Our Lady of Paris French for Notre Dame

The most important thing to know from the very start.

Most people want, need, desire, demand, and have built entire theologies around being able to live their lives through illusions.

Example the national enquirer, star, etc. those half a dozen publications mostly tell fictions.

“I had an alien baby”

“Hillary had an alien love child”.

Etc for 10,000s of articles.

Most of the information below is either scientifically provable and or is a statistical likelihood. However, some of the most outrageous being Notre Dame had something to do with the development of space flight. but just a little less intense is the concept that Notre Dame itself was designed to be a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. At least the original building was.

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The Science of Ǽrdology is a bit on the complex side.

Think of each large Ǽtt  as a point where a thread pocked through the fibric of realityImage result for needle and thread through fabric to create a stitch. That Stitch needs to either be an anchor point or connected to an anchor point. Each stitch is itself a collection of Numbers which become Letters. The string/yarn/etc. itself is made of numbers, which convert to letters. The numbers and letters are shown above.


From an anchor stitch Image result for stitchs to somewhere else.

The Stitches involved with Notre Dame Image result for Notre Dame both the 850 year old building as well as the 0000 of the location itself have enumerable stitches connecting that building/location with people, places, things, timelines, etc. at the time and of course across the eons.


Notre Dame itself the location has a stitch from 0000 (Notre dame) to Julius Caesar Image result for Julius Caesar..

To Cleopatra Image result for cleopatra

Spartacus Related image

Leonardo Da Vinci Related image

Hedy Lamarr

The Enigma Machine Image result for enigma machine

The Egyptian Sistrum Image result for egyptian sistrum

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor Image result for hathor

The Egyptian Goddess Bastett Image result for egyptian Bastet

The Trojan War Image result for trojan war

Prince and Princess of Troy Paris and Helen Image result for paris and helen

Menelaus Image result for menelaus of course; although his connection to the building is entirely secondarily. He agreed to join the war if he could have Helen as his bride when Paris was killed in battle. His Brother Agamemnon agreed, which became part of the Mythology of the War. But the rest of the interactions were pure fiction, the two were never within a ¼ mile or each ther and always with troops between.

The Parissi

The Sorbonne

The City of Samhain

The Philistines

The Crucifixion

The Old Kingdom the builders of the Pyramids.

Each of those fixed points to fixed points have numbers associated. Where each location occurred, when each action occurred, who were the major players involved (each personal counts are included in the overall numbers which translate to letters), what country were each part associated with, what calendars were used by each of the different cultures involved, etc. it breaks down into the following categories








What are the priorities



What are the Strengths, electricity, (storms)



What are the locations involved



What languages are being used



How do people move around



What is the knowledge base of the person/culture



How do people get along, partnerships, friendships, agreements, interactions



Personal connections, love life, close friends, family, intimacies,






What is the past of this thing/culture



What are the current numbers/letters of the event



What are the future plans



What time frame does this culture operate from. what is their calendar, ways to keeping track of time, the Morning Star/Sun



how does this culture interact with fertility and or new things. how does this culture interact with females



What machines does this culture operate from/with.



How does this thing/culture work with language, communications



What is the educational application of this culture






What is the governmental structure of this thing, person, culture



What ecology environment does this culture operate from.



How does this culture as a whole move around



The self, not all cultures have a huge amount of emphasis on the self.



Water and or theology



Organizational structure






How the numbers become letters, and how the letters combine to make words. which will eventually create a library of information.



Each stitch which has something to do with Notre Dame has its own counts sequences. Those count numbers become letters. Letter combinations become words, etc.

Those collect through the stitch process.

The Stitches create a cloth.

The basic sequence of time itself is cloth. A bit complicated to describe. From the start of this planet forwards. As the Solar Wind wraps around the earth, the earth pushes back creating a mixture of waves and particles from the Solar Wind and the Earths Magnetosphere. They Intertwine into a fabric. That Fabric is left behind in the Earths orbital west wake. That fabric can be identified and read by Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes. That Fabric itself is what the following becomes sown into to create things. Mythologically this fabric an interweaving of Electro-Magnetic waves and particles between the Solar Wind and the Earth’s Magnetosphere has a name; the Akashic Field. Which further reading regarding said is supposedly a record of everything which has occurred regarding Earth. The Akashic Field is the tunnel orbital west and the Akashic Library is the “recordings” eg the Electro-Magnetic Pulses which the Earths Magnetosphere pumps out several times in the fractions of seconds.

Each thing which lives on the earth, in the sky, or in the earth have there own sequence counts.

Those sequence counts are when the thing became “egg” from the different mother type. The easiest way to explain it is in bees, two different species of bees can mate, which produce an entirely different offspring in the form of a new species “offspring”. Said new species depending on a lot of factors can breed with other similar to itself bees and create there own colony. The second those bee offspring begin to be born is the second that new “thing” ’s counts begin. When and or if that thing as a species is no more, that is the end of that things counts.

Example in northern India, there is a specific culture/sort of subspecies of human. That culture with unique DNA attributes in northern India their population dropped so much that the entire culture decided that genetically there were not enough of them to continue. That their was not enough genetic diversity. So they as a culture made a pact of no longer breeding. The last generation born will be the last generation of them period. They began at some point in the very ancient past, but the last one will die out in the next x decades. The start of their counts was y years ago likely 1000s but the end of their “isolated species” counts will end in z decades. Now members of that community who left and merged into other cultures in India and around the world will carry on but not as whole dna members of that community. They will continue as a fraction genetically of that culture from northern india.

Their counts started at y but will end at z. That cultures anchor point thread started at y and ends at z.

Those threads collect in the fabric of spacetime.

Those threads collect and begin to create their own portion of clothing attached to the fabric of time but only part of the main fabric. Think of it as attaching a sleeve, or a pocket, a hood, etc to an existing piece of cloth.

Now in part that added bump of material stitching out from the main fabric has a defined explanation in several western culture origins stories. The most relevant would be in part the origin story of Monotheism. However instead of being hateful, evil, and nasty. What is being described is the foundation for civilization. Humans need something, starting with shelter from x collection of things. They inhabit trees for the shade from the day, and the partial cover from storms. But soon figure out that said cover is not that good. So they move to a cave, with all the added benefits of a cave over a tree.

But caves have their own limitations.

The tree has its own stitches. Moving from open living to trees, the second they as a group chose to move to the trees is the start of the y count.

The cave also has its own stitches. The second the group chose to move from the trees to a cave that is in part the end of y count making a Z mark, and starting a new y start.

Addition of fire, fire is its own stitch. When humans began to use fire that is its own y mark, but that y mark has its own end, when the vast majority of the human race and or specific sections of the human race began to not use open fires for light, heat, cooking, etc, but first moved to a fire pit, then moved to a fireplace, then moved from a fireplace to using hot rocks for other purposes than to ensure that the fire would only go so far, then adding a chimney, up to and through turning a fireplace into a stove, etc. each of those is a start of its own y with the z being the end of that jump in technology being archaic and the new being the next leap in technology Each is a different jump in technology; each jump in technology has its own start and end to be replaced by better and better ideas.

As Civilization  develops each step along the way has a species wide start and end point regarding when each step of technology went from cutting edge, to wide spread use, to other ideas begin to improve, to finally the next leap is finalized and becomes ready to spread into wide use (which depending on various aspects, replaces the old sometimes overnight, sometimes it takes a while to replace the old), becomes the new species wide thing, itself becomes the subject of the need to improve, etc.

It also works in reverse. If the culture becomes afraid of a person, idea, concept, technology, the culture can and has decided that the existing scares them the existing species wide or isolated area wide technology must be destroyed, a return to the previous or several generations previous technology makes the humans interacting with it feel better. Hence the three major times and very likely four major times western culture has devolved back into a dark age and humans in the influence had to in basic go back to the firepit. They and or the leaders decide that they are afraid and want to get back to the simple life of a dark age. That has its own count sequences. It is obvious that Notre Dame the previous building was more advanced and a much higher level of Technology than what replaced it. But the Vatican was all about for 1500 years creating a Dark Age so they could control every single aspect of those in their Influence. The Vatican decided the only way they could have absolute authority over their followers is to drop technology from almost the industrial revolution back down to a fire pit, so that they would remove any and all choices from their followers. They wanted to remove free will, and for about 1000 years they achieved their goal. In part by killing anyone who questioned their authority, two by destroying any and all written materials which did the same, and three by destroying as many vestiges of the previous extremely advanced technology in the form of buildings which they could. Which included a lot of the original still in existence buildings of Rome, by destroying the original Notre Dame to replace it with the current building, and by destroying as many of the records as possible to make it close to impossible to allow a reconstruction of the past.

Notre Dame used to be a Tabernacle of Adam System, and a very complex Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope; but that information scared the Vatican so they slowly over time destroyed as much of the evidence as possible. Both sides of the island of Paris (Île de la Cité) system were destroyed between 1100-1400 ce.

The stitches from the past to the Medieval Dark Age end. Some of those stitches had been around for 1000s of years if not since the beginning of writing. But they had to end to make the Vatican feel better.

Which is not all that unusual, most theocracies have to make themselves feel better by removing any and all choices from their followers to have absolute authority over any and all. They keep that up till they are conquered by anther culture, who is then conquered by another culture. Then technology starts to slowly creep back in, and scholars dive into whatever evidence from the past is left. To rebuild e.g. Renaissance.

The Actions of theocracies are much like that of Munchausen By Proxy. Being able to have tyrannical

control over a child becomes such a powerful aphrodisiac that the authority figure simply after a few cycles cannot help themselves, they have to keep using ever increasing levels of violence to get the same euphoric feeling. Which creates an isolation in their brains, the Violence they do becomes a thing they do not remember, when they are focused on the love and caring for the “child/children”. Notre Dame used to be part of the Sorbonne, but good luck finding more than a few sentences scattered around the remaining evidence regarding the history of Notre Dame. Leonardo Da Vinci spent most of his life clandestinely in France tring to avoid being killed by the Vatican. They attempted to 4 separate times, and instead of killing him when he was 60 they chose to instead evict him from Italy permanently. Hence the description of Munchausen By Proxy; priests use the title Father. Fathers opening and willingly yelling at, torturing, sexually abusing, and from 35-1700 openly geocoding any and all who questioned the authority of the Fathers and the Holy Mother Church itself. Mother and Father, define parents abusing and killing their children. The reason why is immaterial, the facts are Image result for witch burning

Image result for witch burning

Image result for witch burning

Image result for knights templar grand masters burned

Jacques de Molay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar in France. He was burned to death on an island just to the east of Notre Dame.

That island had since been connected to the other island farther to the east in the River using fill dirt. But De Molay was executed by the Office of Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church less than 1000 feet east from the 0000 of Notre Dame.


Each aspect of technology added is its own stitch.

Those stitches form together to create said metaphor of a sleeve extending from the main cloth.

Said cloth is part of the art of Civilization.

Each civilization has to decide what pieces and parts from the past they will include in the current dominant paradigm. Every generation does make alterations to what is acceptable versus unacceptable.

Example education in Ireland basic scholastics includes irish writers. Very likely input on and about Gaelic.

Whereas the same in France you have emphasis on Latin, German, Mathematics, and the like.

America depending on were and what level of education different emphasis is required.

Those different emphasis are different stitches from the present and pasts into each locations concentrations. Example on an on line school the faculty, staff, and students will be required to operate in an entirely different environment than in a brick and mortar. In a Polytechnical school the emphasis is entirely about math's, science, and the technical arts. Where as a Liberal arts school is almost entirely geared towards business, psychology, nursing, arts, crafts, theater, etc.

Very different dominant paradigm’s of concentrations.

Those concentrations bring from the present and the past different stitches. Those Different stitches bring sometimes vastly different number/letter sequences.

Since the Paris Government, Ministry, and Sorbonne operated out of Notre Dame for 1000s of years. Notre Dame the building has actually many more stitches involved than just being a Cathedral for the last 2000 years.


The first and most important thing to make note of regarding this subject of the history and function of the former Palace, Temple, School, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, is that this 850-year-old building is not the first building to be constructed on this site.

There was at least one previous, not likely two. The one built circa 1330 bce is likely the one still standing at 1130 ce when the decision was made to obliterate it and rebuild the current structure.


The second thing to note which is actually more important than the first is that this one building is part of a large complex system of buildings which were designed to be a semi-close enough copy of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem Levant Lands. However, that building itself was a copy of a sequence of copied buildings and collections of buildings which stretch all the way back to the Garden of Eden.


The third thing to note about this one building, is that not only was parts of it built circa 1330 bce, making those portions of the building more than 3300 years old. And a copy of a copy x about a dozen copies later from the Garden of Eden which was the basis for Noah’s Ark fleet. But all those pieces of evidence combine into this one building is one piece of an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope system.

Image may contain: sky and outdoorNo photo description available.

The building on the left is the front of Notre Dame, somewhere between where the Camera is positioned and the front doors which are pointed due west, is where Julius Caesar stood to address the Parisians and the Parissi who operated the complex of buildings and the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. The building on the Right is the Temple of Horus in Edfu Egypt.

Edfu is in upper or seriously south portion of Egypt. It is north of Aswan but Aswan is not far from the boarder of Ethiopia. The Temple of Horus itself is oriented North South with the front door facing south.

An academic argument can be made that the Cross Bar of a Catholic church/Cathedral which is oriented with the front door west, the cross bar is oriented north south, that cross bar would be the Temple of Horus.

The Egyptian Deity Horus was birthed not all that different from that of Jesus. His mother Isis reassembled her husband Osiris after death from inside a Djed which had been built into the Tabernacle Structure at Biblios. Biblios is the same city which is where the Papyrus of Egypt was shipped to (after being marked Biblios) to the known world which needed paper for any given function. That same exact word and associated meanings from Heiroglyphics stuck with the city and very likely the Heirogphyphic name for Parissi. The scholars work, Biblios. That word being associated with Paris and the cities founders the Parissi. That name is also the core of two words, a library or in Greek Bibiotect, which means a collection of books. Which that one specific collection of books, the Biblioteca of the collection of books of the old and new testament of monotheism. Biblioteca became Latinized then into English as Bible.

Where Horus’ dead father spent time in a Djed or Pillar (Electro-Magnetic Machine the Djed) Pillar regarding FreeMasonry.

The Broken Pillar in Freemasonry is both building up the person, as well as breaking Osirus out of the Djed, in order to mate with Isis, in order to produce Horus in the first place.

Although the legends of Horus go back well before 3200 bce, Horus may very well be one of the most important Symbols on the Narmer Plate aka the Scorpion King. The symbol of the Falcon is very likely Horus. Ra would not be part of the Egyptian Pantheon for centuries. Horus was the Sky god before Ra.

Amun Ra.

Jesus himself was a Parissi, he was a trained scholar, his father was an engineer. Joseph was trained how to build a city from nothing, but that city was focused around the 0000 of an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

A theoretical argument can be made that all

Image result for catholic church layout

The head of the Church is East, Notre Dame which is from the front door 295’ from east to west which are the letters of M and N, and 116’ west to east which are the letters W and I. Minus the vowels, be fascinating to find out what MNW means in Hebrew.

Which is a reflection of the original building which is oriented the same way the Vatican is but exactly opposite. Front door east to west.


A picture containing text, map

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Depending on how you look at it, the Star of David from the Rock east is west to east. From the sun’s rays it is east to west.

318’ Ing and Th are the letters of the direction from the alter in the Vatican to the alter in Notre Dame.

The next issue to bring up is that this building is part of a collection of buildings designed to be an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Which if you add said language, mathematics, science to the structure of Notre Dame, you get at least in Egypt with the above Graphic. The red lines are drawn straight down the Causeways from the Pyramids. The Yellow lines are the Sun as it breaches the east to the west from mid-summer to mid winter, and back again. Each day it shines down a differnet line from the horizon to whatever it touches. The stone masonry from the west to the east make part of the Star of David, the Sun from east to west forms the other portion of the Star of David.

Literally creating the symbol of Israel in Egypt. This was build by the Old Kingdom aka the Ogle family from 2600-2100 bce. When the Hyksos invaded, they had no interest in education, only in killing Jews, and those that survived would be placed into slavery.


Paris is where Paris and Helen evacuated to, so in a very serious way that location that building is a replacement building for an earlier Synagogue that the Romans would not have altered that much. They would have simply moved in and ignored the fact it was built by Jews for Jews.

The building was built to honor Helen, Paris, and the Parissi.

Image may contain: text

The lines from which the Sun shines down in general over a 365.4 day arch of the earth’s orbit around the sun.


·     Tabernacle of Adam System

o  The Egyptian Sistrum, is a representation of the name Simon (as in Sound) the building is Peter. Simon Peter the first Pope and very very likely pharaoh name of Jesus. Which the gospels are clear “You will build (peter) your house (sound to preach; Simon) upon me (Ben Ben Stone).” Sistrum is a form of Simon Peter, and the function and structure of the description also is defined as Simon Peter. Notre Dame as well as all others with similar “cross” shapes are Sistrum.

o  Pope Simon Peter as the next part was edited out by the Evil Priest Paul in dozens of letters the Apostles wrote to Paul and Paul wrote back. He was besides himself with rage over they would not accept him as Jesus. He never got over his paranoid schizophrenic break from reality and demanded the world treat him as if he was Jesus himself. However the next lines are clear regarding what Jesus ordered his people to do, as well as that orders implications regarding the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope from which the Temple of Solomon and the Tabernacle System of Adam are both  based from the same engineering specifications. Of which Notre Dame is part of a system in Paris. Leonardo Da Vinci also learned this in some way and built his own Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope Tabernacle of Adam System as a Polytechnical College 12 miles west. That Polytechnical College has a name in French, that name is Versailles. Versailles translates to Polytechnical College.

o  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/51/Abu_Simbel_Nefartari_Sistrum-2.jpg/170px-Abu_Simbel_Nefartari_Sistrum-2.jpgNefertari, wife of Ramesses II, holding a sistrum. The Hyksos/Avaris knew it was important, but had no idea what they actually were.

o  Jesus sent his apostles out into the world to found their own ministries and to build their own Churches/Cathedrals. He ordered his people to go build Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope systems designed to reflect the Tabernacle of Adam System. But that part was edited out by the begat of Paul between 50-130 ce.

o  Which the Bishops of Lyon from 110-125 bragged endlessly about how much they hated the philosophy of Jesus/Simon Peter and they loved the philosophy of the paranoid schizophrenic evil Paul. So they altered the new testament to give Paul's philosophy the edge over that of the ideas an teachings of Jesus. If they had not of bragged about it for decades and decades sit would not be so bad. The goal was to remove as much of the message of Jesus as possible.

o  While at the same time the Parissi (educators from Troy) in Paris were struggling with another group of people who wanted to kill every last one of them. Since the previous Cathedral on the same footprint at the current was also a school and Palace. That means that the begat of Paul were at times also trying to attack and destroy that building. Which Victor Hugo wrote part of that attacking the Cathedral into his novel circa 1831.

o  Sistrum Anke A close up of a device

Description automatically generated Image result for layout of notre dame cathedral

o  The sistrum and the Anke are extremely important symbols in Egypt.

o  They are also the key elements of the philosophy of Jesus.

o  Comparrision between Notre Dame and the Temple of Horus at Edfu Egypt. Although they changed the orientation of the building 90’ clockwise.


o  Floor Plan of Notre Dame and you have a Sistrum.

o  It would be fascinating to find out if hidden in the hieroglyphics is the plans for the Tabernacle of Adam System, buried deep inside the images themselves.

o  Related imageImage result for sistrum egypt ankhNefertari, wife of Ramses holding a Sistrum.

o  Related image

o  Her husband was a key player in allowing Moses to capture the Jews in Egypt force them into slavery, force march them to Troy, force them to fight other Jews, then force marched them to Levant. To live in an armed camp, where the armies in the area were encouraged to come to the armed Ghetto to season their troops to fight other armies. Her husband and descendants spent centuries erasing any and all traces that they knew of regarding Israel being in Egypt from Egypt. They were the 19th Egyptian Dynasty the Avaris, former name Hyksos. They worked very  hard from 2100-1530 and again from 1330-800 to destroy and erase all traces of the Jew in Egypt. So the Jews would never be able to come back home. Erase the 0000 and the people have no foundation to rebuild from.

o  Related image

o  http://dulkeith.net.au/2013/03/26/ancient-egyptian-goddess-hathor/ The Pre-Pharaonic Hathor, with a sistrum. The Symbol between them is a raised platform with a flower forming the ATEN pointing toward the right. This symbol has the code; North (vertical),  Umber/Amber/Orange, Land built in. Which means this symbol translates to the Northumberland family; in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd.


o  A close up of a stone building

Description automatically generatedThat Raised platform, holding a flower with many petals means “The Yr Hen Ogle Image result for ogle family crest family” or in English Northumberland .

o  The older boundaries of the Kingdom of Ogle.

o  Image result for yr hen ogledd

o  From York to the south, west to half or more of the Island, north to Oglvie Scotland.

o  The Stone of Scone used to be part of the British Royal Throne at first Perth, then Bamburgh. Captured and moved to London 1296.

o  Image result for sistrum egypt * The wide base, long middle, and a curved top is a sistrum, which is copied into almost every Catholic Church and absolutely every purpose built Cathedral. The Deity in the picture happens to be Basett; the deity associated with protection and other symbology later Kingdoms and the Greeks simply did not understand. She is directly associated with the material Alabaster, with her name as the base of the word. She is often depicted with a Sistrum and a Heavy Collar, or Gorge’.

o  However there are numerous problems with trying to understand her and her tools.

o  The Collar itself is not really a collar, but a symbol of knowledge and education.

o  A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated Image result for bastet neck collarBastett’s collar is a collar of protection but it is also the structure of the earths daily rotation, which becomes the next link in the chair or the next rib sequence in the eternal snake which is a very long and complex structure to describe.

o  However at 3800 bce, Bastett and Sekhmet are two female Egyptian deities associated with a rather complex and detailed form of ancient Science. Of which Notra Dame is partially a modern representation of said science. Although the previous building was purpose built to be an exact copy of the Tabernacle System of Adam; the current building is a semi-close enough version.

o  She is associated with the pre-recaving of the Sphinx from a Lioness to the head of a man, which occurred after the Hyksos/Avaris reseized the throne from the 18th dynasty. Same has they had done at 2100 bce from the Old Kingdom.

o  Bastett and Sekhmet play an extremely important roll in the application of an ancient long forgotten Science. They are also the pre Hebrew concepts for the two pillars standing guard at King Solomon's Temple.

o  Image result for pillars at king solomon's temple 

o  Image result for pillars at king solomon's temple

o   Image result for pillars at king solomon's temple

o  20170327_190353

o  A Qubit is about 18 inches.

o  12 cubits is 18 feet wide on the inside. Bastet to the west eg the Sphinx looking east. Which makes Sekhmet in effect the sun from east to west.

o  orbital east Tunnel/PillarOrbital West Tunnel/Pillar.

o  This is a really good description of what is actually happening with the sun, which generates the Solar Wind, the Solar Wind spreads out from the sun/star in all directions.

o  The items in our Solar System pass through the Solar Wind on there way in and or through the Solar System.

o  The Earths Magnetosphere pushes into the Solar Wind to the orbital east, leaving a trail in its wake to the orbital west of the solar wind and the Earths Electro-Magnetic Pulses; they combine together to create a wake. That Wake is a memory of the Electro-Magnetic waves and pulses of both the sun and the earth combined.

o  That wake is best described as a Snake or a Tunnel/Mine/Straw/Shaft/Cave. Bastett directly interacting with the Snake is what places her to the west instead of to the east which is the position of Sekhmet. The Collar around her neck is the daily Electro-Magnetic Waves which are a collection of the Solar Wind and the Earths Electro-Magnetic Pulses combining together.

o  The Tabernacle System of Adam was designed in part to be an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope to detect said Electro-Magnetic waves and in effect read them. Read them in mathematical form, to translate them into letters, then collect those huge sequences of letters into words. Eventually making collections of books from the gathered materials. Hence the need to have a fleet of ships to carry information to and from each of the major libraries who have said discipline.

o  Constantinople, Paris, Balonia, New Castle, Edinberg, Oxford, Dublin, St Johns, etc. The fleet just had to avoid interacting with the first Romans and then the Italians. To share and expand the information which the in effect universe is saying. C has a form, shape, and structure. Said structure can be identified, turned into numbers, and those numbers translate into letters. Huge letter sequences. The Ministry used to be all about the above academic discipline. But the Vatican being angry that the universe kept saying “DO NOT DO THAT” chose to destroy the discipline instead of having to keep being told NO, by in effect god.

o  Notre Dame was/and in part still is the Sekhmet portion of said Tabernacle System. Bastett would be the Palace on the West Side of the Island.

o  Bastell is one of the protectors of Lower Egypt.

o  All Cathedrals are based on the shape of a Sistrum. Which is a combination of two things, one the physical part is Peter, and the Sound part is Simon. Latin First name last last name first Simon Peter.

o  Notre Dame “Our Lady of Paris” the problem is Paris is named for two things which are in basic one in the same. One it is name for the “Librarians” those specially trained to work with and look after the ancient library from Hierakonpolis although the ancient name used for Librarian was Parissi. King of Troy’s son Prince Paris (e.g. one of the key players in the Trojan War) was born to be part of and lead the Trojan part of the librarians who have been tasked with the Hierakonpolis library from 4000 bce to present. Various name changes along the way as languages grow old and die, new languages are invented, the new languages grow old and die, new languages replace, etc. . Although they do not use the modern word Librarian, they used the ancient word Parissi. Paris was trained from birth to be a Parissi, his wife the daughter of Theseus from the city of ATEN formerly the city of Poseidon (where the bull came from which the Queen of Knossos had sex with same bull and produced the Minotaur; although the bull was not a bull, but a Parissi from Poseidon in modern terminology the Parissi are Jewish scholars but the name Parissi predates the birth of Judah by more than 1500 years. The bull was a Human Male Jewish scholar, in modern terms. He was tasked with performing a ceremony with the Queen of Knossos, the bride of King of Knossos was a Jewish slave girl. The “Bull” was purchased from Poseidon in order to perform the same ritual Judah was ordered to by the Pharaoh. That fertility rite, traces through part of the ceremony of the Whore of Babylon. But it is not prostitution, it is entirely different). Theseus’ mother was Meritaten renamed 700 years later to Ǽthra at Aphidna, Meritaten was renamed to make her less threatening. But she was the first daughter of Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the second to last Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Akhenaten’s son King Tut, he was born crippled, due to being the product of his father and his oldest sister Meritaten. A similar but different fertility Rite. This has been proven through DNA testing of “The Younger Woman” who had her breasts and right Pharaoh arm removed by later Dynasties to hide the fact the mummy was a female.

o  King Priam ordered the Parissi to evacuate under the command and control of Ǽneas from Troy months to a year before Agamemnon arrived. Priam’s orders were more than specific. They were detailed to an extreme amount.

o  Leave Ionia (Troy) by sail, travel to Tier

o   and pick up any specific copies of books they are willing to part with.

o  travel to Egypt A picture containing text, map

Description automatically generatedand do the same, but in Egypt travel as quickly through as possible. Then travel to Carthage where you will meet and marry Queen Dido Image result for queen dido as the Romans could call her in about a millennia. She is the widow of Tut and King Priam’s youngest sister in law, she is the youngest child of Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten and Nefertiti, she was born healthy and smart. Her half-brother/husband will go into Battle against the forces of Moses, and of course loose. Moses will write about this, but his version is so edited it is not all that close to reality. Moses traveled to Troy with his Jewish slave shield wall where he would be known in the battle as Ajax the Lessor. All of his battle glory would go to first Ajax and then Agamemnon. He did not want the battle glory, only the dead Jews under his slave master authority. Evidence of this is how much and how often he was punished by god for his really bad actions.

o  Before the battle which her brother husband was gravely injured in, a horse relay system was set up to get Tut’s widow to Carthage in as little time as possible. But not allow the Hyksos/Avaris to follow. She would be in Carthage 1000 miles away before the Hyksos/Avaris knew what was happening. This was all planned out. The 18th dynasty simply followed the same plan of action which the Old Kingdom put into place 800 years previous circa 2100 bce. As surviving Pharaoh, she would have been given the obligatory Pharaoh names, which means her previous name Ankhesenamun would become Queen Dido. Interesting that a similar name was chosen for Rachael Wise to play in the Mummy II although entirely different millennia. Imhotep lived circa 2600 bce, where the character Rachael Wise played lived centuries later. 

o  Ǽneas and Queen Dido will marry, she will leave Carthage for the city of Samhain (577 years later the city would be conquered and renamed Rome). Where they will prepare for the refugees from Troy to come.

o  Where they will refurbish an ancient city on the shore next to the mouth of the river which leads through Rome. Not unlike Babylon.

o  That city will be Alba longa, or in a more understandable English Large Scholastic Array. In other words, Alba Longa was designed to be an Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope not unlike the VLA (The Very Large Array, west of Socorro New Mexico. About 360 miles south. Two Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes 360 miles apart from each other.)

o  Image result for VLA 

o  Image result for VLA.

o  The facts and evidence regarding this specific technology is connected to the work Hedy Lamarr did, as well as Alan Turing, in addition to what the NAZI’s were able to find, combined together with the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope machines and structures in what is now Old Colorado City, in what is now called Bancroft Park. Too bad religious fanatics are more interested in keeping their theocracy in place rather than learn about tools and things which were designed to be divine.

o  The name Alba Longa in italic translates in basic Cosmic Radio Telescope. There is a complex string of details and evidence the same Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope engineering can be found in dozens if not hundreds of buildings, temples, pyramids, Cathedrals, etc. connected to the Ogle/The Old Kingdom/18th Dynasty/Trojan cultures. Most if not all of the original Catholic churches which were based on the 3-story design were supposed to be Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes. They work in a network. Much more on this Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network further into the document.

o  Remember Jesus was a Jew, birth, through life, death he was a Jew. But he was not a Moses Jew he was a pre-Exodus Jew, he observed the rites, rituals, ceremonies, etc. which drew from Adam and Jacob.

o  Means that the ministry Jesus was trying to rebuild was the path that Jacob championed. Jacob built the Ladder to Heaven so that Angels could ascend and descend from Heaven. If angels are a metaphor for Electro-Magnetic Waves, then the Tabernacle of Adam System itself of which Jacob was building a copy of the Ladder is just another language way of saying Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. To send and receive messages from god. Notre Dame was built to be another copy of that same system. The hundreds of buildings built in specific locations both on the Island and on the other lands not in the river prove this.

o  Moses was a soul level Hyksos, he was totally and completely dedicated to the destruction of Judaism.

o   The Pyramids of Egypt were in part built by Jacob and his children. This is hinted at in Genesis chapter 49. The Pyramids are over a million lbs of rock, at least 50,000 lbs of said is quartz. They are a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Notre Dame is absolutely no exception. It was originally built as an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Connected to the couple dozen other Royal buildings within the horizon line of that center building. The remodeling of the island Île de la Cité to the west is the Palais de la Cité which is in part still in existence. To the east is what remains of Notre Dame. Remains’ does not mean post the fire 2019, it means post the reconstruction of the building from the floor up circa 1150 ce.

o  As the French were remodeling their original Island, in 1460 Leonardo became involved. It was determined that a person of his level of intelligence and of course legendary brilliance, would not survive long in Italy. Leo spent most of his entire life in France. Studying at the Sorbonne, and coming back to Italy on occasionally to check in and be added to the official records to not make the Vatican too suspicious. Which only partially worked.

o  Consequently, Leo was present in Paris at the Sorbonne when Palais de la Cité was being remodeled. Since part of the Sorbonne was in those two Palace/Temple/Church structures he spent time in both complexes. 

o  Which Leonardo Da Vinci took those basic ideas and expanded them with his Versailles Phase One 12 miles to the west.

o  Queen Dido was given a sword by someone. Her father Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten, or someone else. That sword she would take with her to Alba Longa, that sword/blade would be one of the most key roles in the function and structure of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Longinus is the name of the blade Related image (although this specific blade and its replicas are pure fiction. The Blade was not a simple 1st century spear, but an ancient blade designed for other types of cutting) not the name of the person.

o  Shocker, the Roman Senate lied, wow who would have thought. Julius Caesar was executed for being a Jew, another sequence of lies. Caligula was placed years and years after his actual reign, the Senate lied. Anthony was never within 3 feet of Cleopatra, she was Empress and Pharaoh, he was about a dozen Hierarchal stations below her. She would not allow him to get that close. Her twins were from her husband Caesar, the Roman Senate lied. The Crucifixion took place in Rome Proper Image result for Rome forum Image result for Rome forum ancient, well just a few hundred feet outside to the North West from the Forum BuildingA close up of a map

Description automatically generated.

o  The Crucifixion started in the Senate Chamber with the Senate offering everything if Jesus would simply be a puppet for the Senate. If he would agree to do everything the Senate demanded of him, they would make him Emperor and give him anything he desired.

o  His answer was of course “You have nothing to give me”.

o  They were a bit upset at his answer.

o  He was arrested, tortured, put on trial for treason. Where all other trials for treason occurred, in the square just a few dozen feet away from the Emperors Throne in the Senate Chamber.

o  outside He was very quickly convicted and sentenced to be executed. But he was a Roman Citizen, so a compromise was reached.

o  First he would be forced to carry his cross to Mount Zion aka the Vatican Hill, then he would be crucified, after his enemies had their fill of his pain and agony, which pleasured them to no end. He would be stabbed through the Heart by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea the head of the Jewish Counsel. Then taken down and given a proper Roman Citizen burial in the Catacombs under the Vatican Hill.

o  3 days later most of the population of the city saw him up and walking the streets of Rome. The Senate was beside themselves with rage but what do you do if you cannot execute an enemy. Give him anything he wants with no strings in any way.

o  He was given a new Latin name Claudius and was appointed Emperor.

o  Again, the Roman Senate lied.  The history of that blade, that blade can be tied to Queen Dido, could very easily be the blade of Enoch given to him by his father Adam, a relic from the Garden of Eden. Longa Inus, Inus Longa; Inus translates into English as Mus which is the base of the word Museum. Mus Museum; Huge Museum, is what Longinus translates to from Italic to English.

o  The blade was a tool used in the Garden of Eden, supposedly to trim the strings of things in the weave of time. Alma is word meaning education and scholastics, specific to mathematics. A deep long observance (long as in far away eg Telescope) of a far away item.

o  The huge part is a reference to cosmos. Cosmos Museum, to study the cosmos requires identifying and examining of the identified things. Hence Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

o  Jesus was stabbed/executed by a blade used an ancient Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope technology.


o  The great windows at Notre Dame are a textbook regarding how to understand the basic mathematics of AErdology. The 16 days in the “Sacred Months” in the year. Of which there are 5 and every 4 years 6.

o  Notre Dame is literally an architectural textbook.

o  Related image

o  A picture containing window, building, clock, sitting

Description automatically generated

o  The first 16 Characters of the Futhark Sequence.

o  The Question becomes, why did the builders choose those specific months to highlight.


o  One of the Great Windows of the Sanctuary area of Notre Dame Cathedral. One per primary 4 directions.

o  That window and the Full 24-month Calendar. Each of the months has 16 days; which make the wedges of the Window above. 

o  The window is already divided, now just label each part with the associated monthly number/letters.

o  FreeMasonry

o  The winding Staircase in King Solomon's Temple

o  Image result for freemason staircase

o  Notice the word Astronomy at the top, Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

o  0 ground

o  group of 3

§  1EA

§  2 FC

§  3 MM

§  reflected in the Khufu Pyramid

§  A picture containing text, businesscard

Description automatically generated

§  Down, Up and Up. The Calendar in the Knuckles of the hand.

o  group 5

§  4 Hearing

§  5 Seeing

§  6 Feeling

§  7 Smelling

§  8 Tasting

o  group 7

§  9 Grammar, letters

§  10 Rhetoric, communication

§  11 Logic, numbers translate to letters.

§  12 Arithmetic; mathematics

§  13 Geometry; structure of mathematics

§  14 Music; Radio waves

§  15 Astronomy; Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope

o  Miramont Castle, Manitou Springs Colorado

o  A room that has a sign on a wooden table

Description automatically generated

o  The Knuckles of the Hand Calendar

o  Image result for knuckles calendar

o  every freemason in the world will recognize the following


o  A picture containing text

Description automatically generated

o  Khufu Pyramid; down, up and up. Sept 22, Oct 31, Dec 22. EA, FC, MM.

o  Each of the Knuckle placements in association with Masonry is a specific date. That specific date has a specific number sequence, that number sequence converts to letters. Long sequences of fixed letters become words. Those words in large fixed letter sequences become sentences.

o  From left to right; up, down, down, up, up.

o  every 4 years; down, up, down, down, up, up.

o  For FreeMasons, down, up, up.


o  When applied to the Gears of Ǽrdology there are dozens and dozens of letter fixed sequences, when you add the numbers/letters of the individual, the WM, the lodge, grand lodge, UGLE, etc. that is 100s if not 1000s of letters. Some fixed some mutable.


o  Ǽrdology is built into the stained glass of the windows. Which also means that FreeMasonry is built into the building. Not unlike Rosslyn Chapel just outside Edinberg Scotland, although for most of the last millennia it sat in Northumberland. The boarder only shifted south a few centuries ago.

o  Notre Dame is laid out long ways East West, exactly the same as a FreeMason Lodge. This on its own has no real connection, how many buildings with less than zero connection with Freemasonry are laid out length wise east west.

o  Ǽrdology is in part the mathematics of the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.


o  Back to Queen Dido and Ǽneas, soon after a large chunk of the population of Troy began to arrive in Italy, the Philistines (the culture created by Agamemnon) followed the Trojans from Troy and began to attack. The attacking took more than 577 years from 1330-753 bce.

o  Ǽneas and Queen Dido’s either son or grandson was given a separate task. That task was to leave the Mediterranean and create a double evacuation point for the Trojans to go to. Location one would be called Paris in 1300 years, the other place is called Northumberland.

·     Notre Dame and the Temple of IWNW/Heliopolis aka Jerusalem

o  Notre Dame was named to honor Princess Helen of Troy, and The Alma Mary. Alma is the Actual Hebrew http://www.trwelling.org/Hebrew_files/image015.jpg name not Bethela. Alma means a person trained in the Mathematical arts. Both Helen and Mary were scholastic, Helen and her husband Paris were part of the Parissi. We use the word Librarian; they used the word Parissi. But Parissi is much more than todays version, because the library itself was usually either a Macro Electro Magnetic Telescope (look up Marble and Limestone; they both contain lots of Quartz, when compressed Quartz releases electricity). Or a research lab to analyze the collected "telegram" from the cosmos signals or what a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope does. FreeMason Related image "lodges" Image result for lodge layout are a copy of King Solomon’s Temple Image result for king solomon’s temple, which is in all hard reality a copy of Tier, which is itself a copy of a couple temples/synagogues in Egypt. Memphis and Heliopolis, Memphis was moved to Rome by Caesar 50 bce, Heliopolis was moved to just outside of Rome North West (Jacob traveled North West of Luz/Memphis to the Light Place, and slept on the stones. Eg he slept on a Megalith, think Stonehenge) to the marsh to the west of the Vatican valley, which is west of the Vatican Hill. The Vatican Hill was quarried a few days/weeks after the Crucifixion of Jesus to keep it from becoming a pilgrimage site "Mythologically Epic Fail". The stones were made into a Wall around the site. The point is Heliopolis had an older name pre 3500 bce, its name was IWNW.

o  It was by legend built by Adam himself. Noah Parked his fleet next to IWNW 4000 bce. Evidence of this is in the Khufu Pyramid, but in code. So in truth Notre Dame was a copy of the temple of IWNW.


o  Heliopolis has a translation. Helio means new day (rising sun/star), opolis means sacred city. Sacred City of the New Day; in Latin Sacred city translates to Castle, in Hebrew Castle translates to Salem. In the Elder Futhark Language "New Day" is the definition of the 12th character in the Futhark sequence. The letter is spelled Jeru. Jeru  Salem. Brings up a huge amount of interesting academic ideas regarding both Adam and Noah.

o  In a way Jeru Salem itself is Indo-European language for Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Jera is the sun well specifically it is the earth rotating around to allow the sun to begin touching a given portion of the planet in its orbit east. The Sun appears to Rise, as the morning star/sun. Which brings up a whole other concept and aspect of a different portion of monotheistic theology.

o  The bringer of the morning light; has a couple word meanings which are also names, those names are virtually the same name in different languages. It is amazing what happens when you get a group of people that start believing the lies the leaders want them be follow blindly. Something good and academic becomes the opposite and something to fear. Fear turns to hatred, which leads to the thing being destroyed, despite the fact it is simply a collection of facts and evidence.

o  Since Heliopolis/IWNW was brought to Rome by Caligula just before the Crucifixion which took place in Rome Proper part of it in the Senate Chamber itself.

o  That evidence points to the city of Jerusalem/Heliopolis/IWNW itself was being prepared to be the Palace/Temple/Synagogue/School for Jesus to launch his ministry from. That ministry since the contents of said buildings was mostly marble and other materials high in quartz, that ministry had a great deal to do with Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope mathematics and science.

o  About 15 years after the Crucifixion give or take a few years the army Paul had assembled seized control over that building and have in effect occupied it ever since. That building is now called The Vatican St Peters Basilica, and Square.

o  That Senate Chamber used would have not been the March 22 chamber, but the June 22 chamber. Through the rest of the year the Senate Chambers were religious temples, dedicated to that specific time of year. The enemies of facts, evidence, science, etc. took the science and turned it into a polytheism. Having no idea that the heart of Polytheism is itself astrophysics, how do you study astrophysics through an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

o  But to be absolutely clear, their was not one senate chamber. Depending on a few things, where were about 8 primary senate chambers used through the year. Which goes along with the evidence of the Gears of the fixed points in the Earth’s Orbit. This subject is covered well at the end in the Pagan religion section being converted to astrophysics.

o  You see, as mentioned below; there are 8 fixed points in the earths orbit around the Sun. The ancients created a philosophy, language, mathematics, and science based on those 8 fixed points rotating around the Sun. Evidence for this can be found in the extremely edited Torah version of Genesis (The oldest still in existence copy of Genesis is the Pyramids of Egypt. Yes the Pyramids which are an impossible to disprove Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope are also the story of Genesis. Which means that the book of Genesis itself is also the sciences of a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Makes Noah’s Ark Fleet an interesting mixture of Ship, Nephilum transportation vehicles, and Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes {as mentioned the 100s if not 1000s of churches and cathedrals which have an extremely large amount of quartz in their building materiala}. Adds a very interesting dimension to those academic and theological discussions. Descending from Heaven, was it done by a or a group of ships.). That is being described in a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope; not a fall from grace but a science that is so advanced that in most subjects including physics and astronomy, it is centuries ahead of todays best cutting edge research in said areas.

o  However, the hurt feelings of Esau, the Hyksos, Avaris, Moses, the Hebrews (Hebrews and Jews are two entirely different cultures in almost every aspect imaginable. The Jews were conquered by the Hebrews, then the Hebrews claimed to be Jews, while every single aspect of Judaism was destroyed and replaced with new ideas, language, customs, ceremonies, rituals, the 0000 holy place was moved continents from Egypt to Levant Lands, etc. the only thing kept was Jacob portions of the blood line info and male circumcision. The rest was destroyed because it hurt Moses’ feelings too much.), Agamemnon’s people the Philistines, Romans, Paul's begat, St Augustine of Agrippa, Mohammed, etc. the facts hurt their feelings to much, so they had to seek revenge by killing any and all who continue to hurt their feelings. However, bits and pieces of the ancient knowledge remain. Mostly because unless you have a working knowledge of the subject, you do not know enough to know what to look for to destroy it. Plus how the Ancients built and arranged things, like measuring from the 0000 point of a city, you cannot destroy it. Although in Cairo which started out as a suburb of a suburb of Heliopolis 1000s of years ago. The city kept growing through various and assorted reasons south towards the Pyramids. Till now the south end of Cairo butts up within feet of Khufu.

o  Part of that ancient knowledge is the 0000 of Notre Dame, part of can be found in the rotating location of the Roman Senate. Be fascinating if the early Parissians rotated their government buildings per the yearly fixed points as well. The government being previous to Caesar the Parissians and descendants of Helen and Paris. After still the same but with a slightly different organizational structure, that of the Roman Senate format and of course under the direction of the Roman Senate in Rome. Which also rotated their Senate Chambers based on time of year.

o  There is no reason the Parissi did not do the same before and after Caesar.

o  Although, the romans were simply copying what the Etruscans did, the Etruscans are what the Romans called them. However this does not actually mean it was the name of the culture itself. Not unlike Apache, they called themselves the “Danay” no idea how to spell it. The Parissi did not copy from anyone, they knew what the purpose was and how it worked. They learned the information from the original source materials. They also likely wrote the original source materials so later generations could continue to learn the disciplines of said field of academics.

o  From 1300 bce to 150-200 ce the Senate used the same title to identify themselves; that title was Philistine. For 577 years (1330-753 bce) from the point the culture was formed by Agamemnon (circa 1330 bce) to go and genocide the Jews at (The City of the Jews; which is what Trojan translates to) most of those who joined him decided that they were not going to go home. They were going to stay around him and form their own "Empire", they named the government officers Philistine. Yes those philistines. Is the Agamemnon Government name for Senator then, remember the AEgean would not reform their government and invent the city/state model till 800 bce or about 30 years before the fall of the city of Samhain to be renamed Rome.

o  The current 850 year old building is a repeat of the Agamemnon argument and genociding of the Jews and said Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope academic research. Same argument different millennia in different locations.

o  In the New Testament Jesus' conversation with the Philistines is a conversation with the Roman Senate. Those details hurt Paul's and the descendants of Paul's feelings. Although those details would be edited out over the course of the next two centuries. Had to make Paul and his followers feel good and not hurt their feelings. Paul had not anything at all to do with the events of the Crucifixion or the ministry of Jesus for 5 full years. Paul spent the years after his psychotic schizophrenic break from reality (about 5 years after the Crucifixion of Jesus) founding churches and claiming to be Jesus first in Anatolia, then Levant Lands, then Greece. He was arrested and shipped to Rome, he arrived about 10 years after the Crucifixion.  The real Crucifixion took place where every single other Trial for Enemies of the State took place, in the open square just outside the Senate Chamber in the Middle of Rome Proper. Why erase it from history, the Evil Priest Paul (according to the Dead Sea Scrolls, that is what the real apostles called Paul, including Simon Peter. That is beyond key to an understanding of the early church and Notre Dame, why the original Cathedral was torn down and the current preplacement was built.) 10 years later Paul was genocidally enraged because the church of Jesus did not worship him the way he decided they needed to. So he went on a kill all who disagree with me, purge. More than a few times the streets of Rome ran red with blood by Paul's followers purging those who rejected the teachings of Paul. Which is the base philosophy of Esau, the brother of Jacob (his 12th son {Jeru} is the well head of Judaism). Esau, the one not chosen by god to be Head of the Tabernacle System of Adam eg the Temple of IWNW. Part of the philosophy of Esau found its way into the foundation of Islam. So that makes what John Calvin, and Martin Luther’s work all the more real and substantial regarding their hatred of Catholics and their creation of Protestantism based on the writings of the more radical authors of Esau’s philosophy and teachings. Paul was not radical enough for Luther or Calvin, they wanted to get close to the Esau source. So they created Protestantism to get as close to the teachings of Esau e.g. Islam as possible. But still in a package which Europeans could accept. Notre Dame is a copy or at least a semi-close copy of IWNW. IWNW is built in a very similar fashion to the built at the same time temples at Heirakonopolis located west of Thebes/Luxor.

o  The army of Paul grew so large so fast that the Senate began to fear for their safety and survival. Obviously a compromise was reached. The Senate witnessing the not only ability to kill but want, need and desire to kill/genocide the Army of Paul possessed. The Senate  decided to give Paul a new name and allow him to be co-Emperor along side Claudius. A few centuries later the Emperor ship of Claudius was shortened by 13 years to make Paul soul emperor eg Nero for that time. But he was co-Emperor. Even in death decades and decades later, Paul's followers were still trying to make Paul into more than he was. He suffered from paranoid identity disorder schizophrenic sociopath, simple as that. Claudius is not who you think he was, Claudius his mother and father are fictional. His real mother and father were erased from history; his real mother and father were too disturbing for the Senate to acknowledge even during his early years. He existed, he was emperor of Rome for a very long time. He was emperor on his own right from the end of Caligula’s time, when Caligula abdicated to give the throne to Claudius. Which occurred shortly after the Crucifixion. He ruled from 34 to 54 on his own. Paul had a huge amount of followers, and a huge army backing him up. The Senate had absolutely zero choice. But as the Evil Priest Paul grew more and more hurt feelings over his not being the same as Jesus, he demanded to be Emperor too. So he was given the name Nero and was co-Emperor with Claudius 13 October 54 – 9 June 68. When the Senate finally had enough and had Nero executed. If they would have executed him earlier, they could have saved the world so much trouble. He was executed upside down on a cross. Which is both much much faster, much less painful. It is also an insult to him since the Senate was mostly certain he would make a swan dive straight into hell for his enumerable crimes, might as well go to his own understanding of hell head first. Claudius was 68 years old, he went into semi-retirement. He was not executed by the Senate October 54, that is pure fiction or just add it to the very long list of Roman Senate Lies.

o  Every pharaoh and pope from 3200 bce to present were given at least one if not 5 names upon being elevated to the position of Pharaoh/Pope. This mathematics situation did not have a gap. The first Pope Simon Peter is not his original name, that is his Pope name, decades before the title of Pope would actually be written down. The first Pope Simon Peter is his appointed name, his emperor name was Claudius, his birth name was Emmanuelle. However 1100 years later, an up surging of attention from the end of the Viking Age and the Crusade's forced the Catholic Church to take a hard look at its own history. That history included a lot of Church and Cathedrals which were Roman Temples and Synagogues re-dedicated to the Catholic Church at some point post the Crucifixion. But those facts were about to become very real and very public. So to hide the fact the Paris Main Cathedral started out life as a Synagogue, they tore the original building or what was left of the original down and rebuilt a new. A 3 century distraction would put a huge damper on academics working on research regarding what the old structures of Paris actually were. Distractions are very easy for cultures used to lying to protect themselves. The harder the distraction the more the culture is afraid scholars will ask questions. Paris was one of the major hubs for the Crusade's, so their were 100,000s if not millions of soldiers and pilgrims pouring through Paris from 1070-1600s, those millions of people started to notice a Synagogue at the heart of Paris. The Catholic Church decided they had no choice but to destroy the old, rebuild new, and destroy as much of the old evidence as possible. Paintings, drawings, descriptions, etc. of that Synagogue were a special target of the inquisition when they came into Paris. Their work paid off till the 2019 fire. Which was very very likely caused by an electrical short from the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope monitoring machines in the attic. Similar machines are in St Peters Basilica and the Sistine chapel. All three courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci were working as of 1512.

·     Heirakonopolis Image result for • Hierakonpolis (although the real buildings were more than 100 feet tall, and there were dozens of them) Related image 4000 bce and the Temples of IWNW/Heliopolis aka Jerusalem

o  The city of Heirakonopolis Image result for • Hierakonpolis is linked to Noah’s Ark fleet.

o  Part of the Noah’s Fleet cargo besides the Nephilim was the Nephilim library. Which needed to be moved out of A location and relocated to Egypt. Where it was safe at least for a few centuries till a culture from Mecca invaded and had three goals.

o  one kill all who apposed them

o  two destroy the library

o  three seize control over the entire area to rule it.

o  From 3800-3200 they achieve their goals.

o  Then Pharaoh Narmer came up and in a single sequence of battles conquered them. Ushering in the age of the Pharaoh’s, which can be argued has not changed but shifted from Egypt to Rome just after the Crucifixion of Jesus.  

o   They placed part of the library of the Nephilum in the middle of the desert in deep south Upper Egypt for safe keeping.

o  That library was one of the primary goals of the invaders from Mecca circa 3800 bce. The library was of course moved north to Heliopolis soon after, but circa 3500 bce the library was forced to move again this time entirely out of Egypt. To either the Ǽgean, Italy (Samhain the future Rome), Paris, Northumberland.

o  The Heirakonopolis library is key to both the foundation of Paris which happens to be that building. That library from Heirakonopolis is also where western cultures holy books are a direct descent from. That library was until 1890 c.e. owned and managed by the Ogle family. The reams of data backing that sentence up take more than 1500 peer review citations to cover and explain. It is not a whole picture. The enemy of the Ogle family have used every trick in the book to separate the library from the Ogle family and use the library to create weapons to control the planet, and then to challenge god for supremacy over heaven.

o  For direct physical evidence of said look to the city of Tiffin Ohio, the Heidelberg Library circa 1840. The soon to be University of Heidelberg circa 1850 in Tiffin Ohio; today in America if you had a few million dollars, a full accredited staff, a full library, and an already established University you were working with/through. To obtain official accreditations, takes about 4 to 5 years. 1840 a decade or two. In the 1600s just 2 centuries previous, the Papal Bull took almost a full century to obtain approval. The Prussians out of Fort Ball applied for their accreditations previous to 1840. By 1850, the industrial revolution began within 100 miles of Tiffin. The first working steam Rail Road was in business operation about 9 miles north of Tiffin. THE First steam boats were also invented and in operation within a few miles as well. Nothing to full on technology leaps forward, in just 10 years. That technology came from the library in the possession of the Ogle family of Tiffin. They came from the Kingdom of Ogle in the English version of said Kingdom Northumberland. The British Ogles and the French had been close allies from the Trojan War till the libertine (Prussian FreiKorp) seized control over New Orleans half of Louisiana in America and then France 1750s and 1790 respectively.

o  However, the French Court of Louis XVI did not evacuate East to Germany. That is pure fiction. They evacuated west to the Arkansas river.

o  One branch of the descendants of Terah, there stated cultural goal was to attack Heaven to either convince god to make some changes or attack god and force those changes is the stated goal from  Genesis 9 the Tower of ** Babel Image result for babylon. Abraham’s father Terah attacked the Eridu ziggurat and conquered it. He used the Tabernacle of Adam System built into that building in order to challenge god for supremacy over the earth and to destroy the philosophy his descendant Jacob would bear this 12th son Judah and be the wellspring of their new name Jews. But before they were called Jews, they were called or at least before they were called Rabbi’s they were called Parissi. The name of Paris is derived from this name and concept. Prince of Troy Paris was named said as a reflection of the Parissi. Terah upon attacking Heaven using the divine tools in the Ziggurat, was rendered Electro-Magnetically Lobotomized. Which dozens if not hundreds of other leaders have had similar encounters with same technology, and they were also rendered temporarily insane. Jefferson Davis for one, he was one of the smartest Americans at the start of the war by the end he could not write a coherent sentence. It took him years to regain part of his mind. I can name dozens of others but that is not the point. 


·     Tabernacle of Adam System is the architectural foundation where King Solomon's Temple was build from**

o  The builders of King Solomon's Temple built as closely as possible an exact copy of the Temple of IWNW which itself was close to an exact copy of the Temple structure in Heirakonopolis. The third floor of said Temple which is more of a Kaaba than a traditional wood frame structure, holds the Amber Room. That Amber room when compressed releases electricity. At the center of Mecca used to be a collection of 4 Kaaba around a central fountain, however due to editing and other inappropriate interaction with a divine tool the architecture was changed to reflect man’s ego and arrogance rather than what the original floor plans were. The fountain “oasis” was removed, and the 4 Kaaba were reduced to 1. Which became the head of the ATEN of Islam. Image result for aten of ra

o  The collection of temples or Kaaba was originally built as an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. That Telescope has direct ties to Noah’s Fleet of ships. All the churches and Cathedrals which are from the Sistrum design which includes Notre Dame are all part of the same Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope design.

o  The Largest problem is; evidence wise there is a direct connection between Adam and Eve being forced out of Heaven, the descent from Heaven to Earth, through a process of different gates, finally landing on Earth in order to create civilization on Earth. The story was altered by megalomaniacs who could not get past their own my will is gods will, so what god says I need to enforce, even if that enforcement means being violent up to and including murder. The murders are god’s will. Interesting how “god’s” will and the wants, needs, and desires of megalomaniac sociopaths is one in the same.

o  The Journey from Heaven to Earth might have included either angels (Electro-Magnetic waves) and or some type of structural fleet. Said Fleet is reference in the Futhark Character Pertho or P, which if you turn Pertho 90’ counter clockwise it takes on the shape of a Nordic Long Boat Image result for aten of ra Related image. Which the Vikings did use, but the technology existed long before the Vikings were a thing.

o  A ship and or a fleet of ships has been part of monotheism since the beginning. The structures which were legendarily built by Adam were designed and built with materials with an extremely high concentration of quartz, that they are by default an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. A fleet and an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope combine with the Noah’s stories including the Noachite Rite, then combine with Jacob building a for a missing better terminology Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope aka Jacobs Ladder for angels/Electro-Magnetic waves to assend and descend from Heaven.

o  Same as in FreeMasonry, you have the Grand Lodge (the Flag ship) and the lodges connected to that Flag Ship. Hence why York Rite is a Navy thing. The Grand Commanders of York Rite are commanding the Flag Ship of Noah.

o  Let this point be made with extreme clarity. The Flag Ship of each jurisdiction is the Grand Lodge, all measurements are from the 0000 of the Grand Lodge out to the different Lodges. A map of each jurisdiction and their associated Lodges will spell out their own numbers converted to letters. Those letters built into words, sentences, paragraphs, etc. The numbers of each community as the community changes built into larger and larger numbers become letters sequences. For example the Lodges of the confederate south, those  lodges which were previous to 1860, those Lodges operate under three separate counts. Count 1 from 1776 to 1861, from the date that state defected from the Union, and the date that state rejoined the union.

o  The Lodges of the Americas if you want to get technical about it although more than a little difficult since reports from the 1700s are not exactly easy to come by, and were in parts either not created at all, or were propaganda to make the current leaders happy. Example the amount of political spin done for Nixon and say Andrew Jackson in some cases makes a centrifuge’s rpm slow in comparison. Texas those lodges have been under the Grand Lodge of several jurisdictions; France, England, Mexico for a time, Texas as its own country, the state of Texas, the confederacy, back to America. Texas has lots and lots of fixed point counts. New Mexico has even more since for a few decades New Mexico was also part of Texas. Colorado has been part of Louisiana, Mexico, Texas, Kansas, and finally its own Grand Lodge. The country of France has been under enumerable self and other government entities of control. Itself, Rome, Self, Merovingian, Frank Kings, the Holy Roman Empire, Prussian Control, the Third Reich, itself, etc. each of those have had their own unique numbers convert to letters sequences. France itself formerly Ga’al, was and is still part of the counts which affect Notre Dame. Since the footers and foundation of the Building of “The Lady” date back to the Trojan War. Possibly previous to said, the plan was not a mystery. The evacuation of the Trojans out of Agamemnon’s way was well known what the Hyksos were going to do. Part of the plan was written into the Mythical tails of Hercules, who challenged King Priam, King Priam obviously lost. One of the tasks of Hercules.

o  The problem with the tail of Hercules is, it was translated from a language the Hyksos/Avaris and Hebrew (not Jews) intentionally destroyed. So they could control the message.

o  They also change the end of his story to make themselves feel better. His actual story hurt the Philistines and Romans feelings, so they had to change it.

o  What does Hercules have even the slightest thing to do with Notre Dame.

o  After his final task, which has been lost to time.

o  Hercules joined the Trojan War on the wrong side according to those who controlled him. He joined on the side of the Trojans. As the renamed Priam indicates.

o  He joined the Battle, and was a formidable opponent in the battle for the length of time he was present. But the decision was made that he needed to help escort the refugees out of the Ǽgean to Italy. Which he happily did, where he met some of the Philistine Soldiers who had been retasked to the new location. He fought with them for the rest of his life. His fighting allowed those like Paris, Helen, etc. to evacuate Italy for what would become France. That country name changed circa 700 ce or about 2000 years after the Trojan War, when the Frank Kings invaded to head off a Muslim Invasion of the area circa 710 ce. Although the history if much more complex than this very  short description. The Battle of Tours Oct 10, 732 AD – Oct 11, 732 AD was the result.  The Frank King who stopped the invasion cold in its tracks was Charles Martell “The Hammer” he went into battle with a claymore, think Mel Gibson in Braveheart but this actually happened. William Wallace did not go into battle with a Claymore, nor did most of the events depicted in the movie happen that way. The Kings son was that way, but his wife was about 8 at the time. Not the early 20s woman as depicted. Charles Martell’s Grandson far surpassed his grandfathers political and military victories. He was renamed Charles the Great; he spent lots of time in the Synagogue which was torn down 400 years later to make Notre Dame. Charles the Great has a French translation Charlemagne.

o  Without the final tasks of Hercules; the end of the Trojan War, the founding of Alba Longa, Helen and Paris to the city of Paris might not have occurred. Or occurred as easily.

o  Hercules came through with extremely fine form, based on the events which occurred for the next 577 years after the Trojan War. How the Philistines reacted and how badly they wanted to erase all traces of the Trojan War. They worked for 2000 years to make the Trojan War occur about 770 bce, which is abjectly pure fiction with less than a quark amount of evidence to support it. But the Romans sold it as fact till Heinrich Schliemann found it again in the late 1800s.

o  The Trojan plan is only a slightly modified version of the nephilum plan from 3800 bce, which has been put into effect in the following years.

o  3500*

o  2900

o  2100 Hyksos invade Egypt, obliterate as much of the evidence left by the Old Kingdom aka the Ogle family as they possibly could. What they could not destroy from 2100-1530, when they took over again after the death of King Tut (at their hands) they name changed to Avaris and kept erasing any and all evidence of the Old Kingdom and the Jews in Egypt.

o  1330 the battle of troy and the end of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty one event taking place in a dozen locations. Including Troy, Italy, France, etc.

o  800

o  300

o  50

o  30 ce the Crucifixion

o  50 ce the aftermath of the founding of the Church and the Evil Priest Paul

o  60 Emperor Vespasian who absolutely hated in all ways Jews and Christians; to him the only good Jew was a slave for decades and or dead.

o  125 the Bishops of Lyon and his abject hatred of the message of Jesus/Simon Peter.

o  etc. 

o  The plan is in basic a well coordinate effort to use the shape of the ATEN to Evacuate from one location and end up in fixed locations, so that later generations can find you. Or find traces of your existence. Paris, Notre Dame being the 0000 of Paris is the Touching Limb of the end of the ATEN circle.

o  Image result for aten egypt


o  Image result for aten egypt


o  A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

o  The disk at the top would be Egypt, the hands at the bottom are holding specific locations. Those specific locations, one of them is Paris. **

o  The science which became the location of Paris, is the B point from an A from Heliopolis in Egypt. That science has a dictionary built in, based on the roadmap the ancients build into the architecture they left behind.

o  We have an ability to reverse engineer parts of the dictionary the Old Kingdom/Ogle family used to find new locations. That library has a name in mythology, that name is the Akashic field and the associated Akashic library. Which has direct ties to Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Wilhelm Wundt, and of course the Book of Mormon, and the first modern textbook on Psychology. The First Modern Textbook on Psychology based on the facts that it was written from notes Wundt started as a 10-year-old between first Oliver Cowdery and then Joseph Smith. The three males spent times sitting in a room together pouring over ancient documents translating them. With the boy between them, metaphorically. Those notes have so much influence from the Book of Mormon the field can say it is in part the child of Mormonism. Although 1823-1844 version of Mormonism and the 1850-present version of Mormonism are two entirely different things in almost every conceivable aspect. The Book of Mormon is hugely if not mostly influenced by the Ogle family of Tiffin Ohio. The same thing which occurred to the message of Jesus occurred to Joseph’s work, Jesus message turned evil with the Paul. Joseph’s message turned Evil through the hands of B.Y.. But the Akashic field and its library have been a centralized part of the Ogle family for most of the history of western civilization. The Ogles assisted for decades the formulation of the LDS church, but instantly had zero to do with the church after 1844. The Ogles helped Smith, but rejected outright Young’s evil. What does this LDS, Psychology, etc have anything at all to do with the Cathedral of Notre Dame; where do you think some of the books the Sorbonne at Notre Dame went during some of the really nasty battles and political actions done against the Parissi. Those books had to be removed to safe keeping in order to avoid being destroyed by any number of groups, up to and including the Vatican.

o  The math of Ǽrdology which is science of how to translate the Akashic field and library,  is not exactly difficult to follow if you pay attention to the first rule of mathematics. Measure too and from fixed points. **

o  fixed point A, would be where Heliopolis used to be. Fixed point B is Notre Dame. So we know the exact locations of both of those fixed points. We know the compass heading with North being top. We know the distance between Heliopolis and Notre Dame. Those factors produce a sequence of numbers. Those numbers when translated into letters, create words. Those words were used so that when this mathematical discipline was rediscovered, the cities, buildings, temples, etc. built from the past would act as a dictionary to rebuild their ancient Indo-European Language. **

o  All we need to do is use a computer program to input all of those details in for each of the key cities and buildings in direct association with the Old Kingdom and their descendants, program in how to translate the numbers into letters, how to sequence the numbers so that the letters do not come out an alphabet soup. Then begin to translate the grouped letters into words.

o  Of course with a computer what took the ancients 1000s to 10,000s of mathematicians and entire lifetimes to crunch the numbers, would take a computer a few hours or so.

o  The program would start to spit out word combinations almost instantly. Repeat words, repeat word sequences, etc. till the ancient language began to appear through the close to infinite number of letters present.

o  However, this discipline scared the Hyksos to the point of mass paranoid delusion.

o  With several computers working on different aspects of the combinations at the same time, we can find words and word combinations which the ancients could only hope to find on occasion. We could find them within a few years of crunching the numbers. That expanded dictionary would be on the extreme side of really interesting to learn about.

o  but there is something else which is on the rather difficult side to deal with, for western thought. The translation key is not just a sequence of characters. F U Th A R K G W H N I J Ǽ P Al S T B E M L Ing O D; each of those characters is itself a word with very specific meanings. Those meanings will assist in the translations of those word combinations.

o  Instead of seeing erjk, go by 100,000 times, with zero context as to what it might mean. E R J K all have meanings. E= movement, R = physical motion, J time, K flame or non-sun generated light/basic education. A starting point for the dictionary. Yes the J in Jeru means “Time” well “the time of the start of a new day”, but in general time. The Gods City of Time is how Jerusalem translates from Futhark  and Hebrew into English. Salem/Opolis means Sacred City, so Gods City.

o  Now the really interesting part. Those letters are also time sequences. Those words will build a map which points to specific sequences in the structure of time.

o  Consequently, the Hyksos could not handle any of this type of information, they spent the entire time they were in charge of anywhere they were in charge violently suppressing any and all reference they could find about it.

o  The Hyksos cannot stand being told “No” by anyone up to and including god. They are by nature a genocidally violent culture, who have little problem at all in jumping to violence the second their feelings are hurt. Which Victor Hugo wrote said caricature into his Minister of Justice antagonist (the guy who enjoyed punishing the protagonist Quasimodo regularly for years), who was a pure hard core sadist and likely pedophile against the books protagonist Quasimodo. However, a caricature is not specific to one person, but specific of a systemic problem the begat of Paul have had in the priesthood since day one. Paul hated most things, but females topped the list after Jesus/Simon Peter of course. Paul suffered from Personal Identity Disorder similar to Mark David Chapman, who was completely convinced that he was John Lennon, so he must kill the real John Lennon in order to maintain his schizophrenic self-delusion. If Paul had only been removed from the situation early on, the entire function and structure of the Roman Catholic Church would be entirely different. In fact removing Adolf would not be the goal, removing Paul would also remove Adolf. There is a solid chance that if Paul was removed before he rose to power, Notre Dame would not be 850 years old but be 3300 years old. The Original Synagogue would still be in place.

o  The Industrial Revolution would have started in 40 ce, which would have allowed boots on the moon in 150 ce. Or shortly after Hadrian built his Wall to keep Roman Army casualties down. Instead of a genocidal war with the Ogle family on the north side of the Wall, the flag of Rome would be on the moon. It would not have been there since 1969 but 150 ce. Although that timeframe is not correct since the NAZI’s had the plans for the Saturn 5 rocket in the 1930s but were prevented from using them. Van Braun refused to tell anyone in authority about his plans for his big rockets. So instead of launching in 1940 he had to wait till 1960.

o  No matter how old, the building itself Notre Dame is that Flag Ship of Noah or Noah’s Ark of Paris.

·     The Synagogue of Princess Helen of Troy to become Lady/Queen of the city and her husband Paris

o  1330 – 50 bce very likely the same building was used till 1140 ce as a Palace/Cathedral after the Christians moved out of Italy. It was a Palace from 1330-1140, then the Throne was moved to the Louvre. Then in 1680 was moved to Versailles. Which was the definition of the largest mistake the French could have made. The Monarchy would be removed from power totally just a touch over a century.

o  The Journey of Helen from an unknown birth date and location is difficult to determine. However, what is known based on fictional accounts written more than half a millennia after her death can somewhat be trusted.

o  Looks like based on the evidence Notre Dame previous to 1100 was the Palace/Cathedral for Paris.

o  It shared double duty as the Royal Residence, a reconstituted Synagogue to Catholicism, and the cities seat of Government.

o  A memorial to the lost Jews of the city is on the other side of the same island that Notre Dame sits on. 

o  The Cathedral of Notre Dame not the first building of Paris, but within a few hundred feet of the first buildings of Paris. That 850 year old structure which had a bad fire which set off the first fire alarm 2019 4 15 1720 local time, is not the first nor the third grand Temple/Church/Cathedral on that specific footprint.

o  The first was built shortly after the Trojan War, it was dedicated to Helen of Troy. The Grand Dame (Lady/Queen) of the city, area, and country. The assumption regarding it was named to Honor the Alma Mary is the Parissi part. Both Helen and Mary were both educated in the same field of mathematics. That field of Mathematics is similar if not exactly the same as the ATEN mathematics mentioned above, and strongly covered at the bottom of this document. Measure from 0000 in this case somewhere in Egypt or Samhain to Paris. Those numbers convert to letters, and those letter combinations make words, etc. till you have chapters and sequences of information in chapter format. That is an entire discipline of information which the name Parissi is one languages name for it, another language name is Alma. Which languages is a great guess, but only a guess. We do not know what specific language to attribute it to, since circa 1000 years previous to the Nativity or about the time of the Trojan War’s aftermath. The Hyksos, Avaris, Dorians, Hebrews, Agamemnon’s people aka the Philistines, etc. got together and decided that they would erase all ancient languages to prevent the Jews from reforming what they used to have. Moses and the rest decided that they needed to destroy all but the select languages they chose to either keep or create to control the flow of information post the Trojan War. They did not want another Jewish uprising, so to destroy any future slave revolts they erased their languages and as much of their cultures/heritage/traditions/ceremonies/rituals/etc. as possible. Then they would be forced to either live nomadically or follow the dictates of their slave masters.

o  The Lost tribe of the Jews had other ideas and a large enough army and cultures to resist, least for the next 3200 years. The Grand Dame of Paris is a reference to said knowledge which Mary and Helen were both trained in.

o  Her husband was Paris, for her whole life. They evacuated out of Troy, traveled to Samhain for a bit, then headed to their namesake city. Which Julius Caesar simply kept that name. Although he did place as much of the captured libraries he had in his possession in that city as well as the “librarians” although they used the name Parissi which is where Paris’ name derives from.

o  Serious side note to the libraries Caesar possessed. When he invaded Egypt, he ordered the materials taken out of the building. The great library at Alexandria was in fact saved, but what was not saved was the empty building. The empty building is what was destroyed. However most of the contents were shipped to Northumberland and apparently Paris. The Alexandria Egypt Caretakers went with there “precious” cargo to Paris and continued their work. Although some of the materials were sent to Rome to keep the Senate happy, but surprise and shocker the Romans lied about the library.

o  So they could then spent the next century or so “inventing” all those things and associated technology. They lied so they could Bragg about how great and wonderful they were. Obviously the circa 1300 bce – 100 ce Notre Dame played a huge roll in that library and for a time was a storehouse for said library till accommodations could be built. Although in all hard reality, this has been part of a larger grander plan for decades to centuries previous. Enter Julius Caesar as a young teenager, about 14 years old. The Senate was hoping he would be killed on the way. A hope the Senate continued to advocate by sending him on dangerous mission after dangerous mission from 14 – to just before his execution.

o  As a younger teenager Julius Caesar was sent to the Anatolia Peninsula specifically to the Kingdom of Bithynia, to negotiate with King Nicomedes IV Philopator. To have Nicomedes work with the Roman Empire on various and assorted details.

o  While he spent years and years in the kingdom of Bithynia, Julius Caesar convert to Judaism. The evidence of said is that he spent from his teenage years a few days/weeks before his last breath denying he had a homosexual relationship with the King.

o  Wow the Romans lied, shocker. The Roman culture did not have much if any real problem with homosexuality, more than a few of its citizens were openly homosexual. Not only that, but many of them had a harem of young girl/boys depending on the persuasion of the person keeping them as slaves. This was not frowned upon, it was just part of Roman life. You can find countless drawings and artwork depicting every imaginable position of homosexual sex out in public. So if you can easily find said images around almost every block in the entire Roman Empire, why would Caesar deny the homosexual sex with Nicomedes. He often denied it both verbally hard and physically hard. He would fight people who made too much of a spectacle about it. But that king and Kingdom were primarily Jewish. Jewish Kingdoms did exist in small pockets in and around the known world. Caesar was sent to that Kingdom to negotiate. Where he converted to Judaism. Well followed his ancestors and retook up the family faith. Unfortunately said faith was for the most part illegal in Rome. He could only serve on the Jewish counsel but not be an actual senator. Or any type of higher office.

o  His plan was Emperor. Which was entirely unacceptable in all ways, shapes, and forms to the Roman Senate.

o  He came back from Antonia Peninsula a changed man and a hard target threat to the Roman Senate. They tasked him with partnering with Marcus Crassus to chase down Spartacus and his men and kill them all. A task Caesar used against the Senate which would in about 3 decades come around and bite them hard.

o  However this was an extremely well planned out event which had been in the works for decades before Spartacus was born. The Julii and the Lucia families were both from strong Jewish families who had been in Samhain for centuries to millennia previous to the birth of Agamemnon. They stayed in Rome to follow that part of the Plan.

o  The Plan was to undermine the eventually renamed Roman Senate and to replace it with Imperial Rome, then hand the Reigns over to the head of all 13 tribes of Israel.

o  The Plan worked for about 3 decades then the Senate and its military countered the entire plan and destroyed most if not all records of what actually happened.

o  Part of the Plan or at least that part of the Plan would convert Rome back to being Samhain, which direct physical evidence can be found in the Caesars renaming the city “The Eternal” city which has the same meaning as Samhain in Gaelic. But that part of the story is much longer and more complicated, and specific to Rome, not Paris. Paris had its own special things similar. It is in part a storehouse of information, a new Alexandria Library; but not openly advertised as such. enemies are all around, and enemies want the secrets for themselves and to use those secrets to destroy any and all who question their authority. Example the Prussians and the Russians; very tyrannical cultures to say the absolute least.

o  Back to the slave revolt of Spartacus,  who would play a huge part in the convergence back to Samhain.

o  Spartacus was not an enemy of Caesar or Crassus, they had been working together since before the revolt occurred. Immediately after the revolt, Spartacus headed straight to Mount Vesuvius, where he found tons of food and supplies.

o  Spartacus went to Mount Vesuvius, rested, regrouped, and started negotiating with the Romans. The negotiations were how much money would it take to buy freedom for himself and all of his Thracians and some of the other helpers he picked up along the way. He also needed to know which enemies estates needed to be destroyed and there treasuries confiscated. He was provided that information. As his rebellion expanded, he collected a huge portion of civilians and of course warriors. As the slave army moved north, they hit the alps a huge portion of the civilians and of course the warriors split off to scout out mainland Europe. They scouted out and reported back on occasion. Those reports were handed to Caesar, in several years when he launched his campaign into Ga’al, he had years and years of reports from Europe regarding positions of all the cities, troops, defenses, etc. he had years to plan out every battle he encountered. Spartacus’ scouts also reported back that they had made contact with friendly cities like Paris and most if not all of them were ready, willing, and able to become Romans to serve the greater plan good.

o  After the revolt was over and the Senators relaxed, they had time to think and realized that large chunks of Spartacus’ army evacuated to Europe, through the Alps. This was unacceptable since they feared a regrouping and to take revenge on the execution of Spartacus. They feared an invasion from the north.

o  So they decided that they would give Caesar command of his own army and sent them north to conquer Ga’al.

o  In Ga’al Caesar entered Paris as a Hero to the people. He gave then portions of the library he had with him. And any help he could give. Paris at the time was a huge thriving city, despite what the Romans said it was either just a primitive collection of tents or it was not much at all. Shocker the Romans lied.

o  Caesar spent a considerable amount of time in Paris and very likely in the Synagogue of Notre Dame. It would be interesting to find out if the marble floor was rebuilt or is original to the 3300 year old portions of the building. It would mean Caesar himself walked on that floor. He obviously had been in the sub-portions of that building. The parts which were older than 50 bce.

o  Back to Spartacus.

o  Spartacus was not killed in the battle, that is abjectly pure fiction. Shocker the Romans lied.

o  Spartacus and his men purchased their freedom and merged into Roman life with little trouble. It is amazing what the Senate would do if you showed them enough money. Spartacus purchased a collection of estates not far from the city proper and began to prep for the next phase of the Plan. Most if not all the estates he purchased at an extra price on top of buying his freedom were estates he had already conquered and were sitting their empty. He had in some cases already given the estates treasury to the Romans, so what is a little bit more money to the Senate to have the property deeds.

o  back to Caesar and over a decade later.

o  Julius Caesar would invade Britain in a bit over a decade, go to about 10 miles from Ogle castle and negotiate with the Ogle family.

o  Those negotiations let to his marriage to Cleopatra. Their son Caesarian was born 9 months later.

o  Shocker the Romans lied about the whole thing.

o  Paris was the Royal Liaison with that specific group of people who were in charge of the library since 4000 bce Heirakonopolis.

o  Back to the Trojan War.

o  this document skips around a lot because it is part of showing the plan, it is also part of showing the exact same behavior patterns from the enemy. They are greedy, but they lie as much as they are greedy. Show them enough money, and let them be sadistic to who they want to be, and they will do just about anything you want them to do. But inform them their actions are bad, and you will have a permanent enemy. Just give bad people what they want and they will be your ally forever. This is a 100% consistent theme of the descendants of the Hyksos; they are completely convinced they are good godly people. But they perform the most horrific crimes against humanity and still convince themselves they are good.

o  Some facts; Menelaus never saw Helen, was never within half a mile of her, and 1000s of troops were between her and him for the length of the war. Shocker the writers of the Iliad and Odyssey lied; same culture lied, when they name changed to Romans they continued to be pathological liars. Also Megalomaniacs.

o  The Odyssey takes place from Troy to Italy and back. The battles in Italy the Philistines lost for the next 570 years. Odysseus was part of the Philistines, he was not highly ranked. His job was to corral the Jews in the slave shield wall.

o  He wanted her, he wanted to seize the throne of Egypt away from the Hyksos Pharaoh of Egypt at the time, the bran new 19th dynasty, and the way he wanted to do that was by marrying Helen the Great Granddaughter of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten. The Granddaughter of Meritaten, and the daughter in law of Meketaten Meritaten’s direct younger sister.

o  But the rest is pure fiction. Helen was never married to Menelaus, she never saw him. She was never within half a mile of him. She married Paris in the city of ATEN, which 700 years later the name was altered by adding an H after the t and ‘s to make it personal possessive. Athens was the result. Athens the 0000 of the Ǽgean, but it would not have that title for centuries to millennia after 800 bce. A picture containing text, map

Description automatically generated

o  Politics is strange.

o  Politics is even stranger when you have ignorant Politian’s who are both greedy and sadistic. They find science and education an enemy that makes them look back and hurts their feelings. So they attack academics till academics makes them feel good about being ignorant.

o  Part of what the Hyksos hate is their soul level not being able to grasp the functions and structures of Ǽrdology. They had no idea the two primary functions of the city layout work regarding the mathematics.

o  Drawing a line from the 0000 out, this wedge is this character. The Characters in a 360 arc have two characters. The primary has 15 secondary characters inside it; the Hyksos and their descendant cultures simply cannot grasp this concept. So since they feel ignorant, it hurts their feelings, they turn those hurt feelings into violence and a need to destroy both the science and the people who know it.

o  As stated Notre Dame is the 0000 of Paris, which means that is the fixed point at the very center of Paris. The circle starts from Notre Dame.

o  Other cities have their own 0000.

o  Athens for example its 0000 is debatable. Since the Parthenon itself was not even close to the first building in Athens. Athens by then was about 2500 years old, according to Socrates.

o  The Parthenon building dedicated to Athena; take off the H and the last A, makes ATEN the first Egyptian Deity who was a singular deity till the invasion circa 3800 bce.

o  Athens previous to Theseus was called Poseidon, but what was it called before that.

o  The Aten has the same shape and with all that quartz in the materials used to build the cities is a synapse.

o  You have 1000s if not 10,000s of cities, with extremely high concentrations of Quartz used in the building materials. 10,000 or more cities with said parameters. Each city becomes a Synapse, which means those collections of cities are a neuropathway.

o  Which based on the evidence and engineering specifications, that neuropathway which generated electricity based on the suns thermal dynamics. Those cities collectively could think.

o  The ATEN is in the same shape as a Synapse in the Brain. Brings up some very interesting academic questions about the sun and if the sun can generate thought. All the same mechanisms are present in a synapse and coming off of the Sun. Not to mention the other word for sun which is star, specifically when you bring up the concept of both the physics of the Morning Star or sunrise, and the biblical version which is Light Bearer Morning Star. An indication of thinking is built into that format of writing.

o  Remember when I said the Hyksos and the Hyksos parent culture this type of research hurt their feelings. They lie all the time and want to destroy both the research and the scholars involved. Want more clear evidence of said lies and destruction of scholastics.

o  You need to look no further than the thermal dynamics of the “Rising Sun” when the Heat (bearer) from the Sun/Star hits that portion of the Planet, it brings both heat and light. The thing which brings light, which is the name and definition of “The Morning Star” or gods first and most trusted angel. The Hyksos lie and deceive as a matter of course. This document has pointed out about 50 of the ones which directly or secondarily relate to Notre Dame, but there are enumerable others which the Hyksos have told. Literally the “Morning Star” the sun rising over the horizon is the “Father of lies”. Psychology calls that “The Mirror Effect” the person or group cannot admit their own junk so they blame their junk on something else. They mirror their junk and mistakes on something else so all that is wrong can be blamed on the “other thing”. The thing being blamed. The 1130 destruction and reconstruction of the current Notre Dame structure is part of that behavior pattern.

o  Helen and Paris left to built/rebuild what would be come Paris. They lived rather happily in their named for the library and the caretakers of the library city. Building the city and of course collecting scholars to build up the family library again. Those scholars and library eventually formed the base of the Sorbonne Paris. As well as a dozen other world class schools. The Sorbonne originally almost exclusively taught what Ǽrdology used to be called. Although Ǽrd is German for Earth; it would have been spelled at least after Latin was invented circa 600 bce Terreology.

o  In Gaelic Talmhainnology. Which is more than a mouthful, and extremely difficult to use in a common language format.

o  Would be very interesting to return to the Sorbonne the teachings and lessons of Ǽrdology. The education the place was founded to teach, then removed during the Medieval Ages by the priests and court system. Which is in part what Victor Hugo was pointing out. The main character in Hugo’s book was specifically crowned “king of the day of fools” which based on which calendar and said is either May 1 or April 1. But That is before 1582 when the new calendar was adopted.

·     Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope of Paris

o  The Extreme level of Marble used to build the main Royal and Religious structures of Paris match the design and layout of most Synagogues and early Catholic Churches. They copied the same design from the Egyptian Pyramids. As well as Egyptian Temples. The Egyptian Pyramids are an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. They operate based on thermal dynamics, expansion and compression of quartz.

o  But their layout is based on the character sequence of the Elder Futhark, and Younger Futhark being the months and days of each month respectively.

o  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ec/Palais_de_la_Cite.jpg/350px-Palais_de_la_Cite.jpg

o  Palais de la Cité was obviously a rather large structure of buildings, walls, Temples, Palaces, etc on the west side of the Island, the east was Notre Dame which was itself a huge collection of buildings, temples, synagogues, Palaces, libraries, Schools, etc. the middle was for residences and farming.

o  The Romans took up residency all but immediately. Which means their was enough constructed that they moved into already in existence buildings. but did the usual Roman “I built this” in record time. A building which would take decades to centuries was built in less than 20. Romans love to brag.

o  All evidence points to this Island is similar to Venice; these structures were a purpose built copy of King Solomon's Temple complex. Which itself was a copy of Noah’s Ark, which itself was a copy of the Garden of Eden. The problem is, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that the basic engineering repeated 1000s and 1000s of times is also a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Which also happens to have the same architecture and engineering of a Synapse in the brain.


·     Roman Temple

o  50 bce – 150 c.e..

o  Although the Romans most likely allowed the Parissians to keep their temple/Synagogue as it was. It is much easier to control a population and allow them to not fight against taxes if you keep their life as close to what they had as possible. The only thing Caesar cared about was to keep as much info from the Senate as possible. So his allies in Europe were instructed to just do their thing and not make waves. The less waves they created, and poured money into the Roman Treasury, the Senate was happy. It is very likely the Grand Temple/Synagogue which was torn down in 1130 was the original Helen of Troy Temple which was built in 1320 bce. So that temple/Synagogue torn down to be replaced by the current was almost 2500 years old when it was torn down.

·     Caesar and Spartacus

o  what could Spartacus have even the slightest nothing to do with Notre Dame. This section will explain that.

o  **

·     Caesar entered Paris as a friend and ally.

o  He entered and the politics of Paris was rather strained at best. The Parissi were entirely in favor of the Roman situation, however a portion of the population who were residence and possibly even born in Paris, but were not descendants of the Trojans Parissians, objected to in the strongest terms. 

o  Their objections to the Roman Empire led to them aligning themselves with the Ga’al war lord Vercingetorix. What Vercingetorix did not know is that he was walking into a trap decades in the planning and execution. He had no chance.

o  However Caesar needed him and his allies to think they had won the first battle. So instead of crushing him right off, he allowed Vercingetorix to think he had won. Then retreated, forcing Vercingetorix to follow him. Where he then counter attacked and obliterated all resistance. But the winning against the Romans and regrouping after presented several  of Vercingetorix secret ally presented themselves, Caesar was able to seek them out and remove them from being a problem later on. Best way to remove a future enemy is make them think you lost.  They have little control over their behavior to not react and gloat.

o  However after the Vercingetorix was forced to surrender, he was taken to Rome and executed as an enemy of the state in close to the exact same position all other “Enemies of the State” were put on trial in the Forum just outside the Senate Chamber.

o  Where he like all but two of the rest were executed for the crime of Treason.

o  The only two not directly executed close to that exact spot were the younger sister of Cleopatra a young teenager kidnapped from the Temple of Athena in Athens, and of course Jesus Christ. He was executed about a mile to the north on what was to be the Vatican Hill in Latin, in Arabic it was called The Rock of Mars, in Hebrew Mount Zion.

o  The Parisians embraced Caesar and gave him a Kings welcome. The others were soon removed from being a problem. 

·     Catholic Church

o  150-1130*

o  Palais de la Cité https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ec/Palais_de_la_Cite.jpg/350px-Palais_de_la_Cite.jpg the amount of actions which occurred on that island from 50 bce to 1130 are extreme to the max of interesting. The west side Synagogue was modified a lot but by the early 1400s the Renaissance had taken hold of Italy and Europe.

o  IN huge part thanks to in part the Sorbonne in Paris, which part of the classrooms were Notre Dame. The renaissance hit France as hard as it hit Italy. In Italy much to the rage and hatred of the Vatican till about 1490 when they suddenly began to change their minds about the benefits to the church and each individual cardinal.

o  Julian the Apostate was living in that Palace on the west side of the Island when he was elected to be the next Emperor of Rome. Specifically the co Emperor or the emperor of the western empire. His cousin was emperor of the east in Constantinople.

o  He ruled The Empire for a time in that Palace, which has been since obliterated. It was obliterated around the middle to end of the 1400s.

o  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/Palais.des.rois.Paris.png/300px-Palais.des.rois.Paris.png

o  Portions of the Palace are still in existence. However a large chunk of it was leveled and turned into a public square.

·     Hypatia born 350 ce

o  She was born in Alexandria Egypt, and was associated with the library/university her entire life. She was a student and then teacher from a young age till she was forced to evacuate a few months before a bloody revolution, where she was one of the main targets of the begat of Paul who absolutely and desperately wanted to kill her. She was one smarter than them by a lot, and two she was a Jew who refused flat out to convert to the ways of Paul. Shocking the Romans lied about her, wow can you imagine the Romans lying? Two sins which were to the begat of Paul absolutely unforgivable; they all deserved to be executed in vile and disgusting fashions and burn in the deepest bowls of hell for their crime of refusing to follow the teachings of Paul.

o  She rose to the ranks of Head of the Mathematics Dept at the library and produced some of the most exciting math's and equations those in the know had ever seen. Unfortunately her papers were top of the list to find and destroy when the revolution broke out. But Hypatia and a lot of her papers were evacuated out of the city months before hand. A dying woman with some type of disease was put in her place and she was killed, likely some prostitute dying of syphilis. Hypatia had in basic three choices, she could go to Paris, Constantinople (not a good choice, but still better than death), or New Castle in the Kingdom of Ogle. She likely chose either or both New Castle and the Sorbonne. But she had to do her work under a pseudonym.


o  The last months of her documented life are pure fiction. Same fictions told about Cleopatra by the same culture the Roman’s. She was simply too valuable.

o  She would have been either forced into a ship, drugged and placed on a ship, or volunteered to go with her papers and said.

o  The ship left the Mediterranean and either went to Paris for her to continue her work, or Northumberland. Each was equally safe for her to live and continue her scholastics. Hypatia was part of the Parissi in Egypt.

o  Just because the Vatican does not like something or someone does not mean the fictions they create to make themselves feel better are based on any type of reality. Exactly the same as Cleopatra, she was not captured and she did not commit suicide. That has zero basis in reality. She like Hypatia, Helen, Paris, Hercules, etc. evacuated out of the Mediterranean and lived the rest of their lives in exile. A group of people all forced out of the Mediterranean by people with hurt feelings, over several centuries and millennia. All in some way associated with the mathematics of ancient Judaism. Which means they were all associated with the scholastic disciplines of the Parissi, or Alma in a different language.


·     Empress Helen Ogle mother of Emperor Constantine founder of Byzantium

o  Relics of Notre Dame

§  The following relics were given to the Bishop of Paris by Empress Helen on her way back to her home in Northumberland. She gave them as a gift and for safe keeping. These actions is of the absolutely more important of the relics history. Since Empress Helena did not just “find” the true cross, nails, etc. in Levant Lands. That is like most of the rest of Helena’s life fiction created by the Catholic Church to hide things which hurt The Evil Priest Paul and his followers feelings. Must not hurt their feelings, since they tent to get genocidal to reaffirm their theology and of course theocracy, supremacy over the philosophy of Jesus. They want Paul to be the Messiah, not Jesus. So they have done their absolute best over the last 2000 years to alter the story to made Paul “The Man” and not Jesus. However the evidence and linguistics is very clear.

§  Uncle to Jesus Joseph of Arimathea took the relics out of Italy and brought them to the Kingdom of Ogle to keep them from being destroyed by the evil Priest Paul, he threatened to destroy anything and all people connected to Jesus and Simon Peter. He went on a bloody war path from 8 years after the Crucifixion for the rest of his life. He hated Jesus’ followers more than Adolf hated Jews. several waves of blood filled the streets of Rome due to Paul’s followers killing any and all who they suspected of being followers of Jesus. The first 150 years of Catholicism were marked by huge and violent genocide.

Getting the relics of Jesus’ life out of Italy was priority number one. Joseph of Arimathea took them to the Kingdom of Ogle, which 800 years later was name changed by a huge and complex sequence of events from 620 to 700 ce, which culminated in the creation of the English Language. Gaelic was replaced by English in Britain. Yr hen Ogle dd was replaced by the Kingdom of Northumberland.

Joseph to Helena 40 – 300 ce was a very difficult and bloody times for Jews and non believers of the philosophy of Paul. Which the entire Ogle family were not followers of Paul. The Ogle family would not convert to Protestantism till their culture was all but obliterated as a whole thing in the 1800s, in the Americas.

Helen left the True Cross to a church in Levant Lands, taking pieces of it and delivering them to Notre Dame Paris. Which makes those specific relics seriously more likely to actually be the items in question. Since those items were never out of the possession of the Ogle family from Jesus to 330 ce. After they were in the hands of the Catholic Church. What exactly happened to them from 330-1150 is anyone’s guess.

The following items have a much higher percentage of evidence of their authenticity than all the others combined. Since these items were at least by legend in the possession of Empress Helena for a time.

·     Crown of Jesus

·     A nail from the cross

·     a piece of the original Cross of Jesus



·     The Ogle family Trade Route

o  from the Kingdom of Ogle aka Northumberland or in English, a language which would not exist till post 700 ce.

o  The Ogle family created a trade route to carry academic papers to and from each major library they had been associated with. Part of the Plan.

o  This part of the plan is about having enumerable mathematicians crunch the numbers that in todays world a computer could do all that work in a fraction of a second. The numbers, gears, etc of each specific identified thing.

o  Persons

o  places

o  groups

o  leaders

o  etc.

o  tracking what each one is doing. For places which are fixed, their counts in association with things which do move, like the days of the year, individuals motions, and or the motions of groups. Example Julius Caesar was only feet in front of old Notre Dame before it would be torn down some 1170 years later. He was x feet to y direction. Whereas the guillotine was


o  is 1.55 miles 303.50’ from 0000 of Paris/Notre Dame. Ine circle that would be

o  A picture containing map

Description automatically generatedSection L Day 400 feet clockwise from each side of the Wedge; makes L. Ll words in that area of the wedge.

o  . Working on those numbers into letters constantly allows for a collection of those counts and a larger understanding of both the structure of time and what the structure of time is literally saying. Those numbers converted to their letter equivalent create huge sequences of letters, some of those letters will have 100% dependable 100% of the time letter sequences, other letter sequences will change. In a given city on a daily basis you can depend on at least 100,000 if not pushing millions of letters to be in sequence. 100,000 if not more letters can be translated into definable language. C has structure, format, and those numbers can be translated into an understandable to humans language.

o  Part of the Ogle family trade route was about having enumerable scholars keep track of the numbers of the things in their area. Sending those documents to a couple centralized hubs to be collected and a larger millions and millions of letter collections compressed into actual library meanings. The Ogle family trade route had been in existence since before Romulus was born, but those details are far beyond unacceptable to most if not all of the accepted history of western culture. It happened but the Greeks invented Civilization fictions are still the base of how Western Culture functions.

o  That trade route regarding goods, services, papers, etc. had existed for several millennia before the end of the Roman Empire. It became famous after when Roman Naval skills and shipwright skills rose up high enough to engage farther out to sea.

o  They encountered the Ogle fleet and of course attacked, which most of the time the Romans lost and lost all hands.

o  However, the trade route continued. At least till the 1800s, when instead of winning most battles, the British Ogle family began to lose and once they started to lose they were crushed and forgotten by history within less than half a century. 

o  circa 620 ce, One specific trip to Constantinople to drop off stuff, pick up stuff, and deliver it to various locations in Northern Europe had a problem. One of the ships was attacked with an extremely well coordinated battle plan from forces from Saudi Arabia.

o  the ship was seized the papers were seized, a female crew member was also seized. They were all taken to Saudi Arabia.

o  Those papers became the basis of the Quran, the female gave birth to Fatimah the only surviving child of Mohammed, and Mohammed through is rebuilding of the Quran was able to recreate Esau’s theology again centuries after most if it was destroyed.

o  That part of the story is extremely long, detailed, complicated, and takes a huge amount of time and space to describe. But sufficient to say Fatimah after she was removed from official Muslim and Roman records did live, she lived and traveled through Paris on her way to Britain.

o  She traveled through Paris and did not enjoy her time in the city. She was under a rather extreme measure of problems. The Parissi knew about her and her theology, they were in the most violent terms against the very idea of her theology being recreated. They were as against her as they were for Caesar.


·     Fatimah the daughter of Mohamed in Paris *

o  Fatimah was forced to evacuate out of the middle east about half a step ahead of the assassins from Abu Bakr; who had direct orders to find and kill her. They were also given a second task find and destroy the body of Mohammed.

o  She evacuated out of Mecca to Egypt the last day Mohammed is said to have been alive. She took his dying body with her. Her intent was to used the ancient Noachite Rite to resurrect her father as Adam had done with Able. The first task was to go back to the location where according to some word of mouth at the time Adam had done that task in the temple of IWNW which was renamed Heliopolis by the Greeks 3300 years after it was renamed from IWNW to something else. That name was most likely Jerusalem, but to violently anti-Semitic cultures Jerusalem in Egypt is against every fiber of their being. They simply cannot accept of deal with that type of information. The Jews to them are all bound for hell. Fatimah evacuated to Egypt, then up to Alexandria after attempting to find Heliopolis. Her task failed, since Caligula had the city moved to just outside Rome proper circa 30 ce. She then traveled west to Carthage.

o  North to Italy, hwere she was able to do some stuff. She interacted with the Vatican, the Pope, Lake Nemi Ships, and a few other groups in Rome. But she had to leave.

o  She did not leave west to Iberia, nor did she travel north through the alps.

o  She traveled south back to Carthage, then further west to the crossing point between Africa through Gibraltar to Iberia.

o  She traveled north through Iberia to France.

o  In France she continued converting followers to her version of Islam.

o  then she reached Paris.

o  In about a century in the area she traveled north through the Islamic Army would be stopped at Tours and obliterated. But tours is a few dozen miles south of Paris. 

o  She did spend a bit of time in Paris. but found her message unwelcome.

o  She moved on west to Britain.

o  She traveled to Northumberland and interacted with her mother and mothers family. Who after she attempted to convert them to Islam rejected her outright.

o  Which led directly to the Pictish revolt which she commanded.

o  15 or so years later possibly 20, she left Britain one small step ahead of her mothers collective armies. Unlike Abu Bakr who took weeks to months to figure out where she went to follow her to kill her.

o  The Ogles knew where Fatimah was going to go, and where she would end up.

o  She was going to end up in Rome.

o  They followed her and battled her the whole way to Rome.

o  Where a collection of armies fought in a semi-three to four way battle.

o  main army one Fatimah, main army two the Ogles, main army three the allies of the Ogles, main army four the enemies of Fatimah she made on the way, army five interested parties attempting to cause problems for the main four and attacked anyone who they thought they could.

o  All in all a really nasty battle.

o  It ended with the top commanders on Fatimah’s side and the Ogle side Killed in Action. Fatimah and her oldest with her son (her oldest two sons did not leave Mecca with her, nor her daughter. Her fourth son is who was killed in Rome, at Lake Nemi. Her other children were sent to Constantinople). Her younger children were sent to Constantinople for safety and scholastics. Their descendants made up part of the Teutonic Knights who later name changed to Prussian.

o  The 0000 location of Lake Nemi Ships is a key thing for the foundation of the church of Jesus Christ after he was removed from the Vatican. The senate gave the Vatican aka Heliopolis aka Jerusalem to Paul to appease his rage and of course keep his sizable army in check. A few years later it was not enough and he demanded to be emperor.

o  However Jesus was forced to reform his church in the Royal Ships created by Caligula only about 10 years before. But which were reassembled in the Lake after being brought from Egypt.

o  Jesus started his ministry in what became the buildings of the Vatican, that is the 0000 of the faith and ministry of Jesus. But within 15 years he was forced to move his ministry to Lake Nemi. Yes that was after the Crucifixion and after he supposedly “Rose to Heaven” in his body. Wow, shocker, the Romans and the Vatican lied. Imagine that. Just add it to the enumerable other times the Romans and Vatican lied. Jesus became Pharaoh and was given the obligatory Raised names.

o  Fatimah knew part of this and wanted to use Jesus’ churches to resurrect her father from the Grave. She knew that the whole Levant thing was pure fiction.

o  The second 0000 of the church of Jesus is the larger of the Lake Nemi Ships.

o  What happened to them is a very long and extremely complex part of the story. Which does actually have a bit to do with Paris and Versailles.

o  The top three commanders were killed, and the location was half destroyed during the battle circa 650 ce.

·     The Viking Age and Notre Dame

o  Not only did the Vikings leave Paris alone, they provided military support a few times when the city and surrounding areas were under threat.

o  Up to and including the Battle of Tours.

o  Of course there is the invasion of France and the siege of Paris, but those stories are on the extreme side of slanted against the facts of what actually happened. In truth, Paris was under direct and hard target attack from forces of Islam from 710 forward. Paris was one of there major targets. They invaded both using spy's and subterfuge as well as at the time conventional warriors.

o  Paris and France became a huge problem because it need to be defended but from how. To remove the Islamic threat, remove the influence of the Jews, remove the remaining pagans, etc. The Vatican was only interested in telling their story and ignoring the rest which hurt their feelings. They ignored the forces from Islam, blamed a lot of issues on the remaining Pagans, and of course ignored flat out the Jews who actually owned and controlled the city. A collection of very difficult political issues and more than plentiful supply of egos to go around. The Vikings were present to keep the piece between the warring factions, some of whom had seized portions of the city. They needed to be removed because they were attempting to turn Paris into the capital of their new Caliphate which was the definition of unacceptable to the Jews who founded and governed the city. Despite the fact that the Franks were made to believe they did. They might have controlled parts of the city and had Kings of Paris, but the Parissi were still very much in charge of the city and were strong and devoted allies with the Vikings. Part of the Frank forces were allied with the Parissi the other part were at war with the Parissi. So things become confusing very quickly.

·     The End of the Viking Age

o  The Age of the Viking 680-1066 ended almost exactly on the day the forces of the Ogle army with William of Orange (North Umber/Amber/Orange Land) landed at the shores of Dover and proceeded to meet the pictish army at Hastings. The battle was over in very short order. The Pictish archers were lethal at 50 yards, the Ogle family archers long bows were lethal at 200 yards. By the time the shield walls met, the pictish army was all but obliterated. A portion of the staging and planning took place in Paris.

·     The First Crusade

o  The British and French after Hastings were forced to work together, all reports were that the Muslims were upset at losing their foothold in Britain. Violently patriarchal cultures do not react well to humiliation. Usually it is “death before dishonor”. Loosing something which the patriarchal culture has decided belongs to them, is a gave dishonor. The British and French had to work together to prevent a million man Islamic army from pushing up through Iberia and or Anatolia. So the decision was made to meet them in their lands and fight them in their backyard.

o  The First crusade was a direct result of the Ogles removing the Picts and of course their axis the Muslims from Britain.

o  The first precursor battle between the British Ogle army and the Muslim Army occurred just a few years later. Which caused the Muslim army to regroup and push harder towards Anatolia Peninsula. Where the British, French, etc. armies met and pushed the Muslims back, and back and back. They needed to protect the library at Constantinople.



·     The Archbishop of Paris  Stephen of Senlis 1123-1142


o  Demanded that the Synagogue be either destroyed and rebuild to be entirely Roman Catholic. There is a defined and solid connection between the first Crusade's 1070-1099. The second Crusade 1130-1150; this desire to destroy the old and rebuild for the “New Age” which began the Wave which eventually led to the Renaissance 1300-1700. 1300 is only 150 years after the second crusade ended.

o  The Bishop of Paris wanted to make a larger grand specifically built Cathedral so that the returning Crusaders could come back to France proud of the building and not ask questions about the building looks like a synagogue not a Church.

·     the Agreement between the Vatican and the Parissi

o  For more than a century the British, French, Parissi, and the Vatican fought over the ideas which would eventually reshape the city of Paris. Recreate Notre Dame, built the Palace Louvre, build the Sorbonne University, etc. It would also erase the original city of Paris from the island of  Île de la Cité. *

o  A picture containing cake, outdoor

Description automatically generated

o  When the Catholic Church decided to seize power over the old Notre Dame Palace/Cathedral after the embarrassing and humiliating to the Vatican events from 1066-1130; the Vatican had to make an agreement with the Parissi. The Island Notre Dame sits on was for the majority of the last 3000 years a Jewish City. However as the Franks expanded the city from a Jewish city to a major city from 700-1100, the consiquences were the Jews in Paris were under increasingly nasty pressures from the Vatican regarding their Palace/Synagogue on the Island. The Pressure hit a boiling point shortly after the end of the Second Crusade when it became obvious the Do Not Ask, Do Not Tell between the Vatican and the Parissi Jews was at an end.

o  The Agreement became, the Parissi would allow their Palace/Synagogue to be from the floor up be demolished in exchange for several considerations.

o  The Vatican proposed the Parissi can have the rest of the Island and over on the north side of the river for their new Palace (Louvre) and other needs as they arise, but your Jewish ancestry is unacceptable to us. So we must remove as many traces of said from the city as possible. Which includes most of your synagogues, unless they can be edited enough to not make them look so Jewish.

o  there was of course another problem, the Parissi are not Hebrews. They are pre-Exodus Jews. They are pre-Exodus Jews, who flat refused to join to be more slaves for Moses to torture and kill at his pleasure and the pleasure of his descendants. Which is a point of history which is an extreme sticking point for most of the major parties involved.

o  The Pre-Exodus form of Judaism has been hated by the Hebrews since the Hyksos invaded Egypt at 2100 bce, more than 700 years before the Hyksos would invent Hebrew and seek to destroy all traces of pre-Exodus Judaism.

o  Based on this evidence of this agreement between the different parties. The chances the building was rebuild post 50 bce is less and less at this point it is close to zero. Although for statistical sake there is a 1% chance the Romans or the early Catholic Church did decide to tear down the Synagogue and replace it with a Roman or Catholic Cathedral.

o  The rest of the agreement was,

o  one the Parissi would still own the land under the new Cathedral.

o  two the Vatican would pay for a replacement Palace Louvre, and other secondary Palaces and government buildings.

o  Three the Parissi would be given a charter to continue teaching from their library.

o  four the Vatican would leave the Parissi of Paris alone, not bring up the inquisition and kill the students when they felt like committing more genocide.

o  Although till after the second Crusade it was still the Royal Palace for the Kings of Paris and France. Which depending on politics was either one in the same person or two different people.  The Synagogue was so large it did not qualify as a church, it was too huge for that. This building started out as a Tabernacle of Adam System. A system means that this building is connected to other buildings through some type of connectivity through Electro-Magnetic materials. Usually marble, metal, etc. materials which conduct electricity if used correctly. For evidence of said System, look to the Forum collection of buildings in Rome Proper, a couple of acres of marble all interconnected. With at the time a huge amount of gold used to connect all the buildings in various ways. Same for Paris. Based on memory dozens if not 100s of other European cities were built with the same marble and gold inlays. Generating and conducting electricity, eg a System. Which based on its architecture and engineering is identical to brain synapses.

o  Part 5 not only would the inquisition leave the Parissi alone, the Parissi would be allowed to continue their work rebuilding their Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Despite the fact the Vatican hated the idea god could tell them “NO, DO NOT DO THAT”. Paris saw enough wars and violence that on occasion they need to rebuild the city. Rebuilding civilization is one of the major tasks of civilization, rebuild a new after nasty war lords come through and destroy to make themselves feel good. Civilization rebuilds. But the Parissi needed permission to rebuild.

·     c.1143–1159: Archbishop of Paris Theobald

o  almost nothing about this mans life is known. Even if this person was a male at all. At this point it is a 50/50 chance this person was a female.

o  This persons election to being the next Archbishop of Paris could be part of the Agreement the Parissi made with the Vatican.


·     The Second Crusade 1145 – 1149

o  A huge amount of the second crusade was planned and implemented in Paris.

o  A new push from the Muslims to invade Europe through Anatolia was on its way.

o  this one was met with a far larger force and this time the Muslims were pushed back half way through Levant lands or as you understand it is called the Middle East.

o  But the second crusade set up a huge monumental problem. The soldiers and pilgrims passing through Paris caused a lot of questions about Notre Dame does not look like the Vatican. The Vatican looks like a ship, but Notre Dame looks like a Synagogue. It was a re-consecrated place of worship from Jewish to Pagan to Christian but the old building design was still very clear.

o  Embarrassed the Archbishop of Paris and Rome got together and decided that the best course of action would be to tear down the old and build a purpose built Cathedral. 

·     Notre Dame Textbook

o  I found a textbook built into the architecture of the building. Which was entirely part of said construction during the Dark Ages. The Vatican hated education but had to start allowing it, so they compromised, turn buildings into textbooks to teach the masses the message of Christ.

o  However, the builders went far far beyond what they were supposed to do. But since most priests were not paying attention it looked pretty, so that was fine. but looking pretty and explaining complex mathematics can be one in the same. I have added almost none of that.

o  *

·      Theobald c.1143–1159:


·     Peter Lombard * 1096, November – 21/22 July 1160, Paris

o  This Archbishop of Paris 1159–1160 has been a professional student and Parissi member for years and years before he was invited into the Catholic Priesthood. Where he extremely quickly rose through the ranks to Archbishop of Paris. He is in part one of the key players who oversaw the negotiations between the Vatican and the Parissi.

·       Maurice de Sully*1160–1196

o  Lombard’s work allowed this man to take over the actual demolition of the old synagogue and rebuild from the floor up the new Cathedral. A huge portion of the world was completed in his lifetime. Although the building would not be completed for another two entire centuries.

·     The Third Crusade 1189 – 1192

o  This one included Richard the Lion Heart

o  He of course entered the, seriously under just the start of construction of the, new Cathedral on his way to Levant Lands.

·     Notre Dame

o  1130 plans began to built a new Catholic Church into a Mighty Cathedral

o  This building was built to replace the former Synagogue which stood on this site from 1320-?30 bce. Although it likely was simply re-consacrated to a Roman Catholic Cathedral. IT was too large to be a simple church.


o  Leonardo Da Vinci

§  The unofficial history of Leonardo is that he spent most of his life in France. From his childhood to death. Officially he only lived in France full time from 60-his death. The official record has him living in Italy till he was 60 immediately upon finishing his involvement with the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. However as punishment for his crimes against the state and for upsetting the dead for years Pope (Borgia) Alexander II. Leo was in charge of the planning and in part execution of the Invasion of Italy in order to remove Borgia from the Throne of St Peter. But the French King chose to act abjectly stupidly and not follow the battle plans laid out for him. The result was a sequence of catastrophic losses on the side of France. Those who were still supporters of Borgia demanded that the current Pope Julius II make an example and punish Leo and Michael as hard as they were legally allowed to. Legally also includes political will. They were not allowed to kill Leo, his Medici friends were simply too powerful,  the French court informed the Vatican they would use the original battle plan and invade Italy heading straight for Rome, if one hair on Leo’s head was harmed. but they could punish Michaelanglo and give him the credit for the Ceiling. a thing he not only hated but was absolutely disgusted by. He was a sculptor, he was a low end painter at best. He could  make an ok living as a painter, but he was a masters sculptor. But it was Leo who did the painting, it was Michelangelo who was forced to take the credit. Then Leo was forced to leave Italy for his involvement in the battle plan to remove Rodrigo Borgia from the Throne of ST Peter.

§  Borgia used the working Tabernacle System of Adam built into the old configuration of the Vatican to gain the power to put himself on the throne. His son Caesar and his daughter Lucretia were the ones who performed the ceremony to swing things into the favor of their father.

§  The behavior patterns of Borgia his son and daughter match very close to 45 and 2 of his kids. Yes 45 does have connections to a Tabernacle System, his really good friends the Koch family took at least one of them out of Russia during Operation Barbarossa. It is in their family compound in Wichita Kansas. Same with the Bush family, Sr and Jr have political power they should not have had. The details of that do run through Paris.

§  Barbra Pierce’s momma Pauline (Robinson) was in Paris just before she returned to New York as quickly as she could. She returned to New York and was all but instantly pregnant with the future Barbra (Robinson). Barbra married a naval pilot by the name George Bush, who was the son of a very rich and powerful American NAZI. Prescott Bush was a strong and vocal supporter of the Reich since they were still calling themselves FreiKorp. The Munich branch of the FreiKorp name changed in 1920, the FreiKorp Prescott was a member of had name changed in about 1750 to Tammany Hall. Which itself is a very long and complex story. After 1980 Tammany Hall name changed again to something else. But they are still spy’s for the Prussian Empire. Despite the fact the Prussian Empire had had to change locations again. Back to momma Pauline (Robinson) Pierce. She spent years traveling and studying with Alister Crowley. In the years previous to the pregnancy of Barbra Pauline had traveled with Alister almost ever step of the way. She made very infrequent trips back to America in the years previous to her pregnancy. But  most of those years were spent within just feet of Alister. Alister had a dozen ceremonies which involved intimacy with his students and followers including Pauline (Robinson) Pierce. One said ceremony had a female attendant “Mount” Alister as he laid on the alter. One said ceremony was performed in a public square; the public did not react well. Allister’s group had bounced all over Europe and Egypt for years researching and exploring the occult. Saying that Pauline performed similar ceremonies as the Borgia, Jacob with his two wives, Abraham, Noah, etc. would be a statistical likelihood. Since a huge part of the OTO’s mission has been to recreate the ancient Egyptian and Judaism ceremonies and wisdom to understand those teachings. What is not well understood by most if not all of them who study those fields is they are studying Electro-Magnetic Waves, Pulses, etc. which are connected to the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope from which the Pyramids were built to reflect said information and engineering.

§  Things become very complex and very adult quickly on this subject.

§  Leo’s life was spent mostly in France, which makes it difficult to research his existence. Since little actual evidence of his life is in Italy. The French Gov worked very hard to hide every single aspect of Leo’s life in France in order to keep the Vatican in the dark about his whereabouts. They wanted to kill him, they attempted to on several occasions very publically. It is an unknown how many assassins the Vatican sent to kill him entirely outside the public eye.

§  What could Leonardo Da Vinci have anything at all do with the “The Grand Lady/Queen of Paris” which has a double meaning. It means both Helen’s husband and the Scholastics of the Grand Library the scholars from said have the name Parissi. ** Which can also be a translation of the job Joseph had “Carpenter” since part of the job of the Parissi was to build the infrastructure of cities, which revolved around at least one if not several (depending on the size of the city) Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes. Some research will need to go into if Florence and or Milan possessed an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope, however there is little doubt at all that Venice was built around at least one. Rome possesses at least three, since they moved other Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope after conquests to Rome. Athens, Carthage, Memphis, IWNW/Heliopolis, etc. What remains of Venice’s Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope infrastructure at this point is a complete unknown. but since more than half the city is built of Marble, it is a really good bet, statistically speaking.

§  Rome, Paris, Venice were all built by descendants of the culture who knew and understood the engineering of the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Milan is a good bet, as well as Florence. Since in Florence is where Galileo was regarding his research. Research he found in the Medici Archives; courtesy of not Copernicus but Leo. The ideas were developed in Pisa, but found and worked on in Florence.

§  A reminder, those cities were founded well before 753 bce. They were conquered later by the Romans, but they were large thriving cities previous.

§  Jesus human father carpenter in there language translates to Parissi in French. 

§  The cities which Leo spent 60 of his 67 years two of them still possessed the infrastructure of an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope; Rome, and Paris of course. Florence is an extremely good bet it at some point in the past possessed an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

§  For addition direct physical evidence of said Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Leonardo spent time in the Venice School as a teacher. In that school one of his pupils was a young cocky arrogant Prussian named Nicolas Copernicus. Who stole his teachers research regarding Heliocentric universe and published it. Decades and decades later, Galileo found Leo’s work in the Medici Archives and published as well. Both men plagiarized Leo’s work. Partially because for the first the Prussians hated Jews with a passion they expressed when they performed the famous Holocaust 1922-1946. Killing millions and millions of Jews, and anyone else who questioned their authority. It is a long story, but the Prussians are NAZI’s. The Prussian Emperor approved the mission of Adolf to infiltrate the DAP, change its name, and conquer the world. So that the Third Reich could take all the blame and the Prussians could simply slip back into the clandestine shadows and keep working on their white supremacy stance. Copernicus not mentioning Leo’s work is further evidence that Leo was a Jew, not just Italian. Galileo on the other hand the Vatican was still very angry with Leo 60 years after his death. They still felt a need to punish Leo despite the fact no one was still alive who had interacted with Leo. Leo would have been a 60 year old man when they were small children to allow them to be only 60 to 70 during Galileo’s trial for heresy. All the new people ein charge of the Vatican were born after Leo either died, or he was evicted from Italy when he was 60. The first refused to give the half Jew credit, the other was prevented from giving Leo credit.

§  Columbus

§  French Invasion of Italy

§  the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope; coveted by the Prussians (Copernicus involved at the same time as the above information. He would have been a late teen early 20s with Leo at Venice as a student, immediately before the Invasion of France.). The Prussians spent all of their time from 1150 to present researching any and all information regarding the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. They had assumed it had a lot to do with divine tools, a way to open a gate to heaven, and or time travel. Which the TV show “Timeless” is almost entirely based on this concept. Although for some reason the historian in the fiction had no idea how Rittenhouse was, despite the fact that he was an extremely  close friend of Ben Franklyn and of course David Rittenhouse was himself a member of the FreiKorp. American possessed several Tabernacle of Adam Systems aka Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes; which a dozen countries from 1630-present have fought over dominance and control over. Most of them have been destroyed in said associated battles. The Machines tend to not be handled correctly and bring vast harm to those who work with them. The number of very prominent people who were on the upper end of smart and extremely capable; after they interact with said machines were rendered “babbling idiots”. Example Custer was an extremely capable man, then he encountered a Tabernacle System likely in St Paul Minnesota in and or around and was rendered an idiot. Which not long after ended with his death.

§  Tomás de Torquemada October 14, 1420 – September 16, 1498

·     During the life and times of Torquemada all manner of really in most cases sadistic bordering on crimes against humanity were committed between 1430-1530. Torquemada’s actions beyond doubt clearly fall within the framework of nazi level crimes against humanity.

·     which brings up a huge sequence of questions regarding half a millennia later the Spanish and the Third Reich were clandestinely extremely close axis. Officially Spain was neutral, but in all hard fact Spain helped the Reich as much as they possibly could.

·     The Reich is a puppet offshoot of the Prussian Empire, crosses some extremely difficult lines of continuity between the Prussians eg Copernicus and the future FreiKorp although previous to 1754 the organization had a different name.

·     The Prussians had a very close interaction with the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula since Prussia began.

·     The Templars were attacked from the left by the Prussians and the right by the Spanish/Muslims as they headed through Paris on their way to the Crusade's.

·     Previous to 1485, the Muslims were still very much in control of a large portion of Iberia. A huge part of the culture and of course the government of Spain from 1490 to present still have a  huge amount of Islamic influence. specifically hard line radical Islam. It is a very fair characterization to put forward that the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope technology the Prussians spent from 1130 to present demanding not have and control, they told the Spanish and of course the Muslims before that regarding their knowledge of said subject.

·     The two in some ways worked together to assemble the said technology.

·     Where does this crimes against humanity sadist come into the picture.

·     Torquemada abjectly loved to torture people. He had his dungeons full all the time for decades and decades to torture people.

·     Most of them were killed.

·     but now with this evidence added and of course at the exact same time Notre Dame was being slightly remodeled modified, and the Palace complex on the west side of the island was formerly a Tabernacle System. A huge portion fi it was dismantled between 1430-1530.

·     Leonardo in Paris attending the Sorbonne and then at teacher at said, he could have taken the machines and said which were the prize of several invasion over the centuries. Did the French Kings choose to dismantle the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope on the island to transfer it to Versailles.

·     Which would be in part mirrored by Hedy Lamarr in half a millennium. Her JPL being an extremely secret Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. what she learned form that from 1938-1950 went into other similar designs in other locations. Two decades later it went into the VLA west of Socorro New Mexico.

·     Did Torquemada torture his victims to pry any and all information about the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope from them.

·     Which is at the same exact time although centuries longer the University of Timbuktu was designed to do the same. They were looking for the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope secrets and had not problem geocoding the planet to gain access to them.

·     The Question becomes, did Torquemada perform decades and decades of crimes against humanity in order to dig for similar information which the Muslims in west Africa were attempting to Torquemada the University of Timbuktu.

·     Which slides directly into the path and framework of Notre Dame. From 630 ce when Fatimah traveled up through Iberia to, with the army of Abu Bakr hot on her metaphoric heals. The Army of Abu Bakr the head of the Sunni Islamic movement was bound and absolutely determined to put the daughter and only surviving to adulthood offspring of Mohammed in her grave. If he could he would have plunged the knife into her himself, but by then he was a very old man and she was a skilled fighter similar to her Northern European mother. Hence the light complexion, eyes, hair, very tall, and iron will.

·     From 630 to 730 the Islamic Sunni army finally arrived in force just outside Paris. The Army of Charles Frank arrived, and the Muslims had a very bad day. The overwhelming majority of the army were killed in the battle. No quarter no prisoners, kill as many as possible. Of course, the crimes against humanity the Sunni Army had committed in the previous century more than brought justice to the 100,000s of people they killed on their way to siege Paris and turn Notre Dame in a Mosque. To capture the still working tabernacle system in Norte Dame and turn the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope to use it for their good, and or destroy it to prevent god from saying something like “I do not like that”. Better to destroy the radio from god than to chance he will say “NO” to something humans really want to do. ***

·     Torquemada had lived under hard core Islamic rule from birth to about 50. He knew full well that the Islamic religion was very close to that of the philosophy of Paul. He also knew with some hard-defined facts that his path was to use his position of Part of the Inquisition to find information about the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope and fill in as much information about it as possible. Convert the unbelievers, and kill all who questioned the authority of the church.

·     Interesting how the Archbishop of Paris who operated/s out of Norte Dame was influenced by the Head of the Spanish Inquisition. How much influence did Torquemada have over Paris, based on the actions of destroying dozens of buildings of the City of Paris, it appears to be a huge amount.

·     how much of an impact on Europe and the associated Egyptian Pyramid technology have on the cultures which followed the Islamic invasions. It appears based on Torquemada and Fatimah and all the associated Columbus, French Invasion of Italy, Versailles phase one, then half a millennia later Hedy Lamarr and her mechanical engineer protégé work (she created a form of her own Versailles aka JPL, well several in fact, ***), the popes reactions, Islamic invasions of Italy, the Prussian Empires constant pushing/spy invasions, the Italian and then French Renaissance (which were two separate events, which did overlap a bit, but were two different things, etc. the cascade of events which occurred at the end of the 1400s early 1500s appears to be rather huge and staggering to say the absolute least.

·     not to mention the facts that at the end of the Notre Dame rebuild the Vatican began its own remodeling plans. Which took about a century for the Cardinals to agree and die off over. Finally, during Julius II’s time as pope true tearing down and rebuilding of the new began. How much of the rebuild which was in huge part inspired by Leo’s work at Versailles was because they needed to hide the Tabernacle system from the very powerful and intense ***

§  Fatimah

·     Fatimah had a direction. She had decided to start her own more feminine version of her fathers shia faith.

·     But Abu Bakr grew from disliking the girl, to being upset by the young lady, to being enraged by the teenage mother, to trying to have her killed on several occasions.

·      As he grew older and older pushing into her 20s, his rage towards her only grew. His anger towards her father Mohammed also grew from mild annoyance, to outright hated. To soul level I will happily kill you with my bare hands in the Kaaba. Very Caine and Able esq.

·     It is actually amazing how many monotheistic offshoots have had that same exact struggle in the days, weeks, years, after the foundation of the slightly different philosophy. The story has played out almost identical the dozen or mre times it has been done. The person who is in gods favor is beseeched and violence is delivered upon by someone either very close or by an outsider who cannot handle not being the center of the organization. Brigham Young, the Evil Priest Paul, Esau, Abu Bakr, etc. just to name a few of the same patterns which each one individually repeated almost word for work as the genesis description.

·     in months leading to the “death” no body no death, of Mohammed. Abu and Mohammed fought over the basic idea of the Caine and Able versus Jesus concept. That concept became insanely difficult. It was difficult because the base argument is.

·     is a one blessed by god, all but destined to return from the dead as one version of the Cane and Able story points to. Ables new name after being resurrected was Enoch; which can be interpreted as “He who has come back”. The largest question since the invention of writing which is possible to translate has been explored by academics, “back from where”. Enoch and of course his blade plays huge parts in monotheistic history for the next several millennia.

·     Mohammed and Fatimah knew that the argument was eventually going to end with Abu daring Mohammed to “back up yoru claims of yoru way is the divine way. ingest poison/some other type of end life substance (stab yourself, have someone stab you, hit you, strangle you, etc.) and come back from the dead.

·     The night in question 8 June 632 CE (which is interesting since that is around the same date of the year where Joseph Smith was informed to ‘Leave right this second’ by the lord around that date. Things happened and either he or more likely his body double was killed along with others June 22, 1844.) since the attack and argument had been planned out well in advanced. The solution for the plan was also well in hand.

·     A plan to evacuate the family and main guards had been put into place in the previous months. Plenty of horses were set up at strategic intervals.

·     Shortly after Mohammed was forced politically to end his life, his daughter was called to his side. She put the plan into place.

·     The group arrived on teh coast less than 12 hours later. They arrived in Egypt in the time it takes to cross the Red Sea.

·     They arrived at the Nile several days after that.

·     By the time Abu found out, the group was already on the ship sailing to Egypt.

·     But there was a plan.

·     The plan was to have Fatimah perform the ceremony which is directly related to the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope and bring her father back from the dead, just as Adam had done to Able.

·     To make a very long story short, she left Mecca arrived in Rome, left performed an extremely huge U turn and ended up in Paris. Very likely near or in Notre Dame. Then west to Britain.

·     Why, to resurrect her dead father. Proving once and for all to all Islam that he was Equal if not Better the Jesus.

·     She left the body of her dead father in the Catacombs of Rome.

·     Abu’s army followed although it took decades to pursue her and of course he was long dead by the time his army arrived in France. He lived less than 2 years after Fatimah’s escape.

·     However what his army and descendants were able to learn, the remaining Islamic army kept pushing into France to gain access to bot Rome and Notre Dame. Although unlike what Fatimah had been trying, Abu’s people wanted to resurrect him from the dead. To prove he was the one true correct prophet of god and the one true leader of monotheism. He would sit on the Throne of St Peters in Mecca since the Thorne of St Peters is actually the Throne of Adam from IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem.

·     It could be that constant hammering that caused the French Kings to agree to destoring the original Synagogue and replacing it, then when the attacks did not stop, they chose to destroy the System itself including te buildings to the west.

·     Which brings this to Leo’s life and why his life needed to be lived as a master spy. He knew information which the Sunni, Shia, Vatican, and bran new Prussian repackaged Islam/Protestantism wanted and had proven beyond a doubt on dozens of occasions they had no problem at all in committing genocide to obtain. So they could either control the messages pouring of the telescope and or destroy it; depending on which leaders feelings were hurt by what the were told by the machines.



§  Innocent VIII had an extreme problem. He both hated the fact that Italy was under a serious threat from invasion from Islam and he had a population of people who were starving because the holy mother church for the previous century had banned reading, knowledge, education, etc. The populations of Europe were reduced to forging for food and or the most basic of rudimentary farming skills. Which were clearly not enough to sustain the populations under the control of the Church. Bring back education to feed the people is great, but that will ultimately lead to the church no longer being able to maintain absolute authority over its people. In addition he had numerous petitions to explore the globe. Despite the fact that in the deep archives of the Vatican was proof in the form of maps of the American Continent. Which the English were more than interested in forcing the issue and in part siding with the Islamic cultures to force the Vatican to allow exploration. Which ended with the Mercia culture naming the continent by adding an A to the front Amer and moving the I from after the C to before it. A Mer I ca. Although the official story is Amerigo Vespucci named it to honor himself, Mercia is much close to reality. Almost most of his claims cannot be verified, his ancestry is in extreme question he is likely part of the culture which left Italy to help found the Anglo-Saxon culture in London, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia. He was forced to leave Italy and become a Spanish Citizen after his voyages. All in all an extremely difficult  and political bad time. Hence the crack down on the Italian Renaissance circa 1550, which began a whole new wave of genocide against any and all who questioned the authority of the Church. Which in a way cascaded into Cardinal Richelieu in Paris and a political issue which in part took place in Paris circa 1600. The events of a century previous played out hard and defined from 1480-1792 when the French Royal Court were forced to evacuate to America. Specifically the city of Manitou in what would become Texas in a few decades. Then Kansas, then finally Colorado 1850s.


§  The events from Leo’s life and his work with the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes cascaded into enumerable issues from 1470 through the present.

§  Although the evidence is spotting in places, it appears the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope technology is at the center or within 1 deviation of the cetenr of most of the actions from the middle 1400s forward. Up to and including the reconstruction and demolition of the palaces on the west side of “The Island of the City” or in French  Île-de-la-Citie. The West side Island of the City that part of the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope was dismantled and destroyed in the decades before and after Leo’s presence.

§  Although an argument can be made that Leo took the machines and engineering specifications for the Electro-Magnetic system and moved them to his JPL. Much much more on that subject with Hedy Lamarr half a millennium later with her time in Paris. AFter she came to America to work in Hollywood, she founded JPL to explore the ideas she had learned at her time at the Sorbonne. Despite the fact that a female Jew was not legally permitted to be at the Sorbonne; her talents and skills as a mechanical engineer overcame a lot of obstacles. However officially they could not acknowledge, but she obtained the information anyway. A statistical argument can be made that she obtained her ideas for starting Jet Propulsion Laboratories from her time at the Sorbonne and Versailles.

§  Since based on several of Leo’s public inventions, he had a keen interest in propulsion at faster than 730 mph at sea level. However he did not know the speed of sound, he was a master engineer. His Crossbow is an example of his absolute mastery over propulsion.

§  His “Helicopter” Image result for da vinci helicopter is more likely an Electro-Magnetic pulse generator Image result for da vinci helicopter. Or what we could consider an Electric Generator today. It was hidden from the public to generate electricity. but his was no fool, it could not be constructed and expected to produce enough lift. That is beyond obvious. However, it could be used by a team of about a dozen men to crank the screw (Archimedes' screw) fast enough to generate sufficient rotation to generate electricity. Especially if the screw was made of mostly metal, gold woven into canvas. Huge magnets in the walls around the screws would generate vast amounts of electricity.

§  why 12, because you can only maintain 100s or so rotations a minute if you rotate the crew in and  out. about 15 minutes in and they need to rest their arms. To maintain as fast as possible rotations per minute.

§  Of course he would have rather quickly changed to a pully system and beasts of burden. Have a team of oxen rotate a huge wheel which would require several tons psi to rotate. Connect said huge gear to a very small gear at the base of the screw. Add 3 more teams at each of the cardinal directions; and you get an extremely fast rotating metal screw

§  The strings indicate the Electro-Magnetic Generating capacity not a flying machine. The strings are magnets.

§  Leo spent his life living in former Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescopes. With an IQ well over 200, it is a statistical impossibility that he did not figure out that compressed marble released electricity. It is also impossible to create a statistical model to show Leo did not work on Electro-Magnetic technology. He also buried his Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope sketches in other works to hide it from the Vatican. Who did on several occasions try very hard to kill him. The last they could not kill him, but they could evict him from Italy.

§  Leo’s education came early. At around 2 or 3 he started to become advanced in being able to understand. By 4 he was already starting to work on academics which were advanced for someone of double his age. By the time he was about 5 to 7, it became obviously that he needed the best school in the known world to expand that brain of his. He was in part sent to the U of Balonia, but that school soon proved to be inadequate to teach him. So he was sent to the Sorbonne, in Paris to teach his seriously. He spent years at the Sorbonne, then came back to Italy to fake an internship at the Florence School of Art. Where he pretended to attend, but mostly he come into Florence did some work, then went back to France to continue his education and work on research.

§  this is the pattern he repeated for the rest of his life. He spent enough time in Italy to not make the Vatican suspicious but the rest of his time was spent in France.

§  He was such an advanced student and teacher, that he was given his own 1000s of acres of land to create his own Think Tank Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope on. That think tank Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope has a clandestine name Versailles. Versailles translates to Polytechnical University.

§  Leo spent years at the Sorbonne, in Paris. which more than a few of the classes were held at Notre Dame.

§  He sat in the building and very very likely taught in the building on numerous occasions over the decades of his life.

§  The Popes of Leo’s life

·     Eugene IV3 March 1431 –
23 Feb 1447
(15 years, 357 days)

o  PapaEUGENIUSQuartus

·     Nicholas V6 March 1447 –
24 March 1455
(8 years, 18 days)

o  PapaNICOLAUSQuintus

o  Leo was born during the Reign of this pope. But at this point, the Vatican was experiencing a new wave of rage and hatred regarding external forces pushing against their ultimate power.

o  Leo was born about three and a half decades before Columbus applied to the Vatican for permission to sail the ocean blue in 1492. The petition was submitted years before he was actually able to put the expedition together. Leo was born in 1452.

·     Callixtus III8 April 1455 –
6 Aug 1458
(3 years, 120 days)

o  PapaCALLISTUSTertius

o  During the life of this Pope Leo began to show his brilliance and his rather extreme to a point of legendary mental processing.

o  Which proved to be an almost instant problem for the Vati

·     Pius II19 August 1458 –
15 Aug 1464
(5 years, 362 days)

o  Papa PIUSSecundus

·     Paul II30 August 1464 –
26 July 1471
(6 years, 330 days)

o  Papa PAULUSSecundus

·     Sixtus IV9 August 1471 –
12 Aug 1484
(13 years, 3 days)

o  Papa XYSTUSQuartus

·     Innocent VIII29 August 1484 – 25 July 1492
(7 years, 331 days)


·     Alexander VI 11 August 1492 – 18 Aug 1503
(11 years, 7 days)

o  PapaALEXANDERSextus

o  Rodrigo Borgia

o  Long considered one of the nastiest and most evil men to have sat in the thorne of St Peter. Minus the Evil Priest Paul of course.

o  French invasion of Italy in 1494

o  in direct opposition to Borgia,  Leo came up with a plan and convinced Milan, and France to round up an army and invade Italy.

o  His plan was perfect. However the French King Charles VIII was an arrogant jerk who took the successes of following Leo’s plan as his own successes and instead of turning west to conquer the defenseless Rome, he headed south to Naples and conquered that city. Giving the Italians more than enough time to regroup and attack Naples.

o  Charles VIII was young, dumb, and arrogant to an extreme amount .

o  After following the letter to letter instructions from Leo, he felt he knew more and instead of attacking Rome, he attacked Naples. which resulted in the loss of his army and back in France his life.

o  Leo’s plan was put into motion because Caesar Borgia did not have syphilis, he was rendered in part Electro-Magnetic lobotomized by using the Electro-Magnetic machine in the Sistine Chapel wrong. He put his father on the throne but lost his mind in the process.

o  An argument can be made that his sister was his “?” play thing in the System, and she also went in part crazy with the ceremony.

o  But they put their father on the throne, and lived for 11 years in the seat of power in the Vatican. The Vatican is Jerusalem, Jerusalem the temple of IWNW was by legend built by Adam himself after “descending” from heaven.

o  Leo’s plan was to remove Borgia from the throne and install his friend Cardinal Medici on the throne. His plan did not work, but Medici did assend to the throne in 1503. but he had to give Pius III his 28 days first.


·     Pius III22 September 1503 – 18 Oct 1503
(26 days)

o  Papa PIUSTertius

·     Julius II31 October 1503– 21 Feb 1513
(9 years, 113 days) (3401)

o  Papa IULIUSSecundus

o  this is Pope who commissioned and lied about the Sistine Chapel

o  He took over after the Death of Borgia, with a small 28 day interruption with Pius III.

o  Image result for raphael school of athens high resolution

o  Raphael’s School of Athens.

o  Instead of it being the very well known image of Socrates, it is in fact Leonardo Da Vinci at the center. Leo is the 0000 of this image, this school, the Renaissance. The story about Leo being punished for his invasion of Italy by Pope Julius II (namesake to Julius Caesar not Julius I), Leo was punished to paint the building but give the credit to Michelangelo, Michael was being punished for being caught in more than one homosexual encounter. To please the cardinals the pope chose to punish both with the ultimate immortal punishment. Leo’s name would have no association, while Michael would be labeled a fraud when it finally came out of his actions were a lie.

o  Raphael did not like this, so he made Leo his ultimate Master.

o  A picture containing building, photo, indoor, wall

Description automatically generated

o  Notice each of the Heads is in line with Leo’s. He can see all of the scholars who came before and after him.

o  Add the compass and you have a 0000 to place the circle around. Each person in each wedge will say something when you convert the distances, degrees, etc. from Leo out. Those numbers will become letters, those letters will spell out words.

o  A group of people in front of a building

Description automatically generated


·     Leo X9 March 1513 – 1 Dec 1521
(8 years, 267 days)

o  Papa LEO Decimus

§  During the life of Leo his existence became problematic. It became completely obviously he needed his own research think tank, well to a point of extreme, well outside the reach of the inquisition. In a location which the Vatican was not supposed to know anything about. When the location became known, this within a bit over a century spelled the downfall of the French Monarchy.

§  **

§  A picture containing text, map

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§  it was not made for battle

§  it could fire a bolt at a bloody serious speed

§  the pull back and fire lbs would be well in excess of supersonic


o  Leo’s history

§  Leo was more than likely half Italian and half Egyptian Jewish on his mothers side. The amount of evidence for that is substantial and overwhelming.

§  Leo also spent most of his life in France. At first Paris studying in part at the Sorbonne back and forth between there and the Florence school of art. But he entered the Florence school better than the school master at most of the subjects.

§  Leonardo was a child the Medici knew they had one of the smartest humans to ever live in their community. So they took full and hard core advantage of his legendary genius.

§  Eventually at the age of 12, he had come up with so many brilliant ideas and planned so many incredible things. That as a gift he was given a few 1000 acres west of Paris.

§  He turned his lands into a Polytechnical University, Take off the Uni since the campus is dozens of miles square with 100s of buildings. So it is not singular, it was also connected to the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network he learned about somewhere. Or his brilliance simply filled in the gaps from the Vatican. So since you have to take off the singular uni, you have to take off the singular sity as well. Leaves Verse; as in a bible verse. Illes is islands or several locations. So you have scholastics in many locations. Vers ailles combined in a way translates to Polytechnical College. Among its students are some of the greatest thinkers to suddenly “poof” out of no where in Paris and France. Suddenly after 1470 you have 100s of extremely well educated and advanced students pouring out of Paris. But not before, and not again from 1785-1850 when academics recovered from some rather extremely nasty political issues.

§  For physical written evidence of a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope, look to Nostradamus and his writings using some type of a mechanical device which allowed him to see into the future. Who was one of the best and brightest of his time in Paris. He was obviously invited into the Royal Court, which in part operated in secret from Versailles phase one.

§  But since it is an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network, you have to add that reference in. so Singular Scholastics Location, becomes a scholastic collection of locations working with other collections of locations. Or Polytechnical College, in a network of Polytechnical Colleges.

§  Almost exclusively the building materials in the 100 buildings from Versailles to Notre Dame are Marble, which is mostly if not 95-99% quartz. Compressed quartz releases electricity.

§  The Suns thermal dynamics (warns) expands the East side, pushing into the compressed (cold) north and south. Cold compressed more by heat releases even more electricity.

§  The Grand Dame of Paris is the center hub of a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network which Leonardo discovered and wanted to expand upon. Which based on his Polytechnical College he most certainly did expand on to the network. 

o  leonardo da vinci inventions

§  Historians stipulate that it was Leonardo da Vinci’s fascination with flight that inspired him to innovate the anemometer, an instrument for measuring the speed of wind.




§  Flying Machine

§  Of Leonardo da Vinci’s many areas of study, perhaps this Renaissance man’s favorite was the area of aviation. It was this interest that inspired his most famous invention – the flying machine.




§  Helicopter (Aerial Screw)

§  Though the first actual helicopter wasn’t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late fifteenth century detailed a predecessor to the modern-day flying machine.




§  Parachute

§  Though credit for the invention of the first practical parachute usually goes to Sebastien Lenormand in 1783, Leonardo da Vinci actually conceived the parachute idea a few hundred years earlier.




§  33-Barreled Organ

§  The way Leonardo da Vinci saw it, the problem with canons of the time was that they took far too long to load. His solution was to build multi-barreled guns that could be loaded and fired simultaneously.




§  Armoured Car

§  The precursor to the modern tank, Leonardo da Vinci's armored car invention was capable of moving in any direction and was equipped with a large number of weapons.




§  Giant Crossbow

§  One thing Leonardo da Vinci may have understood better than any of his contemporaries was the psychological effects of weapons in warfare – as illustrated by his giant crossbow invention.




§  Triple Barrel Canon

§  As a military engineer, one of Leonardo da Vinci's key beliefs was that mobility was crucial to victory on the battlefield. This idea is seen in his triple barrel canon invention.




§  Clock

§  To put away any initial confusion: Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the clock. What he did was design a more accurate clock.




§  Colossus

§  Perhaps even more interesting than the ambition and innovation behind Leonardo da Vinci's Colossus invention is the dramatic and heartbreaking story of his attempts to bring it to life.




§  Ideal City

§  No idea speaks to the epic ambition and scope of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions better than his ideal city, which combines da Vinci's talents as an artist, architect, engineer and inventor.




§  Robotic Knight

§  With his innovative, engineering mind, Leonardo da Vinci had many ideas that employed the use of pulleys, weights and gears – including his invention of a fully animated robot.




§  Self-Propelled Cart

§  Before motorized vehicles were even a glimmer in someone's eye, Leonardo da Vinci designed a self-propelled cart capable of moving without being pushed.




§  Scuba Gear

§  In his lifetime, da Vinci designed many inventions dealing with water – perhaps, most notably, scuba gear.




§  Revolving Bridge

§  Designed for Duke Sforza, Leonardo da Vinci's revolving bridge could be quickly packed up and transported for use by armies on the move to pass over bodies of water.

§  Put thse invensions and a few dozen other invensions he created together and examine their modern equivalence.

§  a raise and lower launch tower for a rocket

§  he was an expert in chemistry and propusion

§  he was an expert in gun powder

§  he invented a solid liquid stable fuel source for his rocket the crossbow bolt. think of a sub based missile launch, use the bow part to get past the power, then use electricity to ignite the liquid fuel, almost identical to the SRB on the shuttle.

§  his work on birds and flight, the modern space shuttle. however it waws designed with mythical level incompetence. if they would have simply stuck with his original concpdts. many astronauts would not have died.

§  pressure suit his scuba

§  his tank would be the equivalent of the Apollo 11 capsule

§  he also designed both a clock and a computer. the tank is not a tank that part is to throw off war mongers. distract with the weapon of war, instead of looking at the larger picture.

§  Needed for space flight, or high altitude flight.

·     computer launch tower (cross bow), think of this as a form of the exact same engineering technology as the launch “catacult” which launch aircraft off aircraft carrier’s. Launch Carrier GIF

o  Related image


·     capsule, 85A9A292 Image result for da vinci tank

·     liquid fuel,

·     space shuttle, Related image he designed several differnet types of gliders to allow his flight crew after launch to expend wings from his capsule (tank) and glide to earth. if something happened, he also designed a parachute.

·     retractable wings Image result for da vinci wing AD0915B1the shuttle with retractable wings.

·     a robot knight to repair the machines in zero atmosphere, Image result for space robot repair

·     not to be forgotten is his parachute which would allow his flight crew to safely land after launch.

§  either inside the atmosphere and or attempting to descend from the craft after reaching some type of orbital flight.

§  Part of Leo’s plan was to put a crew into orbit, to expariments with space flight. But the Vatican would have all but lost there collective minds over the idea. These plans are something he did only at Versailles.

·     Versailles Launch Facility


·     Think of the Sistine Chapel.’

·     Place the Cross Bow over the wing of the building to the north east, which could allow for the cross bow to push a bolt projectile several lhudreds of feet into the air. where the solid liquid fuel he invented in his research with “The Colossis” horse

·     The solid fuel would push the craft the rest of the way up.

·     Then use the wings when the rocket was removed; SRB Seperation. Solid Rocket Buster Seperates from the Capsule which then turns into a glider/shuttle.

·     to safely get the crew back to earth.

·     https://sites.google.com/site/leonardodavinci131/_/rsrc/1467895004263/leonardo-s-invention-of-the-submarine/submarine01.jpg?height=240&width=320 Submarine,

§  Notre Dame Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope and Flight Launch Facility

·     At least some of the research from modern space flight can be found in Leo’s sketch books. Actually, every seriously required piece of equipment is right their in his notebooks. Including clocks and computers. Also including automaton programming. At certain times the automaton machines would perform specific tasks.

·     however some portion of modern space flight leo lenared or at least began some of his studies in said subject at the Sorbonne. Which means that not only was the Sorbonne part of an extremely elebroate Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope system, in a collection of systems which made up a planetary synapse collection or in other words a neuropathway/neuronetwork. The interconnected cities/Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope could think. but this also goes back to the double origins of the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope system, which the most evidence for can be found in what remains of Noah’s Ark. Noah had a fleete of ships,  not just one. He sailed his fleet from the first fixed point A, to B Mount Ararat, to C fixed point which was the original temple of IWNW (Jerusalem) which the Greeks renamed to Heliopllis. The greeks being noted anti-Semitics. In part the Greek  Cutlure began by a genocidal attack against any and all Jews and Jewish cities in their area of influence; which included Troy. Hence the naming of and the treasures of Troy being intrusted to Prince of Troy Paris and his wife Helen daughter of Thesseus great Granddaughter of Amhenotep iv aka Ahkenaten.

·     Heliopolis/IWNW/Jerusalem was moved to Rome by Emperor Caligula.

·     It was name changed again to the Vatican.

·     The Vatican is what remains of Noah’s Fleet. Or at least a one or so of the ships. Two of the others were shipped to Wichita Kansas in 1940s before the Third Reich was conquered. They shipped the Lake Nemi Ships to Wichita to the Koch family.

·     however Noah’s Fleet was based on the temple structures which were supposedly built by Adam. If those legends are correct, which their si no reason not to start assuming that. Than Adam’s fleet had more  than a passing fancy regarding engineering for space flight.


·      Van Braum was obviously a mechanical engineering genius, no doubt about it.

·     but he worked for the third Reich for decades.

·     He was 2 years older than Hedy Lamarr

·     Van Braun had years in France to study. How many of his ideas came from captured by the Prussian Empire detailed blueprints from the ancient past. How many of those blueprints did Leo find and copy. Did the ancients somehow create spaceflight during the Old Kingdom? There is a lot of evidence which points to that exact scenario. However, going over each and every point in that sequence in this document would have little if anything to do with Notre Dame.

·     However some aspects of the evidnece is clear

·     how much of NASA came from the nazi’s assembling the pieces of ancient technology from people like Leo at Versaille and the Sorbonne, to create the launch facilities at Peenemünde. The side of the V1 and V2 trials. Van Braun did have the planes for several more stage rockets 3, 4, and his big boy Saturn 5 rocket, but he purposely hid them from the NAZI’s.

·     how much of that research did he copy from Leo’s work of more than half a millennia back.

·     With Leo’s notebooks in absolute ease of access, a mechanical engineer only has to look at the images for a few hours before they start to convert the different inventions into the above descriptions.

·     tower, computer, clock, capsule, rocket, several stage rocket, hermitically sealed capsule, steering, direction finders, Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope tracking facilities, space suit, electricity, glider (space shuttle) to go from upper atmosphere to the ground safely, parachute if anything goes wrong, etc. all the needed components.

·     How much of those inventions did Leo drawn out, did Van braun copy and simply update with modern materials.

·     although Leo did develop an Electro-Magnetic  Stassano furnace, or using electricity to heat iron well beyond what a fire could. Using electricity to heat iron then cool it down extremely  fast. Makes first steel then stainless steel. which is the needed ingredient for spaceflight. But their was all but zero chance he would share with the Italians stainless steel.  

·     so again the question becomes, how much of van braun’s launch facilities came from leo. how much of leo’s ideas came from the Sorbonne, from Troy, from the Old Kingdom.

·     Those questions among 1000s of others point to very interesting academic discussions regarding NASA, to Van Braun, Hedy Lamarr, JPL, VLA, to the library at Tiffin Ohio, the Ogle family, Sorbonne, Notre Dame, Vatican (original), Heliopolis, IWNW, Noah, and Adam, the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve descending from Paradise to earth.



o  Versailles Copies in America

§  The Vatican attempted to kill Leonardo Da Vinci 4 times unsuccessfully and the last when he was 60 they removed from Italy. He lived supposedly the rest of his life in France. Although he lived behind such intense security little if any real evidence of his time in France exists. Secondary documentation which cannot be trusted does exist. But when you are dealing with assassins sent by the Vatican, do not be where they think you will be. They come to your location and you can then remove them as a threat, since only guards and body doubles are present.

§  With that history of violence against him. It would not take long at all for Leo to realize that his work in Paris specifically at Versailles would be discovered and “conquered” soon enough. So what is the number one thing genius’ do when they know evil people will be taking over their inventions. They move them out of the way, into someplace so secret the enemy will take centuries if at all to figure out where the “Treasures” are.

§  Leo ordered that at least three copies of his Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope designs based on his research into the pyramids be built in America. Colorado Springs Colorado, Tiffin Ohio, and Whatcom County WA State. There are others but the evidence is spotty in the other locations. Boston beacon hill for one.

§  What does Versailles have to do with Notre Dame, same engineering structures were used in the other locations. The Flying Buttresses are a carryover from the Sistrum which is what all catholic churches are designed to reflect as well as the cross laying down. But the internal structure of the churches is a systrum. 

o  The French Royal Family of the court of Louis XVI

§  They did not evacuate east headed to Germany. That is pure fiction.

§  They evacuated months before the revolution started to the coast, then took ships to the Arkansas River. UP the River to its headwaters of what is now called Colorado Springs Colorado. But then was Manitou Springs Louisiana.

§  Louisiana was named to Honor St Louis the IX King of France. A tunic he wore was saved during the fire at Notre Dame.

§  King Louis XIV had moved the Royal court from Paris to Versailles in 1680. Which caused a whole cascade of trouble, issues, and the eventual loss of the throne of France. Leonardo Designed his College to be a secret hidden miles from nothing place of learning. A true Parissi, however within a century 1580, the French King at the time decided to come for a visit some 50 years after Leo’s death. He decided to expand by more than double the size of the Palace but he added to, not tear down the old and rebuild entirely.

§  This let to the beginning of the end of the French Monarchy.

§  within 110 years the Prussians not only knew exactly where Versailles was located but knew it contained secrets they would happily genocide anyone who got in their way from seizing control over said weapons.

o  During the French Revolution

§  The Libertine Government were more than a little angry they were not able capture the royal family. So instead of being satisfied with executing body doubles and stand ins, they went after any and all who they assumed had questioned their authority. Robespierre went from being a strict hard line pacifist to suggesting 10,000s of people were enemies of the state and needed to be executed for their crimes. Some were nothing more than simple peasants who were used by him as political tools, he would kill them just to be able to maintain his grip on power. Which ultimately ended with his own sudden loss of about 10 inches of height. Robespierre was one of the leaders of the revolution against the Monarchy in France. He was also a Prussian/FreiKorp spy. Just because he was born and raised in Paris does not mean he was a Parissi, he was Prussian. He would have been one of the people whom the Vikings would have pulled out into the streets and punished or killed for being a spy for the wrong side.

§  The Libertine French were outright demanding access to the secret technology the court possessed and refused to let the people have.

§  For proof of said technology, the Court possessed Electro-Magnetic machines. They could generate electricity. Enough electricity to power various and assorted machines.

§  Want direct physical non plague proof of the above mentioned electricity from compressed quartz. No problem.

§  The amount of people executed by the National Razor aka the Guillotine was 100,000s, maybe close to million. But as a point of rather obvious fact. The city of Paris during and after the mass executions did not suffer from a radical outbreak of disease. Just the opposite in fact. So all those gallons of blood and no ballistic rise in disease. Which is what devastates cities hit with invasions. The dead bodies and all that blood running in the streets if not dealt with by fire, cause raging diseases in the remaining populations. The new culture takes over and sits in the throne, many of them soon die of disease because they did not clean up and sterilize the blood after. No disease outbreaks means very little if any blood was spilled. Which means the wounds were clean and cauterized. The Electricity came from the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network, since they require electricity to detect Electro-Magnetic waves.

§  When I was in Paris I did the usual tours of the main sites including the Louvre and Notra Dame. One of the tour guides described a story that one of the upper end Royals who was executed by having his head removed. After his head was removed. He got up, walked off the platform, grabbed his head, walked the short distance to Notre Dame, walked around the structure at least 3 times, and sat down on a bench. Where he remained moving but sitting for a length of time, till his body finally slumped over. You cannot say he died, because he was dead when his head came off of his body, but you can say that his body slumped over and hit the ground. Not moving after. But no part of the story indicates his neck wounds were pumping blood out with every heartbeat. Just the opposite in fact.

§  Although this is helped a bit by the fact that the blade was electrified.

§  Hard evidence of said electricity is the fact that of the 100,000s of victims of the national razor as it was called. That would produce 500,000 gallons of blood, which is a perfect recipe for disease. Physical evidence of said can be found in the death masks of Madame Tussaud. She included electrical burn marks on the necks of most of her masks. She knew what it was, but most of the commoners in Paris did not. So she left a record of it in her art, but did not need to mention it. She would have faced rather intense punishment by Prussia if she would have told anyone. They wanted that technology and had no problem killing anyone who refused them.

§  Image result for marie antoinette death mask

§  These masks are perfect representations because Marie had created wax figures of them previous. So she knew exactly what these people looked like.

§  She made the body doubles and look alikes look exactly like the what she had already made several times in the previous decade or so.

§  She made herself a trusted helper to the Royal family, so after the revolution she was trusted to produce evidence that in fact the Revolution had killed the correct people. There is not a single shred of evidence to point to that the real French Royal Court were actually the one killed, only the word of people who had lied a huge amount in the previous years and had continued to lie till they were executed themselves. 

§  Of course if she had expressed a single reservation about said actions, they would have arrested her and executed her just as quickly as they had killed the rest. So it was in her absolute best interests to cooperate fully and completely. But she did know flat out that she needed to start shipping her supplies out of the country before the Reign of Terror landed on her. A few months before she herself was forced to evacuate out of Paris, she had sent most of her future museum to Britain. She only had a few token pieces with her, when she was forced to evacuate. But a quick trip to the coast, a quick trip across the channel. Poof she was safe in Britain and safe to work undisturbed.

o  The French Royal family in Manitou Louisiana 1792

§  obviously, Louis and Mari in exile in Louisiana is on the extreme side of problematic. Not to mention the facts surrounding, why go to a place they had no presence in previous. Well the French Court based in extremely little if any evidence did actually have a presence in what is now Old Colorado City, but the Great Awakening Movement Followers like General William Jackson Palmer, El Pamar, etc. who moved to the area immediately after the Civil War had the largest problem with the French in their city. Despite the fact they had not built Colorado Springs yet, well more conquered and seized control over the previous city and renamed it Colorado Springs. But that is a different story.

§  The Union had started to send clandestine troops to the area in no later than 1840. Or shortly after word returned decades before from Zebulon Pike’s expedition up the Arkansas River to his name sake mountain Pikes Peak. Pike attempted to climb to the top using the absolutely wrong face to do said. He tried to climb the north face. He could have walked up the south face with relative ease. That is the face which a road was put in which is used for “The Race to the Clouds” once a year during the summer.

§  He could not climb the other faces because he would have been seen and likely killed by the British and French in the area. Not to mention the natives who consider the entire area holy. Hence the Garden of the Gods just to the east of Pikes Peak.

§  There were two gold rushes in what was by then Texas/Colorado and California in 1849. Hence the Pikes Peak or Bust trail and eventual Rodeo.

§  They were hunting for gold, which they found more than a plentiful supply in the area.

o  Leonardo Da Vinci

§  Leonardo Da Vinci had more than enough time from 1470-1500 to order expeditions for the French Royal family west. But all of that would be entirely secret. Those expeditions were helped by the French Ally the British who had a trade route through the American Continent for the previous several centuries if not longer.



§  Leo soon learned of a perfect location to place his copy of Versailles phase one.

§  He would place it in what is called for the last about century Bancroft Park. A small amount of physical evidence remains of said building he had commissioned. A few pictures, the foundation, and a bit of local legend. *

§  tunnel

§  A few centuries later.


§  But their was another problem. Not only did the Great Awakening Movement settlers arrive circa 1840, but the confederates from the south. They arrived too and they began to set up shop in the area. After numerous small scale usually one on one or small groups on small groups; think spec ops units fighting it out. NO one talks about the fighting, but the end results are all political victories or defeats.

§  Great Awakening Movement in the early to middle 1900s name changed to Born Again Christian, or Conservative Christians. About the time they were leaving the dem party and joining in droves the GOP. Also about the same time the gop allied itself with the NAZI Party.

§  The evidence of Versailles copy in what is now Old Colorado City, Colorado is what was name changed to Bancroft School, although the building existed long before Mr Bancroft’s parents were born. The building was a rebuilt Palace which was used as a hotel for a few decades before it was partially torn down to just a school. Then torn down the rest of the way circa 1915. In its place is a park and a pure hard core lie building which has less than zero to do with what the historians in the area claim. They lie as well as the Romans.

§  Image result for bancroft park colorado springs 

§  This building has little basis in reality. It was claimed to have been used as the State Capital for a time, but it was only a few dozen feet from Glen Eyrie which is a huge mansion. So stuffing a few dozen people in a space not designed for it, or a mansion with all the comforts a rich man could provide. ON paper they met in this little cabin but in reality they met in the mansion only a few dozen feet away.

§  This cabin was built were it was located for decades. It was built a few dozen feet away from Glen Eyrie and sat abandoned when Dr Gavin built his actual mansion not far away.

§  The cabin was used as storage and other for decades. Then moved to the state capital in Denver were it sat for decades, before people started to ask why. Then they were informed that that little cabin in truth had less than zero to do with the actual state government. On paper it was used a few times, but in reality not at all. Shocker born again fanatics lie, who would have thought.

§  This building was moved from the State Capital property to the Broadmoor golf course, were it sat as a golf hazard for decades. Then moved to Bancroft Park in the late 1960s. Where it has been billed as a hard core lie for 50 years. But do not question them about it, the historians and religious fanatics in Colorado Springs would rather die than admit their history is propaganda.

§  The Palace in Back had been used as the State Capital for decades,


§  Image result for bancroft park colorado springs 


§  A picture containing indoor

Description automatically generated

§  Approximately where the French copy of Versailles was built, and the small corner in the upper right hand corner was left from 1850-1915, when it was demolished to remove any and all traces of the cities previous occupants.


§  for several decades it was the western Capital of Louisiana, for a time it was the Country Capital of Texas. Then the state capital, then the capital was move to Austin when said was large enough. There are enumerable reasons for this stuff to remain secret. Not the least of which is the LDS had a huge presence in Old Colorado City for decades till they were genocided to make room for the new settlers. It was the State Capital of Kansas. Then Colorado, but these parts of Western History were systematically erased. Not a single one of the historians in those states were interested at all in even reviewing any of the evidence presented. They were fine with the propaganda they have developed a theology about.

o  Hedy Lamarr

§  It is very difficult to find evidence regarding the life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci, since the French Government then 300 years the Libertine Government did everything in their rather extreme powers to hide any and al details that Leonardo actually lived in France previous to 1512. However he had spent the overwhelming majority of his life in Paris studying at the Sorbonne.

§  But he soon grew tired of not having his own research facility not unlike what Hedy Lamarr would create for herself 463 years later.

§  Now back building the spy career of Hedy Lamarr on the other hand is relatively easy. Which thanks

§  As a teenager, the mechanical engineer protige would have needed to go to the best engineering schools in Europe while she still could. The four years she lived in Paris she studied at the Sorbonne, but it all almost exclusively secret since she was a Jewish female. she was also much smarter most of the entire school combined. Which si a huge problem is the build up of WWII and the Third Reich which a huge chunch of the French govemrent was literally operating at Vichi since 1792. An argument can be made that Robespierre and his group were actually working for the Prussian/Vichi Empire. But that is not really the point.

§  Hedy studied at the Sorbonne and of course studied as much as she could in Versailles.

§  Hedy had a very busy life. She was also recruited as a spy somewhere in her early teens. From age 12-18 she attended among other schools Vienna School of Art, to study acting and of course mechanical engineering. One was acceptable for a beautiful female, but the other was not at all for a Jew of most any age. Unless you had family connections and could prove you as a men belonged.

§  She began to spy for like whatever remained of the German govnerment in exhile while the Third Reich regroups and attacked the elections again.

§  She was assigned to marry a man who was good friends with all of the powerful men in the third riech. She was able to go to dozens of parties with the most psoerful men of the Third Reich. Most of who would be either killed on the ebattlefield, commit suicide, and or be hangeld for war crimes in the last 1940s.

§  At the appointed time, on or before her husband became angry and attempted to beat her to death for whatever crimes those type of men want to kill there wives.

§  She was evacuated out of Germany to Paris. Where she studied at the Sorbonne and performed in films. Her film work was a cover for her real career.

§  When it became obvious that being Jewish in Fortress Europe was a death sentence. She chose to take what she could including her mother and traveled to London. Where she had at some point met Alan Turing. He was an OS specialist at Bletchley Park cracking the nazi enigma machine code. She was an mechanical engineer who could build the machine Christopher itself.

§  He built the OS she built the hardware.

§  She was sent to do some work for Bletchley before being forced out of England for American specifically LA circa 1938.

§  She continued to work for Bletchley but only through electronic communications.

§  At her home in LA, she was able to take her film money which was beyond at the time substantial and invest in her laboriatroy. Soon her lab grew much larger and more complex than what could be hidden in her mansion in Hollywood. So was based on her career as a spy which she stil very much was a spy; she managed to work with cal tech and paid for 1000s of acres of land north of LA. That location she could work at and explre her ideas miles from the nearest nothing.

§  but she had a huge problem, the towns to the west and east were demanding to both expand for the war effort and to gain access to the research facility. Layer for the city Richard Milhouse Nixon spearheaded legal efforts to force JPL to be part of his town so that the city counsel could gain access to the facility, the personnel, the technology, and to strip the facility of any “unamerican” who might be working for it. Or as he well knew the Female Whore Jew who paid for its founding. If he had his way, she would have shipped her back to Berlin himself. Knowing full well she would be arrested and sent to a camp the second she arrived back home. To Nixon the only good Jew/commie was  adead Jew/commie.

§  Hedy Copied as close as she could the infrastructure of Notre Dame and of course versialles at JPL. Not long after the end of WWII, Nixon moved up in politica power and she was forced to move her research out of JPL to other facilities on military bases and in other states. She copied and improved the basic design several times over the decades from the point she first learned about it till she helped the basic infrastructure of EPCOT center be constructed. EPCOT is itself not only an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope but it is also much more. Whether that has anything at all to do with Notre Dame is an interesting academic exorcise.

§  Being a Mechanical Engineer, a female and a Jew or at least what the Spanish called Conversis. Jews who converted only for safety and or political reasons. Hedy was 10 when the DAP was infiltrated by the FreiKorp and was named changed to NAZI. Adolf and his freikrop buddies began to immediately turn the peaceful and pleasant DAP political party into a juggernaught of evil, death, genocide, and world domination. Which Charlie Chaplin attempted to get the worlds attention through is film “The Great Dictator”. Some listened most did not.

§  However Hedy lenared hard and well as she grew up in east central Europe, she began to see the horrors of the coming genocide first hand. Her mother converted to Catholic in order to stave off persecution for being a Jew. Hedy was not raised Jewish she was raised catholic to prevent her daughter from being harassed or outright killed by the very powerful bran new nazi party.

§  however Hedy herself upon seeing film and the theater, became instantly interested in the field. Being a mechanical engineer, her brain was thinking about the technical aspects of the process, while her beauty allowed her to stand on the stage and or infront of a motion camera and read lines. All she had to do was stand there, look pretty, say lines in a not bad way, and look stupid. That was easy enough. Most western culture audiences then to now have no real interest in intelligent females. Unless the movie has an extremely action oritned plot. Example Jessica Chastian played the part of a CIA analysit who was part of a team of females who focused exclusively on hunting down UBL and killing him. The film was a huge success. At an event years later while doing research for her next film “Molly’s Game”, she was asked what she did. “I am an actress”, “ have you been in anything I would have seen”. “Yes I was in Zero Dark Thirty”. “Wow, I saw that, what part did ou play”. That was the end of the conversation, she looked at the guy and knew he was a misginist who only cared about the action part of the film not the person who starred in it. She was invisible window dressing to the plot to kill UBL.

§  Hedy knew this 80 years previous. She knew what her roll in the industry was. But it came with huge paychecks, which she could invest in her research, inventions, patents, and turn those into useable military contracts.

§  Statistically speaking her fully integrated flight suit which was hermetically sealed became the inspiration for BatMan. The military at the time could not see the benefits of said type of combat suit. They wanted soldiers capable of fighting, no matter how great her suit was, all they cared about was “CAN THE PILOT FIGHT!!!!!”.

§  So she created suits which had all the other functions including a radio built in “bat ears”.

§  but the pilot could fight. But the military demanded demonstrations, real world demonstrations. So they sent her pilots into the roughest areas on the inner cities to put the suit through absolutely real world fighting conditions to proe to the military her suits were up for any challenge.

§  Even after her suits proved thsemles, they were still rejected. Exactly the same was in the decades previous the military had outright rejected the tank built by Patton. The Calvery simply could not get their minds around the facts of the modern military was changing. A few decades later the US was forced to catch up. However the tanks which were built, were far inferior in most ways to those created by Patton.

§  Hedy’s suits were used as the basis of flight pressure suits the military needed for high altitude and supersonic fight.

§  However Hedy knew this was coming and stayed in the movie industry. She stayed because from her teenage years, and studying mechanical engineering. She knew that C was the most important aspect in the theater, film, and eingeirng. She could get a first hand education in good versus bad timing in the theater/film.

§  Different “period pieces” she could learn what the modern culture’s demands were regarding accurate to the period versus what they were willing to accept. In Egypt period pieces on the extreme side landed on puritan language, costumes, sets.

§  It appeared to her that as long as puritans were happy with what they saw, they could not caer less about how accurate the thing they were looking at was. It just had to reinforce the version of their theology they had come to demand. Which is just another way of saying conversos or face punishment by those in charge. Those in charge are so threatened by you, that they cannot function knowing that you are a reminder their si a mistake in their theology.

§  ***/




o  Great Awakening Movements

§  This group of religious extremeists was birthed out of Prussia by a collection of Prussian Spy's. John Calvin and Martin Luther both hated with a passion the Catholic Church, both were enchanted by some of the major ideas of Islam.

§  Martin wrote that


§  I could fill pages and pages of information about evidence which is mostly circumstantial regarding the Palace which used to be in Bancroft Park, but that would deviate from the point. It was designed to reflect Versailles not Notre Dame. Although a portion of the building of Versailles could have been in remembrance of the Synagogue torn down in 1140. But that is not only speculation, it has little to base the assumption on other than statistics.

§  Although the movie “Paint Your Wagon” is very loosely based on the gold rush of 1840 in Old Colorado Springs. By very loosely, I do mean very. Although some elements of the French Presence is still in the movie. But the Jew who wrote the screenplay was doing so in a time when violent anti-Semitism was having another wave of popularity. About 20 years after the Holocaust. The new generation wanted to get their hands bloody hurting Jews. But the Great Awakening Movement followers and of course the Confederacy who settled in the area in huge numbers in 1866 were equally as not interested in having the French presence in their area as their zealot friends.

§  As for other bits and pieces of Evidence. The Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope built into the Palace in what is now Bancroft Park was moved to a black site in about 1915, that black site was a huge private airfield. Which about a decade or two later was turned into a military site Peterson Army Air core field. The Municipal airport was placed directly next to Pete field.

§  When said occurred, the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope was removed from Pete field to a specially constructed to survive nuclear blasts vault Related image under Cheyanne Mountain. That military instillation is called North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). But good luck finding information about the very likely Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope technology that NORAD was built to continue the French Research. It is almost exclusively secret. Image result for NORAD

§  But then you have the added evidence of “Space Command” Image result for “Space Command which had been a clandestine black site, then was made public, then clandestine again, then public again over the course of four decades from ? to 2019.

§  There is the tiniest amount of real Versailles copy and the French Royal family evidence in the area, but discount NORAD and its secret technology and the rest is too classified to prove anything. 


o  2019 4 15 17:30; a huge amount of fire damage started over the course of 9 hours. Starting about 17:20 local time.

§  the first fire alarm sounded at about 20 minutes after 5 pm.

§  it was ignored, till the second alarm sounded 20 plus minutes later. But by then it was too late. The forest had caught fire and was already out of control.

§  The fire was likely caused by the workers in an area they were not supposed to be in, messing with tools and equipment they were told not to mess with. The Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope network is based on electricity. They played with the electrical machines, in the Attic directly above the Alter. and did not know how to use them correctly. Those machines used improperly have caused more than a few dozen fires and worse Electro-Magnetic Lobotomies.

o  Time to rebuild

§  But what is being rebuilt?

·     Paris and other cities are a Neuro Pathway Neuro Network*

o  In part about a neuro-pathway-network of marble buildings which act as a synapse. The different cities act as a collection of synapses aka a brain.


o  Cities with specific concentrations of Marble or other materials with extremely high quartz content. Rome also comes to mind.

o  Be interesting to find out how many other cities in Europe, Africa, Middle East, America were built with as described parameters to be considered to be part of the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope which is also a synapse, collections of synapses make a brain.

o  A picture containing sky

Description automatically generated

o  Neuro and the ATEN


o  A close up of a bug

Description automatically generated

o  Synapse in the Brain in direct comparrision with the ATEN built into the Pyramids.

o  Every Synapse is two types of language at the same time.

o  first they exist themselves the number of synapse at the end of a neuron that number converts to a letter sequence.

o  second, the synapses which are “firing” or “hot” electrically create their own form of letters.

o  As the firing sequence travels from one to the next to the next x ? number of synapses to create thought. Each fixed point is a portion of a character.

o  Think of Kindergarten when you observed how to draw each character, one turned into numbers some turned into letters. *

o  Same  thing, but in the brain.

o  Same thing but city to city.


o  As the Synapses fire in the brain.

o  The physics of how cities move and change over time are the same physics as the synapses in the brain.

o  A picture containing tree, plant, flower, grass

Description automatically generated




o  From each cities 0000 or the first building or the middle of the city e.g. sometimes the court house, sometimes the middle of down town, a church, meeting hall, etc. Each of those 0000 fixed points. Place the above circle with 24 letters over said and know that if you draw a line from say; your home to your work, those two locations have a circle with letters around. The letter sequence just like mathematics does not change. So where you work from your home draw a line between; google earth is great at that.

o  You have the degrees from A hour home, to B your work, C you have the distance between, D you have the time you have lived in your home, you have the time you have worked in that location.

o  Each of those is a 0000 from which to measure from. Those measurements in numbers translate to letters. Those letter sequences become words.

·     Ǽrdology and the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope to Heaven

o  https://gnosticwarrior.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Notre-Dame-Tryptech.jpg

·     AErdology and Neuropathways, the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope is designed to reflect a synapse

o  The Network of Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope all over the western world are in a very real effect a mini-brain. That mini-brain is built of mostly materials high in Quartz. Quartz when compressed releases electricity, the exact same engineering is how sonar works. Also how ultra sound machines in medicine work. The picture of the infant in the womb* is sent out Electro-Magnetic pulses and when the Electro-Magnetic pulses come back the sensors convert the waves to a 3D image. Same exact mathematics and engineering goes into the Palaces/Temples/Churches/Synagogues/etc. which use materials with extremely high Quartz content.

o  Leipzig, Rome, the Pyramids of Egypt, London, New Castle, etc. Places which used marble and other extremely high content quartz materials as their primary building materials. Those cities are each a synapse in the larger neuro-network/neuropathways of this ancient technology.

o  A group of palm trees on a sunny day

Description automatically generated 

o  The Lines between each city through the circle are divided between 24 wedges which are 15’s.

o  The 15 degrees means that each sequence breaks into its own 15 sequence,

·     The Wedges Break Down according to the Compass

o  This compass works the same when it is applied to any and all things.

o  From the Personal, every direction your body is in creates the following map. The repeat actions you do in the repeat time sequences create a language of your life. Here is one step in the process of translating the story of your life.

o  with things like cities, there is always a 0000 building. City Hall, or in the case of Rome the Forum Building, in the case of Paris Notre Dame. Since that building for the last 3300 plus years has been a multi-purpose structure. Palace, City Government (several governments operated from that building), Synagogue, Temple, Cathedral, School, lecture hall, meeting area, living quarters (several times during the last 850 years commoners have lived in that building, most notably before her relationship with Napoleon advanced, Josephine lived in Notre Dame for a time), etc.

o  the sequences are divided by timeframes. east west by the hour. north south also by the same sequence, just measured by the same distance markers just not as easily calculated.

o  **

§  Priorities

§  Animal migrations

§  geometry