Origins Air America


In the couple decades it operated. That “For the super-Rich Only” charter service used fuel ships stationed at strategic points along the north Atlantic with boat planes to carry passengers east and west across the Atlantic in very short time periods. Hours to a couple days to make the trip (depending on weather), as opposed to the weeks by steam ship. Why is this extremely important, because from 1914-1935 that “Private Air Service” was in operation the Allies were able to achieve a huge amount of business under the pure and complete guides of secrecy. No one but the clandestine portions of the governments connected and of course the super-rich knew about it. With the rise of Fascism 1919, the diplomatic missions and the rich working as double agents for their respective governments could travel around Europe on their usual travels through Europe and sent their reports back without anyone knowing anything about any of their activities. The more difficult the situation regarding a higher need for clandestine, the more lakes were purchased with huge hangers hidden on those lakes. Flying to and from those lakes in the middle of the night is the perfect way to hide said clandestine flights to and from Europe. take off from a lake and immediately head to as high as the engines would allow. Bring oxygen tanks, despite their weight on board and have the ability to fly at close to 20k feet.

Replacing equipment and having a full time mechanic on board every flight would be an absolutely essential thing. changing engines, fixing mid-flight engine troubles, etc. would be one of the reasons the “airline” was so expensive. Have a huge stockpile of waiting engines, at every major stop, including on board ships. buying massive amounts of fuel. Every time a new engine design came out, purchasing new engines. Scrapping the old engines. This is not a for profit business, this is specific to those who can afford similar to their own private jet aircraft. It would be fascinating if the last few years that this entirely secret “airliner” company stole the jet plans from Messerschmitt and started to replace their propeller aircraft with Jets. To decrease the time by several hours. of course the other problem became, after 1929 the number of customers the airline were available decreased to just a handful and the governments paying for extras. But the not yet CIA could only hide so much money before those in the government who were either leaning fascists and or were card carrying evil people were starting to become suspicious of the large expenditures which had absolutely no accounting to them. This airline was shut down in the North Atlantic and shifted to the Asian theater and a new sub-title was created “flying tigers.” Their missions were to fly over the hump delivering supplies and making accurate maps of the area for the War which was coming.


A couple million a year to pay for “Not any of your business.”

this line item could be one of the reasons why those working on wall street and the government became suspicious and did their own investigations. No matter how clandestine, evidence will still leak out. it is possible one of the dozens of reasons why several hundred wall street investors and those working in the government were working very hard to collapse the American economy. so that things like this “secret airline” would not be able to assist in the anti-Nazi movement. For military operations, following the money  is the best way to find what special forces teams are working and doing what type of jobs. For this airline, which can be called the first “Air America” the name was resurrected decades later in the south pacific by the CIA in order to instead of performing good things to instead perform the worse actions imaginable in the build up to both the Korean War and Vietnam. The amount of money that operation was making was so much that it became difficult for even the most ethical of people not to be seduced.

The “Flying Tigers” working out of a similar area sending supplies up over the hump e.g. Burma to American and Chinese forces fighting against the Japanese in China. The airline created in the North Atlantic in essence did not stop in 1936 it shifted to south each Asia, and stayed from the next four decades. Shipping supplies in and opium out. the profits were absolutely insane after the north Atlantic leg was shut down. but by then the machines were working well enough and the technology was strong enough to bring the overhead down significantly. engines instead of needing to be replaced every less than 1000 miles, could run for years. At several times the speed, and cruise at 35k feet instead of 20k.








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