The life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte are not only difficult to describe, they are difficult to find accurate evidence for.

Napoleon should have been added to the list of Pharaoh’s, since after all he did conquer Egypt and owned it for a considerable amount of time.


A couple things about the life of Napoleon,

First he was very likely a student of the super secret “Versailles” before and for a bit after the French Revolution 1791.

Two based on his beyond measure impressive win loss ratio; he likely had access to similar technology which Nostradamus used to see into the Future. Which could be or was built into the “Hall of Mirrors” in Versailles.


Did he see far into the Future and know how to win those battles.

The problem is, he saw too far and was still making decisions regarding said three decades later, when the other humans around him managed to create enough changes in the flow patterns to adjust to make what he saw untrue.









TR Welling