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The Mongol empire (1204-1368)

The Mongol Hordes started in Mongolia which is sandwiched between China and Russia with Kazakhstan to the west.

In 1204 Temüjin received the title of Genghis Khan, which roughly translates to “Ocean Ruler” which is not all that different a title to Cetus. Cetus in Linear B translates to great monster of the Sea. The name stuck with the Latin identifications of Whales.

Cetus is the Linear B name for the creature which attacked Athens, which Pericles was sent out to cut off Medusa’s head bring it back and turn the Cetus Monster into stone.

Temujin using both political and military might have formed a huge army and began to invade outside the boundaries of Mongolia. Pushing into china, then west heading straight to Europe.

Conquering from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean. North to the Baltic sea south into a large chunk of Saudi Arabia.

During Zeus’ takeover of Mount Olympus, he was assisted in his rebellion by “The 100 armed Culture” which is a rather good description for Sheva.


In India, a country only just a bit south of china their theology clearly indicates that there was an ancient Race of people who had long since left. Leaving the area to achieve other goals.

In China and Mongolia, the mummies present in those areas have pale skin, and red hair. Pointing to the concept that buried deep inside the DNA of the Asian people are The Red People, the Tall, 6’6”, red hair/blond hair, blue eye, etc. typical Viking had been in Asia in the ancient past but for a variety of reasons had either left or more had not come after the last generation died.

The Aryans e.g. the Mongols renamed to Prussians, might have assumed based on their ancient history that the Mongols were the direct descendants of those “ancient Nordic people” and that they needed to get back to the source in of the red hair, blue eye, tall, pale skin, etc. ancestors. But there is only one place on earth were said DNA is located in large quantity. Large enough that most people are of said genetic structure.

Northern Europe in a crescent from northern Germany, up through Scandinavia, and to Scotland/Ireland.

The Area of Northumberland is an extremely close definition for Hyperborean. Two separate languages, but all the major words inside each describe the same definitions.

The Mongols did not see a reason to document this part of their ancestry. To go into Germany and Britain to conquer them and merge genetics to reawaken their ancient.

“Vedic Indic people who migrated into the Indian subcontinent about 1500 BCE.”

are in a way considered by the Nazi the truth Aryan people. since the Vedic is where the name Aryan came from circa 1500 b.c.e. But if you look at the history from Iran/Indus River Valley. The Aryan’s are the deposed 17th Egyptian Dynasty aka the Hyksos. Very dark complexed culture from Mecca. Leaving the middle east in order to achieve and obtain a cultural regrouping and rebuilding of their military\ in order to come back to Canaan lands to conquer them.

which a few hundred years later, they did during the mythology of Zeus and Mount Olympus.

On the Aryan way through the Indus River Valley, they laid siege to among other people the original inhabitance of the Indus Harappa People, reducing several of their cities to a pile of mostly ashes. Most notably a huge city which has been called “Burnt” for so long the original name of the city has been lost.

Two millennia later the Mongol Hordes chose to reinvade the Aegean in search of powerful weapons which would help them conquer the world

Their aim was Germany, Aegean, Russia, and of course Levant lands.

Related image

The Russian branch directly involved with the Crusades

Pretending to be Christian, but in fact were hard line nasty militant Muslims involved with the Crusades, being spy’s.

They name changed to Prussian, the Prussians name changed again to FreiKorp, then to the third Reich. Staying with Nazi from 1920 to present.

As the Nazi’s/Prussian spy organization FreiKorp/Mongols (Aryans) began to lose the bullets and bombs war

they switched from bullets to electro magnetics.

The ancient Chinese/Japanese/Russians of the far East side of Russia

added their “Asian Spirituality” to Eastern European concepts which gave specific and  crucial information to form the Nazi Bell.

A portion of the Mongol Empire the Golden Horde Siege of Moscow in 1382.


Prussian Empire (1525–1947), the Mongols had to go down to the crusades first, then back to Slovakia to conquer lands they could settle on. Then start to organize again into a world power army and culture.

The eviction out of Russia and of course the losses during the crusades did a lot of damage. They needed a place they could go and regroup.

Regroup they did and in a huge way.

But they did not lose their Russian or Mongolian political connections, the Aryan Race is edited to be blue/blond/Pale/etc. culture. But in fact it would be the Mongols, edited to hide the North East Asia just south of Siberia genetics.


The horde changed its name from horde to Teutonic Knights (pretended to convert to Catholicism) and entered the crusades in Jerusalem.

the Prussians are part of the horde

They name changed to fit into European culture,

a spy network

In most ways it can be decided that as a matter of hard fact that the Mongol Horde “Empire” continued from 1204-1948. Undergoing a large number of name changes along the way.





with tesla's stolen towers, coils, etc. and decades of work to shrink them down

the Nazi bell

being a time machine is not outside the scope of reality

This is a war between in basic the Mongols and the descendants of the Trojans/18th Egyptian dynasty. King tut; if I said Amenhotep iv aka AhenATEN you might not know him, but tut no problem.

That would turn into a major fight, with those that have a set in their theological minds how wwii was fought. Changing that is literally a religious war, truth versus the belief Western Culture has been told about WWII since it began in 1929.


The Third Reich combined with their Russian allies (a more sadistic form of political union is difficult to find) decided how the win the War and still achieve long term goals.

The first goal was to rebuild the technology of the System.

When the Prussians first formed before they were called Prussians, they were still called Teutonic Knights. November 19th, in the year 1190 the Teutonic Knight order was formed, it took a few years for the Pope to bull them into official recognition. But recognition they received.

The Order of The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem - 1190-2016.

German Crusader leader, Duke Frederick of Swabia, Image result for Swabia Formed this military unit to go fight in the Crusades to assist his allies the British to reclaim a library cache’s left in Levant Lands. Several cache’s in fact. After conquering and establishing a military unit around the city of Acre, this specific future Knight Order would claim the city and its associated Hospital as their responsibility. hence the Bulled into existence to protect the library cache of Acre.

But within a century  1292 they were in turn partially conquered, and a branch of the Mongol Horde had taken their name Teutonic Knight order and were performing “bad actions.”

contacting other branches of the Horde, taking on the European name and  customs of the Germans themselves. The new Horde invaded north and west from a couple different Mongol Horde strongholds and worked to invade Germany to turn it into Prussia. To honor the Horde branch in Russia who were obviously more powerful and a stronger connection to Temujin. The Hordes were in part ranked as their genetic connections and hierarchy from Temujin. The Russian Horde had conquered most of the Western Portion of Russia and had forced the Russians to adopt radical militant Islam as the state religion. which sharply altered the core of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. Which had formed originally as a direct offshoot of the church Paul had founded in Greece, but had been outlawed by the Romans. Paul was an extremely devout Hyksos/Dorian person, from a similar culture as to where Mohamed would be born in a bit over two centuries. Same culture similar religion, violently anti-Jewish. Paul or as the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to him as “The Evil Priest Paul” his teachings are the center point to the structure of the Eastern Church, as Simon Peter is supposed to be the center structure point of the Vatican. But that is a very complex thing to decrypt. The rage and hatred of Paul infiltrated both churches.

The Eastern Orthodox Church (façade of the Mongol Horde) and the Vatican both wanted access to the systems, but they did not want to acknowledge their might be a threat to their power somewhere. So they just used the ancient code word Pagan” and “Pagan Temples (aka A Tabernacle of Adam System)” to let the armies know where and what to conquer and take their weapons but still be able to deny what those people knew and what their temples were capable of.

The Horde operating under its new Teutonic Knight façade banner, invaded Germany, Poland, and Slovakia in order to seek out the Pagan Temples and destroy them. Well conquer and take them over, allowing the weapons they contained to be dismantled and shipped to the Vatican, Kiev, Moscow, etc. So the most powerful would possess copies of the most powerful divine weapons.

The design of the Kremlin aka Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Red Square Moscow is a direct reflection of a rebuilt system from the “Pagan Temples.” But by people who were entirely ignorant to what it was, how it worked, or the mathematics which allows the generated electro magnetics to be channeled into activity.

When the Mongol Horde was partially kicked out of Russia, and the Islamic religion was also tossed out from Political power, although a sizable portion of the population of western Russia still claim Mongol descendancy. the hard liner Horde members simply moved west to Prussia, where their less important Prussian horde members welcomed them with open arms. The Russian Horde members were of a higher rank and closer descendants to the Great Khan Temujin. But they needed to continue the good work. But they needed to instead of operating a full bloody army, they switched to a para-military organization with a primary task of being spys. So they could achieve their goals, most of the time their enemy would  open the doors for them and invite them in. Instead of shutting their gates and sending the army to kill them. A spy network is so much more efficient.

The birth of the KGB, circa 1300 c.e. Again with a dozen name changes and of course working for a dozen different “axis” cultures all directly connected to or descendants of the Mongol Horde.

one of those spy organizations after getting caught performing inappropriate actions in Europe had to name change to Frei Korp. But they continued to operate as Frei Korp from 1754-1920. Name changing after in part to Nazi and then a variety of names. Expanding from Russia, Germany, Prussia, etc. to America. Helping to form the basis of both the Democratic Party and the Confederacy.

Fast forward to Operation Barbarossa, just 6 little weeks after Rudolf Hess defected to the Kingdom of Northumberland. A British Controlled area, not English. A round trip he took hundreds of times in the previous three decades. engine troubles caused him to crash, making a round trip into a one way trip into defection. The Frei Korp Spy leader of Prussia aka Adolf Hitler was so angry he was inconsolable. He was so afraid that Hess had given the allies the secrets of the Thule Society that Russia and Prussia (renamed to Nazi Germany) panicked about facing traveling Electro magnetics weapons based the WMD of the System. But he ordered an immediate invasion of Russia to capture the Prussian Amber Room from St Catherine’s Cathedral. The Russians were all for it, and had prepared for said since they found out the Fake Prussian Amber Room would not work for them ether. The Russians were sure their scientists could decode and rebuild the Prussian Amber Room, taking over where the Prussians had failed. The mid 1700s with the Prussian Amber Room given as a gift to the Russians. The Russians and Frei Korp traveling to Whatcom county circa late 1700s early 1800s to spy and learn as much as they could about the British/French Royal system set up in that county of the future WA territory and state. The system was centered in Castle Ogle renamed after conquest to Pickett Tower, F and Dupont Street Bellingham WA. But what has been hidden from public knowledge even though it is entirely apparent is that, the Nazi invasion of Russia was a cooperative operation between the Prussian Mongol Horde and the Russian Mongol Horde.

The Russians wanted to kill a huge number of their “Undesirables” military units and inappropriate people. So did the Prussians. So they agreed that the Prussian Frei Korp would be in charge of the invasion and select members of the population would be sent to be slaughtered in Russia. The Russians wanting the same thing sent millions of its own “Undesirables” to counter attack the Nazi’s aka Prussian Mongol Horde invading them from the west. They were able to eliminate millions of their citizens which those people and of course their families had given the Horde in both areas trouble for the last close to full millennia.

Proving this is easy, machine gun nests were set up on both sides, not designed to shoot the enemy but to shoot any of their own troops who “retreated.” Both sides killed more of their own “Retreating Troops” than those troops killed the enemy. This is either the most sadistic of army maneuvers or it is strategy between virtually the same cultures with two names sending there civilian drafted into military service armies to slaughter. The only real answer is, the latter.

The only real question is “WHY”, the answer is just as simple “The system is so complicated, that the citizens of both sides were in the way of the systems working.” Or the battlefields were in some way laid out to absorb the 7 grams of electricity given off by a person at death. The Russians, the early Democratic party, then the Confederacy, Prussians, etc. had used genocide tactics to kill millions of people quickly in order to experiment to find out if said would power their system. It only worked to a very limited amount. Those same cultures used intimacies to achieve the same goal based on the Whore of Babylon (stories) and of course the actions of the Salem Witch Trials, intimacies to power their systems. Using both homosexual and heterosexual intimacies in the left behind systems in order to make the divine tool work. The puritans wanted those systems to work so they could control their population to not question puritan theocracy.

Obtaining enough electricity in order to make their systems work, a working system could be turned into some type of a literal Time Machine. No matter how unbelievably fictional, mythological (unbelievable), and pure incomprehension from reality it sounds. Occam’s razor is very clear on the facts surrounding a serious and substantial switch away from Bullets and Bombs to an electro magnetics war was occurring as early as 1942. But what to do with all those soldiers who are obviously in the way of a electro magnetics war? simply send them to Russia to be killed. How does Russia feed its population, simple kill millions of Russian’s by sending them against the Third Reich. The in the way population is removed, and the resources they take up can be diverted away from their needs to the electro magnetics war. Several branches of the Horde and their axis militant Islamic cultures in the middle east and Africa forming one part of the electro magnetics war, and western culture British, English, Americans, Canadians, etc. forming in part the other side.

They have been fighting it out using electro magnetics and the structure of time from 1942-present.

But they enemy; that would be America, do not want to see that. they do not want to see the enemy "get away from the ultimate battle glory. We won WWII”; “victory to us battle glory,” “Oh but wait this means we did not win, we were allowed to win the bullets and bombs to distract from the 'time war', so hurray for us, but then we were crushed with the second." not a great idea to introduce said and expect to be believed.


But the enemy; that would be America, do not want to see that. they do not want to see the enemy "get away from the ultimate battle glory" We won WWII; victory to us" battle glory, "Oh we did not win, we were allowed to win the bullets and bombs to distract from the 'time war', so hurray for us, but then we were crushed with the second part of wwii." not a great idea




The Third Reich was actually two separate groups. The Thule Society and the Prussian/FreiKorp/Russia/Third Reich/Mongol Horde branches (same organization and upper class infrastructure with different names to hide true intent). They battled from 1805-1945 when the latter was finally outlawed and violently forced to disband. But since the Thule Society had been disbanded about 50 times by previous governments, Hess and Himmler had a perfect roadmap as to how to go about operating clandestinely.

The definition of Jeru comes up rather strongly at this point. Since the first word which makes up the definition of Jerusalem is Jera, which is the 12th character in the Futhark language. That 12th character means literally time, well the dawn of a new day. Salem means the raise(limbs) of the sun (The ATEN) falling onto sacred well defined ground(Touching the limb/foot/arm of the ATEN; define the Sumerian name Jacob, as in brother of Esau and King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System Israel).

persian garden(Persian Garden, the core the grape leaves. )

The give or take two decades from the around 1895 to the official founding of the Thule Society was a very tumultuous time. Toppling governments, losing access to the university libraries, losing funding, having to rely more and more on anti-Semitic groups and organizations for funding. Although they did have a century of collected research which was put to good use in those decades.

What was not put to good use was the culture itself figuring out what was happening.

More than a century later and this avenue of exploration has still not been touched.

The research emphasis has not been on the Thule Society but on how did the Thule Society turn evil. Exactly what involvement did Adolf have at what point. These have been the questions for eight decades. The problem is, these are the wrong questions to ask. The correct questions to ask is not about Adolf, he was nothing more than a charismatic leader spy of the Frei Korp, a citizen of the Prussian Empire (which means by default a loyal to the core Mongol), who led his culture into a bullets and bombs war in order to force the Divine Weapon of Mass Destruction aka Tabernacle of Adam System secrets to come to light. Puppet masters are almost never the real brains behind the operations. The real brains are the organization which the Puppet Masters work very hard to join then overtake to purify the organization. Adolf joined the DAP in order to purify it back to the Prussian (Mongol) based cause. But the powers behind the DAP Hess and Himmler (among others) stood firmly behind the idea of resistance to the Mongol Horde forcing them to give up their system knowledge. Adolf reformed the DAP into the Nazi party and was at open and violent war with both the Allies and the Thule Society from day one. He had been a spy since his late teenage years. His orders were clear, his actions reflect his orders. Although the orders out of context seem insane.

WWII was a war between the factions of the Mongol Horde and the Allies, the Thule Society being as strongly an allied as the British against the Nazi regime. The Puppet Masters being the British (not the English but the British) and the then secret Mongol Empire.



Part of the structure of the Thule Society was based on FreeMasonry.

Freemasonry itself has had more than a few really good rulers as well as its fair share of really bad ones.

The Winding Staircase of FreeMasonry is based on ancient Egyptian mathematics.



The Eye of Horus the son of Ra each portion of the Eye is a different mathematical equivalent.

Image result for eye of horus math

The Condor the frontal lobe, the snake of the Cerebellum and Occipital Lobe.

Which is also extremely close and connected to the Khufu Pyramid. Khufu_Israel_Ra_El_Horus_2013_12_13_0823 (2)


Khufu_Israel_Ra_El_Horus_2013_12_12_2242 (2)

Khufu_Israel_Ra_El_Horus_2013_12_12_2321 (2)

brain and khufu 2013 3 1 2141


Which is also strongly connected to the character of Shin from the Hebrew Alphabeta.Khufu Pyramid Hebrew Shin 2016 5 8 2316



khufu 3 degrees and well (3)

The Khufu Pyramidt also has another key attribute, it contains the physical structure of the FreeMasonic Degree stages. The subterranean chamber and its resemblance to the EA degree, the Queens and its resemblance to the FC degree, and of course the Kings Chamber and its resemblance to the MM degree. Complete with Coffer.


The eye is also a map of the brain; the different features of the brain are represented in the structure of the eye.


Image result for brain structures


This is the most important aspect of the study of the organizational structure of Masonry. Since Masonry has often times been steered wrong by charismatic leaders like Albert Pike into directions which are obviously bad, but the organization itself is good.

FreeMasonry was also a key to the Nazi movement, since freemasons and Mormons were some of the first “taken” in the middle of the night by the brown shirts, to be questioned and later killed circa 1920.

The Horde demanded to learn the secrets of the System and would not stop at anything in order to possess those secrets.

World Wide domination with the final pieces to the puzzle, a divine tool to force the entire planet to their will. More than a millennia of pushing, combat, editing, altering the stories to fit each Khan’s perspective all to gain access to something. By the time they gained access the culture was so ignorant of itself that they had less than zero idea what they wanted it for.

There are two things happening in the 1700s which led directly to the formulation of the Third Reich.

The first being the Influence of the Mongol Horde.

The Second is the genocide of the Jews by virtually every culture in the Western World.

The Jews had been an open target since the fall of Troy circa 1330 b.c.e. But after the Jews became for the Western Culture the scapegoat for everything which went wrong.

The Hyksos never forgave the Jewish Cycladic culture for their destruction during the Thera Volcanic eruption. Despite a couple centuries of warnings, the Hyksos were still shocked and angry that they were destroyed in the Aegean. They were even more angry when the 17th Hyksos Dynasty was forced to evacuate out of the entire area east; heading to India.

In India as mentioned they ran into the very ancient Indus Harappa culture and did their best to conquer them as they headed farther East.

The city of Burnt is the direct reflection of these Hyksos moving to the east to avoid being on the wrong side of a conquest army. They conquer not the other way around. The Hyksos eventually settled in southern India pushing the people of southern India north; hence the entirely different dna and cultures of southern Image result for southern india peopleversus northern Image result for northern india people India. The rather strong portion of European cultures have made pilgrimages to India specifically Northern India in order to commune with the lessons of that culture. Those lessons of the spirit are connected with and in part merged with bits of Buddhism. Temples, mystical actions, etc. all those things the Mongol Horde were steeped in before they left china for Europe. Upon arriving in Europe, the cultures they either traded with/interacted with and conquered became fascinated with their difference of perspective.

Notice in the pictures the lighter complexion of the Northern People. The northern India culture did a lot of merging and trading with the Chinese and eventually Mongolian cultures.

Hence knowing based on DNA the Mongols with their deeply buried in their DNA Blue eye, Blond/Red Hair, pale skin, taller, etc. genetics. The Mongols were trying to get back to their ancient ancestors.

But the message was misunderstood and twisted into being rather evil when the Mongol’s entered Europe.

Although the emphases on a “Great Sacred River” remains, the Ganges, Indus, Nile, etc.

These factors contributed to the applications of why the Third Reich formed the ideals regarding the Aryan, the pure first race.



At the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment while the Horde cultures were pushing hard and their cousin the Ottoman’s were pushing even harder into Europe to get what they wanted. The Western cultures did their best to fight back, but the tide of hatred was so strong that in most cases the wave of hate just had to let itself burnout. Like a forest fire out of control, sometimes it is best to pull firefighting equipment out and let it burn itself out. Thus in the 1500s the library’s of Europe began to follow the same path the English did with their libraries. They opened them up to scholars to start to study. Since the Vatican was still strong, but not strong enough to hold to the principles of Medieval Europe anymore. The Vatican’s power base was on its decline, so the Pope’s allowed the library’s to open hoping that the citizens allowed to gain access would do so and come up with ways to defeat both the Mongol Horde and the Militant Islamic armies. Knowing they were a shield wall working together to reclaim their ancestral birthright of the secrets of electro magnetics technology.

In Europe in the 1600s some academics and rich were allowed to gain access to the Holy Roman Empires library. That access the Government granted over time to more and more people and groups.

By the end of the 1700s the number of people demanding access to the library had grown exponentially.

In 1805 when the Holy Roman Empire Collapsed and was dissolved by the last Emperor Frances II the nephew of Marie Antoinette he was forced to hand control of the library over to the new Government. One of the reasons the armies of the world followed the French Royal family out of France to first Manitou Springs Colorado (Originally the Capital of Texas) and then to Bellingham WA was because her Holy Roman Empire Emperor Nephew (who was not even a shadow of the man his father was) of Marie chose to ignore the cry’s from the Libertine Government to pay a ransom and receive his Aunt in return. She and her children were given a pass to leave France to return to Germany, but her nephew refused outright. That refusal the frei korp learned that he knew more about the situation than he led on. The more the Prussian spy’s pushed they learned that he knew where his aunt was and that she was in good health in America. in effect he was overheard or read a diplomatic dispatch saying something to the effect “Hello Nephew, family and I are fine in Manitou the Capital of Texas. Our Friends the British have been the best hosts, having provided us with our own Palace and living quarters. (The Palace was/is located in Bancroft Park Old Colorado City) Look forward to your next communication. Our backup plan if they find us will be Castle Ogle Pacific North West.” The Frei Korp immediately sent word to their respective Mongol Horde branches whom immediately sent troops to those areas to both kill the family and take the secrets of the electro magnetics systems from them.

That new government which took over from the crushed “Holy Roman Empire” created a “Think Tank” program in order to allow people and groups to gain access to the library.

There were dozens if not hundreds of different groups which formed “Think Tanks” which gained access to the library.



Thule Society, The British, and the NAZI’s the three needed to focus on for this specific examination. A huge amount of influence and involvement can be directly connected to Joseph Smith and those loyal to him he sent to Germany circa 1824. Although in all hard reality the Thule Society at the start were just as Anti-Semitic as their formed Political and Military wing the NAZI party. From 1918 – 1925 the core members of the Thule Society pulled away from the anti-Semitic movement and headed straight into figuring out how to stop the juggernaut which was the Military Wing of the NAZI Party. That Political and of course Military group had literally no boundaries when it came to the application of violence. If the Full Fantastical Freak Nazi’s could have gone to full scale inquisition level violence from the start, they would have been just fine with that. Killing and torturing to death any and all who stood in the way of their goal was the fun part of the task. The violence in the task was not as fun as the violence of those who attempted to stop the violence from happening. A very hard core domestic violence way to approach the world, “How dare anyone at any time, for any reason tell me no”.


The think tanks of Europe circa 1500 c.e. forward  had divided themselves into several different groups.

Each group had its own unique aim to be involved with the library.

joseph Smith sent his followers to at least 3 different cities to gain access to different libraries. Since not every library had an exact copy of every book. Some of the older collections were unique to that specific library.

The Mongols hired Europeans to go into the library and collect the information they wanted. Since obviously the Mongols, the Ottomans, etc. would not be allowed to either be in a think tank or gain access. But that does not mean they could not hire Europeans do form think tanks, us the frei korp spy network to go into said library’s and obtain the needed information. Of course the second the Ottoman’s and the Mongol’s were caught their think tanks were immediately shut down.

Then there were dozens of other groups, which the Thule Society was the last one listed but the same basic organization was renamed 100s of times from 1806 to 1918. Collectively instead of tracking each Thule society from their individual names and times from start to outlawed, making the argument simpler just call them all Thule Society.

At the end due to a variety of actions, funding became a serious issue at the end of the 1800s beginning of the 1900s but the anti-Semitic groups had plenty of money. Many were funded by either the Ottoman Empire/Mongol’s and or American Business interests like the Koch family. But those ties were dangerous since they were subject to being immediately outlawed the minute the government found out where the funding came from. The Thule did not start out as being anti-Semitic but were using that façade to gain huge amounts of funding. The real anti-Semitic think tanks let us call them NAZI’s. Yes the names did not officially start being used till the late 19 teens and early 1920s.


Of the1000s of think tanks in Europe and Germany, the Thule Society is the only one openly and thoroughly documented as to what they were looking for. An entire film Franchise has been based on an American Archaeologist trying to take the treasures of the ancient world out of Nazi hands before they can gain access to them. Which might give the films antagonist Nazi’s an undefeatable divine weapon of mass destruction.

But the Thule Society under the direction of Himmler and Hess spent vast sums to find ancient treasures and bring them to Germany. To perform basically the same task the fictional  Dr Jones was doing, keeping the most dangerous ancient artifacts out of the hands of the Nazis. Of the many artifacts the Thule Society went looking for, the only one with solid documentable evidence which is also the largest and most mysterious as to its original purpose are the Lake Nemi Ships. The ships are with a proper examination not pseudo-science applied through political propaganda, a close to exact copy of the Tabernacle of Adam System. 

The Lake Nemi Ships history has been so well surgically erased from history that it is close to impossible to find the truth unless you seriously either dispel the propaganda of the last close to two entire millennia or you simply start from scratch and focus only on the facts ignoring flat out all else.

The entire purpose of the Prussians and the FreiKorp was to find and have in their possession at least one system which they could obliterate their enemies with. The System’s are not designed to work that way, despite these facts the descendants of Esau still work very hard every generation to fight to gain access to one and make it work. The system either does not work or gives those using it a lobotomy. 

Lake Nemi Ships have 2 100 foot tall towers on the bow and two more on the stern. There are two ships, making eight towers, with support ships around which were much smaller.

The problem is, the Thule Society figured out there is so profoundly more to the entire story than just two ships taking up most of Lake Nemi Italy.

The Lake Nemi Ships fit into this very odd hypothesis by a very odd set of events which cascade into stranger events. Multiply that A events cascading into B events which ripple into C events, then expand for the next several millennia and you get close to starting to understand the complexity in which the Lake Nemi Ships were constructed. They were finished being constructed by Caligula at virtually the same day as the founding of Christianity. Although it was not called Christianity yet. The first documented account of the word Christian was used in the Roman Empire shortly after circa 40 ce .

*Backing up just a single step, the structure of the word “Christ” the root of the name “Christian.” ian is Latin for a possessive or possessor of the Verb; person, place, or thing. Christ means; Divine Light, or a Latin Version of saying Jerusalem. Jeru means the light of the new day or in the Elder Futhark the 12th (the 12th son of Jacob was Judah, the father of the Jews) character is Jeru. Jeru means time, day, light from the sun, new day, etc. since the Futhark is a symbolic language a symbol to different cultures means different things. Sometimes extremely diverse meanings, with the same root.

The Crucifixion of Jesus aka the moment he “died for your sins” did not take place in Levant Lands. That is pure Mythology created by The Evil Priest Paul and the Roman Senate, with strong backing by the Pharisees. You see the problem is that the Pharisees are not a Jewish priesthood sect, but a Hyksos priesthood sect. which reformed under Moses and his reinvention of Judaism in his own Hyksos image. Moses hated all things Judaism, up to and including the knowledge which had been part of the structure of the ceremonies and rituals since Adam. Consequently he write then all out minus Circumcision of “New Judaism” post the Exodus. Questioning is divine path was an executable offense, so it was really easy for him to reform all of Judaism using the packaging of Hebrew. The problem is, original “Children of Israel” which became Judaism after the 12th son of Jacob became the new Israel after his father’s death.

Although even the name Israel is a Hyksos force, Ra was not used in Egypt previous to the Hyksos invasion. The Egyptian gods were called slightly different things previously to the Hyksos invasion circa 2100 b.c.e and eventually conquest circa 2050 b.c.e .

one of the major reasons the Hyksos invaded was to see how many of the Pyramids they could destroy, and to destroy as much of the Jewish culture as they could. The first was to much a task for them, they did not have any of the resources needed to achieve. The second was easy, capture the Jews and use them as slaves in a shield wall army. Most died in combat, the very few who survived would be allowed to take over a city they had just conquered and rule it as they saw fit. But when the next Hyksos army commander came around, they had to give both taxes and military recruits to the Hyksos army or face conquest and genocide.

The Hyksos used the Jews to conquer Levant Lands, portions of the Anatolia Peninsula, and into the Aegean. But what the Hyksos refused to listen to was the Thera volcano was about to erupt, the Jews and the Cycladic culture both told them what was about to happen. But the Hyksos refused flat out to listen. When the eruption occurred most of the entire Hyksos culture in the Aegean was erased in a matter of hours circa 1530 b.c.e. The survivors evacuated due east to the Indus River and to get their “Glory” back they attacked and partially conquered the ancient Indus Harappa culture of the Indus River. The Indus River is east of Iran.

All in all an insanely complex situation from top to bottom.

What does the Nazi time war have even the smallest amount to do with the Ancient Pyramids. In truth based on the experiences of Napoleon they are almost the same exact subject. Hence the reason both the Hyksos and Moses wanted to erase all traces of the Jews and the Pyramids. The pyramids are the first printing of Genesis to survive. But the Hyksos have spent vast amounts of all their resources from 4500 years to erase those facts. The Nazi’s had spent vast amounts of their own resources to dig into the Elder Fthark and learn about it. Because the connections between the Elder Futhark and the Pyramids are surprisingly very close. but side topic and academic exercises on this are of discussion have been suppressed since day one of modern Academics. Modern academics can draw a straight line from present all the way back to the Dorians (Hyksos) and the Ionians merging cultures to become Greeks. But the Dorians are descendants of the Hyksos, changing names after the Hyksos were defeated by a variety of cultures in the Aegean. But the 500 year old Dorian Dark Age cannot be overstated as to how the dorians violently militant influenced the foundation of modern academics. They pushed their violent perspective so hard that almost of Egyptology are still teaching the same lies about ancient Egypt now as the dorians started in 2100 b.c.e when they invaded to erase as much of the original stories of Judaism as they could.

What Jesus was attempting to do, but his enemies e.g. the Dorians/Hyksos/Esau’s descendants were right their reason to corrupt this good message back to their hate message was to turn the Jewish faith back to what it was during the time of Jacob. The Hebrews from the Moses philosophy were violently opposed to this with every molecule of theri being.

The Thule Society was conducting research to find out about the origin of the Tabernacle of Adam System to research Miramont Castle as to its connection with the Lake Nemi Ships, as well as what the earlist form of Christianity was. Since Christianity goes through the Lake Nemi Ships and Miramont Castle is not only directly connected to Nicola Tesla, Miramont Castle is as close to the original design of Kign Solomon’s Temple as Fr Francolon could find in decades of research. The Thule society was more than slightly interested in said subjects.

They wanted to find out what the exact origin of Christianity was, tracing it all the way back to the Nativity as to what was the mathematics which led to the structure of how the Wise Men found him, the math is not only difficult to understand it is difficult to calculate without a grid of orbiting satellites taking pictures of the earth, translating those pictures into a mosaic of a real time map of the earth. All in all not anywhere near the definition of easy to comprehend. But the ATEN built into the Pyramids is what allowed the Wise Men to know where the exact location of the birth of Jesus would be. But more to it than that, the math of an infinity loop built into that structure.

The Nativity to the Pepi I pyramid, which all the pyramids were built from very high percentage of quartz containing stones. Which means when they were still whole, without their cover stones taken off, they generated electricity. Down to the Bent Pyramid (purpose built) then over the King Solomons Temple. That is an infinity loop built into architecture.

why is this a cornerstone to the Nazi Bell, because the architecture provides a Coordinate System in the infinity loop to radar lock on. How that mechanism works is as yet an unknown, but all of time is based on the interplay of electro magnetics.

The stronger a magnetosphere is, the more it separates itself from the vacuum of random stuff around. With sufficient amounts of electro magnetics as in planet sized and density electro magnetics this is where gravity is located.

for evidence of this hypothesis, look to the structure of placing two extremely powerful magnets in close proximity, they will create a zero gravity sphere between them. The stronger the magnetic field the larger and more weight is displaced to have a zero gravity effect. In effect creating a bubble from which gravity travels around, which is exactly how a magnetic levitation machine works. Maglev trains work on this basic physics principle.

Which brings the subject to physical evidence.

In Orlando Florida and in Seattle WA, are two working Magnetic Levitation Trains. Seattle’s used to rn in the heart of the 69 World’s Fair. The Orlando one words in Epcot Center.


The name Nazi came from a combination of the anachronism from the first letters in the English version of the name (National Socialist German Workers' Party) the Thule Society specially directly by Adolf Hitler. An extremely devout religious man, Adolf's mother raised him to be a strict catholic.

But instead of just a random N A Z I: National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSGWP, or in English Nazi. German Workers' Party (German: Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP), the Political and Military wing of the Thule society German Workers' Party (German: Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP) January 5, 1919, it was declared illegal just months later. February 24, 1920.

What if N A Z I came from the Nazirite; Nazi Rite. Adolf joined the DAP September 12, 1919. But he hated the platform of the DAP, he wanted to recreate the organization closer to that of the Thule Society’s primary goal which was to recreation the Tabernacle of Adam System But he grew upset and angry over time when the Thule society refused to give him their secrets. The more he pushed the more they hid from him. Which angered him to the point of in 1932 he outlined them. But since the Thule society and this predicators had operated under harde govmernetan sthen his before, hiding there intenral workings was eaiser than before. Rudolf Hiess controeld the pennies and the operational structure of the THired Reich. Instead of having to guess what was happening with the government, tHess and Himmler were the opeartiing portion of the govenrmtn. Adolf was just the annoying political and mltiary leader. But he had little say in the operations of the govenrmtn. However he did specialize in the extenraiotns using his mltiary to achieve the ose goals. The killings, questionings, and genocide were almost entirely military, not govnermtn.

The Thule socity operated and achieved their goals. But mlitharly separate from Adolf's inanity. The more he pushed the more he was kept at harms length.

upon entering the mlairry in 1907, Adlf was enliseed in the Germany army as a spy. But since he could not be enlisted into the Austiran Hungrayr army, he had to leave the area quickly.

His taskes to were infiltrate suposelty innocent groups, in beer halls, youth hostels, and the like to report was what happeing isncie. His sueorpaites wanted a clear picture as to what was hpapneing on with the people. He was specifically good at being involved into large groups were man would openly discuss political issues and their growing frustration with the coming war. He repored all this back. But like moast if not all spy’s he was not allowed to reviel his trth story or true idntiyf to anyone. He had to lvie the live of a begger for a while since he needed to be trustable and presnatable for being on athe streets. The germanys wanted o thave  as solid of a picture asto what was hapneing in since the communities as they could. Everyon4e new the war was coming, but what was a toal unknown is how large the war was going to be.

The first and foremost item on the adjenda of the spy masters of Germany was to ensure that Germany came out on tiop in the conflicts. That they not be dissolved as several enemies had attempted to do on doens of occasions in the preavoiu several millennia.

Adolf was also part of what in modern parlance would be called a wet work spy. He was great at sneaking behind enemy lines and going as much damage as humany possible. To the infrastructure, to the civilians, and of course to the military. Damage and destruction were his misscions behind enemies lines. But he took this way too far after the war. Rewarded with metals, acholaids, and bonus’s Adolf never lost the need to go bahine the elines and cause as mjcy havac as humanyly possible. Rewared during the war, punished after the war.

The second he was sent in to spy on the newly formed DAP aka the for runner o the Nazi party. He knew immediately he could tke this group and do simply amazing yhigns with it. He could return tos his days as a war spy and cause untold level of havoc onto anyone who whocse.

Even thoguth his primarily rhetoric was aginast the Jews, his first physical trgest wer not the Jews. His first physical targets were the masons and the mormons.

Just a few years alter and the German lost. The allies chose to crush the German economy and enoy wathing the civilian starve int eh streets. Adolf, liked poured his spy skills into being the leader of political and military wings. But after a while he demanded to be involved, to which Himmler and Hess flat refused in no uncertain terms. Adolf n 1930 went to war against the Thule Society. Eventually outlawing it and threatening the members with immediate execution unless they opned up fully and completely all their secrets to him. They clandestinely agreed, but in truth gave him only façade information which took him a year to work out the information and the tools he was given were not real. He outlawd them and attamped to confiscate tall their stuff. Knowing full well that Adolf was going to do this in 1925, Hess spent a year with Adolf learning every single things about his he could . The second adofl posed a threat to the Thule society, layers of secretws and consnatly changing lciations for the research labs was standar procedure. They had become experts in hisding from the Nazi’s by the time the time the Thule society was outlawasd, 8 years later.

This is the real story behind the rise of Adolf. He felt himself the definition of a scholar. He knew he was not only smarter than everyone else but he was entirely convinced that he knew more than everyone around him. The problem was that while Adolf was rising to power, the Thule society had made radical advancements in their research and were all but engiring the political and military wing. Much to their detriment. Upon learning more and more about the Thule society, Adolf pushed as hard as he could to gain access. But the Thule society from his first learning about the think tank to the end of the war did not allow him access. It took a huge amount of effort but till the end he had zero to do with it.

Although it is possible that after summer 1943, that some of his troops did managed to storm one of the bell Laboratories and confiscated a working model. By 1943, the military wing were operating as a tyrannical dictatorship. Every single soldier in the third Reich upon being separated from their command and control structure took on the roll of Adolf and did whatever they wanted with zero consequences.

Hence the start of the time war, Adolf's troops seizing a bell chasing after one or two bells from the Thule society. One bell was either given to or was in part built from plans by the British/English. The British already possessed the plans. Be a fascinating academic exploration as to the bell and the lds involvement in the late 1930s. How mbug di the lds community in Utah have to do with the either rise of the resistance to the Third Reich specially the Nazi party. Did they help or hider, but since the Smith groups were still operating and funciongin 110 years after being sent, the soul level hatred the Young people had with the smith group in Gramany would be after more than a century of defiance, could be ap oerful motifcation to goin the worng sice. To assist the Nazis in extracting the necessary informiaton about the Book of Mormon II, the Smith group had accumulated.

Did Adolf attempt to re-create the ancient Jewish Nazirite ceremonies and “thik tank” organization from pure Aryan stock? Did Adolf thing that the Aryan cam from a Nazarite group? Would a nazarite group be offensive to the lds? Was the Nazi Anachronism an accident or was it intentional to reflect the Nazirite laws.

Since the Thule Society was entirely about the garden, King Solomons Temple Jerusalem was suppendtly a copy of the oldest surviving copy of the oringal sytesm Adam built on earth. That being Heliopolis. Was Adolf trying to force the application of his Political and military into being a divine weapon. A divine weapon or army of god.

Some strong evidence from the past does point to some type of a “Divine Army” or a “Salvation Army” but the modern understandings of each are not even close to the way they were arranged in the past. The current situation is all about an assumption regarding a specific sub-set philosophy of Paul’s devotees forcing all around too adopt their specific philosophy or else.

Which is the argument between god and Lucifer was, free will. For the last just shy of two millennia Paul’s devotees force their followers to give up free will in order to worship god in a very specific to the philosophy of Paul way.

Act and believe they way we do or else, is how western culture has been violently trained for the last several millennia. Suppressing creativity and the like to a large degree since day one.

The Hypothesized Nazi Bell being a time machine that concept had to come from somewhere. Did the ancient cultures which the Nazi bell is based on have their own time machine.

Plates of Destinty



Is their evidence of an ancient time macine wth cros referencing time ssequences. In some ways very much so, the orientation of the nativity is very much in tandem with time travel.

00 Nativity.jpg

A The Nativity circa 0 ce
B The Bent Pyramid built circa 2600 bce

C Memphis circa 2600 bce

D The Pepi I Pyramid circa 2200 bce

E King Solomon’s Temple circa 1000 bce

F Infinity

Four locations which with a different date association, hundreds if not a milllannia sepearteign them. Each measured out to the mm. D and B are only a few miles apart, D and A are more than 200 miles apart. B and E are about the same distance. Since Pepi and the Navity are both miles south of D and E.


Buit those pyramids are only two of the 100 which 16 f those causewasy are still in existence. Those 16 form the shape of the aten.

Those secrets were a primary requirement for the Islamic armies which fully backed the rise of the confederacy. The Confederates rose to support libertarian ideals, their Islamic backers were  in the fight to gain as much information on the System as they could.

The cultures descended and offshoots of Islam had worked tirelessly since Mohammed and Abu Bakr that Mecca used to be a Tabernacle of Adam System Image result for mecca kaaba (a set of 5 Double Towers) set of 4 double towers) <image the Lake Nemi Tabernacle of Adam System (System)>, but had not worked almost the entire time from Esau to present. Would be very interesting if there were a set of double towers on the shore of Lake Nemi, which went along with the Ships 2x2 towers. First Esau, then his descendant culture the Hyksos, then millennia later the Muslim’s worked tirelessly to figure out how to make their system work. Almost always ending with either failure, or the participants being rendered babbling idiots. Their brains EST Lobotomized.

So instead of trying to make the system work themselves the Muslims chose to shifted tacks circa 630 ce. The new tack was to force the Jews who knew how to make it work, to make the system work under the command and control structure of the Muslims of course.

So Mohammed ordered once again the descendants of the Esau’s cultures to invade. Since the previous two times in recorded history that the forces from Mecca invaded Egypt, and put into slavery every Jew they could get their hands on. Then forced their Jewish slaves to make their Mecca system work. Mohammed was sure that since the previous two major attempts and when the Avaris/Hyksos rose up from their capital in Egypt and seized power to become the 19th dynasty, those 2.5 times the Muslims tried to put the Jews into slavery and force those that knew to turn on the system in Mecca and use it as a weapon to obliterate their enemy, none of those worked.

Once at 3800 b.c.e,

Again at 2100 b.c.e

And again from within after the 2100 b.c.e Hyksos invasion were defeated after following the survivors and evacuees out of Egypt to first Levant Lands and then into the Aegean. The Hyksos followed them. But the Jews and others knew full well that they were walking into the damage path of a super volcano, hence why the Jews and others left the area. The Thera Volcano itself was building up for a major eruption. So the Jews and others just kept right on moving west toward Italy.

The Hyksos were so enjoying the fact that the buildings were left and the infrastructure the Jews had left in Levant, Anatolia, and the Aegean were perfect to move right in. the overwhelming majority of the Hyksos army and culture started to make themselves at home in the Aegean. The Jews and others knew full well they were about to be erased from existence by a super volcano. That super volcano all the warning signs were present but ignored by a culture who hated in most aspects science.

The Hyksos with their invading army were sure that the fleeing “Jews, etc” were running away because the Hyksos army was so powerful they had to run or be destroyed. But the Jews attempted to warn the Hyksos; “you are walking into the damage path of a volcano. Do not say we did not warn you.”

When it finally blew circa 1530 b.c.e, the Hyksos in Egypt and Levant Lands were beyond angry that the Jews led them into a trap. The Hyksos needed revenge above all else. How dare the Jews do that to us. In brief “We would not have needed to run after the Jews if they would have simply stayed in Egypt and turned themselves over to use as our slaves from the start.” For that betrayal the Hyksos were more angry than Esau when god chose Jacob to be the next Pharaoh of Israel over Esau. Esau never got over it, taught his culture that the only good Jew was a dead Jew. But the Hyksos were even more angry after the eruption than before.

Twice externally and once from the city of Avaris which was the Hyksos’ capital city.

After the Thera volcano erupted, most of the Hyksos army was obliterated by the volcano and the overwhelming majority of the population was also erased. Literally within hours.

Leaving the 17th Egyptian dynasty without a large enough army and without a large enough population to keep the Jews from reclaiming the title of Pharaoh. Unable to defend themselves the 17th dynasty were forced to evacuate and leave Egypt or die.

Those that stayed were allowed to inhabit their capital city. The Hyksos capital city was Avaris. Since Avaris is nothing more than a ruin with several farms covering the majority of the burned out buildings.

The royal family evacuated, interesting enough the Royal family of the Hyksos evacuated to Britain specifically northern Britain to form the kingdom of Scotland.

Either when the 17th Hyksos culture left Egypt or when the 18th Dynasty elft eygpt, one brought the Stone of Scone with them, setting it up in a Cathedril. That Catherdil is in Perth Scoland. Mfor most of the last three millennial Perth was located in Northumberland. The boarder was about 100 miles north of Perth.

Scotland was actually named by legend after the Princess of the deposed 17th dynasty Pharaoh. Her name was “Scotia”, Scotland is named in her honor. Scotland was the only real choice. The builders of the Pyramids had settled in Britain in 2200 b.c.e immediately before the Hyksos invaded. Since the evacuees from previous to the Hyksos invasion already had settled in Britain from a few hundred miles north of Edinburgh south to what would be called in a couple millennia the city of Londonium. Later name changed to London.

The Hyksos stayed in their city for a few generations building up both weapons and population again. Just waiting till the fall of the 18th Egyptian dynasty when they can retake Egypt and rule as its rightful de fuehrer’s again. Although by this point 2 attempts had failed miserably. But the internal being the .5 circa 1330 b.c.e is when the Trojan War, the end of the 18th dynasty, and the Exodus occurred. Which did end the 18th dynasty by killing the boy King. Pharaoh Tutankenaten the youngest child of Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten and Nefertiti. He was born crippled, and needed tremendous assistance from his oldest sister for the first years of his reign after their father had died. He was too young to rule. But his oldest Sister Meritaten was a grown adult with at least a couple children of her own. Although the who failed attempts with descendants of Esau/Mohammed invading Egypt had another round immediately after Mohammed invaded. The last day Mohammed was seen alive by his followers, he was packed up and evacuated to avoid being killed by Abu Bakr. His still alive body was taken to Egypt to use the System to resurrect him. Which is also what the Nazi’s wanted to do, resurrect their soldiers to have an endless supply of not only soldiers but ancient generals. Resurrecting Jesus to lead their army was their ultimate prize. But even though the system can do that, it is entirely unethical in all ways shapes and forms. When Adam performed that ritual with his son Able, able was resurrected but it cost Adam a tremendous amount. There is a huge amount of information and evidence which has to be sifted through in order to understand al the stuff which revolves around the Third Reich. The War Adolf was conducting, the Thule society and their efforts to prevent Adolf and his loyal Nazi’s from doing permanent damage to both the species and the universe itself.

The amount of cross over information from the 18th dynasty to the Third Reich makes the situation minus the several millennia between almost the same subject. Just because western culture has little if any interest in the life of Adam, the story of Terah, the conquest of the city of Eridu ziggurat (Tabernacle System) aka the Tower of babble, the Plates of destiny, the conquest of Egypt (which actually does make Adolf a Pharaoh. He conquered Egypt fair and square, so his title after he captured Egypt was Pharaoh. But the German people would not accept that title in any way, shape or form.) numerable times, although Adolf simply substituted De Fuehrer for Pharaoh. Which is truth phonetically is extremely close. The Germany word Leader might have been derived from some of Akhenaton’s children in Germany; since the second their father died they become Pharaoh of their own Kingdom.

There is more than a little bit of leaked evidence that points directly and strongly to the screen capture done when a DNA test was performed on Tut and his dna revealed that his mother might have been  Meritaten. Since Meritaten was the co-first Lady of Egypt around  the time of Tut’s birth. Father and oldest Daughter could account for the Genetic abnormalities. In the spring, around the time of Imbulc February 2, one of the primary duties of the pharaoh was to ensure absolutely that the river would provide a bountiful harvest. For this year and next. A fertility rite was created which the Pharaoh and  his first Lady (the queen) would perform at what was considered the headwaters of the Nile. That rite has been copied and forwarded through time and cultures. A portion of that Rite was what was described in Dan brown’s book “the Da Vinci Code”.) But since Nefertiti was in either Troy visiting her second daughter, or in the city of Samhain (the city of 7 Hills) she could not perform with her husband. Her oldest daughter Meritaten was needed to step up and perform. Especially since Meritaten’s life path needed her to perform said ritual with her own eventual husband, and teach others since the infrastructure of the 18th dynasty was about to be obliterated in Egypt. Carrying their customs and culture to their new Kingdoms was the only way to save the culture and of course to carry on with the family tasks.

Where was Nefertiti, that answer is simple.

The 18th dynasty knew full well that the Avaris/Hyksos was going to rise back and seize control over Egypt again. Truly nasty cultures have no ability to back down unless that generation leaders are forced to back down by either diplomacy and or death. Which means as a matter of some very hard fact that unless the 18th dynasty brought the fight to the Avaris and kept in effect murdering them every few generations. That they would have the population necessary in order to retake the Egyptian throne. But since the 18th dynasty are Jews, that is against the “thall shalt not kill” rules of order. So not being allowed to kill them, the 18th dynasty had to make plans for when the Avaris/Hyksos were about to rise up to retake power, the family of Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten could evacuate in time. But not just any evacuation, the 18th had from 1530 b.c.e to 1340 b.c.e to plan. Each of the children of Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten and Nefertiti needed to have their own Kingdoms to rule. Although they had girls minus Tut, they were going to be siblings and cousins who worked with each other. Building an intentional huge trade network of products and of course academic discoveries is the only way to actually achieve advancing the civilization.

The culture of the 18th dynasty and the 6th Dynasty of Egypt based on the facts that were directly connected to each other. They had similar technology, similar language, and of course they evacuated to similar locations. After centuries the 17th dynasty finally learned enough to follow to Britain but mostly the Hyksos hate technology to the ultimate degree, minus what they can do with weapons. Weapons technology is their thing, but technology for most other things is to them a complete waste of time. They hated technology but they demanded to obtain, take, and control others technology especially if they could figure out how to turn the technology into a weapon of mass destruction.

All these facts did not dissuade Mohammed or Abu Bakr one small bit regarding the two and a half massive failures of this same battle strategies. Take Egypt from Mecca, place the Jews into slavery, and use them.

But they were going to try it again.

Circa 630 ce attacking Egypt from Mecca, things went about as bad and entirely out of control as possible. It led directly to a cascade effect which is still very much affecting life in the present.

During that time Mohammed ended up in a series of knock down drag out arguments with Abu Bakr. The books they had stolen from Fatimah’s mother, from her ship taking books from Constantinople back to Europe, and European new scholastic books back to Constantinople. Her ship was captured, and she was sold into slavery. Her name was given to her much like the name Toby was given to Kunta Kinte the ancestor of Alex Hailey the writer of Roots. Kunta was beaten till he accepted his new name of Toby. Whipped repeatedly and punished till he finally gave in.

The mother and the wife of Mohammed had a child. But the married was not a marriage, the marriage was master slave situation. Not even an arranged marriage. She did not kill him like she killed her first two Arab husbands because they were fighters and she was better, she killed them while they were raping her. Mohammed did not try to rape her, he was an academic and liked to study. So her guard was down, which then produced a manipulation rape not a violent rape. Convincing someone to do something against their will is only slightly better by a few molecules to a physical violently with a weapon rape.

The result was Fatimah, the only child of Mohammed to survive to adulthood.

A red haired, hazel eyed girl. Abu Bakr wanted to kill her very badly.

Her invasion of Egypt was also a monumental failure. Partially because she could not get the system to work, partially because as she preached the word Abu Bakr’s army was behind her finding and killing everyone she talked to.

But Mohammed and Abu bakr were entirely certain that they could apply sufficient pressures onto the Jews in Egypt to force them to cooperate. The previous 2.5 attempts had ended with the Esau line descendants being too nice and kind to the Jews, Mohamed and Abu bakr were going to really show them pain, torture, agony, and outright kill them if they did not comply. So they invaded Egypt circa 630 and started to round up Jews. Those that knew anything about the system were brought back to Mecca and informed “make it work or die,” all were eventually executed. Usually during the newly reconstituted Hajj. Instead of screaming at just rocks, during those decades the “denounce Satan” objects were people stoned to death while their mass murders were shouting “I renounce Satan”, because Esau and Mohammed were entirely convinced that they were the reincarnation of Adam and that they were the way, the truth, and the light of the way of god. Any arguments regarding this theology were met with swift and violent reprisals. Terah, Esau, and Mohammed allowed for not a single word of negativity against their actions. Abu Bakr followed suit and did not allow a negative word regarding his actions either.

Most of the Jews, Christians, Coptic’s, etc in Egypt managed to evacuate out of the way. Heading first south using the Nile, then using the connected river systems, west to Niger.

From 640-1100 the Jews were left mostly alone and had thrived in Niger.

Then the Islamic army had finally battled and fought their way around the Mediterranean, then down across the Sahara to Niger, where they found millions and millions of descendants of the Jews living and thriving.

This was many steps beyond totally and completely unacceptable in every single way possible.

The plan Mohammed and Abu bakr had in circa 630 was enacted with furious vengeance. The University of Tinbuktwo was used as a sorting and processing facility to start the initial identification of the Jews living in the Native Populations. The university was designed to first and foremost identify where the groups of people were, to start the genetic testing to determine who the hunters could go out and kill on site, what villages needed to be entirely erased. Since they were still entirely isolated and had infiltrated little if any into the location native populations, unlike other Jewish tribes. They were relatively easy to both identify and erase from existence.

The more difficult once to erase from existence were the Jews who had infiltrated into the native populations. To examine the customs, language, teachings, etc. every small aspect of the Jews which would be found inside the native groups. Each tribe had to some degree interact but the sorting questions became how much. Did the Jews and x tribe merge just for trade, did the Jews tell the natives anything about the system. Was their cross breading, cross technology, etc.

Also knowing the Muslim army was on its way, did the Jews either purchase or steel large ships to be able to evacuate out of the way of the invading army. If so where did they go. Did the Santa Maria sail to Niger under the command of the Jews and conversos; and pick up any straggler Jews and transport them somewhere else. Did anyone have any information about said at all?

Slave trade, the start has been all but entirely ignored, the end had been a singular focus.

But since some of the Jews had very successfully infiltrated into the Native African specifically the Nigeria culture, a selection process was needed. Hence the University of Timbuktu, was needed for this purpose till about the early 1600s when the French sent troops to capture and prevent more lost of Jewish lives. The Muslims in the area stopped sending their hirldren to study since the education was not about sialm and hunting the jes to kill lthem anymore. Alhtough the coloniest did continue in limited ways for the next two centuries. The colonies stuned into United States in 1776, the offpring from their gifts needed a solid education and the only one available for half Muslims (material) and half European (paternal) was the U of Timbuktu. But regular Islamic scholars had long since given up on returning to the school to achieve the primary goal. But once this process was mostly finished, in the early 1800s the school was mstly shut down and its scrolls were moved to more securet locations. The library the school possessed was a target for distruction from the middle 1800s to present. A portion of one of the wings was burned to the ground, but most of the important works had beenmoved out and hidden when the invading violently miliatn army was a few hundred miles away intent on invasion and destruction of anything they did not like. This same selection process the Nazi’s would use in the centuries ahead to do the same thing. Separate out the Jews who knew about the system from those that had no idea. The Jews who had no idea were either killed outright or were worked to death.

Starting shortly after the end of the Viking Age circa 1066 ce, the Muslims moved out of Britain and into Europe. The Muslims under the descendants of the well organized army of Fatimah, he conquered the British and forced them to leave their own island circa 690ce.

In Europe and Africa with a huge humiliation in Britain, the Muslims worked to expand their plantation system into Europe and to a very limited amount in Africa. Specially north west portions  close to rivers. The African Muslims captured the selected from Timbuktu natives and sold them into slavery to pay for the genocide of the Jews in Niger.

Those sold into slavery were shipped to Europe to their friends and business partners in mostly mainland Europe. Spain and eastern Europe. But circa 1100 the white governments of Europe soon grew uneasy with said “plantations” with the native Africans being not only slaves but worked to death. No regard for humanity involved. This was very upsetting to many white Europeans.

The response from the Muslims was the same response the confederacy gave the union, “how dare anyone tell me anything about what I can and cannot do. I will happily kill you to make sure I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, how I want. If I want to kill someone, no one including god can tell me I cannot. If I purchase a wife, I owner her. If she does something which displeases me I can beat her, or even kill her. If I purchase a slave, that slave belongs to me. What I do with it is entirely my business.”

Armies were re-raised and new wars broke out to stop the Islamic armies from performing such barbaric actions.

Those armies first formed around Britain and those battles are labeled as “The first Crusade.”

THE first crusade was to stop the Muslims in their beastly actions from taking place in Europe and the holy lands. The Crusades only enraged the Muslims more, four crusades over the course of the next couple centuries set the tone for the events which cascaded into the moderl cultures. Including the invasion of PZrotestatnaism based on the teachings of maohammed repackaged into a form European cultures could accept. Amost no protestnatm follower has nay idea the “Teacher” they are accepting into their soul is actually Mohammed. But their actions after are almost identical to the actions of any sharia law following violently milityatn Muslim.


Forcing the ottoman empire to slowly over the centuries to withdraw. But not before they violently influenced both John Calvin and Martin Luther to repackage Islam into a more acceptable format.

That more acceptable format became Protestantism.

The European plantation owners either business partners with Muslims or descendants of some of the first ottoman empire soldiers into Europe. Were forced to leave or be killed themselves. The Europeans were not tolerating Islam in Europe. Zero tolerance for the slave trade.

So they were forced to move from Europe to Africa.

But in Africa there was a profound problem. If the slave ran away, that slave could figure out how to get back home. Even if that journey was thousands of miles away. They could escape and go back home. Second problem was every different Islamic war lord has an itch regarding needing to desperately be in charge. So if you get three Muslim war lords in close proximity. They will eventually go to war and try to kill each other, so they can claim the opponent’s army. So they can become stronger and more dominate.

Those wars destroy plantations.

New lands far away so the slaves could not run back home was a need.

From 1200 to the middle of the 1400s this was an unsolvable problem. Since the Vatican still possessed a strong enough army to keep an invading Islamic army out of Italy. But middle to the end of the 1400s that was no longer the case. The Vatican began to have issues, and lose wars with various factions which had power surged after portions of the ottoman empire retreated from pockets of Europe. Some pockets remained, but other pockets had more than sufficient cause to retreat back to Islamic controlled lands.

Enter the new world.

Without a sufficient army, the Muslims contacted the Vatican and informed them. either open up the American continent or we invade Rome itself. Your choice, but this has a clock, time is running out, very quickly.

So the Vatican allowed an expedition due west.

Thus opening the slave plantation system to the west and disposing of the natives, making hand over fist profits, selecting out the Jews, killing those who did not know anything, and using those that knew about the system to force them to make it work for the Muslims.

From 1500 to 1700, those strategies worked the same as the previous four attempts. Zero success. So the Islamic cultures chose a different tack, instead of themselves being in direct command and control, they would give their orders to the Europeans who had been long standing business partners and purchasers of slaves to come to America and set up plantations 1000 miles away from the closest government to tell you no.

Thus do what you want, make profits, kill the natives, we will simply send you more provided you sent us a few tons of products once a year. You keep the rest of the profits for yourself. We need the food and to get rid of the natives to hunt for more Jews.

The 1700s and 1800s America was operating under this behavior. The English, Dutch, Spanish, etc were in command and control seeking out systems in America and forcing the Jews who know how to make the systems work. This also failed miserably.

With said failures being entirely frustrating, a new tack. Have the white culture in America reform into the Democratic party to force this issue in a different way. When that failed, they concept of the confederacy became the only realistic solution.

Slowly over the decades the Islamic cultures started to include the confederacy into their base plans. Those base plans included the system, which Jefferson Davis had his friends not only worked on before the war but had continued after and did major damage to themselves because of it.

The Thule Society in basic and brief started officially in 1918. But from the assumption was 1805 to 1901 the think tanks were based on ex-Democrats/Confederates who either left of their own free will or were forced to leave America when the Confederacy fell. Little known facts about the Confederacy, the hatred towards Jews in the south was immeasurably larger than their need to keep the state of slavery up and operating. They claim it was about “States Rights” and “freedom” but the truth is the people in the south want to live their lives according to their own rules. Does not make those rules good, ethical, or right. Most of the time those that demand to have the most freedom’s are the ones committing crimes, which might take decades to catch them and prosecute them. If ever, a strong portion of the slave trade is finding and killing Jews, but that is not mentioned at all by almost anyone. The violent anti-Semitics of the south is one of the major reasons the south fought hard to keep up the slave trade. It was of course about money as well, but killing Jews in the native populations and African populations is the primary purpose behind Rutledge’s complaint speeches before signing the Declaration of Independence. He disliked how the North had demonized the south and its slave trade with their plantations. But Rutledge was equally offended that the North was so eager to forget that their religious communities liked the slave trade profits but were totally focused on finding and killing the Jews.  The south liked the slaves but killing Jews became second, the north was interested in selling the slaves but primarily killing Jews.

This dynamic had a profound impact upon the part Jew Tituba the slave owned by Father Parris. She knew about the system and was ordered to make it work. But she did not and hurt the girls which were assigned to help her make it work. Thus the Salem Witch Trials. The parris name comes from France and is connected to the system the French Royal family used to defend Paris from invaders. The name comes from the Prince of Troy Paris, his older brother Hector was at least in fiction killed by Achilles. But it was not hector but his royal body double/body guard who went out to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the Trojan People. Achilles was a Jew.

Samuel Parris did his best to create the official docuamtion which erased what parts he did not like and to twist the story into justying killing the villagers to perform a witch hunt. Those “justifications” found in the documation were from the start full well written out knowing they were all but tprue fiction. Parris and the other officials in charge of the tirals were so blinded by their hatred of Wtiched, the British, the System, and the Grmans that they could not perceive life where they were not usgin their power for god and killing every “evil doer” in their reach of power.

Rutledge and Adams of the Contiental Congress spent amsot daily arguments, fighting over the smallest details. The details of the yet to be named, written, or identified “Delcoroation of Indepandance”. A huge portion of the reason why the British and the English were so hard on Massachuestts is because the fanatical overreach of powers used in Salem angered most of the non-Puritans in the state and areas. THE puritans were enraged after the end of the tirals because they hated that their mass murder actions were not being greated with “you should thank us, we went to the time and trouble to remove the evil from our colony.” Instead of being thanks the PUritnas were pnsihed to the maximum the limited laws in the area would allow. The main officials were ridiculed, and shuned for most of the rest of their livfes. The people of salem were angry, the city of boston let them know they were not welcome, and Massachusetts informated them that they had done wrong. Which did not do a single thing to help the facts that those men some of them were convinced to their dying breath that their actions regarding torturing and killing the witches they were the hand of god. God chose those men to perform those tasks. About 1000 afidavids from the Nazi pointto the same jusfictaions for their genocidal actions.


But now the evidence is starting to look like; part of one of the think tanks which eventually merged into the Thule Society started in 1820 by Mormons from New York under orders from Joseph Smith to have a church in Europe and spread the word. Also to work directly with the people associated with the ancient Futhark in order to further the work and the research of the larger Goal that Smith was attempting to achieve. The larger goal was to understand what the garden of Eden looked like specifically the System which  was at the very center of the garden. The structure which surrounded the fountain and the four trees of creation.

By 1846, the clandestine LDS in Germany/Austria had started to send messages back to America and B.Y. found out about them. He was more than a small amount livid. Smith thanks to his connections with ancient libraries, which the Ogle family provided, he could understand about the “Grand Architecture” built into the  System. Which could be part of “The Hall of Records” legends. But Brigham Young(B.Y.) was entirely afraid of that subject. Young fought Smith tooth and nail regarding the research into the system. Because Young knew flat out that the System was going to prove his actions were less than divine, prove that he was going to be “spanked” by the lord, knew that his actions were unacceptable, etc.  But Young’s  lust for power and control over the church was so intense and radical that he could not prevent his Psychopathic desire to perform a coupe de tant against Smith and his son to take over the Church. He knew he could do it. knew that he could help the Americans obliterate the Temple in the capital of Texas, and knew that he could kill every single Jew and African in the church and no one would say anything about it. Which is very close to the definition of Genocide. He genocided all the Jews and blacks in the Mormon communities. He was entirely sure that those two “races” have the mark of Kane on them. This being said and documented for decades, that the fact that the Young Missionaries in Europe would have all but fell into line perfectly with the radical anti-Semitic cultures in full operation. Tying Young forever to the Genocide of the eventual Third Reich. Which his NAZI friends managed to figure out ways in which to destroy all records. In a manner of speaking or perception it is possible to assume that the current lds church is a secret NAZI organization. If this evidence holds regarding their 1800s actions, as well as support of the political and military wing of the NAZI Party. But since some lds survived the holocaust without being touched at all and others were some of the first victims to be mass executed in the middle 1920s, this goes to show a huge difference between the Smith LDS and the Young LDS. the Young were part of the genocide and the Smith were subjects of the earliest of the genocide. September 22, 1822 is the date given by Smith as to the location of the Plates.

What is not said is the people around Smith as friends and professional associates, were present in the hours and days after the discovery. He was likely alone in the beginning, but he would have gone back with select people to show the evidence of what he found.

Some of them would have been part of the missionaries who went to Europe to research book ii.

September 22 is approximately the time of Mabon Solstice/Equinox. A beyond key date for the elder Futhark calendar.


The first book would be relatively easy; the second book would be very difficult.



The larger picture when Smith started to send his missionaries into Europe circa 1823, some of his earliest converts were starting to form while he was still in the middle of translating the book. But something has to be made beyond absolutely clear. Maroni was one of the writers of the plates, and angel was unnamed to the community. This in part goes to the warnings that Smith was given about “do not trust Young, period”. Since Young would not be part of the Mormon church till 1830, Smith’s followers had time in Germany from 1823-1830 to set up living, find jobs, and form the needed “Thing tanks” in the libraries the Ogles told them were the information was kept. They had 7 years to prepare. But once Young 8 years later started to think about what was happening, he knew those loyal to Smith were operating in Germany and he disliked that idea to the depth of his being. He traveled to England at least once to set up his own Missionaries and Church to perform recognizance with people loyal to him not smith.

It was obvious that once the Book of Mormon was published that “infiltrators” would join and work hard to raise to the top and topple Smith from power. So preparations had to be made immediately upon discovery of the plates.

Smith could have been smart enough, more likely the Ogles told him to prepare. The ogles had been through this dance more than a few times, they knew exactly what happens the second true power is revealed and the enemy has the idea that power can be turned into a weapon.


Young spent years as a traveling blacksmith and carpenter, which is a perfect cover for a spy. Young was born at a time when the political wings were changing at a drastic rate. What culture would Young have been a spy for, he was born in Vermont, but politically he was a die in the wool “Great Awakening Follower”, he was entirely convinced the hard line radical conservative version of Protestantism was the one true and only path to god. He merged those ideals and philosophy with the Book of Mormon. Why because he could do the same thing that Adolf did 90 years later; infiltrate, report back to the Dems, and take over the leadership of the Church. This is of the most critical of importance since Young’s actions and later Adolf's actions mirror almost exactly what the Evil Priest Paul did to the Christian Church. Joined, merged, and violently took over. Did Young learn from Paul how to perform, and Adolf followed both examples as to how to properly take over an organization to become its new leader or Fuehrer? He was born before the formulation of the Democratic party, but it formed while he was a teenager. Young was a 19 year old when the old Jeffersonian republican party became the Democratic Party. The platform of the party was mostly crimes against humanity with evil enforcement. But the reformer/re-founder Andrew Jackson himself was a staunch radical conservative and plantation/slave owner. He had hundreds if not thousands of slaves. Jackson also have a soul level hatred of the Aristocratic Culture. Partially because the true Aristocracy were Jews, and Jackson hated Jews to the ultimate degree.  The Aristocracy were descendants of the Princes of Troy, his Islamic business partners had informed him that the Trojan's were Jews who Deserved to be erased from existence. Not only did Jackson believe this but he worked his entire life to erase Jews from America. Part of the Trail of Tears was Jacksons idea. He attacked during the war of 1812 New Orleans to clear the French Royals out of the area to force them to Manitou. Where he had other friends form armies to go and kill every last Aristocrat in the original Capital of Texas, Manitou. He hated Jews more than Adolf did. He like Adolf 100 years later was entirely convinced the Jews were in control of the banks and that the only way to stop the Jews from holding American Monetary system hostage was to get rid of money all together and force everyone to either buy a Plantation or work for one. Jackson had zero problem destroying the entire economy to make sure the Jews did not seize control over America. The American economy took decades to partially recover. The south has not recovered more than two centuries later, the south is still recovering from the damage that Jackson did. Brigham also saw the rise of Fascism out of the ashes of the Confederacy. The Confederacy rose out of the failed hard line Plantation slave system Jackson was entirely convinced was the only way forward for the American Culture. After the Civil War the Conservatives left the Democratic party like rats from a sinking ship to join the newly formed GOP.

Part of the reason that Lincoln and a dozen other very high ranking and powerful GOP were scheduled to be killed was to allow the conservatives an easy path into power from the democratic party they were leaving to join the GOP. Only one was killed, so the transition from the Dem/Confederate to the GOP took from 1865-1885. Instead of being close to instantly.

Young witnessed all of these actions and made choices in his stolen leadership of the LDS. He directed his Church closer to that of the Conservative/Great Awakening Movement than to the Liberal culture. The liberals began to flee the GOP when it became clear the conservatives were taking over. The liberals in the north and west began to resign from the GOP and join the Democratic Party. This transition took more than 100 years to complete, but except for the deep south but 1960 the transition was complete. The deep south dems were “blue dog” dems and were 99% for the GOP. If the conservatives could bring back slavery they would in a second. Smith witnessed part of this and was about as strongly allied with the liberals as humanly possible. Young leaned conservative.

This is of the most critical of importance since it explains the actions done from 1840 to the construction of the legendary Nazi Bell. Since the Missionaries Smith sent to Germany circa 1823, played a direct part in the “Navigation System” needed for the mythical Nazi Bell. The Navigation system would be the next step in the progression of the second book of Mormon, since why Germany. Why Germany is because of their pre Latin language, which is the Futhark. The Futhark is both a language and a calendar. The language and calendar combine to create an extremely accurate navigation system. The second book would be about those three things.

From the point Young learned of the existence of the Book of Mormon he had one task, join and take over the church. Same exact behavior that Adolf had 87 years later Although Young was instrumental in spreading LDS in the UK, he was kept entirely out of the German missionaries. His anger regarding the German LDS think tanks was palpable. Was young a Confederate spy? That is an unknown, how much did Young assist in the development of fascism. That is also an unknown, but Young was a strong and powerful voice after the end of the Civil War from 1860-1877. The 11 years after the Civil War are some of the most important regarding the formation of Fascism and the eventual Nazi think tanks and political party there were. The scramble regarding rearranging loyalties, property rights, erasing what is not wanted by the United States of America, the Confederates leaving America as quickly as they could arrange transport. Many joined the Franco-Prussian War. Those 11 years and the years after 1877, America was a gigantic mess in almost every way.



The very earliest converts started hanging around Smith in the time between finding the plates and starting to translate them. Not only did they see the plates, but had a secondarily direct interaction with the “divine beings” who helped Smith translate the books in the first place.

But the most difficult aspects of this entire situation is that the earliest Missionaries sent to Europe by Smith were sent with the specific purpose. Smith had a long term plan to translate and publish another book.

That other book was about the secrets in the architecture. You see the ancients who built the first buildings and the pyramids did so using architecture as a language in order to preserve the books in a semi-absolutely perfect way. A book, paper, metal, etc. are too easy to destroy. But a building made up of tons and tons of carved rock is not something the enemy wants to destroy. They want to kill the people living in it and then live in it themselves.

In a very odd way the enemy would in their narcissistic and psychopathic way to “take” what is better from their enemies and use it themselves. They preserved the very thing they spent vast amounts of time in metal and paper form trying to seek out and destroy.

It is utterly amazing the sneakiness of using architecture to write your history in. But Smith knew this and wanted to work on a second book of Mormon. But you name it, it got in the way. Smith planned to use the same engineering and archtenctural design in his temples than the ancient Children of Israel had done building the PYrmaids. The Pyramids are the oldest and mostly still intact printing fo the story fo genesis. Destying that books of Genesis is one fo the dozens fo motivations which the Hyksos from Mecca desiendants of Esau used to justify their acgtions in pulacing the jews into slaver and killing them. They needed to remove the lies and falsehods which tgeh jews had built into the structure fo the PYramnids. Numbers are letters; letters are numbers. Every single number in the PYrmaids is a letter, collectionos of numbers is a collection of letters. Collction of letters are words. The sleeping prophet Edgar Cacye was correct, but did nto understand why he was corrct. The hall of records location is the key to being able to decipher the first still in existnace prtinging of the books of genesis.

Smith wanted to rebuild the sotyr of geneiss in his temples. Btu young; his heart was too full fo hate to allow the. He de3mnaded to be the president aqnd leader foteh lds church, and would nto stop as having Jospeh Smith assassinated to acnhieve that goal.

Frm just before Johseoph Smith found the plates he had a very diffic8tl life tyring to exist in an area and amongst people who trutly hated any and all things which told them their theology of “The Great Awakening” movment was wrong in any way. If they had even thought that someone disagreed with their tehology, that was the same as violetn opppsition. The best defense is a good offense, since their religious views and lifestyle was under attack. Divine Retribution was jst what the lord had commanded. So the great awakening followers had set themselves into a violetn and dangerous portion of existance within the framework of being violent to anyone and anything which might question their authory to be instruments fothe divine.

Which is in part due and based on the faqct that most fo the protstaqnt faqith as wel as the structure of the great awakening mvoemnt itself is directly from the teahigs and structure of Islam.

Not a single “Born Again” will admit it, but the fats are the facts.

Smtih faced violence at every turn in this teenage years. Direct death threats the second he found the paltes forward to his presumed “Assassimation”.

But the events fo the night fo jJune 2, 1844 are entirely different athn what has been falsely reported. Smith waws not killed, his brother was, but he was not. His bodydoulble/boyd guard was killed but he was safetly miles if nt a coupel stat4es away achieving a different goal.


B.Y. by 1842 openlky and thoroughly hatqed Smith with every atom of his existnace. He hated everytign about the smith leade3rship fo the church. He hated even nmore the “secret” cermineso he was not allowed to attend and or have ay connection with. Some very young and extmreley attractive (of age) femailes would willingly and with pureity in their hearts go into those cermines and appear to be mnore blessed and divine after leqving than befoe they entred. None of Youngs cermeionesi ended that way. He could reign fire and brimstone from the pulpit but mostly what he inspired was rage, anger, hatred, and a mob mentality. Not divine will.

He could nto understaqnd why his firely sermans did nto inspire “divine” awareness and a deep love fo the world. His follwoers were more likely to go out and get into fights than to sit and sing “kumbia” for a few weeks.

The gelopusly was a pitiful and disgusting overreach of inapproptiate interactions.


Smith knoew that young hated him and all that he stood for, he also knjow he had a deep and untollerating love fo the book hd had written. THE book fo momron young felt was a divine gift, which should have been gtiven to him and not smith. He would never forgive god for not allowing himself to be given the tgift of seen and decoding the plates.

The consiquenes would become entirely obviously over the next bit of time.

1842 smith starts to work with Sam Huston in order ot build a lds community in Texas. But Texas at the time poasessed a area which included most fo present day Okhalhoma, New Mexico and a sizable portion fo Colroado.

An arm of land reading up through the reio granda and te Arkansas rivers to their headwaters in Maniout was part fo texas till the end of 1849.

Why si this important, because the lds church has no idea or records fo the city and temple in texas was located.

The city smith had negotiavfe with HUsgon had been under constructgiono and 1000s fo lds were sent their in the years berfore 1844. But since they were the “undesireables” which young hated withevery fiber fo his being. He had no reason in the world to acknowelge said existerd and every reason to sent troops and kill every single lds member in that lds settlemtsn. they were evil by eugoneics standards, so since hteyw ere evil, killing tehm was a holy/divine act. Same mindset as the muslims killing their “infadels”.

The temple and the settlement were Old Colorado City, which was then called “Rocky Mountain”. A city which sat and still sits just west of Manitous Colraodo.


The night in question june 2, 1844. As the documentation presetnd shows that smith was sitting with his family in illinous close to the city fo Carthage. He had been actively engaging in fighting with both the local “great awakening” follweors in the area as well as those loyal to young and more than willing ot kill him to anoit yo0ung as the true and rightful messanger of god tha the had been bragging about since the day he entered the church.

As the documeantion states, “smith” was given a message from the lord. That message was “get up and leave right this very second”. Say your good bye sto your family, but you need to leave immediately. You avhe x numbr fo minutes to lave before it is too late.

The previous three and a half decades Smith according to his own writings and lds documentation never ignored a direct order from what he considered to be from god. So he would have absolutely not started to ignore the lord at that second. 

He said his goodbye’s and started to leave.  Changed his clothes, gave up the name Joseph Smith, and vanished from the original record.


Smiths journey to Israel.



He did some assistance and helping of what he was ordered to by the British and French Royal families present. Then he went straight to Europe to assist in the translation of the second book of Mormon. This one would have to be done entirely clandestinely, his book would not see the light of day.

This book was about the physical structures of the books of the bible written using architecture.

From 1820-1850 three entire decades of research and work had produced a huge amount of results. The lds Smith group had found a huge amount of what they were looking for.

But the problems started, Young found out and his rage regarding Smith and his missionaries caused Young to have a level of rage and anger beyond measure.

The orders were for the Young missionaries to go to Europe, find the Smith missionaries and prevent them from achieving their goals at all costs. up to and including murder.

Although something very odd is statistically paralleling the journey of Smith. Ordered to leave right that second.

Journey to a specific destination.

And Drop your name forever.

With a few other variables both similar and not, this is statistically closer to the path of Jacob becoming Israel.

It would be absolutely fascinating for Smith weeks to months after to actually have been given the name Israel.

Either Israel, and or gifted with the mantle of immortality.

Going to Europe soon after to assist in the research of his second book.


Young’s missionaries informed the Smith groups they had two choices, they could either follow the dictates of Young or be excommunicated. Most chose Excommunication.

Choosing excommunication since they had a firsthand physical evidence of the issues surrounding the divines of Smith and the very bad and violent actions of Young. I follow the one with the immortal gift, not the one making a power play so full of rage and anger that he can hardly function.



The use of a vast library. The cultures who collect, work with, expand library's by default know more than the ones who "Books, we do not need no stinking books". Nobel, Edinburgh U, New Castle, Harvard, Columbia, e.g. Most of the Ivy Leagues, Dublin, Leipzig, Heidelberg (both), etc. by about 100 more. What do all those universities have in common. They all have two major connections. First they were all founded around a "Monstrous Library" second They are all connected to the British not English governments. Next most important thing. In the late 1600s the English government finished conquering the "Kingdom to the North" after the conquest the North Kingdom was absorbed into the English United Kingdom. When this occurred the English took the name British as a facade name. But for the previous several millennia the British and English were two very different and extremely diverse cultures. Most of those millennia they had different dress, languages, etc. Almost everything about those two cultures was different.

The Vikings are the military arm of the British. The Vikings possessed connections to vast libraries. For the previous several centuries they had been ferrying back and forth from Constantinople to the libraries in northern Europe the latest scientific papers. Making a good living at it. But with books and said materials at their disposal there is more than sufficient evidence for the Vikings to sale across the ocean circa 1200 ce. But the writers of history are the English. We all know the victor write the history. What embarrasses the victor is edited out. Since the English had a problem with education and higher learning the sailors from the English could not sail easily anywhere. However the British could sail point to point anywhere they so chose. Benefits of a huge library. You can find evidence for Vikings up and down the entire east coast. You can find evidence for the British in the Cherokee (dna), you can find direct evidence (Paul bunion and his aurox blue) in the great lakes area. When most of the people you are around are 4 10 and those guys over there are pushing 7 feet. That is a giant to you. Normal height of a Vikings based on their remaining graves was 6 6. Normal height for a Mediterranean culture was right around 5 feet. So Boston’s original name was "Beacon Hill" unknown what New York was called before the Dutch betrayed their cousin culture to work the wrong side of the slave trade e.g. NewAmsterdam 1630. But for the previous 100 years if not more most of the cities including new Smyrna beach and st Augustine were inhabited by non-English/Spanish cultures. all that history was erased when the conqueror came to Town. Those cities were either founded by the birtihs or the birtish had lived in and expanded navitve cities.

What does this mean for the Kensington stone. That stone tells a story regarding extremely advanced navigation which the enemy wanted to possess and then destroy. Namely the descendants of Abu bakr and of course Mohammed. Tell me one day since 620 ce that the militant wing of Islam had not murdered someone, burned a library down, stoned to death some random teenager, genocide anyone who told them no, etc. Just one day since 620 ce please. I am not saying western culture is perfect but we do not kill our teenagers for being teenagers. We do not stone to death women who do not follow sharia law to the letter. We do not torture to death homosexuals. In pockets on occasion western culture has done deplorable things, the “Witch burning” times was not western cultures finest millennia. But we are not still tying Nasty women to posts and burning them alive anymore. Sharia law brags about it.

The English and Spanish cultures are so close to that of their millennia old business ties with violent militant Islamic that more than a few of their crimes against humanity behavior patterns rubbed off. Which including revisionist history making the victor look like they are the hand of god and the loser an instrument of the devil. Yes of course not all Muslims are nasty and violent. But western culture only had a few times when the KKK laws rules and regulations were the dominant in isolated areas. Entire sections of that world rely upon sharia law, which most of those rules are a crime against humanity. The differences are important to note when dealing with history. Example Cleopatra’s existence past the Battle of Actium is pure fiction. What she did, where she went, etc is pure mythology created by the Roman Senate since she embarrassed them. Caesar converted to Judaism in his teens, but not a single word about that has been allowed to survive in documentation. The Julii family as well as the Lucia family were both Jewish lines and lived in the city of Samhain (Gaelic pronounced 7) e.g. the 7 Hills of Rome. Conquest name change edit. Romulus wanted the previous 2000 plus years of the city of Samhain erased, so it was. But he could not hide the archaeology. But he could erase the libraries and the people who knew how to read. So they were the first to be executed. To keep his secrets. Revisionist history alive and well. The history of Rome is mostly fiction. Rome spent the next x centuries under penalty of capital punishment insisting the world was flat. Up to and through the 1400s. Pure mythology but they had the army so they made the rules. Northern Europe did not suffer from such lunacy. Northern Europe did not have the problem of losing its library’s, scholars, or complex navigation. So you tell me exactly why is the history of the Vikings in North America not documented?


The War between

You see in North East Europe the culture present did not see a problem with being catholic and the BOM, for Catholics in North East Europe it was just adding another book, not the first time likely not the last. Smith sent his followers to Europe in order to get away from the extremes in nastiness of the American Continent. Although the Ottoman Empire was still present and fighting, at least the Ottoman’s fought with some level of honor.

By 1850 – 1860, the German government was starting to become very upset at the prospect that the two fringe religious groups were fighting and killing on their streets over a subjects not of the governments wanted to acknowledge existed.

In response, the Germans sent troops and academics to Tiffin Ohio to confiscate the books of the Ogle family and formed Heidelberg University. Why because Smith and the Ogles had been directly connected for about two entire decades from about 1830-1850, the Germans wanted to know firsthand what had occurred between the two Smith and Young along with the events which the Ogle family did to intervene to save the lives of both Smith and Oliver on several occasions. The Americans and the Germans were entirely interested, but these OSS operations were conducted exclusively clandestinely. To prove this happened, the evidence regarding Heidelberg, the Ogles in Tiffin, Tiffin branch of Heidelberg, smiths group which spent time in the Heidelberg Library, and Young’s group who worked very hard to erase the Smith missionary group presence. This needed to be investigated. The only real way to achieve this goal was to set up a “Spy Location” in Tiffin aka “Heidelberg University” and by proxy for the American’s Fort Ball. Two separate spy operations occurring to discover the secrets the Ogles had been hiding for millennia.



Heidelberg University

The Joseph Victor von Scheffel collection of stories is strongly about both the medieval actions in Germany and the events of the early and middle 1800s in Tiffin Ohio. As the story goes, which is more of a collection of spy reports turned into fiction so that those reading could then decrypt the fiction into the facts of what was happening. To report back to the Americans, Germans, Dutch, and other interested parties. America did not have a large enough army to have another war, so cooperation was life for the colonies, unless they wanted to remain states. Non-cooperation means return to colonies and be decimated. The story revolves around a young Prince going away to college, and a young pub owner’s daughter. They meet and fall in love. “King and the Inn Keepers Daughter”. Inn Keepers is a very odd and unusual application of the story of the Nativity, and King Solomon’s Temple. The University in Ohio was founded in 1850, but it was a functioning library of the ogle family since the middle 1700s. It was conquered and claimed by the Americans in the decade or two before 1850. But the library came directly from the Ogle family. The Prince (King Solomon) falls in love with a commoner (the maiden; of Tiffin sits were a portion of Fort Bell was located. Although the fort was huge, its exact placement and its size have been mostly lost. The documentation of the exact parameters seems to have been destroyed. Although it would be fascinating to have a “Fort Vancouver WA” type project and rebuild the fort as close to original as possible. Including the “spy” network which is what caused the fort to be built in the first place. The soldiers were sent to keep the lands and the library they had captured in the years before Fort Ball was commissioned. Fort ball sat directly next to the warehouse which eventually became Tiffin University. Heidelberg U is a bit over 3000 feet away from the location of Fort Ball’s former location were the maiden stands now, to the east on the south east side of the river. The library on the south side of the river was captured first, from the Ogle family. What evidence regarding the Ogle family possessed a library large enough to require being housed in two separate buildings about a mile apart. Simple Ogle kingdom in Britain has three world class universities. St John’s, Edinburgh, and of course New Castle U. Edinburgh has been considered the best medical school in the world since the day it was founded. Those library’s which led to the creation of those Universities, all those books belonged to the Ogle family before they were stolen through conquest. The library on the north side was captured second.), as their relationship builds and alters over time. They both have to make sacrifices for their new family and their old family. They also have to come to some type of inner peace with the new roll life has for them. The Prince has to accept his bride can be nothing more than a “Queen consort” and the Princess has to come to terms with the fact that life in the Palace married to the King is in large part about a life which goes directly against her morals, ethics, and character. Although some of the short stories are a bit contradictory, as well as extremely cryptic communication between a spy network and of course a dozen countries with specific encryption keys wanting to know specific details. Oddly enough the stories were about both the U in Germany and the U in Ohio. Since the U in Germany had its own “Think Tank” groups pushing for information the Germans did not want to give to them. But had little choice.

The maiden in Germany would be the façade of the Think Tanks, while the Prince would be a metaphor for the temple of Solomon and the maidens journey to discover as much about the Prince as possible. Which means how close to discovering how those things worked, and where were each of the Think tanks along their journey into Research and development. A very difficult process to investigate. Even more difficult to report on said actions.

But in a very large way, these stories were the base and the inspiration for the Ian Fleming novel’s about his character based on his own spy life and another spy not working for MI6. Going deep into the jungle “Ohio” to seek out “A weapon” of mass destruction, and shut it down. Sounds like every one of the James Bond novels.

These stories are a collection of works telling about the long and drawn out medieval “grail quest” to find the System and exploit the tool into a weapon of mass destruction. Even though the English claim Camelot was in Wales, this has less than zero basis in reality. The true location of Camelot is the one and only kingdom in all of Britain capable of maintaining an army large and trained enough over half a millennia to take on and defeat the Roman Empires’ Entire Army. Just because the Romans name changed to English does not mean they stopped attacking their mortal enemy the British. The Grail (Royal Blood) is literally OC French for the Manx Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. The quest for the Amber(sacred, blood), Royal (Yr Hen). Dan Brown had it partially correct, but left out the fact that when Rosslyn Chapel was  built it was commissioned on the Kingdom of Northumberland. Rosslyn (Rose <amber> Line <Aten>) Chapel (sacred/amber) defined land; or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd. In English North (vertical) Umber Land. That Chapel sat in Northumberland for most of its existence, minus a few hundred years ago, the boarder shifted a few dozen miles south of Rosslyn Chapel.

The Girl is the Nativity, and the Prince is Solomon.

It is a careful riddle, which on the surface is just a story, but decrypted it is literally the story of two separate clandestine operations. One taking place in the 1500s and the other taking place in the early to middle 1800s. with more than a subtle reference to 400-700 ce Northumberland.


To find out what the secret were which the ogles possessed, Smith wanted to find out more about, and of course the Americans and Germans wanted to “steal”.




Some of the realy nasty/deplorable people in America had no interest in Honor, hanging strange fruit and have a party while the victim strangles to death is their idea of a good time. No doubt for some of those parties, after 10 minutes the victim would be brought down allowed to keep breathing, catch their breath, then strung back up for another round of strangulation.

The execution could go on for hours. Which makes items the NAZI did a century later look relatively tame in comparison.

Smith wanted to have his “most secret” items translated from the golden plates in a place the really bad people from America could not gain access too. In America the violence against Jews was at a fever pitch, in Europe it has only reached the level of assault with few individual murders. Mostly just murders of individuals and very small groups. The large scale stuff would not start for decades and the next century. Depending on of course the definition of large groups.

The city and university of Heidelberg Germany are only about 40 give or take miles from the area of Bavaria; where the research lab was located which developed the NAZI Bell. Based on operations which are the top end of classified, having the field research lab 100 give or take miles away from the laboratory research laboratory is not outside the realm of possibilities. Los Alamos New Mexico is where part of the research for the Nuclear Bombs were developed, but most of the field worked was done at Tech in Socorro New Mexico more than 100 miles away. The field work and the lab work for high explosives and or weapons of mass destruction the “Cache la Poudre” is almost always miles if not double digit miles away from each other. If something bad occurs, the entire project is not destroyed. All the scientists are not erased from existence in the time it takes such explosions to take effect. electro magnetics weapons take more precautions. They are stronger and their damage to personas is not physical but mental, renders them into babbling idiots. The story of the tower of Babel.

In circa 1675 – 1685 the Germans with their British (ogle family) cousins had removed the Amber Room from out of the future Prussia, knowing full well that the Prussians were going to keep advancing and attacking till they captured a working system.

Now the really important thing to remember at this point is that the fleet carrying the amber room left Germany and headed to Northumberland. But finding the English in full scale attack mode working diligently to erase the Kingdom to the North. The British and the Germans knew full well that the area of Northumberland was not a safe place to take the amber room in any way, shape or form. So a new hiding place was needed.

Unfortunately almost all the cities on the east coast would also not work at all. The English, the Dutch, and the Spanish had all been convinced by their Islamic business partners that the British and the Germans possessed a weapon of mass destruction. If the Europeans did not follow and capture that weapon, it would be used against them. That weapon is so powerful that all the army’s sent could be entirely obliterated that that weapon before the army’s could get close.

The east coast cities were under direct attack, had been for most of the previous century.  Those cities were either under direct threat from the Dutch and or the English, or had already been captured by said. So a new place was needed for the amber room to be stored for a length of time. It can be hypothesized that the location after Boston was Tiffin Ohio. There is zero evidence to point to the Amber room did not sit in Tiffin Ohio, in or near the Ogle family library which became Tiffin U library and or the other library which became Heidelberg u for the 1700s, only being moved out between 1776-1805. Where to, that answer is likely at first to Manitou Colorado, then Bellingham WA, then of course to Ireland. Possibly back to Germany in the decades which followed. Each time it was moved the armies of the world followed, almost exactly like the story if Revelations. “Armageddon” the armies of the world gather outside The City/System and prepare for battle. The city prepares its defenses, and the armies of the world are prepared to kill every last person  in the city. All to prove that the invading army is the true and rightful hand of god and the cultures which possess the system have stolen it from the righteous. But the answer is usually, if the people with the system including the amber room did not possess it according to the rules of the divine. God is more than capable of taking the room away, or the entire system again. If god wanted the descendants of Esau to have it, he would not have allowed the system to slip through the fingers of Esau’s cultural descendants so many times. Or when an off chance they do manage to obtain portions of a system and rebuilt, the enemy of Armageddon would not be lobotomized e.g. Genesis 10, rendered into babbling idiots.  The argument when faced with this is always the same, “the previous generation made mistakes we will not.” But the very act of “taking, by murder, covering, stealing, lying, etc” break the rules and are not acceptable. Those that hold the secrets of the system are working for god, those that want to take it are working against the will of god. Based on 5500 years of historical documenation regarding fighting over the System and its many hundreds of copies.



Germany libraries



Off to Europe both the LDs and the confederates went



Between 1820 - 1895 the merging and conflicts between 1000s of think tanks in Europe produced what would eventually become "The Thule Society" The Thule Society had changed a radical amount from 1918-1925. A bit over two decades from 1895-1918 saw a significant portion of the think tanks in Europe forced to abandon their pursuits of the System in order to fight in World War one. Which those think tanks did a considerable amount of effort to not only assist in the development of World War I but toppling the governments which existed before and after. The Thule Society and 100s of other think tanks when the “pseudo” Royal families started to refuse to allow access to their libraries and refused to allow the research of both electro-magnetics (Frankenstein Tech) as well as the Structure of that fictional laboratory, the next phase of the mission was to topple those “pseudo” governments to not only gain access but also to remove the “Not” Princes of Troy descendants from the royal families. You see for the entire time the Royal families of Europe have had to prove they are the descendants of one of the princes of Troy in order to claim Royal title. But those same people were also torturing to death or outright murdering any Jew they could get their hands on. From pure ignorance that the Trojans were in fact Jews.

Thule society itself was not exactly bad, a few members who joined immediately after World War I were violently anti-Semitic, this is not arguable. But what is arguable is some of the other members including the Jews who were NAZI’s before Adolf Joined. July 1919 Adolf was documented as working as a spy of Germany. He had spent most of the war working as a spy, but previous to July he has worked as a NOCO (Non-Official Cover Operative). He was a slippery little jerk so he did great at being a spy. Which could beer where he and James Whale encountered each other. This encountered likely shaped strongly each others perspective of the world. After their hypothesized encounters, is it not outside the realm of possibilities that Adolf continued to explore his bi-sexual side and was infected with syphilis at that point. Adolf could not shake the influence and openness of the English gays captured in the trenches. He badly wanted to be open but was entirely prevented from it. Turing that “need to be open” inwards, turned the need into a desperation which they need to keep seated hatred of anyone who was allowed to be open about themselves.

Jeffery Lord has his history of the Democratic Party at least partially correct, up to 1880 in the north and west. In the south it is still true till 1980, but the southern dem party was markedly different than the rest of the Democratic party. That party did start as the violently pro-slavery party. This is a proven fact, but what is not acceptable to the gop is that the party changed over the years following the Civil War. President William Jefferson Clinton along with his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton helped to reshape the southern Democratic Party from being pro-slavery and anti-Semitic to being in line with the rest of the Democratic Party. Which cost him significantly since that change cascaded into Southern Democrats turned their backs on him, which led to a charge of sexual misconduct. And almost impeached.

Consequently the structure of American Politics between 1860-1930 was difficult to understand. Since the two major political parties were doing their absolute best to switch philosophical identities without anyone noticing. One of the things which occurred was that many ex-confederates headed to Europe, not being able to stay in America any longer. For a variety of reasons. Many of them upon arriving in Europe quickly joined anti-Semitic and of course pro-slavery groups. Many of those groups had both publications which produced profits as well as think tanks to research the heart of what caused the Seven Years War, the Civil War, and of course the Rise of the Third Reich. Three seemingly unrelated events which are simply mutli-generational of the same War. The war to find and control the WMD of the Tabernacle System.

Adolf badly wanted to be more out and open about his sexual proclivities, but he was entirely prevented from doing so. Partly because of his staunch Catholic upbringing, Homosexuality was not entirely a legal activity in some portions of Austria. It was not all that legal in most of Europe. So instead of being open and honest with himself and his community, he chose to suppress it to the depth of his being. Any psychologist will tell you that suppress your natural impulses long enough and they will come out in both unpredictable ways, and self destructive ways. Adolf made less than zero secret of the fact the that he more than preferred the company of men than anyone else. It was not till the end of his life that he allowed Ava Braun to become close to him. Although she was not his ideal type of woman, but she did have a freedom of spirit which he was so attracted to which he could not control himself when he was around her. Adolf suffered from rather extreme forms of trauma from his father, Alois. His father was more than a bit on the nasty side, since the Anti-Semitic Laws passed in central and eastern Europe did hammer him and his life rather hard. Alois was not born a Hitler. His birth name was Schicklgruber, which is a Semitic (Esau) not Jewish family name. Years before the Jews were rounded up and deported, but the Esau line descendents were allowed to stay. Schicklgruber was Esau line, so he was allowed to stay. Hitler means “A genetically inferior person, but had earned the right to stay  in the area” those laws were passed circa 1870-1890. Those laws are in a large way courtesy of an insurgence form the ex-confederates living in Europe, who moved to Europe after they were unable to continue living in America. Align with their Islamic business partners and their endless supply of money. As a result Alois went from a great pension from his first 20 years of work and a really good second career job. His pension was stripped away and he was fired from a really good job. The trauma of those events cascaded into a very nasty and inappropriate man in his early 50s when Adolf was born. His traumatized father cascaded into leaving a hard impression on young Adolf. He had his fathers and mothers strong will, but also a strong inferiority complex he spent the rest of his life trying to overcome. He refused to be excluded from anything he chose he could rightfully be part of. Which included not only his own academic inclinations, but also his political, military, and philosophy. His philosophy became the center of the religion of the Third Reich. Especially after the Catholic Church ex-communicated Adolf. He was so angry that he formed his own “Cult of Personality.” Adolf perceived himself standing next to Jesus Christ. As a physical manifestation of the will of the lord. Part of that will was to kill the impure Jews from the species and have the true Aryan rule the world.

Adolf learned that in his architecture studies that the mosaics in Rome and other artwork from the first century during the lifetime of Jesus and the decades after; those pieces of art depict Jesus as having fare skin, very curly reddish hair, of course blue eyes, and very tall. Which stood out hard in the Arabic world where most of the entire population had the stereotypical dark brown/black hair, dark brown eyes, olive or dark olive skin, and short. Jesus by some was taller than those around him by several inches.

Adolf saw the descriptions and the actual artwork of Jesus (done supposedly either by people who knew him or based on firsthand accounts of his decades later) in books and decided that Jesus was an Aryan. That not only was Jesus an Aryan but he was the true savior of the world.

But not in the way most would either think about or assume. “I am the light of the world” Adolf took literally, relying on his Architectural background. Adolf soon became convinced that the only real way to go about having the Lord come back was if he directed his country to recreate the System. An on system, could somehow to be the answer to allowing Jesus to come back to earth and save the earth from the evil influences of Satan.

But the next question comes up, exactly how could he go about finding what the exact blueprints of the system were. Since scholars had been searching for the majority of the last 2500 years. Since Zerubabel change the design of the temple and laid the building on its back. But Adolf was convinced that the lord had directed him into architecture so that he would be in the unique position of being able to have the most unbiased opinion when he did begin to explore the structure of the System. Where everyone else had failed he would not only succeed but he would achieve the goal. The goal was to resurrect Jesus and have him lead his army against the army of the followers of Satan e.g. the Jews and all of the “undesirables” in first Austria and then the rest of the world. He would be seen as the co-savior since he single handedly brought Jesus back.

When the 29 year old Adolf started to encounter in his spy work the connections to the Thule Society, he had his answer. He needed to find out more about this “Think Tank”, he would join and of course lead them to the path of the system and to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But this idea was tested and failed since Adolf could not achieve his primary goal of being able to actually infiltrate the Thule Society. No matter what he did or how his men attempted, they were stopped and blocked at every turn. This was more than a little angering and frustrating for the Nazi’s to not be able to control their own Thule Society people. Added insult to injury the Thule society had been outlawed in 1930 but had continued to operate despite being outlawed and their actions being a capital crime. The surviving members of the Thule Society did not mind his distraction with the Military and the Politics, but the scholastics and think tank portion were strictly off limited in all ways. Adolf was entirely forbidden in all aspects from being anywhere near it.

The evidence is entirely obvious, those that wrote the story the English, Americans, and of course the politicians in the third Reich were all united in not wanting the world to know about the System. Nor did they want to know about any connection between the System and the Alexandria Lighthouse WMD. They did not want other nations to have it, nor did they want the Russians to have one. The amber room the British and the actual German government living in extreme secrecy in Germany and in exile in other countries knew the Russian/Prussian Amber room was a fake but they did not want the Russians to know. Since if the Russians would have known than the Nazi would have known as well as the Military wing. That would have not ended well for Adolf or his most loyal soldiers and political advisors. The third Reich was more than a difficult situation to deal with, when they still possessed a solid and working intact government. Despite the issues with Rudolf Hess’ defection. But If Adolf was deposed by some of his more radical men, or worse deposed by and replaced by an Islamic army just waiting for a solid chance to take over control of Fortress Europe, this would have spelled abject disaster for the entire world. The Islamic army would have taken the defeat of D Day different, and much worse. Most in western culture have a will to live and to thrive even after a battle. Dying is ok, but suicide is not. The Islamic culture has little if any inclinations in this direction. A few dozen suicide bombers are active at any given day in the Islamic world. Just waiting for their chance to cut to the head of the line to paradise. If they possessed Fortress Europe, they would have had zero problem killing every single European, destroying every monument, and then using wave after wave of suicide bombers to extract revenge on anyone trying to stop them from owning Europe. They conquered it, they were going to keep it. So it was absolutely critical that Adolf and his fanatics remained in power till the end of operation overlord, when the allied armies captured Berlin.

Operation Valkyrie might have been a success and would have reshaped the enter end of the war. It is possible the Thule society could have toppled the Third Reich and remained in charge, offering a conditional surrender a year before D Day. Problems and delays caused the operation to be after D day and little hope of a conditional surrender to the allies.

Adolf through this process from 1917 up to and through 1945 had a huge problem. He kept relying on his varied backgrounds to give him the answers he needed. Being a spy was a great experience for Adolf. But being a spy cascaded into his having a serious problem with paranoia.

After the first World War, Adolf was seen as a threat by those in the upper command. From his CO, to the Majors, they loved his work. But the general’s knew he had a major problem. That major problem would cascade down into being a threat to the entire nation. Hence his being denied promotions and being given more responsibility than he had already obtained.

He did learn about the Thule Society and of course interacted with enemy soldiers captured in battle. He was really good at interrogation. But did not understand how to analyze the information he extracted well. It was like his understanding of how to extract information was based on this own “suppressed nature” and not an understanding of how to dig for specific pieces of military intelligence.

James Whale was also captured and interrogated, it is a complete unknown if Whale and Adolf met in the POW camps, but it is very clear some of Adolf's in field missions were fiction to give him official cover in order to perform his spy duties.

The Thule Society had played an extremely dangerous game. They were among a couple dozen different groups all manipulating the events to start world war I. They wanted to be in charge of the government, but once they had toppled the government in 1918, they had no idea what to do next. They wanted to create a Divine State, a state which would bring Germany back to the original purpose which it was formed and took on the name “Holy Roman Empire”. Instead of calling it Rome, call it something else. But to keep the ideals that Charlemagne aspired to in 740 ce. His grandfather was in charge of the army which stopped an Islamic invasion from capturing Paris at Tours 710ce. Charles Martell “The Hammer”, was the hero of Tours. He was also a person who spent most of his life attempting to create an empire. He achieved part of his goal, he was the Head of his House (Pharaoh), but he could not unify all the franks under his rule. His grandson did achieve this goal. The Thule Society assumed that if they had an equivalent to the Holy Roman empire that they could work on their research, build their holy tools, and achieve a new Jerusalem inside Israel in Europe. But they did not know that till after Adolf joined and started to seize power. The very thing they did not like, they had to embrace. Most of the members of the Thule Society were violently anti-Semitic previous to 1916. Taking on the behaviors of the muslins and ex-confederates who had strongly influenced central and eastern European culture for decades. The Thule society learned to late that their real enemy was not the Jews but the Hebrews. The Hebrews were an invention of Moses who created it to destroy Judaism. Books, rituals, and the like had been crated over the 4000 years from 5000-1000 b.c.e. But almost every bit of those ceremonies were obliterated thanks to Moses and those loyal to him. The only things left were circumcision and stacking stones to invite god into the issue/discussion/business deal.

Although the Thule Society had many members who were skilled administrators, they had no real leadership. So a solution was devised, instead of being outlawed again by the newly formed Weimar republic. The Thule society formed a brand new political wing as part of its protection and shields in order to keep the enemies away from their true work. Their divine work was something the Thule Society had spent more than a century working to build up and keep as secret as possible. The secrets were divine. So extra special care was a requirement. The Thule Society literally believed themselves part of a Grail Quest.

Several Jews were some of the first founders of the Political Wing which was equal parts Politics and Military. Those first dozen members of the Thule Society transfer from the previous think tanks when they were outlawed in the months and years before the forming of the Thule Society. The Jews who had joined were violently anti-communist. But once Adolf was involved, the anti-communism portion was not used as a mainstay, more a political tool to manipulate the population into war. Adolf did not like the Russians, but he tolerated them more than he could other “Undesirables.” He was also happy to create a “non-aggression pact” between the Nazi and the Russians. Which angered the anti-communist in his party to no end. But They were dealt with the same way he dealt with all his other enemies. He had them silence in the middle of the night. The anti-communist Jews joined the DAP before Adolf joined because they were interested in forming a new Israel and its capital Jerusalem. Which the Thule Society had spent the entirely previous century plus working very hard to recreate what was erased by the descendants of Esau and the Vatican.

Those Jews who were part of the organization itself their aim was the research and discovery of the Garden of Eden, specifically the System.

The goal the entire time was about the system, but since the winners had less than zero reason to tell their secrets this portion of the reasons for WWII have become in most ways ignored. Although the garden of Eden is at least for the Thule society the entire reason they created their two political parties in the first place. To have the existing government not bother them while they were working.

The previous  to 1918 governments had been hording access to the library almost constantly for the previous entire century. So the best solution is to “be the government” but when you start talking about that option, the Puppet Masters and the military guys come out of the woodwork to take your political party and corrupt it into being something they want and not something even close to the original minus the name. Most of the time the second revolution occurs because the new powers that be have no ability to control what they had seized control over.

The DAP the forerunner to the Nazi party had this problem. They formed and had attracted some of the correct talent, were attempting to be elected to office to pull the heat off the Thule Society. But then the second revolution occurred. Some very nasty people started to be involved and turn the nice non-violent anti-Semitic political party  into an extremely violent group. About that same time Adolf became interested in the DAP after he was sent in to spy on the organization to determine how dangerous to the Weimar republic it was. Adolf reported back that the DAP were not a threat. He joined the party and soon quit his job in the military. He then insisted upon the DAP reform into his political party. The second revolution.

The second revolution which none of the founders saw coming and worse they almost instantly lost control over the political and military side. But Rudolf Hess had convinced Adolf he was his most loyal  henchman and he was kept on as secretary and treasurer. Hess was eventually promoted to be the second in command of the Third Reich. Adolf's goal was similar to the Thule but he was not smart enough to understand the sacred portions of the issue. He was also entirely oblivious to be able to understand the architecture of the System. He saw it firsthand a few times, but simply could not wrap his head around it. The System’s architecture was so beyond his frame of reference he could not see it, Image result for Adolf Hitler in the louvre even while standing inside of it. Adolf stood inside the Louvre and had not the slightest idea that the building had been built for the express purpose of being a System. Adolf and Goering were so captivated by the art Image result for Adolf Hitler in the louvre, they both missed the primary goal of the Nazi party, capture and turn back on a System. Then rule the world by making copies and placing them around the globe. With additional palace rooms, wings, etc added over the centuries. But the core was a System which worked in tandem with the Bastille. Part of the reason the Bastille was shut down and destroyed was to destroy any traces of the internal workings. The System in the Bastille was still working the day the Revolution occurred. The musketeers lost access to the building before they could dismantle and ship it out of harms way. But Robespierre was going to destroy it anyway. Part of what caused the system in the Bastille to work was it was charged with the prisoners actions and ritual work. The man in the Felt Mask was part of those rituals. But no records were ever kept regarding the system in the Bastille. The Bastille tower and the core of the Louvre Tower were a double tower similar to Mecca, but Paris had the other Towers as well. Most have been obliterated from existence. Although the Bastille was dismantled during the French Revolution for the conquest of the city and country of France by the Nazi would have been entirely impossible. The Weapon had been used against the Germans on many occasions.

When used wrong, the Kings of France suffered mercilessly, when used correctly the Kings of France were given special divine gifts. Like The Sun (Aten)King Louis XIV. His grandson and his grandson used it wrong, and had mental issues their entire lives.


From 1920-1928 the Thule Society was taken over by “military men” who knew exactly how to take the Political party of the NAZI organization over and corrupted it to their own demands.

This is what Adolf did with his military friends.

Adolf and his other military friends from the beer halls joined the NAZI party in droves soon after Adolf's Commanding Officer ordered him to go into the NAZI organization to determine if they were dangerous. They were not, he was.

A lifetime of suppressing a traumatic childhood in addition a suppressed nature. Adding a very hard core and strong personality combined into the makings of a paranoid Psychopath with Sociopathic leanings. Which were only compounded further by his forced interaction and interrogations with allied soldiers, at least a few of which were homosexuals. James Whale for instance was not entirely closed about his sexual preferences for most of his life. He kept it quiet as a child and as a teenager to avoid being killed. The term was “Homoside” which in many countries was not only not illegal, the citizens involved would be quietly applauded for their heroic actions on behalf of the community. Many communities perceived killing homosexuals as improving the community as a whole, since they were an abomination to the lord. Also since not only were they an abomination, those cultures were afraid the lord would punish them for allowing Homosexuals into their communities like Saddam and Gomorra was punished.

Adolf was not good at analyzing the data, but he was great at diving into the darkest parts of a persons soul and digging out key information. He was so good at it that he was several times given meritorious metals for conduct above and beyond the call of duty.

He was good at this since he had a very dark soul himself and he had spent time as Sylvia Plath wrote “In the Bell Jar”, which is a Psychological concept revolving around exploring the very deep and dark parts of the human psyche. It usually drives most people who explore into those portions of their minds insane and they commit suicide.

It is a fascinating subject that the Nazi bell which was declared top secret shortly after it was discovered, is similar in many ways to the poetry and applications of Sylvia Plath in comparison with that invention. Perhaps Plath learned about that project through academic circles in Europe. It had a profound and difficult application on her life, it could explain why some of her actions were both extremely self destructive as well as organized and ready to continue her life after a suicide attempt. When Sylvia Plath chose to go into extremes in emotional interactions. Part of her actions was choice, but other portions were entirely outside her ability to control any of it. Some with suicidal tendencies with deep dark depression use pharmaceutical assistance to break the cycle. The problem is they become addicted and the addiction usually kills them.

The bell might or could (if proven real) have been a way for her to “Reach out to the built in Radio Navigation System” of the bell, to call for that bell to come and help her. In deep nasty depressions which last for long periods of time, reality and fantasy oftentimes mix into a psychedelic mixture of mythology and the hardest facts imaginable. So if Sylvia Plath did learn about the bell, her actions and her suicide attempts could have been her way of desperately trying to reach out to that “Machine” and call it to her. Extreme depression is not based on logic and reason, it is usually based on the imagination and the persons emotions fully and entirely out of control.

One problem Adolf had was his rather odd bisexual bent. This shaped his interaction with the world every day of his life. Which would perfectly explain his extreme attractiveness to a large chunk of the female population in the areas he would be voted into office. He had and maintained the appeal of women, despite having little if any actual interest in them. Many gays have numerous female friends, some have tried to “Make their gay friend” their love interest because the connection and love it so strong. But this would not be an understood concept for several decades after world war II ended.

The Thule society did create a couple façade fronts in order to survive, but not long after those false fronts were taken over by aggressive politicians and militia members. This was semi-allowed and then tolerated because they had little choice in the matter. The more they objected the more they faced violent reprisals. Best to let the militia members do their thing and be violent against others than the chance getting in their way and the entire Thule Society taken under military control and the secrets turned into weapons. Then the original members of the Thule Society are then executed for treason. So best let the violent members have their space, when they become too violent work with the enemy of the militia and inform them of what their own military members are doing. That way when it does all blow up and the military is facing war crimes, the scholars associated with the Thule Society have immunity from prosecution. Not a perfect system, but the violent people on both sides have no concept of backing down once they start being violent. So let the violent people be violent and the scholars work behind the scenes with each other.

A truly fascinating thing to research would be James Whale’s interactions as a POW in Germany. Did Adolf and James Whale ever cross paths. This could be a very odd cross path interaction since James never made a secret of his Homosexuality. Ever spend time around an openly gay and obviously flamboyant man. A person who has suppressed their homosexual and or bisexual nature would have a difficult time when dealing with that type of person. Their nature would be drawn to and attracted to the “open” and “flamboyant ness” of the person. Any feelings of bisexuality might be brought to the surface. Which usually results in the open person is hammered harder for being themselves when their interrogator is unable to be open about their own true nature. The harder someone hits or questions the subject, the more they are trying to not only hide who they truly are but also trying to suppress themselves.

When Adolf was seizing power in the NAZI Party, he sent his henchmen out to find and kill every single “unacceptable” in the Party. This occurred at least a couple times from 1920 to 1923 when Adolf seized total and complete power from the Party and as much from the Thule Society as he could. The War between the Thule Society and the NAZI party began when Adolf worked to seized  power and did not end till the Nazi party was declared illegal by the new German government.

James Whales Society “Monster” could be built into his understanding of what Mary Shelley wrote in her Frankenstein Monster. A completely misunderstood beast, who only lashes out from ignorance and trauma. The misunderstanding in part came from the societies Whales was forced to interact with from birth to his entry into Hollywood. Although he was an extremely successful person in Hollywood, just a few years after he was a major success he had the misfortune of being too open in the run-up to the founding of the American Fascist movement. Fascism was as strong in America as it was in Austria. But the difference was, the Fascists in America were for the most part not elected to office. The American people were not interested in electing Nazi’s, since the American people had already experienced the same phenomenon six decades previous with the Confederacy, and a century before with the founding of the Democratic party philosophy and morals. Or what is absolutely “unethical, immoral, and of course crimes against humanity actions” with their extreme pro-slavery and genocide the Jews platforms. America had many Nazi groups and huge number rolls, like Henry Ford, Lindbergh, etc. but what they were missing was the ability to be elected to office. There is where the true power lies. Elected office.

But in Hollywood the principals of fascism; anti-homosexuality, crippled, the mentally feeble, minorities, etc. after 1920 were set on a collision course with those same types of people working in Hollywood. Leni Riefenstahl did not evacuate out of Germany when the fascists came to power because by then Hollywood was not hiring women for anything other than to be secretaries, the lowest grade assistant to an editor, and of course actress’s who would openly enjoy being with fat old producers on the casting couch to get the part.

Riefenstahl was a world class director, but she was only employable in Austria. Then in the third Reich. The fascists did not mind the female portion, they only would have punished her if she was not Aryan. She was left with two choices, work for an organization which was secretly committing crimes against humanity, or starve in Hollywood. Or worse become a prostitute for hire, trading sex for work in the movie industry. In 1920s the answer was obvious, work for the third Reich. After the revelations were revealed regarding the crimes against humanity the decisions she made were more difficult, but at least the third Reich allowed her to work and not become a prostitute for a job.

James Whale was homosexual but at least he was a man, Leni’s issue was being a female in a violently patriorcal culture of Hollywood. He could only work for a few years after 1930 before his homosexuality forced him to retire. He did work a bit, but only 3 things after 1939. 1930 – 1939 he was too good to be turned out, but he was not accepted and marketed correctly after. The executives and the Nazi’s in California put enormous pressure onto the studios to not hire him again. Women in Hollywood had faced that same pressure in the middle to late 1920s. First they got rid of the minority (not white) professionals in the teens. Then they got rid of the women in the 1920s, and then the gays in the 1930s. Leaving Hollywood to be ruled and run by tolerable Jews who owned the studios for the most part minus “United Artists” and solid Aryan’s.
James Whales Frankenstein and several of its follow up productions with without him actual tell this tail well.  Hollywood would be the soul of the Monster, with body parts sewn together symbolically the different layers and levels of hate which Hollywood was suffering under in the rise of fascism. After Fascism anti-communism, then anti-free speech, then anti-gays, pro-puritan behavior (anti anything not puritan), then anti anything other than born again Christian entertainment, currently anti-intelligence and good future technology. Most of the entertainment about future technology is based on a runaway of said technology creating Armageddon.

The Monster had a pure soul, but all the junk and pressures that the cultures we live in are the destructive and crimes against humanity actions on top. The actions of this specific Frankenstein monster does are in response to the pressures of the culture itself. The monster reacts not acts. The monster acts from purity of intent, not a need to cause damage. The cultures he lived in have, minus a few, very bad intent and manipulated the monster to react badly to their own actions. They act badly but the reaction from the monster is what is punished. It is interesting that civilization is about learning how to not react to bad people pushing your buttons. The bad people are almost never punished but the reactions they manipulate for, they are punished. There is something wrong with this scenario. The bad people are not only almost ever punished, they figure out how to manipulate the system so they are seen as either the victim or everyone's best friend. As long as they can isolate a victim of their Sociopath to take their rage out on. Their friends immediately defend them, since the sociopath will never treat their core group of friends badly in any way. But the rage builds up and they have to find a victim to take all that pent up rage out on. In a very large way, a sociopathic behavior pattern is the base of the Fascists and all its previous and post differently named governmental structures. Since governments start not as a well formed group, but a collection of people from different backgrounds wanting to live their lives according to a different set of rules. Those new rules grow or shrink based on the size of the people drawn as well as the violent nature of the core group. The more violent the more the rest either have to punish the violent by the group think model overcomes the “get along to go along” to remove the “trouble makers”. Which the Frankenstein story was about, the community rallied around the psychopaths in their midst who manipulate trouble out of their victims. Their largest victim was the innocent Monster Frankenstein built.

In reality the Thule Society and of course pockets of the American Culture tolerated the violence in their midst because they did not want to be toppled themselves. Let the violent people have their say and actions. At a specific point the evidence of their violence will spill over from small crimes to bad actions and then let the military stop them. This is where things become difficult since by the time the military is brought in, the nasty group have a chance at being able to defeat the local military. The citizens affected do not like disruptions to their routine. Sometimes they blame the small group, but often they blame the military for interfering with people expressing their opinion. If just an individual or a group, controlling the Friends around with propaganda and or being really nice to the locals to be nasty with the same people the locals do not like builds group loyalty.

Mary Shelley wrote the book based on her experiences in the Holy Roman Empire library, since her friend Lord Byron allowed his friends to gain access. That group of people were allowed to enter a world of knowledge which had been censored to all but a select few for the previous several millennia. The technology she learned about was from the System, she turned that system into “Dr Frankenstein’s Lab” in her story. But since the publishing world would never allow a female to publish, she like almost all women had to use a male pseudonym. Publishers would also not allow minorities, women, or not upper-class persons to publish. Why the hatred to keep them down was more important than the money they could have made publishing those authors. The power of White Supremacy to keep the “Undesirables down” was more powerful than the money from publishing their works. It is a fascinating exploration of the roots were Democracy, Confederacy, and of course fascism was born out of.

No fascism was not just born out of no were. Fascism has its seed roots in documentation from in the war between Technology and those that want to own and control technology. Suppression of ideas not controllable has been a foundation of the process since 3000 b.c.e.

Adolf knew full well this structured pattern. So he turned his rage regarding many different traumatic experiences into finding out who the larger Austrian communities did not like and started to give speeches giving those around him permission to be nasty and violent to those he did not like either. As that technique grew, his list of “I do not like these different groups” grew and grew as the population of the Third Reich became first real and then became the government, then became Fortress Europe. Expanding into Africa and Levant lands. Adolf knew how to create loyalty with his community, by turning his and their collective rage against a mutual enemy. But in the end His real enemy was the Thule Society and their not allowing him to gain access to the architecture of the System. He never got over being rejected from Architecture school. Although he had little if any real talent in Architecture, he had lots of skill but no real talent. Proving this by spending the last four entire years of the War he started instead of directing the battles he instead wanted to recreate in his own image all the cities he controlled. Building vast models of his new cities. He liked the bombing because it removed the ugly architecture he wanted removed anyway. He was going to rebuilt European Architecture in his own grand master image.



Interesting is that the NAZI party not the Thule Society made extra care to select out the lds in their communities and arrest them or just take them prisoner in order to question them. Ultimately ending in their executions. But the questioning part is the key, what did the NAZI party want which the Thule Society refused to give them.


Before the Thule society chose to add a Political wing to this operation, they separated the internal organization from the external. Knowing full well that an internal organization could and would become corrupted by the political and military people brought in to help create a shield between the scholars and those that wish harm.

The main reason the Thule Society began was to gain access to a library which had been closed off from the public for the previous almost two entire millennia. What the church did, there is less than zero reason to assume the political and military wings of the Thule society would not repeat those same behaviors. People who only understand violence can only express themselves through violence. Consequently the scholarly works the Thule society did had to be kept entirely secret from the political and military wing. Despite how angry they were going to be.


 Thule Society instantly separated out the different branches of the organization, making all but impossible for the different branches to interact. The military wing, the political wing, and the research wing operated different. For most of the time between 1920-1941 this is the way Hess set up the system. He had absolutely no interest in having a merged and healing working system. He strongly encouraged each wing to compete with each other. Compete for funding, for standing in the hierarchy, for just about everything. But what was not known till after is that Hess had its own security personnel assigned to the research “thing Tank” wing were entirely loyal to Hess and Himmler. At the end some merging did occurred, but that was two decades after the majority of the work to built the super top end clandestine classified projects had been completed.

One project was a “ray gun” which was stolen from Tesla in the previous decades circa 1903 from Manitou Springs Colorado specifically Miramont Castle Tesla Ray Gun. Another was the plans which the NAZI made into the Bell, the NAZI Bell Image result for nikola tesla flying car.


Image result for nikola tesla flying carImage result for nikola tesla flying car

Now elongate the top so that gears/computers can be added to the base. The occupants sit on the computer/gears. Gears simila to the design of Christopher the machine Alan Turing built to crack the enigma code.

If the top is elongated to make room in the base for occupants to keep the center of gravity as low as possible than the shape would be very closer to that of what a “Bell” would look like.


The NAZI bell depending on an entirely accurate framework of the information of the Elder Futhark. IT also depended strongly on 4 Tesla coils being shrunk down so that four could fit inside the bell with a crew compartment.

That crew compartment had to be large enough to accommodate at least two if not three people at a bare minimum.

Very likely four; two pilots and one or two soldiers.

The four tesla coils would generate sufficient electricity to have the entire bell charged with specific electro-magnetics signatures.

The Nazis worked very hard to assemble church bells in order to have sufficient metal in order to cast a bell larger than big Ben.

Since the crew compartment had to have all its life support equipment internal. Pressure, air, electronics to controlled the navigation, the coils, the double rotating portions (one rotating clockwise, the other rotating counter clockwise), and of course the hatch in order to enter and leave the devise.

Fact is that the NAZI’s or at least the Thule Society did experiment and construct several Nicola Tesla “Cars”  Image result for nikola tesla flying car and test fly them. Related image


Image result for nikola tesla flying car


The NAZI made their own Image result for nazi flying saucer

Related image

Image result for nazi flying saucer

Image result for nazi flying saucer

With enough electricity generated all that metal would absorb and become charged with said electro-magnetics sphere. That electro-magnetics can be altered to any specific wave, frequency, and signature the operator chooses.

If you can make the necessary calculations to determine the electro-magnetics signature of any given place and time than you can charge the bell with that electro-magnetics signature and repel from the current. The electro-magnetics engine will be pulled to the different space time away from the present space time.





  The Thule Society is also the portion of said era which developed and built "The NAZI Bell". An exploration of why the LDS community in Europe were targeted before the Jews for extermination is a subject well worth exploring. Did Smith give that "Think Tank" of 1823 information which led to the development of the Bell?

Connecting the research Joseph Smith sent missionaries to Europe in circa 1823 and the research needed for the Nazi bell, there is zero reason to not assume those two things are not connected.

Whore of Babylon,


The Temples which Smith had erected were in accordance to some type of specific mathematical alignments. What those were is entirely  unknown, in any sort of proven way.

Smith sent his missionaries to Europe to form think tanks to create a second book of Mormon, one that is  based entirely on the applications of the  specific mathematical alignments that his temples were laid out in. But his missionaries only had about three decades of looking and searching into the structure of the Holy Roman Empire library before Young’s missionaries followed and became the definition of violent to Smiths group. Although three decades had passed 1823-1850 there were two generations of missionaries working on the Smith philosophy and his think tanks.

Since no aspect of what Smith had sent his European missionaries to achieve Young liked, Young sent them with very specific instructions. Find Smiths people and stop them by any means necessary. The second book of Mormon was about aett sacred geometry.

This second book has never even been speculated about since the second book was entirely a European thing, and that European thing in the decades that followed would have been the absolute object of disgust from Young’s People. They would have seen that book II as the definition of blasphemy; since it was about a subject they could hardly understand at all.

Not being able to understand it leads directly  to fearing that which is not understandable. Fear leads to anger which leads to hate.

Why because Smith was in part focused on the mathematics of the good aspects of Nationalism, which is about what and how to properly identify what something is and how that item fits in the world in an electro magnetics level. That is the proper boundaries of that thing.

Eventually the Young tank merged with anti-Semitic groups since Jews were just as bad as Africans and the violent anti-Semitic groups observed the BOM as an addition to the Torah. Making the Smith group worse than Jews.


Eventually from 1850-1870 the BOM was erased and removed from all knowledge within the Smith think tanks in Europe. It was so dangerous to be involved or included with the BOM and or Smith that possession of either would be close to a capital crime. So for decades the origin of those tanks was a secret only the founders and the inner circle knew about. The Young group along with confederate soldiers from the American civil war ended the debate by killing the Smith followers.

Those that rejected the BOM outright and only concentrated on the “Secrets from Smith” were allowed to live. Mostly because they understood the structure while the Young group had no idea. they could not understand the structures of the secrets. Although in all honesty the secrets are more than a bit difficult to wrap the mind around. But those secrets are one of the many components which led directly to the creation of the Thule Society and of course the NAZI Bell.


Is their documentation regarding the bell and the “Travel from A to B” in history.

Why yes there is. Unfortunately there is.

The story of Gilgamesh (which portions of this story could be found in the Holy Roman Empire library )

And or the Hebrew name Noah, the story was written in Indi-European; half a millennia later it was translated into Sumerian and also into Hieroglyphics.

When it was translated it was translated as the “Epic” of Gilgamesh. Which is a huge problem for the word Epic in Sumerian literally means “A large sequence of time”

But since the topic discussed and dozens of conspiracy theories and other non-evidence based hypothesis have come to the idea that the NAZI Bell was a Time Machine. This applications of the word Epic Might point directly at why Smith sent his missionaries to Europe in order to research the Epic of Gilgamesh and then work forward within the framework of the concept of Ouija

Take the ideas of Ouija

The intimate ceremonies Joseph Smith was accused of performing

The worked epic

And story of Noah; Noah’s ship being a system, connected pillars on the right and left side. 40 columns of light and 40 columns of dark, the left side is dark away from the sun, the right is light towards the sun.

And then add in the fact that the Indo-European language itself has a very strong and substantial connection between itself and the Elder Futhark. Most of the characters are not only similar but in sentence form are in the proper order to make sentences.

The elder Futhark is both a language and a calendar.

The Nazi Bell has Futhark characters written on it.

It has a crew compartment capable of holding several.

The Nazi’s did use and relied upon intimate ceremonies for various reasons. A solid part of the “Hitler Youth" were children born at summer camps in Germany who were openly encouraged to have sex and produce children for the fuehrer. So we know as a matter of the most hard facts that intimates were a solid part of the structure of the Nazi movement.

Da Vinca Code the ceremony Jacques Saunière was performing when Sophie came home unexpectedly. That ceremony was intimate. Intimacies have been associated with this type of situation from practically the start.

Lot and is daughters; they both wanted children so they were supposedly with their father after Sodom and Gomorrah were obliterated. The problem is what actually happened is not what has been poetic licensed edited down to. What was edited out is a great deal more intimate and of course more emphases on the system, than what was left.

Samson and Delilah; Delilah was forced to use intimates with Samson in order to achieve a gold for the Hyksos King of that area. Samson was tricked into using this powers for evil, the result was an electro-magnetics shock to his face which destroyed his eyes. Not unlike the end of the Matrix movie three, were Neo is blinded by a power line. Although part of the issue was that the intimacies could only be done between Samson and the Hyksos’s captured in battle Jewish slave wife. They both had the talent, the Esau line descendants did not . The situation turned into a more of a revenge against the lord thing. Samson was promised x result, but when push came to shove the Hyksos king turned` his anger at being forced to know his wife was with another, he cursed god and turned the weapon against a bad thing instead of the premised not evil act. Samson after months of being chained to the wall, regained his power and with a sufficient amount of assistance from the kings wife turned the System back on and destroyed the house. He destroyed the house he was in to pay for his evil actions, being lead astray by an obviously traumatized and abused Jewish slave wife of the king.

John the Baptist was asked to perform an intimate ceremony, refused and had his head cut off for it.

The Night Porter;








From the documented rise of Nationalism up to and through the reformulation of the Thule Society into first the Four Year Plan and then the Wannsee Conference, most of that century and a half the factions of good versus evil had been fighting it out. But the fights almost entirely undocumented, other than listed as a street fight, or some type of assault if the police were involved at all.

Thule leaning to the good but still doing some very bad actions on occasion.

The flat out evil group the fascists who want to rid the world of all but Muslims (protestants) and destroy anything and everything which points to anything other than sharia law is a good thing.

Thule Society Camp

The Fascist Camp


Thule Society was about finding any and all information regarding the Garden of Eden. Specifically the Weapon of Mass Destruction the System at the center of the Garden of Eden.

Based on a considerable amount of evidence the WMD of the System has been a Center point for the Christian and Jewish religions since practically day one.



Which is what the think tanks assumed when they were founding, going by the direct evidence from the previous encounters with the systems. The Fascists were completely convinced that it was a weapon. A weapon which required further examination in order to utilize and put it to use for the cause. But not long after working directly with and on the tools collected from the various and assorted different copies the core members of the Thule Society around 1920-25 figured out it was not a weapon of mass destruction but a tool of the divine. Adolf and his crew were still completely convinced it was a weapon and they would remove any obstacle in order to use the weapon to seek world domination.

The total and complete eradication of these legends was why a very difficult and layered application of clandestine operations was set up in order to seek information about those systems and shut them down. The Systems belonging to the Thule were shut down and shipped to safely from allied in traditional locations. Given permission from allied  high command for said operations. But for the Nazi systems the allies under a variety of special operations task forces and the Thule society themselves, neutralizing those systems became priority number one.

It is likely one of those issues regarding a System was the battle of the bulge.  All efforts by the third Reich full fanatical freaks was used to stop the allied advanced and to push them back in order to dismantle and move to a safer area a system which was set up in that area to ensure the allies could not advance. But the System did not work, so the Nazi push west was needed in order safe the System in that area to move it farther east.

That the system was placed their in order to ensure it would not only work, but prevent the allied dvance from the west.

To figure out what went wrong, fix it, and use it later on the spring to erase the allies advance.

Mis-X ran the opps at OSS operations in Virginia.

The dirty dozen

The Great Escape 21 March 1942

The Guns of the Nazarene

These missions were designed to

Sending prostitutes from England who spoke German to Germany by parachute so they can pick up soldiers to learn anything they could. This operation was a bit more successful than expected, at least a couple of the  girls were willing to provide their services to people the other German professionals refused to. They learned valuable information. But at least one was discovered and executed for being a spy. There is nothing to suggest that these professional lady’s did not present themselves to use in the System. To be used in intimate experiments between both the third Reich and the Nazi Bell.



Direct evidence for this is the impact that Ian Fleming had upon his dozen or so clandestine operations in Europe. He had to work to secure at least one System. The influence of that is the core of his novels. Written years after the end of World War II.** The takedown of the System or at least one of them influenced Flemings life to the point of obsession. The idea of “a super-secret Weapon of Mass Destruction” sending a spy in to investigate to discover then before the weapon can be used on the allied “troops” and together the spy and the local troops destroy the WMD and save the earth from mass destruction. But the most important part of this is the intimacies involved with during and or immediately after the start of the destruction process. A lone spy with a local female working together (and in some ways a requirement to be intimate) to find the System and neutralize it as a weapon. The intimacies become a requirement to neutralize the weapon. This is a main theme in all of Ian Flemings books.





European Think Tanks

The Pathology of the European Think Tank’s were that they had to form in order to gain access to the Holy Roman Empire’s Library. In America the rules were a bit different, thanks to Carnegie where everyone was granted an audience in a library. Previous to Carnegie, every person and family had to have a “designated purpose” for entering a library. Knowledge was absolutely not free in any way. You either had to be a student, an academic, or have powerful friends, etc to enter a library. In America the only really good libraries were located in major universities. Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Heidelberg, and of course BYU. The solid facts behind why is an interesting story.

Those specific halls of higher learning, the library was stolen by the conquerors. The British mind you not the English but the British have maintain one of the best library systems from the Fall of Troy up to and through the late 1800s when the last of them were stolen by a sequence of conquerors. Each of the major American oldest Universities those cities were founded by the British, not the English mind you the British. Two entirely separate cultures in most ways. Starting in the middle 1500s the Tutors started to attack the “Kingdom to the North” which is a way of saying “North Umber Land” which is the south eastern boarder of Scotland. The British were attacked mercilessly from the mid 1500s to the late 1600s when they finally gave up and evacuated out of the island of Britain. The English then claimed the Land for themselves, formed the United Kingdom Government, and started to call themselves instead of English British. Operating under the façade of being British, the English did all manner of inappropriate to the species actions to gain as much power and money as humanly possible. From the late 1600s to the start of World War I the British were close to the Power in the world. Which is why they were the aim to cut off at the knees by the Thule Society and its predecessor thing tanks.

Remove the “Fake Royal Systems” and the power vacuum can be taken advantage of. exactly like Napoleon a century previous took advantage of the Libertine Government’s power vacuum after they killed the French Royal Court. Or at least fake killed the court, the body doubles and stand-ins were killed but most of the real royals did in fact evacuate. The power vacuum of 1918 allowed the Thule Society to form from the Knights Think Tank which had only operated for a bit over a year, before it was outlawed. That being outlawed did not stop it just changed its name.

The Knight order think tank underwent its own illegal and name change from its previous think tank. Which had occurred dozens of times over the course of the last more than a century.

In Europe to gain access to the library, you had to be in a group and you had to legally form a “Think Tank”, but what the stated purpose of your think tank was and what your group actually did could be entirely different things.

For a few of the 19 teens “Think Tanks” in order to gain access to funding to pay for the necessary items in order to gain access to the Roman Empires Library they needed to persuade people with money. The easiest way to achieve that goal is to ask for donations from people who have hate in their hearts. One group would be the anti-Semitic groups. Anti-Jews was a common thing in Europe in the 1800s. so having a group with a violently anti-Semitic stance the donations would roll in. Does not mean the main people involved were anti-Semitic, it just proves they were smart enough to go where the money was.

It would be fascinating to trace the money from the think tanks from the Smith LDS groups in Germany. Hard evidence that Smith sent missionaries to Germany to form a think tank or 10 in order to obtain access to various books from the then open for a decade “Holy Roman Empire Library”. That or those think tanks would have required funding and support. But after 1844, the funding had to come from a different source. When he “was removed from his church” they still functioned. So where did they get their money from.

It is possible they received some funding from the Temple in Old Colorado city, but when that was obliterated a decade later circa 1854. During that same time Young informed them that they either had to renounce the teachings of Smith and embrace Young as De Fuhrer the undisputed and unquestioning leader of the Mormon church or be ex-communicated. Most chose ex-communication, so the funding immediately ended. Where did the money come from for those think tanks to continue. Which were needed for the LDS (Smith) “Thing Tank” to continue to operate? A solid question would be come, did the Thule Society start out as the Smith LDS group but had to drop the LDS portions and then drop the Smith portions to survive over the next century. By the time it was time to pick those things back up, Adolf had complete domination over it all and decided that LDS religion was an evil cult. Would be very interesting to discover a connection there. Since the LDS were astutely part of the “Anti-Groups” which were renamed to “Undesirables” as early as a few months after Adolf seized power over the Thule Political wing.  Did Smiths church in Europe turn clandestine and operate by seeking funding from another source “the anti-Semitic groups perhaps”, or did the Smith family figure out a way to get funding to them. did the British family fund them for the next decades, till their funding ran out by conquest and destruction. Many questions, few answered.

To Gain access to the library required an organization e.g. a “Think Tank” and required funding. Presumably to pay for the ability to gain access.


Fake Royal Systems

The difference between the descendants of the Princes of Troy and the modern term is “New Vo Riche”. The people who found a way to gain access to an army and or struck it rich with some type of business venture. Purchased an army and then “Conquered” what they wanted. A large enough army and you can take on the True Royal Family; conquer them and “Become Royal” yourself. Take the titles, the castles, the finest manners. But the conquest royals are missing the one key ingredient, they do not have the royal blood which allows for a proper application of leadership. Leadership is not just being a good leader, it is understanding the structure of the culture you are in charge of and directing that culture accordingly.

Many of the current royal families in Europe have no blood line connection with the Princes of Troy. But if they knew the truth they would deny any connection whatsoever to the princes of Troy. Since the Trojans were Jews. Violently anti-Semitic cultures bragging they are the descendants of the Princes of Troy, when in fact they are all most zero Jewish blood. So they are both being nasty about the Jews and claiming to be Jews at the same time. How hypocritical, which is really a fascinating experience.


History of Academics

The history of Academics is just as complex as the concept of Nationalism.

The Cyber Age Academics came out of an need to further the ideas of filling educational gaps the academics guild system refuse to acknowledge. Have refused since the Vatican allowed academics back into the public arena. Cyber Academics is part using computers and the internet to connect students to faculty, but it still has a foot in the world of Nationalism. Where the rules of suppression are more important than the truth of the facts found by the researcher.

Modern Academics came out of Renaissance academics.

Renaissance Academics came directly from the Vatican Guild system.

Guild system Academics is courtesy of the Vatican given a cease and desist order to the inquisition to stop burring the books and killing all who knew how to read.

The Vatican was created out of the Greek City State model of governance. But with only one city/state the Vatican. The Vatican’s city state model came out of the structure of Imperial Rome and its extreme reliance upon the Nationalistic City /State Model.

Roman Republic is based on the pre-753 b.c.e conquest of the city of Samhain renamed to Rome. The Pre-Government was interested in giving the smart people the proper support needed in order to achieve goals for the community. Not to control those ideas, but let those ideas exist and let the community decide what is useable and what is not. About 10% of academics is based on the Roman/Samhain Republics operational structure.

The Greek City State model is based on the Hyksos governing structure which included that the Lord/Pharaoh was the embodiment of God and whatever the god/lord/master of the house said was the law.

Between the pre Hyksos cultures circa 2100 b.c.e and the post Hyksos cultures circa 600 b.c.e the drop in knowledge and education was so profound as to be called the Dorian Dark Age. The Hyksos down through the centuries and millennia have constantly name changed to avoid the guilt by association of their actions, their fathers generation actions, and millennia of their ancestors crimes against humanity actions.

Modern Academics was birthed in part from the well spring of the Nationalistic Movement which collapsed the Holy Roman Empire. The Nephew of Marie Antoinette the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Francis II (12 February 1768 – 2 March 1835) was deposed because he was so incompetent that he could not function as an administrator. Although less crazy his management style was not that much different to Mad King Ludwig’s (25 August 1845 – 13 June 1886) fairy tale, although it is interesting they lived minus a decade between dead and birth in the same century. Both men had access to the library, palaces, and secrets of the German Royal houses. So both  men might have lobotomized themselves using the same tabernacle of Adam system which belonged to the family. Ludwig did more damage because he wanted to at least hypothetically wanted to recreate a large glorious Empire/Kingdom, but no matter how hard he worked or how much worked he put into said plans. Absolutely nothing worked, he only continued to lobotomize themselves more.

Previous to the Greek City State model the Hyksos/Dorian's to an extremely limited degree allowed academics to exist. But only if the aim was to further the military aims of the War Lords in charge. If all efforts were not about military might than the academics were less than useless. “Make me better swords, slings, walls, shields” was the directive. The study of chemistry was not a subject  the Hyksos/Dorians were interested in at all. Which is good since without upper end chemistry you cannot make better forged metals. So the Hyksos/Dorian's were preventing their own military from the best weapons since they did not want to waste a single second on anything other than make a better blade right now. Metallurgy was a concept well beyond them as a culture. To them 10 new swords was better than that same person studying chemistry for 6 months and gambling on that person being able to produce steal. The 10 new swords were a guarantee the steal was pure illusion and a waste of time.

The Dorian Dark Age the level of technology which existed Previous to the Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris culture built the Palace at Knossos, the Pyramids, and Stonehenge. Actions modern science has yet to be able to repeat, or even understand how they were built. Modern Hypothesis every single one has fallen less than flat with hilariously zero evidence to back them up.

The Evidence of Nationalism inside education has proved to be as dangerous and damaging as the same in politics. When nationalism is added to theology you get narcissistic individuals who convince themselves they are god and that their followers are their personal private toys to play with. When the illusion is broken they usually kill their supporters; Adolf, Jim Jones, and of course metaphorically Donnie trump.



Holy Roman Empire collapse

6 August 1806.

This part of the situation has a level of complexity which is only comparable to the study of astrophysics. The Roman Empire collapsed in part not because of War’s but from political pressures. The political pressures all around the Roman Empire in the late 1700s were crushing in their demands. Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor the last Holy Roman Emperor was about as feckless and useless a leader as one can find. He had a serious and substantial problem with thinking he was cut from the same personality type as the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. But these were all but entirely pure illusions. Frances could never even consider how to fill Charlemagnes’ Legacy.

Frances had allowed his aunt to be executed and hardly cared less about her, or that is what the history books say. To him she did not mean anything. He had only met her once as a small child and he had not remembered her at all. Which left a bad taste in all of his older relatives minds. He could have done something, but flat refused. The French libertine government wanted concessions to release Marie and he refused to even think about said. Although he knew Marie was in America, specifically in what would be called Old Colorado City in half a century, the person in jail was not his aunt but a commoner stand in body double. Marie along with her children, her husband, and what remained of the French Royal Court who evacuated quickly enough. Some stayed behind to help but were mostly rounded up and executed. When the Libertine Government Collapsed, the French were going to come back and reestablish a new Monarchy, but for the most part this did not happen. Napoleon took advantage of the opening in France while the French and British Royals were too busy fighting for their survival in Manitou. The first capital of Texas; but the story of the founding of Texas is its own long drawn out story. Frances’s relatives were angry with him for his partially breaking the illusion that in the cell was Marie. Which forced the Libertine to go looking for the real one since the body double was clearly not important. The War which followed culminated in the original Capital of Texas (Manitou Springs Colorado) and Bellingham Washington Territory.

To spread the ideals of Nationalism specifically the Roman esk type Nationalism through France after the Monarch was deposed was not the last time the National Socialists rose to power in France. The next time would be the “Vichy” Government. Which operated not all that different than the Cult of Reason; with a bit of Cult of the Supreme Being which was almost entirely created by Robespierre. The bit about Robespierre  is that his religion by his enemies placed him as God, a replacement for Jesus. Which is one of the largest reasons he was executed, he attempted by rumor from those that hated him to replace Jesus. Replacing Jesus to them was an action worthy of execution all on its own. Betraying the Libertine Cause by working with and on the Tabernacle of Adam Systems in Paris was the other reason they wanted to execute him. Robespierre’s work and religion were based on a first hand direct interaction with the Tabernacle of Adam System which at least one if not both of the Systems in Paris were still operating when the Royal family were forced to evacuate.

During the festival of the Supreme Being 1793, Robespierre started that festival on top of the Main Tower of the eight buildings which make up the core of the Tabernacle of Adam system, a copy of which was built in Lake Nemi south of Rome Italy, and descended the outside of it. Since the Constructed Collection of Buildings was more than 100 feet tall it was considered a large Hill. The Eight Buildings are surrounded but not touching a larger building. That larger building similar to Hagias Sophia protects the Kaaba’s inside.

Robespierre had direct and for several years access to those Kaaba’s, but unfortunately for him ignorance of the systems did electric shock him into being not exactly mentally all there. In part to protect his reputation and in part to remove this man from Divine Power, Robespierre was arrested a year after the Festival of the Supreme Being and executed.

A significant portion of the reason the Holy Roman Empire collapsed was the pressure from Protestants and Libertines in Germany to relinquish more and more both academics and religious power. Instead of working with the tyrants which followed with unrelenting political pressures, Frances II caved and gave up. Abdicated and literally destroyed the Holy Roman Empire. The Libertine and Protestants in France and Germany would never stop till they possessed both the libraries and of course the systems themselves. They could not care less how much damage they caused or really how many of their followers they killed in achieving the goal of possessing that mighty weapon of mass destruction of god.

Repeating the same pathology which destroyed Terah, Moses, Paul, etc.

the Bastille being a system, immediately before and during all manner of "odd" stuff was happening, which scared the Parisians to the point they destroyed the Bastille.



The Bastille was several things; one it was a Tabernacle of Adam system design to keep invaders from breaching Paris. Two it was a prison designed to house those that knew about the System.

The Bastille was not the only system in Paris. At least one other was located in the Field of Mars, another a short distance from the garden in front of the Louvre.

The Nationalists of France not connected to Robespierre demanded to have access to the System, since it made Robespierre so powerful. But the System was not only extremely to the max powerful it was also the core of the issues why the libertine revolted against the king. The victor writes the rules then they write the history. The history of the Bastille Image result for bastille architecture as a prison is less than accurate. It was a prison but it was also a Tabernacle of Adam System.

A system   more powerful than an atomic blast, since it could destroy an entire army from miles away, and leave the area untouched.

The Bastille was torn down for fear its Image result for bastille architecture “Alexandria Lighthouse Image result” tool was pure evil. The evil portion of the lighthouse was that the ignorant were afraid of the “blue flashes” which came from it when Paris was under attack. The Parisians knew as a matter of hard fact that the Islamic culture wanted to raise their flag over Paris and would not stop till they achieved that goal. A huge portion of the Libertine movement was backed by Islamic armies and the philosophy of Protestantism. The Tabernacle Systems in Paris were built to ensure that the Islamic army’s in the Iberian Peninsula could not threaten Paris again.

Tours France 240 kms south west of Paris. Tours is where the Holy Roman Empire began with Charles Martell defeating an Islamic army following Fatimah and her followers. It took them decades to follow, in fact none of the people directly involved were still alive from 630 when Fatimah took her father’s body out of Mecca and placed him in the catacombs of Rome. Fatimah did not continue north from Rome. She went south back to Carthage then west to the point where she could cross from Africa to the Iberian peninsula. Converting followers to both her father’s philosophy and her sub-concepts along the way. Abu Bakr ordered his army  to not only follow but kill every single person she and they had encountered. Either convert them to all to Sunni and acknowledge him and de fuehrer with the same level of “unquestioning loyalty” he demanded or be executed on the spot. Abu Bakr was so angry that Mohammed did not appoint him leader that he spent every day of the rest of his life killing shia. Although he saved his more violent reprisals for the daughter of Mohammed. Saying that Abu Bakr hated females would be a mild understatement. He if he could have found a way to perfect cloning to further the species he would have ordered every female in the world executed for being the vessel of original sin. His misogyny knew no bounds.

Especially when he learned that both Fatimah and Mohammed had slipped away in the middle of the night. Mohammed on his death bed, and Fatimah attempting to find a way to resurrect her father.

Soon after Abu ordered his army to follow and kill all shia and most especially all who had direct contact with Fatimah. For Abu her philosophy of shia was so far beyond evil he could not stand it on a soul level. The very idea that Mohammed had appointed his daughter to be the next head of the Islamic religion was so far beyond an insult to his soul that he would rather fight god himself to the death than to accept Fatimah as the leader of the shia. Abu sending his army against Fatimah was also the start of the Triangle trade Route aka the Slave Trade. Abu has to find some way to pay those soldiers, capturing the Jews and selling them into slavery seemed to be the best option. He could make hand over fist money; the Jews would be eventually worked to death. Which allowed plenty of income to pay soldiers to hunt down Fatimah. It also provided a secondary source of political power. The Vatican hated the Jews, on occasion would round them up and sell them to the Muslim culture to dispose of as they saw fit. All of his and his sunni follower’s actions from that day to present have been about destroying the footprint, lands, 0000, nationalism, etc of Fatimah. When Fatimah had converted several hundred in the Iberian peninsula she moved on to Ga’al. In Ga’al she made a bee line to Paris. Spreading her philosophy in Paris, then moving west to Britain.

The only thing which would be acceptable to Abu Bakr the current leader of the sunni faith was the total  and complete erasure of Paris to ensure that the followers of Fatimah alive 8 decades later would be obliterated from existence. Previous to a variety  of battles

During this time Joan of Arc (6 January c. 1412[6] – 30 May 1431) by legend sent by god to put the French King back on the throne of France. The court was in Notre-Dame de Reims because the system scared the not all that legitimate English and French royal court. Only a few members of which were descendants of the Princes of Troy. The rest were Pretenders to the Throne. Men with large armies and the will to kill anyone who got in the way. The French Royal Court from 1431-1792 on the throne, but obviously temporarily. The 361 years they were back on the throne was beyond measure difficult and turbulent.

The War between the library systems and the Tabernacle systems the cultures which controlled each one had ended all pretence of fair play. Each kept trying to assert dominance over the others, and to also control their own populations. The entire situation was beyond unacceptable in most ways. Starting in the 1500s just 70  years after the French King was placed back on the throne, then he betrayed her by handing her to the ex-Romans for execution. The villagers of Europe were getting more and more angry about the pressures placed upon them by greedy and oftentimes barbaric royals. Sometimes the taxes the Royals placed upon their subjects were well beyond 90%. Which the royals spent on oftentimes the most idiotic items.

Not Paris since the city of Paris was not an acceptable location of the court, those that were descendants of the Trojans were welcome in Paris but the rest were not. This caused all manner of problems since the War Lords all but demanded that they be perceived just as legitimate to the real descendants of the Princes of Troy. Like Paris the city’s name sake.

Reims through Paris to Tours.

As soon as the city of Pairs had stabilized the Frank Kings worked on resurrecting ancient tools like the Tabernacle of Adam Systems and began to built them in Paris. The nice thing is, the Paris library’s still contained information regarding said structures. From 800-1810 was not the first time Paris hosted at least one working system.

The Systems which were in place previous were installed shortly after the city was renamed to Paris. Although a seriously solid hypothesis is that the city was called Paris from 1340-sometime around 500 b.c.e when the Celts conquered the city, the Roman’s took the city back under the command of Caesar and gave the city back to the Parisian’s. Somewhere in the ancient records of Paris is might be possible to find records of Paris and Helen’s Kingdom in the area. Other brothers and cousins took up Kingdoms in Germany. It is very difficult to destroy something if a dozen copies are scattered over a couple thousand miles.

From the end of the Trojan War to sometime around the conquest of Paris, the city possessed at least one system. After the Romans gave the city back from 60 b.c.e to around 400 the city possessed a working system again. What happened is another sequence of conquests.

There was a previous rise in Nationalism as the Roman army and Empire began to shrink and change from being a Roman culture to being multi-cultural. About the same time the culture was switching so was the Roman Religion; from pagan (although the Pagan religion had little to do with the actual pantheon of the Greco-Roman gods, and everything to do with the Tabernacle of Adam system) to the religions which Paul implemented. Which was Christianity, which was entirely different than the religion of Simon Peter. Simon Peters philosophy was based on the applications of the teachings of Jesus, Paul’s was based on the teachings of Esau and Moses. Moses was not a Jew he was a Avaris/Hebrew. Moses did his absolutely best to destroy all aspects of Pre-Trojan War Judaism and replace it with Hebrew. 99% of the Jewish ceremonies were created after the Exodus not before. 99% of the Jewish ceremonies pre the Exodus were erased from common knowledge. As the Roman Empire declined and the Vatican rose in power, the former Roman Empire was awash in Nationalistic Pride. Willing to follow the Vatican’s lead straight to hell. As the Vatican’s power declined circa 1400 ce, a similar unabashed Nationalistic Pride welled up in those former strongholds. Most especially in Britain and in Germany. It took a while for the Nationalistic movements to hit France. But Britain had been witness to a Islamic invasion and occupation force from 680-1066 ce. Although the entire situation has been written out of the history books, all the English Kings of that time are “Pictish” and not “Islamic” but the religion of Islamic was strong and hearty during those centuries.

The even worse situation is that the entire with the decline of the Roman Empire was the armies present in the Kingdom of Northumberland were entirely too busy dealing with the threats to their boarders to mess with Londonium. On the other hand the Romans living in and stationed in Germany were facing all manner of issues and threats. They were informed violently that their presence in Germany was entirely unwelcome, the natives e.g. the future German people informed the Romans “you will either leave willingly, or leave dead.” Most of the Romans who did not want to face a harsh and brutal death by violence traveled to the last Roman fortification where they would be welcome. That was London. Most of the roman’s were not welcome in Rome. The Vatican wanted to seize power and with a huge population in the city they could not seize power. They wanted the population of Rome to be just few 100k for the first few centuries.

The only place for the Romans who wanted to remain Romans and not be part of the Papal States was to go to London. Thus the German version of good nationalism reformed in north eastern Europe. And Ex Roman Nationalism switched from being centered in Rome to London. For the next 1500 years the Ex-Romans renamed English ruled the world. In direct competition with both Northumberland and Germany. Most of those centuries the Germans and British (not Romans mind you, the descendants of the Princes of Troy and Cleopatra in the Kingdom of Ogle aka Northumberland) worked together against both the Vatican and the English.

Two versus two with the other countries of Europe playing host to the battles. The Battles were over who would take command and control of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems, and the associated library. The Germans and Ogles kept the library’s the English and Vatican kept the systems. But with the libraries the Ogles and Germans knew how to build new ones. They also knew how to work with systems without being lobotomized. The war between the two raged from the conquering of Rome 753 b.c.e to present, although after 1930 American became an unwanted fifth wheel in the situation and England was forced to diminish its role as a major world power.


After the threat from Abu Bakr the citizens demanded to be protected again by the divine tool. So the royal family again built another one, well more like repaired the previous back to working order. At least one of the previous was in the Bastille.

The Islamic armies did not threaten Paris for the next several hundred years 800-1000 ce.

Fear and complacency are the death nails for the systems almost every time.

The Islamic/protestants one of their primary goals with the rise of nationalism was to convinced the people of Paris that the system’s in Paris were again evil and not a divine tool.  Shortly after the Reign of Terror ended the systems were again dismantled and at least three invasions by Islamic forces were attempted but the French army was too strong and repelled them.

But the enemy attempted to anyway. If the enemy cannot attack directly, the enemy used diplomacy, negotiation, and subterfuge in order to destroy the weapon they are going prevented from attacking with. Shows the connection between the Reign of Terror which destroyed the French Monarchy and the rise of the NAZI movement, although it took 150 years, the final goal was achieved. A plan hatched in the 1750s took only two century to see through. Which is interesting since one of the organizations which can orchestrate said type of situation is the Cumaen Sybil’s in Rome.

Of course the Cumaen’s have orchestrated several multi-century long plans on a dozen occasions. Previous to 500 ce they were working for the Trojan’s (Cassandra was likely a Sybil, a Trojan Sybil)after they have been working strong and hard for the culture of Islam. Specifically Fatimah. Be interesting if Fatimah’s time in Rome was equal parts to do with the application of her father being resurrected by the Nemi Ships, and Fatimah’s interaction with the Cumean Sybil’s in Rome.

The Cumaena symbols in Rome have a direct and hard target connection with both the NAZI Bell (time travel) and of course the ancient Futhark Calendar. The “Original” Sybil was not actually the first, but this specific line of Sybil’s are drawn directly  from her. She was a priestess of Apollo in the Aegean. What exact location has been lost to history. Her betrayal of Apollo led directly to her being turned into sand, those sands are kept in a large amphora. But that amphora is use by the Sybil’s to track and measure the flow of time energy of the earth and time. Since according to legend that Sybil is still alive, but her body turned to dust/sand centuries ago. She tricked Apollo into granting her immortality, but she did not ask for eternal beauty. So when she broke the bargain, Apollo cursed her to age and then turn to dust/sand but remain immortal. As her body grain by grain falls through the hourglass, those motions form various patterns. Those patterns can be read like a language.

The concept of an hour glass has been a substantial part of tracking the passage and planning/stratagem of time for many millennia. Just what the Nazi’s wanted to gain access to. As well as what Islamic demands to gain access to. 

Although in 1935 this was not the case. If the systems were working, Paris would not have been conquered and occupied. But fear and complacency doom more than a few good ideas purely for the purpose of making the masses feel better about the fact that there will be no threat tomorrow.


So was most if not all references to said tools/weapons in Europe. It was high treason to discuss such matters at all in areas which possessed said tool.

The Nationalist movement did not want anyone to know about them and to fight them for the right to possess said weapons and use them against the Nationalism movement groups.

For the Nationalists not having complete dominance over something is entirely unacceptable.

All the stuff the French Royal family left behind, when they were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night left many wondering; do we have the correct Royals in Prison. More importantly since few if any of us actually have seen the Royals before that night, do we actually know what the Royals looked like. The answer was to use commoners who had direct access to Verssi and have them testify as to the identity of the people they assumed were Royals. A person who had direct pictorial evidence was Madame Tussaud, since she spent years living in Verssi, she had sketched, painted, and sculpted the French Royal family on several occasions. So when she was used as a character witness she obviously complied, since the penalty for not complying was her own execution.

But with a bit of work, they figured out that despite Madame Tussaud’s insistence and swearing under oath that the Royals in prison were who they claimed to be. She was not believed. Add the evidence of the Emperor Francis Marie’s nephew and all belief regarding that situation was thrown out. The French started to send its agents out to discover as much as possible about where the French Royal family went. It did not take them years to figure out they went to America. But where in America since not a single report indicated they went to the East Coast, not a single report indicated they went to New France aka Louisiana. For a while the Libertine French were Lost.

The founding of Texas started in almost the same exact year the Holy Roman Empire in Germany collapsed. It did take a few years from 1792 to 1800 to coordinate with those interested in the states of the east coast to find the old 300 settlers to come and live in Texas. But it is fascinating to learn that all those world changing events happened within about 18 months of each other.

But then the Libertine started looking farther west, to the Arkansas and Rio Grande Rivers.

At that point the British and French contracted out to their friends and allies for a group of settlers to come to “Texas” and settle close to the mouth of both rivers. They would be both paid to be lookouts and own the lands they settled upon. The British and French armies were large enough to keep the Mexican army from being too difficult. Texas formed by the British and French Royal families in order to keep the Libertine from bringing their large army and their Islamic friends armies to bear against what remained of the Princes of Troy.

From 1794-1800 the stalemate worked, but the French had been working behind the scenes in Mexico and with the Spanish in order to sidestep the defenses set up in Texas and go around through the Rio Grande over Santa Fe and into what is now Colorado.

This took years to work, but the Mexican Government without support from Spain, since Spain had enough problems of its own in other areas relinquished control of the Mexico government to the French Libertine. The libertine ordered the Mexican government to spare not a single expense in its pursuit of finding and killing the British and French Royal family in Manitou. 

The French and most of the rest of the countries of Europe not directly connected to or descendants from the Princes of Troy demanded the secrets of the weapons of electro-magnetics. Those that knew refused, those that did not know the secrets attacked those that knew for most of the 1700s, all the 1800s, and kept attacking up to and through the 1900s till they got what they wanted. They were able to capture those secrets.

But in doing so they all but collapsed most of western culture to do it. Killing and torturing to death 100s of millions of anyone  who got in the way of the English, Dutch, Libertine, etc from being able to possess the electro-magnetics divine weapons of mass destruction.

They managed to achieve a goal there ancestors had been at war with the descendants of the Children of Israel over since before the Pyramids were started, 4600 years of War to obtain those secrets. In the decades which have followed, once they had the secrets they have had little if any idea how to work with the systems. Major trial and errors, thousands of deaths, and more than a few catastrophic accidents. But they finally achieved their goal, they got access to at least in part a working system. But like a three year old with a loaded gun they have proved less than capable of doing anything productive with it other than self mutilation.



Joseph Smith

December 23, 1805, Sharon, VT

The issues surrounding the religion of Mormonism is a clash between good ideas and a connection to the divine and very bad ideas/which grew like a cancer within the church. The cancer was brought by Young, the good ideas were established by smith. Nationalism specifically Roman Nationalism is a culture which teaches “good is bad” and “bad is good”, so the followers perform horrific acts thinking they are good and punish good acts thinking they are bad. Every time a new leader comes up in an attempt to convince the masses which follow Nationalism their actions are bad is silenced in some way. Usually by the group think model of “that person is crazy”.





Rise of Nationalism out of Romantic nationalism


The ideals of the Renaissance in a way became part of the Romantic movement. But similar to other issues, Romance was replaced by bad people convincing the group that bad is good and good is bad.



French Revolution and electro-magnetics research

It can be argued that one of the major reasons the “Protestants” in France which had renamed themselves to “Libertine’s” revolted against the King of France was the facts regarding the Kings secret electro-magnetics research. It is possible the King spent well more likely the Musketeers conducted secret research and built not only a steam engine on a ship but had an electrical generator on that ship as well. The steam engine powered both the Screws to move the ship faster than any sail vessel on the waters (circa 1770) but also some type of a weapon which would make that ship invincible.

The physical evidence for this outlandish “Hypothesis” is the Merrimack and Monitor. Those two “Steal” ships had both a steam engine and a weapon capable of being beyond lethal. Since instead of breakable wood, the ships guns were housed inside a steel room with just large enough for a window to put the cannon through. But the technology for a steam engine had existed for 1800 years before. The Roman Empires library had opened in 1805 with the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire. That library did in fact contain plans for at least one if not a dozen different types of Steam Engines.

Generating Electricity based on the rotation of many different things, the friction of different components will generate static electricity. Glass and Wool is a great generator. A steam engine rotates, attach a piece of glass to the end, then have that piece of glass sit inside a collection of wool. The faster the glass rotates the more static electricity will be generated.

Same exact principle to make a steam powered ship. Replace the glass with a shaft and propeller, place a water proof seal between the shaft and the wood of the ship. At the end of the shaft place a propeller, and you have a steam engine for the water.

Just because the US Government did not “Want” to invest in the Merrimack and Monitor, the technology had been available since 1805 but the US did not want to develop that type of technology. A few decades later the army quarter master refused to purchase Brownings repeat both rifles and hand guns. He claimed that the supply line for making sure those guns and the number of shells fired in a single battle would be impossible to keep the units supplied. There is zero reason to assume that the department of the military chose to not invest in both the repeat cartridge rifle and the Steam Engine Ship was because they were more than a little sympathetic to the confederate cause if not flat out Confederates themselves. They did not want to arm the Union with weapons the south could not match; so the newly formed Democratic Party and its allies in the military did their absolute best to keep the inventions which the Union could take full advantage of out of the coming war. Even as early as 1830, the war was coming the only question was when not if. It would be another two decades before the first “unofficial “shots were fired and a decade after that when the “official” start of the war occurred. The Trial of Tears was also a strong part of the Civil War. The Democrats wanted that land the Natives were on for production both for new factories to built up weapons and new farm land for crops. Of course during this build up the smart ones also sold their plantations in the south to new people and moved lock stock and barrel to the headwaters of the Mississippi in order to continue to produce vast amounts for a few decades till it was time to either be killed or move back to Africa. The ancestors of Senator John McCain owned a slave plantation in Teoc, Mississippi purchased around 1848, the McCain’s worked the Plantation will it became too expensive to hire share croppers post the civil war. Previous to 1848 the Plantation was owned and operated for decades by the previous owners. Very likely directly connected to or descendants of the Barbary coast militants. The plantation is still owned by the family although they have not been back for decades.  Supply up and money up in the years and decades before the war in order to ensure that the South had its best chance. Plus the South was more than afraid the Jews living in the Native Populations were spy’s for the North. In addition the Native villages were a perfect place for slaves to run and hide in. A collection of native villages, food, a place to rest, and horses to take a slave from the deepest parts of the south to safety in either the west or Canada. So those Union Sympathetic areas had to be “disposed of”, enter the Trial of Tears.  Perhaps the department of navy wanted to have iron sides powered by steam as early as the 1820s, but then were absolutely afraid the technology would be taken from them and then used against them. The south trying to go up against the Union with several fleets of Iron Clads, the south would have no chance at all. Best not to develop than to risk being defeated by your own technology. Either by an enemy or during the Civil War, the south would be defeated faster with Browings Rifles and an entire collection of Steam Ships.

** The pattern of a renaissance idea working and functioning. Building a sufficient infrastructure, then infiltrated by really bad people (nationalistic) who then take over and destroy both the ideas and the organization itself in order to achieve short term and very personal enrichment goals.

In the case of the Hudson’s Bay Company in Vancouver Wa, the Chief Proctor who took over after John McLoughlin the previous and founding Chief Proctor, only cared about profits and to ensure his next promotion with the HBC. So he ordered instead of maintaining an equilibrium with the environment he ordered all the furs in the area to be stripped out. He could not care less about next years or even a decade from then profits. Profits today are all that matters. After the area is stripped of its furs, then we can close up shop and moved onto the next place to strip it bare.

The ideals of nationalism both good and bad can be found in how both man interacted with their communities. McLoughlin by working to help found the borders of both Washington State and Oregon, in addition to being a benevolent steward to the Oregon Trial settlers. His replacement on the other hand was trying to keep the English Crown dominant in the area. Once it became clear the the English were going to lose and lose badly, striping the area of its resources became the best thing Douglas could do for the Crown.   are found in the core of the second chief proctor James Douglas. Although Douglas has worked under McLoughlin for almost two decades the two men had a very different perspective as to how to properly manage the resources of the Pacific North West. McLoughlin was interested in building up the area, Douglas’s only concern was stripping it of all resources in order to produce maximum profits for himself and his company. The area of the Columbia River almost two entire centuries later are still trying to recover from the stripping damage done by Douglas. Douglas was also not a fan of the settlers in the area; he would only help the Oregon Trail Settlers to the limit of the law. McLoughlin would go well over the letter of the law. Consequently McLaughlin was known as the Father of Oregon and Douglas has been remembered as a very hard man. Although Douglas went onto achieved political success in British Columbia for the Country of Canada and England; McLoughlin became a Loyal American, Douglas on the other hand stayed loyal to the English Crown and was rewarded with serious political favors. Douglas worked on the boundaries of this English roots to create a solid and substantial “Land” for the “Umber” Sacred Royals(Yr Hen) to exist within. The Nazi Bell depends on a significant portion of “extremely well identified location A, in order to travel to location B”.

That is a scaled up version of being killed by the perpetrator taking your gun and killing you with it. Best not have a gun than, or in this case best not have said type of ship.

Till Sherman’s’ March through the South, a huge amount of very bad and violent militant Islamic groups and their associated armies were not only present on American soil but had bunkered in and were just waiting for the Americans to come so the Islamic Armies in America, could destroy the Americans then take over and rule the Continent with radical conservative Sharia Law. Sherman saw a perfect opening and attacked them without mercy, most of the Muslim armies on the end of his “march” evacuated before he arrived. They saw what happened to the first armies which met Sherman and chose to evacuate rather than be obliterated from existence. They evacuated either back to Africa or to the headwaters of the Mississippi.


Frankenstein Technology

An argument can be made that one of the reasons the conflicts of the 1700s existed and partially the 1692 Salem Witch Trials occurred was because the ancient electro-magnetics technology was finally found in the Holy Roman Empires Library and that people who would use it wrong would stop at nothing and worse destroy anything in their way to take that technology. The Salem Witch Trials were not about the victims; the Salem witch trials were about forcing the community to reveal were the Tabernacle of Adam System was and most importantly how to use it. The rumors and legends regarding this mythical system were (specifically within the theological and upper upper class royal cultures) that it could resurrect the dead and or be a weapon more powerful than the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was by legend a weapon that was so powerful any army which possessed said could destroy any army which stood against it.

The System was more powerful than the Ark. When the Royal System started to break down and the Roman Empire finally collapsed the War Lords of Europe wanted that System and would not stop for anything to possess it. From the late 1400s to the early 1800s few scholars were allowed to have access to those specific sections of the library, the experiments they performed were on “Dead Animal Tissue” e.g. severed limbs of various creatures. With sufficient electricity generated, and the electrodes connected to the perfect areas e.g. the nerve endings. Which medical science in the 1500s had just started to learn those things existed and that they worked by electro-magnetics specifically electricity. When articles and booklets were published in academic circles “Reanimation of Dead Tissue” was a common academic research subject in north Central and Eastern Europe. One of the major reasons the Ottoman’s wanted to invade and conquer Europe was that technology. They wanted to resurrect Mohammed, and Esau so they could have their Prophet lead the army and their King of Kings Rule the people. Obtaining that evidence from the Roman Library regarding electro-magnetics research and of course the portions specific to the “Reanimation of Dead Tissue” was their primary but entirely secret goal.

They got the idea based on Fatimah and her entirely clandestine journey out of Mecca with her dying fathers body to Egypt. Her time in Egypt trying to find a working Tabernacle of Adam system which failed, since they were all moved out to either Rome and or Britain by 600 ce.

She went to Carthage to find little more than a small ruined settlement. Nothing like the million person population city which the Romans disassembled and shipped to Rome, then reassembled.

Then traveled to Rome because the Lake Nemi ships were not only still present but the tall towers were still in place. She arrived to a working system, but then could not find anyone to make the system work.

So he had to leave and journey to the only place which still had a population which knew about the system and could teach her. The added benefits to Fatimah was that her mother’s family were British.

But upon arriving in Britain, her material family rejected her outright. They perceived her total and complete devotion to her father and to resurrecting him as an act of all most pure evil. Since her father is part of Revelations. “And the beast will rise out of the sea” the sea could be the Holy Sea (Jerusalem/Heliopolis) since Fatimah left her father’s by then dead from being self poisoned in the catacombs of Rome.

Her material family did not react well when she kept pushing and pushing and pushing to be informed. The push back became a War which is still in the history books in the present.

Part of that War was part of the plot of the Mary Shelley book Frankenstein, another part of the plot was of course the Tabernacle system of Adam which Shelley learned about from her access to the secret parts of the Roman Library, courtesy of her friend Lord Byron.




Romantic nationalism

The largest difference between the Roman Movement’s which swept through Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the associated Dark Age. An emphases on the “Classics” from Greek and some emphasis on the Trojan War, connection and in part deleting the 577 years between 1330-753 b.c.e. the time between the conquest of Troy and the founding of Rome.

More than a few stories regarding the founders of Rome were the evacuated Princes of Troy. Since the stories were not capable of being erased, the only solution was to erase the time line to make the two events happen in sequence versus happen more than half a millennia apart. 

Roman Nationalism is an entirely different thing to the Romantic movement.

The underbelly of the Roman Empire which is half of what this movement was about was not about the glory of thought, exploring the Socratic Method, or the exploration of the ideals of the renaissance. The Roman Nationalistic ideal was about the core of what Romulus was attempting to achieve, and in a dozen ways achieved with flying colors.

Romulus hated the Jews with an untamable passion which went well beyond sanity.

In essence the Roman Culture from the second the Samhain and Alba Longa Army’s fell at Alba Longa has been spent into at least two major cultures. The people of Samhain (mostly Jews <Pre-Exodus Jews> and Egyptians) and the Romans from Romulus’s line who are based on behavior patterns descendants of the army of Agamemnon.

Roman Nationalism was in very large part based on the ideals of the Hyksos which Agamemnon was not only a part of, after the city of Troy Fell and was renamed Agamemnon became a major commander of the remaining Hyksos. Although by then name changed to something else.

A bit of background as to the rise of Roman Nationalism’s birth. The Roman culture did not start out when the Gates of Rome were opened to allowed the new conqueror into the city 753 b.c.e. Nationalism was used for the previous several hundred years but was known by a slightly different name “The Greek City/State” governance model where each city/state was its own Nation. Loyalty to that Nation, and its philosophy was more important in most cases than the individual’s life.

When Romulus walked into the opened for him Gates of Samhain, he instantly changed the name of the city to Honor himself. But he also brought with him the “Greek City/State Model” which is a model of Governance he wanted to fix by repeating that same structure but with only one city; Rome.

From 753 b.c.e to 350 ce his basic idea was granted, the City/State of Rome was the one and only allowable philosophy to exist within the framework of the areas the Roman Empire controlled.


After the Roman Empire collapsed the Romans attempted to reestablish a new Empire in both England and Germany. Their efforts in Germany were for the most part unsuccessful, although the core of the philosophy is still alive and well with almost zero interruptions. Minus the change of religions from nature base, to Catholicism, to Islam, to Protestantism, to a mixture of those plus other very old religions.


Roman Nationalism (WHICH IS WHAT THE CONFEDERACY WAS BASED ON which then cascaded into the Thule society Political party THE THIRD REICH) does not start at Rome, or with the descendants of Agamemnon’s army in Italy. Nor with Agamemnon attacking Troy, Or with Agamemnon being part of the Army which attacked the City of Athens to get it back.





Roman Nationalism was a combination of the Jacob descendants from the 18th dynasty, Troy, and other places working as representatives of the “Upper Class” biochemical interactions and infrastructure. And the Hyksos and their culturally desperate need to command and control the cultures under them in a military and political infrastructure of power and dominance.

Starting in Europe circa 1805, and in a way expanding to America, but in America there was no need for an organized structure. If academics wanted to meet, they just did. In a coffee shop, a café, in someone’s house, etc. Little was formal about it. But of course this leaves out the basics of the rules of libraries in America, the libraries in America minus Carnegie more than a half century later started in 1883. From 1805 through 1883 there were either no public libraries or they only existed in huge cities on the east coast. Or where the Ogle family had created a large city. Interesting enough the Ogle family had a huge library in Tiffin Ohio. That library was partially public, but that only angered the American and English culture more. They wanted that library and would stop at nothing to possess it. Hence Fort Ball directly next to one of the libraries. The house for the library was a huge warehouse which became Tiffin University, which is about 8000 feet away from the Maples location on Ogle Lands. That library was conquered from the Ogles and split into two, Heidelberg and Tiffin u.

In Europe it was an entirely different matter. To gain access to the Holy Roman Empire library required literally to form a cohesive group with a clear directive then petition the local government for “Think Tank” Status.

After centuries of not being allowed to do anything formal regarding academics, file some paperwork and access could be granted. Of course the access might have limitations and restrictions, to what would be subject to each library. Each library might need 10 separate think tanks, to gain access to the different areas of the library needed to form a whole picture. The Hyksos Nationalistic hatred of anyone being able to see the “Big Picture” trickled down from 2100 b.c.e to the 1800s ce. Although in many ways the separations are not only still present but are strictly enforced. The renaissance had a name for people who were multi-talented it was called either a polymath and or a renaissance man. But the Hyksos and their academics structure hate almost as much as they hate women people who are multi-talented in different academies structures/disciplines. So to get a nice large picture, several different areas of the library. Several smaller groups were required to gain access to very specific sections of the library and study. Taking their information back to their “think tank collective” and compiling the information.

The academics and scholars were finally able to actually meet in an organized fashion without fear the Vatican would send the inquisition and kill them all. The organization itself became just as important as the ideas being discussed. One group of think tanks took on the Military Aspects and formed various “Para-Military” organizations to force the local government to remove the Jews from their culture.

The other group of think tanks were based on the pre-exodus version of Judaism and the “Children of Israel” forms of the religion and its associated tools. But the War between the two started almost instantly. When there was an issue between the philosophies of the definition of Steward, the Nationalistic philosophy is that all needs to be associated with the lord of the manor or in that case the castle. The lord (man) was in charge and all around were in effect his slaves, including the animals. The Children of Israel philosophy of Steward is everyone works together in order to achieve a collective goal. Growth and prosperity to one and all. Although those working in the fields might not feel like the paper pushers and or the administration folks do their fair share of work. Usually the paper work people do as much if not more hours of work keeping all the paperwork straight than the people in the field doing back breaking labor. But to fill out forms correctly and worse keep track of all the inventory on a farm/plantation/estate and keep all the little moving parts moving properly is a huge mental task. The people in the administration have their own issues which are equally as difficult. Making decisions about what portions of the moving things on the farm need to be moved in what way is just as difficult. Strategies is a tough task to say the absolute least. To think about crops, weather conditions, crop rotations, fertilizer, equipment, what has to be repaired in exactly what order, when are new hires required and when are the old hands needing to retire. The number of details which must be tracked is significant. Which is why the Vatican allowed the guild system to start with agricultural education, then expand to architecture to built both cathedrals and better farming structures. Many times during the dark ages communities would go through famine and starvation because the locations were not allowed to learn how to properly farm to feed the populations. The smaller the population the easier it is to control those people. Too large and the sub-communities form and might be ideas about those in charge are wrong. So if the farmers knew they could produce approximately x amount of food per year. Than any population larger than that size had to be eliminated. A lottery system was designed so that a fair distribution of the population could be determined, over x size would be “removed” and not just political an emotional grudges. Although often the lottery was rigged and the political enemies of the powerful killed their enemies off. Either men who were a threat to the rich/powerful or women who gave the powerful some reason to dislike them.

Slowly the academics system expanded with the barbaric actions of starvation, the lottery system, and of course to bring proper glory to the church. Education expanded, but only if that expansion was something the church would approve of. Or brought the church more power.

From 600 ce to the 1500s the church kept the most strict control over academics.

For the very few who were allowed to go to university, once they chose their “major” they were not allowed to study anything else. Once you chose your major you were locked in for life. There was very little if any “switching Majors’” allowed. Until you chose your major you were not allowed into any department other than the general ed building which was usually inside the “Main Administration building”. The centuries rolled by and the Vatican could control this situation less and less. Up to the point in Scandinavia, Britain, and Germany they lost control almost completely. Which is one reason why the (nationalist) inquisition was sent to  Germany so many times. They had lost of “population control” to perform. Killing anyone who questioned the Vatican’s authority, which by the end was mostly the entire population.




From 1808-1870 several of the German, Dutch, Austrian, and of course closely connected Ottoman Empire Para-Military groups were outlawed and kicked out of Central and Eastern Europe. They made their way to America and caused all manner of really bad actions. Not to the least of which was forming the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party began in Central and Eastern Europe as a violently pro Para-Military think tank collective of groups which were kicked out of Europe and had to find new areas to live in the West. Upon arriving in America up and down the Mississippi River areas and tributaries, they merged their think tanks with the Plantation Systems existing organizations. Switching from a Think Tank structure to a Political Structure. The European think tanks and the American “think tanks” worked very closely together for the next more than a century.

First the communication was extremely slow but over time with the addition of electro-magnetics research first the “Telegraph” was invented circa 1820. Although the first dozen cables did not last long and were extremely expensive they were also entirely private. Private companies and collectives of companies formed to be able to transmit information from Europe to America and back again in order to have the think tanks in Europe relay their research to the groups in America. The networks open to the public did not happen for a few decades. not because the companies did not see profits in it, they did not want the competition between their private lines and the public ones. So most of the companies did not want to invest since they had their money already involved with their private lines. Why give the competition an advantage.

For direct evidence of the Open Library of the Roman Empire which portions of that library dated back to the library at Heirakonopolis 4000 b.c.e. Heirakonopolis is west of Thebes in upper Egypt. The Telegraph being invented only about 15 years after the library was open but kept secret and away from the public is not exactly a situation governments have done countless times over the course of written communication.

The Civil War was coming, worse the end of Slavery was clearly on the horizon. Liberty was overtaking Nationalist(the bad form) in both Europe and America. Although more than a few pockets of good Nationalism were still thriving in isolated pockets here and there.

After the Civil War two things became completely clear. First was that more than a few of the ex-confederates were not willing to give up their weapons or renounce their loyalty to the confederacy. Those that could not perform said took what money they could raise and moved back to Europe. Where they operated sometimes in secret and other times openly and blatantly anti-Semitic.

The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War began not long after the end of the Civil War. This War required every available experienced soldier the French and Prussian’s could throw at their enemies. More than a few Ex-Confederates joined that War. Most did not come back, since they had no country to come back to.

To funnel information from Europe to America in order to form a cohesive message and to take what has been learned from the library’s of Europe and applies that to the American Political systems. To force the American representative democracy into following more of the Plantation economic model than the business model. The business model is not as pro-agriculture, but it does produce profoundly larger amounts of profit. It also does not require slave labor to achieve.

That same switch occurred a century later in Germany. The academics structures in Germany worked to topple the existing government in Europe and place themselves in charge. The decades of manipulation from 1880 – 1914 achieved this goal. When the powers that be with layers and layers of mutual protection pacts went to war with each other. What was left was the German Government in shambles ripe of the Thule Society to found its first of two political parties to prevent itself from following the same pattern as the previous several dozen and being outlawed by the government. If they were the government than they would not be outlawed. This turned out to be a completely incorrect assumption both times. The rise of the Democratic Party/Confederacy and the NAZI party both followed an extremely similar behavior pattern.

The differences are only some of the superficial aspects and of course the Thule Society. Although a very strong argument can be made regarding the origins of the Thule Society as not being privately anti-Semitic but publically being as anti-Semitic as the laws would allow. UP to and including assault and murder. The really bad part of the Rise of the NAZI Nationalistic State is that the core people from the Thule society did not perform much of the violence, they ordered their “pawns” to perform. But if the perspective is alter just a little than the leaders of the Thule society were not ordering their members to commit barbarous actions, but rather redirecting their more violent members to perform actions which would cause the least amount of harm. If you have a thug, that thug will want to not only be violent but that thug if their violence tendencies are not “controlled” and “redirected” will turned their violence against their leaders. So when the thugs in the NAZI order needed to be thugs, they were allowed to be but with carefully selected targets and carefully selected levels of violence.

The Democratic Party formed to force America to adopt more of Judge Rutledge’s philosophy regarding the Slave Trade and the associated killing of the Jews. The Muslims and the radical religious in America have the same goal on this one subject, kill the Jews. Since each generation which went by the Jews continuously refused to provide the electro-magnetics research which was required, they were tortured to death as a community till they did. The problem is that with all that killing , running, and obliterating the libraries/cities most of the Jews had either forgotten and or had not been taught said information for so many generations the information was not part of the cultural member anymore. The one goal Esau’s line had they destroyed that goal by destroying those that held the secret. But profited off of selling the African natives to pay for the genocide of the Jews. Which is extremely close to what the Third Reich attempted, but they ran out of workers. The NAZI’s were killing their work force at the time they depended on them to be slave labor. Every 1000 slave labor personnel they killed was 1000 less workers to produce product. What the NAZI did not realize either at all or till it was too late was that the Killing of the Jews was a designed flaw inside the structure, the Thule society aimed to have the NAZI party implode. They imploded and the Thule Society was going to retake command of the culture. Unfortunately for them, this did not work.  The pre American Government Slave trade did essentially the same thing, killing their work force and forcing their work forced to escape into the native cultures of America. The repeat pattern in this is obvious that is fails each and every time.

Immediately after the civil War those that demanded to be violence and nasty against the Jews, Africans, etc. were forced to face a very difficult choice. They took on the name “Conservative”; they could either sty in the Democratic Party when they would be increasingly not listened to and ignored. Or they could switch to a different party which would listen to their thug beastly behavior. From 1870-1920 the majority of the states conservatives migrated over to the GOP while the majority of the liberals migrated over to the Democratic Party. With the Rise of Fascism and the NAZI Party the Conservatives were full throated support of the rise of Hitler and his philosophy, the liberals were about as anti-as an organization can get. Minus the south, which the Democrats in the south were still holding tight to the name but voting with the gop. The last “blue dog” Dems were not voted out till the late 1990s. Almost exclusively part of the politicians from the south. The last hold outs of the original pro-plantation pro-slavery southern democrats.


In the 70 years from Salem Witch Trials to the American Revolution people like John Adams, Jefferson, Franklyn, etc did have a radical change of heart and knew the killing of the Jews was not only wrong but it was a crime against humanity. But their constituents still had their odd little needs to kill Jews to feel ok with the lord.

The Conservative argument during the colonial convention was the Jews were in party behind trying to force the philosophy of John Adams, Jefferson, Franklyn, etc. into the documentations, but it was so much junk to them. The ultra radical Plantation conservatives are entirely convinced that the Jews they have been hunting to kill over the last several millennia convinced the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to push a Jewish agenda. To push for rights of the Jews dispute the fact that the behind the scenes movers and shakers in conservative politics have always been the militant ultra conservative “sharia law” Muslims cultures. They are unabashed puppet masters, accusing the Jews of being evil puppet masters to the liberals. The conflicts between the two sides liberal and conservative have been in existence in American since the 1600s and continue to the present. Always with a side note about those evil Jews. Never a side note about the not good Muslims. Although the evidence of the Islamic puppet masters is more than abundantly clear, it is just not covered. One if illusion to throw off the truth the other is hard fact but ignored.

Which is really interesting since the structure Rutledge was screaming about was the Theocratic Religious Rules which the Puritan/Great Awakening cultures had been operating under since the 1400s. Those cultures which the Puritan and Great Awakening Movements sprang from were in part the American leg of the “Slave trade” which is what Rutledge and Adams argued about year after year. Although John Adams was arguing for Freedom, in his exact area only 70 odd years previous the Salem Witch Trials not only occurred.  But shaped a considerable portion of the Roman Nationalistic movement in America. People like himself witness the events a couple generations after they had occurred and started to understand the crimes against humanity. Although Adams and other liberals in the colonial convention, their constitution still wanted to kill Jews and take the System. Adams and friends did not. They had witnessed the evil of their ways and worked as hard as they could to prevent both the slave trade and of course the further execution of the Jews. Rutledge did not care about the suffering of the Jews, he only cared about the Africans working for him. He violently argued that the religion of which Adams and his friends had pushed for was indistinguishable from the finding and killing Jews. Rutledge argued that Adams and friends might have high minded principles, but if the puritans/great awakening followers in the north were going to keep killing Jews than he should have the right to keep slaves. Adams was not going to outlaw the killing of the Jews. Since most of his supporters thought more of slaves than they did of Jews. Jewish literally did not exist. Slaves did but only to a certain amount. The political spin which the puritans attempted but failed to put on the majority of the events. Their justification for their actions, which were beyond justifiable. Although Adams and his community were still strongly supporting the Slave trade personally Adams was entirely against it. But his community was still in full voice supporting. Rutledge was trying to get the other colonies to understand the depth and structure of the slave trade. That everyone benefited minus the slaves themselves. Although more than a few of the plantation owners and likely Rutledge himself might have argued that their life in Africa was pure squallier and was nothing in comparison with their wonderful life in slavery (yes for a few centuries up till about 1980 this was a conservative argument for the benefits of slavery. Much like the arguments regarding child rape. Fortunately both are now a serious crime, and by some cultures considered a crimes against humanity.). Three meals a day, a solid roof over their heads, medical care, a family, free from animals eating them, free from being hunted and killed by other tribes. Life as a slave was comparably a paradise to that of what they had just come out of. Little of said was true, but the plantation owners had convinced themselves that life on their Plantations was paradise to what they had come out of . Ending the slave trade was simply not in anyone’s best interest including the slaves themselves. They get the work and their life is pampered and provided for. No matter how entirely incorrect said description was. This was also the propaganda the Third Reich used to justify their Concentration Camps to the world. They just left out the starvation, rapes, genocide, and profiting off of slave labor.

Many of the Witch Burnings were not about the witches but were about forcing the “Undesirables” to either leave the area or face harsh repercussions. Such as torture and or death.

Although it is entirely clear the Salem Witch Trials occurred more than 115 years before the start of the European Movement of Roman Nationalism, the Witch Trials still occurring in both Europe and America previous to 1692 had a significant motivation. Just because the words change Jew, Islam, foreigners, etc. does not mean the variables of finding the “undesirables” and removing them from your culture is not still the basic motus opernendi of that same bad organization. That motivation to “Remove the Undesirables” is one of the key motivating phrases for most of the organizations which extend from Esau’s culture the Great Awakening Movement, conservatism, democracy (pre1880), the Confederacy and the Third Reich. Of course the Confederacy existed just not named from no later than 1820, part of the Trail of Tears is the Confederacy.

A huge amount of the Third Reich is based on almost a carbon copy of the Confederacy.

The Confederacy is direct a offspring of the Roman Nationalist Movement.


The Hyksos like to change names almost constantly in order to throw off the current generation from accusations from their parent culture. The crimes and illegal behavior of the parent become the first thing the “New” screams they are not being given a fair examination through, “do not judge us till we have proven we are as bad as our parents” but by the time they prove they are as bad, they have done the actions. Then name change again and repeat, holding off on the punishment for the crimes as long as possible then name change again. Repeated over the course of the last 4500 years without a stop. 


The Other think tanks not being military were not forced to leave. But since Jews are used to being persecuted, on the occasions they were outlawed, they simply reformed under a new name.


The base name of Nation is the key to understanding the root of where Nationalism came from. Nation; of the specifically designated area (city/state<LAND>) its areas and philosophy. Ism is loyal and hearty to that land and that philosophy.

The structure of Nationalism had a sacred/divine<AMBER/UMBER> beginning, but became corrupt over the centuries and with a strong hatred for the Jews. Lastly a strong almost dominant application of the rules of the Hierarchal structure (VERTICAL/NORTH STAR> of how to live life in a culture. All together is North (vertical) Umber(Amber) Land(specifically designed area. Sacred and Land has a name in Latin Castle.

New as in the New day is the meaning of the Futhark language Symbol the 12th symbol in the sequence of characters Jera. New Day of the Sacred Devine area; in Futhark and Hebrew that is Jeru Salem, in English that is New Castle. Yes the Northumberland or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd which means the same thing the good portion of that culture has a Jerusalem as their Capital City second only to Edinburg, but the bad or evil applications of that culture are Nationalism. Good spreads the sacred concepts and helps all life. The bad is only interested in destroying and controlling life. Being in effect god on earth.


What in the world would Joseph smith when he was a teenager Book of Mormon have even the slightest item to do with the applications of the Third Reich and its forerunner the Confederacy. Smith was being raised in the community were one of the anchors for the Confederacy was born. Upstate New York has always been a strong ultra-conservative area. Since a century before the colonies became the states, which is a marked contrast Manhattan which has been a stronghold for liberal ideas and of course the spirit of the renaissance lived in Manhattan, but upstate is where some remnance of the confederacy and several neo-Nazi groups still exist.

The answer is very simple; Smith had connections which have never been revealed before. His connections were to the British and French Royal family, in exile in various portions of America.

Since both British and French Royal family’s had been unceremoniously kicked out of Europe, they only operated in Europe through surrogates. The “Think Tank” Systems, the British in America paid for those originations to achieve their goals in Europe.

Not long after Smith did his spiritual achievements in Up State New York with what would become the Book of Mormon, Smith had connections with the Ogle family of Tiffin Ohio and was granted free passage between New York and Eventually Missouri through Northern Ohio. Despite a kill on site order which the military at Fort Ball was more than happy to follow those orders, the Ogle family kept both Smith and Oliver alive during their time in Kirtland and Tiffin. Although what Tiffin was called before 1835 is anyone’s guess. Though the city of Tiffin was specific to the south side of the River, while the original city was on the north side of the river just to the west of the now obliterated Fort Ball. Ever since Ohio became a state it has been a pivotal state in almost every presidential election dating back to the first Presidential Election after being admitted into the Union as a state in 1803. Ohio admitted into the Union, Smith born just 2 years later, the end of the Holy Roman Empire in the same year as Smith, and the start of Nationalism


Smith’s Church was founded on the basic principles of good upper hierarchy with a strong emphases on the proper structure of the biochemistry of the culture itself.

But when B.Y. entered the picture he had one goal and one goal only. To take the church away from Smith and redirect the church away from good biochemistry of a culture in both the religion and the community. The community the LDS would service and direct the church to a more Nationalistic and militant organizational structure. Which was in a very real effect a mini-Confederacy. Very Roman Empire esk in its makeup. With Young as its “Ultimate Leader” although the same “do not question his authority” ins present in both the LDS church and the reformed confederacy in Germany. Neither Adolf nor Young could tolerate any questioning of their divine leadership.

It would be fascinating to find out how much cooperation between the Young Church and the Confederacy existed. Then how much of the Confederacy transformed into the Third Reich brought working portions and personnel of the LDS with it. Did the Thule Society work with the Smith descendants and the NAZI work with the Young missionaries. It would be a fascinating item to explore.


Smith and the LDS in Germany

After the Holy Roman Empire’s library opened and became very clear “Think Tanks” could gain access.

If the mythology of some type of “Time Machine” had any basis in reality, the one aspect of physical which his undeniable and beyond core to the center of any calculation regarding said theory would be the 0000 of time.

The Futhark Calendar itself is both a language and a calendar.

Bu tit is more than that. It is not just a Calendar it maps out the language written in the structure of time itself.

For the Manx Gaelic definition of the family name of Yr Hen Ogle dd; this means The people in charge of the most high and holy sacred land which has clearly boundaries between inside sacred and outside.

In other words the center, the cardinal east, west, north, south directions, then you have down as in opposite of vertical which would be the 90’s from the cardinal directions. 90’ vertical and 90’ down.

Nationalism would be when examined on a “good” basis and not evil (NAZI) based on the two entirely centuries plus  decade from the start of the movement to present everything all the associated groups have in common is a radical concentration as to exact location. Finding the 0000 almost every single day for every single one of the involved cultures in coding the United States of American and dating back to the Salem Witch Trials the emphases has been on finding the exact location. The location of what has changed per cultural and per power broker, but the core is not what the core is location. Of what is the second question.

If you want to travel from point A to point B, infinitely more important when you are discussing the applications of moving in time. Knowing exact location every cubic micrometer of the journey becomes of the utmost of importance.

A strong portion of mythology is the legend of the Vampire, which required “an invitation” in order to cross between the outer and the inner sanctum. Vampires survived on blood, which is the color of Amber.



Now a very difficult question, did the LDS send by Smith in 1823 which set up think tanks and worked from the Holy Roman Empire Library. How much of these plausible interactions between smiths missionaries in their think thanks and other groups hell For what purpose is at this point an unknown. But with the Library open and available to scholars and those rich, Smith in his teenage years circa 1818-1824 had plenty of opportunity to semi-work with the Roman Library in order to work with the more “Dangerous” Aspects of what he found.

Those more dangerous aspects would be literally part and parcel with the mythical NAZI Bell. First hard fact every both Hebrew Character and English Character have equivalents in their Parent language the Elder Futhark.

The pictures from the NAZI bell have Futhark Symbols on it. Those symbols have specific time sequence applications to them.

If god built into Hebrew and the other Western Languages the Futhark as a parent, then the Language/Calendar of the Futhark was intended to be present as well.

Every single letter in the Hebrew Language for example ALEF is an entire word in the Futhark Language.

Which also means that there is 12 entire and a 13th entire time sequence associated with each and every letter. A = Ansuz, L = Laguz, E = Ewaz, F = Fehu. Each of them is a month, each Solstice/Equinox has its own Fixed Start point. Makes every Solstice/Equinox of which there are eight, fixed points throughout the year its own calendar. Eight calendars in just one 365 day calendar sequence.

The Nazi Bell has specific time “Map” symbols on it.



The Smith group in Europe and the Young group in Europe fought from 1845-1946. The young group siding with the third Reich and the Smith group working with the Thule. after the Thule realized they had created evil and had sided with it circa 1923, from 23-30 the Thule got back to their roots and worked against the Nazi’s despite having created it in the first place






Intimate Ceremonies in the Third Reich *



These same variables can be found in the events of the Salem Witch Trials were a local “lady of the night” was used as an experimental rat in a maze, in a System. That System was discovered in a church. The Fleeing British did not have time to dismantle in time. It was left partially up and working. The System required the proper application of elements to make it work. A “willing female” and a willing male partner were part of the instructions from Tituba, a slave from the west indies (Caribbean) owned by reverend Samuel Parris. The willing female was oldest of the accusers Sarah Churchill (1667?-after 1731) who was in her 20s, was one of the first accusers and one of most adamant regarding her EST issues. She was also based on puritan culture likely either a wanted woman or bisexual. Her problems came when she was asked and became a willing teacher to the teenage girls in Salem. She taught them about the system, and included inappropriate actions adult to teenager and pre-teenager behavior. Two centuries later said actions would be against the law and she would be placed on the “sexual predictors list.”

Bisexuality was considered by all puritans in the area the mark of evil. To be attracted to in an intimate way with the same sex. She went from being the granddaughter of the richest men in the area to a servant of a lowly but rich farmer.

The primary problem was, the puritans experimentations with that tabernacle in that church led to their own destruction. But like all holier than though people and groups, their actions were pure and holy. It is others and things which are evil. Not them, never them. since the System backfired and caused the town to have a serious mental health issue, it was not the fault of the system, but of the evil lurking behind every shadow. It was the fault of the Germans and their “Amber Room” which they had “snuck out of Germany” before the Prussian invasion. It was the fault of the British for leaving that system/tool in their holy church. It was the fault of Tituba, and her obviously evil ways. It was not the puritans fault for using a machine they had no idea how it worked or what it could do. Some of the older residence of Salem had witnessed its use and assumed it was a weapon not a tool. The puritans wanted to keep their “hold on power” and tried to use the system to destroy their enemies. Which is exactly what the system was not designed to be used for.

But despite The British warnings, the Puritans used the system anyway and it turned against them.


Sarah Churchill was brought to Salem to work for a crippled farmer. He was crippled, but her family believed that if she worked hard enough for him, that might cure her of her sexual nature. Too tired to think of such things. Without his farm generating a considerable sum, he would have been left to either die alone, or been dealt with accordingly. The puritans did not put up with weakness from anyone. Being a cripple is many times more than that culture could tolerate. At various times the clergy perceived being crippled as a sign of a long ago pact with the devil and the lord made the person lame to show that evil deed. *

In puritan culture is it normal thing to take people who have strayed from the path of the lord to force them into unacceptable and unrealistic situations to cure them of their “evil”. Sarah was a wanted woman, but her family did not want to turn her into a prostitute, so they arranged for her to be “sold” to a crippled farmer just outside the town of Salem Mass, in order to provide him with a hard working person who would not be “attracted to him” so that she would focus away from her “Evil” ways and repent through hard work. She was disowned so she had to work for a living. Working hard physical labor for 18 hour days for a puritan is the greatest way to avoid “devil thoughts.”

But the problem is, suppressing ones nature does two things without a doubt. First it will by default come out anyway, second it will come out in unhealthy and destructive ways. The self and or others harm depends on the persons character; are they more interested in harming themselves or their community. A bit of both will happen, but where the percentage lies is the key. Sarah did both, taking her unhealthiness out on herself and the village of Salem.

Then things became many times worse when she became connected with Tituba, Parris, and of course the system. She had the correct talent, Tituba had the correct (ancient Egyptian knowledge, being partially Jewish), and at least one system in the vicinity of Salem. The System in the Apple orchard of one of the accused did not count. The system in the church was the one which had the most emphasis as applications.

The puritans relied upon a careful system of those in their community not entirely god like; cripples, mentally infirmed, etc. those people would be paired up with wanted people in order for both of their deficits to cancel each other out. To live a more godlike way by having someone around who made up for each sides deficits.

For Sarah since her body worked great, but her mind was poisoned (feeble) so putting a feeble minded person with a physically disabled person to them is the perfect combination. Gives them both a chance to make a whole person who can get into heaven.


Since the German Government took first hand and direct action in the immediate area for the decades before the trials, and the conflicts between Boston, Salem, versus the Germans was still occurring when the Salem Witch Trials started. They overlap by 11 days. The English and the NAZI’s had all the evidence they needed from Massachusetts and the Civil War to proceed with their experimentation on some type of electro-magnetics WMD. Tesla’s own hand written box says “Ray Gun” which the Nazi took hard and special interest in all of Tesla’s inventions. But he had less than zero interest in cooperating, he was more than a bit upset that his inventions had been stolen and given to the German government in the late 1800s.

Three strong factors project the facts that the NAZI’s knew full well that some type of electro-magnetics WMD not only existed but they could work to recreate it for their own evil purposes.

After all their own think tank structures courtesy of the limited information the Thule Society would allow out had spent an entire century researching and rebuilding every single portion of the Garden of Eden and the Structures which sat at the center of that garden. With all that evidence and more points, the idea that the Nazi’s were not working on some type of an electro-magnetics weapon is beyond credibility. They worked on every other secret weapon of mass destruction they could think of, but for some reason the entire electro-magnetics field of research (despite Tesla technology being in Germany and being used to power the miles and miles of electrical fence surrounding each of the dozens of camps) was not explored. A Rail Gun was “investigated and a research project created by the American Government” only 29 months after Rudolph Hess’s defection from NAZI occupation 10 May 1941, the  Philadelphia experiment. 29 Months is about the correct amount of time needed to decipher the reams of documents Hess brought with him to the Allies; and to turn the Rail Gun information into a Physical Science Project. 29 months to machine the necessary parts in order to experiment with the electro-magnetics project outlined in those blue prints. Of course this is not the only set of blue prints, Louis Octave Fauchon-Villeplee created the first Rail Gun in France in 1918. Although the Rail Gun plans and said were available to the Nazi after 1938, any official documentation was not mentioned till 1944. The plans were drawn up but supposedly never implemented.

That is closer to half a dozen electro-magnetics projects which were either in the planning stages or were fully operational but the NAZI’s did not capitalize on said technology. Which strains logical credibility to the limit. Not only did the Nazi’s research electro-magnetics but had attempted on at least three occasions to create weapons out of said field.


The entire aim of the Thule society and its predecessor think tanks taking back more than 120 years was to discover as much as possible about the Garden of Eden and the Tabernacle System.

King Solomon built a replica of said tabernacle, to house the Ark of the Covenant.

But if a discussion regarding the Ark of the covenant is brought up, the queen of Sheba also needs to be discussed. Describing the location of the Kingdom of the Queen of Sheba, the directions are the floor work (all masons recognize the definition of floor work) of what and where the Queen of Sheba moves within the Lodge to achieve specific goals regarding the Ark of the Covenant.

The location of the kingdom of Sheba not being outside the lodge but inside the lodge brings up the concept  of a female hanging around the alter and a male hanging around the alter. Would this lead to some type of interaction.

Would that interaction be something closer to what the FreeMason Joseph Smith was working on; which turned into very nasty rumors about inappropriate interactions with underage girls.



Tatars aka Turks. *



Seven years war

One of the most difficult aspects of all historical concepts to understand was the Seven Years War. Obviously some of the Battles are easy to see and study. But most fo what occurred not only occurred clandestinely, the name of the war itself is a double code.

The Seven Years War acatually started as a fall out fo the events taking place in massechusestts at the end of the 1600s. The battle of New Amsterdam, the Salem Witch Trials (which were a featured topic between John Adams and Rutldged), nad a dozen other battles which took place from Maryland to Maine.

They culminated into both the American revolution which was just a progression of the Seven Years War and the issues revolving around a group which would take its name from the bar they started to meet at “Tammany Hall”. That society itself flourished bweten 1780 and 1950; they name changed from Tammany to John Birch Socoeity. Then name changed again to “The Tea Party”. Only a select few members over the years know fo the true inner purpose of the situation.

The situation is literally part of what would eventually roll inot the Nazi Time War.

A Time War between the forces of Esua battling against the forces of Jacob.

In the tv show “Timeless” the enemy is a group called “Rittenhouse” although Rittenhouse was a member of Tammany Hall. He was not the only member and not the most powerful.

But tammany was alos founded well back in history since it formed out fo the structure of “The Mob” of both Italy and Ireland.

The Mob has been involved with said time war since practically the betgining.

Brings one to start to consider the facts of the “Tower of Babel” war, btween the city fo Ur commanding general Terah (Esau’s mentor) and the Zigurate of Eridu and its commanding general.

The plates of destiny named because they were written on solidified amber. Much like the plates of the 10 commandments, written on amber.

Which is an extremely difficult process to make said plates from hardend tree (destroy of a tree) sap. Collecting it, laying it out, allowing it to harden. Adding letters to it. An insalely complex procedure to say the absolute least.


Which brings up the concepts of joseph smith and his interactions with his lds church. Lots of really odd stuff happening all around the same subjects an dconcepts.

Maybe ancient indo-eorupean language definition for “the tower of bable” would be the first recorded mistranslation of some type fo very ancient time war.






The Nazi’s did a profound amount of experimentation on a specific but highly inappropriate action. The Hitler Youth program was started practically days after he reformed the DAP into the Nazi party. The Hitler Youth did not officially start till 1922, but unofficially around 1921 when Adolf became involved with the DAP but before he dissolved the DAP to reform into the first Nazi party. Which was outlawed after the Beer Hall Rebellion and reformed into the Nazi party. Slightly different name, same organization.

Adolf had an issue with intimacy, both good and for the extremes in bad. These intimacies only became worse after leaving the trenches fo wwi. From the end fo wwi to the mid 20s when he forced his way as far as he could into the structure of the thule society’s research into the “Garden of Eden”, his issues only got worse. The more he worked with the ancient research the more he was lobotomized by the electro-magnetics produced by the System at the cnetr of the garden recreations. 

The Thule Society

The Thule Society is outlawed 1930 which is close to exactly what the thule society attempted to do when they created the DAP which was the forunner to the nazi party.

The nazi party was actually created by



The blitz

September 7, 1940 – May 10, 1941

Occurred around the time of Rudolf Hess’s defection May 21, 1941, The blitz was done in part by the Nazi’s full and complete fear that the English in London possessed a System. The Nazi were entirely convinced that London and the other places they bombed had at least one system. From 1935-1940 the aim was to ensure that the Nazi’s could invade and capture the islands of Britain. To conquer the English. But part of the way through those battles the emphases shifted from a bullets and bombs war to an ever evolving “Time War” the Nazi’s could then rule the universe by. As the Nazi slowly started to realize they did have a system, and it would semi-work, they had to through experimentation only work under very specific laboratory conditions. Those conditions were both the cleanliness of the lab as well as the headspace of those working with the system. Obviously the more emphases Adolf put onto the system and its obvious power, the more the “bad” people had a problem with their head and the more the good people began to realize how evil some of their actions were. Bad actions can be “penitently” fixed, by confession and prayer. But for someone who does not “feel” like their actions are bad, they are not capable of “repentance” and therefore they hold onto their darkness, the system then takes their darkness and amplifies it till it hurt/kills the person. Which is demonstrated to the ultimate degree in Salem Mass during the run up to and through the Salem Witch Trials.

Example “it is not my fault I killed you. If you had not of done what you did, I would have not reacted that way” the killer taking no responsibility for their own actions. Or even placing themselves in that position in the first place. Everything is done to them, they are innocent of all charges at all times. It is always someone else’s fault they were violent. If people would simply treat them in x way at all times, they would never get upset and violent. But people refuse and start to treat them y way, so the violence the individual does is all others faults. This is the definition of bad, since the person feels not a small amount of remorse for their own actions. 

The Nazi tried bombing England by plane but that proved to be too large a risk to both planes and pilots. The losses were simply too much, the ME 262 was not ready yet (thanks to Rudolf Hess’ refusal to allow its development for the previous seven years). A different solution was the only option, sending rockets topped with bombs became literally the only realistic option. The selling point, soften up the defenses and then replace the high explosives with a crew compartment. Sent 1000 V3 rockets into England and have about 10 soldiers Trojan Horse like emerge and start to fight. The ultimate goal was sending troops in the V2 or the V3, but van Braun did everything he could possibly think of to delay and prevent the crew compartment process. The translation between the planes, to the rockets, to the crew compartment paratroopers proved to be entirely unsuccessful.

V1 the buzz bomb Image result for v1

V2 extremely high explosives designed to soften the defenses of England Image result for v2

V3 replace the high explosives with a crew compartment Image result for apollo crew compartment.

Battle of Britain

July 10, 1940 – October 31, 1940

The month between the end of sending aircraft to bomb Britain and the start of sending V1 rockets was a very tense time for the Nazi’s. They started this campaign on the assumption that the city of London possessed a working system. That system could entirely annihilate any and all military forces from invading and conquering the island. This is true that the island did possess at least one system, but that system was under the command and control of the British not the English. The English (example King George) would have simply lobotomized himself.

the more bombing runs were done, the higher the chance the English would get the system up and working. Unless a bomb hit correctly then the system and the technicians would be destroyed Image result for v2 westminster abbey, but under pressure and attack military units unify against a common enemy. The Battle of Britain in its planning stages was either going to destroy England or the Nazi. It would destroy the Nazi; since the Nazi did not understand most of the actions involved with what they were doing. Despite having studied the subject for centuries, the Frei Korp/Nazi Party still have no idea what it was, or how to work the WMD. Some people simply just cannot be taught until they are facing obliteration. They started the war, but could not finish it. They figured out they had lost, and switched from a bullet and bombs war to a Time War, since they knew full well that it was impossible to win. The Nazi started the planning by a soul level fear they would be facing an enemy which possessed an equivalent of the Alexandria Light House. A weapon capable of destroying them from miles away. A working system would destroy all the planes and most of the core of the Luftwaffe. Which the planes were replaceable, the pilots were not.

Sending the pilots into an unending death trap proved too much for the Nazi’s and they started using bombs.

90 days proved to be enough of a reconnaissance in order to build an accurate enough picture of what they needed to bomb in order to ensure that the system or systems in London would not obliterate any troops sent into capture a foothold on the island.

the Nazi’s were a huge fan of send the paratroopers in and take it by force, from behind enemy lines. They did not want to use the English channel. The Nazi  wanted to use paratroopers. Which they did achieve the recognizance goal. But did not achieve the ability to knock out any suspected systems in London. Send in the paratrooper’s, then after securing the main areas send in the tanks. But the tanks were not possible, so other plans had to be devised. Those other plans revolved around the ideas of the ME 262 and of course by then the Bell. The Nazi bell has been rumored since the allies found  evidence of it that it was in fact a time machine.

the switch from troops to other types of warfare lend to the idea that the Nazi were after a while using the bullets and bombs war as a cover for the start of a Time War. Give or take that decision to switch from bullets to fighting over time, most of the high command figured out the bullet war was lost. They could not win. The Thule Society knew that more than two decades previous. The first decade of the bullets and bombs, that war was entirely the focus of the Nazi’s. But after capturing Paris, and lake Nemi the emphasis shifted. In those two locations the Nazi found more than sufficient evidence for the systems. The system in the Louvre and of course Versii, in Rome the Vatican and Lake Nemi. Add Tesla’s work and his electrical generators and they had most of the needed tools. Add the Futhark Calendar, to the Celtic Cross and the Nazi’s possessed a Time Map. Electricity, the system, and a map; put them together and you have the basics of a time machine. Many of the best combat troops of the third Reich were sent into locations which there would be little if no actual survival. Or only a few would survive. This is insane levels of strategy unless those units were the combat hardened troops which would be entirely in the way when the bullets and bombs war shifted to being a time war. The Nazi’s needed special operations soldiers, not entire armies of men really good at shooting but had no understanding of the concepts of the next style of warfare. The next style would be a time war. The type of Warfare the Frei Korp has trained at since their inception sometime in the 1600s. Alongside their sometime enemy sometime axis the Russians and their connections with both Byzantium and militant Islam.

The primary issue are the facts surrounding trying to get 10k Nazi troops over the English channel to the heart of London to set up a command post. Then within an hour or less, send in another 10k troops, about half an hour later send in enough troops to not only secure the foothold site but to work on expanding out to capture all of Saxony. North, East, South, and West. Then work north to York. But bombs would not achieve that goal, neither would ships, neither would paratroopers, etc. The early Trojan horse rocket tests regarding a crew compartment instead of a high explosives department were also similar, not enough troops and arriving not safe enough. 1000 V2’s carrying at least a crew of two if not 10. But the rocket could not land, The capsule at the top would have to come off about 20k feet and the soldiers exit. But how, auto eject with scba, auto eject under 11k feet, climbing out of the capsule is impossible at those speeds and g forces. Van Braun did not give the Nazi’s a sufficient plan to achieve the goal. He had one, but refused to give it. Also by the time the troops landed in their parachutes, they would need time to recover. That recovery time needed to be instantly, not several minutes to an hour. Plus the time needed to build 1000s V3’s was more than the third Reich possessed. They did not have that level of resources. So a different solution was a requirement.

The only other option would have been to figure out a way to have the bell on an electro magnetics level magnetic levitation move at close to the speed of sound to arrive in a designated area in England and start to fight. The bell would be a shuttle to go back and forth from Normandy to England a few dozen times an hour to get the troops needed inn. But the bell would not work like that.

When the conversation revolves around the concepts of a Sacred Time War, the subject which must come up and be discussed is the definition and origins of the name Jeru Jera a Futhark word meaning “Time”. Salem is Hebrew for the English word Castle.

The first word which makes up the definition of Jerusalem is Jera, which is the 12th character in the Futhark language. That 12th character means literally time, well the dawn of a new day. Salem means the raise of the sun falling onto sacred well defined ground.

mostly because in London since it had been under Roman government control for most of the previous two millennia there was less than zero reason to build a system in that city.


By the time the Nazi switched to rockets, first the V1 or the buzz bomb, then the V2. Von Braun was not going to give the Nazi’s the v3 which was actually renamed to the Saturn 5 Image result for Saturn 5. Which could have landed a dozen troops a piece with supplies in England in March/April 1941. Adolf was so afraid of a system being used against him that he ordered all resources to be used against any system. Real or imaginary.

Soon after the Nazi’s namely Adolf and Goring learned that the centuries in the making system, was not only real but it could be turned into a WMD. They were all in with their own resources. But those resources from 1930 to 38 had been more than the entire Frei Korp from the 1600s – 1919 combined. They actually had all the primary interests and needed resources in the library they controlled to build their own systems, as well as bells. But before they could both build a working bell as well as invade England they needed to make 100% sure that the English did not possess a system even close to where the Nazi troops would be landing.

Since the rockets van Braun was providing did not achieve the goal in time. The natural hypothesis would be that the Nazi turned to their old standby technology of their bell. Which the Frei Korp had been researching for the previous several centuries. The Nazi’s had simply renamed themselves from Frei Korp. The Russians were more than slightly interested in this research, partly because the previous to the Mongle horde Russians did possess said types of technologies, but with the invasions; just like the previous 1000 times the scholars begin the evacuation process of the treasures and the library out well ahead of  the invading army. So the invading army comes in and attacks mercilessly, but not quick enough since the desired by the enemy treasures had been removed years before the conqueror arrived. The Nazi knew this and could not figure out how to either get around it, or invade fast enough. Paratroops would not do well in or around London. Also the facts that the  entire English army was mobilized and knew the Nazi’s wanted to capture the treasures of both the English and the British was a prime motivator behind the conflicts between Nazis and the UK. No matter how many Paratroopers were sent in, they would have been killed in less than a few days. If the Nazi’s could figure out how to Ouija “slide” the distance from Berlin to London. They had both a crew transport and a partially bullet and bomb proof shelter they could mount a defensive position while more troops arrived. Charge the bell with enough electricity in order to have the bell pulled to the electro magnetics signature of London repelled by the electro magnetics signature of Berlin. Achieving the rockets goal without the need for a rocket. Or in this case the need for thousands of rockets, specifically built with crew compartments.

So they bombed those areas into close to oblivion for a few months. By the time the bombing was done, the Nazi did not have the resources in order to actually invade England. The question this area of inquiry brings up is, were the mistakes made with the losing battles between 1939-1942 accidental or were they intentional to get rid of the “useless soldiers.” If not the entire time, when did the switch occur between the bullets to the Time War. It can be assumed based on the evidence that it was in the middle of the Blitz, since the Battle of Britain the bullets and bombs was still a primary concern. Then Hess defected, the rage regarding operation Barbarossa was too much and most of the Nazi troops and supplies were lost on the eastern front. The Nazi’s did not have enough soldiers or equipment left to make a foothold on England. Killing off your own troops to make the electro magnetics signature of the crew workable so they and you will not be lobotomized; the soldiers sent to the Russian front the chances of survival were very low even for the most experienced. The conditions were simply not sufficient for what remained of the Frei Korp/Nazi’s to survive. Since the system itself operates based on a person and a groups emotions, the black hearted Nazi, the combat veteran who would need years of therapy to heal from their trauma. The Nazi could have thought this was the correct way to go based on the information from Napoleon’s efforts in his 1812 invasion of Russia.


The equations between napoleon and the blitz are very interesting. Napoleon and Adolf invaded Egypt and did Egypt things before they went for the throat of Britain, but did Russia first. *


Was part of his plan to remove Napoleon’s bad troops (as Patton suggested, Patton claimed to have been one of napoleon’s troops in Russia, * reincarnated decades later in America.) to gain a greater level of understanding with a “Time War.” A Napoleon Time War would be the definition of frightening to all of his enemies. He could destroy them before they saw it coming. 21 July 1798 Battle of the Pyramids, Napoleon versus the Egyptian Army, Napoleon won hands down. Napoleon’s aim was about science and technology. He spent time in the Kings Chamber Khufu Image result for khufu pyramid kings chamber.

Napoleon upon returning to Europe after leaving Egypt was to be attacked mercilessly by the Prussians, in both military and of course spy network forces. The Prussian spy’s wanted everything Napoleon learned and had scientifically amassed from his time in Egypt. The Nazi more than a century later were actively trying to engage in moving from a bullets and bombs war to a “Time War”, oddly enough a hypothesis can be created to suggest they wanted to follow in the footsteps of Napoleon. But not repeat his mistakes. The troops lost by both Napoleon and Adolf in Russia were less than useless in a “Time War”.

One of the things Napoleon did after leaving the Kings Chamber was to write in his private papers what he saw and experienced in that room. For the time he was alone, it was not a minute in that chamber; it was closer to several hours.

May 10, 1940 The Nazi invade France shortly after they conquered Poland.

The Nazi gained access to all of both Paris and France in very short order. Setting up the Vichy government, which had always been on the side of the Prussians. The Vichy government was in part responsible for the uprising which spurred the French revolution in the first place. The Vichy. This not being the first or the second time the Vichy had assisted in the overthrow of the French Government. But the Prussian spy’s living in Paris and other university cities in France had spent their time working as academics and researching the system. The Khufu Pyramid was built to be a system, along with a chain of other Pyramid systems designed to work together to achieve goals.

What those goals were as a matter of fact at this point an unknown. But what is entirely obvious is that Napoleon did experience an earth and soul shattering event in that chamber, next to a Coffer which was not built to hold a body but built to hold something else.

This experience and private letters from Napoleon were one of the key things that the Frei Korp were looking for in the Paris archives. The Nazi (Frei Korp under the command of the Prussian government) invade France specifically aiming for Paris. Capturing Paris, immediately set to dive into the Sorbonne archives. The Nazi invade France aiming for Paris May 10, 1940, 61 days later the Battle of Britain begins July 10, 1940. A year and 10 days later Rudolf Hess defects to Britain May 21, 1941.* February 1941 Adolf sent his best troops to invade Africa, specifically aiming at Egypt. The Nazi Plan was to invade Egypt using the opposite plan the widow of Tut used to evacuate out of Egypt. She traveled west out of Egypt the Nazi were going to start in Carthage and move east towards Egypt. Taking on Egypt and the Pyramids was a step too far for Rudolf Hess, he evacuated three months later. Four months is about the correct amount of time for Hess to have gathered up all the intelligence the allies needed regarding both the invasion of Egypt and in six weeks the invasion of Russia. Capturing Carthage, Egypt, Moscow, with Paris already in their possession, and Lake Nemi a corner stone to the evidence the Frei Korp directing the spy’s and military units for the previous several centuries, those key locations have one major topic in common. They all had at one time or another a connection to and or a physical working System. This is also the reverse way that the several millennia later Fatimah evacuation out of Mecca through Egypt, on her way to Carthage. Fatimah had direct and firsthand knowledge of the system of Mecca, but could not make it work. Point of mythology fact, Fatimah could be considered to have been conceived as a Nephilim Kaaba demon summoning(Mohamed repeating the actions and ceremony of Esau, calling and being intimate with a fallen. This ceremony produced or at least could have produced Fatimah.). This would be for the Nazi’s trying to make the bell work, a key piece of evidence for them to start to think about some type of very likely “Time War” how to build the machines, and of course how to work with the machine to not kill themselves in the expariments.* If the Nazi’s were planning on a “Time War” Hess wanted less than nothing to do with the Nazi side. 6 little weeks later Adolf orders the invasion of Russia, his primary panzer division makes a bee line to the Amber Room, captures it, secures it, dismantles it, and ships it back to Berlin. But Erich Koch is in charge of the division, the train, and transporting that sacred item to Berlin. He diverts it to his command port, places it on a U-Boat and sends it to his cousins in Texas. From the second it arrives in Texas the Koch family begin a very long and drawn out influence into American politics. Starting with the formulation of the John Birch Society, which in all hard reality is not much more than a renamed Fascist organization. The Koch family are also strongly part of the Prussian culture. Erik Koch the Nazi officer was part of the Prussian government and the Frei Korp before he met Adolf. After the John Birch Society, the Christian coalition, the Moral Majority, and finally the Tea Party have all been part of the Koch family influence into Politics. *

The most important question which comes up at this point is, “Did Napoleon have a body double” not for his first arrest and imprisonment but his second. What does Napoleon have anything at all to do with the Koch family, the Koch family moved out of the line of fire from Prussia to the Netherlands before the Slave trade was shut down. But when to became obvious that the trade in selling natives and killing Jews was at an end, Harry Koch moved to America and started a propaganda newspaper based on selling the most vile anti-Semitic and white supremacy ideas imaginable. Even though Harry Koch would not be born for several decades, 22 October 1867. It was entirely obvious what was about to happen in both Europe and America. The Jewish “Problem” was that they in their ancient past had direct contact and knowledge of the system, which their enemies did their absolute best to destroy from the common knowledge of the culture itself. But after the Alexandria Lighthouse was destroyed, many European cultures who were based on the teachings of Esau and the Evil Priest paul would stop at nothing to possess said technology. The hatred of the Jews resurfaced because almost all the Jews had lost all knowledge of the system entirely. Despite the fact that the system and the “Nazi bell” the hypothesis that it could be a “Time Machine” is in basic the name of the capital of Israel. So buried deep into the ancient history of the Jews was Jera (Time), Salem (Sacred Location/Castle). To have a machine which moves the first requirement is to accurately have a 0000 quadrant location e.g. Castle a start or home point. That home point would be the Throne Room of the Court of the Castle. Napoleon learned this and was unable to prevent the Prussians from not only gaining access to it, but they figured out that the Jews in some way still held access to that ancient knowledge. Maybe 1 in 10k rabies who specialize in the most ancient portions of the texts and have extreme to the maximum degree liberal perspectives might have been able to piece together the system out of carefully encrypted notes. But those 1 in 10k are very difficult to find amongst the crowds of ultra-orthodox who find the entire concept mythology.

With strict orders to his men to treat his “Royal Stand in” as if he was not only Napoleon but he was literally him. The longer he could hide and travel far away the safer he was from his numerous enemies. Napoleon had a plan, but with all the available evidence, close to the only realistic conclusions to be drawn was the fact that Napoleon followed the French Royal Family to Manitou Colorado then Texas, to interact with the Royal French and British. To learn about their systems, and to understand what he could do when he applied himself to those systems. He knew full well that the Prussians, Russians, English, etc. were going to stop at nothing in order to possess those weapons and turn those weapons against their hated enemy. 

Napoleon’s body double died of poisoning in exile in the middle of the Atlantic. He could only fake being Napoleon to a specific amount. The poisoning occurred 5 May 1821, about two years before Joseph Smith found the plates. About the same exact time the plantation owners reformed into the Democratic Party. 11 Years before Wilhelm Wundt would be born and assist in the recreation of the field of Psychology.

After leaving Exile on Elba, Napoleon went back to Paris and ruled as restored Emperor for the next “100 Days”, but things took an odd and entirely unusual for Napoleon’s character. For the previous several decades of his life, his character was not only strong but dependable as to what he would do when. But during the middle to  end of those 100 days in Paris after Elba, Napoleon’s actions and behaviors changed almost to a beyond believable amount.

Napoleon’s started to run, his body doubles military tactical skills went from being the best general and most charismatic leader in the world at the time to being almost incompetent.

On Elba Napoleon did what he had done for the previous decades of his life. He did a lot of thinking, taking walks, etc. After he left Paris almost every aspect of his personality changed. He became isolated, broody, depressed, and entirely unlike himself. This means that one of his most faithful servants became his body double and proceeded to take on the “I am Napoleon” mantle. While the real one “Vanished” from history.


Where did Napoleon go, that answer is very simple. Napoleon was the primary target for the Prussian government, its military, and of course spy network. So he had more than proved his military prowess and his research. So the Frei Korp (Prussian Spy’s, who would name change to Nazi in the next century) attacked Napoleon with everything they had for the entire time he was in power. They were present at Waterloo, but they were written out of the history books because Wellington wanted all the glory. Also most of what the Prussians did was unethical to a maximum degree. In the next century, the Prussian spy organization would reform under a new name Nazi. The English could not deal with that, so they were written out of the history books. *


If the French had any access to the private writings of Napoleon (about any of his actions in Egypt and or his evacuation into Royal British and French hands in Manitou), those writings would have been instantly handed to Frei Korp and their people. If no private papers existed the reams of data the several hundred scientists and scholars Napoleon brought with him to Egypt did leave entire careers worth of information behind. Their students left their entire careers of information behind. 1812-1935 is several generations of scholars all pouring over the data collected and tested from Egypt by Napoleon. Within a year, the Thule and Nazi scholars would have gained access to more than sufficient amounts of evidence to point to what this entire Theory is based on.


Even though the Thule Society tried to control and hide the key details for a “Time War” from the Nazi’s, does not mean they were successful. The second the Nazi’s gained access to sufficient research in order to start to know they were on to something, they also started their experiments with the systems which they did have at their disposal. The Third Reich possessed at least three.

One from Tesla's work in Colorado Springs.

One from Orlando.

and one from Lake Nemi Italy.

So instead of a ground war, Adolf and of course his other Nazi henchmen chose to change their positions from ground troops to a few highly trained gestapo and start a time war. Which requires much less weapons of war to make it happen. Far fewer soldiers and almost no real weapons minus hand guns are needed for a time war. All the cultures which had direct interactions with the System, the individuals who clearly had direct access if they had any kind of “badness” to their character, or their “emotions”, that “darkness” was exploited by the system and they would be driven to varying degrees of crazy. Usually by an EST Lobotomy. Rudolf Hess for instance had spent more than a decade and a half as a violent and soul level anti-Semitic. That deep seated hatred was still present and he knew it. The problem about these types of academic exercises, the external evidence are beyond clear, but the events are so covered up that little if any documentation either exists or was written down in the first place regarding what actually happened. A huge amount of speculation is required, till a more complete picture emerges. As additional secondary evidence is found.

One possible scenario to explain gaps in the official record, hours before Hess was going to defect he was taken by Adolf’s most loyal troops to the Nazi system and experimented upon. The experiments might have changed him forever.

In just hours, he went from being one of the smartest and most administratively skilled people in the entire Third Reich to being someone who had trouble finishing a single answer to a question. He had large memory gaps. He was an extremely skilled and experienced pilot but he crashed trying to find Bamburgh Castle.

Based on the evidence (amongst other possibilities), to test their working system. The Nazi’s captured Hess from his office. By force took him to their system, and let the system bring out his most vicious and violent thoughts. Rudolf Hess did spent most of the 19teens and early 1920s a violent anti-Semite. If this part of the hypothesis holds, than Rudolf Hess from 1925 to 1939 did manage to keep his hatred of the Jews in check, but he did not actually deal with his hatreds well, he simply repressed them. Repression is not dealing with the base hatred which caused the violence in the first place. Which the system then gave him a partial electric shock lobotomy. He was either released and or escaped in some way. He made it to his plane, which was already packed with the items he needed. He took off for Bamburgh castle. A simple trip which he had done based on the obvious missing clandestine evidence from those events at least a dozen if not more times. He allowed his “muscle memory” to take him there. Which was partially successful. He crashed miles off course. Was captured and the amount of information in his plane was seized by the English not the British. He spent the rest of his life trying to heal from the electric shock lobotomy. This is of course only one scenario. This guy might have just been a body double and Hess lived the rest of his life in clandestine isolation. Or he has lived in extreme isolation being in charge of the command and control operations for the Thule society Time War.

A  Time War is actually a large and very difficult situation to explain how it works. Small movements can have a radical effect on future events.

Be in the correct place at the correct time and the amount of damage which can be done is absolutely amazing. A single bullet, a knife wound, a bump into someone on a street, can make that person miss a split second connection between the target and an interaction which would change the course of world history. A blown tire at just before a specific intersection.

For instance, when Winston Churchill was a small child. He was riding with his father and an accident occurred. The local farmers immediately responded to the scene, pulling all the injured out and started to attend them before proper medical assistance could arrive. In medical terminology this is called “The Golden Hour.” in that hour Winston was treated for immediate life threatening injuries. Keeping him alive and stable long enough for medical professionals to arrive. When it was all over, Winston’s father wanted to thank the farmer for saving his sons life. But he refused to accept any money for his actions. The senior Churchill then stated that the farmers son’s education would be the same as Winston’s private schools with a full boat from then forward. Whatever the lad wanted to study and how long, he had a full ride. That boy grew up and went into medicine.

Decades later Winston had an extremely serious medical crisis and his life was in jeopardy again. The world renowned specialist to treat the condition was the boy Winston’s father paid for his medical school training. There is no way any of the four of them could have known of the medical crisis several decades into the future. But if that accident would not have occurred, or the scenario would have played out different the English leader of World War Two might have died before the War started.

A small action, or intentionally causing that crash to make sure Winston became Prime Minister, to ensure that another politician did not become Prime Minister. Also Winston in his early adulthood was in charge of the naval regulations governing civilian ships. The lifeboats on the Titanic Sourcewere in part his decision. His committee decided that the number of lifeboats requested by the designer were far too many and they would keep the number of lifeboats at the previous quantity. Despite the fact that the previous sized ships were not even a quarter the size of Titanic. If Churchill had not of been their it is possible that the number of lifeboats on the titanic could have been three times more. Saving closer to 3/4 if not most of the souls on board. The Events of World War I and the Airships like the Hindenburg were a direct result of that ship sinking and taking so many of the world’s most rich and politically influential people to their graves.

Also the rather strange and unusual hypothesis that Barbara Bush’s mother might not have been able to arrive back in New York in time to convince her husband her pregnancy with Barbara was his and not Aleister Crowley.

You see within days to weeks of the news of the sinking of the Titanic, the uber rich and powerful chose to clandestinely help the already in existence “private airliner” (to be called Air America) from New York to Ireland.

History can be seen in one of two ways, the first is the way the documents are intended to be read and are mostly propaganda. The second is if huge monstrous mistakes are made, like the unending levels of stupid decisions made over the course of years. Did the “Stupid” actions done, were they dumb or were they part of a clandestine operation.

The Wright brothers “First In Flight” had money and had the design for powered flight in December 17, 1903. They proved their Theory on that date. But they instantly messed around with patents and copy writes for the next more than a decade where they all but stopped working on new designs.

In around 1903, the American Government started to work with the Wright Brothers on the concept of flight but they wanted to build a spy network to stretch across the Atlantic. They needed Planes to be able to land at specific locations to repair and refuel. So the allies could send and receive information without anyone knowing anything about what was being discussed. The wireless services were good, but the codes could be cracked. Since the codes could be cracked, the American government knowing they would eventually have to enter the war were planning well ahead.

They contracted out with the Wright Brothers to work partly in secret on planes and of course the concept of a Goose in order to have powered flight from Maine to Northern Ireland and run that operation so the President and key officials could make in semi-real time decisions about what to do. This program became spearheaded by President Theodore Roosevelt, he knew the all-important concepts of keeping the flow of information from Europe into America was second only to air in importance. Everyone else was making decisions about the events in Europe weeks and months behind schedule. Roosevelt could receive updates every few hours. Which angered both his critics and of course the Europeans who were not part of the airline system.

Of course Roosevelt was connected to the super rich in America. So he also asked his friends who were vacationing in Europe to send him back key reports as to what they witnessed happening. Since it was politicians, the nations of Europe were being spied upon in real time by the government and super-rich in America. Neither could be touched. But the Wright Brothers could be hounded exponentially both politically and patent wise. Which they were, the next years from 1903-1920 were not a fun time for the Wright Brothers. They had plenty of money, and military contracts which left them extremely rich. But what they did not have was peace. Instead of being celebrated as hero’s they were vilified and sued by anyone and everyone who could think of a reason. Mostly governments and friends of politicians  encouraging law suits.

Their most successful and advanced planes were instantly classified and were built by the US Army core of engineers. The core of engineers has the ability and resources to advance air and naval warfare well beyond what the wright brothers could do on their own.

The conservative politicians and of course the business people disliked to the enth degree the airplane.  Also to get even with Roosevelt over his demonstrative personality. So publically the military was denied outright for an entire decade an “Air Force” to any branch of the military. But the intelligence community started and maintained their own from 1903 – present.

President Roosevelt fully and completely backed the Wright Brothers plans. The budget was absolutely unlimited. But Roosevelt his own serious and extreme enemies Image result for roosevelt trust buster. For one were the old “Trust”s systems  an early form of a Corporation. They wanted to have complete and total domination over the airplane and sell tickets at about 100k dollars to the cheap seats, and millions for first class. All the rich could see were dollar signs, but the Governments saw a new military weapon. The two fought it out for decades.  one of his enemies made friends with Curtis, that political enemy made a deal with Curtis, that if he could gain access he could hand Curtis the blueprints of the Wright Flyer and give him an unlimited research and  development check to have his own airline for his and his friends own purposes.

The Wrights and Curtis fought hard and heavy for the next two decades over patents, political, and of course military contracts. A key piece of evidence for gotten by both Curtis and of course the Wrights is that when you come up with an earth shattering species affecting idea, it no longer belongs to the individual who thought it up, it belong to the species. Both the Wrights and Curtis in the end lost when the political winds changed and they both fallout of favor when other politicians were friends with other aircraft designers. Who had their own wants for the airplane.

Roosevelt knew that the only way to have this airline clandestine company operate was to combine the Wright Flyer with a boat. Since no matter how well the plane flew, the ocean is wider than the fuel capacity. At least in the first close to decade. The airline Pauline Robinson (mother of Barbra Bush, the wife of future president George Bush, and mother to another American president) took advantage of was in part built by Teddy Roosevelt. Their families were at least semi close. So there is no doubt at all that Paulina could have put in a cable to the US and her family made a call to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), those close to the former President Teddy would have instantly assisted. Paulina was little more than in the first weeks of pregnancy, she uncovered evidence of the Frei Korp about to be called Fascists operating in Paris, Rome, and of course Egypt trying to assemble and use a system. She had first-hand accounts of that information. That matched the information from the occurrences in Colorado years previous with Tesla’s equipment. Paulina could have seen tesla’s equipment being experimented on in Europe. If the Germans had been that far advanced in 1920, the Blitz occurring 17 years later, Adolf had more than enough reason to panic. When after all that time bombing London, he was no closer to being able to destroy London’s system than he was on the first day. The decision was obvious; change his battle strategy away from the bullets and bombs to a Time War.

In the Three Decades it operated. That “For the super-Rich Only” charter service used fuel ships stationed at strategic points along the north Atlantic with boat planes to carry passengers east and west across the Atlantic in very short time periods. Hours to a couple days to make the trip (depending on weather), as opposed to the weeks by steam ship. Why is this extremely important, because from 1914-1935 that “Private Air Service” was in operation the Allies were able to achieve a huge amount of business under the pure and complete guides of secrecy. No one but the clandestine portions of the governments connected and of course the super-rich knew about it. With the rise of Fascism 1919, the diplomatic missions and the rich working as secret agents for their respective governments could travel around Europe on their usual travels through Europe and sent their reports back without anyone knowing anything about any of their activities. The more difficult the situation regarding a higher need for clandestine, the more lakes were purchased with huge hangers hidden on those lakes. Flying to and from those lakes in the middle of the night is the perfect way to hide said clandestine flights to and from Europe. Take off from a lake and immediately head to as high an altitude as the engines would allow (providing rebreathers and other oxygen equipment, so the passengers and crew could breathe at greater than 15k feet.). Bring oxygen tanks, despite their weight on board and have the ability to fly at close to 20k feet. SCBA and or a Rebreather were available and almost had to be used in order to achieve the goal of secret flights between America and Europe. But the upkeep and repairs were seriously not inexpensive.  Replacing equipment and having a full time mechanic on board every flight would be an absolutely essential thing. Changing engines, fixing mid-flight engine troubles, etc. Would be one of the reasons the “airline” was so expensive. Have a huge stockpile of waiting engines, at every major stop, including on board ships. Buying massive amounts of fuel. Every time a new engine (a massively improved engine) design came out, purchasing new engines. Scrapping the old engines. This is not a for profit business, this is specific to those who can afford similar to their own private jet aircraft. It would be fascinating if the last few years that this entirely secret “airliner” company stole the jet plans from Messerschmitt and started to replace their propeller aircraft with Jets. To decrease the time by several hours. Of course the other problem became, after 1929 the number of customers the airline were available decreased to just a handful and the governments paying for extras. But the not yet CIA could only hide so much money before those in the government who were either leaning fascists and or were card carrying evil people were starting to become suspicious of the large expenditures which had absolutely no accounting to them.

A couple million a year to pay for “Not any of your business.”

This line item could be one of the reasons why those working on wall street and the government became suspicious and did their own investigations. No matter how clandestine, evidence will still leek out. It is possible one of the dozens of reasons why several hundred wall street investors and those working in the government were working very hard to collapse the American economy. The fascist in both America and Europe knew flat out that a collapsed economy is the best and most efficient way to have the population give most of their power to a few in the government, that power they turn from a democracy into an Authoritarian Dictatorship. Since they obviously know more about how to run things than the people they are in control over. So that things like this “secret airline” would not be able to assist in the anti-Nazi movement. For military operations, following the money is the best way to find what special forces teams are working and doing what type of jobs. For this airline, which can be called the first “Air America” when it shifted to the south pacific in order to instead of performing good things, to instead perform the worse actions imaginable in the build up to both the Korean War and Vietnam. The amount of money that operation was making was so much that it became difficult for even the most ethical of people not to be seduced.

Before the start of the “unethical behavior” which occurred after World War II, before World War II circa 1941 unofficially in the years previous, the “Flying Tigers” working out of a similar area sending supplies up over the hump e.g. Burma to American and Chinese forces fighting against the Japanese in China. The airline created in the North Atlantic in essence did not stop in 1936 it shifted to South East Asia, and stayed from the next four decades. Shipping supplies in and opium out. The profits were absolutely insane after the north Atlantic leg was shut down. By then the machines were working well enough and the technology was strong enough to bring the overhead down significantly. Engines instead of needing to be replaced every less than several thousand miles, could run for years. At several times the speed, and cruise at 35k feet instead of 20k.

That entire airline would not have been built if Churchill was not injured and later contributed to the deaths of the first and second class uber rich on the titanic and then the Olympia Image result for titanic and then the Olympia.

The Blitz was in part to erase any further doubt Adolf and his third Reich possessed regarding the existence of a working system in London.

Also that “private airline” was used to get the monuments men into position in Russia to get the correct people with the correct knowledge into place in time in order to take care of the fake Russian Amber Room so that the Third Reich would assume they possessed the correct one. The fake was dismantled and removed before Operation Barbarossa could be launched. This illusion worked so well that both the European Nazi and the American Nazi supporter, Nazi’s themselves  and their cousins (Erich Koch of the Koch Family) in charge of parts of the third  Reich. Erich Koch was in charge of the Train which was used to ship the Amber Room from Tsarskoe Selo Palace Russia to Berlin. Erich was the commander of Königsberg Prussia, Erich was very close to his cousins the commander of Buchenwald concentration/death camp  Karl-Otto Koch and his wife Ilse. Both Nazi Koch cousins were very close to their American Koch family who own and operate Koch Industries. Koch family of Texas own and control several large ports in Texas.

The evidence for Erich Koch to have diverted the amber train from which he was fully and completely in charge of from going to Berlin to going to Königsberg is half  the rumor the Russians believed and pulled strings to keep him from being executed for his war crimes. He died in prison decades later. The Russians believed that he diverted the train to Königsberg and loaded their Room onto Cruise ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff. The soviet submarine followed it and sunk it several hours after it left port. Decades later divers searched the wreck and did not find a single trace of the Russian Amber Room on board. But the Russians were also fully aware that the items were not put on a cruise ship but a submarine and it was shipped to a Koch family port in Texas. The Russians were informed in the 1930s the Prussians gifted them a fake. The submarine was especially out fitted to have a skeleton crew so it could take on more fuel and much less food. Instead of running on the surface they ran it mostly at just above crush depth and only surfaced in emergencies. Extra batteries were added, no torpedoes, no real weapons, the deck guns were removed, anything and everything to run low and fast. Oxygen tanks and extra air filters were installed to ensure this specific submarine would be all but entirely immune from the enemy defenses. This was not a combat submarine; this submarine was designed specifically to shuttle key treasures from Germany to Texas and back again. Upon later refits, some portions of the sub were refitted and made crush depth several hundred feet below were the ship was originally designed. So if it did get caught in an anti-sub net it could go deeper and faster to avoid the problem. The sub was at the end mostly gas, food, and batteries with the necessities placed where they could be around those key pieces of equipment. Many modern sub-designs come directly from the secret Nazi paperwork concerning those few U-boats designed to operate that way.

The Amber Room was just one of the items shuttled back and forth.

The Prussians were strongly rooted in the teachings of Martin Luther, but immediately before the Czar’s came to power Russia was ruled by an off shoot branch of the Mongol Hoard (1240s–1502), by then had converted to Islam. For a while the official religion of Russia was extremist Islam. A version of “sharia law” was enacted and violently enforced. The Russians and the Prussian culture had more than a few similarities.

The Prussian spy group Frei Korp was directly connected with the Russian eventually to be called K G B. They worked together and in opposition at times on the same goal. To find what the secrets of the system were and to build their own WMD. Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed aka Saint Basil's Cathedral is designed based off of the Tabernacle of Adam System. That system based on the facts from the lake Nemi Ships had a collection of 8 buildings. 2 tall towers, mirrored by two tall towers on boat one. On boat two same configuration. This eight buildings connected is the basic design of the System architecture. the two square towers mirrored by two more square towers. The two 8 sided towers mirrored to each other.

This building/cathedral is either a mirror of the design but never worked, or used to work before the machines were removed.

If the machines were removed those machines would have been removed at the end of Ivan the Terrible's Reign or by the next ruler of Russia. Obviously Ivan used the system wrong and paid for it by a EST lobotomy.

This specific construction was directly inspired based on the Byzantium empire, and the Golden Horde. The System engineering built inside Persian and Mongolian façade architecture. Proving in basic that the Russian interests in the system went back no later than Ivan the Terrible.

Operation Barbarossa June 22, 1941 – December 5, 1941, taking place immediately after the Blitz. Why was this sequential operation which ended in abject failure plan executed other than to obtain the Amber Room. Two years of horrific planning, incompetently executed, and an extreme loss of life operation the Nazi’s performed with full confidence of success. A significant portion of the reasons to move up Operation Barbarossa was to replace with a “Real One” the amber room the Prussians built as a replica of the one the Germans and the British traded back and forth since the collapse of the city of Troy. What the Nazi did not know was the Prussian Amber Room was itself a fake. The Germans circa 1680 did not leave a lot of decipherable documents in their about to be captured library’s so their enemies could not come behind them, build one, and turn their own technology against them. The Prussian Room was so convincing that the Russian’s wanted it, the Prussians happily gave it as a gift. The Russian prized their gift and showed it off with pride. But they did not know it was a fake. The real one generates and channels electricity, the fake only looks good. One of the Nazi hypothesis regarding Opp Barbarossa was the rumors and legends from the Thule society that the “bad Troops” were one of the major things causing the Nazi systems to not work properly. The Nazi’s did recognize the Thule Society kept their numbers low (mostly academics, scholars, scientists, mathematicians, and of course nonviolent pagans/Teutonic Knight members specifically for their mastery of the elder Futhark. At max only a few dozen soldiers. But the soldiers assigned or connected to the Thule Society even after it was banned in 1930 were not the kind of soldiers the Nazi liked. The Nazi soldiers were blood thirsty men and some women only cared about their body count, not who they were killing. Men, women, children, combat soldiers, non-combat people, civilians, made little difference to most of the Nazi soldiers. The Thule soldiers were the first to object when the orders were genocide or kill everyone in a city, or worse. They would rather be killed themselves than to conduct an unethical order. The Nazi took them as week, timid, and of course dozens of other insults. But the 11 years from 1930 to 1941, the Thule Society systems seemed to work despite the fact that the society itself was outlawed, but they were still functioning and thriving despite kill on site orders. Their systems seemed to work. The Nazi no matter what they did, did not. The Nazi half way through the blitz based on more than a year of failure chose to go in a different direction and used only the type of people the Thule society had used. This was semi-successful but the nasty people were still having an effect. The next step would be to remove the really bad and aggressive troops. Parts were sent to Africa and part were sent to Russia. The more of the bad people were Killed In Combat the more the Nazi systems worked.), the Nazi had assumed since day one that the more militant and combat oriented people the better. But after two decades of experiments trying to get their systems to work with less than zero success minus several dozen scientists had a problem with being electric shock therapy lobotomized. So the Nazi realized that they had to get rid of the “nasty guys” in their ranks. What better and more efficient way then to send them into unwinnable combat with the Russians. A very similar equation performed by Napoleon 130 years previous. The Nazi did manage to remove most of the really bad troops who had been an annoyance to the Thule society since day one. The bullies who would happily hurt or kill an academic at home to get their way, since they could not separate home and how you behave at home with how you behave in a combat theater. The Thule society long had to fight to defend itself against the Nazi. During those two (the Battle of Britain and the Blitz) operations the Nazi discovered much to their shock, found to operate their systems they had to get rid of those men too. The Nazi most wanted, rewarded, respected, and honored troops were statistically the cause of the problem with their system. Both the Tabernacle of Adam System WMD and the time machine system. Although Tabernacle is a nessessary component, which the time machine does not work without. As it turned out the Thule Society warnings in 1919 turned out to reinforce both the previous two decades 1919-1941 and the previous centuries operating under the previous name Frei Korp, the statistics were too much to ignore. The Nazi started to get rid of their “nasty/bad” troops in the immediate area of the system research labs and the experiments suddenly started to improve. The more this pattern was continued, the more the system improved. This idea was spread to their Russian friends and a plot was devised by the both of them. They would throw their most disgusting troops against each other which would eventually result in mutual destruction of those military units. Both after three decades of interactions as Communists and of course Nazi’s, had taken their previous centuries of interactions labeled with different named and combined all that evidence together to form Operation Barbarossa. Where the Russians would take their totally nasty and meanest units and throw them against the Nazi equal level of nasty and disgusting. Both clearing out their prisons and sending them all into combat. Each side with the same goal. The high command used Operation Barbarossa an up to and through the time when the last Nazi’s surrendered on Russian soil. Either win this or be killed. retreating from a charge order were not acceptable in any way by either side. The Russians over the years likely killed at least a million of their own troops, while their troops were retreating from the enemy line. Either be killed by the enemy or be executed for high treason for refusing a direct order from your superiors. Both the Russians and the Nazi set up machine gun nests designed to shoot and kill their troops if their troops retreated.

Since those (bad) men on both the Russian and Frei Korp/Nazi side every time they got close to any system or an experiment caused chaos and problems. But they could not just be sent home, they had to be removed in order to have the Nazi system work. The “influence” they caused even with them hundreds of miles away was enough to cause problems with the experiments. Their aggressive and dominant personalities needed to be removed. They would be sent to the Russian front and their influence was soon no longer a factor.

Which is really odd since the Nazi were minus a name change the Prussian military/spy network. So why would the Nazi sent millions of their soldiers to be killed by their off again/on again axis. The Russians also did not push as hard as they could to invade Germany. Preferring to pull the Nazi in to the depths of Russia and slaughter them in Moscow, Leningrad, etc. Major Russian cities.

Which brings up an extremely interesting point.

Did the Russians engage in Ceremonial Human Sacrifice in order to put what they had learned about the Systems and the time machine to use in Moscow? Where the people the Russians killed, were they tortured to death, or were they human sacrificed in a replica of the execution chambers the Nazi used against their enemies.

Turning humans into electricity, in specially designed rooms. A version of those rooms the Nazi semi-bragged about using in both the concentration camps and the “intimate” ceremonies the Nazi encouraged.

There is little doubt minus a few of the main designers that most if not all of what the Nazi knew they openly shared with the Russians. The hatred of communism was either a smoke screen or the communist were allowed to do with they wanted, but the real power behind the scenes were the same governmental organization which the Prussian’s originated from. A group of hated Jewish scientists worked on the Nazi atomic bomb, they gave their plans to the allies. Von Braun’s people were scientists who were more aligned with the Thule than the Nazi and refused to give the Nazi more than the minimal amount of their achievements. Von Braun could have given the Nazi the Saturn 5 rocket, and other items, but he refused outright. He hid his plans from all but the Thule society members. Who hid his plans in ways the Nazi never figured out. The Thule were Germans, the Nazi were obviously Russians pretending to be Prussians, pretending to be Nazi despite their name change from Frei Korp founded by the Prussian Empire.

In the front line battles, did the Russians and Nazi work together in the house and days before each major battle in order to line the areas with electrical wiring to collect the 7 grams of electricity from each killed in combat soldier. To have those battles take place within a reasonable distance from a Cathedral where the systems were in place, seems to be equation wise entirely consistent with the Gladiatorial Games of Rome in the moved and remodeled Zerubbabel Temple Jerusalem Levant lands, renamed to “The Coliseum” Image result for Coliseum. The Russians and the Nazi (although an argument can be made they are the same culture brother A and brother B) hated Jews to the depth of their being. When the appropriate Evidence regarding being able to collect the 7 grams and turn it into electricity came into their possession. How could either culture turn it down.

Also with the Russians in those major cities, open and very acceptable intimacies were happening almost constantly in the areas the Russian troops went to rest from a day of combat.

In the barracks the men and women combat vets would either sleep or have lots of intimate encounters. Many the next day would be killed in those death corridors.

If both were lined with the specific wires which allowed for the intimate electricity to be absorbed and gathered, as well as the death electricity to be absorbed and gathered. The Operation Barbarossa was a huge Holocaust on their own people to power the closest system to perform experiments on.

The Russians had more than sufficient troops and supplies to mount an offense and take Berlin months after Operation Barbarossa began. Hit the Nazi southern flank and erase the third Reich before the Allies could get their military pants on. The electricity would be channeled from the combat and intimate areas to the System, which would then be used to power the WMD. Be that a time machine and or some type of another weapon. A rail gun perhaps.

The Nazi and Russians did manage to remove most of the really bad troops who had been an annoyance to the Thule society since day one. The bullies who would happily hurt or kill an academic at home to get their way, since they could not separate home and how you behave at home with how you behave in a combat theater. The Thule society had long had to fight to defend itself against those men the Nazi during those three operations found to operate their systems they had to get rid of those men too. Since those men every time they got close to any system or an experiment caused chaos and problems. But they could not just be sent home, they had to be removed in order to have the Nazi system work. The “influence” they caused even with them hundreds of miles away was enough to cause problems with the experiments. Their aggressive and dominant personalities needed to be removed. So they would be sent to the Russian front and their influence was soon no longer a factor.









Did Mary Magdalene and Jesus engage in consensual actions that night in the Garden of Gethsemane. Part of those ceremonies took place in the Temple of the Cumaean Sibyl. Was Mary part of those ceremonies in that temple. The evidence is clear that the Crucifixion took place only a few hundred yards away from said temple a few days later. Emperor Caligula was present and took careful notes. Those notes turned into the location of the Heliopolis Obelisk. With the Crucifixion on top. Because that is likely the actual location of the crucifixion.


Ian Fleming James Bond, intimacies with a local girl or another spy have been a part of every single book and movie since the first one.

This is a key to understanding Ian Flemings traumatic stress due to his interaction with the NAZI confiscated Tabernacle WMD. It is even possible Ian Fleming knew about and interacted with the Nazi Bell. Talk about a traumatic experience. In some way to safe the weapon performing intimacies is in some way required.

The intimacies were not about sexual conquest, it was about being in a position to use sacred intimacies in order to safe a weapon. How that works is at this point an unknown but it certainly does have a huge amount of evidence regarding its historical and documented applications.

The Whore of Babylon, Mary Magdalene, the intimacies of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty the Pharaoh and his lady would have intimacies at the headwaters of the Nile in order to ensure a bountiful harvest. Medusa and her issues in the temple. The list goes on and on. But sufficient to say, intimacies and the System are directly connected.


Fascism group were about War, killing Jews, erasing any trace of any civilization which was not based on Aryan ideals, etc.


The technical details would fill volumes of information, but to sum it up. The hypothesized NAZI time War did not start in 1923 when the NAZI first attempted to rise to power. Nor did it start with the Confederacy. Nor did it start when the Democratic Party formed to promote the Plantation System and the needs of the Militant Islamic Plantation owners who used their white friends and business partners as influence in the state and federal congress. It started well before 1820, but starting the explanation with the founding of the Democratic Party for this specific portion of the evidence 1820 is a good anchor point from which to venture both forwards and backwards. Although the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire circa 1805 is another good anchor point.

The Democratic Party formed as a way to give voice to the Plantation System, their pro-Slavery stance, and to give the Muslims in America an equal chance at self-governing based on using white friends and family to vote on their behalf.

Part of Sherman’s March to the Sea was about finding pockets of radical militant Islamic groups and erasing them from existence. Yes Genocide, unless they chose to sail back to Africa. For the previous two entire centuries these groups showed little if any sign of not being a direct hard target threat to the colonies and then the states.

Most did not choose to sail back to Africa, most chose to evacuate west to the headwaters of the Mississippi and recreate plantations there. More than a few of their Dutch, German, and libertine French business partners in the slave trade followed and reestablished life in the head waters of the Mississippi. Among them were the Van Dyk family which fleeing from Custer serge into their area evacuated due west to the Pacific North west. Thousands settled in Lynden Washington state. Lynden is an extremely important location for the ex-confederates about to become Nazi’s. Or they went west to Texas and formed their plantations west of the Mississippi along the Arkansas river over to the Rio Grande. In 1867 Custer and dozens of other field commanders followed and set to remove the Islamic threat from the American Continent. The locations each had their first few decades of history erased; the headwaters of the Mississippi, the original capital of Texas, and of course Castle Ogle aka Bellingham Washington state. Each based on secondary evidence possessed a system.


After the Civil War from 1867-1898 America experienced a great deal of issues.

The Political Party’s began to switch philosophies. The Conservatives e.g. pro-slavery and Islam began to migrate away from their own Democratic Party to the GOP, and the liberals in the GOP began to migrate over to the Dem party.


One of Jefferson Davis’s “Secret Weapons” came as a collection of stories and tales from several locations; those stories told of a mighty but untamable “Super Weapon” which could be used to defeat the enemy in one shot.

The tales came from Orlando (Jernigan), the French portions of the deep south, the headwaters of the Mississippi, and Colorado (specifically the original Capital of Colorado, Kansas, and Texas which is Manitou Springs Colorado).

Picket from Bellingham Washington State also brought back to the south legends and plans about said “Super Weapon”.


IN the last decade of the 1800s the collected Weapon information was stolen and shipped to Germany for further Study.

From 1880 with various additional pieces following over the course of the next decades; specifically Tesla’s laboratory which would be legally stolen. They were shipped to Germany were the violently anti-Semitic think tanks which would eventually form the Thule Society spent money and time exploring.


All that work in Germany regarding electro magnetics research. While at the same time America was less than not interested at all in anything even remotely to do with most of those issues. America was interested in the Car, and very good wage factory jobs. Academics was not even mildly interested in researching the Car and or the Airplane. After each was invented and perfected, the Car thanks to brilliant marketing took off. But the Airplane did not become a serious thing till just before the outbreak of World War one. During the first World War most nations minus America wanted every airplane they could get their hands on. America reluctantly agreed to purchasing a few from the Wright brothers but a good friend of Curtis managed to get a good deal and the Army purchased hundreds of Curtis Jenny’s. Although most of the design of the Jenny was directly stolen from the Wright Brothers. But that would be decades of litigation. Which cause the Wright company to go bankrupt having spent most of its money on lawyers fighting copy write infringements.

Most people forget that the artists and idea people, when they come up with something which affects the species, they no longer own it. The species owns the Sculpture of David, the Sistine Chapel, the Model A ford, etc. It affects the species not the individual.

If the Wright brothers has spent 10 years furthering their ideas and inventing new and improved designs, instead of almost nothing for 10 years while they waited for the patents and copy write lawyers to do their thing. Then have their ideas stolen anyway. If they had just built them and sold them; innovating along the way. Sure others would be able to make copies, but the newest improved design is worth more than a decade old design which needs improvements.

The improvements are worth more than the original. Sure keep the original, copy write and patent it. But keep innovating. Keep coming up with new and improved designs. Sell them. Every few years put out a new model and the 30 planes you sold to France 2 years ago will be 100 planes this year. Two years from now the order will be 1000. Then you have to sell 2000 to England since England only purchased three six years ago and the new design makes the three look antiquated. Slower, less function able, and of course not as good in the battlefield. New weapons are always more valuable. Selling 10,000 planes from 1903 to 1913. Versus selling a couple dozen while keeping your trade secrets to yourself. The US government purchasing 4000 planes is much more valuable than keeping the copy write  and patents.

But the NAZI bell did not belong to the Species, that is the preview of the divine. The divine selects individuals to perform specific tasks. Those tasks are to assist the species but not directly impact the species.



Robinson and the Rich of the East Coast Cult interests

Pauline (née Robinson) Pierce family specially Barbara Bush’s mother obviously had occult background, Barbara’s momma had several encounters with AC! Immediately before her pregnancy with Barbara had been in Europe and Africa (specially Egypt) with Aleister Crowley. upon discovery she as pregnant, in Europe spared not a single

Expense to come to America and be with her husband. So that it would look like her third child was with her husband instead of Aleister Crowley.


one the weeks before she became officially pregnant with Barbara

she had the money,

she could, have hired and charted to get from Rome/Paris to Manhattan in about 10 days to hide who the father was

island hopping in a goose was only expensive not impossible

her hubby was RICH

just under Carnegie etc rich

just because America rejected the airplane in 1904 does not mean Europe and the rich did not. how much for a plane, then take it home and experiment


purchasing a goose in northern Europe, or two; one for flying one for gas. One for flying two for gas would achieve the goal of a cross Atlantic trip in just a few days.

land and refuel up. continue the journey across the north Atlantic

plus no one has produced a single piece of evidence that states that the super rich did not have a charter service across the north Atlantic by plane in the late/late teens early 20s.

Have ships stationed with huge gas reserves positioned at the end of the normal flight distance. In 1912, limited airplane boat passenger were available in different areas of Europe and northern Africa.

8 years later and the technology and advancemans would allow for an easy 30ish hour flight between Maine and France. Little if any evidence of this Super Rich Passenger service exists, but this is not outside the realm of realistic.

But it would only be affordable to the exclusive super rich. As in a building would cost about as much as a one way flight.

But after so many rich were killed in April 1912, the Rich wanted a better option than a ship which could sink and kill them in the middle of the north Atlantic. Not to forget that a lifeboat is not designed by class. Many of the rich got into lifeboats, and refused to allow the boat to be filled since only the lower end second class and the poor were in the water. They refused to allow anyone in to their boat not of proper class. So hundreds were killed because some rich boats were to narcissistic to allow low class people into them. A boat designed for 70 some head only a dozen. The rich felt guilty about this after and to make up of it chose to take planes across instead of luxury ships. Instead of weeks to cross it would take only days. But keeping things as extremely exclusive as possible, not letting anyone know about the journey to Europe as early as the early to middle 19teens. The other problem was the insane issues both European and American governments demanded of those “private flights” be kept clandestine. The Americans did not want the war to hit American soil, so the flights were kept all but entirely secret so that the idea would not be part of the axis war effects to use said to invade America.

Several of the eastern European countries had sufficient money and ships to allow a sizable chunk of soldiers  in just a few waves to land and make a foothold on American soil.

The blackouts on the east and west coasts were part of  this. They were not about shipping, they were about making sure that waves of flying boats could not cross the Atlantic and obtain a foothold.

The stock market crash ended this clandestine service. Far above the glaciers and in just a few days is so much better than weeks on a ship which might hit an iceberg.

About the same time this hypothesized goose airplane business for the super rich was making his owners hand over fist money, the white star (defunct in 1934) and black ball ocean liner companies were going bankrupt. They generated income for a while with cargo and second and third class accommodations, but the ships were not designed for second and third class. They were designed to accommodate the



Aleister Crowley had two very important jobs in his life. One was to find out what the NAZI’s and the Thule Society were up to for the British Secret Service and two (working as spy, analyst) his regular jobs as an author and occultist. These day jobs gave him the perfect cover for it spy work.

The rumors he was a British spy are correct, but he was not a spy of the English. Since the British were experts in the operations of the Tabernacle System, and the English did not have the slightest clue what the thing was.

Crowley was working on helping both the British and the English understand the experiments to turn the systems on the NAZI and Thule  had acquired. The Thule were experimenting and working on the systems, so it is only a logical thing for the allies to be working on the same weapons technology.

So based on the equations of basic pregnancy and mathematics Paulina became pregnant with Barbara between sept 22 and October 31. Almost guaranteed inside an ancient system, and in that System not only did she conceive, but her daughter married a future president, and conceived a future president but also Barbra was conceived in the tradition of the ancient pharaohs. Conceived on a high holy day inside a high holy system.

Makes her life a high holy life with divine gifts.

Her birth nine months later Barbara Bush (née Pierce; born June 8, 1925), married the future head of the CIA. He was head of the CIA for more than 20 years. If this hypothesis is correct, Barbra’s father was Aleister Crowley and the pregnancy was part of a super secret (still classified to the highest degree more than a century later; might be declassified in a few centuries). Her Husband helped found the CIA from his time at Yale as an undergrad student.

But the entire situation regarding Barbra’s mother and Aleister would have been part of a much needed joint British, English, and American OSS operation. There is nothing to suggest that Paulina herself was not a deep cover operative as well. Since she was rich, already had two children, and of course her family had major connections with both European Royalty and the Occult groups. Pauline could easily have entered the dozen occult groups operating as think tanks in Europe without raising a single eyebrow, or question.

In addition Her future son in law’s father was a card carrying NAZI War profiteer. He  made money for Adolf against the interests of ** his birth nation.

Intimate Ceremonies the Thule society had already been engaged with for decades if not a full century. Joseph Smiths group had by legend and rumor also been working with and on intimate ceremonies since 1923.

The “spiritualist” movement which is entirely different than the “Great awakening movement” was not only centered upon the occult but also on recreating the “intimacy” ceremonies from the ancient past.

The truth stories of Pandora’s Amphora are mostly about intimacies not about a box. The box was a much later edit. So was her maiden innocence. Instead of being an innocent maiden, she was more like Diana.

The War over this subject has so much evidence that it is difficult to assume this war did not occur.

Somehow the Thule Society (maybe with or without the help of Joseph Smith) might have achieved the absolutely unbelievable. They might have actually did the beyond imagination achievement.

The Thule (Not NAZI) Society after they figured out that being anti-Semitic was evil circa 1925, turned away from evil and turned toward pure good.

If true than they had a beyond significant, since one of the reasons a hypothetical NAZI Bell e.g. time machine would have not have worked was because of the evil intent behind it. Once the intent was altered to good, than it became the difference between felony sexual battery and a teenage couple on their honeymoon.



But something of beyond important occurred next.

From 1925 – 1929 to September 4. Could some type of a “Bell” interaction have assisted in the crash?

Many of the compiles and of course the politics who were leaving toward Fascism were so ready for the crash.  They not only knew it was coming but arranged their finances to ride out the wore of it. Hundreds of people suddenly bit before the crash transferred their money to extremely safe things, purchased various types of insurance, positioning for the profits to come. More than a few fascist politicians were so upset in American that they positioned themselves to actually help the market crash. They know that a crash would drastically assist the rise of Fascism and decrease the ability for the world to resist the rise of the third Reich. They were hoping that a few of the nations would even embrace the ideals of fascism while they were crashed. The future in-law to Paulina the father of her circa 1945 son in law was one of those “hoping” for the crash and hoping the ideals of fascism would spread in American.

They were either financial geniuses or worse they were pre-warned by a “Bell Trip”.

Industrialists life Henry Ford was not only a cared carrying Nazi but he gave his factor designs to the Nazi so they could produce their military weapons as quickly as possible.

Less than zero evidence exists, other than a sequence of statistical models. However the American OSS had a more than significant amount of influence and interviews during this time. Almost all that information has been classified since, and will most likely never be declassified.

Prescott bush the father of George and future father in law of Barbra was allowed to only semi-be punished for his crimes against the United States of America. It is assumed he avoided either high treason and or other charges by obtaining immunity from prosecution through telling the allies every single thing he could about everything he did for the Nazi’s the decade or more he worked for them.


Barbra married George in New York when he was on leave in 1945. Based on the evidence it appears that it was British spy Paulina (Barbra’s mother) and Nazi spy Prescott Bush (Georges father), needed their kids to marry. The fact that George went on to be head of the cia for a few decades, well as his “traveling around” with a cover of the oil business is also interesting.

In Texas, they were very close to the Koch family. The Koch family in Europe had stolen the fake Prussian Amber room from the Russians and instead of shipping it to Berlin as his orders dictated he rerouted the train to his port in Germany and put the amber room on a U-boat, which then sailed to a Koch family port in Texas. What the Koch family did not know till after was that the room was a double fake.

The first Prussian amber room was a fake since the Germans had moved it out in the decades before the Prussian invasion. They built a fake and passed it on to the Russians as a gift. The third Reich invaded Russia Opp Barbarossa 6 weeks after Hess defection and made a bee line to the Russian amber room.

But what they did not know was the “Monuments Men” had arrived first and worked with the Russians to dismantled the Prussian copy and replace with a fake the NAZI’s could steal.

The Koch family stole a fake of a fake.


The Ceremonies which Aliester Crowley was working on were centered on understanding the ritual of intimacies and what could be done with various combinations of people in a temple setting. Where better than to conduct those experiments than inside the actual locations. He spent at least one overnight stay in the Kings Chamber in the Khufu Pyramid working on discovering the hidden mysteries of the chamber regarding intimacies.

The Nazi were more than a little interested in reading his both published works as well as his private notes.


The stock market crashed and everything changed.


In Germany, the economy was hit hard but not hard enough to shut down the universities. some of the best universities in the world were located in Europe. American universities were good but not world class.


Leipzig for instance possessed some of the technology from the Systems shipped to Germany. the experiments allowed for a reinvention of a tesla coil, and to generate huge amounts of electricity in very small places.

Three plus decades later and the coil was shrunk down to being only a few feet tall but still capable of generating vast amounts of electricity.


One of the problems the Thule Society had with the NAZI Party was their violently military demand for weapons. The Nazi bell was one of the argument points. The Thule gave the bell full funding, but hid the research and experiment labs to make it all but impossible for the Nazi’s to find.


Among them a project which resembled “A bell”

This bell was not a typical bell.

It was not meant to make music, it was meant to be set to a perfect pitch, it was also set with four tesla coils inside of it.

It was also built with a double rotating disks inside, each disk with specific Futhark writing. one disk rotated clockwise, the other disk rotated counter clockwise.


The Futhark is two things, it is a language and it is also a calendar.

But this calendar is so accurate it can go back and forwards by billions of years without losing a micro-second.


It has been theorized that if enough electricity can be generated, that a magnetosphere can be created.

That magnetosphere will be created. But the next step is the hypothetical part.

The next step is when said “Magnetosphere” is created, if it is strong enough (four tesla coils working together) than it is possible to use some type of time mapping device to fold the electro magnetics space from present to the designated previous place in time. But the map has to be perfect; the map needs to be both a map to read and a quadrant lock system.


Circa 1900 Einstein proposed that electro magnetics could be strong enough to bend light.

He was proven correct when a film crew went to southern Australia with the following task.

On a specific day and time they were to take a picture of a specific Star in the night sky.

At that same time in England, a film crew were about to take a picture of that same star.

The two images when overlapped prove that Electro magnetics will bend light. Since the same star and several of the stars around are in different places in both pictures.

The Bell on the inside has enough electricity in order to bend light around it.

Meaning that Tesla’s experiments with Bending Light not only were proven correct, but his theories could bend light enough to allow for the B anchor to work. Bending light enough to have the electro magnetics signature on the inside of the created magnetosphere alter from being A (point of origin) to B (the point of the destination). That Bending is the start of how to travel between point A and point B. But the amount of electricity needed is on the extreme side of huge.



Kind of like you are at location A; the map/system sends in basic an anchor to location B in time. The “Rope” or the “Anchor” then connects devise A to location B and pulls the devise from A to location B.


Unfortunately the amount of available evidence which was not made instantly classified by the Russians and the Allies when the Third Reich fell is more than sufficient to point to the facts surrounding the NAZI’s developed some type of Time Machine.

World War II stopped being fought on the battlefield and started to be fought literally in the fabric of space time.

As Brother Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote; when all logical answers have been eliminated the illogical are the only remaining options.

The first piece of evidence the NAZI’s experimented with time is the American “Philadelphia Experiment” were the reports with all the fiction and hyperbole removed point strongly to high level electrical equipment being experimented upon on a ship. October 28, 1943 is less than two years from January, 20, 1942 when the first Wannsee Conference occurred. From the defection of Rudolf Hess from the Third Reich to the Philadelphia Experiment is sufficient time to take the electro-magnetics machine blue prints and start to build and finish construction on a huge electro-magnetics machine.

There were at least one if not two more Conferences about six months later and then several months after that. 21 months after the first conferences. What could the two possibly have even the slightest thing to do with each other.

Rudolf Hess was one of the founding members and the secretary/treasurer of the Thule Society as well as a direct member of the three think tanks before it.

He was the Executive Officer for the Third Reich; the political army of the Thule Society.

Hess was about as hard and adamant member of an interest in the Garden of Eden and the associated System as anyone on the planet at the time. When he defected he did so with a plane full of paperwork and other materials.

Hess loaded a U-boat full of his most loyal crew to carry information from NAZI Germany to the allies.

By 1928 Hess was a double agent for the Allies. He was working full time and entirely loyal to the allied war effort. In early 1920s Hess after a lifetime of being as violent anti-Semitic as is possible became aware that his hatred was wrong and he spent the next 10 years working to undo the damage he had started. So much so that he worked tirelessly to channel all funding away from Messerschmitt and the jet designs and toward Rockets and other scientific experiments. more on the Luftwaffe in a bit.

Italy Lake Nemi, in 1927 with a strong amount of funding from the NAZI in Germany, Mussolini ordered the lake drained and the ships to be floated and restored. Although the actual ships looked almost nothing like the “Artistic” renderings which have been done in the last several decades. With so much work and effort put into understanding the system. The people involved have to do one of two things. They either have to deal with their internal junk and let go of the darker parts of themselves. Or they are consumed by their darkness which usually drives them insane.

From 1918-30 The core members of the Thule Society had worked on recovering and rebuilding about half a dozen different Tabernacle systems, all were moved out of where they were and to specific research labs scattered in top secret locations in Austria and Germany.

But extra special care was given to ensure that the Political and military wings of the organization were kept entirely out of the loop. Which after a while angered the Political and Military wings to the point of mass psychosis.

The few and far between military and political people who did managed to push their way into the situation soon found their minds EST lobotomized. Do not play around with a divine tool and expect not to b affected. Those that figured out the evils actions they had been doing straightened up and began to live a good life, the rest either sank into being idiots and or worse turned pure hard core evil and became known as “full fanatical freaks” entirely convinced that the Jews were a blight to the species and needed to be erase form existence.

Himmler, Hess, and a few dozen others by around 1928 had “seen the light” literally and had began full on to destroy the inner workings of their created political and military wings from within. But had to fake rather strongly their desperate attempt at not hating Jews anymore. But their facial expressions were not hatred but rather pure hard core fear that if they did not act the correct way, Adolf or one of his most trusted would kill them were they stood.

The evidence is beyond clear, those that chose evil turned nuts like Adolf, Goering Image result, etc. and those that chose good still had the ability to think after. At Nuremburg, those “acquitted” both gave testimony (very top end secret) and the others were left lobotomized. Most if not all those who were in many ways feral or had EST lobotomies were still full fanatical freaks regarding Adolf. In the end it was easy to determine, those with functioning brains were left with short sentences or acquitted without sufficient evidence. Those obviously affected by a mental issue, or had mental deficits were found guilty and executed.

All this revolving around the Bell regarded trying to keep the most dangerous and deadly of the Thule society weapons out of the hands of both the NAZI and the “bad” allied cultures. The McCarthy, Russians, and some aspects of the English culture needed to keep their hands off the most dangerous weapons since they had a habit of exploiting bad things for their own very inappropriate reasons. A huge part of the American government and business infrastructure were still very strongly supporting fascism. It was not exactly legal, but neither was the confederacy but even in the present some seven decades alter pockets of confederates are still in polices and are upset the entirely country is not telling them their ideas are good. since after all “if they just listened to the truth, they would realize our way was the  best way” which is a partial quote from a dozen or more high command Nazi’s during their trials.

McCarthy for instance started his garbage regarding “a communist” witch hunt the second World War II was at an end. He moved into and started a “better dead than red movement” which was popular for the next almost two entirely decades.

The actual start of “The red Scare” started in 1917 with the Russian revolution. This movement profoundly chopped the Young McCarthy into the man he became. It also happened the way he approached his Witch Hunt. His trials were very close to that of using the technique the Nazi used to find and eradicate the Jews from their areas of control.

Fascism was alive and very much well in American immediately after the fall of the third Reich. The fascism party in America had worked tirelessly from 1917-1950 to convince American that their way was the best way. So the “weapons” found in secret Thule society labs needed to be hidden from the likes of McCarthy as well as the Russians. Just because it appears someone is on your side, does not make it true.

The communities taking over in Russia, as well as the fascists taking over in Germany; America was afraid. But when America becomes afraid, the people usually begin to embrace the very philosophy they are afraid of.

Many different factions of power were fighting for their place in America. the communities had a strong unelected voice in America, so did the fascists.


One of the most secret of the Nazi “Special projects” was the Bell. The bell since it was first found was assumed even by the allied soldiers who found it in 1945 a time machine.

Obviously it was instantly classified and only the smallest amount of information has been leaked about this subject. The second the soldiers reported back to Head Quarters, the chain of command was immediately mobilized, and generals were on the scene within hours. Not long after Eisenhower and Patton were involved as well as Monty. Most of the low ranking soldiers were informed “this is classified” discussion of this is high treason and you will be shot.

The ultimate “if I told you I would have to kill you” type of classification.

The Jesus Fish and the Nazi bell.








Heisenburg Rosenbridge

This theorectical em bridge is part fo what the Nazi “flying disk” was about.

To send out a cable or two from A through B to C. the B is the bridge which drags pulls the machine from A time location to C time location.



Smith in Texas.

Where did smith travel to in the capital of texas.





While the progress of the Bell was coming along, Hess had numerous problems to contend with.

First he had to constantly shift money. Second he had to be careful as to outside sources of money coming in and paying for things which would be bad. Third he had to be careful to hide the secret projects the Thule Society were working on behind the Fascists backs.

The Bell was one of the largest projects the Thule Society not only worked on but hid from everyone. Why because the Fascists were more than interested in going backward in time to promote their cause. Fix problems in their time line. Launch the ideas of Nazism much earlier in history. Kill Jews before they became a huge population problem in Germany.

Amon Goeth said something on the night they cleaned out one of the Jewish Ghetto’s “Tonight we are erasing the fact that the Jews came to Germany centuries ago and thrived. Those centuries of existence in Germany not only do not exist but any mention of them would be a capital crime. The Jews have not been in this part of Europe ever.”

If Goeth had himself a time machine Bell he would have gone back to the birth of Jacob and Esau and killed Jacob in his crib. Remove the problem of the Jew before its father could age more than a few hours.

That way it would clear the way for Esau to be King of Kings of the System and the world would be perfect. A perfect Aryan superior race.

There is less than zero evidence that one of the Fascists not Thule Society but Fascists did not find out about the bells and steal one. Causing a ripple effect at several points in history allowing the rise of Esau’s philosophy within the framework of Western Civilization.


Now back to the Luftwaffe and Hess pulling money away from the Jet.

If the Luftwaffe would had developed a working Jet e.g. the ME 262 in 1935 when Messerschmitt first drew up the plans that would have radically changed the entire War. Every action from 1935 to the last bullet fired would have been radically different had Hess not have shifted funding away from the Jet and towards other projects.

For instance the battle of Britain would have been won by the NAZI’s. The Jet would have given the third Reich the Air cover needed to land their paratroopers on British soil and the jet allowed for air cover. The NAZI’s could have opened up several if not dozens of foot holds in Britain and fought hand to hand on the island. All the preparations for the battle of Normandy would have had to be done on Ireland; which changes all the calculations entirely.

The jets and bombers would have had to fly over occupied Britain before hitting fortress Europe. The NAZI loss in Britain allowed Operation Overlord to happen.

The point is the Thule Society was in charge of the money, while the military did their idiotic thing. Give the military weapons and they will soon forget all about anything else. This might be why the original Thule Society members were so keen on starting the Beer Hall Rebellion circa 1923 in Munich. To allow the military wing to get out of the think tanks way. To give the military and violent men something to do while the scholars could sit in peace and think. Which would also explain why the planning was a horror show. The rebellion was by Hess, Himmler, etc planned to fail. So the military guys would have their fun. A number of the NAZI would be killed. Most importantly it would give the thinkers time to reorganize their efforts to separate themselves from the military wing. The thinkers were for the most part not arrested, they stayed behind to work on paperwork. The violent ones including Hess were in the middle of the battles. Hess learned a great deal from those fights.

After the “beer hall punch/rebellion” intentionally failed, although Adolf and a few others did not know it was an intentional failure.

But that rebellion was orchestrated for a purpose. One it was a huge distraction for the military guys, it was also a way to get Adolf to settle for a while. It was also a way for Hess to get close to Adolf and dictated his memories. Those dictations were Mein Kempf; but it also allowed Hess to dig into the mind of Adolf to find out just how evil this man was. Tunes our he was about as evil as one could be and not be a stereotypical horses, tail, and red skin color.

Those in charge of the Thule Society during Hess’s time in jail achieved the goals set out from the beginning. A complex set of instructions were needed to be achieved with Adolf and his henchman entirely out of the way.

Also some of his nastiest and most sadistic of Adolf’s henchman were literally “removed” from the party during that time. Without the violent henchmen’s intimidating presence, the Thule society could more easily reorganize and re-strategize about what needed to be done next. Obviously the entire situation regarding keeping a strong and substantial separation between the academic wing and the political/military wing grew to an emergency level. From 1923, forward the most strongest of separations were placed between the two. Proven to be of the absolutely most essential after Hess spent months living in Adolf's cell, as his cell mate allowing Adolf to dictate his life’s work to Hess. Hess after knew as a most hard matter of fact that every day from then on was going to be a struggle between the two sides of the third Reich. The academics who came up with the structures and the political/military who wanted and demanded a world war. Not long after Hess and Himmler contacted the allies and started to feed them information about what the Nazi party was up to. If himmler had been captured under different circumstance he would not have been killed by low ranking allied forces. He would have been taking into custody and handed over to the top brass, but the bop brass were not notified in time. Himmler was killed within minutes of his medical examination starting. Revenge execution for is crimes against humanity. The problem was he was just as much of a prisoner at the death camps as anyone else.

He learned more from the facts of living with Adolf for more than six months.


He learned that the anti-Semitic ideals were wrong and that his life mission was not to rid the world of Jews, but to the study the Tabernacle System. TO understand it was not a weapon but a tool. He learned about Louis XVI and is education in clock repair. Which was only a useful skill in things like a fine weaving loom.

But since Hess did not want to be killed in his sleep, Adolf disposed of dozens of this enemies by said action. Sending in soldiers in the middle of the night to round people up and “disappear” them. Hess simply shifted from being the founding member of the Thule Society and being angry with having to form a political party circa 1920, just to avoid being outlawed again. To the largest and most efficient allied war effort double agent.

His cover was perfect, he did all the reviewing and background checks. He was the one most held responsible for security in the third Reich. he ordered his dear friend and double agent Himmler to look like they were full throated supporters of the third Reich but they worked very hard to undermine it at every turn.

Adolf knew flat out that Himmler wanted to be the fuhrer, Himmler on more than one occation worked very hard to undermine and degrade Adolf. Which did not help the matter any since Adolf was beyond paranoid. Adolf kept punishing Himmler for his actions and kept putting Himmler into positions which were against his moral code but he had to either perform the tasks or he would be executed after being forced to watch every single one of his non military essential friends and family be executed in the most brutal and extreme torture way possible, then he would be slowly executed.


Himmler was given zero choice, either follow the dictates of Adolf or face torture to death.

One of his daughters would be handed over to a couple dozen of the most loyal of Adolf’s body guards with instructions do not stop till she is dead.

Himmler was in charge of the security for the “Secret Projects” with Director of the Reich Main Security Office Reinhard Heydrich being in charge of the first Wannsee Conference. Which was about the Thule Society not the holocaust. The Holocaust notes dictated at the Wannsee Conference were a façade to avoid the Fascists from finding out and killing every member of the Thule Society in the third Reich. The first 90 minutes of the Wannsee Conference was about the how to cover their tracks.

The “supposed to destroy after reading” was purposely placed in the Nazi archives to be purposely found and read to ensure the evidence pointed to the Wannsee conference was about how to kill the Jews. The next hours and days were about the real purpose. The true purpose was to undermine the Nazi Party.


Many months after the Feb conference, the head of the Wannsee Conference Reinhard Heydrich was killed in action by the Gestapo trying to relay information to the Polish Resistance.

27 May 1942 Adolf had issued orders for Heydrich to be reassigned to France to combat resistance to NAZI rule in those areas. But this being reassigned as a sign that Adolf knew or at least was paranoid to assume Heydrich had become a double agent for the British and were feeding them information about his working Systems.

Somehow the Systems and the weave are the database needed to allow the built in map in the machine/bell to work. To lock into a specific electro magnetics signature in time; hook an electro magnetics anchor to that position and have the bell electro magnetics charge the metal with that specific signature to be “Rope” pulled to the anchor.

The Systems were just as impornat as the bell/machine itself.

To go to a specific location is one thing, but “how to get back”. To get back requires locking/anchoring onto the present electro magnetics and have the engines electro magnetics pull the machine back to the present

The operation to secure the information was not only successful but Adolf himself was denied the information he demanded of Heydrich; despite torture to his near fatal wounds. Heydrich did relate the needed information to his boss Himmler. Adolf was in a state of subdued rage, but the operation was a success despite Hedrick’s death. Himmler slipped Heydrich poison to ensure his speedy death, but the NAZI doctors were informed Heydrich died of sepsis since he refused anti-biotics. Although in reality Adolf refused to give anti-biotics until Heydrich gave him the information he demanded.

Soon after Himmler was given extra duties which included a harder and more direct role in the extermination of the “Undesirables” in the third Reich. The more rebellious Himmler became the more Adolf punished him by public humiliation and locking him directly to crimes against humanity.

What Adolf did not know was that the Thule Society had a full operation inside Auschwitz, that a significant portion of the staff their actions were entirely separate from the Gas/Electrocution chambers activities. Plus if Himmler wanted to; he could have killed millions more Jews than he did. He slowed the process to a mere trickle. Which angered Adolf to no end; he wanted the Jews dead in six months, not several years and still 100ks of Jews were still working in slave labor positions in the third Reich. He did not want a single Jew alive period.


But the beautiful part of having complete and thorough control over a huge facility like Auschwitz and at least semi-cooperation from the best of the Jewish scholars is that many Jews were evacuated out of the third Reich in an underground railroad of sorts. Himmler and Hess controlled the daily operations of the Third Reich, they had also found out their actions were evil circa 1928 and started to work against the NAZI regime. So of the numerous Jews who came into Auschwitz and other Camps, many of them were allowed to leave. Some were forced to be executed but it was a careful balancing act. Who would be allowed to survive, and who had to be sent to the death chambers. Of those who needed to survive were they given jobs in the physical plant or were they escorted out of the working portion of the camp to the “Research” portion of the camp. The research portion of the camp is where it is possible one of the captured or built as a copy of the others System was built. The Jews and those of special talent were put to work, but the tool was not a weapon. The tool was a tool which had to be used for good, not evil. The largest problem is, the NAZI’s thought their actions were good and not evil. When just the opposite was true.

The ones selected for execution, were selected to make the Fascists happy, but thousands were filtered through the System and allowed to live. But that was what the selection process was in part all about. Not separating out the ones who could work from those who could not, but separating out those who had “The Talent” from those that did not. Those that did not who could work from those who could not, or were non-essential and could help the Thule Society hide, were ask to give up their lives to the Fascists in order to allow the “Talented/Tachyon” people among the Jews to live.

Which brings up a string of very difficult concepts.

Why did the Jews go directly against the torah when it states clearly that “it is better that all die, than to sacrifice a few so the larger can live”


But all this would be entirely clandestine. Not a single concept of this would be allowed to be released to the public, since neither side could deal with the concept, let alone accept that this “Talent” thing existed. The religious nuts on both sides had their hearts set on life is a specific way, deviations from said is an  unacceptable in all ways, shapes, and forms concept. The largest problem is that the War was between at least two and arguably several more Protestant religious groups. Which is in itself not only funny(in a sad and entirely sadistic way) but a cruel example of the morals, values, and ethics of the Protestant faith. Protestantism was created by Martin Luther as a protest against Catholicism. He loved the teachings of Islam and hated the teachings of the Church. Luther decided that all European cultures needed was to have the teachings of Islam in a slightly different package and they would accept them entirely. So Martin Luther chose to repackage Islam into a more acceptable format. World War One was fought between fake Royal families vying for domination over the others. The origin of the Royal Family System started based on the Princes of Troy evacuating out of Troy before and during the War with Agamemnon and of course each major family group chose a different city to rule as its new Royal Family. Or found a new city/kingdom. To spread out and not be so easily conquered.

Which leaves the application of did the major cities in Europe which contained a library, did the Roman empire simply incorporate the existing library in those areas into its new updated libraries. Which would mean that the libraries of the holy roman empire portions of them dates back to the Trojan War.

Which also means portions dated all way back to the 18th Egyptian dynasty; King tuts’ father Amenhotep iv aka AhkenATEN.

Directly linking the bell to the sarcophagus. Was a sarcophagus used or at least a base used obviously not as a time machine, but could it have been used as a way to track time in a way modern scholars are unaware of at this time.

Modifying the sarcophagus concept into a bell. The moving circles being the most important part of that equation.

Also gives a huge amount of odd evidence since all the thing tanks their aim was the holy roman library. Information from troy, the British, Egypt, the 18th dynasty, the pyramids, Heirakonopolis, etc are included in most of those libraries.

Adding interesting to fascinating, what if Joseph Smith knew that portions of the book II had already been written and were just laying about in various European libraries. Smith as given the secondary task of finding the previous copies and recompiling them into a cohesive book. Young had enough of a power struggle with smiths first book, with a second book, Smith might be able to unseat Young from his position of power over the church. Young could not allow that to happen.

So instead of assisting in the finding and compiling the second book, young’s; direction was to find al said information and destroy it. His need to control the church was so overwhelming that he had to destroy the second book in order to hold his position. The first book that Moses translated from Sumerian was genesis, which in truth had a dozen books inside of it, edited down to just 50 chapters.

The second book was the exodus, some correlation between the torah exodus and the BOM with some application of the concept of exodus can be a logical assumption .

However after simple parallels is where the two diverge; rather strongly. The question becomes if the torah did not exist, is their commonalties inside the BOM regarding the torah. Are their parallels in the torah in the BOM. Since the answer is absolutely yes, than the same equation can be used regarding the Exodus.

Oliver’s Cowdery’ death like Smiths’s was faked, when he left the last place recognized to be him, he was replaced by a body double who was later killed, Oliver traveled to Europe to help in the assembly of the BOM II.

The second coming in the Smith sentence structure, if he means the return of the lord, he uses it wrong.


if Smith was talking about "the coming of a second "book" than his sentence structure is more accurate"



However the Royals of Europe post 1600 c.e were only very remotely descendants of the Trojan’s most of the Trojan Royal families had been removed from power centuries before. What does the Trojan War have to do with the NAZI Bell, in this case everything.

The Trojans were Jews. Trojan means; descendants of the holder of the foot. The Holder of the Foot is Sumerian and it translates into Hebrew as the word Jacob.

The Trojans are literally Descendants of Jacob aka Jews.

The Trojan War was a find and kill the Jews War.

The Jews evacuated and set up new Kingdoms, while Agamemnon’s army those Young enough to follow did so and continued the Trojan War in Italy (which took more than 500 years to conquer), to Germany, etc. They tried to follow them to Britain but only a handful of the forces from Agamemnon’s relatives and friends could follow to Britain.

Those Trojan Princes which had evacuated set up libraries and educational centers. Although not documented, those libraries and hidden caches proceeded to be used and worked with for the next three millennia.

Which is in part were the research and information regarding the NAZI Bell came from. It is not outside the realm of possibilities that the core knowledge from the NAZI Bell was literally in a Trojan Library for centuries before it was moved out and copies sent to Alba Longa, Rome (Samhain), Dublin, York, Leipzig, Munich, Edinburgh, NewCastle, etc. more than one copy means that more that the enemy had to seek out over vast distances each library to either capture it or destroy said information.

But the NAZI’s under the direction of Rudolf Hess had captured the Anatolia Peninsula and gained access to the areas around the Constantinople Library. The Lake Nemi Ships of Italy (a few miles south of Rome), of course they seized almost the entire “Holy Roman Empire Library” when it collapsed circa 1806 (which produced the fiction work Frankenstein. Which proves that Mary Shelley gained access to information from the library and her friend Lord Byron that the Germans and Swizz had several centuries of electro-magnetics research in book and textbook format at their immediate disposal.  Those several centuries of electro-magnetics research combined with what they had gathered about the Tabernacle of Adams Systems, combined with Tesla’s stolen equipment, and the end result was most of the nessessary working machinery in order to scientifically prove that the legends surrounding the Bell have the strong possibility of being true.). At least two of the laboratories Tesla used and his confiscated equipment which was shipped to Germany for further study. The Thule Society and its predecessor think tanks; that equipment is exactly what they wanted to study. They had more than enough money to both purchase the equipment from America and to set up private research labs in Germany. Had numerable scientists on the payrolls to immediately examine the machines. They examined the machines from 1900-1930, Three entire decades is more than enough time to achieve the goals the Thule Society wanted. The only problem was finding people to work with the System and not be lobotomized by electric shocks. The amount of electricity would start in the millions of amps range and go up ballistically. So a small shock could all but literally kill the person. A large shock would turn them to ash all but instantly. Which could have something to do with the hypothesis of the Tachyon People, for some reason they do not get affected the same way, or they do not make those mistakes and are suddenly killed.


A group of workers capable of making the machines which had up till then killed most of the people who attempted to operate them. Those people who had interacted but wrong were usually rendered into babbling idiots. Which is close to the definition of Genesis 10; after the power of the lord was captured the lord rendered Terahs army babel or into idiots. The electrical field generated by a working System can and will if used wrong lobotomize the person or group connected.

The American Government had experience with this.

During the civil war the System George Picket brought back to the Confederacy was experimented upon and had rendered Jefferson Davis in many ways a babbling idiot. One of the smartest politicians and scholars alive in America, a few months of exploring to the System and he had issues with coherent sentences for the next several years. Only after several years did he have the ability to start to think again. Which is one reason he was kept in hard isolation for several years, to keep him from the press and more importantly from the American people. He was a gentlemen after all, he had earned some level of respect; despite his treasonous actions.

A couple of the privates on guard duty stationed outside the Confederates Tabernacle Systems were given extremely long lifespans. One private lived by his own account more than 130 years. Good luck finding documentation from the deep south regarding birth records dating back that long.

There was another System in the area of Saint Paul Minnesota.

When Custer went to attack that city and seize control over the System from the confederates and the Muslims he was partially lobotomized.

He then charged west and months later ran headlong into his own death. His death was caused by his own radical stupidity. Despite the fact that previous to St Paul he was a brilliant commander and earned his rank of General.


A System in the Capital of Texas was used to defend Texas. But that System was soon a source of jealousy and envy. The Texans specially the Plantation Owners demanded to have access to the System in Manitou Springs.

All requests were denied by the Government of Manitou.

So those Plantation owners who had evacuated the south to Texas had started to take over Texas. They constitute all of what in the present is Texas but they did not control the 1000 mile long arm up the Rio Grande and the Arkansas Rivers. The plantation System owners demanded to either have access or they would take control over the System and kill all those denied previous access. That did not end well.

Strongly back by their Muslim business partners who had supplied the slaves to work the plantations. The new Texans demanded and sent troops.

Of the dozens of troops sent to seize control over the System in Manitou only one survived. That man has been lost to history but he did in his later years mentor a Young Texas Ranger by the name of Bass Reeves. Reeves was so taken by the experience of the influence of his mentor that he renounced all bad actions and would from that moment forward only work for good.

The Mentor took Reeves to the site of the event and explained in detail what happened, then took him to meet the people who operated the tool. The experience of looking directly at the people who operate such a tool from the divine is awe inspiring.

He became the example for all Texas Rangers from that moment on. His nickname later fictionalized into “The Lone Ranger” programs and movies.

The Confederates before they were called said knew full well about the Weapon of Mass Destruction of the System and had vowed to seize control over it. This is 1840.

The Muslims demanded their proxies use any and all influence to capture a working System and give it to them. Since their System in Mecca had never worked correctly.

A System is a the heart of the Salem Witch Trials.

The accuser girls had access to a System near Salem and had played with it. They played wrong and were partially EST lobotomized. The youngest recovered but facing execution if they told the truth were informed what to say by their peers and the clergy in charge of the city.


A few Tabernacle Systems Locations



The South,



Etc. the Confederacy knew full well this weapon existed and it had been used at least a couple times against them. Most notably when they tried to seize control over it when Manitou was the Capital of Texas.

St Paul,

The Nemi Ships,


The Sons of the confederacy knew full well the power of that weapon.

Shipping them to Munich and Leipzig was the only solution for the political tides after the Civil WAR had shifted and Union Spy’s including Sam Clemens were all over the place making sure the ex-confederates were not trying to reform the confederacy. Which they were in both Lynden WA and Old Colorado City Colorado.

So the only solution was to move what they possessed to Germany for further testing under a government which did not care and was encouraging of the radical anti-Semitic ideals of the confederacy.


Testing such equipment in America was entirely unacceptable in all ways, shapes, and forms.

The Scholars hated the idea, the governments hated the idea, and the feds hated the idea.

However electro magnetics research was acceptable under the work of Edison and Tesla.

Small electrical motors were ok, but huge scale Systems which were capable of generating millions of amps were beyond unacceptable in all forms.

Hence Tesla’s work was at the end blocked in every way.

But his equipment was stolen and shipped to Germany


The Germans in 1890 knew full well what they had worked and could do all manner of really interesting things.




Fatimah resurrecting her father


The Thule Society was not interested in winning the bullets and bombs war. In effect the Bullets and Bombs war was created and backed by the Thule Society to distract the bullets and bombs people from the truth of the war. Not unlike the Beer Hall Rebellion, a huge distraction to allow the scholars peace and quiet from the aggressive and dominant bullets people from interrupting their progress.  Thule group knew the only way to get rid of the bullets people was by allowing them to kill each other off. Allow the allies bullets people and the axis bullets people to kill each other, while the scholars worked and peace. What was not counted on was the rage the axis would have over the operations of the Jewish problem. Taking good ideas and putting them into pure evil was not part of the plan. At least not part of the Thule Plan. But the Thule “selection” process took a great idea and turned it evil. Just like they did with the Swastika. In pursuit of the Garden of Eden to promote the ideas and ideals of the Garden of Eden and its System. But once the violence started the NAZI’s were on a wave to kill everything which got in the way of their bullets and bombs need to destroy. The thing which was used as a distraction served as a tool to whip the dominate people into a frenzy to kill everything which got in their way. Up to and including killing the scholars.

The more aggressive and dominant the army became the more they started pushing their way into the science areas. The more they pushed the more they started to encounter bad things. Things which hurt and caused the aggressive army to be rendered into idiocy. Their friends and other units would then retaliate against the scholars, sending more and more troops to take the weapon away from the scholars since  it was the scholars who hurt their brothers in arms.

Legends and rumors regarding the System being able to resurrect were started to be spread. Those rumors spurred the soldiers into a frenzy of “the scholars will either give up the weapon, or die.”

Once soldiers are given permission to express their trained aggression out on anyone they so choose, they start to attack everyone. When they come off the front lines and rotated back to the front. The people back home who do not like or tolerate aggression are suddenly met with soldiers who fight and kill all but every day. Battle hardened soldiers from an uncivilized situation can and will be aggressive and at times violent to the people back home. Why because they can. Their Commanding Officer and their unit are not present to prevent that person from taking their aggression out on the civilians back home.

Add to that most of the core members of the NAZI party were not soldiers but academics and administration people (paper pushers) hurting them was an added bennifit. Lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, etc. people who are normally the most powerful people in a government suddenly are at the mercy of battle hardened soldiers who do not like being told “NO” about anything. Especially from a pencil neck geek, or worse an Academic who has not been to the front and spends all their time on Campus.

To the aggressive soldier an academic or a scholar is just begging to be attacked and beaten up.

 Which angered the army more and more since they had good aggressive soldiers rendered into in basic an electrical lobotomy. Making them useless for combat. Going from being an aggressive and skilled battlefield commander to being insane enraged the army something beyond psychotic. The punishments were usually violence and severe.


By most accounts Adolf from his youth up to and through about 1935 was a highly brilliant man. After 1940 he suddenly became all but a babbling idiot. Because this drastic change has a marked time period which matches previous peoples time period. Most of those previous people had one major thing in common. They all had some type of integration with some sort of Electro magnetics technology. That Technology when used wrong will by default short circuit their brain.

Salem, Jefferson Davis, Custer, etc. the list is long and extensive but the equation is solid.

The people go to a specific location have extreme reputations for being smart, if not flat out brilliant. Then after interacting with the item they come off with varying degrees of mental illness or are close to insanity. Or are so feeble they can hardly function for a while.

The time they are hardly able to function is about the same amount of time modern science gives for those experiencing some type of traumatic head injury or neuropathways issue. Similar to the case of Cable Gage, a rail road worker who had a large spike driven through is skull, partially damaging his brain. He lived but his brain was permanently damaged, the result was a at times vastly altered personality.

The equations are solid regarding the repeat patterns of associated interactions with a system. Including the French Court of Louis XIV – XVI. The XV and XVI being negatively to a maximum degree impacted by the System in the Louvre. B the time they were adults their neuropathways were mostly fried out by the constant exposure to too much electro magnetics to their brain or nervous system. The French King Louis XIV “The Sun King” did not teach his grandson sufficiently how to operate the systems in France, the Louvre, or Versii sufficiently and he was unable to work them without an ETS lobotomy.

His grandson fared less well.


Lds in Europe

Two separate groups of lds were operating in Europe. Those loyal to Smith who arrived circa 1825 and those loyal to B.Y. who hated and had the largest distain for smiths group. Which brings up a very interesting and pointed question, was Young in a small way affected by a System. Could somewhere between 1830-1836, Young followed Smith to a working system. The only obviously working system which would have been close would be Manitou. The Spy Building, the current spy building is not the first building. That is about the fourth documented building on that site. But there was a previous which was connected to “The Cliff House.” Since Manitou Colorado or Texas as the time was just a slight bit cold about 8 months of the year, an underground tunnel connected the spa building with the cliff house. A spa building similar to the “Battled creek” Michigan that Harvey Kellogg ran till it burned to the ground.

The secrets Smith gave the European lds is the point to this section. Harvey Kellogg’s the inventor of Kellogg’s corn flakes. There is zero reason to assume that the Documentation regarding the civilization of Manitou pre-1850 was erased because the enemy which would be the Americans, the English, and Spanish, the Mexicans(aka the Libertine French), among others had grown so angry and resentful over the power and success of the systems the Royal British and French possessed that since they could not figure out how to work with the systems, they were destroyed, and all records regarding their presents were also destroyed.

But white’s had been in the area since practically Coronado circa 1540. Three things are of the utmost importance to the conquistadors expeditions to find Cibola.

First are the facts surrounding many conversos and open Jews were in the expeditions. Few were documented since they were less valuable than a slave. At least a slave could be sold for profit. A Jew was noting other hand something to work to death.

Second if an undocumented Jew/Conversso did “run away” there would be little to any reason to make any king do note about it.

Third somewhere around Santa FE New Mexico Coronado chose to order his men to set up camp. He ordered them to stay in camp till his search teams came back. He sent scouts west and east. He against ordered his men to stay in camp and not go outside the boundaries under penalty of immediately capital punishment. He order the soldiers present to shoot on site anyone who disobeyed his direct orders.

He then left heading south, he was gone for about three weeks.

When he came back he as a totally changed person.

Three weeks is more than enough time to walk over Raton Pass up the front range to Manitou Colorado. Sty a few days, then walk back. It is drivable on I25 in about three hours, so walking especially in a small group can do 50 to 60 miles in a day that is four days maybe five. 10 days out of 21 days. That makes his say in Cibola or Manitou about 11 days.

All reports back clearly indicate from the second he came back to his camp to his last day he was a totally different man. His lust for gold was gone, his rage for power was equally gone. All the really bad things about his previous were gone and they ere preplaced by a nice and often times gentle person. His creditors were so angry with him that they sued him several times, but did not care one small bit. Previous he would have reacted very different to creditors insulting him and trying to take his last penny. He died close to penniless, but it did not bother him. He did not lose his iron will, nor did he lose his strong almost intense personality. But instead of being directed at the lust for gold, they were dredged at being the best leader for his people in Mexico he could be. He was no pushover, but he was not a man ruled by lust or greed anymore.

How does this apply to Young, that answer is in evidence. Coronado in this three week journey which only a few of his closest. Went to Manitou and came back a changed man. When smith was invited to see the same thing centuries later, it changed him. When either Young followed or was invited he too became a changed man. But instead of being changed of the good he was changed into the worst version of himself. From the second Young gained access he was livid, to an almost homicidal level.

From that second forward Smith knew he could not inform Young of any of the next layers of the plans. In fact the only thing Young seemed to be interested in was being de fuehrer of the church. After he saw the System in Manitou a small annoyance regarding wanting to be in charge turned into a full and cemetery soul level passion which could and would only be calmed down when he ether arranged for the removable of smith or killed smith outright. As long as he was the only one in charge of the church he was on a soul level ok with anything which happened.

The next books were not even a subject he could understand let along allow to exist. Because the next books were a threat to his power and leadership of the church. He never got over his lust and greed to be the leader. On his death bed knowing he had lived the last decades of his life breaking most of the rules of the 10 commandments and most of the rules which Jesus himself laid out, he attempted to apologize to the spirit of Smith. Although there is a good change Smith was in the room and on the bedside of Young in the final hours. He was opening under a different name, the name he chose June 10th 1844.




How to make them work without a lobotomy was the question of the decades.

Hence the start of the NAZI selection process, separating out the normal people from the people who could work the systems. The NAZIs had no idea what was happening, but the Thule Society did. In the movie Schindlers list there are several Scenes depicting children being rounded up and taken from their parents. Children were a special target of the NAZI’s, because they were easier to kill and dispose of. But for the Thule Society they were easier to work with on the systems, and since they were innocent the negative effects of the Systems did not affect them either much or almost at all.

Which brings up a very interesting piece of very hard evidence. Instead of the Salem Assuror Girls gaining access to a System behind their Parents backs did the Parents (especially Samuel Parris who not only owned a slave but had direct and lifelong dealings with the Islamic community in America. The name Parris is a derivative of the Parissi who were allowed to inhabit Paris and name change it by the Roman Empire. The Parissi were directly as a culture responsible for serval of the ancient worlds libraries, including the Alexandria library) of the girls know about the System and forced the girls to “Turn it on” so they could use the weapon to destroy their “UnGodly” enemy. which happened to be the same people who not only built the System close to Salem but had used it successfully several times.

It is an odd thing to realize that the people who can built the System of the divine and work with it despite the fact that the System itself is a divine tool are considered evil by the people who cannot use or work with the  system. It is always the system’s fault for not being able to work for the “Righteous” not the fault of the righteous for being on the wrong path. Every time the most evil convince themselves they are the true holy and the holy are the true evil. Same problem Islam has, Mecca as one time was  a working system. But no matter how much they worked with the system, it will leave turn on. Why because the actions they do are in the rules of god evil.

But when the girls interacted with the System close to Salem, under the direction of their parents had slowly turned from good and innocent to bad and evil actions. Or a reaction from the parents when the girls were caught performing intimacies with each other and with others as part of the ceremonies of the systems themselves. An 11 year old caught being intimate with a 45 year old married with several children man. THE affair lasted for more than a year. Unknown if her biochemical virtue was taken, but they did just about everything else. The parents reacted in a word badly, so the girls were punished mercilessly for their ungodly actions. But then the parents and the clergy reacted worse by using the girls “affliction” to not only do bad but to going on a mass killing spree, killing anyone in town that was not as pure as the clergy demanded them to be. Most of the women were not the picture perfect example of a puritan women, if you were not the definition of a pure puritan women you were going to be killed. If you had business but you did not give a good enough deal to the clergy and or the powerful men in the town than you were subject to being executed. Now some of the people in the town figured out this was a land and money grab, so those not accused started to just hast hand over their property and riches to those in charge. Some stayed and attempted to rebuilt, others left to find life elsewhere. But the amount of lands and money those in charge of the trials were making at the end more than proves the point. Although little actually documents regarding those transactions since they were in truth against the law. But that is not something the powerful in Salem would ever admit too. Power, glory, and mostly were a play to buy your way into heaven. The achievements of turning the systems on and working with them soon turned bad and dark. Not long after one by one the girls were EST lobotomized and rendered into being idiots. The intimacies are part of the system, the individuals involved are in basic compelled to of their own free will start to exchange soul level intimate energies with the System as well as with the other participants. Soul level will soon lead to biochemical exchange.

Especially since the oldest assuror and then accused was either bisexual and or a full lesbian. But in New England said behavior would be an executable offense. A family honor killing would be not outside the realm of legal. The puritans and there great awakening descendant theological organization have adopted the same level of rage and hatred towards sexual behavior as their philosophical parent Islam. Killing gays is not against the law in Islam. Depending on which culture and how strong they are with sharia law, killing a gay person is a honorable thing and the person is celebrated for their courage for removing a unrepentant tool of evil from the culture. This might explain why a 11 year old girl had an affair with a married with children 45 year old man.


A  Tabernacle of Adam system electro-magnetics pulses

To explain this part will require a bit of imagination.

Imagine you are a radio,

If you are naturally drawn to being tuned to x frequencies, than you will react the some of the electro-magnetics pulses the system buts out.

If you are tuned to y frequencies, than you will be drawn to

Mentioned in this book are a couple dozen references to the system will either pull out of your darkness or your light.

If you are naturally drawn to x as in darkness, than your “internal radio” will be more tuned to the dark part of systems electro-magnetics pulses. But if you are naturally radio tuned to y as in light than you will react to the y and not the x of the pulses.

Then again some will not be affected by the pulse at all or will be affected to a greatly retuned amount e.g. category z.


 The NAZI selection process began and proceeded through to the very last day of World War II. At least the ground war. The other war is a different matter altogether; if the Time War happened at all.

Although the Evidence regarding the NAZI Time War happening the more the evidence is sifted through is becoming more and more evident.



Although the gathered evidence is starting to look very much like not only did it happen but it has not ended yet. Odd items in history which have no real explanation.


The oddness of “Past Life Regression” where people remember in absolute vivid detail events which some very much did occur and some very much did not. This could be some type of a Tachyon Wave of an Time War which one event actual had dozens of different actual events rolled into the same event. The movies Live Die Repeat is a sufficient explanation as to how this works. Same event with hundreds of different versions based on which rewind stuck with which participant. People keeping their specific perspective of said event trapped in their DNA in Wave form.


The end of the World War II had the Thule Society in full scale opposition of the Fascists. The Allies working full scale against the Fascists. And the Thule Society working secretly with the Allies against the Fascists. But the clandestine operations being conducted by the Thule Society and the allies OSS almost can never be declassified. Since even centuries later those events talk about details which will never be unclassified.

The NAZI Bell being one of those events which will  never be declassified. It still after almost 80 years after it was cast is still at the upper end of classified.

Although it does give a strong indication as to why the Third Reich confiscated thousands of Church Bells Transport van geroofde klokken per schip in Amsterdam.( Bells confiscated by the Nazis for the weapons industry are transported by water in Amsterdam.). It is not that they did not want the churches to have bells, but that is sufficient material to build a couple dozen very large “Machine Bells.” 1000 church bells at several dozen to a couple hundred lbs. a piece is enough to melt them down and create a very large bell 20 feet tall at least 17 feet wide with perfect pitch and of course be able to resonate perfectly with both sound and electro magnetics frequency. The stronger the bell the more life support structures can be placed inside. The more life support the more people can travel.

Interesting enough, the Capsule designed by the Germans in 1950 is extremely close to the design of the German Bell

But the Bell would have to be larger since it has to have a Time Interactive Map build into its interior.

First the Bell would have to be literally capable of handling the pressures and none, pressures of time and the space between time. Sub-space, above space, etc. Places which do not as yet have names. Planes of existence which have yet to be identify mathematically but are none the less still have to be accounted for.

First start with the stabilization equipment.

The first thing needed to bring stabilization would literally be the navigation.

The Bell is reported to have two circles with markings, which rotated; one rotated counter clockwise, the other rotated clockwise. These cycles were on the outside.

NO accounting for moving circles on the inside. The evidence is only a possibly fake picture and of course a few sentences which are mostly guesses from American soldiers who had literally no idea what they were looking at. For all they knew they were looking at a fuel dump machine for an ME 262. Or a Giants Latrine.

Image result for nazi bell

If a Giants bed chamber, it would obviously be upside down ha ha.

Image result for nazi bell

A slightly differently edited picture of the Bell. Many have assumed it was a time machine, but they did not have any idea what a time machine could actually do. Or have an idea of what the internal workings of a Time Machine looked like. In this case; that is not a problem. comparisons between the Human and the Bell. Although the Bell for several people would need to be much larger.

That map would keep the Bell/Machine oriented in both A and B time points.

If the NAZI’s collected say 10,000 bells that would be sufficient to build about 10 maybe 7 large (seriously large) Bell/Machines.

The walls would need to be at least three inches if not eight inches thick. Extremes in high and low pressure have to be accounted for. It is not like outer space where the vacuum of space allows for much less structure. The Electro magnetics of time is more likely to be an extremely high pressure and beyond extremes in electro magnetics waves. A vacuum is easy to engineer for, the bottom of the ocean is not in any way easy to engineer for.

The tons psi at the bottom of the ocean is the best logical bet to break the surly bonds of the rules of physics and enter the realm of electro magnetics waves.

The thickness would be determined by finding out exactly how thick perfectly tuned pure metal can withstand a specific charge while in a lightning storm. The internal structure has to be able to maintain pure electro magnetics signature lock despite any type of lightening or electro magnetics wave which might impact it.


About 8 inches all the way around top to bottom. Inside a sphere, or the crew compartment. around the outside a collection of navigation equipment not to interfere with the 4 tesla coils.


 Perhaps eight coils separated by several feet in two layers.


Once at either the destination and or home, the electricity can be directed to the bottom to electrify the ground to have the bottom have the same charge. Push Push is the result of same same electrical charge. No matter how much it weighed the maglev technology would keep it floating. As long as sufficient power could be generated.






 Time and Neuropathways

 One of the more difficitul conepts which must be addressed is the interconnectedness of time and the brinds neuropathways.

The brain and the universe operate on extremely similar structures.







After the Bullets War

The survivors of the Thule society needed to be rescued from the allies efforts to hurt them to the best and hardest of their ability.

In order to either have a war or maintain a war, a command headquarters is a re-equipment. Think of Star gate Command, the mobile command center for Knight Rider, MI6, etc. no matter what the operation the people in charge need a place to not only coordinate, but for the field agents to return and be updated. A proposed “Thule Time War” organization would be an absolute requirement. A place to both launch the Bell from, as well as a place for the Bell to return to. Operating entirely in the dark with something as intense as a Time Machine some type of command organization is required. In Dr Who the high counsel se the rules and the Dr follows them to the best of his ability. That counsel might have been operating through a wide variety of issues, but the basic rules and regulations of how both the committee met and how it directed its time lords to go out and interact in the field are both part of the rules which govern Dr Who’s actions. Also the computer the TARDIS carry’s is also a strong portion of the command and control organization.

There are several “Command Head Quarters” set up throughout Germany by “relief” organizations designed to aid and assist in the ex-Thule society members. But since the subject is radically advanced Time Machine, the clandestine nature of their organizations must be maintained at all times and in all aspects. There is less than zero ability for the truth of those organizations to come out, however operate in secrete they do.

They not only exist but they are strong supporters of and specific to the ex-Thule society survivors and those that had contact with the systems.

Specifically one in the concentration camp Auschwitz.

Where it was located was not difficult to assume. A large three story structure with in basic a gymnasium inside, but the gym portion was unused. It was used as a different purpose. That large room with enough cubic footage to house four separated Kaaba inside with room to spare and a fountain in the center, with associated runoff dividing the large area into four squares. This would be the System in that concentration camp. This building would be entirely off limits to all but a hand selected personnel directly connected to the Thule Society if not its founding members.

Those society’s knew full well that their actions are to protect members who were ordered to perform their actions by a paranoid NAZI high command. The Nazi high command knew full well that the Thule Society not only continued after it was outlawed in 1934, but had thrived better clandestinely than out in public. So whenever a Thule Society member was found they would be immediately reassigned to the worse of the worse areas. So that when the war was over, the “Betrayers” would face worse punishment than the Nazi’s would.

Most of the NAZI high command under the main people in charge knew full well their actions were crimes against humanity. They knew they were going to lose the war. They also knew they needed to find people to pin the crimes on.

So since they did not want to be punished, they hunted down members of the Thule society and ordered them to commit said crimes. The NAZI’s knew they could rest easy knowing the documentation led way from them and two members of the Thule Society. A “I got you last even if that last is from my grave.” Revenge against not being a NAZI is what the argument ended up being. By  1943, it was obvious that the War was lost. It was also obvious that the actions the NAZI had done were going to be treated as war crimes. But the same equation applied to the start of the war as to the end. Way back in the 1918, those violent have to not only be violent, but they had to get away with it. If they can pin their violent crimes on someone else, that is the best in the world. Do bad, and have someone else pay for it. The violent military people were angry that they had been told no and military in their violence from 1900 to 1945, to get even the crimes against humanity  were punned on the Thule society and not the NAZI, or equal to NAZI. Those loyal to de fuhrer and those loyal to the Thule Society; those loyal to de fuhrer needed to punish those not entirely loyal to de fuehrer.

These societies are designed also to ensure that the realistic inside organization for the attempts by the next generation of Nazi’s to rise to power under a different leader. The daughter of Himmler co-founded and runs one such “white – supremacy” organization. But the neo-fascist façade is only that, a façade.

These societies are a “trusted” organization for the next generation of white power, neo-Nazi, etc. groups. So they in effect have to act the part. They have to be an internal pro-Thule Society think tank and externally at least appear to be a pro-white supremacy group. Very difficult tight rope to balance on.


Since all but a select few of the allies thought all NAZI were the same; those secrets had to be kept. So the members of the Thule Society which helped the allies and worked to further the allies cause as well as work on these types of technologies needed to be assisted. The Thule Society did not stop its actions, when the NAZI military and political wings were destroyed. There was no reason to obliterate a scholastic group which was not intended to cause harm after the core members “saw the light, of their evil ways” and turned away from staunch anti-Semitic behavior. From that moment on the scholars became double agents. Two decades of working as double agents they were given immunity. After the war they were allowed to continue as long as the immunity agreements were continued. Being a double agent organization for the allies, provide insider information as to what is happening with the next generation of Nazi’s. But stopping the Thule Society itself was a waste of time, since they operated from 1918 – 1946 outlawed in 1932, 14 years of operating inside the thunder each and directly under the command and control structure of the Nazi’s. that Is not something which can be controlled, so stick to the agreements. And let them do their thing. If they want to hide something, not much will prevent it. They were experts in hiding from the Nazi’s; one of the most tyrannical and violent governments the world had ever seen. They did so for more than 14 years. That Is talent and skill.


The Daughters of the highest ranking Thule Society officials stepped in when their fathers were either arrested and or executed for war crimes.

Himmler’s Daughter Gudrun Burwitz help start the Stille Hilfe group.


Stille Hilfe

This group is about helping to get former Thule Society members assistance where needed. But this group is also so secretive that is close to impossible to find accurate information about the group.

This group has numerous locations they meet, as a huge amount of money, and most important would be a fantastic Head Quarters for some type of classified to the ultimate degree Thule Society Time War. The Thule society and the British worth had in hand as strong allies regarding this issue.

Rudolf Hess was two things, one he was a brilliant man, two he was a better pilot. He knew the rough to Bamburgh castle; he could have flown it with his eyes closed. That was not the first time he had flown to Bamburgh, delivered paperwork, items, intelligence, etc. and flown back. Something happened on his way back that caused him to crash. The English became involved and the return trip was out of the question, the locations and the press knew too much.

Rudolf was a sufficiently trained pilot that he knew on just in instrument flight how to get home navigating only by the moon.

A few of the other government and think tanks were also in the loop regarding a mythical time war, which the Stille Hilfe would be the next public name, has been one head quarters since 1945. Likely 1943, since it was in 1942 that the need became extremely apparent what the next step was going to be. Have two or three “Bells” and you get a war. A couple people with extreme military training and modern equipment and you can change the outcome of any if not all events in history to play out the way you want.

The group has a profound amount of money. Both from donations as well as from members who have given large chunks of their life insurance beneficially to this group.

This group has also assisted in transporting the Thule Society members out of Europe and to South America. When their lives were in direct threat.


The Small Bennifit to this society is that it and others provide hard evidence that the Thule Society did not end in 1945. The good aspects of the society continued far beyond into the present.

The Social Society Gudrun Burwitz helped to found was not based on Fascism or the idiotic NAZI ideas. Those or Adolf’s insanity. Stille Hilfe is about based on an assumption of mostly secret information and secondary behavior patterns. The Organization is about several things.

One protecting the secrets of the NAZI Bell project. Which since Gudrun Burwitz had years of direct personal connections with it would have known and would still know a huge amount about that experiment and its purpose.

Gudrun Burwitz is in her 80s but is still very much alive.

She would have also known about the truth behind the Wannsee Conferences. Since her father secretly oversaw them. He was not present; since if he was present the entire situation would have ended in gun fire. Adolf would have killed everyone who attended if Himmler went. So he had to send a trusted Lieutenant.

The next conferences Gudrun Burwitz would have known more about and seriously not being stupid would have given her father input as to how to operate within the remaining NAZI Structure and not get caught.

From 1942-1945 the aim of the remains of the Thule Society was dedicated to just one task; being able to survive past the end of the Third Reich.

Now it is entirely true that some of the supporters of the Neo-Nazi groups in Germany and around the world still financially support this group. But that is a smoke screen. “Sure give us money” and we will happily track your motions and what you do, then report your actions to the authorities. Being an undercover clandestine operation when the enemy thinks you are one of theirs has lots of fringe benefits. Among them, to make sure that the neo-Nazi groups do not begin to follow the direction of the WMD of the System path. If they do the proper authorities are notified and the appropriate actions are taken.


It appears that based on an examination of the evidence that the Stille Hilfe group operates in much the same way both the Thule Society did after the Beer Hall Rebellion did and operation Valkyrie. Clandestinely operating behind the scenes as an arm of the allies.


The possible Time War

The Bell if not more than one; would have been used by the Thule Society exclusively in order to go back in time to learn from Jesus themselves.

But the lessons from the French and the French Revolution were more than sufficient to warrant being extremely careful with the entire affair.*


Slot Machines


the structure of the enigma machine can be seen reflected inside every slot machine.

meaning that every slot machine has two purposes, one to be a gambling machine, the second to work the numbers in order to be a huge mechanical quantum computer.

Atlantic City

BlackHawk and Central City Colorado

Various Native land Reservations

and of course Los Vegas


are areas which have active “mechanical quantum computers”

the mob, Donnie, and of course Colorado each have direct ties to the mechanism of operation “Ultra”


 one of the most difficult things to understand about the aftermath of the structure of this so called mythical “Nazi Time War” are the facts surrounding the quantum computer designed and built by Alan Turing.

a mechanical device which he called Christopher.

Christopher in the bit under two years from inception in blue print form to the minute the enigma code was cracked went into around three versions. Each more complex than the last.

after Alan was evacuated out of the UK to Las Vegas, he was put in charge of building the computers needed for both the atomic age computer number crunching to the nuclear age.

then the computers for nasa. admittedly even through the numbers were vast and incredible, today they are little more than what a pocket calculator can do.

the point is,

when Alan arrived in las Vegas and was allowed to have homosexual relationships, since said was legal in Nevada. he could perform his mathematical actions as well as his intimacies.

which brings up the mob and the founding of the great casinos of las Vegas. thank you Benjamin seagal.

what better way to hide a computer which requires 1000 acres of land to operate on, than to break it into several different casinos. each casino operating with around 100,000 if not more slot machines. each slot machine being the equivalent of a single “three section wheel” of the enigma machine. over time being more complex to the 5 wheel enigma machines.

which brings the exit of the mob and the entry of the Prussian Donald Trump and his several casinos.

trump owning at least a couple casinos would have had to be partially in on the knowledge of a mythical “time war” between the Allies and the Prussians. the problem is Donnie is clearly on the side of the Prussians so are his not so good friends the Koch family.

The Bush Dynasty

Sr and Junior Bush family have an extremely long record of being directly involved with the Spy Game.

Prescott bush was not only a spy for Germany in America but he was also a financier for the rise of the Third Reich.

It would be very interesting to find out of the Bush family dates back toe he FreiKorp and or the Prussian Empire

They are definitely connected to the Koch family. Both having long standing and significant ties to the state of Texas.

The Bush family are directly related to the Koch family. Srs daughter Dorothy is married to Robert “Bobby” Koch. The Koch family have direct and long standing ties with the FreiKorp and the Prussian Empire.

But to the important part.

Sr was pappy spy and head of the CIA for 30 years. Before he went into politics and was elected to being Rolald Reagna’s vice president. He was fully and complete control president for most of Reagan’s term since the ROnie ahd full on alzheimers in the last years of his presidency. The 10 years previous a strong touch of dimensia.

The Prussan Empire had had an extremely strong and long stnding connection wqith the Bush and Koch family in the American President.


The Trump Presidency

Donie’s family name is Dump which is straight out of the Prussian culture. He ancestors from dad, grandfather, etc badck to Prussia have been long stnaindg and active spys for4 the Prussian (White supremacy, Anti-Semitic, and or course radically militant pro-Eugenics movement for centures) Empire since the family formed.

Centuies of connection with the Prussian Govemrnet specifically taied to the FreiKorp places Donie as just another in a long line of Prussian (FReiKorp) spys to be elected to the postiiton of POTUS.

The absolute worst part fo the entire thing, the romance fo the deep south and the induestrlizationion of the great lakes love the fact that the FreiKorp Spy’s allow them to hate any and all they want to.


The Freikorp is known to have done soethign else whih is beyond disgusting. They on mass name changed from FreiKorp to Nazi in 1920. But kept both organizations up and operating into the present.




MI6 was formed specifically to reorganize the intelligence of the 00 group. Hwihc according to one of their agents is a “license to kill or be killed” similar to the CIA NOCK (of None Official Cover Operative) process as well. The non official points to “kill who you want, but DO NOT GET CAUGHT”. If captured, we hve never heard of you.

The 00s do have some governmental protection but not that much. It is a bit more legal to kill them, however they have friends who will follow and find out why they were killed.

MI6 was designed to run the hghest level intelligence and military operations against the Third Reich, the Prussians, the Russians, and when they got in the way the Americans who were either southern or still allied witeh the confederacy.

The in the way southern soldiers were nto exactdly illegal for the allies to consider then “enemy combatins” and either subdue them for court martial or KIA.


Ian Flemming was one of those infield operatives in WWII. He was also an intelligence analysis who worked part time in the main bunkers just feet from C, M, and Churchhill.

He spent part fo his time commign up with plans, and the rest fo his time in the field implameneting said plans.

After the war he took part of his knwoedlge regarding the operations of the war and turned them into ficgtional novels.

Those fictdional novles were not about any specific wwii operation, but more of the “super secret thule society and british 00s working against the Prussians(gestapo) and the Russians” operations. Since they were so classified no one knew about them. He was clearned to write about them, with editing provisions from MI6 of course.

His characters evolved over time, but the coure of the story has never strayed from his character being modleed off of Pericles, Medusa, Persephone (eg the damsel in distress, who they in the middle to end of the book are intimate with each other. Usually some intimacies in the middle, but after the battle is over.), the great nasty beast, and the king who wants world docmination.


Casio Royal is the first novel, which points to alan turings casino machines working in the background while high stakes card game is the centerpiece of the story. But the slot machines are needed. The cards serve a different weave of time purpose.

They are like the steering wheel to the engine fo the vehicle. The slot machines are the engine, while the tarot cards are the steering wheel.

Live and Let Die (1954)

Moonraker (1955) obviously the nazi’s wanted a space program. But knew it was both too expensive and von braum refused to build them a sufficient rocket. Von Braum knew that if he gave the nazi’s a three stage rocket capable of hitting the east coast of America, that the nazi’s would not create a space program they would blitz the east coast and invade America by space. He wanted nothing to do with it. Ian Fleming knew this and edited a story to tell about the nazi space program but from a more Asian and Prussian Empire perspective.

Diamonds Are Forever (1956)

From Russia, with Love (1957)

The Diamond Smugglers (1957)

Dr. No (1958)

Goldfinger (1959)

For Your Eyes Only (1960)

Thunderball (1961)

The Spy Who Loved Me (1962)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1963)

Thrilling Cities (1963)

You Only Live Twice (1964)

Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang (1964) an extremely edited version of a time travel story, just wihtouth the time travel. Chitty is a time machine, but the story is all play and none of the nastiness of quantum physics.

The Man with the Golden Gun (1965)


The Living Daylights (1966)



American Universities post 1930

Many American Universities in response to the Thule Society and FreiKorp/Nazi Party work began to follow the input and research pouring out of the European Universities.

The Europeans Universities were producing advanced technology so fast that the America Culture were beginning to become afraid.



The GOP from 1920 to present

In January 1920 shortly after the Munich Branch of the FreiKorp 












  TR Welling