Picket Plantation



There were several, but this is specifically about the Picket Plantation in Bellingham Washington Territory.



The proof for the evidence of the Pickett plantation is in the English concept of the 10lbs castle design.

When Pickett arrived in the area of Castle Bellingham Washington Territory. Pickett did so with a company of troops. It is assumed he arrived with between 1500-5000 possibly more soldiers.

Captain could be in charge of several lieutenants, each lieutenant in charge of a company, a company is several platoons, each platoon consists of 12-24(48 soldiers) depending on the job each platoon is assigned.

Means that Pickett had more than sufficient numbers of soldiers to not only seize any lands under the Imminent Domain laws but could capture said lands first under the American flag, then in around 1860 claim the lands for the confederacy. Which the American government would be less than accepting of any such information regarding that type of event.

Odd thing to have a previously unknown Confederate fortification in the Pacific North West. But all evidence points to this possibility not only being possible but realistic.

Pickett when he arrived informed those living in the area which he claimed as the future “Fort Bellingham” renamed from Castle Bellingham. They had to leave areas he claimed and build a fortification for the American government. That fortification would be under Old Town Bellingham. The area contained at least one if not more working farms. The area also most likely contained a previously buried deep in the ashes of destruction a Castle built by the British as both an area of protection as well as a trading hub. Much like the first established under the East India Trading Company banner then a corporate and internationally relations hostile takeover by the EIC own subsidiary Hudson’s Bay Company. The Hudson’s Bay Company which by then was operating under the authority of the English and Dutch seized control over Fort Vancouver (formerly Castle Vancouver; formerly New Castle) on the north side of the Columbia.

In basic the same actions would occur in Bellingham; with the previous infrastructure either included into the new fortification and or torn down/erased and a new fortification structure built.

Either way the infrastructure present previous would by the arrogance of a conqueror would need to be obliterated and the start date would need to be when the Fort was constructed. Erasing the previous structures and previous cultural influence.

When Pickett arrived in the area of Castle Bellingham, he seized the Castle immediately, then renamed it Fort Bellingham.

There is another military reservation where Western Washington university sits.
























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