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A 3d rendering of

The Tabernacle System of Lake Nemi



The Tabernacle of Adam System

Inside King Solomonís Temple contained the 4 towers; 2 and 2.


This museum features the Nativity, the ATEN of the Pyramids, which both came from the

layout of the Tabernacle of Adam System.


00 Nativity.jpg

Not to scale or arranged accord to the correct headings. This is a representation of the Tabernacle System which the nativity is part of.

A is the Nativity, which sitting directly opposite the Nativity is the causeway of the Pepi I pyramid.

Mirroring the Nativity and Pepi I if B the Bent Pyramid and King Solomonís Temple.

A The Nativity

B The Bent Pyramid

C Memphis Egypt (moved to Rome by Caesar) http://www.trwelling.org/Nativity%20Infinity%20Loop_files/image007.jpg 


D Pepi I Pyramid

E King Solomonís Temple  http://trwelling.org/Museum_files/image021.jpg

F An Infinity Loop


Museum 1



IWNW aka Heliopolis


Image result for IWNW

Noahs Ark



Similar to Carthage Image result for Carthage Image result for Carthage in the previous Century. It was dismantled and moved to Rome Properhttp://trwelling.org/Museum_files/image019.jpg as well.



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