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Two or more people holding onto the planchette is ohmís law

The device is at the letter A but it needs to go to the letter K.

The electro-magnetics signature of A starts to push the planchette away, and the character K begins to pull the planchette to it.

The inch of each character takes on the electro-magnetics signature, waves, and frequencies of the letter itself. The more something issued the strongly the electro-magnetics field around that thing is.

The board itself holds a magnetic charge, the ink, and the language of English, or any other language which happens to be used on the board. Each character every time it is read or interacted with begins to take on the electro-magnetics signature of that letter.




Image result for nazi flying machine


Image result for nazi flying machine

The following WWII extremely classified machines have a type of gun attached to the top.

The gun is not actually a gun, it is more of a Electro-Magnetic planchette to fire extra dimensionally a bolt at the target.

The machine is the Fehu AEtt, firing bolts into the destination of Haggalazís AEtt. It is more of an Ohmís Law connection.


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The Bell

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Although this is an obvious Fake model, this is based on a few actual pictures taken by the allies. Those pictures became classified shortly after a few of htem were made public. But from 1946-present this entire subject is classified to the maximum degree.





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