Alba Longa was founded 1300 b.c.e Rome was conquered 753. Which is close to 500 years later; it takes a lot of editing of the facts to close a 500 year gap to erase what happened. But politicians the entire time have been doing that successfully since the written word began. Erasing what they do not like. Which is made unbelievably easier if you take one person and create five persons. 10 kings becomes 50 kings; easy to expand half a millennia if every king is five kings.

Aeneas after marrying Dido traveled to Alba Longa to establishing that city and temple structure. Which were built on, around, or were just flat out megalithic structures, etc. Aeneas after establishing what needed to be done in Alba Longa; he had to keep pushing as far away as possible. to be so far outside the reach of the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians that it would be more than 1000 years till they had the technical and navigation skill to impact where Brute by legend traveled to. Placing the tome/blade of Troy from Jacob, from IsrÆl, from Methuselah, from Enoch, from Adam in Northumberland. Which would then be transported from Northumberland over to the American eastern sea board, then transported farther west to Palmyra. Copies, pieces, parts carried farther west eventually ending up in Bellingham Washington.

Agamemnon at Athens

As the tails of homer clearly state Agamemnon was hell bent on being king of kings of the entire Ægean (the Ægean and Æneas is only two letters off from the escaped Prince of Troy. Does not mean the Ægean was named after that prince it means the Ænea was a more prominent name of the treasures the prince was place in charge of as well as. If the place was called some ancient sacred name what we in the modern world would might call “The garden of Eden”, “Zion”, etc. than it would be a reason for the constant invasions by the Persians; attacking west would an increased volume of gold and a denser population. Smarter to conquer half of India than to conquer the eastern Mediterranean.). He had attacked and conquered more than a few of the major cities of the eastern area e.g. India before he had amassed a large enough army of defeated foes to attack and conquered troy. Troy at the time being a monstrous city of close to one million people. With satellite cities within 50 miles each with populations of 10,000s to 100,000 a piece.

Did Agamemnon attack and conquer Athens (before heading to Troy), and Amenhotep IV Akhenaten’s daughter Aethra at Aphidna Aten (three names for one person) with her son Theseus being the second daughter of Akhenaten came in directly behind and lay siege the city from whomever Agamemnon had put in charge. If Agamemnon was on the war path from his teens to death. Agamemnon attacks and the cultures which owed the cities previous to his conquest seize it back or attempt to seize it back. Enter the Aten symbol and the descendants of Amenhotep IV sending his Daughters out to claim their own kingdoms. There is no reason to assume the ATEN was not used as the stratagem took to fan out Amenhotep iv’s children to shore up the defenses of the areas which had either already fallen and or were under direct threat, of his allies the Cycladic. There are layers and layers of legends regarding these sequences of battles, wars, conquests, erasures of history, genocide of the previous populations leaders, etc. among those legends is both Perseus and Medusa. Later enter Perseus and the Cracken. Ironically the application of the Light Place from which Jacob left North West of Luz/Memphis to sleep on the Stone The Pepi I pyramid its causeway BiSects the Cave of the Nativity which Empress Helen Ogle found after her son Constantine became Emperor . Memphis Old Name LUZ Genesis 28.). Stones to remodel into his ladder to heaven; stones e.g. a megalith in order to read the patterns of someone’s live e.g. turn them to stone. Medusa and Jacob interacting with the same thing; using incredibly advanced mathematics in order to perform their duties. Yes that does actually link linguistically and plot device the story of Medusa with what Jacob and his descendants could do. Which also links what Joseph Smith found with the Tome of Jacob and what Medusa could do. Medusa and a persons life story on stone, with Athens her home city, with conquests of her home city, with the Plates Joseph Smith found/translated, the siege and conquest of Troy (Aeneas taking the Tome/Blade of Jacob out), Prince of Troy Grandson Brute takes the treasures of both Troy and Carthage and remaining treasures and plates from ancient Egypt takes them from the City of Seven Hills later to be conquered and renamed Rome to Northumberland, descendants of the same culture Agamemnon is King of half a millennia later conquer the City of Seven Hills and rename it Rome, the Roman Empire’s army destroys itself at Ogle Castle Northumberland, Pictish revolt forces the Ogles to remove the libraries and treasures from Northumberland to both Glastonbury abbey as well as across the ocean to the east coast of America to keep them from being burned by the Vatican. Hadrian’s Wall is only 5 miles North of Ogle Castle . What do these wondrous treasures have even the slightest thing to do with Joseph Smith and Bellingham. There is extremely high percentage chance that Bellingham was one of the destination points regarding where Joseph Smith was going to build one of his Great Temples. Probably from Bay and E. Holly North West. Can you image a more accurate Tabernacle of Adam built from Bay Street and E. Holly North West. Why North West; because that is the direction Jacob traveled from the Luz/Memphis North West to the Light Place to build his ladder to heaven from the rocks of the light place megalith. Since there is evidence of a Megalithic structure in Bellingham north to Lyndon; there is plenty of evidence in the area of a Megalithic infrastructure. Not the least of which is the ATEN built into the city layout plans. Hard evidence Bellingham Castle Northumberland is only 19 miles west by a few points north from Ogle Castle . Since the Ogles reformed FreeMasonry after they started to arrive back from the Crusades with the libraries and a large percentage of Mormon ceremonies are based on FreeMasonic ceremonies dating back to no later than 1300; this places the Ogle family direct with the plates and with Joseph Smith. It also places one of the areas Joseph Smith wanted to go was Bellingham Washington. Joseph Smith did have direct and long standing connection with the Ogles in the city of Tiffin. Both Joseph Smith and Oliver whom lived in the city for seven years. During the height of the violence against the Mormons; Oliver was in Tiffin.

If you want to translate HexHam; it means Blessed/Cursed (depending on which culture is on the losing side of the sacredness. For Evil Holy Water is bad, they cannot cross onto sacred lands. For evil a blessing is a curse. Same in reverse; holy have trouble in dark evil places.) Sacred City from Gaelic to English.

Genesis 28; 1-22

“From Bethel to Luz - From Genesis 28:19; that the place which is northwest of Beth-el to the light place”

10And Jacob went out from Beersheba, and went toward Haran. 11And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep. 12And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. ”

Light place; in this case Light Place is about as important as there could be an importance line of scripture. Light = Christ, Place = Peter. Christ Peter; a place from which light of the divine emanates. What has to be remembered is the Jews lived under unimaginable oppression for the majority of their time form Esau to present. Some aspects of the oppression they existed within was literally more nasty and lasted for not the small 10 to 15 years the NAZI were in power 1931-1946 but centuries. The National Socialists Peoples Party was not the first time Jews faced those conditions. The previous their was no America to come save the day.

Consequently as a matter of some of the hardest facts imaginable; built into this scripture is something of extreme to the max importance. Which was carefully hidden by successful generations of conquerors whom might have known in varying degrees what this “Jacob left Luz (which was its name from the past; presently Memphis) and headed North West. Upon arriving at the Light Place; he slept on a Rock. That Rock he dreamed that night of a ladder to heaven from which angles could ascend and descendant from heaven from. The next day he awoke and started to remodel what was previous a Megalith e.g. a collection of Pillars made of Rock into his Ladder to Heaven.”

If you draw a Line north west of Luz you will soon cross the Pepi I pyramid. If you bend 45’ from the Pepi I pyramid  230 miles later you will be in the cave that Empress Helen mother of Constantine ordered built a Cathedral which that was by her best educated and divinely inspired guess was the exact location Jesus was born. But the Pepi I pyramid was literally built 2200 years before the Nativity supposedly took place.

But that character in the Futhark is Kannaz; which is the Sixed Character in the sequence which means it has the meaning of Torch, Light, Candle, Flame, ROY G BIV, etc. from just outside to the south of the Pepi I pyramid draw an equivalent Kannaz that line will bisect through the city of Jeru Salem which would be built some 1400 years later.

Medusa the Plate/Stone

Medusa from Athens based on extremely rude and politically spin so hard that it loses most credibility from the original story.

Medusa was a Clergy from the Temple; when the invading Hyksos/Dorians came up, she was obviously banished because the city was named Poseidon which did not mean water it means the blue tinge of electricity . (The Symbol Built into the Hilt tool is Laguz which is the 21st symbol in the Futhark; it means the flow of the universe or in other words Electro Magnetics. Push push, pull pull, neutral.)

Poseidon was the deity of Electricity. But the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians/etc. hate education with a passion which is almost infinite. So they destroy as much of it as possible; that which cannot be destroyed becomes twisted into something other than reality. If correct that the assumption is that both Akhenaten and his eighth give or take dynasty ancestors whom were in charge of Egypt when the Hyksos invaded. The Plates he possessed could very well have something very impressive to do with the Plates of the eighth dynasty which was directly connected back to the dynasties which built or allowed the building of or the remodeling of the pyramids in the first place. Strong evidence points to each pyramid site was a Stonehenge type megalith millennia before the Children fo Israel started to remodel them into Pyramids. How to perform those remodels could very easily require an understanding of electro magnetics. Those same plates might have been similar to, cousins of, or even the same plates as the Monotheistic Akhenaton the father of King Tut found and was able to translate. The information on the Plates and the knowledge of the science of Electro Magnetics could be a clue as to what was on the Joseph Smith Plates. Since after all in Joseph Smith’s description; “The ground Opened up” to take the plates out “he reopened the ground to put the plates back in”. Opening without mechanics might very well require some type of electro-magnetic lock and key. We have hard evidence of Electro Magnetic science implements from 3000 bce at Lake Tana in Southern Egypt. The Basket of metal that clergy is putting on is remarkably similar to a cage used by Tesla

. We know as a matter of the hardest facts imaginable that the Aten built into that relief is part of every Monotheistic Ceremony there is. It is a central IDOL in the worship of Islam; Islam could not exist without the presence of the ATEN in their prayers. Close to the only way to open the different doors to the Khufu Pyramid would require moving on a hinge 1000 ton carved to perfection rock blocks. One on the outside the other to seal shut the entrance to the upper chamber. What if those doors were literally opened and closed using some type of electromagnetic device.

Elevator Paper 2013 11 1 0941




British Empire Ogle Royal Family Presents

A Space elevator based on the ancient Megalith Technology.
















New york





St Augustine Megalith Dolman Mystery



 The alter was older than the Hearth

Is a direct reference to the Dolman insult of which the alter was constructed out of. In the middle of the 1500s during a major push by the Spanish Inquisition; one of the arguments regarding paganism versus the church was which one was older. So including this sentence; shows a direct reference to the 10s of thousands of megaliths/dolmans the Spanish and ancestral cultures knocked down. The problem is; the dolman and Stonehenge are in a way copies of the alter and megalithic structure Adam built. So in a very real effect; the Spanish tore down a design which was created by Adam. Which is one of the greatest negatives toward imposed Dark Ages, said types of information is erased. So later generations have no idea they are destroying something which is in fact very good. A Tabernacle and the Kaaba look so similar it can be theorized they come from the same designed building/tent. The tabernacle is the basic design of King Solomon's temple  (this is actually Zerubaabel’s temple; he changed the blueprint from Solomon’s design); which was inspired by the temple of Heliopolis  which itself is by legend where Adam built his alter. Also by legend one of the pieces of that original alter is the black stone  (in the picture the wall to the immediate right points directly to 700 miles  away to the center of where Adam’s alter was pre-Flood)in the Kaaba. So we have an idea of what that tabernacle looked like and the associated megalith structure inside. Reference the Persian garden  which is a direct copy of what the Garden of Eden was supposed to look like had a fountain and or a tree/megalith/dolman at its center. Larger Gardens having both. The tree would be a representation of the tree of life and fountain the water of life<which was edited out of the Hebrew bible>. That Dolman being at least in theory a copy of which was what the Spanish tore down to build their alter and perform their mass upon that ground.

Additionally; the tradition in Egyptology regarding the man who makes the first cut into a corpse must undergo various degrees of having his friends and co-workers throw stones and curses at him. This dates back from ancient Egypt back to the earliest days of Adam monotheism; where speaking specific words and the use of rocks has been part of monotheism since practically day one. You can find this exact ceremony inside the Hajj; unfortunately, the layers of understanding which preceded 2600 b.c.e have been erased.

The curses and rocks behavior pattern has carried forward into the modern age. Whenever someone rocks the societies boat with a new product or new thought; which disrupts (kills, dismembers) the old pattern. This same exact behavior pattern is present; illustrated by Einstein’s quote “first the idea will be insulted, then the idea will be tortured, then the idea will be destroyed, if the idea is still it will be accepted as if it had always been” . Same behavior pattern; the person who tears apart the old by this society must face the same ceremony to bring in a new thing. Many martyrs undergo this same being stoned/hurt/killed/etc. in order to bring in a new idea.


The Spanish are a descendant culture from the Moors and Romans. With a few other cultures thrown into the mix.


Is a multi-rock architectural feature which has a few vertical pillars/stones and a capstone. Creating a gateway/archway/passageway out of rock. In most cases the rocks are more than a few hundred lbs. to several tons a piece.

The natives have the code

Timucua; tall, 12 inch (amber reeds) headdress, living within the appropriate distance away from a megalith. Vertical, amber, and specifically designated land   . That is exactly what Yr Hen Ogle dd  means; in Latin Northumberland. The Ogle Royal Family are in the British Royal family; specifically not the English. A palisaded Timucua village, 

Which is remarkably similar (the circular wall was simply understood based on other portions of the scroll) to a village design carved into the Kirkwall scroll. A large rectangular long house ( ) in the middle, with round tents or structures surrounding, inside a circular walled in area.  A Jewish Tabernacle.

Pharaoh Means

Guardian of the long house. Exactly the same as Nazareth. The title was stolen by Narmer and stolen again by the Hyksos. Then stolen again by Ramses, a Hyksos descendant.

Natives head dress

It is possible the natives head dress was inspire by some of the northern Europeans and or the Egyptians from Jacobs line crossing the ocean in order to create a new kingdom. In this case as far away from the conquering culture as they possibly could.

The conical shape of the headdress could easily be some form of shape of a Pharaonic crown . Connecting Egypt, resurrection, the British, with megaliths, with Adam, with pre-exodus monotheism, the fountain of youth for the resurrection ceremony, etc.

Pharaonic Crown

The double crown  contains the code North(vertical)Amber Land(specifically designated area).

Fountain of youth connection

The fountain of youth was by rumor supposedly close to or inside a megalith; or some other type of ancient large stone monument. A dolman would qualify perfectly for this; unlike Pirates of the Caribbean . The Megalith depicted in that specific movie was entirely minus the rocks and some basic architectural similarities fictional. The real at least according to the pre and post interactions with St. Augustine the real fountain of youth would have been a megalith looking like a dolman or a full Stonehenge type complex .

This connects St Augustine to a megalithic design, which connects the fountain of youth, to both Stonehenge and the pyramids. Giza specifically had a different architectural configuration previous to 2600 b.c.e. when it was changed from Stonehenge to pyramids. So that Jacob could build his alter to god; which I theorize was one of the three Pyramids on that line . Jacob built his ladder North West of Luz/Memphis genesis 28; 12. The Step, Giza, Djedefre pyramids are on and or in that line.

Basic rule of science/academics; 0 evidence disqualifies the theory. 3000 years of not finding a molecule of corroborating evidence; the pyramids being graves theory needs to be discarded. Since it does not even qualify as a hypothesis or even an idea at this point. 0 evidence means it has been successfully disproven.

Which Jacob was inspired based on his ancestors alter designs. His ancestors would be Noah and Adam. He might not have known the megalith he remodeled was a copy of the alter Adam could have built. But the pyramids and resurrection if a dozen other points were stolen from monotheistics by Narmer; why not the resurrection ceremony. Evidence “the Legend of the Noachite Rite” Raising/resurrecting Noah from the grave by his three sons; the third son Ashem aka Shem in some way succeeded. Which Moses then finished off erasing monotheists from connection to any type of ancient resurrection/fountain of youth concept. The languages the Jews used previous to the exodus were systematically erased and replaced. During the erasure process; resurrection and the history previous to the exodus were both erased.

If the British did have a foothold in St Augustine before the Spanish (as the archaeological evidence of the Dolmen strongly suggests). Than the British Ogle’s would have brought FreeMasonry with them. Which could make St Augustine (for a time) the Grand Lodge of Britain in the New World circa 1500-1565? Evidence and records for said would be high on the list of items the Spanish would have found Blasphemy and destroyed on the spot. But this presence would also account for why the natives would have chosen to emulate some of the ceremonial garb and customs of the Ogle’s.

The conical (Pharaonic) crown all Worshipful masters wear could be circumstantial evidence of what the British Grand Lodge wore previous to being conquered and absorbed into the United Grand Lodge of England or UGLE. Which U and O in Middle English were in some cases inter changeable; so OGLE spelling for the United Grand Lodge of England was not out of the question. So the Worshipful Master of a lodge would wear not a yet to be invented top hat, or felt hat, but a conical “Pharaonic” crown. Evidence for this connection can be found in Indiana; the WM’s wear a crown they call “the crown of Solomon” which looks like a shorter version of the Papal Crown. Although Pope; father/guardian of the long house does mean the same as Nazareth and Pharaoh.

Many native cultures will emulate a powerful culture they are around. The tall cone hat might be a simple emulation factor between the pre-Spanish British and the Timucua. Providing evidence to what the WMs wore previous to the top hat being invented.

Fountain of Youth Location

For millennia monotheists had been looking for the fountain of Youth. They exhausted themselves looking for it in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They all assumed with the new continent they would find it there. From the point where the fountain of youth first came into cultural understanding; till St. Augustine, Europeans had been attempting to find it. Some portions of the story of the fountain of youth had been around since the earliest days of Sumerian/hieroglyphics.

When the Spanish came sailing up the coast; they looked out and viewed a dolman/Stonehenge. They immediately set ashore, tore it down (exactly the same as their ancestors had done for cultural generations before), built themselves an altar, and immediately went about consecrating the ground with a catholic mass . Every single old church in Europe and in previous cultures in America is built on the remains of an ancient megalith. Every cathedral had a huge megalith under it. Which were torn down and remodeled into the new structure. Notre Dame , Westminster  (which is built on the hearth of St Peters abbey), Vatican , etc. all are built upon the hearths of megaliths . Which statistically proves the exact location of the Rock of Mars?

But the time circa 1492-1560; there was lots of time for the British (Not the English; two vastly different cultures) (The British the only culture who still possessed the knowledge to create megaliths. Which has been mostly erased during the 1500-1700s.) to come across the waters and create or in this case attempt to recreate their megaliths in the new world before the rest of Inquisition filled Catholic's could come across the Ocean.



The British by all evidence had a fleet separate from the English.

The British were able to take regular journeys from Jerusalem and Egypt back to Northumberland.

Evidence regarding these journeys is the radical amount of education and foreign tongues scholars in Northumberland had. As well as the extensive library’s NewCastle and Edinburgh universities possessed.

So it is not out of the question that the Northumberland British could have come across the ocean within months of hearing about Columbus.

And started to create various settlements in the America’s.

It is possible some of the natives could have engaged and learned from the Northumberland British.

Some of that learning could be in the form of learning about other megalithic structures in different areas of the world. Including the pyramids.

Where they could have picked up the tall "pharaoh’s" hat from the history lessons the Northumberland royals were teaching the natives in a settlement of what would be called St. Augustine after the Spanish conquered both the natives and the Ogles.

The Spanish were great about removing things they did not like. No reason said behavior could be extended to a culture city which was present and thriving of Northumberland origin mixed with native before the Spanish arrived.

Making St. Augustine’s founding decades before; as evidence by the worked "hearth" used to describe the mass.

As in we replaced the other cultures hearth with our hearth.


Define Camelot; Sacred location of the pond/spring. Which also contains the definition of the Ogle Royal family; Sacred/Amber (North), specifically designated area, pond/the water of life (amber).

I am saying this could be one of the places King Arthur's descendants could have come to escape the conquest of the Pictish overtaking the UK circa 780 ce; which is what caused the Age of Vikings. The City which stood year before the Spanish could have been in some way descendants of Camelot.

The Vikings started to invade the next year after the Pictish won against the Ogles.

The Viking invations stopped 1065.

The Vikings conquered and ruled Normandy. Which is OC French for the Good/Godly/Sacred Men of the North(vertical). Which is just another way of saying Northumberland or in Gaelic YR Hen Ogle DD.

The Vikings conquered the city of Dublin.

The Vikings coneured and renamed the city of x to Castle Belinghsm. Which brings up the question; why in the world would the Vikings rename a city in Ireland more than 30 miles inland from NOrthumberaland 30 miles inland is not exactly an easy location to just honor in a new area. Ogle Castle is 11.84 miles due west of the coast. Bellingham is 18 miles west.

Castle Bellingham Ireland is about 10 miles south of Northern Ireland. Bringing great credibility to the idea that in hard fact; the British not English own Northern Ireland. There is nothing at all the English government can do about Northern Ireland; since by law they do not own the deed, the Brithsh government does. Taking by conquest is not the same as owning. The enlgish seized the British throne; but does only entitles them to some Royal Ruling powers, not complete and totlal power.

The magnacarta is a direct result of this. The English King John (24 December 1166 – 18/19 October 1216) was forced to sign the Magna Carta. He was forced to sign since he aligned himself politically with the English against the British. His brother King Richard “the Lion Heart” aligned himself with his ancestors with the British.

Richard the Lion heart was a loyal Britain; naming Richard of Britany ruler in his stead; however the 3 year old was in name only.

John aligned himself with the English. Making the skizm of power in the UK an eventual break from each other. Forcing wars which the British eventually either lost or simply chose to relocated to the America’s to reestablish a kingdom their. The British knew about the Americas; the British being a very close allies with the Nordics who had a regular trade route to and from America. So the British and Ogles knew where America was. Something they did not share with the English.

The entire issue with Robin Hood is part of this political struggle between the British in NOrthumerlad; in brief from Sherwood forest up to Ogilvy, and the English from Sherwood forest south to the London.

Saint Augustine

St Augustine was a Missionary from Algeria/Africa . Meaning at least some of his theories came from Jacob line sources. Several of Jesus’ (a Jacob line descendant) Disciples started ministries in Northern Africa. From Egypt West past Carthage to Morocco.

Adam and the beginning of Monotheism

What father would not want a murdered son resurrected from the dead. Consequently; just because Able was killed does not mean that Adam and Eve would not have on their knees begged to have their son returned to them. That deep grief would eventually end up in some type of grief ceremony. That grief ceremony would and has culminated into a ritual; in this case a very accurate and to the beginning of monotheism resurrection ceremony. Which the Egyptians then stole after they conquered the earliest monotheistics; circa Narmer reference the Narmer plate . Further evidence of Narmer conquering monotheistic cultures is the Narmer Monolith

       which I theorize depicts the first time the story of Noah was written down; just like St Augustine the conqueror did his level best to erase the previous cultures existence. That culture comes into written evidence circa 3800 b.c.e from the  Hierakonpolis library and world map. From that map to 3200 b.c.e when Narmer conquered them and major cultures in Egypt; the symbol of Egypt had not changed. It was a boat from 3800-3200. Since the Nile is the only quick transportation it only semi-allows for logic, but then the question why from 3200 b.c.e to present the symbol of Egypt is not a boat.


Located in Southern or Upper Egypt where said type tent remnance have been located.


   The tents were made of Akasha wood. This tabernacle is in Hierakonpolis (25°5′50″N 32°46′46″E); among a complex of tabernacles.




Map of the world circa 3800 b.c.e Presents a Boat as the symbol of Egypt; the boat being most likely Noah’s ark . Since this ship design and the 600 years later Narmer Monolith looks similar. This culture was conquered by Narmer; then sentenced to a reservation/refugee area on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza.

With a small additional point of continuity; the Egyptians did not draw or create anything which did not have a communication purpose. Which would not normally be nothing; but if you stand in Cairo or Memphis and look east as the document points out, you will be seeing exactly what the document states. You will be looking at pyramids. From Memphis you will be seeing them from a different angle than from Cairo. Hence the discrepancies in the different angles; representing several different pyramids.


The pyramids being places of resurrection by Legend. Since the Narmer plate has the monotheists forced onto the exact areas where the pyramids were built immediately upon them being sentenced to be there. Pyramids, megalithic construction, resurrection, etc. are starting to form a picture as to how St. Augustine and ancient Egypt are connected. Both are strongly founded upon the idea of eternal life/resurrection.


Imhotep was born in Luz/Memphis and was for a time high priest of that same temple designed around the same basic standards Adam set down. Imhotep was also in charge of resurrecting or bringing eternal life to the pharaoh. It would not be out of the realm of strong possibilities to say Imhotep was a Jew.

Resurrection/gift of eternal life

Has been a mainstay of monotheism from Adam, through Noah, down to Abraham, Jacob, down to the exodus. Then it was removed by Moses. Replaced at least in part by Jesus of Nazareth, but heavily edited by the Esau line descended Paul as his descendants conquered and took over the church Simon peter and other apostles formed in Greece and Rome.

Narmer Dragon

In a way of looking at it; some dragons had wings others did not (or very small ones). But the long neck is a close giveaway to  this being two dragons. Forming a circle out of their necks; the circle being the standard Stonehenge megalith configuration. The Dragon is a reference to Polaris; since at the time Polaris was to earths configuration the constellation Draco/Dragon. 99% of megaliths which have survived point at Polaris. The destroyed ones; the infastructure placed ontop 99% of the millions also point at polaris. Math, science, academics, and medicine 99% is as close to dead on proof as you can get with all the documentation intentionally destroyed.

The holy acre

The Holiest Acre is where the first catholic mass took place. But it is also the site of a megalithic complex. Which stretched from just south of the village to present day Flagler College?

Configuration of the town St. Augustine

Orion's belt; the Timucua village, the alter, and Flagler college are in a similar alignment to Orion’s belt. Leads me to assume there was some type of architectural configuration inside that lake which Flagler destroyed, had drained, and built his infrastructure on top of.


Costo De San Marcos

The second time the town was sieged was not by an English army but by a British one; specifically a family descended from the Ogles. Ogle-Thorp’s are an offshoot branch of the British Ogle Royal Family, which is very different than the English Royal family.

The Ogles have had more than a little influence over the town of St Augustine. The Castle was even signed over to the British (not the English) when Spain sieged Florida. Spain gave Florida to the British Ogles not the English.


It is possible all the above points are extremely coincidental; but when you start having more than 50 separate independent of each other points of statistical matching, the likelihood for this being an extremely to the max coincidence drop to a very low percentage.


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Graphic references


The British colonies

Conquered by the English


Treaty with the French

Columbia River

Portland and Ogle

Puget sound



In brief

I theorize the ancient People of Kaern built a Space Elevator from their megalithic infrastructure. That space elevator system is easily put back into place. Just follow the evidence the ancients hid within that which the conqueror would not destroy. The place with the most evidence regarding said is in Egypt. One such elevator/ladder was positioned on top of Jacobs’s ladder. That ladder to heaven allowing angles to ascend and descend was North West of Luz aka Memphis.

The ancient Egyptians from circa 4000-3200 b.c.e owned, operated, maintained, and lost control over their space elevator Space Operations to pharaoh Narmer. Who continued to use it; but for his own wants, needs, and desires. Which Pharaoh's for the next centuries to millennia continued to use the Space Operations elevators till each orbit decayed and one by one they fell to earth. The rest were pulled down by conquerors that feared the elevator would hurt them.

In short from 4000-2100 b.c.e; Egypt had its own NASA.

The basic idea which could have inspired the space elevator

Base of the Theory

Based on a culture which did not suffer from religious radicals preventing the advancements of knowledge and technology.

But instead knew well that the smart people with sufficient funds and sufficient support can and do think of things on a constant basis which by the rules of basic economics can and will allow the leader and his court to become more powerful and rich.

So if you have centuries of stability; a community will start to develop into a serious advanced technological culture.

Firstly by developing better weapons of war and defense.

Second by developing cultural technology which can and will lead to general advancement's in science.

Those advancements can only lead to one real place; the cutting edge of science and technology.

“Space; the final frontier” etc. from the original written by Gene Roddenberry for his television series on the same subject.

The theory maintains that from 4000(almost guaranteed to be earlier) to 3200 b.c.e the pre-Narmer Egyptians built and maintained a space elevator using the megaliths as landing and taking off points.

Of course this idea is not new; by any stretch. A major motion picture and resulting Television show Stargate SG1 is a direct result of this ancient legend.

But where the above fiction stops and reality begins is where this theory starts.

I propose the theory that the ancients, entirely on our own not alien influence needed. Were able to understand sufficient amounts regarding electro magnetics in order to create first a Jacobs ladder. Then progress to a rail gun. Then from railgun to an elevator. Of course the elevator might have come first.

A short elevator turn into a long and complicated elevator when the engineers and financial people agree to creating sufficient sized buildings.  In the modern world once engineering and architects knew the lift/elevator worked they started to instantly add dozens of floors to buildings. Just a few short decades and it would have taken less time if World War I and various other issues had not of stopped the technological developments.            

In 1823; steam engines were used to power an electrical elevator.

However fascinating connection.

1806 the Roman Empire collapses and releases the library they had kept it safe for more than 2000 years. Which the Egyptians before them kept it safe for 3000 years. The name of the culture previous kept it safe for an undetermined amount of time.

But the first major invention which came from the Romans stealing the library and carting it back to Rome from Alexandria was the steam engine.

But those steam engine elevators were used in mines and other industrial locations were work progressed faster and easier.

488 Broadway in New York City on March 23, 1857. The first five story building with a passenger elevator.

Five stories

10 more years till a commercial office building installed one.

The progress took almost a full century.

Because western culture has to tear things apart first. Then accept as if they had always been.

So where to go from up but up.

The idea of space travel using an elevator has been an idea for centuries. However that idea has met with nothing but ridicule and derision. Mostly because the developers have little understanding of any type of Electro-magnetics involved.

A mastery of electro-magnetics is an absolute requirement when it comes to any type of tall elevator and or space technology in general.

Consequently you have a profound level of educated scholars who are paid the think and come up with good ideas working hard for centuries.

They will come up with a space elevator.

Next question becomes when and how was the space elevator built, then put to use and how was it used. 

This idea requires the direct use of a megalith in order to achieve balance going into and out of the atmosphere.

Do not mess with the planets electro-magnetics field unless you want to die.

So the beyond western culture imagination the megalithic infrastructure was built to among a million other things; to work with and measure the earths electro-magnetics sphere. Or magnetosphere.

Places to anchor the space elevator is strictly and only where megaliths are.

The major problem is; the vast majority of the megaliths have churches built over them. The conquerors of the culture which built the elevator hated the idea so much that they literally created three 1000 year long dark ages to remove any and all evidence and common knowledge of this type of technology.

Including adding said story to its first holy book chapter 11.

But that is just fear and ignorance of the unknown talking. That is not any type of divine order.

the theory has so much evidence is it difficult to ignore

the heart of the theory the science is working right this second in a hundred different places.

the monorail systems, the bullet trains, rail guns, basic magnetic rules of order, lazars, etc.

the rail gun

the most difficult part of the theory; the lift capability is the easiest to prove

the second hardest part is also beyond proved. an Egyptian coffin uses exactly the same engineering to seal in a space vehicle.

the granite only helps in space flight.

heat, cold, pressure, radiation, etc. all are helped by granite.

no rockets needed. only electricity


proven maglev can lift tons and tons

maglev can take a million ton train and propel it 300 mph.

at ground level

get up to 50,000 feet and the speeds can reach ? 10,000 or more easy.

100,000 feet and 17-25,000 mph is almost silly easy

thinner the air the less resistance.

Nut symbol

Imagine with the dawn and dusk looking up at the symbol over her head? Only much larger. or the legs and arms descend miles away and you can only see that small part

the sun would hit the grid first, since it is 200 miles up.



Khufu generates its own electricity proven using various laboratory tests.

Piece of evidence two; a sarcophagus has layers of boxes inside boxes each one perfectly sealed after thousands of years. When compared to NASA and all craft designed to go into the temperature extremes 250' + in the sun 250' - in the shadow. Three layers of seals is a triple walled thermos; e.g. the same basic engineering structure used on both the SRB and External Fuel tank. Some had five layers; more than enough to last as a structure in orbit. Air is an issue. but that is not the point. Mail works just fine with 0 air; but a temperature controlled area.

In truth in orbit; granite would be nothing other than solid solar protection.




All the dangers in space several inches of granite, gold, specific types of wood, etc. would only add to the safety factor.

A sarcophagus is form fitted; so are all and I do mean all space vehicles.

Every couch,

Every suit,

Everything a human needs for personal safety is custom built to that persons specific measurements. The more movement you get inside that sarcophagus at 12 gravity forces the more likely you will be killed.

A “death mask” common in rich mastiba’s can be seen as and is very much a helmet.

Layers and layers, inches and inches of custom to the person’s body thick wrappings. A mummy minus James Whale’s Boris Karloff’s mummy   ; clean up the bandages and have them perfectly fitting and that is very close to how a NASA designs its space suits . Although layers of tight cloth soaked in various viscous liquids is not entirely close to the sown together suits. But the principle are duplicate; just different techniques for accomplishing the same goal.

Millions of mummies over the millennia; all were sealed from the air. Once the wrapping was complete the bandages hermetically sealed the body in. alter back to a living being; add some plates over the midsection, leave the face open, and you suddenly have a semi-life supported pressure suit. Depending on the types of material wrapped between the body and the bandages; different things give off different chemicals at different times. It is possible from the neck down being surrounded by various gasses; and only the head being exposed to oxygen might be a good thing in orbit. Exact same mechanism in mix gas diving. When you dive deep you need other than oxygen primarily. Decompress and unless you are in a very high pressure decompression tank your body needs to be surrounded with as much pressure as possible without crushing you. Nitrogen will build up in the blood system. So the ancients of Egypt had a remarkably similar to nasa pressure suit and diving suit in mummy technology.

For a live person; place various braces and internal structure to keep the wrapping hermetically sealed but allow the living person to breathe.

A stomach shield.

A neck shield

Openings for the mouth and eyes.

Place matieral inside the sealed inner to maintain pressure.

Place matrial inside the wrappings to maintain oxygen

Place material between the inner most and next seal to aid in the pressure.


The Egyptians possessed extremely good threads

They knew how to create hydrogen; rotting foods. Think Hindenburg; which means the ancients without violent people keeping them down; could have used hydrogen and heilium balloons to get most if the elevator into orbit. Or at least up to around 200,000 feet or 37 miles up.  Since space has been classified as being 60 kilometers up that is only 23 more kilometers to go.

They knew how to have asbestos and the Finlanders used it as early as 2500 b.c.e..

The Finlanders are connected to both the Egyptians and Futhark peoples. The Finns could have learned about asbestos from this exposure.

Asbestos is a crystalline structure. meaning under the proper conditions it can be made to create electricity. Squeeze a crystal and it will release electricity; basic theory behind Radar.

Which means that just the string itself can be used to create the elevator. Drastically cutting down the weight of the first strings. Allowing for an easier assembly into orbit.

The scaffolding to create the first elevator; no reason to assume the scaffolding was anything shorter than say several hundred feet. It could have even been a thousand feet.

When the king gives an order; you follow it.

So if the king orders entire swaths of forests to be cut down and a scaffolding is erected. That scaffolding could be as high as an open structure can be engineering wise. Only the maintenance areas need floors.  The rest almost entirely open. It could reach a thousand feet or more.

With an electrical generator on the top.

Which can then power the Jacobs ladder from the top of thousands of feet in the air. Similar to what Jupiter two from the 1997 lost in space launch pad looked like.

This way; you can build thousands of feet of the ladder in segments.

Railgun technology is not much past kindergarten level.


We know as a fact the ancient Egyptians were experts in fouling the air inside the sealed tomb. Funny how many seals they used.

But they would pack the place with food, beer, etc. and count on it rotting.

The rotting process of a few hundred lbs. of food will create an atmosphere inside the sealed room of all kinds of different ligher than air gas. That same concept can be applied to fill a room/mastiba with said types of material. Wait months, then create a release value, where the amount of gas released can be controlled. No reason to assume the ancient tomb builders did not use the same exact technology from creating and sealing mastibas to creating and sealing a hydrogen and helium chamber.

Then attach a sealed balloon;

Then allow that balloon; to fill with sufficient pressure to obtain a specific height. Exactly the same technology used in modern balloons of both hot and mixed gas.

Let the balloon carry elevator up to several thousand feet.

The bottom attacked to an electrical generator.

To have the balloon release; if the balloon is filled with hydrogen, one small spark from the Jacobs ladder and the balloon will explode. Release taken care of.

Attach more segments to the bottom with balloons attached at lower levels of the elevator.

So same basic technology; can be used to find gasses which are lighter than air.

Use silk and or the best quality cotton.

Soak the cotton in any number of different liquid materials.

You have a mostly sealed balloon. Capable of lifting x lbs.

If that balloon has sufficient helium or hydrogen than it is possible to have the balloon fly over 173,900 ft. which is more than high enough to with a little bit of assistance from the ground place a string into geosynchronous orbit. Based on technology the Egyptians proved over millennia and millions of times repeating the same actions; they were experts.


Cultural intelligence

the only difference between us and highly intelligent humans. the societal acceptance of said. I am determined enough to put up with the difficulties of my culture to think of this stuff. But my bank is empty, my rent is due, and I am out of food. but my steel will forces me to keep working

some of us are, by will alone, forced to do be thinkers and dreamers.

99 years from the civil war ships of the line still being produced to boots on the moon

1870 technology

1969 “ Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

Two world wars

Three separate religious movements which caused untold amounts of problems with the advancements of science.

Dr Verner Von Braun  had the design for the Saturn five in 1938; but had 0 intention of giving it to the NAZI. So he had to hide the plans for 20 years. 20 years of missed opportunity because religious fanatics could not let the subject change.

The entire reconstruction of the south 1870-1910; did not help the cause of science one tiny little bit.

So what would occur if 99 years and an entire culture gave full throated support to the scientists and engineers to put that culture into space with a solid and dependable foothold. Sorry but the current ISS is not even close to a foothold. It can only hold 3 for six months; it cannot hold a crew of 30. Six to 10 crew can only do so much in the time allowed. That is not a foot hold that is more like a small ship trying to do the job of a much larger ship.

The Ancient Egyptians also did not have to deal with the religious fanatics going to war every five minutes convinced Knowledge was evil. They were around but Egypt is huge and most of the fanatics were hundreds of miles away destroying previous cultures science and technology.

The concord.

This airplane was the height of technology in 1960; but by the 2000s it was grounded and jet travel returned to subsonic flight.

Dropping in technology is much easier than striving toward advancement's.

Dropping in technology is something western cultures are not only keenly good at but they are good at accepting quickly drops in technology.


NAZI and aliens

There is no reason why the radically advanced technology the nazi found and used could not have come at least in some way directly from this exactly theory’s practical applications.

The remaining evidence most of the areas the NAZI controlled were where huge central control stations were. So the evidence of Aliens could just be evidence of human NASA of 4000-3200 b.c.e.


Hindu conquered the Harappa who were an extremely ancient culture which had direct cousin ties to the described Egyptians, Cycladic, British, Sarmartian, etc. 0 reason why each conquerors perspective would not describe the same thing their own way. A space elevator. Hindu does have a legend of a rope in midair. Asbestos has been used since 2500 bce.

john searl S.E.G device is a wonder



The Sistrum is an ancient Egyptians and Greek musical instrument. But it began as a mathematical teaching tool. But when conqueror after conqueror hates any type of advanced technology they cannot personally control; best to hide the most powerful of your ancient cultures technology safely inside items strings of conquerors do not find threatening. Especially if those non-threatening items bring them joy.

You as a person and culture simply have to direct their attention away from the secret and hidden meaning and direct it to that which the conqueror likes.

The number of items which have been carried over from conquest to conquest is enormous. Where few if any actually remember what the original purpose was; but they enjoy the remodeling.

The largest problem is; when you are working in and on hiding your stuff from the conqueror. 1000 years passes and your culture then finds it difficult to believe what the original purpose of x item used to be. Since it has been used for so many generations as the new purpose. It must have been designed for the new purpose, the old purpose is long since forgotten.



how much weight can monorail system push up

all depends on how much electricity is used. The Khufu Pyramid more than a little torn apart can and does generate its own electricity.

Why I say 4000 b.c.e

I keep saying 4000 b.c.e; why am I so sure? Answer because it takes time to create a world map. Hierakonpolis takes time to calculate and measure out an entire world map. One could say from a mathematics and perspective point of view; this map could have been created looking down from a great height.

Yes that is the American Continent; From north to the southern Tip of South America.

Now that I look at it; the perspective of a person with their head in the West.

Death masks

Only a few death mask have been found.

I wonder if the millions of royals and thousands of Pharoah’s from Narmer to Cleopatra. If most of their death masks like tuts were destroyed; why? What could be the harm in keeping most of those death masks intact. Unless they were in some way a helmet with an open or windowed face . That could cause enough of an uproar to force the finding and desecrating of the grave to ensure the evidence of an open face(helmet) did not exist. Academics calls it a death mask; but why not call it what it is; a helmet. Or would helmet give the wrong impression? Would calling it a helmet be too close to the truth?


Name translation

"Khnum-Khufu" which means "the god" title=Khnum>Khnum protects me.” Sounds very similar to Noah, especially considering Noachian mythology, 7 boats outside    (other than the oars, the shape and cabin on top looks very similar), and Noah is a major player in the development of monotheism.  


Royal titulary

Protected by Khnum


Horus nameMedjedu


Nebty nameNebty-r-medjed


Golden HorusBikwy-nub


Hieroglyphics translate the name Khufu to “Khnum-Khufu" which means "the god Khnum protects me (him).” Khnum made man on a wheel out of clay (Adam was made out of clay as well). Khnum is one of many monotheistic god names per city/culture. Similar to Ptah is a pre-Pharaonic monotheistic god from both Memphis 2 miles north and Heliopolis a few more miles north east. The city was conquered by the earliest pharaohs circa 3500 b. c. e. .


For instance “Khnum” one name in pre-Hieroglyphic of the one god (symbol is a goat; the main animal of shepherds of that time. Genesis 22;13. God might have sent a symbol of himself to be sacrificed; similar to the events depicted of Jesus.). An ancient pre-Pharaonic deity “the titles Divine Potter (using a potter’s wheel


Pharaoh lists

Palermo stone

Turin Royal Canon

Manetho's Aegyptiaca (History of Egypt)

Abydos King List

Karnak Tablet

South Saqqara Stone (discovered 1923, includes dyn. 6)

Saqqara Tablet (discovered 1861, includes dyn. 1-12)

Archibald Sayce gave comparative data on several of these lists in his book The Ancient Empires of the East (1884),[2] in addition to the lists found in Herodotus, Diodorus,Eratosthenes, and even a fanciful list found in "the Arabic writers". Yet another fanciful list that does not appear in Sayce, is found in the Book of Sothis that George Syncellus attributed to Manetho.


Egypt pharaoh’s Hyksos period 2100-1300

Hyksos pharaohs

Esau's line and Jacobs line

It is possible the pharaohs between 2100-1350 the pharaoh kingship traded hands back and forth between Esau's line and Jacobs line a time or two.

Hyksos circa 2100-1550 when Jacobs line seized the throne and become pharaohs.

Jacobs line from 1550-Tut 1320 circa.

Would account for why Amenhotep iv might have sent his daughter to first Spain then Scotland circa 1330. To both avoid the impending destruction of the Hyksos line as well as preserve the gathered knowledge from which their ancient past. Egypt would no longer tolerate the changes that Amenhotep iv tried to force upon them. They rebelled in very real and bad ways. So he knew he needed to reinstate the old to maintain the power of the throne. Unfortunately for his son the damage was already done; two of tut’s advisors took the throne after tut died but only held it for a few years before Hyksos descendants seized the throne. Ramses reinstated the old religions and old ways of doing things. Of course reinstating the cruel treatment of the Jews as the Hyksos did the first time.

He sent her because even thought she was entirely capable of being pharaoh and proved it by stepping into her mothers shoes when her mother was too sick to perform said duties.

Her younger brother/? Needed to take the throne. Tutankhamun. But he could not take the throne till he was 13. So he would rule as co pharaoh with his sister/? Meritaten till he became old enough.

Then Meritaten would then move to her established new kingdom in Northumberland.

Having sent advance teams decades before.

The winds of time were changing; consequently as the sociological infrastructure changed it produced a sequence of rather difficult choices. Which sociological difficult choices start to occur the powerful will mostly follow pathology of behavior. Hoping to preserve sufficient levels of their power.

It might be possible to assume Amenhotep iv and his line were from Jacobs and not Esau's.


Egypt and Jacobs line; the Egyptian pharaohs and Jacobs line traded the Egyptian throne back and forth from 2800-2100. When the Hyksos aka Esau's line invaded.

Esau's line and Jacobs line then traded the throne back and forth from 2100-1800 when Esau's line seized total power.

The fourteenth dynasty could be Esau's line

Fifteenth Jacobs line

The Egyptians retreated back to Thebes while the differing monotheistic tribes fought over Memphis and Heliopolis for control

20 Hyksos with Imhotep in their name

20 Hyksos pharaohs; with at least two of the syllables show a group of Imhotep in their name.

The Hyksos would not invade for at least 600 years; but directly before the construction

(Hotep)sekhemwy[9] 2890 2852


Mentuhotep I Tepy-a

Nebhetepre Mentuhotep II[26] Gained all Egypt 2040, Middle Kingdom begins. 2060–2010

Sankhkare Mentuhotep III[27] — 2010–1998

Nebtawyre Mentuhotep IV[28] — 1997–1991

Khaankhre Sobekhotep I

Sekhemre Khutawy Sobekhotep          Compare Wegaf           c. 1767

Sekhemresewadjtawy Sobekhotep III   4 years and 2 months   c. 1755

Khasekhemre Neferhotep I 11 years 1751–1740

Khaneferre Sobekhotep IV 10 or 11 years 1740–1730

Khahotepre Sobekhotep V — c. 1730

Mentuhotep V —  ?

Sobekhotep VIII (Sekhemreseusertawy) – 16 yrs.

Neferhotep III (Sekhemresankhtawy) – 1 yr.

Mentuhotep VI (Sankhenre) – 1 yr.

Rahotep Sekhemrewahkhau 1650- ?

Djeserkare Amenhotep I - 1541-1520

Aakheperrure Amenhotep II - 1425-1400

Nebmaatre Amenhotep III The Magnificent King His name means Lord of the truth is Ra. He ruled Egypt at the peak of her glory, his mortuary temple was the largest ever built, but was destroyed by Ramses II refugees were able to build his own temple. Recent DNA testing proved he was the Grandfather of Tutankhamen 1390-1352

Neferkheperure-waenre Amenhotep IV/(Akhen)aten Founder of brief period of a solar-centered religion (Atenism). His original name means "Amun is pleased." 1352-1334

Named similar to Amenhotep but using the One god name Akhen; but from the Ramses line.

Usermaatre-(akhen)amun Ramesses VIII - 1130-1129

King Tut Tutankhamen DNA related to the Druid of the U.K. and Northern Europe

The problem is; academics tend to say away from questions which cause them to have an issue with some part of the equation. In this case; the issue is timing. WE can all count; which makes  our Judeo-Christian cultural ethics scream NO. Nefertiti died several years before her oldest daughter. Meaning her late teens early 20s daughter  Meritaten took over as co-Pharaoh. Once a year based on that time period religious ceremonies; the Pharaoh and his chosen first mate would travel to the headwaters of the Nile and consummate to ensure the Nile would flow and flood. If His daughter was a stand in; that makes the entire thing unacceptable to our cultural upbringing. Then do some more math; a few years later(?) Tut is born, but tut is too young to be from Nefertiti. To be from her tut would have had to be about 3 to 5 years older. Making tut the product of Amenhotep iv and his eldest daughter. Which DNA issues strongly point to this as being an extremely valid theory. So several years after Nefertiti dies her husband joins her in death; making an adolescent Tut now co Pharaoh and his eldest sister/mother co-pharaoh since she is old enough to rule. So she co rules with her brother/husband/son till he is 13. Which is several years away. But being an extremely strong person; and being co pharaoh in her early 20s, and then co pharaoh to her little brother/son she could not have stayed in Egypt when he took the throne. So she would have had to leave to form her own kingdom elsewhere. Breeding with her own brother/son e.g. the Nile Ceremony would not work. So Tut was married off to a sister much closer to his own age. His sister/mother moved by legend to Northumberland where the Hyksos Princess Alba established a beach head several hundred years before.

Why not use the established King lists which list the times each pharaoh lived. First because the dates we operate from are a statistical analysis of several king lists averaged together. Second those king lists have been altered over the scope of rulers wanting to shape history into their own image. Third above a certain percentage of wrong; a statistical analysis is not worth more than a rough circa. Just because politician’s and scholars agree to an idea; does not  make that idea correct. In the time before Galileo you could not find an open peer review article about heliocentric universe. All peer review articles by the dozen all stated as hard fact evidence the earth was flat; no one would or could defy the dominant paradigm regarding this hard accepted fact. Copernicus  tried but without a private army; if he would have published his work openly, the inquisition would have killed him in whatever way they saw fit. Galileo on the other hand taking Copernicus  notes decades later he did publish thanks to the private army of his friends the Medici. But they could not save him from house arrest etc. so you have to be extremely careful when the militant dominant paradigm decides x is true; if x is wrong or partially wrong. You cannot find yourself published; your peers will have no choice but to ridicule you because the powers that be cannot deal with information which forces them to be wrong.

Could it be that Nefertiti did not die; she went to Northumberland to assist in setting up the kingdom for her daughter? But died sometime after either her husband died or maybe lived for a long time.

Later scholars and politicians did their best to fudge the details. Same as the one or so woman who were elected to be Pope; the later historians messed with the details and added years to people who had either died years before or were not in Roma by years at the time yet in order to conceal someone’s existence. A practice so common that several equations have been crated in order to combat the problem. You can see this exact problem of messing with the numbers to promote your side and downgrade the opponents side; just watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. and you will see direct evidence of this fact within either a few minutes or a few hours every single day. Example I remember during the housing bubble circa 2006; a couple political commentators were saying almost Armageddon regarding the mortgage rates and when this bubble bursts, their will be only economic collapse only comparable to the great depression. They were laughed at openly for years. Then the bubble burst when the poor ran out of money to pay the banks balloon payments. America has been on the verge of economic collapse ever since that bubble burst. The ones being laughed at were absolutely dead on the money but had to face years of ridicule and derision by the supporters of the housing boom. Same thing; mess with the math in order to promote your side. Tut is fascinating because the math of his existence and his family has most scholars locked in a very difficult puzzle to decode.

It all comes down to perception; it is a standard psychological tool to believe in x so strongly that the truth becomes illusion and x an illusion becomes the truth. Which suppression of truth will lead to various self-destructive behavior patterns which can be identified, measured, tracked, and the truth found through undoing the behavior patterns which lead directly to the mental break from reality. This mechanism of forcing one’s self to believe a lie cascades into; we shy away from asking questions which lead to answers which work against our personal and culturally created illusions of truth.

Evidence of his sister/mother being co-Pharaoh. Her body was desecrated, her name was removed, and her right arm was ripped off her corpse. If you examine the body; there is evidence in the positioning that the right arm was folded over the chest. Making her a pharaoh, or at least co pharaoh.

Akhenaten/Amenhotep iv; Tut Tutankhamen’s father

Ice Giants

If you have sarcophagus space capsules going into orbit and coming back down.

When the capsule arrives back from outer space; it will be 200’ below zero.

Thor with the generous encouragement from Odin. Odin being mostly likely an Esau line descendant; thor battling against the ice giants, could be a way to explain and honor destroying the elevator?

Loki of course worked with the ice giants. But loki also was cast by the culture as a villain.

Amens crown

Daniel Statnekov T.R.: I don't know why but I've always wondered about this enigmatic fret work on Amun's crown; when I count the contiguous pairs of arched openings I see five pairs of openings on each side. Taken in their entirety they remind me of the way in which the stone tablets upon which the ten commandments are often portrayed in biblical illustrations. I realize that this is a strange comparison; but nevertheless……...


of course we also have to take into account; the 10 commandments were not written in hebrew, they were written in Indo-European. But five rows; that is 1 2 3 5; the fourth step in fib. which is the symbol Ansuz, which means sound, communication, or depending Odin/sound of god

Thebes the city of Kings. Speptor is the symbol for kings.

The crown of Amen; if you look at it from a railgun/elevator/jacobs ladder point of view. A double Row of two elevators as in 4 tracks 4 corners 4 directions with the aetts path in the center.


Garden of Eden

if you take a sumerian view of genesis 1; 9 sentence structure. you find three trees.

the fourth is for Adam to construct the loom of time from. naming and controlling the animals, sounds like an edited version of said to me. so taking material from the three trees and weaving them into the fourth structure.

a symbol for the garden like all conquerors; they corrupt like cancer that which is pure and holy and twist it ot their own ends. so the swatstica could have been a symbol for the garden.





Nieth-Hotep was a predynastic Queen...

16 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling Thank you !!

16 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling So the fiction "scorpion king" staring the Rock was not far off

15 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling at least in that very small portion of the story he married a priestess

14 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling so he in effect took on the roll of Shu while she took on the roll of Nut?? Thoughts?

14 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling DNA; is in fact larger on the inside than on the outside. So is Electricity; larger on the inside than outside.

13 minutes ago · Like">T R. Robert Welling By legend Abla and Meritaten spent time in the UK. From Egypt.

How did merititan wind up a mummy in kv

if you are rich, powerful, have your own navy, and have the skills to travel to a location you can come back at will.

before death, during, or after power is power

Merititen by all accounts was as formatable as her mother. A woman so strong she would give even the hardest fo men today a run for theri iron will money. So setting up her own kingdom and DNA shows this to be mostly correct. If tuts dna woudl be released it would be definitive. but egypt refuses to cooperate. which only stacks teh evidence against them. I take the 5th; guilty!!!!!

she had to leave; one for iron will, second because by the time tut hit say 15-20 she would be late 30s early 40s. bad time to try and create babies.

the very remote chance my elevator idea is correct. NOt just a theory with reams fo evidence but; actually correct. Egypt to edinburg was only about 4 hours away.

the one thing which is the most difficutl evidence to ignore. A space suit and space vehicle is form fitting. They are descend to allow for close to 0 safety movement. you do not want even an inch between you ad the wall if you are pulling 12 gs. Sarcophagus are built to be absolutely form fitting. The wrappings are designed to be pressure suit tight.





3 minutes ago · Like

T R. Robert Welling Math and TARDIS. What does this have anything to do with Egypt. Previous to the Pyramids construction the dragons of the west side of the Nile needed to be tamed at least that is what the other side the the Narmer Plate depicts. So if correct in my translation; previous to 2900 bce, Giza looked like Salisbury.





Northern African rock art...this reminds of the images in this painted tomb. The oldest mummy was a black child found at Uan Muhuggiag in southern Libya and the pottery has been traced to a site in Gobero Niger and also to upper Egypt. The really strange part is the pottery shows up in Iran too.

to me not even the mildest of strange. If my theory is correct; transportion between Iran and upper Egypt was not difficult in a few hours.

I had a thought; what if the lybians created the mummies to psychologically emulate the elevator idea/theory. Then as the elevator collapsed the Egyptians copied the Lybians emulation themselves?



I downloaded these heiroglyphs looking for the long necked and legged birds I was comparing the Cat & Anubis scarf to...the one is the ba bird with the tuff going straight back behind its head and the other is the Khu bird with the tuff hanging down on its neck in front, but there's an interesting cat glyph in the middle...has the cat with its paw on a pyramid, not sure where they actual glyph can be found but its interesting...all these on the poster are from actual glyphs... Kelly Delaney Stacy






Island of Dr Moreau

Weird Egyptian and Enochian creatures were possible.

Genetically Modified foods the poison of the American food industry and various The Island of Dr Moreau. We have been able to do close to Moreau for decades; so modern proof it is easier to mix and match DNA than build a space ladder. Consequently; shape shift no, but manipulate DNA into strange creatures, strong possibility then. Hard proof "Dolly" etc now.




This has been found in Libya, Niger, Upper Egypt and Iran...I'm looking for similar connections in other places...

it would be interesting if the image to the right was what the  presumed elevators looked like from the ground?











an aett between a jacobs ladder; is what jumps out at me. but that all the hard work I have been doing for a week. My mind is starting to see what might be or might not be true.










feathers are mostly straight; not curved at that type of angle. but that angle is close to the angle of a jacob spark. sorry

The crown of Amen; if you look at it from a railgun/elevator/jacobs ladder point of view. A double Row of two elevators as in 4 tracks 4 corners 4 directions with the aetts path in the center.







">Michael Dan Wonsower This supposedly used polarized mercury in circulation to create a magnetic field in a constant state of fluxing back and forth negating planetary gravity, and supposedly having effect on the space/time continuum itself.



Samsun and long hair




 idea could be a wind sock. If you have doing anything about a few dozen feet; wind measurements are 

a neck protector for the flight?? But these are just guesses based on my theory. Maybe some type of electrical generator based on kinetic or other energy sources.

 loom !! good thought

I was thinking about those little Egyptian toys which move on their own, they need energy to perform.






Pharaoh Narmer

Pharaoh Narmer circa 3200 b.c.e is said to be the first king to unify Egypt under one rule. He was the first king/pharaoh.

He did it by conquering the existing kingdoms in Egypt. Of which there were approximately five; one for each of the major cultures which then corresponded to the five names the pharaohs for the next 3000 years adopted.

At least two of those previous kingdoms were monotheistic; the bull people (the people whom symbol was a bull {presumably the descendants of Able; yes that able}, and the people of Heron (the bird people who were related or descended from the people of Kaern, those that built the megaliths).


After the conquest this monolithic design was carved not as a tax report, but a conquest report. Subjugating both the bird people and the bull people.

Taking the powerful symbols of both and incorporating them into pharaoh Narmer’s power base.

The bearded individuals are cherubim in human form, the pointed ear dogs are actually dragons (same symbol was created for the blue Babylonian gate 2000 years later). Dragons have wings; but that is the monotheistics conquering the previous culture and taking the wings/power away from the creature, and forcing all dragons to simply be without their wings. Possibly giving the cherubim the dragon’s wings.


This depiction is telling about the conquest and subjugation of all the kingdoms under narmers kingship rule.


The currently assumed depiction as being a tax collection scene has nothing to do with the realities of what a king would want depicted. Conquests are what kings want talked about, not tax collections.

Nautical festival events; this would be a depiction of taking one of the monotheistic ceremonies and absorbing it into the newly established Pharaonic kingship symbols of power.

There is a story from the 2000 years previous to 3200 b.c.e regarding a nautical happening. This would be Noah’s flood; with the animal being carried two by two. Instead of looking at the pictures from a tax point of view, look at them from a Noah story point of view.

1 boat carries the king with a falcon at his feet, another boat carrying a snake, three of the boats have to do with the bull tribes. Five Pharaonic names, five conquered kingdoms, we also know a monotheistic kingdom conquered Heliopolis approximately 400-300 years previous renaming the city from IWNW to Heliopolis. Presumably because the sun was their symbol for god, individual animals were their symbols for the tribes.



Reservation/refugee area west of the Nile.

The pharaoh Narmer set up a reservation land/refugee area on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza  . Pharaoh Narmer standing in power between the cultural representatives of Upper Egypt (Left) and (Right) Lower Egypt both standing showing power; the full size man on his knees is a refugee being given access to lands in Egypt. But those lands come at the cost of a full ranking in Egyptian society. Ironically the position of the refugee is in the approximate area where Giza is located in Egypt. Another ironic depiction is the length of the legs of the refugee is approximately the length of the area between Giza and Sakkara. Pharaoh is standing on the east side of the refugee; His Left foot is approximately where Memphis is and his Right foot is where Luxor is. The arrows are behind his back; left arm holding the bow, right hand holding a weapon/scepter   (picture shows dominance over all white skinned and black skinned. The white skinned being dressed as Egyptians, black skinned dressed similar to African tribal. Each paying both respect to and submission to the pharaoh.)

   The crook or shepherds crook indicates the power of the shepherds rests in the left (dirty, unclean) hand of the pharaoh since the above (Narmer) action occurred. The flail in the right hand of power over the shepherds and all who oppose the pharaohs rule. The pharaoh looking east is a virtual map of Egypt. Upper (south vulture Nekhbet) Kingdom and Lower (northern cobra Wadjet) Kingdom Egypt on the forehead crown of honor . The City of Luz/Memphis/Cairo at the base of the skull  (tide in a strong knot. The braid indicating the Giza to Memphis necropolis also tied into the control of the pharaoh.). The beard on the chin represents the seizing of one of the symbols of power for the middle eastern refuge tribes; the Cherubim     . Which the beard is located on the pharaoh on the bottom of his chin; again a position of not only insult but the lowest class of power. The religious symbols of upper and lower Egypt high on the forehead on the crown of power itself. The wings of the cherubim placed under the shepherds crook on the chest of the pharaohs; indicating importance  . The lower on the body the less importance according to Egyptian and basic Mediterranean cultural rules of society. The blue and gold layers on the headpiece indicate the canals on both sides of the Nile. Major irrigation ditches were dug to produce maximum farm land.


Narmer plate

The plate has two sides. Both sides have writing .

Front side

The first side shows Narmer forcing a newly conquered people on to their knees. It also shows in detail the areas he wants those specific people to occupy.

Other side

The other side depicts what Narmer is allowing those people he sentences to the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza to do.

All those megaliths he wants them all eventually remodeled to not be megaliths but anything the yet to be called Jews want to build.

The long necked creatures forming a circle with their neck could be a stylized dragon with their neck in the standard megalithic circle.

Since this is at least metaphorically accurate; the megaliths on the west side of the Nile Narmer is giving permission to remodel them.


Narmer Passport

The Narmer passport used for the next 1100 years by the culture sentenced to that specific refugee/reservation area between Sakkara and Giza require a way to travel into and out of Egypt to conduct business and supplies but still maintain they can only be in the area described.

That area is depicted in detail by the Narmer passport.

Narmer Passport places the perspective East.

Each direction has a different and very specific meaning.


Hieroglyphics is only one language from Indo-European.

map of indo European language.


Although; there are nine groupings of Pyramids. Narmer placed his bow directly over where several megaliths were. EG I control this area. This is myn but I am allowing you to live there.

The passport used by the westies

To travel to and from their selected area. Which was used for centuries; especially between 2800-2500 when the majority of the pyramids were remodeled from the previous megaliths. Which corresponds to the times when the megaliths at Salzbury large upgrading of the monuments their occurred; with shockingly similar geometric site similarities.



Narmer Monolith

This depicts Narmer conquering one of the cultures he conquered was Jewish. Although it is interesting that he took as a wife a Jewish high priestess. Her title was Sumerian for doctor/healer. Since the Jews main symbol and figure head after Adam was Noah.

The Narmer Megalith shows a relief of Narmer replacing the symbols of the Jews with himself.

Stripping them of all their power symbols; taking those power symbols for himself.

Boat ancient symbol





Boats in Egyptology have been a significant part of that area and all the different cultures of that area since documented 4000 b.c.e.. the question is not if boats were important; the question becomes how was each symbol used by each culture. Each culture used basically the same symbols in their own unique way. Consequently


Boat used in burial ceremonies from this point forward


West side of the Nile given to monotheistic descendants; erasing the presence of the bird people’s megaliths, and absorbing monotheistic ceremonies into the newly established Egyptian culture.

However the name Narmer used was not Egyptian. Egyptians were specifically the name of those that lived between Sakkara and Giza on the west side of the Nile. A name which they carried with them when the Hyksos forced the Jews to be their front line troops to invade the middle east, Anatolia peninsula, and the Aegean. When the Greek civilization formed; the Jews helped create the basics of academics. Consequently they wer able to place in to history key codes. Which descendants could use to track backwards to what the truth actually was.


The bird people of the west side of the Nile had created a vast network of megaliths. Which Narmer gave permission for the yet to be called Jews to remodel the entire area.

(this image matches the boat graphic from Southern Egypt of the world map. The pointed crown of Egypt    ).

I have a different definition of what this means. I think this could be the first depiction of Noah's flood.


Khufu has 8 sides


the Khufu pyramid has been known both by legend and by scientific measurements to have something to do with electro magnetics. modern science has determined that the only effective technology other than rockets to lift into orbit is by using electro magnetics. To accelerate and decelerate. Since the top 20 feet of Khufu was removed there is nothing left to find regarding connecting Khufu with some type of Idea but solid evidence had a space elevator/ladder on top.





By the Abydos and other traditions; Khafre was the son of Khufu and built his grave south of his father/grandfather. The problem is the scholars are trying to force a scenario the evidence simply does not back up.

The pyramids were never real actual graves. The pyramids were synagogues.

The three on the Giza plateau were memorials to the at the time great leaders of monotheism. Khafre = Adam, Khufu = Naoah, and Mankaure = Abraham

Since those names are that each person did in their life.

Name translation

Khafre in hieroglyphs

Horus Name Userib (Wsr jb )
With a strong heart

A heart (in Egyptian) is the locatqion of the soul. That which was given by god to Adam the first man blessed with a soul.

Nebti Name User-em-nebti (
Strong with (for) the Two Ladies

Strong with/for two lady wifes; Lilith and Eve.

Both woman were created by hand by god; hard to get more ladylike than that.

Golden Horus Name Netjer-nebu-sekhem Nr-nb.w-sm
The Golden Falcon is Powerful


Nomen Khafre ({{{1}}})
He appears like Re

Ra being short for the sun god etan

The man with two wife’s; Lilith and Eve.


Khafre in hieroglyphs




Horus Name Userib (Wsr jb )
With a strong heart

Genesis 2;7 breath of life. Breathe within the heart/living soul. Living soul as in with emotions, feelings, etc. A heart (in Egyptian) is the location of the soul. That which was given by god to Adam the first man blessed with a soul.


Nebti Name User-em-nebti (
Strong with (for) the Two Ladies

Strong with/for two lady wife’s; Lilith and Eve.

Both women were created by hand by god; hard to get more ladylike than that.

Lilith and Eve. Khafre has one pyramid to the south; for I assume would be Eve. Since most pharaoh’s has several wife’s and Adam only had one (sort of) the two ladies and the one woman’s pyramid to the south matches in two ways.

Golden Horus Name Netjer-nebu-sekhem Nr-nb.w-sm
The Golden Falcon is Powerful

Birds and other fowl creatures have been associated with several ancient cultures; most of who had radically advanced technology. “The pillars/threes from the center of the garden” numbered three. Most cities were tabernacles

(I theorize) on either tundra or on top of glaciers in the middle east circa pre 3000 b. c. e. . A few of these cultures still exist as of 100 years ago

Nomen Khafre
He appears like Re

He appears; and or is in the refection of Re. This fits the description Adam extremely well.

Ra is a very early and short form of the sun god etan.

Yahwey is specifically from Hebrew. Which did not exist till after the Exodus. The Name used was Israel. Is Ra El. Ra or Re are interchangle in Heiroglyphics and Sumerian. Appears like the Re/a of Israel opints to the masculine form of god and the name of the sun god Ra. Meaning if correct this is connects Adam to the sun god Ra; connecting Adam to Amenhotep iv . Ra Atin the sun god eg genesis 1; 3. Of course appears would be genesis 1; 26 “made in the image.”

I theorize Khafre was Adam

Since I theorize Adams in hieroglyphics is spelled Khafre.

The Giza Pyramids are not graves; so what are they? The answer is specifically for these three (four)pyramids are memorial temples dedicated to the three great prophets of monotheism.

Which would mean the inside would not be a grave but laid out according to the important events of Adam’s life

To show the evidence; take each portion of the kafre pyramid and reexamine the physical architecture to see how close Adams life compares.

the lower entrance. fall from grace

down from the garden of Eden

life on earth

starting to recover from the fall from grace.

Children and starting to build a life.

Oldest son kills the second oldest son.

The long corridor after the upturned ramp

Burial of the second son. The coffer room.


Adam and Eve work to go back to the garden to have their second son resurrected from the dead. what parent would not give just about anything to have their child returned to them healthy after death. Traveling back over the very arduous journey back to the garden but this time not naive but with life experience. The path back would be different than the path from.

You cannot go home again. Home as a child and home as an adult are different things.

Reaching the garden earth entrance.

Adam working his way back up the gates to reach the entrance to the garden to beg god to give him back his son.

Reaching success with the second son returned to htem; alive and well. upon reaching the top of the upper entrance. Emerging back into the world.

This ritual would be repeated from Adam’s time forward.

The legend of the Noachite Ceremony is based on this first ceremony Adam created. In basic the entire framework of the first several thousand years of monotheism was based on the events of this ritual and most likely happening. What happened of course has been systemically edited from the records.

The Khafre pyramid

This pyramid was supposedly created by Khufu’s son. This pyramid is not built as tall but it was designed to be finished. With little infrastructure the coffer chamber is subterranean.

With two chambers.    

The first possibly for a treasure or stuff needed in the afterlife.

The second the burial chamber  shown with the lid propped up.

After the causeway is the Sphinx. Directly to the east of the khafre pyrmad.


Most megalithic structures have some form of Orion’s belt architecturally designed in.

The bible


Monotheistic pre-Pharaonic Egyptian god name variations; Orion(the Egyptian story is retold 4000 plus years later from Bethlehem.), Ra, Re, Ptah, Atin, Khnuma, Orion, etc.

Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and afterlife. Is just one of the names for a one god concept formats least six different monotheistic tribes which possibly settled in Egypt after fleeing from the kingdom of Canaan versus monotheistics war.


1 [9] And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food (1); the tree of life also in the midst of the garden(2), and the tree of knowledge(3) of good and evil.

One tree/pillar for life; Adam Khafre.

Two tree/pillar for good v evil; Noah Khufu.

Three tree/pillar for the craft/knowledge; Abraham Menkaure.

Going from Center of Giza, North, then south according to both the rules of polarity and the rules laid out according to ;

Genesis 1;1 In the beginning God created(1) the heaven(2; Up, North) and the earth (3; down, south).

At the center of the garden/arboretum tent/tabernacle a megalith might be placed. Not to waist space, but to allow the plants to be pointed at the best place possible. Plus plants biochemically and polarity indicate the time of day, month, season, etc. They move according to specific growth patterns. Take all the measurements to create both an accurate reflection of time and astrophysics position of the planet in its orbit.

Menkaure in hieroglyphs

The southernmost and smallest pyramid on Giza. It has three pyramids pointing south on the west side of both The Khafre and two are west of the Menkaure center line.

Eternal like the Souls of" title=Ra>Re

This definition is shockingly close to Abraham; the father of all souls. Since Re/Ra is the sun god and quite possibly a renamed version of Yahweh.


This pyramid would have been built according to specific parameters within the framework of the people of KÆrn mathematics and masonry engineering.

Consequently the size is not a relative thing to the current theories; size is relative to not heirrchal of family line and time on the throane but to the polarity of most important in the NE corner, middle the originator, and south west as the least important.

Being the person or the grandson of the person in charge of congtrustion the only logical thing to do was to place Abrahams in the same league as Noah and Adam but humble as being SW and the smallest.


Three holes

The shafts to the south side or the sun side of Khufu are a very good grounding rod; or grounding rods.

Coffer in kings chamber three holes


Evidence in Egypt regarding Space and Aerodynamics

Saqqara bird; the ancients used with direct evidence linguistically they used the symbols of nature to communicate. So using the symbols of nature to recreate flight is only a good idea. Just not literally recreate; just the basic shapes and aerodynamics

all types of different material would have been used to create the several hundred mile long strings from Nut's hands to feet


Stand between the Khufu and Khafre pyramids is a very similar shape to a radar dish. Although in truth the Giza plateau is most likely a  much better radar system than the type pictured. Since the angles are different. So each side redirects different types of sound and vibrations. So place several people at strategic locations for Maximum sound and they most likely will be able to hear some very interesting details from deep space.

Between the small pyramids has a very similar angle to modern radar.

Other locations provide other angles and other sound contrentrations.

Add in the fact that the Khufu pyramid had eight sides and the redirected and focused deep space telemetry becomes even more sensitive.


Piece of evidence two; a sarcophagus has layers of boxes inside boxes each one perfectly sealed after thousands of years. When compared to NASA and all craft designed to go into the temperature extremes 250' + in the sun 250' - in the shadow. Three layers of seals is a triple walled thermos; e.g. the same basic engineering structure used on both the SRB and External Fuel tank. Some had five layers; more than enough to last as a structure in orbit. Air is an issue. but that is not the point. Mail works just fine with 0 air; but a temperature controlled area. Evidence in Linguistics would be the name and description Nut also pre-Pharaonic. N; Nauthiez means present. U; Uruz menas Strength and electricity. T; Tiwaz means Directdion. Present energy direction; megaphorically is very close to this theory regarding a Space Elevator. Her male partner Shu. S; Sowillo meaning the light of the sun, the area between the upper atmosphere and the earth. H; Haggalaz means the Past. U;  Uruz means strength electricity. Metaphorically ; Light of the Sun Past strength/electricity. Which could in this case mean absorbing the lines of the sun from Nut down to a base Shu at a pyramid or other sacred structures absorbing the light from the line from Nut of the past electricity. Which is very close to being a landing pad for some type of electrical elevator launching and landing pad. Either past the descent stage or the past when the elevator was created in the first place.

The shape; ok think of Nut, now think of her say hand on Khufu (evidence of electrical generating capacity) and her foot on say Mexico city. Or foot on Egypt and her and in Indonesia. Next piece of Evidence the whole "the sky is falling" what occurs when orbital objects have an orbital decay? What if that thing is Nut and is connected to a grid? Parts of the grid will orbital decay. 

Next piece of evidence; 1000s of years previous science has hard evidence of jewelry, taking meters which are magnetic and rolling them into sheets, taking those sheets and making hollow rolls out of them, then wearing the rolled meteor is jewelry. Same thing; not just put a string through the hollow, make the string upright, now place another string of rolled meteor next to it, as a specific distance, now attach the bottom of both to an electrical generator, you have an instant Jacobs Ladder.



Emulation of ancient electro-magnetics technology

The one of the right is most likely a psychological emulation of ancient technology. The one on the left is a modern version of theorized ancient tech eg Amuns crown.


did Ancient Egyptians Find Uranium in Grand Canyon



Egypt was invaded 7 Major times from 4000-1500 b.c.e. Each and every one of those seven invasions. Salisbury Plane had within a decade of the invasions of Egypt an upsurge in construction at Stonehenge. Making the evidence of older construction at Giza direct statistical evidence of what the pre-remodel of Giza used to look like at Stonehenge. Stonehenge on Giza

Occam’s Razor;

is it more likely the Egyptians Pharaohs of Narmer and post Narmer created a layered and beyond imagination complicated culture, engineering, ceremonies, etc. from almost literally nothing. Or from 4000-3200 the culture Narmer conquered was Space (NASA) Operations and all aspects of Egyptology are simply trickle down remnance of that ancient space technology? Psychologically speaking I can easily provide hundreds of peer review articles regarding primitive cultures emulating when they are affected by to them radically advanced cultures. The advanced technology will be reflected in the primitive cultures schema in very short order. So that "poof" instant complicated Pharaonic structure is not actually poof but emulations of the culture they conquered.

The next piece of evidence; the psychological aspect requires that there be at least some major aspects of the conquered or influential culture the former power symbols to be used/adopted/etc. by the new culture. The evidence of this is beyond apparent. The Title Pharaoh from which was only semi used by the new culture; was used exclusively by the time Ramses was on the Throne. But Pharaoh was used in limited ways from Narmer down. The Hyksos "Shepherd Kings" used it sometimes. But the truth is Pharaoh is a Jewish title meaning "guardian of the long  house" the long house being a tabernacle. A tabernacle has been the name for the Monotheists "church" since Indo-European. As well as the cherubim beard, the wings from the cherubim, etc. were copied over almost instantly after the conquest. So why would the pre-Pharaonic cultures of said area need to have so many references to Birds. easy way to decelerate something coming back to earth.


The first Pharaoh has been recognized as being Narmer.

Which most would look at the situation and think. Did he conquer the area and sieze the throne, title, etc.

Or did Narmer in some type of battle win over some foe of lower Egypt. Being given the kings daughter as a gift for coming to the rescue.

Being gifted for said; would he not have been given the title of pharaoh instead of taking it in battle.

Would he have not of pushed his newly conquered foe onto the nasties piece of land in his control. The west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza.

Centuries later; those refugees somehow managed to leverage and gain power back.

Could the royals from Narmers line not have then been deposed and themselves forced onto the very lands they were sentenced too.

Which would account for why construction and remodeling of Giza did not start for several hundred years.

This would also account for why a Narmer descendant was given the name Hotep circa 2800 b.c.e. Hotepsekhemwy[8] 25-29 years," title="Second Dynasty of Egypt">2nd Dynasty; around 2740 B.C.

He was the first pharaoh of the second kingdom.


It is 4000 years from now and alquida has won

The west is starting to come out of the grips of a second major dark age. Alquida won has power for 1500 years; erased everything they could get their hands  on.forced everyone tobecome Muslims or die.

 this continent is rediscovered. Because somewhere between the middle of the first dark age and the second dark age the knowledge of the American continent has been erased.

So future scholars hhaving close to 0 knowledge of English discover the launch pad for appolo 1.

Everything about America has been erased. Everything about comptuers has been erased.

Everytign about the space race has been erased.

Adolf hitler is heralded as a hero of Islam.

We see adolf in a good and solid light regarding what he did. All really bad stuff has been erased.

The very limited hsityor books tell all glory to islam and no other cultures are allowed to exist. Systamic genocide is standard for any none Muslim.

So all that has been broken and islam has been almost relegated to the status of pagan in western culture vanacular. By the  conqueror who destroyed islam. All revolutions the conquer will be conquered.

So bits and pieces of appolo are found and it is up to future scholars to find out what this thing was and why it was built. Oh yes, it is a pile of rubble since the rebar corroded and broke apart. So only pieces of broken concrete heavily rusted remain.

Now rebuild the last 100 years from that.


Narmer plate


Narmer Passport


Obviously this is a century’s later reprint. But the map is unchanged from the plate to this passport

Notice the image shows Thurasaz which translates as "this is my land" and the Wunjo regarding the area between Sakkara and Giza.


 is what was used to create the outer skin of Khufu. If it was limestone quarts; that would be a really large electrical generator. according to Wikipedia "Limestone may be crystalline, classic, granular, or massive, depending on the method of formation. Crystals of calcite, quartz, dolomite or barite may line small cavities in the rock" so yes he limestone outer casing stones could very well have been 15 feet of quarts which based on the expansion and contraction of the sun; will by basic laboratory tests prove generate electricity. Same exact structure used for 100 years in sonar. a sliver of quarts is compressed it will generate some electricity. 481 foot minus the casting stones of Chrystal will generate a considerable amount of electricity. I mentioned eight sides before . Run four strings of meteor, copper, etc. up the grooves between the eight sides, the copper by all laws of electricity will transfer the electricity generated by the very possible limestone quarts to the copper/meteor wire to the top. that would be a huge amount of amps generated on an hourly basic as the sun moved across the sky. Every small motion of pressure change to quarts over 500 feet and at the base 750 wide that is some serious amount of electricity being generated

Tower of Babel

According to the Bible; the tower of babel aka the Eridu Ziggurat was attacked , destroyed, and the building razed because the attackers felt they were defending the will of god by removing those trying to steal the power of god. End of chapter Genesis 11:1-9 tower of babel. Beginning of chapter 12. Abraham is in charge after his father Terah is killed in battle; after the razing of the tower and city . He constructs a temple in the Eternal city aka Luz aka renamed by his grandson Jacob (Jacobs Ladder) to honor grandfather Mem. The city of Memphis is renamed but maintains its original name Luz or the Eternal city. Genesis 28:10-22; Jacob is at the light place NW of the city of Luz. A light place is a Jewish insult for the megaliths; since one function of a megaliths is to measure light. Draw a line NW from the center of what used to be Memphis aka Luz and you will draw a line straight through the pyramid and Giza. So we have linguistic evidence as well

The Eridu that culture was so advanced it was able to figure out how to

create a space elevator?

The People of Kaern were beyond linguistically and mathematically advanced. Our best and brightest look like in comparison to what the people of Kaern left behind would be at best middle of elementary school.

It has taken till only five years ago for Google earth to come up to a point where the simple ruler tool can now prove with hard scientific evidence regarding the megalithic infrastructure. Till seven years ago without direct hard global measuring devices and perspectives the grid the megaliths were in was laughable legend.

we cannot repeat their dead on accuracy which includes adding in the curvature of the earth. that is a level of math by comparison to ours makes our best PhD in physics Nobel winner look like a first grader using fingers to count with 


Genesis 11; challenging god for control over heaven

Could the ladder have actually been a ladder?

Could the tower actually put people into orbit?

Could  space operations really have sent fanatical monotheists into a religious jihad to do anything it took to destroy the ladder?

The entire Greek mythology; since it did not start in Greece, the cultures which make up Greece are mostly transfers and conquerers from the east. They brought their rleigions with htem. Over time those religions which were brought with merged into one mythology; even though the mythology they created was from several very different cultures. IN truth; the whole peracles giving man fire from the gods; is not entirely that dissimilar to that of if the zigurates and late pyrmaids were in fact pads for a space elevalter. The problem is; psychologically speaking hwen you have a radical jump forward in technology, the religious go on a jihad mission. Most times even they consciously as a culture have no idea why they feel they must destroy it all. They just feel like it is gods will to literally destroy the items and culture which cause the advancements in technology.

Consequently; decades after discovering or being aware of a space elevator the ancestors to Esau would have been culture driven “group cognitive dissonance” were the group takes on the same power of suggestion and or power of assumptions. One person or group start to react in a specific way; and the rest of the community will react in specific ways. Over time the community can be brought into a group suggestible hysteria; with no real consciousness regarding behaviors and or outcomes. They all start to just react to that which has been presented to do. In the case of the tower of babel, the very possible space elevators in Egypt and around the world, and feeling the elevator is steeling the power of god.

The bible states build a brick tower. But then the Sumerian deviates. From the Top of the Brick to heaven is a different sentence structure; indicating different building materials. Each sentence is its own count; each count has its own meaning.

Genesis Chapter 11 בְּרֵאשִׁית

א  וַיְהִי כָל-הָאָרֶץ, שָׂפָה אֶחָת, וּדְבָרִים, אֲחָדִים.

1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.

ב  וַיְהִי, בְּנָסְעָם מִקֶּדֶם; וַיִּמְצְאוּ בִקְעָה בְּאֶרֶץ שִׁנְעָר, וַיֵּשְׁבוּ שָׁם.

2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.

ג  וַיֹּאמְרוּ אִישׁ אֶל-רֵעֵהוּ, הָבָה נִלְבְּנָה לְבֵנִים, וְנִשְׂרְפָה, לִשְׂרֵפָה; וַתְּהִי לָהֶם הַלְּבֵנָה, לְאָבֶן, וְהַחֵמָר, הָיָה לָהֶם לַחֹמֶר.

3 And they said one to another: 'Come, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.' And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.

ד  וַיֹּאמְרוּ הָבָה נִבְנֶה-לָּנוּ עִיר, וּמִגְדָּל וְרֹאשׁוֹ בַשָּׁמַיִם, וְנַעֲשֶׂה-לָּנוּ, שֵׁם:  פֶּן-נָפוּץ, עַל-פְּנֵי כָל-הָאָרֶץ.

4 And they said: 'Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.'

ה  וַיֵּרֶד יְהוָה, לִרְאֹת אֶת-הָעִיר וְאֶת-הַמִּגְדָּל, אֲשֶׁר בָּנוּ, בְּנֵי הָאָדָם.

5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

ו  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, הֵן עַם אֶחָד וְשָׂפָה אַחַת לְכֻלָּם, וְזֶה, הַחִלָּם לַעֲשׂוֹת; וְעַתָּה לֹא-יִבָּצֵר מֵהֶם, כֹּל אֲשֶׁר יָזְמוּ לַעֲשׂוֹת.

6 And the LORD said: 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do.

ז  הָבָה, נֵרְדָה, וְנָבְלָה שָׁם, שְׂפָתָם--אֲשֶׁר לֹא יִשְׁמְעוּ, אִישׁ שְׂפַת רֵעֵהוּ.

7 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.'

ח  וַיָּפֶץ יְהוָה אֹתָם מִשָּׁם, עַל-פְּנֵי כָל-הָאָרֶץ; וַיַּחְדְּלוּ, לִבְנֹת הָעִיר.

8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left off to build the city.

ט  עַל-כֵּן קָרָא שְׁמָהּ, בָּבֶל, כִּי-שָׁם בָּלַל יְהוָה, שְׂפַת כָּל-הָאָרֶץ; וּמִשָּׁם הֱפִיצָם יְהוָה, עַל-פְּנֵי כָּל-הָאָרֶץ.  {פ}

9 Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth; and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. {P}

י  אֵלֶּה, תּוֹלְדֹת שֵׁם--שֵׁם בֶּן-מְאַת שָׁנָה, וַיּוֹלֶד אֶת-אַרְפַּכְשָׁד:  שְׁנָתַיִם, אַחַר הַמַּבּוּל.

10 These are the generations of Shem. Shem was a hundred years old, and begot Arpachshad two years after the flood.

יא  וַיְחִי-שֵׁם, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-אַרְפַּכְשָׁד, חֲמֵשׁ מֵאוֹת, שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

11 And Shem lived after he begot Arpachshad five hundred years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

יב  וְאַרְפַּכְשַׁד חַי, חָמֵשׁ וּשְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-שָׁלַח.

12 And Arpachshad lived five and thirty years, and begot Shelah.

יג  וַיְחִי אַרְפַּכְשַׁד, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-שֶׁלַח, שָׁלֹשׁ שָׁנִים, וְאַרְבַּע מֵאוֹת שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

13 And Arpachshad lived after he begot Shelah four hundred and three years, and begot sons and daughters{S}

יד  וְשֶׁלַח חַי, שְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-עֵבֶר.

14 And Shelah lived thirty years, and begot Eber.

טו  וַיְחִי-שֶׁלַח, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-עֵבֶר, שָׁלֹשׁ שָׁנִים, וְאַרְבַּע מֵאוֹת שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

15 And Shelah lived after he begot Eber four hundred and three years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

טז  וַיְחִי-עֵבֶר, אַרְבַּע וּשְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-פָּלֶג.

16 And Eber lived four and thirty years, and begot Peleg.

יז  וַיְחִי-עֵבֶר, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-פֶּלֶג, שְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה, וְאַרְבַּע מֵאוֹת שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

17 And Eber lived after he begot Peleg four hundred and thirty years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

יח  וַיְחִי-פֶלֶג, שְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-רְעוּ.

18 And Peleg lived thirty years, and begot Reu.

יט  וַיְחִי-פֶלֶג, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-רְעוּ, תֵּשַׁע שָׁנִים, וּמָאתַיִם שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

19 And Peleg lived after he begot Reu two hundred and nine years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

כ  וַיְחִי רְעוּ, שְׁתַּיִם וּשְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-שְׂרוּג.

20 And Reu lived two and thirty years, and begot Serug.

כא  וַיְחִי רְעוּ, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-שְׂרוּג, שֶׁבַע שָׁנִים, וּמָאתַיִם שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

21 And Reu lived after he begot Serug two hundred and seven years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

כב  וַיְחִי שְׂרוּג, שְׁלֹשִׁים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-נָחוֹר.

22 And Serug lived thirty years, and begot Nahor.

כג  וַיְחִי שְׂרוּג, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-נָחוֹר--מָאתַיִם שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

23 And Serug lived after he begot Nahor two hundred years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

כד  וַיְחִי נָחוֹר, תֵּשַׁע וְעֶשְׂרִים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-תָּרַח.

24 And Nahor lived nine and twenty years, and begot Terah.

כה  וַיְחִי נָחוֹר, אַחֲרֵי הוֹלִידוֹ אֶת-תֶּרַח, תְּשַׁע-עֶשְׂרֵה שָׁנָה, וּמְאַת שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד בָּנִים, וּבָנוֹת.  {ס}

25 And Nahor lived after he begot Terah a hundred and nineteen years, and begot sons and daughters. {S}

כו  וַיְחִי-תֶרַח, שִׁבְעִים שָׁנָה; וַיּוֹלֶד, אֶת-אַבְרָם, אֶת-נָחוֹר, וְאֶת-הָרָן.

26 And Terah lived seventy years, and begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

כז  וְאֵלֶּה, תּוֹלְדֹת תֶּרַח--תֶּרַח הוֹלִיד אֶת-אַבְרָם, אֶת-נָחוֹר וְאֶת-הָרָן; וְהָרָן, הוֹלִיד אֶת-לוֹט.

27 Now these are the generations of Terah. Terah begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran; and Haran begot Lot.

כח  וַיָּמָת הָרָן, עַל-פְּנֵי תֶּרַח אָבִיו, בְּאֶרֶץ מוֹלַדְתּוֹ, בְּאוּר כַּשְׂדִּים.

28 And Haran died in the presence of his father Terah in the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Chaldees.

כט  וַיִּקַּח אַבְרָם וְנָחוֹר לָהֶם, נָשִׁים:  שֵׁם אֵשֶׁת-אַבְרָם, שָׂרָי, וְשֵׁם אֵשֶׁת-נָחוֹר מִלְכָּה, בַּת-הָרָן אֲבִי-מִלְכָּה וַאֲבִי יִסְכָּה.

29 And Abram and Nahor took them wives: the name of Abram's wife was Sarai; and the name of Nahor's wife, Milcah, the daughter of Haran, the father of Milcah, and the father of Iscah.

ל  וַתְּהִי שָׂרַי, עֲקָרָה:  אֵין לָהּ, וָלָד.

30 And Sarai was barren; she had no child.

לא  וַיִּקַּח תֶּרַח אֶת-אַבְרָם בְּנוֹ, וְאֶת-לוֹט בֶּן-הָרָן בֶּן-בְּנוֹ, וְאֵת שָׂרַי כַּלָּתוֹ, אֵשֶׁת אַבְרָם בְּנוֹ; וַיֵּצְאוּ אִתָּם מֵאוּר כַּשְׂדִּים, לָלֶכֶת אַרְצָה כְּנַעַן, וַיָּבֹאוּ עַד-חָרָן, וַיֵּשְׁבוּ שָׁם.

31 And Terah took Abram his son, and Lot the son of Haran, his son's son, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Abram's wife; and they went forth with them from Ur of the Chaldees, to go into the land of Canaan; and they came unto Haran, and dwelt there.

לב  וַיִּהְיוּ יְמֵי-תֶרַח, חָמֵשׁ שָׁנִים וּמָאתַיִם שָׁנָה; וַיָּמָת תֶּרַח, בְּחָרָן.  {פ}

32 And the days of Terah were two hundred and five years; and Terah died in Haran. {P}

Genesis 11; 4. The tower with its top in heaven; allowed men to be scattered around the surface of the earth.




Evidence of said erasure; Ramses II temple which was more than 2000 years old before he was born he renamed, remodeled, and erased the statue’s identity of the pharaoh to the left.

That big statue he had 40 feet of it carved off. just a little bit missing

sphinx remodeled

erasing of the Jews presence in Egypt before the exodus.

Moses is an Esau line descendant. He erased the language which would point to his heritage anything other than what he wrote down. Meaning he could make up anything he chose and it was a capital crime for centuries to question the rules of Moses. So Moses like Adolf changed his heritage to cover his true origins to make sure he could maintain a level of control over the people he required.


Causeways of Egypt. every red line is a dead on accurate to the mm hundreds and in some cases thousands of miles away

Imagine this scenario

It is circa 4000 b.c.e; and very ancient cultures in a very hard push manage to direct enough resources to move from bronze to electro magnetics in say 200 years. So circa 4200 b.c.e-4000 b.c.e it a very realistic time frame in which to perform bronze to electro magnetics. Provided the culture continuously pours resources into science and technology.

Consequently; you can go from bronze to extremely advanced technology in that time frame.

Just requires the culture to not hate scientists, egg heads, nerds, etc. the section of society which deals with thinking and inventing new things. Instead of working very hard to suppress every idea till it is absolutely proven beyond a doubt to generate more power of those in charge. Ideas are routinely killed in western culture.

But when if those same ideas were fostered and nurtured by most if not all the culture.

The equations would be entirely different. Instead of a standard it takes x amount of time to developed technology from iron to electro magnetics; it would take a small fraction of that same time to do that jump.

So it is possible and realistic to assume in 200 years to jump from iron to cyber.

Now evidence in the last 50 years since the start of the space race. The Religious who tend toward the radical first attack their right to do anything they want; whenever they want.

But what if Al-Qaida wins, or those who think “Ales Jones” 01/17/13 etc. leaders like that win political power.

Based on 6000 years of documentation; it is only one very small step from “Nerds are the most dangerous” to “Kill the nerds; how dare they try to be god”. This sentence and these types of sentences are what leads directly to attacking and razing the tower of babel. Pure hard fear over the aggressors ability to be violent being infringed upon; additionally the technology developed by the nerds those drawn to violence to push their agenda fear above all else that the nerds and those who think of the next leaps in technology can and will connect with the divine. When that connection in the minds of people like Alex Jones; they fear god will approve of the nerds actions and disapprove of those that just want to kill nerds. They have shown a very long history (the entire length and bredth of western history) of they do not even accept god telling them they have done something wrong. Their wants, needs, and desiers they stand violently beyond the shield of god; ultimately afraid of even god telling them they are wrong. So they prevent with all the violence they can being told no even if that no is from god.


Their first enemies after killing the politicians and lawyers are the intellectuals.

As soon as it is an easy an 100% predictable behavior pattern repeated with 0 deviations for the entire length and breadth of human history. Scientific advancement brings those that are entirely geared toward destroying what the intellectuals think of and invent.

So it is 3000 b.c.e and someone thinks of the basic science to achieve a space elevator.

They use a ziggurat which can generate the necessary electro-magnetics polarity charge to generate the correct level of lift. Absolute basic of science with magnets; place the correct poles in close proximity and they will push each other away. Plenty of things in nature magnetize.

So you have an extremely advanced language and mathematics with a supportive culture. then you have small groups within that culture which will stop at nothing to destroy the advancements the smart people think of.

The small group of religious radicals win. They do their best to destroy the technological advancements. Then rewrite the history from their perspective, erasing the advancements as evil and praising their own genocidal activity with “gods will”.

If you assemble the evidence; the oldest five cities of record all “descended from heaven”

Which if you look at it in combination with a tabernacle.

Those cities where huge elaborate tents on top of the glaciers of 3000 b.c.e

As the glaciers  melted they produced a ramp.

The citizens simply lowered by pulleys and ropes the tents to the ground. Descended from heaven.



Take this legend into account

The city of Eridu has another name. that other name is an insult regarding the Eridu library/university.

That university had contained within some of the most advanced language, mathematics, science, engineering, etc. imaginable for that time.

1870; the standard ship was a ship of the line which was the standard naval technology for the previous close to 1000 years. The ship of the line is only a large and complicated trireme; same engineering basis. But instead of oars they have cannon ports.

From 18650 steam engines were invented but not going very far back. Two iron clad ships were constructed but both sank very quickly after construction.

1860 The repeating rifle has been invented 20 years before; but the military hated the idea. Preferring to use muskets.

1969; “one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”

99 years. From Ships of the line to boots on the moon.

two world wars. religious persecution to say the least. Radical fanatics doing their best to create death. And still "one small step”

now 99 years with no fighting, science with huge budgets, and religious freedom. With a math that makes the single number line look like we are counting on our fingers

Trillions of dollars donated to religion. including my families fortune from generations back. Turn those trillions on religion into trillions spent on science and technological advancements and we western culture can colonize space in a few decades. But the masses only want to cut the budgets for space exploration not increase them.

Venture Capitalists are for the most part only interested in funding projects guaranteed with 0 doubt that they can either sell to larger technology companies and or find engineers they can work with. Which does not occur very often. Inventors and business people have by all accounts an almost unacceptably violent history.

trillions of dollars to science and we could colonize alpha centauri

but no science is lucky to get 100,000 $ grants

only if the proposal is sufficient. and the givers are guaranteed an almost instant return on their investment. Instant as in they double, triple, or infinitely expand their money put ito the idea. What the idea is; beyond useless to a VC. Everyone I have chatted with only cares about the cash and the prestige the product will give them; what the thing is, they by the most part could not be forced to care less. This is a fundamental problem with the system. The only way said ideas can be funded is if the idea is already successful before money is available for it. Which is metaphorically the same as “show me the Oscar first; then I will be happy to provide acting lessons” which is the definition of a necrotic system.


Count in three huge wars; two of which were entire world wars.

Count in massive genocide conducted by several different cultures.

Count in religious persecution the likes of which only the inquisition was worse.

And you have muskets to boots on the moon.

Now think of this;

You have a language and mathematics which are so radically advanced the Egyptians built a door way in the causeway of the great pyramid of Khufu. That doorway if you were standing in it; and you could look 6000 miles away. You would be looking at the summit of Everest.

This is not a fluke; 16 of the causeways which are capable of being seen and measured bisect with equal parameters other very important positions. Rivers, buildings, caves, etc. All with to the inch perception hundreds and thousands of miles away.

In 2013; modern mathematics cannot do that. We can only prove they did it using Google earth and the provided ruler.


Knowing the type of math they possessed. They could move 200 ton blocks and align them like we align 5 lbs. bricks. They did this block alignment so well that they repeated building large rock rings 100,000 times. We cannot build one to the Stonehenge specs using same materials; but they did it 100,000 times. This gives modern science rock hard evidence of just how radically advanced and more advanced their math and science was than ours.

So in 99 years they could go from a similar level of technology 1870; to a space race.

Now we know they had knowledge of electro magnetics.

We know this because of some of the key items they left behind.

They left for instance the Bagdad battery and other electrical devices.

So we know that the city of Eridu was razzed to the ground circa 2700 b.c.e. Among other times.

But this one was specifically bad.

We know the conquerors wanted to attack the “tower of babel” because they felt that god wanted them to destroy that evil culture from constructing and completing its ladder to heaven. So the authors of genesis Moses chose to put all the motions into what god did instead of focusing on the humans did lots of actions.

(same behavior patterns as of now; the upsurge in religious ferocity is a direct result of the space race. I have no doubt that dozens of religious talking heads on radio and TV have screamed about the evils of technology. I am sure that the space race has been compared to the tower of babel.)

So behaviorally the space race produced the current religious jihad against all things education based. Except for their forms of education.

Adds more proof for what I am about to talk about.

If the city of Eridu was advanced enough to create a several hundred foot tall ziggurat. Which evidence suggests strongly that they built several over several thousand years. Some over 1000 feet.

The Chrysler building 1928; was the first building to raise over 1000 feet since 3000 b.c.e.

Once the Chrysler building and empire state buildings were complete; the 1930s witnessed an increase in religious ferocity and violence.

That is only a 5000 year drop in technology.

What if the Eridu ziggurat had a space elevator on top. Which is what the ancient monotheists were attempting to either destroy or take control over.

If they could not bring it down. They had to simply take it with them.

If they took it with them.

Where did it go.

Genesis 28; Jacob was in the light place (megalith) NW of Luz (aka Memphis) sleeping on the rocks.

At the light place. Jacob chose to remodel the existing site into his ladder.

Since his great grandfather had stolen the ladder from Eridu; it was starting to become difficult to deal with and move the ladder.

So a permanent solution had to be found.

So Jacob the crowned king of Israel (Is; Isis, Ra; the male god Ra, El the name of god; which is the exact same definition as Yahweh; feminine, masculine, balance. Two words with word for word perfectly identical meanings)  set to build his Jacobs ladder.

Well what if that ladder was in fact a true thing.

What if that ladder was a space ladder?

What if that ladder is what was on top of one of the pyramids.

We know space elevators have to operate based on electro-magnetics

We also know as a hard fact that the reaction to advanced technology by the religious radicals is to destroy it.

Space elevator

If the ancients possessed the technology in order to create electro-magnetics; that is the same exact technology needed to create a maglev system.

To push away requires both items to be aligned push.

To pull something requires both items to be aligned pull.

The Khufu pyramid as a fact has massive electro-magnetics signature. That signature can be changed; which means that electro-magnetics built in generator can have its electro-magnetics changed. To  push, pull, or combinations in select sequences.

Which means that the base of Khufu is still capable of generating the basic evidence required in order to have the Khufu pyramid  be a base for a space elevator

But what occurs once you get the space elevator  up to 60 kilometers.

The answer is; without a sufficient life support it is literally impossible to survive up their without one atmosphere of breathable to humans atmosphere.

Once up there in a suit. You have to then have somewhere to do other than just up to 60, 100, 200 miles up. After the first mile; the rest is easy.

Did they have the technology in order to create metals capable of performing. The answer is yes; they could hammer sheets of meteor. Then roll that sheet into jewelry. Which jewelry and electric wire are essentially the exact same thing.

So you find yourself in a pressure suit; 100 miles up. The elevator will start to bend as the effects of the orbit slowly bend the elevator to the west.

“The dark/black land to the west”

Could be an ancient comment regarding the space elevator.

So you keep building; which provides a significant view of the entire area you are in.

But the curving will eventually lead to finding a location were the arc of the curve can come back down to earth

That curve you can map out; and sail to that location.

Legendary evidence of this; the Irish mythology surrounding the Leprechaun, pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, and travel by way of rainbow to distant areas. Pyramids at least Khufu and the Bent the angle of their outer skin is the angle of a rainbow.

Sailing to that location. create another pyramid; build that pyramid to generate the same type of electro-magnetics structure the Khufu pyramid does and the Eridu ziggurat used to.

You then repeat and build its own elevator from the end of the curve.

Built it up. That way you can connect the two and have an elevator which connects from Khufu to somewhere west of Khufu

Then after you get that done; you can then look around to see where other locations would be good to connect.


Question about meteors

From Evidence meteors come in all kinds of different shapes and textures. Egypt itself shows direct signs of at least one colossal meteor which exploded miles above the surface scattering debris far and wide. It was long before humans but millions of tons of highly magnetic fragments were scattered all over North East Africa for hundreds of miles .


The main guy how rebuilt the temple in his own honor or Solomon and forced the final erasure of Sumerian, Akkadian, Phoenician, Hittite, etc. had Babel in his name.

I wonder if that was some type of internal joke the Jacob line told to let descendants know this guy was a pretender and Esau line not Jacob line.

Mail in Indo-European language

Mummies, Sarcophagus, etc. is written in a language we do not understand yet.

What makes us assume mail would come in the format we in the western world have grown accustomed too? Why would we assume (almost always wrong); that ancient mail would use paper, left to right writing style, etc. to convey info. How arrogant. Now based on the basics of Mummies; we know as a matter of beyond hard evidence that mummies had writing on both the inside and outside of the   sarcophagus, the body/mummy inside had writing, the body also contained various items. Just because we are entirely ignorant of Indo-European language as a culture does not mean that is not Indo-European language. The placement in, on, around the body, as the reams of evidence point with lazar precision they used their environment to build from and communicate with. so what makes us assume for one second that all that stuff packed into a mummy is not actually Indo-European communication. That if you send a sarcophagus over my  theorized but starting to look like there is so much hard evidence my theory is starting to look more and more like it can graduate up the chain. Send a sarcophagus up and to x location; they could read and work with the info, then send the sarcophagus back.

The population then taking that basic idea and wanting to be buried that way after witnessing it many times. Standard psychology copy of cultural behavior patterns. Use a statue, or some type of dummy as a "this dummy is me, me who is written on the breast bone, and on the sarcophagus itself, this sarcophagus and all that is contained is me the sender communicating with you. This is my will, this is my voice."

Based on what the cultures around the world which used mummies; this is what they wrote in there description of "the travels from the sky/vertical/up their/heaven/eternal/etc."

Air convection in Giza

The pyramids channeled air, also electrified the air.

air currents in major cities with sky scrapers. hard fact

Narmer forced the Jews into Giza

In a very real way hoping they would be weakened enough not to attack and reclaim the throne.

Since they were forced to be in that area. no reason not to build something which will literally do a dozen things all at the same time. which we have evidence regarding culture wide behavior patterns of making one thing do as many jobs as possible

Giza air flow patterns

The way the Giza plateau is designed. The natural air movements caused by 500 foot tall structures in an off sequence row; the light side receiving huge amounts of sun and consequently would expand in the heat. The dark side contrasting with the in comparison with the south side would be many degrees cooler.

The change in temperature from the north dozen or more degrees cooler than the hot south side times three would create horizontal air convections. Similar in many ways to modern heating and air conditioning.

Using force high and low pressure to create changes in air temperature.

Would also be the basis of an electrical generator.

The displaced air, pressures, temperatures, wind currents, etc. will have the most profound effect on the surrounding areas of the Giza plateau.



Making the air


Removing the nasty bugs from the composing issues of the Nile

And creating a convection which would cool the immediate area by at least a few degrees in the middle of the summer

Microbes grow less in faster moving air.

The o3 generated would also drastically cut down the percent of pollution



how they were used; I guess we will have to keep searching

the air would also create sound

modern deep space telemetry uses a base framework almost to the exact dimensions of Khufu.






the basic mechanics of an ozone generator this is the mechanics


generate amps of kinetic and static electricity 500 foot into the air with a sequence of 3 or 4 and the area around Giza would not be able to not be a wow air purifier

all hard evidence.

since the west side of the Nile is still to this very day called the nasty area because of the smell of the decaying croc excrement. said type of air purifier would be beyond essential for the Jews confined to live in that area!!!



Native American Totem poles

It is possible the totem poles could be represenations of the ancient space ladder which could have easily reached the America’s



The exacting details

The image on top

Is a representation of the mirror which used to be in front

A human size sealed box; complete with life-support and protections

Was part of the elevator

The later Egyptians simply copied as best as they could remember from the ancient technology their culture was descended from.

So the Sarcophagus is a symbol real life representation of the vehicle the elevator would lift into orbit


is entirely bent on destroying every single portion of anything to do with Western Culture. If they had their way; not a single scrap of evidence would exist that Europe, American, or Russia ever existed. Those countries would simply have their history rewritten and everything would point to either it did not exist or Al-Qaida was in charge the entire time. All it would take is killing anyone and everyone who knew different. Destroying every Latin based language, German, Russian, Scandinavian, erasing as much of the city infrastructure possible. Calling anything not destroy able "an ungodly thing". After about 500 years ; even cultural memory would not exist to tell the truth. So a Space Operations center three separate dark ages 2100-1100, 1000-0 and 400-present occurred. In different areas of cultural influence. Egypt, the middle east, and Europe respectively. Now say it is impossible to erase those languages; I can point to direct evidence of where languages which had a wider sphere of influence were erased. Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, Phoenician, old Hieroglyphic, Indo-European language, etc. were erased. Gaelic a very good hard push to make it extinct only stopped within the last few decades. But from 780-1980 Gaelic was still illegal in some parts of the UK. So in this little theory; there is evidence by the entire library load as to when a conqueror comes to power, the previous is damaged. How huge a threat to their power would a space operations be to the Hyksos; when the Hyksos descended Al-Qaida would like nothing more than to erase all aspects of America right now. The question in my mind has always been; what caused so much fear that three separate 1000 plus long kill all that might know about the past occurred.

But if you want direct hard evidence of conquest culture erasing things in Egypt itself regarding the past that is easier than providing the above evidence. Ramses II temple. The head and back of the Sphinx was remodeled at the same time. Why the back of the sphinx; possibly to hide/remove the wings

Sound levitation As other evidence clearly shows a 500x700 foot surface will expand and contract based on just the sun alone. consequently; the expansion and contraction will have a direct and measurable effect on the barometric pressures of the entire plateau. Which cascade effect high and low pressure areas on the north and south sides will alter the air quality and the sounds capable in the immediate area. Since we know some modern sonar is configured using the same parameters as Khufu; this means that using sound to levitate becomes a strong possibility on top of Khufu. The use of electricity is one thing; which Khufu does generate electricity, but electricity and sound together. This just creates larger quantities and backup systems to make the ascension and dissension of any type of proposed hypothetical vehicle all the more possible.

Thus building a global connection or web of space elevators allowing people to travel around continents in hours. Go from Egypt up to the grid

Then travel the grid almost entirely around the globe.

From  megalith to megalith.


The sky is falling

All orbits will eventually decay unless prevention is done.

So if the elevator grid was built circa 4000 b.c.e and most likely much earlier.

(remember a glacier is 2.5 miles high. 5280 x 2.5 = 13,200. Which makes a glacier an absolutely perfect place to build this ladder.

Since the ladder requires 300 miles of Jacobs ladder.

Which the really awesome thing about using electricity as your propulsion is not matter what occurs electricity can and still flows well provided it has a conduit to run though. Eg wire, water, etc.

So create dozens of 2 mile line sequences hanging over the edge of the glacier. All tied together; you then have the ability to in one careful shot to put up an elevator to low earth orbit while living on top of the glacier.

Which could place the elevator as far back as the last minor glacier age circa 40,000 to 6000 b.c.e.

Eventually things which move will break down. Unless maintained and properly oriented.

So eventually in sections the elevator system would orbital decay and fall.

The now suffering from extreme cases of conquest and politically imposed ignorance. The population would have no idea what was going on other than masterly large things were falling from the sky. The sky at night that grid system; parts of it would fall periodically.


Shu  a head rest

Lions on either side.

Both the arms are parallel

And the headrest itself is parallel.


Feet at one megalith

Hands at another megalith


Shu and Nut work together

  the sphere over Tefnut’s head is most likely a mistranslated Ætt. The tall double lines on Shu’s head could be a mistranslated Jacobs ladder/space elevator.

Shu Might be a real thing

The Capsule


A top of the capsule

B guild wire from the base up to geosynchronous orbit

Most likely 4 guild wires;

C side of the capsule

D loop connecting the guild wires to the capsule. Also from fiction and close proximity; just like the current electrical car, the electricity created by a charged wire will generate electricity itself. Allowing for the capsule itself to generate the electricity needed to ascend and descend.

E the capsules Jacobs ladder. But this one is short and pointed down; to give a push off from the arc coming up from the base.

F floor of the capsule

G the arc/Jacobs ladder spark/the push push polarity allowing for motion

H the assertion arc. This one travels up the guild wires; pushing the G structure G is attacked E which is attacked to the capsule up. Same exact technology a monorail works on.



Elevator function





you need carts to move material from the elevator (?) to a market, home, etc. The elevator does not move but you might not be within 10 mile of an elevator(?) that is if my theory is correct. Think of trains; fixed locations; they can carry huge lbs but you still have to drive to the station.




The city itself arrive int eh history boosk already a large and tghriving city.

By legend this city descended from heaven;

At first I thought descended from heaven meant; descended from top of a galceir. But with a ladder; no reason to assume with 1000s of years of capability; the ancient People of Kaern did not create space stations to avoid the glacier age. Meaning from 40,000 b.c.e to present humans were in low earth orbit waiting for the ice to melt.

Places a very nice spin on Brigadoon.


Eridu ziggurat


Ur was where Terah attacked from.


Eridu conquered by Terah of Ur

After the razzing Terah was killed on the planes outside the city of Ur.

Taking the ladder with them

Taking the ladder to Egypt


King Israel aka Jacob

Jacob inherited the kingship; which included the Eridu space ladder

He moved the space ladder to his “ladder to heaven” location which he built at the light place NW of Luz. Which he changed the name of that city to honor his grandfather Abraham; in hieroglyphics Abraham is spelled Mem. The spelling of Abraham the letters, words, sentence structure, etc. for the name Abraham would not exist till Hebrew and another 2000 years. A place for angles to ascend and descend from heaven


The legend of which took three entire 1000 year long dark ages to erase 99% of the evidence.

As well as scrub the remaining evidence to point to other conclusion than the original truth.


Positioning the ladder over el Beth el aka temple of ptah

Jacob repositioned the ladder/elevator over the light place

Remodeling light place into his ladder.

Nut the elevator connection

Ancient Megalithic structures

Ancient megaliths were obviously not called that. Modern culture often references the Dragon since the constellation Draco was Polaris at the time. Draco or Dragon is a key measurement point to be able to understand where you are.

Ancient megaliths operated on a technology far beyond anything current technology can recognize let along duplicate. They operated based on the rules of electro-magnetics of the earth itself and the sun.

Megaliths are designed to perform a dozen tasks. They are also so old they have been remodeled a hundred if not a thousand times. Different cultures dominate the area and the megalith is then ignored, used for the dominant paradigm needs, dismantled, remodeled, etc.

Megaliths were laid out in a very specific and extremely complicated grid system which despite opinion did not operate based on a static repeat parallel lines grid. This grid operated closer to that of how the motions of the universe work. That way this grid could be used to measure those movements.



An ankh is an amazing symbol

In truth the ankh is a flat version of an Ætt. The 17 line is handle of the ankh

But the ankh could be a representation of the elevator system. No matter how remote the idea it does have merit.

The graphic shows a community remembered ankh being connected to a grid which is then connected to other ankh’s. however each ankh/elevator was not close together.


Ancient Egyptian solar system map

This is the symbol for Hathor.

A cow deity which had been present in Egypt for hundreds if not thousands of years before Narmer.

Hathor is associated with Adumla

The cow deity on the Narmer Plate. Direct connection to Adumla of the Nordic Germanic Traditions, and the pre-Exodus Jewish ceremonies

directly connecting the Finnish People, the Asbestos strings they used, Adumla (some of the coffins at the Sakkara necropolis which did actually contained bulls; the species in question was an Aurox), the Jews, Narmer, and the West side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza to "the Black/West/Dirty/etc." side of the Nile.

6 lines could be a very strong piece of evidence regarding a connection to an altered and stylized Aett. Good base but the post Narmer had to change the design as to not encourage the common folk to said level of science and technology.

Polychrome terra-cotta relief of Isis and sphinxes; Roman, Augustan period. 
This is one of several reliefs that formed part of the decoration of the Temple of Palatine Apollo; Isis holds a sistrum and a plate of fruit; she is flanked by a female and a male sphinx. The Egyptian symbolism may have recalled Augustus's victory over Antony and Cleopatra at Actium.
Rome, Palatine Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 2004
Keywords: Augustan symbolism; religion; mythology

Where did I get the idea to remodel a Futhark Aett into my graphic regarding an Aett. I simply created a 3d version of the Celtic cross. signification goes under the first card, first card, second cross bar, earth, air, past, future, and the stick. Will look similar to this.


6 Lines; up, down, right, left, forward, back. 6 lines. Which are often fashioned to appear to be snakes; snake is an insult regarding Dragon/the constellation Draco

Genesis the snake at the tree. Problem is in Sumerian the sentence structure makes it three threes plus Adams tree. Making the center of the garden square; identical to large Persian gardens which are supposedly a direct as close as they can remember of the garden of Eden.

The Futhark has long been associated with music and tones. The wedding song was originally written in Futhark and translated into Latin.

That relief directly connects Isis to Eve. Fruit, sphinx, trees. BTW did you know most likely based on lots of behavior patterns and said that Cleopatra and all the Ptolemaic line were Jews? Many Greek communities had large pockets of Jews. Nothing wrong with it; other than properly labeling something as x when it is x. Nothing good or bad about x, y, or z cultures.

Want further evidence of Isis and Ra being Jewish spellings for deity? Easy; I do mean easy.

Is Ra El

Is = Isis, standard Hieroglyphic translation.

Ra ; beyond easy translation.

El; in more than a dozen examples in Jewish writings, god/deity/etc. states refer to me as "The" or in that case "EL"

Is Ra El is Jacobs Title as King/Pharaoh.

Is Ra El; remove the space, uncapitalize the R and E, you get Israel.

Want further evidence of this same exact thing in Hebrew; that is also beyond easy.

Yahweh. Yah; female. Wey; male. combined into one word adds the "el" or "the" to part of grammar.

What healthy parent would not do close to anything to have their murdered child back? Easy answer; "anything" comes to mind. Well according to legend the parents knew god personally. So begging god to bring their son Able back from the dead; they knew how to do that. They did not need a church they knew the location of the garden first hand. So they go to the garden and beg and beg, etc. After Set kills Osiris, his wife Isis then reassembles the pieces, places him in a Djed. That pillar is used to construct a major temple in Byblos. Byblos is the city which millenia later was the primary source of paper for the construction of the Greek bible. The name of the bible comes from the name of that town. But Isis goes to Byblos and takes the Djed containing her husband’s body back home. Horus is a direct result. Osiris and Horus become the first Pharaohs of Egypt. Forget the fact that the definition for Pharaoh is "guardian of the long house" exactly the same definition as the title "Nazareth" yes the title the Romans gave Jesus. IT becomes stranger and more layered. both Nazareth and Pharaoh buried deep in their definitions is references to trees and life. But Osiris predates Narmer by hundreds if not more years. An extremely advanced societal structure was already up and operating by the time Narmer was born by pure religious and construction evidence. Brings one to start to question the pre-Narmer the Egyptians were not much of a culture. Sounds from just the mythology alone; layers and layers of complexity. which Narmer and his descendants worked very hard to erase. Why erase unless that complicated society was a threat. It would only be a threat if they had strength even hundreds of years after being conquered and divided. The Horus stolen by Narmer Noah flood recreation; took in a form of taxes mating pairs of animals from the farmers to provide for the "guardian of the long house" which after Narmer stole it. He turned it into a tax. A once beautiful ceremony a direct result of remembering the Flood/schema change from Canaanite to Monotheism was then corrupted and used to force the people to support their conqueror. Since those that collected the animals 2x2 as depicted on the Narmer Monolith; were direct descendants of Noah, it was more of a service to their deity the 2x2. After it was a drudgery; going from a gift to honor Noah, it became a nasty "I am taking what I want. I am your new Noah". Not even close to a nice thing to think about. The Horus ceremony was used for thousands of years and the date of said is still effecting us today. the Date of the Horus/Noah ceremony was just After the spring equinox or Easter. Easter would fall around April 15. Which is why Jesus was forced to be born in Bethlehem; that was where one of his parents was born. This exact same tax collection/Honor Noah and his sacrifice which honored Adam in a yet to be translated; which is why Jesus was born where he was. Also why just a few miles north same time of the month; Jesus had to come to his place of birth to both pay taxes and chat with those at the great facade temple of god. The real el Beth el is in Egypt; specifically the temple of Ptah in Memphis. Which he had no problem telling anyone who would listen. A very bad thing to destroy the illusion the Esau/Hyksos/descended Moses and his descendants spent 1000 plus years erasing that fact. The murdered Able/Osiris (yes talk about complicated; bouncing back and forth from Adam 6000 b.c.e to Narmer 3200 to Moses 1250 to Jesus 33 ce to modern April 15.) being a statistical match to the biblical story. Knowing Egypt had been invaded and partially conquered at 3800 b.c.e and again at 3500 b.c.e. directly shows evidence of the change and manipulation of names, places, occurrences, etc. as to what occurred. Isis in this case is associated with both Eve and Ables wife; but in religious behavior patterns simplifying and compression editing is so standard an action it is almost a mathematical certainty that things have been compressed and need to be reexamined and expanded back to what they used to be. Exact example of this; Mary Madeleine appears a few paragraphs after a whore asks Jesus to forgive her and she will be a devoted servant to his cause. He helps her. A few paragraphs later Mary is introduced and Jesus and mary start to interact with each other. One of the popes forced an edit making Mary and the whore one in the same.  I think it was Pope Gregory I; who edited that portion. Isis resurrects her husband and they have Horus. Horus becomes the second Pharaoh of Egypt. Of course the definition of Egypt is where ever the main tabernacle is located. Which Previous to el Beth el aka Memphis aka Temple of Ptah; the tabernacle was a tent the Jews moved as they migrated and or pushed by some conqueror or another. Evidence of said can be found in upper Egypt where a huge collection of massive sized tents can still be seen; although only the post support holes for the main timbers can still be seen. Which is how the name Mem became the Sumerian to Hieroglyphic name for Abraham. Although he was not called “the all father” till at the end of his life or decades later. When Jacob renamed Luz to the city dedicated to pharaoh Mem or in Greek Memphis; phis being the sacred city of x person. What does this have to do with that ankh type device; the ankh is the giver and provider of life from deity to humans. I find the theme of most of these portions is “resurrection” and how conquers can edit to not make it sound like what the truth is. Able, Narmer, Pharaohs, Mummies, Moses, Jesus; they have one common theme resurrection of the dead back to life. Later cultures hating this theme and changing it to hide the details. Has anyone else noticed the Djed    used to resurrect Osiris and a tesla coil look extremely similar (minus a few structural differences).  Of course the temple in Jerusalem is not what a tabernacle looked like; that is an Esau line descendant Zerubbabel traditional view of their temple to god. But not Jacob’s line. Jacobs line temple is vertical not horizontal . Although the Kaaba  is correctly at least mildly similar to the Jacob tabernacle. Having three floors plus a roof; of course the Jacob line tabernacle has a megalith of wood on the roof. Similar ideas but one is laid out flat, the other has several floors. Of course the reason for the vertical was not shared with Esau’s line. The need for the vertical is what the building Adam built in the Garden of Eden (by legend) was to construct the weave of time. Each floor being tasked with a specific purpose in the creation of the weave/carpet of time. But that requires an understanding of Sumerian. And filling back in the edited down from huge to a few sentences in the first few chapters of genesis 2:9 And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” Tree one life, tree two knowledge, three tree good and evil, tree four construction/infrastructure” the three trees have balance; hence 6 lines but actually only 3, but positive and negative aspects of each line, makes 6. So in a very real effect the ankh and that Sistrum are later conquerors representations for the garden of Eden, the Ætt, the Futhark, and the weave of time from which Adam as guardian was put in charge of.

The best the most efficient way to hide something important is to place that item into someone else which the conqueror will not figure out what it is. A musical instrument works great to hide things in plane site.


Problem; in Indo-European language the word for flood and the world for a paradigm change are similar but at base very different.

if it was water it would be a word based on Isa

so Noah's flood could be Noah's Laguz. which means a sea change in the way the culture responded. Like when Constantine converted to Christianity. that was a Laguz change. instead of open season on all Christians; the entire culture change to ok no violence cooperation and convergence.


Guardian of the long house




There are two guardians;

one outside the temple, to guard the temple itself.

One inside to guard and work with the inside of the temple.  The trees inside. And work on the weave of time.



The only way to heaven is through me

A phrase which has been so twisted and edited by conquers it has close to no  meaning anymore.

Jesus was a Jacob line descendant. He was attempting to separate the Esau elements from Judaism and bring back the ceremonies of pre-exodus.

Since Moses and his descendants did a remarkably great job at removing as much of the pre-Exodus ceremonies as possible.

Through me was supposed to mean; you can only follow the teachings of Jacobs line. You cannot achieve if you follow Esau’s line.

Jesus was elected to be the next Pharaoh of Jacobs line. When Cleopatra’s son died in exile in Northumberland. At least according to the legend Augustus created. He told her detractors she was dead; he told her supporters where he exiled her too.


Stonehenge; electrical generator, and space elevator.

All megaliths were pads for the space elevators. Which means the People of Kaern had the ability to literally travel between continents in hours.

Ka er n; Kannaz, Ewaz, Rn;