Pharaoh Israel


The second Joseph defeated the fallen sent to kill him by his brother, after his brother (metaphorically) sold his soul to the devil to kill Jacob so he could be appointed to be King of Kings of the Tabernacle System.

The title Pharaoh Israel was given to Jacob. He would be known from that point forward as Israel. He was on his way back to Egypt from Saudi Arabia after helping to secure the city of Mecca for his Psychopathic brother. The family had hoped that being king of Mecca would calm Esau down. But it only enraged him further.


He was the land, and the land was him.


Shortly after being crowned King of Kings of the Tabernacle system. Most of the previous systems were obliterated by conquests. So Jacob needed to rebuild the systems in Israel.

Since Israel circa 4000 b.c.e was Egypt. No place better than Egypt.

This secret that Israel is in Egypt has been a subject of more than  few genocidal actions over the last 5000 years. The Hyksos in Greece forced these definitions onto the Ionians while the basics of modern academics were being put forward. This secret is part of why Socrates’ was executed.

The name Egypt itself is from the temple of Ptah Memphis aka Luz.


At some point after Jacob was Israel, he ventured out of his capital city of Luz heading North West. Luz/Memphis used to be in a specific location. That location has been partially lost to history, but what the conquered did not know is, Memphis was x marks the spot were a dozen lines built into the Pyramids all pointed to(this map does not show the actual structure of the architecture, but it has been measured out using other more exacting specifications.). All roads lead to Heaven/Eternal city, was borrowed for Rome when Caesar had the city of Memphis floated and moved to Rome. As did Caligula with the city of Heliopolis/Jerusalem. both cities were moved to Rome. Caesars ancestors the eth conclusion of the Punic Wars invaded Carthage and had the city (or what was left of the city) dismantled and shipped to Rome. Where it would be reassembled into the new buildings of the Roman Senate circa 100 b.c.e.


Three Tabernacle Systems in Rome just in time for Jesus to start his ministry in that city. Which would become the Vatican.  The Vatican itself was the remodeled stones of Heliopolis.


Leaving Luz/Memphis, Jacob traveled to the ruins of an ancient Megalith destroyed during the 3800 -3500 b.c.e invasion. Praying at those stones, Jacob was given a vision. He needed to rebuild the ancient Megalithic structures of the Tabernacle System of Adam. Rebuild it to its former glory. The Hyksos mythology regarding the Bent was built wrong is pure propaganda.


The Ladders to heaven he was about to build were similar to if not exactly the same as the architecture of the Tower of Babel. But unlike that structure, these would be built to be all but impenetrable. Would make them smaller inside, but they would be built to last for 10,000 years.

5000 years later several are still standing.


The Ladder of the Tabernacle system would of course have to be shortened to only a few hundred feet. Unlike the older not completely obliterated systems which were more than 1000 feet high.

But the ladder discussed is actually a large physical representation of DNA.

So that angels could adjust the humans as needed.


Jacob would follow the old rules and link them all together using electro-magnetic technology.






Each major Pyramid tells a specific Biblical Tail.


About 25 years later the tasks were complete and most of the main stories were told in stone. Lessor stories would follow with other kings over the course of the next centuries. Till Esau’s people grew strong and enraged enough to come back and destroy as much as they could about what was built circa 2100 – 1530 b.c.e. but they were called Hyksos then. Esau’s people name change constantly to avoid being associated with the previous generations crimes against humanity








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