Tabernacle System of Adam in Whatcom County


A War was fought in Bellingham from early 1700s to 1890 over who would control the Tabernacle System of Adam the British built. The British were not English but Trojans. The English are an entirely different culture from the British. The British are by legend descendants of the Trojans and the Amarna 18th dynasty. The English are descendants from the Dorian's and Hyksos.


A Museum is needed in Whatcom County Bellingham in order to show the evidence and models of what used to be but was entirely obliterated.

Tabernacle of Adam System

Pickett Slave Plantation

The End of the Trail of Tears


Bellingham was named for Lord Bellingham.

Lord Bellingham’s title came from Castle Bellingham Ireland.

Castle Bellingham Ireland was named by the Vikings. Who were the navy of the Ogle Family of Northumberland. The Vikings named Castle Bellingham Ireland to honor their lost Castle Bellingham Northumberland.

Castle Bellingham Northumberland is 18 miles west of Castle Ogle. Castle Ogle is 12 miles North West of NewCastle that Hadrian’s Wall bisects. NewCastle in English in Hebrew is Jerusalem. British Jews and Jerusalem in Britain

The Ogle’s are one of the original British Families. Jacob: holder of the Foot of the ATEN. Trojan: the descendants of the Foot Holder. Legend Trojan King Priam sent out Aeneas to create a new Kingdom, Aeneas’ Son/grandson Brutu was the first British King. The Pig War was fought between Pickett and the British; political spin whittled the evidence of said war down to the smallest amount.

Pickett Plantation

Bellingham Washington Museum












Entrance Holly and Rail Road


The level of missing history from the Bellingham area is beyond impressive. It is like what the Third Reich attempted to do. The difference is the Third Reich lost and could not obliterate all the evidence. The American and confederates at least in part won, so they had decades to erase all the evidence.

Pickett and the Pig War

The only clear evidence of a conflict between the Americans and British occurred during the Pig War. Almost all traces have been erased from existence. The Pig War the documentation of said was limited to only the smallest and most insignificant portion of the actual conflict. The Pig War was much more extensive and bloodier than Pickett was willing to document. He also neglected to document the 1500 – 5000 troops his 68 regular NCO’s were in charge of.


Trail of Tears

The natives of Oklahoma reported that the army separated out the group into several smaller groups. The native Africans were separated from the natives. And Jews were separated out from both the Africans and natives.

Both groups were semi-allowed to stay in Oklahoma. But the third group was taken farther west. After being taken farther west they were taken north and west. Possibly to the Pacific North west were the confederacy already had a foothold safeguard. They destination of said Jewish Trail of Tears would be Whatcom County, since the area was already a strong military encampment controlled by at least one if not several Confederate Military men. Pickett and Patterson, the person whom owned or at least seized the area which would be known as the future Lynden.


Confederate Safe Haven

Washington and Idaho aligned with the Confederacy in the 1840s; Oregon allied itself with the Union. The Pickett Plantation was a back-up plan to have a confederate foothold so far away from Union Army control the confederacy could operate in Whatcom County freely from 1850 to 1885, although in small and isolated pockets. All of this was written out of the history of the area.

General George Custer

Custer was in the area of the west side of the Great Lakes to suppress a native rebellion and to find pockets of the Confederacy to root them out and destroy them.

One pocket were a group of Dutch who had worked hand in hand with the south, the slave trade, and militant Islam of West Africa. Custer found them and they evacuated to Lynden Washington State to in effect make Washington and Idaho a new confederacy. Seizing control over Lynden from Phoebe Judson (Judson is a Jewish name) but working with her after.




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