Neuropathway Brain Language


I have a rather difficult to disprove theory about the hidden language when synapses fire in a neuropathway. At this point it is only still a theory because I have not written it up yet. However, a synapse fires, producing electricity, that electricity travels down a nerve to another synapse, that synapse fires, which is occurring at 186,000 mps, those two connect with 10,000 other synapses which all fire. the rest of that specific neuropathway of 100,000,000 synapses has yet to weigh in. So imagine the synapses full of electricity as a neon sign; the parts which are electrified are light up, the parts which are not are just glass tubes, those light up with blue electricity neuropathways/nerves form letters. 10,000 connections means 100s of letters and dozens of words. Be fascinating to find out what those letters look like and what that language is. 


The difficultly of this situation is that the letters will not be arranged in any discernable way. they will not be written on a flat line, left to right, right to left, up down, down up.

Since in the brain there is no discernable direction.

There is only orientation according to the function and structure of the skull itself. Which is even more difficult since the portions and structure of the skull itself is huge in comparrision to the microscopic portions of the nerves. Which in some aspects the entire language only exists in the quantum field. Which science has hardly even begun to acknowledge is real outside of nuclear technology and of course theoretical physics.

A definable language buried very deeply within the structure of synapses which are microscopic becomes a large challenge to not only start to identify, but understand is complexity.


It is like connect the dots but using three separate scales which are in basic non compatible.

Which is not unlike the foundation and structure of the Pyramids of Egypt. They are on a microscale, miles scale, and global scale.

Each part and portion operate both independently and as a well oriented machine.

Not to mention the Noahs Fleet concept.


The Points of the Skull, are places from which to affix specific location markers.


       Neuropathways are God's brain

Aerdology is the 8 fixed points because N moves in irregular pattern and S also moves the same way. N and S make a ATEN that meets at the equator

Anything to time and the neuropathways is the same as the brain of God.           

The neuropathways of the brain and the 8 fixed points of the earth, the lines of continenty can be perceived as neuropathways. Since the 8 fixed points corkscrew into and around each other. But only touch when the neuronetwork needs them to connect.

The 8 fixed points are a neuropathway, which means the earth is controlled by a active and producing through brain. That brain uses several different types of electricity in order to communicate between the differnet lobes.

1 The frontal lobe

2 The parietal lobe

3 The temporal lobe

4 The occipital lobe

5 Brain Stem

6 The Cerebellum

These 6 portions of the brain and the 6 fixed points in the earth’s orbit which are marked by 16 day months.

7 The Thalamus

8 The Hypothalamus

The Limbic System

The Basal Ganglia

The question becomes which lobe is which fixed point.




Mid summer*





The question becomes which fixed point solstice equinox is what lobe comparrision.

Obviously the larger sections are the 16 day events.

the fixed points of the brain

the lobes of the brain

the fixed points of the earths orbit

and daily rotation

mid summer being guess equivalent of the occipital lobe

the frontal lobe being ??? mid summer



The Question of Time Travel is obviously a huge portion of the subject of the study of “Time”.


Da Vinci and the Sistine Chapel

Sorry but there is no way Michelangelo was that smart. Da Vinci was that smart, but Michael was not.

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Da Vinci (April 15, 1452) and the Sistine Chapel

Leonardo was more than smart enough to come up with the brain structures as god. However he was also smart enough to have guessed and did the research to show the Sistine Chapel was likely part of if not the original temple of IWNW built by Adam himself. The building had been rebuilt on several occasions. In both Egypt and of course on Vatican property.

The similar sciences which Da Vinci used on several of his other paintings it appears that he used a FreeMasonic 3x3x3 framework similar to the 3x3 he used for the Last Supper.

However for this ceiling a larger and more audations type of mathematics would be required.

But their was another problem, Leonardo was hated by most of the Vatican. The Pope did not mind him, but most of the Bishops did. and the office of inquisition wanted on several occasions to arrest him and execute him for herecy. But his friends were far to powerful to allow his arrest. He was good friends with the Medici, some friends in Rome, Machiovelli, the King of France, etc.

He had really good friends, so the inquisition could not arrest and kill him. But to pull off the Ceilingn of the Chapel would require some clandestine operations as well as someone most of the Vatican liked and was a specific favority of the Pope. Michaelangelo (March 6, 1475,) was about 20 years younger than Da Vinci. Which means at the Venice school of art Lenoardo was Michaelango’s painting master. Everything michaelango knew about painting was taught to him by Leonardo. One of the humans best painters; if not the best painter humans have ever produced.

Michael was good, but Leonardo was as stated one of the best if not the best painter to have ever lived.

But there is a problem. Leonardo himself was not welcome in the Vaican, but Michaelango was. So how to fix/adjust the roboem.

Simply have the chapel sealed off most of the time. The painter spends hours out of site of anyone on the floor. And it took years, with long breaks between painting sessions. To that Michaelango could do his sculpting and Leonardo could make appearances in other locations to appear he was far away. But in all hard reality Michaelango did not have the skills in painting, geometry, anatomy, etc. to pull of the ceiling.

Now someitng else of extreme note.

The Ceiling is laid out according to the story of Genesis. But it is not laid out in a linear fashion, it is laid out in a pattern similar to that of the ATEN.

Did Leonardo use the structure of the Egyptian ATEN to design the layout of the Panels?

Did Michaelango’s first attempts at painting end with his utter understanding he was so hwere close to the man who taught him painting. He then asked the pope to bring in Leonoardo clandestinely to paint the panels. He would be paid, but he would have no part in any of the recognition.

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