Neuropathways and History


Every student in Western Culture who had studied say “Shakespeare” has had to interact with his plays. To study English requires studying the languages which made up the “Kings Englihs”.

William Shakespeare wrote a number of Plays which focused on different dramatic aspects of the history of western civilization.

Among them Julius Caesar.

The life and times of Julius Caesar as seen through the eyes of a 1400s  playwright living in both London and in the country at various times in his life.

Say a student in the present, walks into English class and the teacher has written on the chalk board “Shakespeare”. Most of the students will groan and complain since the older students have already informed them how difficult it is to read Shakespeare.

That makes a fixed point of that classroom in the present, that classroom in a sequence of previous years, a fixed point through the life of William Shakespeare, and the fixed points of the subjects he was writing about.

Each of those fixed points (first rule of mathematics. measure too and from fixed points) create what resembles a neuropathway.


In class 1 of the western academic system, you have mathematics. Mathematics each formula and equation was invented at different points in history by different people; each one is a different fixed point.

Next class is say chemistry. Same as mathematics, you have different fixed points for different scientists who found and did expariments in different locations, at different times, on different aspects of chemistry; each of those are fixed points from which to measure to and from.

Next class English

Next class civics


Now what is most important is in a student body of say 500, you will not have a mathematics teacher come in to a school teach one class and one class only for an  hour and leave.

You will have the math teacher teach a group of about 20/30 students the whole day long. In larger schools, you have several teachers in any give department. Each department will divide the students up into groups and teach them accordingly.

The students will be divided into about 20-30 students each and based on their other classes and student interactions they will be assigned which classes they need in what time periods.

All of those are fixed points.

Out of 1000 students, you have 1000 individual fixed points.

Added to say 20 different classes, based on the needs of the student body and what the school board wants to pay for.


Each of those classes is its own fixed point, and points based on which students are in which classroom.

What subjects are being taught is its own sequence of fixed points.


All of htose fixed points put together resemble a rather complex set of neuropathways. But instead of being in a brain, the neuropathways are in the tunnel of time itself.


The Tunnel has its own complexities and layers of intense detail.

The Tunnel is made by the earths daily rotations and the rotation it makes in its orbit around the sun.

The walls are made by the daily rotations, the tunnel itself is made by the Orbit.


Now as mentioned previous a solid part of Western Academics comes form the descendants of the Trojans, but another part comes from the evacuating out of the genocidal Hyksos/Avaris in Egypt. The 18th Dynasty chose to instead of kill most of the population of the city of Avaris in a preemptive attack to keep them down. Which is premeditated murder. The 18th dynasty chose to allow the 19th dynasty to live and seize power over Egypt again.

Planned Evacuations out of Egypt took place over the course of a Century.

The entire library was removed and transported to various locations as the descendants of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten spread out form Egypt to form their own kingdoms.


The Pharaohs Crown itself tells the tail of the Snake in the Tunnel.

This brings up a huge issue.

It means the ancient Egyptians previous to Pharaoh Narmer had an understanding of the shape, function, and structure of time. Since the items in the tunnel resemble in a rather strong way both the snake of Even and the Bird of Lilith.

The shape of a wing.

The angles of Egypt and Levant are mostly depicted as having wings.

It means from a fixed point in the past to the sequential deal in the future. The events of the past have impact generationally into the future.

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Lilith Nekhbet The Vulture of upper or southern Egypt.  to the south with the bird of upper Egypt.

Eve Wadjet the cobra of northern or lower Egypt. to the north with the snake lower Egypt.


So, as the evidence points out

The pharaoh is a direct descendant of Ptah, the first being created by god/ATEN to build the things in the world from.

Ptah stood on the Ben Ben stone.


As Ptah built things, he also named them and worked with them.

Ptah also built several other Ben Ben Stones for other things he built to be on.


All the phaorhsh draw their orign and power from Ptah.


Each fixed point takes on the attributes of the ATEN. Since each thing created is used by different people, over the course fo a long period of times. Sometimes in the case of some structures you have use over several millennia.

A fixed point say Khufu spreads its wings out over the millennia.

With a huge amount fo the population fo the humans on the planet being both aware of it and of course to some degree studying it.


So that ATEN of from Khufu out to the Human Population.

Now the snake, what each being does with said information is the weave.

The fixed-point ATEN or the Wing of the Vulture Nekhbet (so named because of the Old Dead thing) consumption of the dead as knowledge allows that old thing to lie again immortally.



The warp and weft of the structure of time itself.

The Warp is the wing of Nekhbet, Wadjet being the snake wearing between the fixed points of the Warp to create a tapestry of structure with humans.


Which leads directly to a form and structure fo the Weave fo Time, the weave of time itself is composed of the wrap is past events, the weave is how each person interacts with the lessons of the past.


Of course you have a huge amount fo issues with the descendants of Esau/Hyskos/Dorians/Avaris/Romans/etc who hate education. So since they perceive education as evil, in Egyptology the evil conpet of education was the goddess Nekhbet (Bet/tala in Hebrew is a young female of birthing age. Also the name fo Bet/hleham.) things from the past took on the concept fo the nasty Kaern Bird a Vulture. Since the descendnats of Esau do not ever want to be reminded of the actions they did.

They want to take on the what happened then cognitive dissonance change the story to fit what they wanted to happen.

Exmpae of the two most vile things; “she wanted me to be with her”, from the obvious major crime that action actually was. Also “if that person would not have done all those things I would not have had to kill them”. Most murders blame the victim for the crime.

The event is the base fo the vultures wing, how it affects the world are the feathers. How each individual react ot the feathers becomes the really interesting part; ethics, mornals, honor, integrity, character, etc.


They hate the past because they did so many really bad actions. The actions take on a evil thing which has nothing to do with me. Evil made me do those things, it is not my fault.


So the thing the dark event went from being just an evil act, to being the vulture to being a demon from Lilith.

It would be fanscinating if somewhere in the past the monolitheists would assume an evil creature was birthed at an evil event. A new demon would be born when something really nasty occurred.

Finding that evidence would be really fascinating.

There is aspects fo that in the mythology which led to the salem wtich trails.

The puritans were completely convinced that evil walked among them.

The way evil would walk among them would be by eevery dark and nasty evet would create a demon. Those demons would in effect “live in you”.

“I cast you out demon”

Where do they come form, they come from the person (snake) interacting wit something to do with Lilith/Nekhbet,

Usually the charge would be “congress with the devil”.

Said congress was usually considered intimate if not out right sex.

The change from this Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris/Roman/etc type fo theological hysteria and mania eg paranoid sphitophrania into a more scientific method format of academics at least in America came with the Salem Wtich Trials which were a strong and substantial part of the American Revolutiaonary War Contientnal Congress discussions between John Adams and Judge Rutlegdge.

Rutledge spent months and months and months of the couple years the continental congress met to discuss their grievances with the Englihs, the Prussias, the Dutch, etc. who had a strangle hold on their communities. Taxing to a point of starvation, and mitiary oppression the likes fo which drive the coloniest to rebell against everyone and form there own nation.

The United States of America.

The Arguments were specific to the Massecheusetts hard core puritans some of which still wanted to have salem like laws onteh books, while the rest fo the colonies specifically the southern states had less than zero interests in said l aws. Or even said cultural undesrtading.


The argumetns were long and for the most part nasty with John Adams a career laywer saying “that will not happen again” and the rest fo the states saying “ok we need layers and layers and layers fo written garatees.” Because the new govermnt is not about the next 50 years it is about centure supon centures from now when the next “great awaking” occurs and the next puritican leaders are elected and they become copletey convinced tat this nation needs to be a theocracy not a representative domocracy.


Minus a few pockets; the great awakning nut jobs have been not allowed ot do much damgage. At least will the 21st century, then they have done nothing but attack and attack and attack forcing their way into every corner of govemrent to force the country to turn into the theocracy which wil give them ultimate power and of course money.


With aspects of direct evidence regarding the warp and weft of time in place.

THE fear and hatred of it is beyond clear.

What is not cler on the other hand is how to deal with remnance fo said ancient hatred tworads this ancient lngaueg knowing fll well that the language and language structure date back to no later tan 4000 bce.

The language itself Indo-Eruoepan was so hated and feared, that it was all but entireliy erased from the human consqciouslyneess


It was also all but erased because to understand the function and structure fo the language requires trying to understand that time has a form, shapes, structure, and can be translted the numbers associated can crptogrpahy become letters.

Those letters craeate a languages. Said language is in effect a two way readio to and from god.


















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