Is supposedly the birthplace of Jesus Christ; (which ironically means the vessel of the light of the vertical light; since the name derives from a holy reference and the color of holy is amber{German amber room}, the Divine <Sacred> vessel <defined space aka Land> which is very close to the definition of “North<Vertical> Umber <Sacred> Land <defined space> or in Manx Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd the Ogle family of Northumberland. )


A person who was directly descended from two separate Jacob line descendants; being born literally the head of at least four separate Jacob line Royal houses. He by default automatically royal lineage outranked both his parents. Basically he was born the head of the entire Jewish community. Not Hebrew mind you, Hebrew’s are specifically from and invented by Moses the Avaris. The Avaris were Hyksos from Esau. Not Jews from Jacob. 

Why was most of this information edited out of western education; Esau’s line descendants were in charge of the Philistines, a sizable portion of the Roman empire, and Greek education.

The conqueror writes the rules. If there is one thing Esau’s line has been good at; it is destroying anything as a collective culture they do not like. Most of the details surrounding the Nativity have been edited out. Why because Jesus was working very hard to recreate the original Judaism, the pre-Moses and Exodus version of Judaism. He partially succeeded till the Evil Priest Paul showed up and did all manner of lying, cheating, stealing, murder, coveting, etc. to seize control over the Church of Jesus and turn it into the Vatican, with full and complete support from the Roman Senate. 




Mary; the amount of miss information about her is staggering. She was not a 12/3 year old girl. She was a grown woman with a full accreditation in light ( C ) mathematics much like Hypatia from the rebuilt Alexandria Library. Mary was at least 20 if not pushing 30. But the Evil Priest Paul could deal with a 12 year old, so more than a decade was shaved off her age to make him feel better. The truth was Mary was fully trained and educated in an ancient form of Mathematics which revolves around the Weave of Time




The Magi

The Magi who were experts in a mathematical format the likes of which have been edited out of common knowledge by Esau’ line descendants. The common concept is they used some form of Astrology; but that is an extremely edited version of the truth. The truth is they used a mathematical format which could be connected to the mythical/legendary plates of destiny; after careful reassembly this math from the last surviving Indo-European language still intact at least mostly. That would be the Elder Futhark, but the Elder Futhark is also the direct parent language of Hebrew. The Elder Futhark language is a language, a mathematics, and a calendar. This mathematics is connected to the Futhark and Hebrew in a very interesting way. Northumberland; is where both St Helena was from, part of the Futhark language is from, the Scottish (legendary descendants of Amenhotep's IV’s daughter Meritaten aka Scotia {remember all Pharaoh’s had five names this includes Scotia). Scottia arrived in northern Britain after the Thera Volcano erupted and crushed the 17th Hyksos Dynasty. The 18th Dynasty retook power of the Throne and ruled for the last about two centuries 1530 – 1330 b.c.e. When the Hyksos from their capital city of Avaris (Hence the Avaris/Hyksos name), rose back up to reclaim the Egyptian Throne. The 18th Dynasty was forced to evacuate. which the plan for that had been in the works for centuries. Scottia and her 17th dynasty family and the 18th dynasty under the direction of Meritaten then battled in Britain over power as they had in Egypt.

Britannia [profoundly later in history Britannia would be used as the base of the new eastern Roman empires name Byzantium]} settled in Scotland and rebuilt their infrastructure of the first printing of Genesis inside the architecture of the Kingdom of Ogle, stretch from Perth Scotland; where the  Throne of Destiny was located, down to Sherwood Forest which is the northern Boarder of Mercia Lands.

Sherwood to Pertho is more than 1/3rd the size of the Island of Britain, it used to be much larger than it is today.

Although it was forcibly name changed to Northumberland from its Gaelic original name of Yr Hen Ogle dd.

Northumberland {Ogle Royal Family} battled for control over said area from pre-history till 1600s; when the Ogles lost control and started to transfer their empire to the new continent of America specifically the NE establishing the city and capital of Boston. Evidence for mary and joseph and consequently Jesus having blue eyes, blond hair (blond sheep’s wool; ever see a black sheep), pale skin, tall, etc. could come from the legendary time Jacobs line were in Northern UK.


What could all that odd stuff have to do with the Events of the Nativity?

That answer is the “Star of Bethlehem The_Code_start_of_bethelham_2013_11_27_0503 (2)” can be translated to North Umber Land. Since Bethlaham is a bedroom community to the  city of Jerusalem Levant lands. The limb of the ATEN touching the sacred city of Bethlehem. Making the city and that event sacred; and giving the surname Northumberland to it, or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd.

The Divine (Amber) star (Vertical) of the sacred Land (land); North (vertical) Umber (Amber) Land, Northumberland.


The city of NewCastle also exists inside the boarders of the Kingdom of Ogle.

New Castle is the English version of the Hebrew words Jera and Salem.

Jera is the Elder Futhark letter meaning time, or the time of the new day.

Salem means the same as Castle in English. A sacred well defined area.








The Nativity