Pickett Plantation


History is written by the Victor

At the end of World War II and the Trojan War, the same enemy lost and won those wars. The same enemy but using a different name; standard procedure for the descendants of Esau/Hyksos. They name change constantly to avoid being blamed for yesterday’s crimes. Same behaver pattern in ancient times to present. When the enemy loses, they work very hard to erase the presence of the people they conquered. The more crimes against that culture and humanity the more they work to work to ensure all traces of the evidence was destroyed   (Several partially destroyed Gas Chambers from Auschwitz; trying to hide the evidence of genocide from the allies. But imagine for a second those guilty of Genocide in The Third Reich had won the War. In America the United States did win, and the United States not only won, but more than a few of the participating cultures in America were as violently anti-Semitic as the third Reich. But those cultures instead of losing in America, they not only won the Wars, but then proceeded to write the history books. Those history books excluded all hints let alone references to any wrong doing delivered upon the Jews in America. Millions of Jews settling in America from 1550-1890 and as few records regarding their presence have survived as those anti-Semitic could get away with. If any records of their existence were created at all. Academics is so focused on documentation, that all manner of issues could take place hundreds of miles away from the closest writer/reporter creating documentation about an event. Only sufficient sized settlements could draw a newspaper. A settlement of a few hundred, most illiterate, a newspaper will not work. A few thousand works.

http://photography.jfranklin.com/tag/auschwitz/). Consequently the city of Troy was lost for almost two entire millennia because the later conquerors literally changed as many details about those events as humanly possible. The third Reich worked for the last year to finish cleaning up the millions of Jews they had not killed yet. The last months and weeks of the war the third Reich worked feverishly in a failed attempt to hide the evidence of their war crimes. Which was sloppy at best. When the culture wins and destroys the previous culture, the nastier the War the more the evidence is removed to prevent questions later. The American government’s treatment of Jews and other cultures they did not like was brutal and violent at best, at worse genocide. But where did the bodies go to. Previous to the 1870s, the populations were larger and closer together. After the 1870s the native populations were small enough to slaughter them on the prairies and not worry about poisoning the food chain. But millions of bodies will create environmental issues. Not to mention draw a huge amount of attention from reporters and the like. No evidence of a holocaust is not exactly out of the realm of realistic since in the case of the Trail of Tears the culture which committed the Genocide won and is still very much in power.

The British and English are vastly different cultures. The British built an empire in Whatcom County. A fair assumption is that the enemies of the British, which include most of the armies documented as being present in and around Whatcom County in the 1700-1800s, were convinced that there was a working Alexandrian Lighthouse south of Castle Bellingham. A working weapon of mass destruction would literally be a prize almost every country on the planet wants from the start of civilization through to present. If the militant Islamic cultures whom did business with Europeans told them about the Lighthouse of Alexandria and there was a very good chance the British Empire in Whatcom County not only possessed said weapon but they would be easy to conquer. The Armies of the world would arrive on mass to seize control over that weapon. After the War was over, then erase every single bit of the evidence possible regarding laying siege to that weapon. This is almost the definition of a hard Target Threat to all the cultures in the Americas. The British once they get settled with proper defenses have proven in the past to be almost impossible to defeat. Examples the city of Troy, north of Hadrian’s Wall, the Amarna Dynasty (if Tut was born normal the Egyptian Army would have crushed the Avaris/Hyksos), etc. Rushing to find the British in Whatcom County to fight them, would prove to be a top priority for the Russians, Dutch, Confederates, Spanish, Muslims, English, Americans, Mexicans, Libertine French, etc. those cultures could not allow the British to obtain a proper level of defense. Once set up, those defenses would be literally impossible to breach. Castle Bellingham aka Fort Bellingham, Castle Ogle aka Picket Tower, NewCastle aka Jerusalem aka WWU, as well as Memphis aka Luz aka Jam aka Ferndale Washington State were very close to being set up and strong.

Winston Churchill in a speech talked about the First World War and The Great War. Unfortunately for him and everyone else, his meaning was lost to the world. He was not discussing one topic which took place roughly from 1914 to 1918. He was discussing two separate events the first The Seven Years War circa 1750-1757 as the first World War, the second was the Great War 1914-1918. Two separate events, the problem is, according to Churchill’s reference regarding a first World War. A serious amount of those Battles took place up and down the Mississippi and around Whatcom County. But they took place in an area the world leaders did not want to admit existed yet. Worse yet the battles involved armies the English did not want to talk about being in their territory. The Vancouver Expedition (1791–1795), of which Lord Bellingham of Castled Bellingham Ireland (named by the Vikings to honor Castle Bellingham Northumberland 18 miles north west of Ogle Castle. Castle Bellingham Whatcom County is about 3 miles north west of the Pickett House.) was not only on board but brought the Maps of the Puget Sound with him to let Lord Vancouver know where he was going. The Maps Lord Bellingham and the City, Fort, and previous Castle provided were from the British Ogle family. Previous to the Vancouver Expedition, the West Coast was for the most part not known, because unacceptable cultures who had travel that way and set up cities were intolerable. Only acceptable cultures and connected people were allowed to in this case publish what they knew. More than a few times in history only acceptable people can publish in peer reviewed scholastics, undesirables would be rejected outright. To publish or acknowledge an undesirable had traveled out that way, the scholar would have to literally produce sufficient evidence which would be impossible to prove. In basic either take the person and committee reviewing the maps to the location personally or equivalent level of direct first hand evidence. But if the review committee went, they would publish themselves and leave the person whom wanted to publish out of the process. Lord Bellingham the Castle in Ireland and the Title were both created for his ancestors by the British Ogle Family using their navy called Vikings. The Vikings were simply the name of the Ogle family Navy. That Navy was under the strict command and control from the Ogle family. They attacked the Pictish Strongholds and specifically attacked without mercy the spread of Islam in Britain. The Battle of Tours circa 730 ce between the Franks and the Ottoman Empire was only 200 miles west from the French Coast. The City of Tours is only 150 miles south of Paris. Paris is located in the Northern portion of France. There is only 200 miles from the French West Coast city of Caan to Dover England. Militant Islam was present in numbers approaching a million. Militant Islam was only a few hundred miles away from Britain in 650 ce; no doubt a few hundred to a few thousand over the decades from 640-720 ce traveled north west from France to invade Britain. The Vikings stopped them dead in their tracks. But embarrassing the Catholic Church was not allowed so the entire invasion of Western Europe by Islam was edited down to the smallest section possible. Mostly giving credit to the Franks and turning the Vikings into a semi-helpful villain. But the Vatican did not want to be perceived as losing territory in Britain, so the Mosques were edited to be Churches the Vikings sacked without mercy. They were not churches they were mosques, or worse they were hard line Catholic churches whom preached that the only good Jew was a dead Jew. Those churches were fair game, but the aim was mosques in Britain. Find and destroy them and their imams.

The Seven Years War did not exist within  seven years. Open militant conflicts were occurring in the decades before and after. It has been falsely assumed the Seven Years War was named for the Seven years it has been officially categorized as, the Seven Years is a reference to the Seven Days of Creation not actual years. Since a portion of the battles took place in Little Egypt (Southern portion of Illinois around its first Capital Kaskaskia, Eastern Missouri, Western Indiana, portions of Tennessee like Memphis.).  because the Libertine French and English do not want to acknowledge the facts surrounding Israel, the Jews, and Egypt does not alter the facts any. The Jews were living peacefully in Egypt before Moses was born. Moses turned them into slaves, not the Amarna Dynasty. Moses was an Avaris/Hyksos; the Hyksos are a direct descendant culture from Esau. Esau promised that he would do anything to kill his brother Jacob and or his descendants, if it was the last thing is last descended son would do to kill the last surviving Jew.  World War I 1750-1757 many of the Battles occurred from St Louis Missouri up the Mississippi north to its headwaters. This is important since more than a few militant Islamic settlements were up the Mississippi, with large armies to accompany the large plantations. But again, the major leaders did not want to acknowledge those events existed let alone tell about the specifics of those events.

Bellingham and Whatcom County

What do those events have even the slightest amount to do with the county of Whatcom and the associated city Bellingham and its surrounding cities.

First the history of the area has been erased more thoroughly than literally the age of Camelot. Which is interesting since the age of the Viking’s started literally at the end of the age of Camelot. The Age of Camelot in Britain started roughly 350 ce as the Roman Empire was falling. Constantine’s second son Constantius II was still alive when the age of Camelot in their old homeland began. Constantius II’s grandmother St. Helen was born and raised in Northumberland. Of course then it was called the Kingdom of Ogle. Very likely Helen was a direct descendant of the Trojans whom evacuated first from the Trojan War and second from Alba Longa when the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians and Avaris followed to Italy. The Trojans name changed and evacuated to Britain. The Dorians and Avaris could not follow the Trojans/British to Britain. Their sailing skills were not sufficient for the Straights of Gibraltar, forget the English Channel. The Roman Sailing skills did not improve from the Trojan War to Cleopatra, the Romans trying to on mass cross the English Channel would have been cut apart at Dover and for the most part were. Not till after Cleopatra’s Evacuation/Exile/Suicide did the Roman Army on mass take the available ferries across and push hard toward Northumberland. Being stopped dead in their tracks about half way up the Kingdom of Northumberland eight miles south of Ogle Castle. But the aim was not to destroy the Ogles in Northumberland but to Seize control over Jerusalem/NewCastle/New Troy. No matter how badly the Dorians and Avaris wanted to follow the Trojans to Britain, it was an impossible task.  A millennia later, then called Romans they could follow the British. But that proved to be a very bad idea.

Two millennia later that same culture took its secrets from Northumberland to the Americas. Which their enemies followed. Exactly the same as when they evacuated Troy, the enemy followed. Determined to kill every last Trojan alive.

Once on the American continent, the enemy name changed to Dutch, English, Spanish, etc. not only followed but continued the violent slavery and eventually genocide of their ancient hated enemy. Leaving only one place to go in the America’s, an extremely protected pocket where they could only be attacked from the North and west from the Puget Sound.

The library the British brought with them to Whatcom County has always been considered one of the best and technically advanced libraries in the world. Every time the British set down roots and create a library, that library when seized by other cultures. Those other cultures use it to create a world class scholastic/educational university.

Part of the British library came from or if the evidence holds was the founding documents which led to the creation of the Alexandrian Lighthouse with its impressive weapon of  mass destruction. The British by this logical assumption possessed books and material which would allow them to rebuild a copy of the Alexandrian lighthouse were ever they went.

That weapon would be the envy of every single enemy the British and formerly Trojans possessed.


General George Custer was born in December 5, 1839 in New Rumley, Ohio only 122 miles from Tiffin Ohio and the British Ogle family. Tiffin possesses two current things, and use to possess a third. The Ogle family in tiffin used to possess a library. The Ogle library in Tiffin (which came directly from the NewCastle/Jerusalem library; which itself came from the Constantinople, Alexandrian Library <yes the famed library the Romans removed the books then bunt the building. Cleopatra diverted as many books as possible as both Empress of Rome and Pharaoh of Egypt>, and Trojan libraries) was cut into several pieces and the university of Heidelberg (in Tiffin Ohio), university of tiffin, The Academy Vancouver WA    the Academy Water Tower or converted/remodeled to a Water Tower, originally a reflection of the Alexandrian Lighthouse. <circa 1850, it started after the HBC seized Fort Vancouver from the EIC. The EIC a subsidiary company from the British Ogle family. The city of Vancouver was name changed after the conquest by the American Military from Jerusalem to several names including Boston{Beacon Hill, referring to both the Alexandrian Lighthouse and the name of the British Ogle family itself Yr Hen Ogle dd which means North Umber/Amber Land. Beacon an amber light, on top of a tower, the tower on top of a Hill. Beacon Hill translates roughly as Northumberland which is Gaelic for Yr Hen Ogle dd.}>(although territorial disputes kept the library from becoming a recognized University for several centuries), and Brigham Young University are the direct result of the Ogle family in Tiffin’s original library. They possessed said library from their family in Northumberland.

If this assumption has any validity to it, that General George Custer found a working Tabernacle System somewhere around the western portion of the Great Lakes. Chicago, St Paul (which is interesting since St Paul was considered by the followers of Jesus and Simon Peter to be the evil priest. Paul was literally a very bad man in most aspects. A violent misogynist among more than a few of his crimes against humanity.), Milwaukee, Green Bay, Minneapolis, etc. Custer would have known about the Ogles library since Tiffin and Heidelberg Universities were not founded yet. The library was still in one piece under the Ogle family control. But the legends of the weapon the Ogles had some information  about was prevalent in Ohio. Pickett the confederate Captain was a Virginia Plantation boy, he grew up only a few miles away from estates the Ogles used to own in that area. Maryland, Virginia, etc. Pickett could have been after the same thing Custer was. To find, seize, and control one more if possibly more working Tabernacle of Adam systems aka Alexandrian Lighthouse’s in America. The possibility of one in the South, one West of the Great Lakes, one in Whatcom County centered in Ogle Castle which was renamed to the Pickett Tower. Which evidence of said could be exactly why the history of said actions was almost entirely erased.

The Major problem is, according to legend Angels brought the Garden of Eden to the area of Chicago. Chicago was founded or at least Acknowledged by the American Government in 1833. Although the city was huge with a vast population for at least a century before 1833. The inhabitance were not English or Americans so their presence not only did not count, they were for the most part ignored. Which could be why the Islamic plantation owners evacuated out of the south and from Chicago north and west. They might have wanted to find and seize control over the tabernacle system of Adam which according to legend could be located from Chicago north and west. The center of the Garden of Eden was a Tabernacle, not  a tree. In Sumerian the sentence structure in English points strongly to not the facts surrounding there is not one tree mentioned but four. Genesis 2; 9 Sumerian grammar rules. there is not one tree but three. 1 Knowledge, 2 good and evil, 3 life,  which are fed by a spring from the center. The three trees sit in each of three squares. 

OF those trees the tree of construction was formed into the structure of the Tabernacle; which is represented by the Canopy in Jewish and Catholic Ceremonies . Which Adam performed his job through. The naming and caretaking job.

Could the Muslims first in the American South and then transported North and West to the West side of the Great Lakes, have been searching for the Garden of Eden. The legend about its location around Chicago. To use the Tabernacle at the center of the Garden of Eden as a weapon. There is nothing good about using a divine tool as a weapon.

The Islamic cultures had direct and long standing access to libraries which were directly associated with the Alexandrian Library. The scholars might have saved some of the books from being destroyed. The books regarding what the tool was and how to make it work.

In the destruction which occurring in the 1850s proceeding the Civil War, any remaining pockets of Islamic cultures and families still in the south would not have stayed long. They would have almost by default headed to the safety or relative safety of the headwaters of the Mississippi as quickly as possible.

The details of Custer’s life after he by medical evidence found the seized control over a hypothetical Tabernacle System in one of the major cities west of the great lakes. Before he found the Tabernacle he was not crazy, after he was not only crazy but for the most part incompetent.

Custer was ordered secretly to find and kill any mosques and associated Islamic cultures whom managed to escape the previous removal of Islamic movements. To pacify the natives, but since he knew the natives had large Jewish pockets in them. He chose to kill all whom might pose a threat to America. The Islamic cultures, Jews, Natives, British, etc. anyone he imagined needed to be killed. Custer’s actions are very similar to Himmler. Custer was not the first military  commander sent into the West side of the great Lakes to clean out the Muslims, find Jews whom might know about the Tabernacle System, and dispose of escaped slaves. There is no reason to assume Custer and previous military commanders after he and his men were finished killing, the survivors of his slaughter would have been captured and sent for interrogation. After interrogating the Africans, Natives, and Jews put them to work in the Tabernacle System of Adam in Whatcom County which had been at least partially captured from the British in the decades previous.

Questioning the prisoner’s and then disposing of them. The British knew how to build a Tabernacle System, that tabernacle System would be in part centered where the Lettered Streets are presently. Although portions of the Tabernacle System stretched south and north of the Lettered Streets Bellingham. There can be an argument made concerning the facts of did the confederacy based on their influence with militant Islam think there was a working Alexandrian Light House in Whatcom County; if so they would want it, want to obtain that Light House weapon aka Tabernacle System and build one in the South. Possibly in Virginia, having a Virginia boy e.g. Pickett in charge of the Tabernacle System of Adam in Whatcom County would serve the South’s interests perfectly. When the War broke out, Pickett would have needed to take his understanding of the Tabernacle System he had been working with for six years and bring it to Jefferson Davis.  because Pickett was only in Whatcom County for six years and commander of the military reservation which is very likely the location of the death camp did not mean the death camp was not operating both before and after. Why a death camp, for those whom might know how to use the Tabernacle system whom refused to cooperate, or those whom were killed by the process of trying to make it work.

The Trail of Tears did not end in 1855, nor did it end in Oklahoma. A huge number of both Africans and Natives who were part of the Trail of Tears were not allowed to stay in Ok but moved farther West. Those Africans and Natives were in fact mostly Jewish. The Jews the Militant Islamic cultures told the Americans and Confederates all about the Tabernacle System weapon. Armed with the knowledge that the tool at least from the evidence of the lighthouse of Alexandria was a weapon of mass destruction. The Americans and Confederates would have wanted that weapon extremely badly. Consequently all the western and Islamic cultures in America would have wanted to capture anyone they suspected of having even the smallest amount of knowledge regarding how to use the Tabernacle of Adam aka Alexandrian Lighthouse; forcing the Jews, natives, Africans, Irish, Scotts, etc. to either build a System or make the system they already possessed work. Several eyewitness reports state the military sent more than a few survivors of the Trail of Tears farther west. Where to and what became of them has been an ignorable issue for roughly shy of 200 years.

Custer’s actions for a very small degree (and only directed at finding and rooting out militant Islam from America) were needed, since militant Islam are as a culture bent on the genocide of the Jews and all else who will not convert to Islam, cleaning out those whom will happily kill every person whom is not them at any point is not a bad thing. It is preemptive self-defense. If you know that culture have as part of their doctrine to seek you out when you are vulnerable and kill you, removing their ability to kill you beforehand is an acceptable action. The militant Islamic cultures whom created plantations in the south moved those plantations to the west side of the great lakes. The question becomes where did those cultures built their replica of Mecca and the Kaaba in the South. The Jews built a Jerusalem the renamed Orlando Florida. Were the Jews living in Jerusalem/Orlando part of the trail of tears to remove them from being able to operate their lighthouse in Central Florida. Did those Jews end up in Bellingham in Pickett’s Death Camp. Why move them 3500 miles, to force them to teach the Union and Confederacy how to use the Tabernacle System in Whatcom County. Did the militant Islamic build a Mecca Kaaba in the south outside of Georgia and Florida, and were able to capture* the Jerusalem/Orlando Tabernacle of Adam System aka Alexandrian Lighthouse replica. Allowing the confederacy to possess two of them. One in Florida one farther North. In the Carolina’s possibly closer to New Orleans.

Then when they move in waves to the west side of the great lakes where did they rebuild their Mecca and its Kaaba. The Kaaba was part of an ancient Tabernacle of Adam system Esau stole but was never able to make it work correctly. Mostly both Picket and Custer’s work ended with both men and those they told the secrets to being Electric Shock Therapy lobotomized https://www.pinterest.com/emmysaez/insane/ aka (EST). Do not play with electricity, unless you know what you are doing. For Esau and a score of other political leaders, not only did they have no idea how to play with electricity, they had less than no idea what they were doing the entire time. Those leaders whom gain access to some form of the Tabernacle of Adam system, they ended up electrocuting themselves. Usually in the head, which then short circuits their brain; e.g. lobotomy. Did Custer find and try to attack a working Tabernacle the Islamic cultures built in Minnesota or Michigan, did he lobotomize himself.

It would be interesting if Custer was going to travel West to root out the undesirables from Whatcom County next, then return to the East to be elected President. His popularity was more than sufficient to suggest that possibility. But his lobotomy caused his and his men’s lives. He stopped listening, or more likely could not listen any further. His electrocuted brain prevented his hippocampus from working, so he could not process input. Standard for most EST patients, whom have been given too many treatments over too long a time.


Manifest Destiny

The Ideas of Manifest destiny were the key to both Canada and the Colonial expansion. The First person to see x areas; which is not true in any way but sure does make for great Public Relations for the settlers to venture out into the West to do battle with Indians. Killing Indians and Africans along the way. The Wagon Trains where the English settlers were encouraged to Kill all whom came around, because the Indians and Africans would kill all whites they saw. So kill them before they kill you. Which for both the colonial American government this would destroy the natives, the Jews, and the pockets of militant Islam peoples living in the West. The Millions living from the western edge of the colonies and farther west this meant Genocide. But in a way it was good since the militant Islamic cultures and some native tribes were chiefly responsible for going into towns and cities, killing as many people as they could. Same strategy militant Islam has had from the start to present. Muslim’s in America (Where do you think the Founding Fathers figured out the idea for the Tea Party, from their plantation friends whom were allied with Militant Islam, in America.)dressed as natives going into a city and killing every person they could find; that is not the strategy of natives but exactly the strategy of militant Islam. Reference a suicide bomber, but instead of a bomb go into a town on the East coast and kill all that move. Allah Akbar for an English person would sound like gibberish. If you hear a great deal of just hollering and some strange guttural noises, you only spoke English, Arabic would sound like a sheep baying. “Baah” of a sheep and “AckBaah”, close enough. Only today they use bombs for maximum damage. But the propaganda of the time did not want to admit the “Savages” were not natives but for the most part were militant Islamic. 100,000 settlers over the course of decades will perform the same actions and have a much higher body count than the ovens at Auschwitz.  Instead of only a few hundred guards, it became a game to kill the inhuman and ungodly red and African people. They were not human so killing them was no different than killing a rabbit. Only you cannot eat the two leg animals. The settlers were instructed to simply leave the Red and African where they fell to rot as the heathens they were. They deserved neither sympathy or a proper burial, touching their  unholy body after death could rub some of their wickedness off onto you.

Radical Propaganda but that is how the English and Dutch sold the settlers to venture out into the wilds to   , the second graphic is a wildly successful idea about the Red man constantly attacking covered Wagons. Be constantly vigilant to kill them before they kill you. Although in very isolated pockets there were large numbers of militant Islamic cultures whom built plantations in the west and had very large armies . There is an extremely good chance that going to kill the natives was killing Jews, the natives coming to attack a city or a fort were depending on the timeframe more likely militant Islamic cultures attacking. The Savages were in some cases Natives and Jews, but based on behavior patterns the overwhelming majority of the time previous to 1870 were Muslims killing non-believers. The closer to the Mississippi from St Louis North to the headwaters more and more pockets of Muslims living on plantations with huge armies around. Those huge armies would be armed to the teeth, their cousins in Africa possessed more than sufficient funding to have fleets to transport the products from the Islamic Plantations in America and more Africans and Jews from Niger to America to kill in Auschwitz type death camps. Where those death camps were is a question, based on the evidence of the Picket Plantation, a reasonable hypothesis is Castle Bellingham renamed Fort Bellingham


First Barbary War (1801–1805)

For direct hard evidence of said battles and Wars up and down the Mississippi, one only needs to look at the events from 1780-1810. Jefferson took first hand action on many fronts in order to both go to war against the militant Islamic plantations on the Continent as well as hide all details of those events from a new nation whom were afraid of England and could be moved to be afraid enough of the Islamic threat to want and vote to run home to Mommy/England for protection. The Louisiana Purchase allowed the US to engage said military campaigns against both the British and the militant Islamic threat. Although in truth, the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was more of a seize the lands owned by other cultures which Napoleon did not own either. The Purchase was more of a bribe than an actual sale. He informed America that he would not bring his military and navy to the shores of America and conquer them if they paid him a lot of money. At the time he had a military which was extremely well trained large enough to be a significant threat to the US. He could have easily conquered America with the size army he possessed. His threat was real, so paying him off was the only option. Then seize the lands he did not own. Huge amounts of misdirection.

Lewis and Clark were sent out to claim ownership of a trade route which had been thriving for the previous millennia. Lewis was not charting new territory; he was working to erase the British Trade Route through that area.

Washington, Adam’s, and Jefferson worked tirelessly for decades to find and kill the Islamic threat on American soil. Which took for Jefferson and Adams performing political games in the newspaper designed to literally grab everyone’s attention so the military operations occurring out west would be ignored outright. The art of misdirection, force everyone too look in a certain direction while at the same time performing all manner of actions away from the direction everyone was pointed at. The smear campaigns were not supposed to put Adam’s and Jefferson at odds with each other, but in a way that is what occurred. But the greater achievement was met, the American Islamic armies were suppressed and in most cases were forced to evacuate the American continent. Some pockets remained, but they would be cleaned out over time, as long as the Muslims involved did not make a nuisance of themselves. which Custer and his predecessors were sent into those areas to ensure the Muslims in those areas did exactly that, do not make a nuisance of themselves.

The Adam’s and Jefferson Presidential election was literally so vitriolic that they still stand out as being a benchmark almost two and a half centuries later for modern politicians whom conduct political mudslinging “at least I am not as bad as the fourth presidential election.” Using that excuse to sling more mud at their opponent to win the election. What no one knows because all documentation for said has either been destroyed; evidence Washington, Adams, and Jefferson all upon their deaths ordered collections of their personal papers burned to leave no trace of those events documented. The excuse was they were love letters between themselves and their individual wives but all manner of subjects could have been in those papers. Or because the misdirection campaign worked so well that everyone simply took the illusions created in the campaign to apply those principles to their lives. Where fighting and using all legal tools available became standard principles the American Culture formed around. Win at all costs, never mind honor or character, integrity, honesty, etc. those are for the meek to cry over after they lose. The problem is, a good hard political fight might be a fun thing to do, but there is little Honor or integrity in it. Winning to win in most cases is a very bad thing. But winning to win only shows honor is missing. Without honor and said topics the victory is hollow and without meaning. For example, yes you can force someone to marry and produce a family with you, but the second that person has a chance to hurt you, they will and enjoy every second of the pain they inflicted. The pain they influence on others to *get even is nothing compared to how much pain the person has been through by their abuser. The Founding principles of the American culture are based on lies, illusions, misdirection, etc. those lies need to be acknowledged in order for America to regain some of its honor back.

Jefferson had to close the American ports for a while, allowing no goods in and no goods out. Even working to build the navy back up in order to blockade the American ports. From around 1780-1795 John Paul Jones did not have an American Navy to command. The American Navy was not actually in existence. The Navy was to small, only a few ships. He was hired by the Russians to command part of their Navy. Now for two centuries historians have wondered strongly about those actions, but if you place blockading American ports by the American navy with a realistic Islamic invasion, blockading the ports was simply the only realistic thing to do. The American navy was not large enough to pose a threat to any of the individual navy’s any of the American Islamic groups or Ottoman Empire’s cultures. An Islamic invasion of America was occurring but at the time the American government and Navy were not strong enough to stop them. Let alone take the American navy to Libya to stop them at home. In effect go to Carthage like the Romans did to stop the invasion of the city of Rome. Ironically the ruins of Carthage are close to the city of Tripoli. Blockading the American ports seemed the best way to defend the new nation. The Ancient City of Carthage and Tripoli are only a few hundred miles away in the same country of influence. Tripoli is south east of Carthage.

Why is the American Navy invading Tripoli having anything at all to do with the Pickett Plantation and the assumed Lighthouse of Alexandria which could be what the enemies of the British assumed was what the Pickett Tower was. The Battle of Tripoli was to both suppress the Islamic invasion of the homeland but also to gather more information about the Tabernacle System’s in America.

The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase between America and Napoleon was not entirely legal. He did not own what he sold. Which for the Royalist French and British in America this was about as strong an insult as possible. Stealing vast tracks of land by both cultures, neither of which possessed the resources to defend the lands seized. The British (not English) possessed huge armies, but they were all committed to fighting the militant Islamic threat to turn troops to defending New France and Louisiana. While the British were keeping the militant Islamic armies from ripping through both eastern and western Europe and working on suppressing said in America. The Libertine French, English, and Americans worked to destroy the British power footholds in America. Which included Whatcom County. Making the British both spend vast amounts to defeat militant Islam saving both Europe and the United states from being totally destroyed, while at the same time those being saved were attacking to destroy the British from behind.

But this also led directly to a huge problem, when Jefferson did manage to get his navy up to speed he did immediately send them out to Libya,  First Barbary War (1801–1805). Jefferson had to send troops directly to one of the militant Islamic cultures threatening imminent invasion to topple the new government and seize all of America. That would have frightened most Americans into thinking seriously about running back to England to hide behind their impressive armies and navies. But Jefferson and the other American leadership chose to keep it all quiet and secret. Take care of the Islamic problem so no civilian would have to know anything about it.


The third Reich copied those ideas, not invented them. What the English and Dutch settlers were not told is more than a small percentage of the natives were in fact Jews. So the Comparison with the Wagon Trains heading West and the mass slaughter of the Jews under the violent dictatorship of the third Reich are very similar. Although the facts that Adolf’s numbers over the course of 15 years are nothing to the possible 20 to 50 million Jews killed by the Wagon Trains from 1700-1920. At the end the Wagon’s were in some cases replaced by the Tin Lizzy. After it was invented in Ford Model A (1903–04) and its successive models including the nicknamed Tin Lizzy, said trips were done using the Car.  because the Car was starting to replace the wagon does not mean the same actions were not being done. Killing Jews, Natives, Africans, etc. anyone whom got in the way of westward expansion. But in some areas only wagons could travel, despite how reliable the Tin Lizzy was. The Tin Lizzy aka the Model T from Ford (a violent and passionate Fascist, he hated Jews with a lust equaled only to Spear and other industrialist whom helped the Fascists create factories in the Third Reich) could go all over the place but still there were places even the Tin Lizzy could not go, wagons with individual families and or small trains in the mountains and on the west coast were still possible. Interesting that the location of the Big Three Automakers is in the same relative area as where the militant Islamic cultures evacuated to, in order to escape from the enemy Western cultures from finding them and killing them. 1760, 1780, 1810, 1850, 1870, 1900, several more waves of immigrants to the west side of the Great Lakes by Islamic cultures. The Third Reich copied most of that infrastructure and organization when they formed their government. Changing from the Jewish Slave Shield Wall of previous cultures and focusing on finding and killing Jews.

Since the Europeans knew a huge percentage of the Natives and Africans were infact Jews, those details have only been erased from English and American history books. Those books are key to understanding the events in America from the start of the slave trade through world war ii 1932-1945. Sure the Americans could have used the Jews they found as a slave wall army to used against their enemies. Maintain an impressive army, but the previous cultures whom performed said actions had all been crushed under the weight of trying to suppress the Jewish slaves on the wall proved to be too difficult of a task. Many times including at Phoenicia, Troy, Carthage, etc. the Jews on the shield wall were too powerful for the slave masters to control. Consequently that section of Jewish Slaves would be given the next city they conquered, with the proviso that the Jews would pay taxes to their masters and when called upon to provide troops for the next war. But more than a few of the Jewish Cities with armies too strong for the ex-slave masters to conquer, would have to spend vast resources suppressing rebellions among those Jewish Cities. In the end the Jewish Cities would conquer the territories and surrounding cities their former masters owned. Toppling the very country the Master was trying to build.

The bran new United States of America knew these history lessons and did not want to repeat those same mistakes. Having Jewish Cities in America as strong holds, which would eventually grow and improve seeking out their neighbor non-Jewish cities and conquer them. Thus crushing the entire concept of the United States. So Jews would not be used as a slave shield wall by America nor by the Third Reich. Both cultures would simply Kill them then dispose of all traces they existed in the first place.

Using a slave shield wall, by the time the Jews are proficient in battle they are too difficult to execute. Plus why would the Jewish slaves fight unless they were promised a home of their own soon.

For a new slave shield wall, they would spend just enough time fighting for their slave master, then immediately turn around and attack the commanders not expecting it. The slaves on the wall would be not only in shape but battle hardened, their slave overlords and supervisors would not be prepared for this eventuality. This is the exact situation Spartacus faced when he exploited a weakness in the defenses in his Ludus. He knew that the majority of the defenses depended on the slaves cooperation. Gain the master’s trust and defenses would be mostly for show. A Gladiator against a battle hardened Roman Soldier; the Gladiator wins most of the time. Even an experienced veteran of a hundred campaigns loses. Gladiators are trained to fight individually, Gladiators are trained to fight in a group and depend on a shield. That shield can be used as a weapon against the Soldier. Disable the soldiers sword by grabbing the shield and throwing the shield and soldier anywhere the Gladiator so chooses. Once on his back in armor the Gladiators armor allows him to move easily and quickly, the Roman will take upwards of 30 seconds to several minutes to get up. The Gladiator only needs 7 seconds to drive a blade into a vulnerably lethal spot on the soldiers body. The Gladiators of Rome could have overcome the defenses of any ludus at practically any time they so chose. Why they did not, cultural training. An animal will become used to the Conditioned Response of being tied to something. That conditioning can go from an unbreakable chain, to a rope. That rope can be broken easily, but by that time the animal has grown accustomed to being a bound slave. But once free the illusions vanish, the children of the enslaved will not look upon the bondage with the same Conditioned Response the parents did. The Parents are conditioned to be slaves, the children are not only not conditioned but are in fact free. That freedom will lead to a revolt against the old slave masters. The bran new American government did not want to make those mistakes, but still wanted to gain access to the WMD which the legends pointed strongly to the facts surrounding the Tabernacle of Adam System aka the Alexandrian Lighthouse. Knowing these facts the American and later copied over into the Fascists government structure, the Jews were not forced into being a slave shield wall. The American government wanted to power of the Ark of the Covenant, Alexandria Lighthouse, King Solomon’s Temple, etc. in the 1700s the Americans thought if they could simply capture a few Jews, and interrogate them. The Jews would eventually give up the locations of those Weapons, and the American Government would be the most powerful country since biblical times. The Jews and others assumed to possess knowledge were interrogated for their knowledge of biblical WMD’s, and then tortured to death. America wanted it badly, but how to obtain said WMD when only the Jews knew anything about it. The WMD of the Tabernacle System of Adam has been written about several different times in the Bible, but most of the definitions are extraordinarily well hidden. Joshua 10 12 * “Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.” Being able to use a portable version of the Tabernacle of Adam system tool to save the lives of the revolution against the renamed Hyksos army surrounding the Jews in Levant renamed by the very dark and nasty Moses whom was a born and bred Esau/Hyksos/Avaris devotee. The pre fall of the Temple of Solomon Jews knew how powerful the tool was, but they also knew how to work the tool correctly. The tool in battle will only work when exacting rules are followed, since every person impacted by the tool will have their life path altered for them to a significant amount; up to and including death. He did not stop the sun in the sky, more like stop the earth from rotating, he used a portable Tabernacle like Hannibal used to conquer Rome, to destroy the enemy before the enemy could obliterate all traces and memory of the Jews in Levant. The Hyksos operating under a different name and changed the names of their religion to protestant, the Jews were seriously not interested in passing knowledge to the Protestants in America. If you hide something from the enemy, they think what is hidden is a weapon which will hurt them. If they had a weapon they would use it, consequently mirror effect, what they would do their enemy will too. The bands of Jews in America have enumerable stories of powerful Weapons of Mass destruction the cultures of Europe had successfully stopped Jews from building anything for the previous millennia. But the Jews in America had been left to their own devises for hundreds of years, more than enough time to rebuild their divine WMD to use against those anti-Semitic * to a genocidal level. The earliest settlers wanted to find those Jews and take that weapon away from them. Just because the Protestants did not want to acknowledge the reality their religion is Islamic light, instead preferring to continue to believe the lies that Protestantism is part of the Catholic Church. Militant Islamic cultures are really good at discarding all things which do not match their personal perspective. Their personal prospective is more important than reality.

The Carthage culture which is the Capital City from which the Romans’ fought the Punic War against was a step down expansion culture from the Phoenicians. Which makes their religious devotions all the more confusing. Since the Phoenicians were labeled by their conquerors they were Pagan, as in they believed in more than one deity. The problem is, the Phoenicians like the Trojans were Jews. Jews are entirely monotheistic.

Pagan has a definition well beyond complex. "Non City dweller" means a huge amount to the pre-Latin definition for geocentric. Geo, as in the influence of a specific city. that City would have a dominant religion. Said dominant religions influence and its military would be its centric. How large the centric.

Monotheistic minus the fact that Yahweh means literally masculine balanced with feminine. Yah = masculine, Wey = feminine. Placed in a word in Sumerian means balance between. Jews acting like Pagans, specifically through their Temple/Tabernacle structure. The Temples/Tabernacles of Troy, Phoenicians (the dozen cities in the Phoenician culture), Carthage, etc. each of their temple structures were dismantled and sent to Rome. Those Temple structures were in part reassembled in Rome Proper. This is beyond key to understanding this entire situation regarding the Picket Plantation. Why would fifty Jewish communities or collections of cities create a Temples Structure and pass themselves off as Polytheistic, when they were monotheistic. What did those temple structures hide.

What is it about the Alexandria, Carthage, Troy, Phoenicia, Vancouver WA, Bellingham WA, etc. previous temple structures hold such amazing fascination for the conquerors. Calling the inhabitance either Pagans, Savages, etc. but they possessed of Temple structures to different deities which in the city point away from being Jewish and point to Polytheism. Unless those temples were part of an extremely complex ATEN Structure. A Structure which modern academics can hardly understand let alone identify what is being observed.



A question regarding how many of the Militant Islamic pockets living in America knew they live close to a replica of Mecca built in the early 1700s. Since Militant Islam was in the area of the western portion of the great lakes and surrounding areas in the 1700s, it would only be logical to assume they built a replica of Mecca in the heart of the territory they controlled. Several of the executives of the major car manufactures were violently anti-Semitic, interesting how the culture the militant Islamic waves built cascaded down a century or two later to still influence the people living in the Islamic culture and building infrastructure. Again find a red man, kill that red man before he can kill you. From 1492 to the end of indentured servants in America the culture most likely to sell themselves into indentured servanthood were the Jews of England and Europe. But they were more than likely as soon as the newly arrived Jews in the American Colonies could find an opening when not chained to the wall, would immediately run west. Meaning there were huge 10,000 to 100,000 population Jewish communities existing in the Americas from 1590-1800’s. Jewish communities building in America over the course of three hundred years 1500-1800 ce, that is a seriously large number of people that suddenly vanish into smoke. All of those communities and their Jewish residence were entirely obliterated from history. The British had long established trade negotiations and routes through the America’s for centuries before 1500. Why did militant Islam spent vast amounts to settle in America; the most obvious answer is. To build huge plantations so far away from enemies whom would happily come and kill them, those plantations could produce vast quantities of goods. Those vast quantities could be used to both to feed the family back in Africa or the middle east or sold for profit. Also to partake in the Islamic national sport, hunting down Jews to kill them after torturing them to death. To militant Islamic cultures Jews are nothing more than animals to sacrifice to the greater glory of allah. Militant Islamic cultures depend on human sacrifice to function as a collective. The other question is, did the Islamic settlements on the west side of the great lakes. Were those cities founded by the Jews whom were then chased out of their own infrastructure by Islamic settlers. Thanks to Custer/his processor/and successor and their men the Islamic cultures and their allies (including the Dutch) were removed from those same areas by the American Military. Did the Jews built a tabernacle system in that area that the Islamic cultures simply took by genocidal conquest. Where would those Jews whom survived have gone when they were displaced from Minnesota and Michigan; west was their only option. Based on how many leaders were lobotomized in the area including Custer, Davis, etc. The Jews in Michigan and Minnesota circa 1600-1700s knew how to build a working Alexandrian Lighthouse/aka Tabernacle of Adam. Did they proceed to travel due west to Bellingham and built another.  So not long after arriving in an English or Dutch colony, the new indentured servant would only need to run a few miles before they ran into a Jewish community armed to the teeth to prevent genocide, a native tribe sympathetic, a long established ally to the British whom would help the escaped Jewish slave to find their family farther west, etc. . The Academy in Vancouver WA began as the large and extensive library in Fort Vancouver itself         was part of the IEC library which belonged to the Chief Proctor. The chief proctor would not only in part own the library but could request additional books from the British Ogle family library up till the HBC conquered for control over from their parent company the IEC. The HBC was a subsidiary company under the organizational structure and legalities from the IEC, which itself was a legal business formed in the 1600s to make the businesses the Ogle family had been operating for millennia comply with new English rules of acceptable order. The library which is the base of the Academy before it sat in its current location was located literally inside Fort Vancouver. When it was a Castle the library and university were not called Vancouver, but the remodeled Academy Water Tower was more of a larger Tower previous to 1870. The Tower was an eight sided at least 60 feet tall if not 100 feet tall Lighthouse Tower. Linking it with the framework and evidence of a Tabernacle of Adam System.  But the Lighthouse of Alexandria e.g. Tabernacle of Adam System cannot be used as a Weapon, it can only be used as a tool. In rare occurrences it can be used for defense only. But the definition of defense is extremely specific and limited in scale. The limitations include the calculations for C and the rules regarding the stewardship of the earth Adam was placed in charge of. The Calculations have to include the facts regarding if you kill someone you have to take the responsibility for what they could have done. Is there life more or less important then you simply packing up and moving somewhere else. (this map is interesting since for a while Texas Claimed Manitou Springs Colorado for a number of Years. Manitou only a few decades later would host Fr Francolin whom built as best as his research could lead him to design Adam built as perfect a replica of the original King Solomon Temple of Jerusalem in Manitou. In addition, Fr Francolon built his Miramont Castle literally as a replacement for a Tabernacle which had been destroyed in previous battles in the area by Great Awakening followers in the 1850s. The 1849 gold rush places a vast quantity of people in Manitou, most of the non-religious people present reported a huge population and stone buildings infrastructure in the area built before they arrived. But almost all traces of said have been obliterated. The replica of the Alexandrian Lighthouse in Manitou would be where the Spa Building sits now.

It is realistically possible that the Tabernacle of Adam system built in Manitou was captured and shipped to either Fort Worth or Houston. Upon arriving in one of those cities, the scholars at the time would have poured over it to find the evidence how to make it work as a weapon. Failing that, either kept it or sold it to the confederacy. Pickett coming into the picture to be a primary influence to show Jefferson Davis how to go about turning the said tool into a weapon.) To be a good and proper Stewart to the lands (not a tyrant whom uses everything for their pleasure and profit, but) to seek out the best outcomes for all involved and proceed to guide said in their charge that direction. By using the parent language of Hebrew, which the 12th character in the Futhark is found directly in the first part of the name Jerusalem. The Futhark the 12th character and the family name of the 12th son of Jacob Jera, the Futhark can be used as a tool to determine the progress of a person’s life. The Futhark and the science therein of Erdology is designed to map out the electro-magnetic influences on everything within a measured sphere of impact. Electro magnetics bend and twist gravity and time. Those bends and twists can be measured and calculated as to how they will affect the individual. The Tabernacle System of Adam aka the Alexandrian Lighthouse and the Temple of King Solomon was designed to literally be a replica of the infrastructure needed to assist in the calculations of the bends and twists of time. The Futhark is the parent of Hebrew. Every single letter in Hebrew is an entire word in Futhark, makes the words in Hebrew sentences in Futhark. The Futhark is a calendar as well as being a language and mathematics. This would explain in detail the mythology of Medusa. She was an expert in understanding the twists and bents of time from electro magnetics influences. Consequently she could literally write your life’s history out in stone, after conquest that sentence would be “turn you to stone.” Meaning write your life’s story out in Futhark, using the calculation format of Erdology. Which in a very strong way places the actions of Medusa and the actions of Phoebe Judson in a similar category. The library at Athens was part of the British library, cousin culture to the Trojans. Phoebe refounded a school in the old NewCastle structure e.g. Old Main. That library was directly part of the Athenian library, which was connected to both the Trojan library and the Constantinople library.

All this was not included in American history, because previous to 1946, killing Jews was something those nations took great pride in. Sun downer laws and Fiddler on the Roof, both represent being inappropriate with Africans and Jews. The Russian Army was present on mass in Whatcom County and surrounding areas. There is some circumstantial evidence which could point the way that the Russian’s would force march Jews to the East Coast of Russia, force them onto ships. Evidence of said the 1.5 million criminals the Russians bragged about sending to Prisons in Siberia

. Around 1754, the Russians started there purging of its citizens whom performed actions the Golden Horde did not approve of. Since the Golden Horde from Mongolia had converted to hard line militant Islam, the only good Jew to the Mongolian Golden Horde was literally a Jew worked to death. Sending countless “undocumented Jews” to first Siberia circa 1740 and then onto ships. Those ships sailing from the Eastern Siberian shores to through the Bearing Straight, down the West Coast of the American Continent over to literally places to dispose of the undesirables in the Pacific North West. So far away from perception they would never be caught. The Jews would simply vanish into Siberia and then disappear altogether. For additional evidence, at the end of World War II the Russians wanted to confiscate Jewish Works of art and money in order to both compensate for their War time losses but also to further degrade the few surviving Jews in Russia. For the Communist government in Russia to literally own and control the art and money of the European Jews seized during the third Reich, display said art so the few remaining Jews in Russia would be reminded one more time they possessed no value. Sail those ships to Whatcom County for disposal. Not just Jews, Natives, Africans, were sent off to a hypothesized death camp in some cases even the Irish/Scots were hunted down to kill. More than a small percentage of the slaves sold and disposed of in America were literally irish/scotts *    

At around that same time the English had literally taken the undesirables left in England and shipped them to Australia. Were they were as brutal with their undesirables as they were with the aboriginal peoples of Australia. Wholesale genocide of both just for fun.

Slave Trade

Not only Africans were sold on wall street Irish and Jews were too.



The worst part is, it has simply been accepted, the vanishings have been ignored even by Jews

Why and whom did the disappearing of the American undesirables in the 1700s-1900s. The answer is in NAZI documentation and sworn testimony from the former high command whom used the documentation from the American and English treatment of their own Jews, Natives, Africans, Irish, Scots, Welch, etc. as a defense. The American and English governments on the American continent for a couple centuries were responsible for disappearing millions of people. The Third Reich pointed that out; in there paperwork and legal defenses. With sworn testimony from the third Reich, most of them so full of hate and with a sadistically twisted understanding of religion. They knew they were going to hang for war crimes, consequently they had every single motivation to tell the truth as their perceptions would allow. They hated Jews with a passion, the NAZI’s in their documentation and trial testifying would want to provide as clear and precise a recounting of why their crimes against humanity were nothing compared to the crimes the English and Americans did . Since there were no death camps in the middle and eastern states that leaves the only place for a death camp to be literally on the west coast in areas the confederacy controlled with a military iron fist. The only place the confederate military controlled with an iron fist would be the Pickett Plantation in Whatcom County, Spokane, and a few places in Idaho. Idaho is not isolated enough, but it is possible. Whatcom was so isolated that up till the roads were cut from Seattle north Whatcom County was only accessible from Canada and the Puget Sound.

Leaving the area of the future downtown Bellingham close to the only place the confederates could have established a Death camp for their Jews, Africans (the ones who refused to cooperate, or proved to be Jews), Native populations, Irish/scots, etc.

The street were the "disappearing" was very likely done on in Bellingham Washington State; Rail Road and Holly the streets progressing north in Bellingham to   south of the Patterson Plantation aka Lynden Washington. Lynden was not founded yet for several decades. Although Lynden should have been called Jerusalem since that is what Phoebe intended but she wanted to attempt to hide the truth from those whom would destroy Jerusalem if they knew.

What if the Third Reich were literally telling the truth and they modeled Auschwitz off of a confederate design. The only place not gone over with a significant comb of Civil War actions is Bellingham Washington. The problem is the city of Bellingham did not exist till 1880, at least legally did not exist till then. There were people, buildings, etc. had been for decades but not recognized till the American Government recognized the paperwork. But then again the American government would not recognize if a million British were in Whatcom County, the population of the settlement would be five if there were only five English or Americans among a million British. The  Million British did not count. The Third Reich presented both documentation and sworn testimony regarding they copied the death camps from America. The Pickett Plantation is close to the only place other than Spokane and Idaho were said Death Camp would be possible.

Pickett seized the property of Peabody and Roeder whom themselves were sent out by the British Ogle family from Tiffin Ohio. So was the Judson family, the decades later founder of Lynden. Taking a different Plantation over from Patterson and turning it into a large farm and eventually a city. but that city was taken from Phoebe Judson (son of Judah) by the Dutch, whom had  evacuated from the American Calvary from the West side of the great lakes. The Dutch arriving in Lynden would have been literally running away from Custer and his men. Lynden Washington State (which is about 4 miles south of Canada and 13 miles from the Puget Sound . Lynden was established in 1871 legally, and formally in 1874. Custer chased the Dutch out of the West side of the Great Lakes June 1876. From 1866 to 1876 Custer fought hard against the enemies of America. Calling them all indians/Savages; when in reality he was killing Jews, Natives, Dutch, Spanish, French, British, Muslims, etc. anyone whom he thought posed a threat to America. The American public whole heartedly endorsed his genocide agains the enemies; as long as the bloodlust and slaugher took place hundreds of miles away. The Dutch arriving in Lynden some of which could have arrived literally to avoid being slaughtered by Custer himself. The Ruiter’s and Van Dyk’s as well as about a hundred other Dutch families arrived about the same time Custer was rousting them out of the west side of the Great Lakes. He was not a direct the battle from the Command Post commander, he was a blood and guts front lines commander.  The same exact area militant Islamic sympathizers had evacuated from the civil war too. They took their plantation system with them from the South to Minnesota, then after being chased out of Montana took their slaves and plantation system to Lynden. Demanded to live their life’s in Lynden according to their specific cultures rules of order. Not accepting anything shy of full support for their beastly and inhuman behavior. The Dutch newly arrived in Whatcom County from being chased out of the West side of the great lakes arrived in seized control over the Judson’s newly built and intended to be a new Jerusalem. Building a new Jerusalem was what Phoebe wrote in her own hand in her journals. But the Dutch seized control, almost exactly like militant Islamic cultures keep seizing control over both Jerusalem and the Temple Mound. Phoebe intended to build a replica of the Tabernacle of Solomon in Lynden but when the Dutch arrived in violent force and in large volume the plans for the Temple of Solomon was permanently on hold. She instead moved her interests down to NewCastle which was already designed to be a copy of King Solomon’s temple aka Tabernacle of Adam. Killing Jews in 1870 was still not only legal but would be legal for another half century. The Judson’s chose to not call their city Jerusalem and not built a replica of the Temple of Solomon and build the city around it. The Dutch settlers would have not hesitated for a second in killing the Jews, singing hymns while the Judson’s took their last excruciating breath.

The question remains, where did the Judson’s (conversos Jews) plan to build their exact copy of the Temple of Solomon in Lynden?

Why perform all these actions so far away from any type of reliable supply route. That answer is simple, the British (the British and English are vastly different cultures and Kingdoms) were building a new Kingdom/Empire in Whatcom County and surrounding lands. That Empire/Kingdom was a hard target threat to literally almost every documented army present. The Confederates, Americans, English, Canadians, Russians, Native tribes, Libertine French, Dutch, Mexico, Spanish, Militant Islamic, etc. hard Target threats. The ancestors of those cultures, the descendants were assumed to be making a last stand in Whatcom county.

The enemy were trying to kill the descendants of Cleopatra, Spartacus, Constantine, the Trojans, King Tut, the 18th dynasty, the Amarna Dynasty, Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten, the British, the Carthaginians (the Punic War, the Americans did not want to have to fight the reassembled Carthaginian culture<the Carthaginian’s were not slaughtered down to the last person in Carthage, the Romans arrived to find a City mostly empty. A few the Carthaginian’s informed  their neighbors and enemies, they were leaving due to immanent Roman Forces coming to erase Carthage, the city will be empty. Take the city if you want, but the Romans are on their way. Hannibal allowed the Carthaginians to evacuate to Northumberland behind defenses which had been constructed and maintained more than a 1000 years before. Hannibal scared the Romans so much they reacted by changing the entire history of what happened. Hannibal possessed more than sufficient troops to capture Rome whole. But that was not the plan. The plan was for the population to evacuate out of the reach of the Roman Empire and sit in a defendable area then kill the Romans in Northumberland. Hannibal was going to Thracian lands to build defenses their so when the Roman army came back around the Mediterranean headed back to Rome . The Troops whom were ordered to march instead of sail home, would have to meet and defeat Hannibal. Hannibal devastated the Romans whom came back by Foot. The War booty the Romans carried by hand back was taken back by Hannibal’s men. Abandon Carthage itself (easy to rebuild a city, difficult to the extreme rebuilding a culture), scare the Romans by invading but stopping at the gates of Rome (just to turn back and head to Thrace, why so scare the Romans so much they would not run after the Carthaginians where the population evacuated out of Carthage too, at least for a few generations. The trick worked, the Roman Empire did not invade Britain till Caesar circa 55 b.c.e. Hannibal died in Turkey 180 b.c.e, only 130 years later. More than sufficient time to rebuild defenses and train an army the Romans could not defeat. Add the army of Spartacus arriving on mass in Britain circa 70 b.c.e fresh with all the newest Roman Tactics, fresh supplies, training, new maps, etc. Spartacus would have spent his years in Rome studying the defenses and troop movements. Playing Gladiator while at the same time memorizing Roman weaknesses, taking all that knowledge to Britain to improve NewCastle, so 15 years later when Julius Caesar arrived with the Roman Army. The Romans would be entirely outmatched in all ways. 15 Years of building up defenses, 15 years to train soldiers, 15 years to strategize. Also knowing that at some point the Ptomomaic line would end, ending usually with an extremely strong Female Leader. After the Males die or are incompetent, strong females rise up adn seize the throne. The strong female would be Cleopatra, she was taught from practically day one the plan. The evidence is Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Army destroyed itself in Northumberland.), have the entire Roman Army sent to Carthage. On their way back tired and full of booty from sacking Carthage Hannibal was waiting fresh with a huge army. Hannibal’s man cut the Romans apart in the Bearing straight. A city can be rebuilt somewhere else, a culture is the key. The Carthaginian’s simply relocated to a prebuilt Jerusalem in Northumberland. Upon meeting Hannibal in Thrace, the bulk of the army was obliterated. It would take the Romans an entire generation from 180-55 b.c.e to rebuild enough of their army to attack Britain. Not till Caesar was in his teens did the Roman Army possess sufficient numbers to attack Britain. Julius was obsessed with Thrace, Northumberland, and Egypt. Having something to do with his ancestors humiliation on the battlefield. His great grandfathers at least one would have taken part in both the military battles and the politics of the senate to order the legions around. Makes the whole Spartacus slave revolt even more interesting since Spartacus was a cultural descendant from Hannibal. He might or might not have been a direct relative but Spartacus was trained from infancy to be a General, he was a Prince. He was trained how to lead an army. Which is all the more evidence that Spartacus left at least two battles before the Slave Army he founded was destroyed. The Slaves stopped listening to him and his orders, they revolted, he let them. But Spartacus and his most loyal would have literally headed out the area as quickly as his horses could take him. A small band of raiders moving quickly north, with horses they could transfer too. Possibly even sending word ahead to have horses waiting with friends north.* >, being called Americans instead of being called Romans), etc.

The even worst part is, since a considerable number of Jews had integrated into native American communities and the settlers for the overwhelming part were Protestants. The Covered Wagon settlers fighting the Natives is literally by religious standards Jews versus Palestinians. Uncomfortable but since Martin Luther designed the philosophy of Protestantism to be a lighter repackaging of Islam, the description is accurate.


All of Protestantism is Islamic in base, John Calvin was trying to find a way to repackage Islam to make it acceptable for Europeans. Doubly so for the Great Awakening Movement’s.

Protestantism has a history so nasty and bad it needs its own category of evil, inhuman, deceitful, crimes against humanity, lies, fallen, in most cases just flat out the worst possible situation imaginable. Most of the foundation for Protestantism is entirely based on lies and illusions. First the whole born again thing is very likely an invention from Fatimah regarding her failed attempts to bring her father back from the dead. Little if anything Abu Bakr documented can be considered anything other than a flat out politically motivated lie. After Fatimah seized her father’s body and took it out of Mecca. The full force of the entire Islamic Army under the command and control of Abu Bakr himself followed. But with an equal army commanded by Fatimah; Mohammed himself ordered his most loyal generals to follow his daughter’s orders as if they came from his own lips. Mohammed’s army did not allow Abu Bakr’s army to progress toward Egypt. Buy as much time as humanly possible to give Fatimah enough time to get her father to Egypt and into a Tabernacle in Egypt. Failing that travel to Rome and put his body in a Tabernacle in Rome. If he still did not resurrect from the dead, then leave his body in the Roman Catacombs as close to St Peters Basilica as humanly possible. The last couple days Abu documented Fatimah was still in Mecca after her father died are entirely fabricated. The night he called for her, is the night she ferried him out to Egypt. Fresh mounts were waiting in measured sequences to the boat to take them to Egypt. Her travels and what she wrote after leaving Egypt, those books along with books she gained access to in Egypt from Paul devotees helped to round out the framework of the books Martin Luther and John Calvin gained access too, which formed the basis of Protestantism.

When her father died, she took it upon herself to spend the rest of her life working to spread the tenants of Islam and to find a way to resurrect her father. The argument between her father Mohammed and Abu Bakr was over the differences in translations between how Mohammed perceived the material passed down from Esau to that time. Abu Bakr also interacted with the same material, but his perception of the translations were well outside the perspective of Mohammed. But both wanted desperately to translate the material and destroy the originals. They both wanted to be “The Prophet”, so they conspired together in order to erase all evidence that Islam was created by Esau as a way to get even with Jacob for being appointed/elected King of Kings. The origin of Islam with Esau, immediately after the next generation the fourth son of Jacob Judah took on the personality of his uncle and ancestor Terah, turning away from the light and path of the divine to create his own understanding of the path of Judaism. When in reality his younger brother Joseph was the appointed next King of Kings. Joseph was sold into slavery to his uncle, Esau. But the name used was not Esau since he was now a Pharaoh of the city of Mecca, the name Potiphar the commanding General of Esau’s Army. It would be unacceptable for Esau himself to own his nephew, but perfectly workable for his commanding general to own his nephew. But this also means Joseph was inside the command and control center and in an advisory position to help either steer the foundation of Islam away from pure hate and toward the light.

Most of the major steps down the line, the true King of Kings was needed to be an infiltrator inside the workings of the descendants of Esau in order to put light into the darkness. When the children of Israel take their rightful place on the Throne and are Pharaoh, Esau’s line will stop at nothing to kill every last one to remove any threat to their rule. They must either rule over the earth or must destroy the earth to make sure on one else other than them will be King of Kings Pharaoh.

All pharaohs are given two too four additional names after they ascend to the throne. Since Pharaoh is a Monotheistic Title meaning: Head/Leader/Lord of the long/Tall sacred house aka a Tabernacle. The Tall comes from the fact that the Temple of Solomon before Zerubbabel laid it on its back was a vertical three story structure. Very lightly more, with extra basements and extra floors above. A Tabernacle despite what Zerubbabel’s actions is actually a vertical structure, three stories vertical . Zerubbabel laid the building on its back so the three stories became a three sectioned structure. But stand them back up again and you have a very large vertical building a tall/long house. But the structure of a long house itself is not as important as how the structure itself works.

The structure itself three stories, literally has more happening on the inside than just a building. The third story is literally where the Amber Room was kept, a cheap copy (circa 1701) of said Amber Room was given to the Russians by the Prussians; after the Prussians seized control over the area which used to contain a copy of the original amber room design. The original used to sit in the Tabernacle. The Replica made in the Baroque style was nothing but a cheap copy, but it still played a central role in Operation Barbarossa. That Operation launched just six weeks after Rudolf Hess evacuated out of the Third Reich, surrendering to the British government. His body double surrendered to the English. The double/body guard was nothing more than a corporal whom looked extremely close to his protecte. This is of the most critical of information regarding the Picket Plantation. The Pickett Tower which was located approximately 15 feet up the hill from the Pickett House, what if that Tower was not built by Pickett but simply seized by him. Or was seized by the officer whom Pickett replaced as commander of the garrison in the area. The lands which the Pickett Tower and Picket House sit on were part of a section of land which before Pickett seized control belonged to Captain Henry Roeder and his business partner Peabody. The question becomes how many troops did Roeder and Peabody come out with to regain control over the Tower from the Previous military presence. When Pickett arrived, why did Roeder and Peabody simply give up control over the Tower so easily*. How  many times had the tower changed back and forth between the British and other armies in the area. The Russians, Libertine French, British, English, Canadians, the Japanese, Indonesia, Mexico, Spanish, Militant Islamic cultures, etc. the armies with hard documented proof were in Whatcom County in the 1700s. In 1690 when it was clear the Prussian Empire was going to politically swallow that area of Germany whole, the Germans in connection with their ally the British (Reminder the British and English are vastly different cultures) were given back that specific Tabernacle and Amber Room. The British took possession of it again circa 1690s after having left that Tabernacle in Germany to deal with their own Wars against the English in Northumberland circa 1500s. But since Britain was not a safe place to take the Tabernacle back to, the only real option was for the Germans and British to take that Tabernacle itself *(a Tabernacle which has strong ties circumstantially to the same tabernacle Aeneas packed up and sailed out of the Trojan War years before Agamemnon arrived on the shores of Troy/Jerusalem. That same Tabernacle System Aeneas was place in charge of he travelled to Tyre for undisclosed business. Then over to the future location of the Alexandrian library and lighthouse   . Traveling over to Carthage for diplomatic mission to secure assistance from the Carthaginians as back up for both the evacuees from troy to Alba Longa and send as many troops to Troy to defend against Agamemnon’s Dorian’s as possible. Which is technically speaking the start of the Punic War, the future Romans against the Carthage Empire. Which was part of the Pheonicia Empire. The Phoenicians one of their major cities was Tyre. Tyre’s Tabernacle of Adam Complex was literally dismantled and taken to Rome and reassembled. Aeneas took the Trojan <that Tabernacle System at Troy could be either the Tabernacle System of Heliopolis old name IWNW, which by legend the Pillars in the name IWNW are the Pillars which hold up the Tabernacle Tent itself. That Tabernacle system in IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem by legend was built by Adam himself.> Tabernacle System first to Tyre, then to Carthage, then to Alba Longa.  In Alba Longa the Tabernacle System itself was copied and rebuilt as the Temple structure of Alba Longa. The City of Seven Hills <600 years later after falling to Dorian conquest, the commanding general changed the name of The Seven Hills to his name Rome. The Seven Hills and the Seven Years War aka the French and Indian War were named for and fought over the same topic, for the Dorians and their descended cultures to find and capture a working Tabernacle of Adam System.> already possessed a working Tabernacle System. Their system was brought over from the Aegean before the Hyksos invaded the Aegean circa 1800 b.c.e. <The Hyksos were torn entirely apart when the Thera Volcano erupted 1530 b.c.e. Causing the collapse of the 17th Hyksos Dynasty allowing the Rise of the 18th Dynasty. The second to last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty was Amenhotep IV Akhenaten aka, his son King Tut was 18 when he was killed in Battle with an Avaris/Hyksos army; very likely led by Moses.> and set up or reset up in a city the Jews escaping out of Egypt as the Hysos invaded Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e built. The city of Seven Hills was very likely named that as a reflection of the Seven Days of Creation reflected within the architecture of the Seven Areas the Pyramids are built in. That Structure was a working Tabernacle System of Adam, but it has not worked since the 18th dynasty. Although Fatimah tried for a while to make it work, but she and all Muslims have no talent to understand what it is or how to turn it on. <Metaphorically it is like an expert Ferrier trying to understand sufficient engineering to built or in this case repair a Jet engine. The best Ferrier in the world will find it extremely difficult to learn all the bran new infrastructures of the engineering for the Jet. Different fields almost entirely. Muslims are not supposed to understand the workings of the Tabernacle, their job is not to work the System. Their job is to protect the Jews so they can work the System. Protect not seize. But jealousy, arrogance, etc. prevent the descendants of Esau from performing their job correctly. Killing Jews instead of protecting them.> But no talent does not prelude the desire to find and possess what which is not theirs to possess. The Tabernacle System Aeneas carried to Alba Longa and interacted with his cultural ancestors in The Seven Hills were extremely beneficial. But when the Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris followed Aeneas and other refugees from Troy to Italy, Aeneas and the rest knew that it was inevitable when the city of Troy fell, the younger soldiers in the Dorian and Avaris armies would follow to Italy to try and kill every last Jew and seize the Tabernacle System. Aeneas followed the pattern his ancestors performed and took as much as he could to the defenses already being set into place by Nefertiti, her oldest Daughter Meritaten, the royal 18th dynasty court, etc. whom had already evacuated well before the Avaris rose up to seize the throne of Egypt away from a crippled 18 year old Tut. The Defenses and infrastructure in Northumberland is where Aeneas and those whom did not want to face another war were sent. Aeneas’s son Brutu became King of a culture he named British. Brutu would have been incharge of the Tabernacle System of Troy <which was very likely either the same or a copy of the same by legend adam built at Heliopolis, moved out when an army from Mecca conquered Egypt from 3800-3500 b.c.e..> after either aeneas died or became too old to be King. The King of the British inherited the Tabernacle System of Adam from his father and cousin King Priam. Thus the British possessed at least one if not a dozen working Tabernacle Systems circa 1250 b.c.e.) *That the Tabernacle of Adam System which the Russian Amber Room was a theater set piece mockup of the original. That the Tabernacle in Germany 1690 can be traced directly back to the Trojan System which itself can be traced back to the original Tabernacle of Adam System by legend Adam himself built at Heliopolis/IWNW. That prize a Tabernacle of Adam System with by legend and rumer direct connection to something Adam himself built would be something every single nation with an army present in Whatcom County would not only want but want by any force nessessary. A part of the core of the city of IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem make up the core of the library and building architecture of WWU, the Pickett Tower, and Fort/Castle Bellingham. With similar architecture in Ferndale regarding the Temple of Ptah (a very early spelling for Yahwey).


 A line of continuity can be drawn from Troy <obviously the Tabernacle did not start out in Troy, but when the Hyksos invaded Egypt, Troy has been a Jewish Capital Stronghold several millennia before the start of the Trojan War. The Hyksos invaded Egypt the Tabernacle at Heliopolis [a city which by legend was built by Adam himself. Or the Tabernacle system was a copy of what was believed to be what Adam built millennia before.] was very likely taken out of Egypt and moved to Troy circa 3500 b.c.e. When the System is moved, those whom understand the system and literally rebuild another System as a cheep copy. The cheap copy is then left for the enemy to find and seize control over. Similar to the concepts of General Patton’s army built in Southern England. That army and all the supplies were literally theater set pieces. They were designed to look like tanks, planes, etc. but they were made from canvas and wood. But the Third Reich were entirely convinced that army and all those supplies were real and when the Normandy invasion finally occurred, the Third Reich kept waiting for the supplies they knew about to be used. The Germans and British in 1690 after they took out the copy of the original built a set piece, designed to look correct, but not be correct. Example making a model of a gun out of plaster, looks real till you pick it up. The yet to be given to Russia Amber Room was just such a set piece. Built to look correct but not be correct. When the Prussians gave it to the Russians, since no one knew the difference both sides simply accepted the piece of art as the value of a piece of art. Not knowing or understanding the piece of art was a set piece designed to look like something entirely different.

When the army from upper Egypt began their march north circa 3500 b.c.e, they were simply repeating the actions done when that same army invaded upper Egypt circa 3800 b.c.e. find the Tabernacle of Adam System at Hierakonpolis aka Nekhen        . That city also had an extremely large Library, a mural map of the world still exists   . The library had to be evacuated to lower Egypt circa 3800 to Heliopolis/Jerusalem. A couple hundred years later that library and Tabernacle System had to be evacuated again to the possible location of the city of Troy . Why Troy, because it is an extremely important strategic location hence the later cities of Constantinople and Istanbul. It is also in an incredibly defendable location.   An extremely good bet would place the name of the city of Troy not as the city of Troy but the Capital City of the Jews [at the time, they being forced to constantly change locations based on which army was wanting to genocide Jews that generation. Jerusalem has been rebuilt in about 12 different locations. Including but not limited to Heliopolis, which still holds the name Jerusalem in Greek. After the formulation of academics in the Aegean, well the reformulation of academics circa 800 b.c.e. But this time with a balance between the demands for control over information and ideas the Dorians demanded with the free flow of ideas other cultures wanted. Consequently, most of the names of Egypt and the name Egypt itself became translated into Greek. Their 200 b.c.e names in Hieroglyphic would be lost for some two thousand years before a key to translate hieroglyphics into modern languages would occur through the Rosetta stone. But the Rosetta stone cypher was only from the time of Hannibal 180 b.c.e forward. The names and language changed in the thousands of years from those city’s original name in Hieroglyphics into modern equivalent languages.] is Jerusalem. So the whole Trojan War was actually in reality in modern terminology called Jerusalem>  to Alba Longa, to The city of Seven Hills, to NewCastle <another Jerusalem, this time Hebrew to Latin to English New/Jera Castle/Salem >, to Germany, back to NewCastle, back to Germany, back to NewCastle, back to Germany, then to America.) out of harm’s way to a location the enemy could not follow or would have the hardest time following. So in the 1600s, take the Tabernacle with the Amber Room out of Germany and take it to the farthest away secure area which would be infinitely protectable. If the Tabernacle of Adam likely with its Amber Room was literally taken to a place where the enemy could only attack from two sides, the chances of being able to seize control over the tool and turn it into a weapon reduce drastically.

The Germans and British chose to place the Tabernacle and Amber Room as far away from the enemy as possible. Which would be Whatcom County. Since the British had already created a community in the area with at least three Castles, the defenses were already built. Castles Bellingham, Jerusalem, Memphis/Jam/Ferndale, and Ogle. Not to mention the future location after the remodel of the Peace Arch. Used as a Ladder to heaven, for angels to ascend and descend from heaven with.


According to this scenario of evidence and circumstantial data analysis, the Germans and British moved the Tabernacle to Whatcom County in the late 1600s. The British added that Tabernacle to its existing infrastructure which made up the core of the Castles. They were up, in place, and working circa 1710. The enemy cultures including the Russians followed to conquer the British and take the whole thing. The conquest cultures wanted to turn the tool into a weapon. Assuming the tool could be made to repeat the behavior patterns of the Alexandrian Lighthouse. The ten cultures which followed the British to Whatcom County were going on the illusions and assumptions that the Tabernacle of Adam system which was by best guess in Whatcom County circa 1750 (reference the Seven Years War, which took place documented along the Eastern Seaboard west to the Mississippi (Remember that Spain was ruled by Islam from 630-1490, eight hundred years. The Government of Spain might  have turned back to Catholic, but they turned back to Paul devotee catholic which is based not on the teachings from Simon Peter/Jesus but from the teachings of Esau and the Hyksos. The Spanish also had more than a small amount of their culture still Islamic. The current population of Spain is still strongly Islamic. The Spanish in America were more prone to follow their cultural ancestral roots of Islam than to be in lock step with the Vatican. The Spanish influence in America were so far away from the Vatican’s influence that the Muslim’s which came to America to excape Vatican Spanish domination and execution under Torquemada, simply continued to operate as if they were Islamic in America without penalty. A sizable chunk of the Spanish in America were Spanish Muslims. This is absolutely critical in understanding the Wars on American soil which occurred. The White culture of American settlers did not want to admit armies dedicated to Islam were not only present on American soil but in sufficient numbers to put up a sufficient fight. Spain from 1490 to 1946 had been strongly aligned with militant Islam. Spain might have claimed to be neutral, but Spain allowed the NAZI’s to run rampant in both the country and the ports. It was common to see third Reich ships and submarines to be in Spanish Ports. 1550-1940 four hundred years the culture remained consistently aligned with and devoted to the ways of Esau.). Those battles could have been a sequence of battles to keep those 10 cultures from capturing the Tabernacle of Adam system in Whatcom County. As in those battles starting on the East coast, moved steadily west to either try and win or give the British in Whatcom County the time needed to once again pack up and evacuate. This time evacuating back to Germany. The War of 1750, taking more than 100 years to fight it out. Finally leaving the area of Whatcom County a battlefield. The settlers whom came after the War most possessed no knowledge at all that there was any type of problem in the years and decades before. The reports from the natives regarding what happened were entirely ignored.). in the 1600 and 1700s  the English, Spanish, Libertine French, Canadians, American/colonies, Militant Islam cultures, Mexico, etc. would literally stop at nothing if the government and military were convinced the British and Germans possessed either the original Lighthouse of Alexandria or a copy thereof. If they believed the story, nothing would hold them back from capturing and using that weapon to obliterate their enemy.


The[E2]  basic Tabernacle concept formed the basis for the research Mary Shelley performed immediately before the short story writing contest she was involved with her friend Lord Byron, her husband, and some other friends. That writing contest she wrote the short story “Frankenstein”, since the books she was attracted to upon entry into the coveted and recently accessible to scholars since the Roman Empire in Germany had recently collapsed circa 1806, were about reincarnation and electro-magnetics. The Roman library which had been gathered by the Empire based on the books and libraries of all the cultures they conquered, which had been part of the Northumberland library on more than one occasion. That library provided a profound amount of information regarding research about electro-magnetics and resurrection. To bring someone back from the dead.

Mary Shelley’s daughter had recently drown in the river, she was obsessed with death and similar concepts. So when she gained access to the library through her friend Lord Byron, she had already known that in Germany and central Europe various scientists had spent the previous several centuries experimenting with electro-magnetics(Amber when compressed produces electricity. The current rebuilt Amber Room itself weights about 60 tons. With just the passage of a single day the night contraction and day expansion will cause those 60 tons to shift and compress. Different parts are compressed at different times of the day. Thus at regularly calculated times in a day, over the course of a year predictions as in Science can be used to determine when an Amber Room inside a Tabernacle will release electricity, how much, and in what format. The Gold is present to direct the electricity to a given location. Modern science uses a modification of this concept to literally restart the heart of a person in cardiac arrest. The Tabernacle of Adam was supposedly used to resurrect Able from the dead. Electricity being a strong component to both examples. These topics together point to more than sufficient reason for the army’s of the world to seek out whatever remained of the Tabernacle of Adam, seize it, and use the weapon to have absolute dominion over life and death itself. In effect challenging the power of god e.g. the Tower of Babel, the problem becomes the tool is not supposed to be used like that. The tool is a tool not a weapon.). Those scientists had gained access to the same library. Some of the experiments were to take the severed limb of an animal, attach electrodes to its nerves, and run electricity into the nerves to have the effect of dead muscles with the addition of electricity could be made to move again.

The Tabernacle of Adam itself from the amber room generated electricity. The question becomes, why generate electricity and what was that electricity generated to do.

The facts regarding Protestantism is in itself odd since the focus on the Catholic Church is the Church itself. The church and its Pharaoh or Pope in Latin is the emphases. Protestantism focuses away from the Tabernacle of Adam which the Catholic church is itself constructed to be a reflection of. Although by the time several sequences of the Tabernacle System were rebuilt, remodeled, reengineered, redesigned, etc. most if not all the original organizational structure of the Vatican's resemblance to the Tabernacle of Adam system has been all but entirely obliterated (St Simon Peters basilica is literally east west according to the rules of King Solomon’s temple. The East West is from the ankle to the toes. The ankle is the alter the toes stretch out both to the Plaza but also to the Seven Hills of Rome . ). Most of the architects had less than no idea how the collection of buildings were supposed to be built and laid out, when they went to rebuilt the Vatican the original architectural designs of one of the Tabernacle Systems was lost. The new architects did not have any idea the ancient cities of Tyre, Carthage, Troy, Athens, etc. had been dismantled and shipped to Rome. Slowly over decades those tabernacle Systems were rebuilt. One of those systems formed the base of the area to be called the Vatican. The design of the Tabernacle System structure is not unlike the structure of an Atom . The ancients understood a great deal more about science and electro-magnetics than the modern world understands. But then again the modern world is concerned with power, money, seizing control over things, weapons, dominating the meek, etc. Science can only progress if the scholar finds a rich benefactor or is hired by a company. The ideas will belong to the company while the scholar receives a paycheck. Thus breaking the basic tenant of how to work within the structure of a Tabernacle System. It is a tool to help, not a weapon to control. A tool which is designed to reflect the very name of Jacob; holder of the Foot of the ATEN. The ATEN’s foot spreads out like toes to other structures in the area. Each limb has its own toes/fingers. In revelations the limbs and the interactions with the limbs can be perceived as a direct reference to the tabernacle of Adam system.

. Each limb of the ATEN was supposed to be its own Tabernacle System. The foot is where the Vertical line from the Disk to the ground touches. From the ankle out are the Toes, those toes are the individual buildings inside each Tabernacle System. Each System itself from the Calf, to the ankle, out to the toes, with the buildings/toes directing their actions and activities back to the ankle. Originally designed to literally be a sequence of ankles working together. But when the enemy works hard to find and destroy all the Systems, it becomes more difficult to have just one working system. More than one would result in more than one system being attacked simultaneously. The enemies have to either possess said foot or destroy it. Usually the foot/system is destroyed because the enemy once they have obtained their object of desire, they try and make it work. Failing to make it work, they destroy it so it cannot be used to harm them. Working with electricity, some whom have interacted incorrectly have had the very bad consequence of EST; which to all intense and purposes electrically lobotomizes them. When their war prize tool turns against them, they destroy it to ensure they will not continue to be hurt. As individuals and culturally.

One Tabernacle in a collection of Tabernacles working as a unit together.

 Giza’s Tabernacle System in Rock not just Tents. This Tabernacle System is designed in part to reflect both Genesis chapter one and two but also the first three great leaders of Monotheism; Khafre = Adam, Khufu = Noah, and Memcaure = Abraham. The Sphinx would be the Fourth Tree, the construction techniques needed to walk a life. To built a replica of the tree of construction, to construct a walk a life. Four trees, four major monuments, all connected together, working together. By the use of simple geometry, the causeways are linked together. Making three structures one structure.

since all the structures material contain in varying degrees quarts, as the earth rotates around the sun, the heating expanding, and cooling/contracting will produce electricity. That electricity since the Pyramids are linked together with said Rock, that electricity was designed to not only be generated but also in some way directed.

The Casing stones were Limestone, Limestone has a profoundly higher percentage of crystalline structure. Since most of the entire site was covered in said high quarts concentration is the crystalline structure of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Which is extremely good at producing and directing electricity. The electro magnetics used by Marry Shelley were common place, but the structure of the room she described is more important. . Although in truth the version in the film Young Frankenstein is more accurate for a Tabernacle. But the first film was not directed by a Jew, so there are certain aspects of the story telling of James Whale that were missed because of was telling a different story. His monster was the monster of being homosexual in a world were killing gays was an acceptable action to perform. Mel Brooks on the other hand being not only Jewish but had served in World War II and could have had first-hand access to the stories of the Tabernacle system in NAZI Germany . The Tower which starts in the basement, extending from the basement floor up to the top of the tower, about 80 feet up. Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory in Young Frankenstein is much closer to both the design of a Tabernacle which would contain an Amber Room.

For poetic license lightening was used, but with a good working Tabernacle system, sufficient electricity would be produced to achieve a goal similar to that depicted in the book.

Protestantism was in essence designed to bypass the constrains of the very corrupt and in some cases evil Vatican. To bypass the corruption and evil of good organizations whom had powerful psychopath members, members who position themselves for maximum power to control to work for the betterment of the entire organization.

But the person being resurrected is not Jesus but Mohammed. Since Paul, Augustus, Fatimah, Martin Luther, etc. were devout Esau line devotees. Their aim was Esau to allow their lord to rule earth again. The problem is, Esau was not chosen to be King of Kings. The King of Kings is literally the person in charge of being able to understand the tabernacle system and work with it.

Which is one reason why the American government has not given up control over Fort Bellingham. The land in a very odd way is an abandoned military reservation. The American government still needs to have an ability to have a military base a few miles from Canada incase anything happens.

Plus Castle Bellingham was part of the Tabernacle System, the American government still wants access to said weapon. Owning part of the land which a Tabernacle once sat and could have produced the effects of the legendary Alexandrian Lighthouse is of absolute concern for America and almost every other nation on the earth.

But for protestant cultures, the tabernacle system is both a weapon and a thing which scares them to the base of their collective soul. Since if a tabernacle can be found, rebuilt, reworked, and turned on. If their cultural concepts can be realized, than in some stories inside the amber room inside the hub tabernacle. The Ankle for a missing better term, the Toes are a support structure. The toes direct energy and said back to the Hub. The Hub would not be Jerusalem aka WWU, the Hub would literally be Castle Ogle, which has been entirely obliterated. Very likely dismantled and carted off to the south by Pickett.

Pickett could have taken what he knew and chose to rebuild said in the south as a weapon against the North. But the weapon is not a weapon but a tool. The tool which based on the rules of electricity will gravely harm anyone whom does not know exactly what they are doing.

At the end of the war, to make sure the Tabernacle of Adam aka the former Ogle Castle Bellingham was sent to allies in Germany. The scholars had access to said tool for years but it took decades before that tool could be used.

The leadership of Germany under the Keiser’s of the German Empire 1871-1918,  was less than not interested in said tools. Give me a working Weapon or shut up. Plus the weapons the Keiser’s wanted was not a small weapon but a mass causality WMD. They wanted to fight both according to the old shield wall rules, as well as fight with the latest technology. Instead of swords using guns, the shields turned into trenches. But a bad war concept, simply toss a grenade into a trench, the trench becomes a compressed explosive focuser. The blast would be concentrated into the trench and focused to travel in two directions along the walls of the trench. Becoming a valley of death in the blast wave. Napoleonic War fare with the old Knights in Armor Shield Wall to Shield Wall, both theories proved to be entirely unrealistic and cost huge amounts of lives’ on both sides.

The Tabernacle System the confederates sold to the German’s or the Prussian’s would not be workable till mid-way through the 1920s. by that time the scholars figured out enough of the mechanics to start to have successful tests. Those tests resulted in strong and powerful outcomes. But they did not result in a weapon. The Fascists whom came to power in the mid to late 1920s kept the tabernacle system a secret but continued to use it to gain an upper hand in the upcoming war. The fascists based on what they learned about regarding the whole Tabernacle System sent the army and scholars out to Egypt to find as much information on the subject as possible.

fortunately for the third Reich they ignored the standard rhetoric of Egyptology whom would not stop claiming the Pyramids were Graves.

But these collections of data also pushed the third Reich away from the Catholic church and toward Protestantism. After Adolf was excommunicated, he embraced both Protestantism and Islam. Since he gained access to the facts that Protestantism was a direct result of Islam. Martin Luther simply repackaged Islam into a more desirable for European cultures format. Adolf and the Great Awakening movements liked the format a huge amount.

They liked the fact that they can hate anyone they want to, and still feel blessed. Be as violent as humanly possible but still be forgiven.

Nerve induction tests had been conducted since the Renaissance in Eastern Europe. Not long after the library moved from Rome to Germany some scholars gained access. Those scholars wrote books based on what they found in the library. Those books cascaded directly into scholars whom were restricted from the Roman Empire’s library. The few whom were allowed in their published material would immediately cascade into the wider academic community. That community would then create their own experiments based on the books from the scholars allowed access to the library. Many scholars were drawn to books about  electricity. By the time Mary Shelley was around electrical experiments on a variety of creatures had been common place for the previous several hundred years.


Not accepting something that others do which is only a crime based on your religious beliefs is the definition of bigotry.

Rage filled bigotry about someone else living their lives not according to your rules of acceptable order stem from the philosophy of Esau. The one not chosen to be the next King of Kings. Esau was the brother of Jacob the father of the Jews. One of Esau's descendants was Mohammed. which is really bad company to be involved with.

Protestantism begins

The origins of Protestantism is itself shrouded in mystery. Although officially it began within the framework of the start of the renaissance in Europe (circa 1400-1600s; which was replaced by the academic structure circa 1500-1800, which itself is currently being replaced by modern academics 1800-present.), it actually began as just another name change form of Islam. In his own hand written accounts Martin Luther hated Catholicism to the depth of his being. He loved the idea of Islam; he had plenty of influence with Islam since Islamic armies were within about 80 miles and had been close for most of the previous half a millennia 500 years. He liked the idea that one could work directly with the divine without needing either a church or a religious figurehead. The Religious figurehead were too often corrupted and unable to function. The problem is, the entire concept is built on a sequence of lies which some date to before translatable languages. For instance, Islam itself literally is not from Mohammed. Mohammed recreated what Esau spent his life building. Which is the core of the problem between Mohammed and Abu Bakr, in Sunni. Sunni which means;  "people of the tradition of Muhammad and the consensus of the Ummah" the name Muhammed mentioned in the description for Sunni would be Esau not the person common understanding has assumed was the origin of that name. Esau took the name Mohammed after he became Pharaoh of Mecca. It was Esau whom the brothers led by Judah, who sold Joseph into slavery to their uncle Esau; Genesis 37:26. Judah the fourth son of Jacob sold his brother the 12th son Joseph into slavery to the brother of their father Pharaoh Esau. Joseph stayed a slave in the Royal palace of Thebes for years. Esau liked to have the next King of Kings under his tyrannical thumb to ensure Joseph would never threaten his of Judah’s reign of power. Which historically is the same behavior pattern as Prince Vlad III of Wallachia, he was kept by an enemy of his father for years to prevent his father and III from gaining too  much power. The problem with both Vlad III’s upbringing and Joseph’s is that good people forced to exist within the framework of evil will learn about said evil. The lessons learned are usually about what their weaknesses are. Pharaohs had a minimum of three names more like five names so for Esau there are two if not four other names. Esau, Mohamed, and Potiphar make three names. The title of Pharaoh is Monotheistic not what commonly understood polytheistic Egyptian who took the title and the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian Greeks simply applied through the reformulation of Academics after the Dorian Dark Age when knowledge and written communication was literally illegal. The Dorian culture in the Aegean in some form knew the old truth about Egypt and wanted to continue to hide it. Old prejudices seized them both individually and as a culture did not allow them to reveal the truth. The lies from pre-Greek were carried forward. The truth was buried again, but this time the ancient languages were outlawed and so the original truths became lost with no one able to read the original stories. Since they needed to keep hiding the facts surrounding Joseph the 12th son of Jacob was given the Coat of the Ladder to Heaven his father built. 12th is the character of Jera ; the 12th son means that among his other names Joseph was literally called by the first part of the word Jeru Salem. It was originally whatever the Jews called themselves before Judah was born; very likely Israel. The name Mohammed was given to a child born in Mecca circa 570 ce, he was given one of the Pharaonic names of Esau. But that information has been lost to both history and the masses.

After Joseph is sold to his uncle because his brothers were insanely jealous; several key events took place. The first are the facts surrounding Pharaoh Israel’s Jacob’s life. Jacob lived his life from the moment he won against the fallen (Fallen Angel aka a Demon from Hell) whom attacked him after leaving a meeting with his brother to try and bury the hatchet. Arrived back in Memphis to rule as King of Kings for the rest of this life which was several decades. The city he changed the name of to honor his ancestor Abraham. Originally the city of Memphis was called Luz, the Eternal city. The Eternal city which Jacob left to travel North West of to the Light Place aka a Megalith, which he slept at and in the morning woke up and chose to remodel the megalith into a Pyramid. A pyramid to allow Angels to ascend and descend from Heaven easier. What do these events have even the smallest amount to do with the occurrences in Whatcom County. Simple the British Empire being built, the Jam well some area North West of Jam aka Ferndale Washington State was intended to be a recreation of the Bent Pyramid   .  Contrary to the fallacy which is the field of Egyptology, most of their theories have less than credible levels of actual evidence. Lots of ideas sold into hypothesis, which have little actual evidence to them. The Bent Pyramid is not a mistake, the Bent Pyramid was designed intentionally with the angles of a double rainbow included . Since the Bent was North West of Luz and Luz was very likely to be Memphis, those directions provide context based on the Log Jam in the Nooksack River were Ferndale is now of where the British intended the Ladder to Heaven to be built in Whatcom County. North West of Ferndale is the city of Blaine; the north West corner of the city of Blaine is the location of the Peace Arch. There is an extremely good statistical chance that the Peace Arch, well what was in place before the Peace arch was built from the remodeling of whatever it was before. The Peace Arch could have been intended by the British Empire present to be a Ladder to Heaven. Since the Causeway of the Bent Pyramid bisects the Temple Mound Jerusalem (One of the names of Jacob’s 12th son Joseph after he became King of his own city). Literally bisects the Temple Mount. So the question becomes, the now entirely destroyed Tabernacle of Adam System which the Peace Arch could have been one of said structures built in Whatcom County by the British, what did its causeway point to. If the Peace Arch previous remodel had a Causeway, but where was it, and what did it bisect.  

Phoebe Judson arranged the financing and support to have the log jams located in the middle of the Nooksack River removed. Jam very likely was intended to be a new Memphis with its Temple of Ptah built inn. But the conquests in both Egypt, Northumberland, and Whatcom County had all but obliterated all traces of any type of infrastructure built by the British. Which includes the names of key biblical people.

In hieroglyphic Abraham and Mem mean the same thing. Abraham is a word which would not be invented for another more than 1200 years after Abraham died. Abraham himself would have never heard of the word Abraham, his name would be in Indo-European, Sumerian, Hieroglyphic, Akkadian, etc. absolutely not Hebrew or Aramaic. Both Aramaic and Hebrew would be invented after the Thera volcanic eruption circa 1550 b.c.e. Which ironically that volcanic eruption is what ended the Hyksos domination over Egypt aka the 17th dynasty. Ushering in the 18th Dynasty, which the second to last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty was Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten. The father of Tut the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Akhenaten was alive when Aramaic was starting to be invented. Akhenaten was the only documented pharaoh in Egypt to be openly a Monotheist. Debate regarding if he was a Jew or not has raged literally since he was still breathing. He was beyond doubt, because he worshiped the ATEN which is found as a central portion of both Judaism and Islam. About 50 million Muslims form themselves into the shape of the ATEN five times a day.

Jacob was crowned Pharaoh Israel when he defeated the Fallen. His brother Esau was so angry that Jacob was going to be crowned Pharaoh Israel, he in effect sold his soul to the devil in order to send fallen to attack both Jacob and all of his descendants from that moment till there were no descendants of Jacob. No matter if the selling ones soul to the devil was a placebo effect, as in entirely fictional both the character from the bible of Esau and his descendants have acted and responded as if said was done. Esau’s descendants might not know he sold his soul to the devil (real or imaginary his behavior patterns were the same, very bad.) Psychologically speaking literally a person can convince themselves of all manner of things. They can have real physical responses to illusions they fantasize are true. Whether some evil Satan/Lucifer is real or not makes no difference if a person or a group of people believe said is true. The harder they believe it, the more they will alter their mental and physical life to reflect the belief. But there is a consequence to the belief; the less based on reality the belief is the more mental and physical symptoms will over time destroy the infrastructure of truth. The brain after a while will no longer be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, which can cascade into the patient developing a variety of dementia and or other brain degenerative diseases. As the fantasy belief overcomes the reality, the differences the brain might begin to create competing neuropathways which can ultimately end with the brain malfunctioning.

The Lost 13th tribe from the point Joseph is born to present pop into an out of history. They were hated by Moses because they refused to cooperate with his tyrannical and brutal dictatorship. Moses had a concept, do what I want or I will execute you on site.

In Israel, Judah would have sold Joseph to their uncle. Their uncle would have literally had a profound problem within the framework of knowing his nephew would be the next King of Kings. But Judah wanted to be King of Kings, just like Esau wanted it.

This issue from 2500 b.c.e cascades into the most profound problem with Whatcom County because a direct named descendant family from Judah (Judson’s the founders of Lynden WA.) literally were present and worked to create an infrastructure in Whatcom County. Judson the family including Holden and his wife Phoebe not only founded Lynden but also refounded a University in the Castle just south of present day Old Town Bellingham. The British in Whatcom County, sending employees in as reinforcements for the British troops already present. But then the Judson’s arrive and start to rebuilt, remodel the remnance of the Wars to create a better living situation. Removing the evidence of the rebuilt of Memphis in the Nooksack the same as Luz/Memphis was a copy of the Tabernacle of Adam. Placing the Tabernacle system with its foundation on the river bottom, building protective dyk’s all around (the family of Van Dyk arrived in Lynden being at least in some way chased out of the west side of the Great Lakes by Custer or one of the armies of the American government. Consorting with the enemy is usually considered a bad thing. The Dutch were strongly allied with militant Islam from around 1200-1800s ce. In many ways the Dutch some aspects of their government are still strongly allied with militant Islam. The Van Dyk Family founded Van Dyk road and built more than a few of the houses on it.) the area designated to be the future Tabernacle of Adam complex in both the Nile and Nooksack. Both were destroyed, Memphis in Egypt was destroyed by the Romans. They dismantled as much of it as they could to ship it all back to Rome. To capture the essence and power of Memphis the Eternal city in Rome. Thus Rome took on the name “The Eternal City” as the remains of Memphis were added to the Rome Proper’s infrastructure. In Whatcom County, in order to obtain a sufficient supplies roughly from Bellingham Bay up to Ferndale, Lynden, Everson, etc. required the River to be unblocked. A steady stream of boats made their way up the Nooksack bringing people in and supplies out. The RailRoad was not needed for the trees; the Rail Road was needed for the Troops and military supplies. Only after a while did the uses of the Rail Road expand beyond being used as both military use and civilian transport. In so doing, caused some of the last remaining clear evidence of the British Empire to be destroyed in the remodeling and removing of the Jam.

The issue regarding Joseph being sold to his Uncle Esau to make sure he would not become the next King of Kings by suppressing all that Joseph could do under the powerful thumb of his uncle. The British were not under the thumb of an uncle but about five remaining armies which slowly chipped away at their power and defense  till there was nothing left. The British were in effect forced into slavery to the English, Canadians, Confederacy, Americans, some native tribes, Spanish, etc.

Which means after issues and said, Joseph was given his own Kingdom to Rule over. Joseph they became Salem. The 12th son  King of Salem. JeruSalem, after his uncle died and he ascended to take his uncles throne in Egypt. The emphases is not on the next King of Israel the emphases in the bible is on Judah, because his actions from the moment he betrayed his brother to try and become the next Israel King of Kings. In effect two kingdoms, one centered around the title of Israel the other centered around the descendants of Esau. When Joseph was sold to Esau, Joseph took over part of the inheritance from Esau. Esau gave Joseph part of his own inheritance, when Joseph became the Pharaoh of his own group of Cities in Egypt. Judah’s line and Esau’s line have been fighting to get even with the descendants of Joseph ever since. The real Jews from Joseph and the betrayer Jews from Judah, fighting each other and fighting against the descendants of Esau. Not a fun picture. Many of the books of the bible have been strongly edited by both Esau and Judah’s line. But no matter how hard they edit out their bad actions, or justify their behaviors it always comes back to the same thing.

Islam Formulates

The argument between Bakr and Mohammed was within the interpretation of the ceremonies and ritual’s which Esau created after he conquered Mecca. The translation is what caused the problem; since Bakr was certain Islam needed to be more in the lines of “domination over the garden” not cooperation over the garden. God dominates humans, so humans need to dominate over the stewardship of the garden. A firm hand is needed to force thing things in the garden to comply. God takes a firm hand so humans need to take a firm hand. That is the justification Esau, Moses, the evil Priest Paul, and Bakr have used since day one in their violent reaction to anyone whom tells them no. usually execution, or torture till the person complies or is tortured to death. The Hajj is Esau’s conquest and genocide of the Tabernacle complex at Mecca. Only leaving one Tabernacle instead of the dozen needed. Those other complexes were obliterated because they did not communicate to the masses of Esau’s descendants the correct story. The correct story is one Tabernacle/Kaaba, one house, one tree, just one. Mecca originally possessed many Tabernacles/Kaaba’s and was an entire complex. But the expanded complex itself went against the philosophy, so the Tabernacle System had to be destroyed to match the fiction. The Protestant ultimate fantasy is that it is Esau’s line whom are fighting to take back the title of King of Kings from Jacobs line. Jacob in the opinion of Esau, stole his title. So Esau vowed on a soul level to do whatever it took to force Jacobs line to relinquish control over the Throne of Adam so Esau’s descendant could take his proper place on that throne. The problem is, nothing about the actions of Esau or his descendants from 2500 b.c.e to present have been anything other than close to the most evil imaginable. Which explains why the biblical story of Joseph being sold into slavery to his uncle is important. It places a blessed and holy man in the heart of the Beasts throne room. The Blessed man working to help the Beast away from the path of evil and back towards the path of the righteous. The blessed man did such a good job that part of the inheritance of Esau was given to his nephew. It is interesting how much bad people have to be given in order to simply get them to become decent human beings. It is like they operate from a perspective that they have been stolen from, so they have to get it all back plus a little extra just to be ok with themselves. Then after the dark whole in their soul is filled again by the things they take from others, then they can realize how bad their actions were and start to give back. Esau metaphorically and as a cultural placebo effect sold his soul to his concept of the devil in order to obliterate all traces of his brother and descendants. So enraged by the actions of his brother the father of the Jews that he directed all teachings of his people to be based on “find the Jews and kill them; it is a holy act to find and kill Jews.” From 2500-2100 b.c.e the Hyksos were taught that indoctrination so strongly that that every culture from the Hyksos to present including all those whom have taken on the philosophy of Mohammed have that basic “find and kill all Jews, is a holy act” motus operendi. The nice thing is, the psychopathic nature of find and kill all whom oppose you has an identifiable and measurable behavior pattern. Which means from those whom follow said behavior, their violent actions are predictable.

As the philosophy of Esau filtered out through his descendants, often the different generations would literally name change but keep their same base philosophy. Changing only just enough to appear to be different then their parent culture. Which for the most part works. Which is what occurred when the Catholic Church formed. The Church formed half based on the philosophy of Simon Peter and half based on the philosophy of Paul. Paul was a devout Hyksos descendant.  The Catholic Church (specifically those aligned with the philosophy of Paul, which is violently against the philosophy and teachings of Jesus/Simon Peter. Paul hated Simon Peter with a passion. But Paul and his begat acted and reacted with the ultimate levels of violence against Simon Peters begat from day one) had been killing their enemies since day one, the violence was mostly centered in and around areas where Paul set up his churches to teach his Esau based philosophy namely spreading out from the middle east west towards Greece, for paul at least finally ending in Rome Proper with his execution. Paul, Simon Peter, and Jesus were each Roman Citizens which is why Paul could request to have his treason trial in Rome Proper. For Jesus, his treason trial ended with a blade cutting his heart, a punishment specifically reserved for Roman Citizens. He was only on the Cross for a matter of a few hours, when he was stabbed by a blade. The blade by a Roman Officer would never have been allowed, if he was not a Roman Citizen. Also for non-romans the crucified would rot in place. The Cross would be burned months if not a year later to prepare for another Crucifixion, but the body would rot in place. Paul being a very low ranking Hyksos descendant from Tarsus, Turkey did not rank high enough as a Roman Citizen to have either a proper ceremony or grave. He would have been sold to feed the animals for the coliseum or left to rot somewhere. This begs the questions , why was Jesus given not only a blade execution, a ceremonial burial, a grave, and follow up ceremonies. Jesus was an extremely highly ranked Roman and Jewish Royal person. No other reason existed from the start of the Roman Empire to the last day for said actions to occur. Why was Jesus given four things which were militantly restricted. Nazareth in Latin means Pharaoh in Hieroglyphic. Taking the body down for burial was also strictly reserved for Roman Citizens. His begat (those drawn to the church of Simon Peter versus the church of Paul) spread out from the churches he created to form their own churches and spread their own understanding of Paul’s word. Paul’s philosophy spread like wildfire in France and Northern Africa, including Egypt. There was a huge amount of Paul begat pockets in Egypt and Carthage. Paul’s philosophy became violent to the extreme within specific pockets of the cultures which established Churches.

Alexandrian Library II

A significant amount of the story of the creation of Protestantism comes directly from the Events of the creation of the Catholic Church. The things which were wrong at the formulation Mohamed, Fatimah, Abu Bakr, Paul, Augustine, etc. fought against with their full and complete measure of devotion.

This next part is where the libraries of the Universities of Heidelberg Ohio, Tiffin, Portland, BYU, WWU, the dozen in Northumberland, etc. were created partially because of the efforts of the people in the next section. Almost all the actions done were performed covertly, the following assumptions are based on the need for Esau’s descendants to seek out any and all information which might contradict their official fantasy as being anything other than pure hard fact. They believe their illusions are fact, so they destroy all things which might contradict their official story.

The question as to where the mass volume of books came from which started the library in the first place is beyond important. To have a library large enough literally to be divided into six parts and still be large enough for five world class universities to emerge. That is both a seriously large library and those books contained within are not light and fluffy pop fiction textbooks designed to make the reader feel great while they read and try to memorize information which is obviously incorrect.

It is interesting, two incredible women are very likely responsible for saving the Alexandrian library twice. Although all actions regarding saving the Alexandrian library twice had to be entirely secret, covert, and never made it into the history books. The enemy whom attacked and continues to in the present to destroy world knowledge which might at some point disagree with the belief system this small group hold. To them world knowledge is the definition of evil, because world knowledge contradicts their official story. Their official story depending on which sub-Esau group change based on which leaders are in charge. But the facts remain, the behavior pattern appears to be Esau’s line seeks out their enemy to both kill all whom oppose them as well as destroy as much of their cultural influence as possible. Which includes finding and burning their libraries, making sure to find the scholars and kill them. Dead scholars can no longer question the authority of anyone.

Having the Alexandrian library circa 40 b.c.e and again 300 ce ferried out in the months before the Paul’s line could summon up the courage to not only attack but destroy all they felt were against them was a huge undertaking. The bennifit is, a culture about to go on the war path takes months to years to convince the population that performing said actions of violence is a good idea. Most do not want to be violent. They do not want to not only perform said violence but are happy with their work, friends, family, etc.. For the leaders whom want war, it takes many speeches to stir the population to take violent action against people they might have been friends with the day before but when the war starts friends become people they literally need to kill. Which cascades into its own unique set of problems.

As Cleopatra and Hypatia removed the libraries from the City of Alexandria, they had to do so because a culture and religion which hated all aspects of those two women were starting to listen to the fire bran speakers stirring the population to go to war. Those wars would be beyond extremely difficult to combat. So instead of combatting against those people, the best course of action is to literally move what offends them out of the way. Take the library and the key scholars and evacuate them. Fortunately there is usually more than sufficient time while the enemy is trying to stir the population to perform beastly actions, to literally start to pack up the library.

But this comes with its own major problem. The major problem is, the leaders when they enter the library to burn it down, they find either an empty building or worse blank scrolls designed to throw of the masses whom do not know any better. But the leaders either want to seize the library, keeping all that power for themselves or they want to personally burn the books which offend them. Not finding the books or scrolls usually sets the leaders whom then write the history into a wave or rage which they cannot contain. They were angry before, and wanting to literally obliterate any and all traces of the culture they are so angry with. But when they are finally able to start the war, when they find the scholars had all evacuated and the scrolls/books gone; the level of rage becomes something they simply cannot bear.

When the city of Troy(Jerusalem) was finally conquered, the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians claimed the city and started to search for its treasures, they found no treasures at all. They found the place all but entirely stripped of anything valuable. Including the temples and the libraries specifically in the upper town and the Royal areas, all valuables were cleaned out and missing.

Which is one reason the army of Agamemnon followed the Trojans to the Italian Peninsula. It took years to sail to Italy. But as they arrived the Trojans whom had been evacuating over the previous decade had built a city larger and more impressive than the city of Troy. The city of troy was impenetrable, the city of Alba Longa was many times better defended. Which is why it took close to six hundred years to destroy the city of Alba Longa and its sister city the City of Seven Hills. But when the war arrived from Troy to Italy, the inhabitance had firsthand knowledge of the events of the previous Wars. The 18th dynasty and the city of Troy, both destroyed and the attacking army not being satisfied with just taking the city. they wanted to take the city, kill the population, and seize control over the culture itself. The 18th dynasty was very likely chased to Athens and Troy to obliterate the culture of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten. Three cultures which were as much as the enemy could destroyed. The city of Alba Longa its exact location has been lost to history, despite the fact it was a huge city with 1000 year history. Troy was lost for more than two millennia. Amarna was lost and as much of the culture of the Amarna dynasty was carved off the walls in Egypt.

Armed with all that knowledge, Cleopatra took no chances, ordering her library to be packed up and shipped out. Hypatia 400 years later being seriously not stupid followed the same line of thinking. Best evacuate long before the enemy behavior patterns begin to become violent. Once the rhetoric starts to be “solve all your problems, kill those people over there. Those people are what are causing your problems.” When the sentence structure starts to sound like that, it is time to pack up as quickly as possible, as quietly as possible and evacuate.

But when the enemy breaks into skill the scholars and destroy the library, when they find it empty, their rage only grows exponentially. Especially since their uneducated kind either have no ability to travel to where their victims have escaped too, or they were denied the ability to kill their victim. In prisons those prisoners whom were able to kill their victim are overall happier people, than those whom were prevented from killing their victim. It appear based on an examination of the evidence that literally the conqueror involved with the aggressive side are not satisfied till they have committed the human sacrifice their soul needed. Something about sacrificing their victim up them at some type of ease. The dark whole in their soul to their placebo dependent psyche need to fill that whole with the soul of someone else by killing them. Using their six grams to fill the whole in their soul. Entirely fantasy, but those that feel a need to kill others to make themselves feel better have serious mental issues to start with.

When those people whom have a whole in their soul (or at least belief they do) think of something which can or might fill that whole by killing someone and destroying a variety of scholarly material, when they are denied killing scholars and destroying their work. It sets them into a violent disposition which cascades into how they interact with their culture for then now.

For instance Rome immediately upon Cleopatra’s evacuation from the Mediterranean to Northumberland. Augustus sent as much of the entire Roman Army to Britain as he could. The Siege of Northumberland would eventually both create the Byzantium Empire (note the city of Constantini09ple possessed one of the best libraries of the world; that library was a combination of the British library from Northumberland and the Roman Library, part of which was from the Alexandrian library. The portion Cleopatra could not divert to Northumberland.) and the end of the Roman Empire. The Romans lost so many troops at Hadrian’s Wall that they were unable to maintain a sufficient military or culture. Too many of the politicians were killed as soldiers fighting to gain battlefield experience at the Wall. But generation after generation being lost at the Wall proved that without sufficient numbers to replace the old men dying , the roman culture slowly died. By the end Rome was ruled by a group of men whom had no idea what being Roman was all about. All the men whom understand Roman culture were either dead or deposed by new stronger men. The might of the Roman Empire was not in the military but in the philosophy of Rome itself.

After the Alexandrian library was shipped to Northumberland twice; the Romans and later Paul devotees made it their personal  mission to follow both the culture and the scrolls to destroy them both. Both wars occurred in Northumberland. The Romans Empire was destroyed but it took several hundred years but the devotees of Paul eventually destroyed the British in Northumberland. But the British also knew the attacking armies wanted to kill them and destroy the library. So they did what they had done enumerable times before. Boxed up the library and shipped it out of danger. In this case, both the Germany and America.

In America the people and library were slowly pushed west till they arrived in Whatcom County circa 1700.

For an abuser, not being able to inflict the damage you want to on your victim becomes an unsettled score. Old scores from Europe and Africa which had started centuries and a millennia before, when the conqueror’s involved became unsatisfied when they found their prey both not their and their library removed. Taking the scholars and library on several occasions became an unsettled score the conqueror would settle for nothing to be seek out said and finish the job. No matter how many generations were wasted on the path to find and destroy them made no difference to the origin of the line. Needing to enact vengeance became  a reality in the New World, finally being able to take on several of the cultures the ancestors had tried to seek out and destroy. The descendants were about to fulfil a family legacy. With no government regulations to stop the slaughter, the only thing standing between obliteration of both surviving cultures and their libraries was the defenses the victim had built between the end of the last war and the start of the new. In most cases in America the infrastructure was strong enough to withstand centuries of total war. Mreo than a few copies of the library were created, scattered north and south east to west in the new world.

But since all those actions were done outside the realm of the conquerors scholars and said, all those libraries, cultures, treasures, weapons, battles, etc. happened outside the reach of history. The only things reported were what the commanders allowed to be reported. Many times the commanders would either write their own history or worse tell scribes what happened, years later. All those libraries were moved by what western cultures call “clandestine operations” where neither side make any type of record about what happened.

The open and obvious rage which accompanies an abuser not being able to fulfil the task of destroying, killing, removing from existence, etc. their intended victim will cascade for generations if not centuries. It becomes a cultural direction to find and fix the problem.

The last time the Alexanian library was reassembled in antiquity was around 640 ce when militant Islam invaded Egypt and found what was reassembled into the Alexandrian library. The library had started from scratch four separate times. This last time, the books were mostly what Egyptians had contributed for the previous couple hundred years. But since the overwhelming majority of the scholars in Egypt were either Simon Peter devotees or Jews, the books contained were for the whelming part about Christian and Jewish concepts. Both the Paul devotees and the Muslims wanted the library destroyed. Most of the books contained told stories which had nothing to do with Islam, and the few which did discuss Islam were not in favor of it.

Consequently the entire library was burned.

It is unknown how  many books were able to be ferried out. But what is known is that traveling from Egypt to Northumberland in 640 was not as easy as just two hundred years earlier. Massive amounts of boats were on the Mediterranean and without the protection of the Roman Navy keeping the piece on the seas, pirates and equally as bad people were all over the Mediterranean trying to steal anything they could.

Some materials make it out.

But when the Muslims found out how much volume was not destroyed, thanks to Roman propaganda telling a different story. It became clear that the Muslims themselves were going to have to take matters into their own hands. Find the cultures they hated and the libraries which told a different story than their belief system and destroy them both.

Muslims make a strong push to follow the library into France. A century later, they are devastated by the Franks at the Battle of Tours.

But just because they were dead stopped at Tours, does not mean the blood lust to find the scholars and destroy the scrolls went anywhere. In fact over the centuries the need to sacrifice them all to the glory of their idea of the divine became an all-consuming behavior pattern for more than a small number of the followers of Islam. The Islamic cultures simply shifted directions to attack somewhere else. Where they shifted directions too is entirely obvious to anyone whom knows anything about European history circa 650-780 ce. The Anglo-Saxon were defeated in Britain being preplaced by the empire of the Pictish. Whom would not be removed from the British throne till William the Conqueror 1066.

But again when the Pictish formed a collective group of cultures in Britain and forced the British to leave, many of the battles were centered in Northumberland. The Northumberland family knowing full well the same pattern was repeating itself; again packed up their belongings and shipped them to safe areas.

So again when the Pictish revolt finally conquered the British, the Picts were denied their ability to destroy the library. The lust of their culture for the previous several millennia was again denied them. The scholars and library had again been shipped out months to years before they could conquer the enemy. Not realizing that the same action plan occurred over and over again, the British simply allowed the Esau lien descended culture to win. Using a strong front line, allowing the civilians and rest of the army to evacuate while the front line held. As the front line became more and more decimated, the survivors would simply vanish into the background. Some would be caught but most had escape plans and waiting vehicles to transport them out of the reach of the invading army. The conqueror always takes it as a sign of total victory when the enemy run and hide, but the strategy is a strong one. To regroup and come back to fight another day, when the conqueror is resting after a party celebrating their victory. But if the British would ever stop and fight it out, the outcome is usually vastly different. The outcome is usually so different the enemy is usually either devastated or they obligate themselves on the shields of their intended victim. The British are too good at running away. For some conquerors running away only prolongs the battles, makes the next engagement all the more difficult. The conqueror will be nastier and more blood thirsty, expecting an easy victory and hoping to kill scholars and burn the library. But each time denied the thrill of the conquest. The start of the battle the conquerors usually loose and loose badly, it is not till the victim starts to retreat will the conqueror gain ground.

Why intentionally loose, because for the leaned and more enlightened cultures taking responsibility for destroying a culture is a gigantic deal. If your conqueror will not stop till you are dead, retreating so they will not turn themselves too badly becomes your responsibility not theirs. Culturally conscience regarding a more mature culture being harassed by a spoiled three year old culture makes conquests all the more difficult. How does a mature enlightened culture deal with a culture whom had no concept of gravitas. Maturity comes with a price.

One reason the start of the Great Awakening movements began was to finally make those whom refused to listen to Persian, Zoroastrianism, Islamic, Protestant, etc. reason in Europe would be forced to either listen or be obliterated from existence in the new world. For some the new world was about a new beginning. For Islamic, protestants, and conquerors the new world was about finally destroying what they could not get destroyed in Europe.

The second collection of materials in the Alexandrian library were over the course of a few years secretly taken out and shipped to Carthage (exactly as Tut’s widow was forced to perform 1600 years earlier) then north to Britain. Where the records would be or at least thought to be safe from destruction. Paul’s begat in Africa and the Middle East turned violent almost the second Paul went to James and asked to join the Church (according to Catholic legend). James refused outright, Paul created his own church. Paul directed his followers to hunt down and kill all of Simon Peter’s followers. The Future St Augustine of Hippo which is a city close to where Carthage used to be and the entirely rebuilt city was. Rome at the end of the Punic War dismantled most of the city’s buildings and shipped them to Rome. The writings of Augustine strongly inspired a new wave of extreme violence against anyone whom disagreed with Paul’s teachings. Which is exactly the same behavior pattern as Esau; killing all whom deny what Esau’s descendants want to do. UP to and including any crime Esau’s descendants want to commit, is justified to make sure they can achieve their goals. The polymath Hypatia was a serious and significant hard target threat to both the teachings of Paul but St Augustine of Hippo. Her very existence threatened the foundation of Esau’s misogynistic philosophy. The bragging regarding what happened to Hypatia are wrong, since she was sent out with the books to Britain months before the rebellion. Her brain was too valuable not to take her out with the crates of scholarly material. But to make sure the Paul begat in Egypt were able to destroy something, knowing they would not read the material. Simon Peter’s followers and Jews filled the building with blank scrolls and codex’s. So when the mob attacked the building, they could perceive they were burning something. What those scrolls were made no difference to those whom wanted to burn everything which might question their authority. But this is not due to the benefits of Paul’s philosophy but because those that need to hate are naturally drawn to philosophies which allow for directed hatred. Paul’s philosophy strongly encourages hatred against the Jews, violence against the Jews, retaliation against the Jews, open hostility towards the Jews, etc. those that need to hate are drawn to said types of philosophies. A bit of Violence and the like in France, but the violence was mostly centered between those that followed the teachings of Paul attacking with lethal intent anyone aligned with Simon Peter.

Hypatia being one of the most important and key figures of the time regarding scholastics and mathematics would not have had a choice about being taken out of Alexandria and shipped to Northumberland. She was so smart and educated losing her brain was well beyond unacceptable. So she and as much of the Alexandrian library part ii was shipped out months before. Although to make it look good, all the key people had body doubles and stand-ins to look the part. So when the Paul devotees stood up to kill all whom oppose them, all the key people would be gone. The body doubles would be ready to face punishment. Usually people so sick they are on the verge of dying anyway. A prostitute with syphilis will only last a few years before they are stone crazy, as the disease consumes their neuropathways. Hypatia’s stand in would be very likely a prostitute in late stage syphilis. Put a proper wig on, change the close, and because the bad people would not want her to talk anyway the babbling on the verge of death prostitute would be beaten to death.  Of course before being seized, given very strong narcotics to dull the pain of the brutality.

Cleopatra and Hypatia both evacuated with the Alexandrian library to the same place.

Hard evidence of said. Are the world class libraries located in Northumberland and the facts surrounding 350-650 the history of Britain had been entirely edited into Mythology. Called the age of Camelot. Especially since Hypatia would have continue to teach and invent new forms of mathematics to invent or reinvent astrophysics. And of course work on gravity which requires quantum physics. It is interesting that the name Ajalon *and Avalon are so close, what is even more interesting the documentation from the Roman Empire stated that Joseph of Amarmthea immediately after the Crucifixion traveled to Northumberland to the Northside of were the wall would be built in a century. Several hundred years later during the Pictish revolt the most valuable of those possessions were shipped from Northumberland down to Glastonbury Abby for safe keeping. To be discovered more than a millennia after the Pictish revolt. The Valley of Ajalon where a tool which would be extremely comfortable within the framework of Camelot is associated linguistically with the Tabernacle of Adam System, the resurrection effects of said were by legend used by King Author so he could fight one last battle to save his kingdom from obliteration by their enemies.

Those libraries and related materials were shipped a millennia later to the Americas. The enemies of Catholicism and the British previous only stopped the slaughter for public opinion reasons. In America no such restrictions would apply. So the Romans remembering wanting to kill both Cleopatra and Hypatia not only could kill their descendants; be those descendants children or books, makes no difference. Chasing both the people and the library became an obsession the Esau line descents could not shake off. In America with those people and their libraries, the need to hunt them all down and kill them became an all-consuming psychopathic obsession. The start of the great Awakening movement began with the group trying to rally community support to enact the all-consuming psychopathic obsession to seek and destroy both the people and the library.

This is important because it was not till the middle to late 500 c.e that the Catholic Church started its genocidal approach to anyone whom questioned their authority. The Authority of the Catholic Church post about a century after the start of the Holy Roman Empire was not met with that much violence, till circa 550 more like 610. But then the violence escalated to the point of entire villages were erased from existence.

The violence from the Vatican was the office of inquisition was sent up to find enemies of the philosophy of Paul and destroy them. Which included Mohamed, Fatimah, Simon Peter, etc.. The Catholic presence in the Iberian Peninsula met with both support from militant Islamic cultures but also violence of their own. They both helped each other find Jews, Fatimah’s followers, Christians, Simon Peter devotees, pagans, etc. to torture them to death or sell them into slavery. But they also fought with each other for control over the country itself. The Iberian peninsula but that branch was soon met with a militant Islamic army more than interested in bringing a larger and more violent fight to anyone whom rejected the philosophy of not Mohammed but Abu Bakr (the Abu Bakr religion was itself bound and determined to find and destroy any and all forms of the philosophy of both Mohammed and his daughter Fatimah. So in Spain the Catholic Church and Sunni Islam were a united front to seek out any and all Fatimah followers and destroy them and anyone whom might have interacted with them.). Abu Bakr was then the self-proclaimed Prophet and all praise when to either the Prophet or Allah. Abu Bakr worked extraordinarily hard to erase the fact that Mohammed had anything to do with any aspect of Islam at all. Since Abu Bakr was entirely convinced in all aspect that literally Mohammed had sold his soul to the devil to create his philosophy of Esau from. To the Sunni “The Prophet” is not Mohammed but Abu Bakr, to the Shia “The Prophet” is Mohammed. The two have been in open and strenuous combat since the two men started to perceive a difference in the teachings of Esau. Mohammed did not invent the teachings, nor did he have much to do with their origin. He found the information and started the process of translating from Sumerian and Akkadian into Arabic. The translation process is where Mohammed and Abu Bakr differed to the most violent extreme. Abu Bakr poisoned to death Mohammed. In an argument which was based on the concepts of resurrection and which man was the true prophet of the divine. Abu Bakr challenged Mohammed to rise from the dead, from being poisoned.

Islam was not invented by Mohammed, it was merely recreated by Mohammed based from the writings and philosophy of Esau. Esau had serious in the extreme problems with his role in life. His paranoid delusional disassociate identity disorder self-invented self-appointed role in life was literally to be the next King of Kings. But his brother was both the spiritually talented one and the one whom as an adult became Pharaoh Israel. He was given the title of Israel which was a title given to the King of Kings of the Semitic people. This is of the absolute most important because literally Esau to the depth of his soul could not stand his self-appointed role in life to be anything other than literally the King of Kings for all Semitic people. When he was denied this role, he was so apaplectic (well beyond rage) he demanded that he have this own city can own country in which to rule from. His family helped him conquer Saudi Arabia to help ease his unmeasurable rage. The only thing that did was give Esau a platform to build his new philosophy of finding anything that Jacob touched seek out and seize control or destroy it. With a capital city, country, people, army, and culture as a strong backup from which to launch a worldwide assault on Jacob’s descendants. Everything Jacobs descendants went Esau’s descendants have been instructed for the last 3500 years to follow and seize if possible, obliterate if nessessary. Rebuilt to hide all the previous evidence.

Esau’s line would after finding the new building the Jews constructed conquer the New Jerusalem to control it or destroy it so no one would ever know anything about it. Control the New Jerusalem or obliterate it from existence that was the base of the indoctrination Esau gave is people. From 2500 b.c.e to present his followers have used those lessons as a rule and guide every day since.

Everywhere the Jews run too, to get out of the way of Esau’s line descendants line wave of genocide. The Jews find a new homeland and build a new Jerusalem (capital city) and built a large number of smaller cities with the hopes that within a few generations the population will explode. If every family which can produce 10 to 15 children, every two decades the population can increase by 10 times. At least that is the hope. Three generations 1000 settlers can create a city of 20,000 to 40,000. The more bodies to build up defenses the better.

With the purpose of built defenses, a strong population which can produce sufficient to feed all, a large army, a solid dependable governmental structure, all so the scholars whom keep the community going can think in peace and quiet knowing their family outside the library will not let any harm come to either the scholars or their works. When the next Esau line arrives on the horizon the Scholars and the library are evacuated first. Without the scholars, there is no culture. Destroy the soul of the culture requires not killing every person but destroying their knowledge and artistic endeavors. Destroy the art and library destroys that culture. How different would the world be if David or the Mona Lisa be if fifty years after it was painted it was destroyed in some invasion. Or the last supper was destroyed a few years after it was painted because the cathedral burnt down. The loss of the soul of western culture would be in the ashes of those great works of art. The works of Socrates are still shaping the minds of the youth in the present. He spoke those works 2500 years ago, without  his thought academics would be radically different.

Esau taught his descendants to find and destroy not only the people but their works which make them a whole culture. Esau’s line does not like that information, wants only its scholarly works read. Wants only its scholarly works to shape the course of western culture.

The War in Whatcom County was to find and destroy all evidence and people from pervious to 1855. For the most part the history books have followed the Esau lien victors and claim that there was nothing in Whatcom county before Roeder, Peabody, the Roberts, and Pickett arrived.



About the time that the time the 18 Amarna Dynasty were relocating from Egytp to Northumberland, a legend began in approximately the same area at approximately the same time.

That legend was Brigadoon, a Mystical Kingdom which is only accessible to the mortal realm once every 100 years. The location was the Highlands of Scotland, but this legend exists in a dozen or more northern European cultures.

Cibola El Dorado

The Legend of Cibola revolves around a city which was made almost entirely of gold. The capital of that city would be El Dorado.

Having looked literally everywhere else, the one place left to look for Cibola was in Whatcom County. What was found in Whatcom County was an infrastructure with several huge towers, each of those towers were literally a copy of King Solomon’s Temple. But since there are more than one Tower or Tabernacle that places the temple into a complex of temples or system.


The Great Awakening Movements

Protestantism began in small pockets with a variety of notes and theological writings from Paul on day one. He and his followers began to write their own version of the message of Jesus Christ and Simon Peter; a contradictory opinion. The writings cascaded into more than one battle for control and supremacy in the first couple hundred years of the existence of the ministry of Simon Peter and Paul. Two separate organizations which for the most part have not stopped battling each other since the day Jesus was born. Paul was a Hyksos devotee, he chose to repackage the theology of the Hyksos into Christianity. In effect using Christianity as a façade to infiltrate the ranks of Simon Peters organization and corrupt the message of Joseph into the message of Esau. Nasty and devious but that is what evil people do, pretend to be something they are not in order to infiltrate past the defenses of those whom they would assume friend when really Esau’s descendants have used the Trojan Horse trick almost constantly. Pretending to be good when really the façade is all evil.

As Paul’s message in isolated pockets spread like wildfire, his followers began to write their own theological books on the subjects brought up. Heaven, Hell, a good life, the rules of living a life, what you should do, what you have to demand others do, etc. which trickled into the City of Carthage to the young Augustine of Hippo. He would be strongly influenced by the teachings of Paul; he would also be strongly against the teachings of Simon Peter. His violent writings advocated for a blind following of Paul’s word and a violent suppression of Simon Peters works.

The reason most biblical texts are not older than 400 ce is because the War which Paul’s devotees started with Simon Peters. Find the scholars and their libraries and destroy them. 300 years of find and destroy literally leave very few if any copies of older works still around. With no or very few copies of older works left unburned, only the copies of copies of copies would survive the fires of the wars. Making sure your opinion is the only one which matters by destroying others voices is actually extremely bad. Makes it appear like the voice of the conqueror is not strong enough to stand up to any type of scrutiny.

By the time Islam 620 ce came around a couple hundred years after Augustus of Hippo circa 350 ce , the war between Paul’s line, Simon Peters line, Joseph of Israel, Esau’s line, etc. became that much more difficult when a man was born in Mecca given one of the Pharaonic names of Esau, Mohammed.

Mohammed had one surviving daughter Fatimah, that daughter was an all-important person in the formulation of Islam. Despite the fact that Islam strongly advocates misogyny, Mohammed sent his daughter out to preach his theology. Her efforts turned a religious movement which would have normally only been limited to a few hundred to a few thousand people in and around Mecca to a worldwide concept.

But the problem is, and why all these things cascade effect directly into the 1700-1800s in Whatcom County is because issues and wars which started centuries and several millennia before Columbus sailed the ocean blue were part of the foundation of the British Empire in Whatcom county as well as the start of World War II. World War I was a different War fought over different problems. WWII was not about the ideology of the previous millennia cultures fighting for supremacy, that was the 1914-1918 War. WWII very likely contained at least two fully functioning Tabernacle systems doing what they do weapon wise to each other while the troops where exchanging bullets and blades. The Tabernacle fight was much nastier and profoundly more vicious. Which is the reason Rudolf Hess defected from the Third Reich to end the Tabernacle Slaughter of his culture. They were losing and loosing badly. Hess surrendered to his most hated and to the soul of is being disgusted enemy the British Jews in Northumberland. His body double a corporal was arrested by the English and spent the rest of his life in jail till his suicide. The body double was killed/suicide to ensure his secrets went to his grave. Dying men usually confess the things they have done wrong before they meet their maker after death. Hess’s double was killed to prevent any such confession. Protestantism is literally made out of the teachings of Paul, St Augustus of Hippo, the militant Islamic army only a few dozen miles away, the teachings of Fatimah, etc. Martin Luther combined those together to repackage Islam into a form European cultures could “Trojan Horse” accept. Making it look just enough like Christianity to pass, but the “Lord and Savior” Luther was talking about was Mohammed not Jesus. But the enemies of Fatimah in all the religions which knew about her were not happy with any aspect of her philosophy being in existence. One of the reasons Martin Luther was punished so hard is he used the philosophy of Fatimah and the “Possession and being Saved concept” to convince Europeans Protestantism was better than Catholicism.

But the problem is, he lied. He intended the Spirit of the Lord to be Mohammed not Jesus.

Fatimah became so obsessed with her father’s death from poisoning that she void to find a way to bring her father Mohammed back from the dead, to have her father considered equal to or better than the legends around Jesus Christ. If he found a way to rose from the dead, it was a bench march Abu Bakr demanded Mohammed either do or die in the process. He had been working very hard to take over the religious group Mohamed had founded, to rule it as its head since he became attached to the movement. Killing its founder was just something which needed to be done in order to take over. If Mohammed did managed to come back from the dead, than the whole “I will be back” concept would signal the key concept of revelations. So the question for the last 1400 years has been, whom is the true son of god; Jesus or Mohammed. Since the coming back would literally point to which philosophy was good and which was evil.

The War in Whatcom County regarding the Castles and their convergence to a fort and an building a bit before Pickett arrived. This War was only one war or one sequence in a very long drawn out war. Pervious Wars took place in Little Egytp and the East coast circa 1750, previous on the east coast. Previous were done in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Since Protestantism the more radical forms of said being evangelical, puritan, etc. were not fanatical enough in southern New England. Thanks to the centuries the Dutch and Islamic cultures were strong business partners; the Islamic cultures worked hard to convince the Dutch they were following the wrong philosophy. There is a great deal of evidence which points to the voyage of Columbus was not so much a voyage of discovery but a chance of the Vatican to get the militant Islamic cultures and more importantly their collective armies off the subject of invading Europe again to obtain the lands they wanted. The Vatican created a deal, stop continuing to invade either Europe or Italy itself  and we will allow the knowledge of the New World. We will fight over whom can obtain more land in what time. Wars fought in said will only exist of they are written down. No documentation means the wars and battles did not exist.

Islam took this general deal and accepted. Knowing as a culture they had been manipulating both England and the Dutch for the previous centuries to turn away from Catholicism and embracing Islam through Protestantism.

Henry VIII chose to drop both and worked to embrace the teachings ad path of Joseph the son of Israel.

In Connecticut and New York the English and eth Dutch were constantly interacting with militant Islam. The English, Dutch, Spanish, libertine French, etc. had been long standing business partners with militant Islam. So in the 1600s when the first recognized colonies were being established, the militant Islamic cultures continued to manipulate their European business partners that the cities being established as holier than thou were in fact areas where evil had taken root. There is only one way to deal with evil people in a new settlement of good people. Use the tools provided and erase the members of the community whom had turned toward evil. Even though most of the citizens were good Christian people, a few bad apples had found their way in. the colonist needed to seek out those bad apples and remove them in any way each settlement saw fit. Which usually meant torture followed by execution.

The beginning of the Great Awakening started with a strong amount of militant Islamic philosophy courtesy of the militant Islamic business partners, Catholics fighting to regain control, and Martin Luther’s Protestantism which was designed to be a repackaging of Islam.

A strong propaganda campaign was started by militant Islam to see of the protestants could be manipulated into killing the enemies of Mohammed. The results were the great awakening movements. Where the early colonist took Protestantism and added portions of the philosophy of militant Islam, creating hard line Protestantism. The Evangelical, Pentecost, Quaker, etc. movements came from said influence. Militant Islamic starts to influence and radical western culture groups react exactly as predictable.

The 1600-1980 wave after wave of religious fanaticism swept through first the colonies and then the states. Those waves first and foremost push a radical agenda and then back up their agenda with militant level violence. They are allowed to say anything they want and react with capital violence the second anyone questions their authority to say anything they want to.

It became a the Great Awakening people have the right to free speech but no one else does. In the 1700-1800s silencing anyone whom might say something the great awakening movements would not approve of death camps were set up all over. Including in Whatcom County. One the Lummi reservation is well known, but that does not mean the Pickett Plantation was not included as a reservation/death camp.

Castle Bellingham New Castle and Castle Ogle

Aligned the same way they are in Northumberland, NewCastle aka Jerusalem would be WWU Old Main, Castle Ogle would be were the Picket Tower was, and Castle Bellingham would be were Fort Bellingham was as well.


Fort Bellingham, the Pickett Tower, and Old Main. These facts also do not add up; the official story has more plot flaws than fascist propaganda. Castle Bellingham both Northumberland and Ireland were both built and maintained by the British Ogle family. Means the British Ogle family had to give permission for their name Bellingham to be used.

As we know, history is written by the victor. Imagine if Al-Qaida won the war against America they want to. Al-Qaida is only one name, same organization from Esau has enumerable names. Those names change both externally and internally on a constant basis. There is one absolutely beyond a doubt dependable behavior pattern associated with history, the more militant and narrow the perception of a culture the harder they edit history after they win. Armed with these documented facts, examining the evidence of what brought Pickett to Bellingham  and further what was occurring in Whatcom County in the decades before and after. The evidence regarding the armies present were literally working as hard as they could to erase and obliterate any and all traces of what was occurring in Bellingham before 1855 is clear and without question. This book focuses on the key details regarding what did the armies present need to be deployed in some cases several thousand miles away from their home country to a little place with no precious material sufficient to pay for those militaries to be not only present but staying for decades. What were those armies present for, why did they stay for so long, why were they all at full fighting strength, why was most of the evidence of their presence from 1855-1889 entirely erased.

Britain versus England

The American Civil War (including the portion which occurred at the Pickett Plantation Bellingham Washington) was simply an extension of the British versus English war which had been raging since before England was called England. It was raging generation after Generation since before Prince of Troy Bruta King of the British was born. Previous to being called British they were Called Trojans. Before they were called Trojans they were called Egyptians. Not the Hyksos from 2100-1550 b.c.e or the 1330-300 b.c.e Hyksos/Avaris but the 18the dynasty Egyptians and several previous dynasties prior to 2100 b.c.e. The Jews ruled Egypt (obviously not called Jews yet) in Pre-Pharaonic times. Egypt like the American Civil War was literally vastly more complex than most assume. Egypt was a major power center and cultural hub circa 4000 b.c.e. Then Upper Egypt was invaded by Saudi Arabia circa 3800 b.c.e, then Lower Egypt was invaded by descendants of that same culture circa 3500 b.c.e. Pharaoh Narmer circa 3200 b.c.e put a temporary end to that cultures future aggressions and conquests by conquering all the cultures in Egypt and bringing the entire nation under his singular Rule.

The conflicts in Egypt with the 17th and 18th dynasties and the Trojan War were directly part of the conflicts which created the British people in the first place. Which directly cascaded into the creation of the English. Once formed and named they fought from the time of Adam till the 1800s ce when the last of the British surviving pockets of power were obliterated in Whatcom County. There is an extremely good chance (if Egypt would release the DNA records regarding the Pharaoh’s of the 18th dynasty and the Amarna prior e.g. the time of King Tut, his mother Nefertiti and his father Amenhotep iv Akhenaten. Their oldest daughter Meritaten’s granddaughter was most likely Helen of Troy, their youngest Daughter Ankhesenpaaten could have been both the wife of Tut (no surviving children which are documented, but possible) and went on to become the Wife of Aeneas after she evacuated Egypt when the Avaris army rose up and performed a coup detent over the Amarna Dynasty and the 18 year old Tut (he shows the Battle injury which ended his life, his knee is ripped off. Evidence the Amarna Dynasty ends with an 18 year old Tut, and the 19th dynasty begins when the Hyksos/Avaris rise up and seize back the throne. Pickett encounter with the remaining British in the Pig War, the British are by legend descendants of the Trojans, a couple of the Trojans could be descendants of the 18th Amarna Egyptian Dynasty, which a significant portion of the 18th dynasty and the city of Amarna itself the 19th Hyksos/Avaris dynasty erased from existence     . The DNA evidence for the ancestors of Tut to have evacuated to Northumberland are the facts the Egyptian Government did not want released , tut’s DNA reveals evidence of R1b code specifically sub coding from Northumberland area of Britain.  The whole story about erasing cultures the conqueror does not like has a very long history. The English are  as if not more guilty of erasing the British then the Hyksos/Avaris of erasing the 18th Dynasty. The founding British having strong Jewish connections literally point to all the reasons in the world for the conquerors of Whatcom County (the armies present to want to Holocaust every single Jew they can find; using Bellingham as a literally Auschwitz/Birkenau  (the entrance to the Pickett Plantation Holly and Rail Road <the mansion being close to land near Alabama street Pickett did actually purchase. Which could indicate the previous commander of the Pickett Plantation owned a Mansion or large manor house on that piece of property, which Pickett did purchase. But the rest of the lands were seized from the East India Company or E.I.C. Roeder and Peabody.>. The middle parking area is where the RailRoad tracks were from 1850?-1970. For the first several decades this Rail Road line was not connected north or south to any other Railroad. All the buildings present in the picture are younger than 1920, most of the buildings on Railroad street are younger than 1890. But the Railroad line was laid decades before and more than a few of the buildings were made of brick. Why are none of the original buildings still in existence, what were the later political leaders interested in hiding. Constantly claiming buildings simply burnt to the ground, is impractical. The buildings for the most part would have been built of brick with tin roofs, especially after the first couple fires. 1860-1880, those buildings would still be in existence. Or was their some need to destroy them to hide evidence. While the Fascists in Germany actively worked at hiding evidence of killing the undesirables, burning records and at least attempting to cover up portions of the death camps. The smaller death camps some attempts were made, the larger ones were simply abandoned in place. Auschwitz was too larger to cover the evidence. Also remember that the trail of Tears 1810-1860 started in Orlando the name of the city then was a Latinized and anglicized version of Jerusalem e.g. Jernigan. Since the extreme anti-Semitic Americans, Confederacy, Canadians, English, Spanish, several native tribes, Islamic cultures, etc. hated Jews and there were millions of Jews living in native tribes. Separating out the Jews from the natives, leaving the natives in Oklahoma and taking the Jews farther west and north to dispose of them privately. The third Reich mistake was to have the concentration camps really close to the front lines, 1000 miles from the nearest reporters is smart. Sonderkommando photos taken inside Auschwitz; shows the evidence of the genocide and strong attempts at cleaning up the mess. Auschwitz the complex was too large to hide the evidence, but if the war had raged for another ten years or worse if Hess had not of worked tirelessly from 1934-1941 to stop production on the ME 262 the Jet. The entire process of genociding all whom opposed the third Reich would have gone on, killing all the third Reich did not like. Then erasing all existence of the death camps at the end. Either leaving absolutely no trace or leaving only the smallest of traces, if the third Reich had one. The Canadians, English, and Americans did win. The British Lost and Lost everything.) to round up the millions of Jews in America and Kill them. The Jews in the African Native populations, the Jews hiding in the native American populations, and the Jews openly living at Jews in America. The story that there was no battle or war to seize back the throne from those nasty Jews by the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris is pure fiction invented by the 19th dynasty to hide the fact they killed in Battle a teenager. No honor in that, so they hid the details. Same way they hid the details of the Ramses II temple, which had existed for  more than 2500 years before the 19th dynasty existed and carved 50 feet off one of the statues.), felling him in battle to seize the throne. King Tut aka Tutankhamun’s wife Ankhesenamun previous to her 18 year old and crippled  malformed Husband going into Battle with less than zero ability to stay on a chariot much less be able to fight and command an army. She would have obviously evacuated to a safe city with whatever military she could assemble. Her personal guards whom would have numbered in the hundreds, army unites held in reserve, her sisters and relatives would not have allowed her to stay. Knowing she was the definition of both Pharaoh in her own right the second Tut fell in battle, and her next husband could claim the throne if he married her. If 10 300 lbs. highly trained battle hardened soldiers come and pick up the 120 lbs. queen of Egypt little if anything could stop them. The job of those 10 men were to make sure to their dying breath to ensure she lived. The only way to ensure she lived was to pick her up, put her on a horse, and ride hard for 30 to 50 miles to the next already set up weight station. Change horses, and ride another 30 to 50 miles. Change horses and continue for the next several days. Her personal body guards would need to get her to Carthage as quickly as horses could take them. Since the second her husband died she became pharaoh in her own rite, she would have followed Egyptian tradition and taken on the standard five Pharaonic names. The Amarna Dynasty from Akhenaten is the only by most academic accounts Monotheistic Pharaoh in Egyptian history. He proudly forced Egypt to adopt the ATEN as a Monotheistic god. The problem is the ATEN is one of the earliest names for the god of the Jews. The Evidence is in both the framework of Judaism and Islam. The Limbs and toes of the ATEN is where Jacob is named for, and the toes of the limb of the ATEN are what Muslims form in prayer to five times a day.

Enter Queen Dido from Carthage, the times lines match up regarding Aeneas leaving Troy before the Esau/Hyksos/Dorian Agamemnon army landed on the beaches of Troy. Aeneas leaves, takes a while to sail to Carthage, the Avaris Moses kills Tut and takes as many Jews out of Egypt as he can, takes them to Troy to act as a Jewish/slave/shield wall to defeat the Jewish Trojans, Aeneas arrives at about the same time Tuts widow would have arrived. Moses lied on more than a few dozen occasions, broke more than a few rules, was punished severely for breaking those rules, executed anyone whom questioned his perspective of history, and ordered all languages which might tell a different story then his destroyed. Queen Dido was also known by at least three other names. Ankhesenpaaten would have of course evacuated but where would she have go. The only logical place for her to evacuate would literally be the city of Carthage. Evacuating West was literally her only option. All other directions were large battle hardened armies hunting to find and seize, after marriage kill her, or the commanding general wanted her as his wife to seize the throne of Egypt. But immediately after marrying her and seizing the throne, her new husband would have killed her to ensure the end of the Amarna (Jewish) dynasty. So her only option was to abandon her Egyptian names, take on new names from a different language and blend into the background of the Royal family of an ally. Carthage was the only option.

If the timelines match up, it is possible Prince of Troy Paris going to marry Tut’s widow could be part of the letter she sent out to the Hittite Kings. But at the same time that letter was a rouse to get a Hyksos/Hittite King to send out a son to kill.

The original assumed plan was to have Paris marry Helen the daughter of Theseus the son of Aten aka Meritaten. Allowing Paris to take an army and either take over from Tut or seize back the throne from the Avaris. Hector would be King of Troy while his brother Paris and Helen would be Pharaoh of Egypt. Re-seizing the Pharaonic throne away from the 19th dynasty. Placing a Grandchild of Akhenaten and Nefertiti back on the Pharaonic throne. But that plan did not occur. Paris married Helen and they along with their children formed one of the families of the bran new British people. First in Italy in the city of either Alba Longa or the Seven Hills. Or they moved quickly from Alba Longa straight to Northumberland were several generations back Meritaten and her Mother Nefertiti had spent decades building defenses and allies in Northern Europe to form an alliance to keep the family and culture alive. If the timelines match that is. Although upon her death, Meritaten chose to be shipped back to Egypt for  a proper Pharaonic funeral and burial. She is known as “the Little Lady” since she was co-ruler with her father and mother while the family and culture switched the center of power from Egypt to first Italy and then Northumberland. Assuming she wanted to be buried in the same area as her first son/little brother Tut.

Within a very short time of that arrival in Carthage from Troy, Queen Dido (the strongly supposed widow of Tut) married Prince Aeneas the cousin of King Priam of Troy. Queen Dido was by more than a few linguistic and cultural pieces of evidence the second eldest sister of Ankhesenpaaten. Queen of Troy Hecuba (also a pharaoh in her own Rite, outranked her husband King Priam of Troy, was more than likely Mekataten the second Daughter of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The marriage could have been prearranged. Since no one thought the meekly and handicapped Tutankhamun could last in real battle. If he was forced into battle he would not last long. So best to evacuate and make long term plans early, because the enemy want to genocide the Jews and obliterate all evidence of their existence.) Would have arranged for Queen Dido and her husband’s cousin Prince Aeneas to marry. The whole Punic War needs to be entirely reevaluated to find out what actually happened in the years between circa 1330 and 753 b.c.e. The most accurate guess would be that the Roman army emerged out of the defeated armies of the Dorians and Avaris whom followed the Trojans to the city of Seven Hills aka after the 753 conquest of the city, Rome. The behavior pattern of the Esau/Hyksos/Avaris/Dorian’s/Romans, etc.  following the 18th Amarna Egyptians to Troy, then following the Trojans to the Italian peninsula circa 1330, then following the British to Northumberland, then following the British to Holland and Normandy, following the British back to Northumberland, then the British across the ocean to first Boston and then Manhattan, step by step till finally the Pig War were the descendants finally cornered the British and destroyed the last remains of their culture in Whatcom County. The Trojan War was only one sequence of Battles in a very long more than half of the length of civilization War. But the second the War with the British was over, the aggressors turned their attention to the remaining Jews in America and Europe circa 1860. A new wave of anti-Semitism spread like wildfire in both America and Europe. Which cascade effect stripped Alois of his given name and forced his family to accept both the concepts of incest and a surname which means “Ok person but genetically inferior from x valley”.

Aeneas had a task to complete so he had to immediately leave Carthage and set up the city of Alba Longa to receive the refugees from the Trojan War . The Hyksos cultures of Dorian and Avaris (Moses’s army was present and fighting too, in the Iliad he is called Ajax the lessor) were literally ready to kill every single Jew in the entire Anatolia peninsula. They proceeded to do exactly that. Which the entire “Evacuate from the Trojan War” concept is where the legend of the “Lost 13th tribe of Judah” came from. The Lost tribe evacuated knowing they would be used as a Jewish slave shield wall to further the military power of the Esau line descended cultures. They would also be forced to make the tabernacles work (at Troy the Temple of Apollo, in Manhattan the buildings of Columbia University including Trinity Church. In Tiffin the Maples, Heidelberg, and Tiffin University. In Whatcom County Pickett Tower, Old Main, and very likely the Peace Arch. Legendary examples of said Tabernacle of Adam System working would be both the Temple of Solomon and The Alexandria Lighthouse. The enemy wanted that weapon, and would do anything to possess it.). Further increasing the power of the Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris to a level close to that of god if not equal to god. Esau’s cultures have been trying to become equals with god since the day Jacob was chosen to be King of Kings over Esau. Well in truth Esau is  one in a long line including Terah the father of Abraham to want to seize control over the Tabernacle of Adam system to turn the tool of god into a weapon to control both the earth and challenge the power of god. Terah destroyed the tower not because he thought the tower was bad, but because he could not control it. After he conquered the city and seized control over the Tower of Babel aka the Tabernacle of Adam System, he tried to make it work as a weapon. His efforts proved to be entirely unsuccessful. In Bellingham Washington state, the Pickett Tower, the core of Old Main Western Washington University, the Peace Arch, the towers on the Hovander estate , Towers in the other cities farther north and east were built supposedly as a recreation of the Tabernacle System of Adam. Which could have included the Peace Arch, other now destroyed towers in Ferndale, Lynden, Goshen, Everett, Nooksack, etc. . Which would explain why the armies of the world were present in Whatcom County from the 1700s to the middle to end of the 1800s. to seize control over a divine tool like the ark but more powerful is a major goal for each and every one of the armies present. Pickett chose the location of his Plantation and the lands he seized carefully to include one of those Towers. Another Tower was part of Fort Bellingham, which used to be Castle Bellingham. The RailRoad decades before it should have been within 500 miles sticks out of historical context, as well as the library of WWU. The core of the WWU library one of the only places said library could have come from was literally the Ogles of Tiffin Ohio. They possessed a library large enough to not only keep a portion for personal use, but to have part of it captured and turned into Heidelberg University and Tiffin University. The books given or that Joseph Smith copied from the British Ogle library formed the base of BYU. The quantity and quality of the books the Ogles possessed in Tiffin in 1830 was in value greater than the GDP of both America and England. The Tiffin Library the British Ogles possessed came from in part their library which formed the basis of both the Universities of Edinburg and NewCastle. A portion of that library has been both merged and separated from the Holy Roman Empires library twice previous to the battle of Hastings circa 1066. The Foundation of the library at WWU part of that library can be traced to the material the Knights Templar Found under the North Wall of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. The Templar knights brought the materials back to Northumberland. Which the English army came up to attack the Northern Kingdom circa 1500 to claim those materials. The Northumberland army was not about to give those books away. On the way to Jerusalem and on the way back the Crusaders loyal to the British started to box up and ship back to Northumberland the Constantinople library circa 1100 copies of which Constantine circa 330 ce took with him from NewCastle Northumberland. The Knights of the Crusades brought back both portions of the Constantinople library and the Jerusalem library. Of course the Constantinople library was made of the Holy Roman Library the Romans had gathered in their history as well as every library the Romans captured. Including the libraries of Alba Longa (e.g. the Trojan Library), the Alexandrian Library (the library was not destroyed, the materials were removed and the building burned to the ground. But the Romans took the library itself, evidence their ballistic rise in technology including the steam engine in the years after. There is an extremely good chance that Cleopatra in Rome helped to redirect some of the ships with that material from Rome to Northumberland. The library was the prize, Cleopatra was in the correct place and time with the proper power to order those ships with the Alexandrian Library or at least portions she could redirect to Northumberland. That would be more than sufficient reasons to perform the actions in Whatcom County done and to hide those behaviors like the Fascists attempt to hide the holocaust, like every other time the conqueror came to collect both the Tabernacle System and the library), and the city of Seven Hills libraries (the Cycladic cultures library aka the Titan culture, named from the head of the family Cronus. Cronus is Greek Latin Chronometer is Cycladic, the Cycles of time. Cronus to Cycladic is a simply change in languages. The Sickle Cronus holds is also extremely significant regarding the Tabernacle System. The Cycladic aka Minions, another culture erased from history.). Some of those materials found themselves in Whatcom County as the basis for WWU old Main Library. That would be more than sufficient reason for the armies of the world to gather and try to capture that prize, not only the hypothesized Tabernacle of Adam System but the Holy Roman, Constantinople, and Jerusalem libraries. Those libraries could make the holder the most powerful culture on the planet, add the weapon of the Tabernacle and the assumption was that culture would be unstoppable.

The statistical variables regarding the Trojan War are almost exactly the same variables (including erasing the existence of the city itself. Troy was obliterated from existence, renamed, relabeled, rewritten as an entirely different city. With Agamemnon taking on a new Pharaonic name changing the name of the city from Jerusalem/ Jeru Salem to something else, changing the name of the area from Israel to the Trojan Empire) as what occurred in Whatcom County circa the 100 years from 1750 – 1850 ce.

All previous evidence in the area of Whatcom County was not only obliterated but as many traces of the past were systematically hunted down and destroyed. With documented two members of the confederacy in Whatcom County in the 1850s<Pickett and James Alexander Patterson >, it is difficult to not draw the conclusion the confederacy had not only a foothold in the area but more than a few of those “undocumented” settlers were allied with the confederacy.  because people were living in the area, does not mean they left records of their presence.

Democrats versus Republicans

One of the most difficult things to understand about politics, “I have seen the enemy and have become  him” with President Roosevelt, he entered the not very good Democratic Party and reformed the party at the same time hard line fascists entered the Republican Party and were trying to reform the party.

From 1860-1930 the basic philosophy of each party have literally become polar opposite. The good guys in politics used to be Lincoln, the party whom would bring good things to the culture were Republicans while the democrats were interested in profit and an end to the federal government. Which was a radical change from the Tory and Wig parties of a generation previous to 1860; those loyal to the Crown e.g. Wigs and the social structure of the Royalists system. The Tory were the progressives whom wanted to split from the Royalist model, their philosophy was closer to that of both the Great Awakening Movement and the heart of the Libertine concepts.

1840-1860 the American public shifted away from Royalist toward the emerging American culture model, which itself was literally still forming.

Part of the formulation and reformulation of the Wig into the Republican Party are several small political parties formed in the late 1700 early 1800s. One of those parties, which was extremely strong and with large numbers was the “Anti-Masonic Party”. Which had a platform to find FreeMasonic organizations and philosophy both inside the constitution and in American Society and remove it. Being unable to remove key portions of FreeMasonic influence from the constitution the party slowly settled into  trying their best to erase FreeMasonic lodges.

Most of the same reasons what made FreeMasonic lodges popular in the East Coast to begin with. FreeMasonic Lodges were Brothers whom could work together and trust the products each brother offered in their individual business dealings were fair and honest.

In some towns and cities on the frontier, a person not a FreeMason would find it very difficult to perform business in a city. All the business leaders were FreeMasons, so unless you were one, you were not trusted. Business without trust is a failed business.

The Democratic party especially after the Civil War became literally the party of hate, the Republican Party became the Party of Lincoln. Rallying around his ideals.

From 1910-1940 with the rise of Fascism and the confusion over the concepts of Dixicrats. The political parties shifted to take on each other’s philosophy. Democrats under the guidance of Roosevelt took on the concepts of Lincoln, and the republicans took on the philosophy of the NAZI. Many republicans in power were not only sympathetic to the Fascists in Europe, were helping them in both business and war. Without the intervention of the Japanese being forced to attack America in 1941 many powerful business leaders and politicians wanted to enter the war on the side of Adolf not against him. The Japanese only had a few months of supplies, their country was about to starve due to a naval blockade of the island of Japan. The Japanese had no choice at all but to literally gather up every supply they possessed and attack America on American soil to break the blockade. Which forced America to declare war on Japan, Japan had an axis packet with Germany. The second Japan attacked America at Perl Harbor was the second America could enter the War on the side of England and fight against the Third Reich. Which cascaded into the sympathizers including both political power brokers and entertainers had to quickly figure out ways to avoid association with their friends whom were still sympathic with the Fascist ideals. But all that was written out of history because it was not acceptable for the truth to be known. Exactly the same details occurred in Whatcom County previous to the formulation of the State. As many of the activities which occurred were literally erased from history to make sure none of the victories would be embarrassed by the actions done during the Wars.

The Amber Road

The side or walking pack entrance to the Pickett Plantation was Holly and Bay streets. Assuming the row of buildings along the north side of Holly Street is where the Wall separating the inside of the Pickett Plantation was and the outside. Of course with the close to a century old buildings sitting directly on top, little if any actually physical evidence would remain, but digging under the street, their might be some 1850s evidence still in existence. Extremely doubtful, but possible. It would literally require performing an archaeological dig in the middle of Old Town Bellingham but stranger things have occurred. The foot or wagon entrance runs along the front of the wall which would be the businesses to the north side of Holly Street.


The Civil War

The Civil War was so vastly more complex than most people know. First thing which needs to be addressed, the South was strongly and over a very long time aligned with and allied with militant Islam (including Russia, a large portion of the military and civilian population were Islamic descendants of the golden horde). That allegiance started in antiquity when the yet to be called by their modern names countries of Europe formed circa 620 ce <France was still called Ga’al> (in the Americas militant Islam established footholds in the New World no later than the 1490s, specifically in the Caribbean, but after some time starting in the south moving steadily north and west till they had created large communities in isolated pockets from coast to coast. Most of which when the English and French found them, those communities were obliterated/erased from existence.). Esau’s cultures have invaded and held footholds in Europe on more than one occasion. There is no reason to assume any behavior pattern changed from 630- to present in Europe of militant Islam pushing hard into Europe creating settlements and seizing control over cities, did not spread over into the American continent. With fewer laws, no regulation, no boundaries or boarders, militant Islam would have had an easier time creating settlements and cities in the new world than in Africa or Europe. In fact the entire exploration of the new world by Columbus was more than likely a diplomatic agreement between militant Islam and the Vatican. Militant Islam needed lands for plantations. They needed to dispose of their Jewish slaves outside of Africa. The Europeans were becoming uncomfortable with the entire concept of slavery. The pockets of Islam control in Europe where they did have slaves the communities around were already starting to rebel against the idea. If militant Islam pockets in Europe had tried to perform the same slavery actions e.g. plantation system they did in America, slavery would have ended in the 1500s rather than in the 1800s. Although in Islamic cultures slavery is still very much an active business in the present. Militant Islam began creating their pockets of control in the Caribbean. Mostly because north of around the middle of Florida the British Empire (formerly the Trojans and Carthaginians <likely descendants of the 18th dynasty>), whom never lost their seamanship abilities still possessed a stranglehold of power on what would become North America. From around the middle of the desert southwest north to the Arctic Circle. The Seminal and Aztecs claimed from central Florida south and from around the southern portion of New Mexico south. Sure the Aztec culture was as bad as the Esau cultures. But stopping those actions would mean genocide, and that is something the pre-Exodus Jews were strongly against.

Post Exodus Jews were entirely rebuilt/shaped by the Esau/Hyksos Moses into his image of what Judaism should be. Killing all whom questioned his authority, obliterating all evidence which could point to his perception being wrong.

It is an unknown how close they were to F and DuPont streets, but interact they did. The top of the Hill   was the location of the Tower/Tabernacle (Amber Room) but F and DuPont were at the time the major trail/road through the area. DuPont was renamed at some point from hiway 99 (Aurora aka the Amber or Gold Road <taken at the future corner of Bay and Holly Bellingham, then both Roads were Aurora aka hiway 99 aka the Amber Road>, ) <DuPont used to be Aurora aka the Amber Road. Which was part of the foot or wagon entrance to the Pickett Plantation. The Pickett Building is literally on the left corner in the picture and from the opposite direction on DuPont aka the Gold Road facing North West. The Picket House is to the left a few hundred yards on Bancroft  >. Even though a large amount of the Troops in the area would have been gathered to defend DuPont road specifically, F is the road needed to use in order to travel up to the Tower and then down to the shore. The Shore in those days was only a few hundred feet away. Some evidence regarding the hypothesis that the Picket Tower was a Light house and assumed by the enemies to be a working Lighthouse of Alexandria Egypt design would be the Light House Mission literally only a few hundred feet away down the hill from the location of the Pickett House. The Lighthouse Mission does sit on the end of what used to be a tital flat. The same type of tidal flat which was not filled in a few miles north at the Peace Arch. Currently from  after the Light House Mission (910 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225)

west is all reclaimed fill in lands , which used to be a tidal flat <1858 http://www.skagitriverjournal.com/westcounty/nw/jarman/jarman01-bio2.html > . Low tide land, high tide several feet of water.

It is an unknown were the Russian encampment was but at some point the Russians and the forces led by Pickett did at least exchange cultural pleasantries.

Since Pickett was literally a Plantation born and bred man, there was beyond no doubt he was already aligned with and a staunch supporter of the Confederacy. Although the Confederacy did not officially start till circa 1860, the organization of the military and governmental infrastructure had formed in the late 1790s. The Southern frustration regarding Northern aggression, telling the South they could not be strongly allied with militant Islam started well before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. They needed to cut the nastier ties and curb the less crimes against humanity actions, the money they were receiving from militant Islamic cultures were not worth the risk to the new nation. The South violently disagreed, to the point of starting to separate itself away from the intrusive federal government getting in the way of their profits. Crimes against humanity were not something the south cared anything about, as long as the profits remained high, the south did not care what their business partners did. Up to and including allowing descendants of their militant Islamic business partners to obtain their own huge plantations on American soil. Usually the practice had been to establish a plantation work it will the culture around started to object to the presence of Islam, sell the plantation to a Dutch or English family take the profits and create a new Plantation farther West. A few hundred miles west quickly runs into the Mississippi. The only realistic place for the Islamic cultures connected to American plantations was to not start around the southern or middle Mississippi, but to travel up to its headwaters. Around the north west side of the great lakes area . Were from the middle to late 1600s in small pockets the militant Islamic families had started to set up plantations and pull slaves into those areas. In 1850 when it became clear the Civil War was inevitable most of those whom could transfer their plantation north to the Mississippi headwaters not only did so, but did so as quickly as they could. Those plantations for the most part were successful for the next couple decades. Abraham Lincoln was sold into indentured servitude by his father as a teenager servicing those very plantations. He saw slavery first hand and was in part a slave himself. Although his slavery time was only for a set amount of time, and his master could not kill him or beat him to death. All the other rights of a human were not in existence. After the Civil War, the American Government knowing about the Plantation systems bordering Canada but chose to ignore. For a bit. Focusing more on reconstruction and reestablishing control over the south. Tracking down and punishing ex-confederates. But sending warnings to the plantation owners, that they had x amount of time before the Calvary was sent in to clean them out. If any trace or people were left they would be subject to the harshest of punishments. The Muslims would be flat out killed on site. Many after making several generations of extreme profit in America simply returned to Islamic controlled lands. Some of the Europeans also returned to Africa and Europe with huge profits. The wars in Europe had devastated the populations. What was impossible from 1200-1850 became possible from 1860 forward. The waves of militant Islamic, libertine French, Germans, Austrians, English, Dutch, etc. whom had worked side by side with militant Islamic cultures for generations came back to Europe both rich and extremely to the maximum degree anti-Semitic. Half a millennia of torturing Jews to death and profiting off of those same deaths was not enough for Esau’s line. Killing 10’s of millions of Jews and Africans generating hundreds of tons of gold was not enough. All that genocide including the trail of tears simply wetter their appetite to go and find more Jews to kill. The only thing which would satisfy the need to sacrifice to their illusions would be if every single Jew on the planet no longer existed. If they did not exist nothing short would satisfy the blood lust.

Indentured Servants

There were using basic math about 10-20 million to Jews in America from 1550-1820. Where did they go. My book* explains how the Jews arrived and then suddenly from 1780-1830 poof they were not in existence

The Jews simply escaped their captivity under their English, Dutch, and Spanish masters to enter their own communities farther west. The enemies of the Jews simply followed to either put them back into a state of slavery of kill them from non-compliance.

IN Whatcom County Indentured servants were still level up to the 1880s. Not much good about a nicer form of slavery.

But still the Jews, Natives, etc. whom were “Runaways”; why waste time constantly going out to take them back home. Kill them.

When the body counts were too high, round them up and take the Jews, Natives, and Africans (more than a small percentage were Jews) someplace well outside the reach of any reports and kill them. Pickett was a plantation boy through and through. He had no love of Africans, Jews, or natives. His ancestors went to war with the Dutch, Spanish, natives, etc. to be one of the first founding families of Virginia. His family had centuries long business dealings with Militant Islamic cultures in Africa. He was simply holding up the family tradition, part of those dealings was to identify the Jews in the pockets of Africans purchased and dispose of them. The Jews whom had evacuated out of Egypt and landed in Niger, needed to be separated out from everyone else and the third Reich Jewish solution enacted. The Third Reich bragged they simply copied what the Americans did in the west to their natives, Jews, and undesirables. The documentation regarding a death camp 100s of miles away from the nearest reporter, the third Reich bragged about it.

“Why is it illegal for us when the Americans disposed of far greater numbers over more than two centuries. We killed the same people. With the Americans it was legal, with us a capital crime” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extermination_camp)

What if Goring and the boys were not kidding. What if they were talking about a full scale Auschwitz in America to dispose of America’s undesirables. What if instead of thinking they meant cowboys killing Indians. What if the Nazi were referencing to information they had about an American Auschwitz. Of course more than a small percentage of the Natives were more than half to full Jews, Jews had evacuated from slavery and indentured servanthood since the 1500s in America. The Cowboys and Calvary killing Natives, more than a few were literally Jews. Since the Calvary and Cowboys killed millions of Natives, Americans from 1750-1970 were guilty of geocoding Jews too. Being a Native sometimes was all that was needed in order to qualify to be sent to a mental institution. Where more than a small percentage of the natives were literally sterilized either against their will or worse entirely secret. We need to do an examination or some sort and either tie the tubes of full hysterectomy. Genociding the next generation before they could be born (reference the CSM 101 character from the Movie Terminator. Sent back in time to kill the mother of the commanding general of the resistance before he was born. America did kill millions of Jews on American soil by killing Natives.)

Part of the Custer Strategies

Custer was tasked with finding and removing hostile natives, but also he was tasked with finding pockets of Islamic cultures and former plantation owners and kill them. He took his orders a bit too strangely and instead of  killing the Islamic descendants and slave plantations, he chose to kill everyone. Assuming that the natives would or could simply absorb the similarly colored and appearing Arabic. Or the Arabs would blend into the native populations; to kill them all and let god settle whom was good and whom was evil.

Custer could not understand the natives disliked the Muslims as much as Custer did. The natives had on many occasions rejected the militant Islamic persons and cultures from merging into their ranks. No amount of money or bennifit would allow those strange human sacrifice people from one merging in and two performing their beastly religious practices. Custer perceived the situation differently and killed them all. Or at least worked very hard to kill them all.

These are the cultures that evacuated out of the American Civil War brought with them to Europe circa 1860. Consequently wave after wave of anti-Semitic laws were drawn up and passed in Europe and America, but very strongly in Europe. Waves of anti-Semitic laws which had not been acceptable or enforced for centuries were suddenly back in fashion and violently encouraged. The culture would punish a “Jew Lover” equal or more than the Jews themselves. The Europeans whom had finally accepted the militant Islamic version of Protestantism set up a cascade effect which led directly to the anti-Semitic laws which Adolf suffered under and was humiliated to the point of psychotic trauma. In no small effect the waves of Europeans whom had done business with Esau’s Islamic cultures in the slave trade created the environment which fostered the hatred of Jews in those responsible for creating the Third Reich.

Back in America before the Civil war, the plantations hide their religion belief in Islam by having provide chapels/mosques on their lands. Hidden next to their Mansions. Have their own priests/imams, and conduct their own religious ceremonies miles if not more away from the closest people whom might object. Those same chapels or realistically mosques were converted over when the plantation was either sold to a European protestant or were obliterated by fire. Sherman and his predecessors did a good job at finding plantations which still possessed Islamic influences and destroyed all traces they could find. The same argument which started roughly when militant Islam invaded Europe circa 620 ce was still playing out circa 1800 up to and including the American Civil War. Shift continents from Africa and Europe to America, but the same cultures or similar cultures were still arguing over the same exact points. Islam forcing its philosophy and military power onto European cultures. Including the whole Accept the soul of Mohammed aka Jesus Christ into your heart so he might become resurrected.

Captain George E, Pickett

Captain Pickett after graduating close to the bottom of his West Point Class was a southern Plantation boy through and through. George was born in Virginia to an old and very prominent English family. He was the first of eight children. The Pickett’s were one of the founding English families of Virginia. Named to honor Queen Elizabeth the Virgin Queen; hence the nickname Virgin’ia. Pickett’s ancestors had literally conquered the British off their lands in Virginia in the 1600s, like Pickett worked to conquer the British off their lands in Whatcom County. Pickett’s family had been part of the plantation system in Virginia since the first English plantation in that area. His family had taken many trips to Africa to secure a sufficient number of slaves to work their property over the course of generations. As well as to find and dispose of the Jews hidden inside the native African populations. At the age of 17 Pickett was accepted to the military academy at West Point. He was assigned to the Pacific North West to see what he could make of himself. This based on his heritage and the facts surrounding his family’s history of destroying and obliterating any and all traces of the British, might not have been an accident. Pickett might have chosen Whatcom County in order to literally take the fight to the British one more time for his family honor. Upon arriving in Seattle he picked up 68 regular troops and 1500-5000 non-scripted (mercenary) soldiers. The 68 were the officers in charge of the non-scripted soldiers.

He was assigned to secure the military holdings in the area of Whatcom County, to seize the Tower (to be called Pickett Tower but was part of the infrastructure complex of the EIC’s headquarters), which was torn down and replaced by Pickett’s 10 lbs. starter castle . The house which still stands on Bancroft street Bellingham is step two of the five steps to build an actual 10 lbs. Castle. The House was intended to be remodeled into a full manor/plantation house attached to the existing tower farther up the hill by a few feet, but Pickett in six years never got around to it. He left in the middle of the night to avoid being arrested for treason) north of Castle Ogle (to be called Western Washington University), seize control over the megalithic infrastructure of the lettered streets , and expand the military presence south and north of the former headquarters of the East India company station aka the yet to be called Pickett Tower. He purchased some lands but mostly seized the lands of almost every acre from  north of Castle Ogle North to the Patterson Plantation (aka the future Lynden Washington). Including the City of Jam (the future Ferndale Washington). Pickett used his military might and his diplomatic skills to secure a Lummi Indian bride and obtain both slaves and indentured servants to run his 1000s of acres Plantation. To clear and sell off the trees, to plant crops to sell, and secure a larger plantation from which to assert as much military control over the area as humanly possible. That Plantation located from Holly Street North to the Patterson Plantation and very likely including the Patterson Plantation was intended to be a Confederate Foothold in the Pacific North West. A place were those loyal to the Confederacy could either go as a rest and relaxation from the War occurring in the Homeland, and reform a new government without the influence of Jefferson Davis. Evidence of said is the strongly and long lasting influence of the KKK in Whatcom County. Whatcom county from 1860-1970 had a very strong KKK presence. So strong in fact that the KKK members simply rolled their interests after the First World War (1914-1919) into being anti-communist as well as anti-Semitic, anti-African, anti-anyone whom questioned their authority. After World War 1 up to and including the communist’s scares from a Russian invasion which McCarthyism strongly advocated was possible. Whatcom County is literally the last continuous county before Russia, not counting Alaska (https://depts.washington.edu/civilr/kkk_bellingham.htm). The KKK was still strong and influential through the 1960s, especially and specifically centered in Lynden Washington. Lynden the location of the Patterson Plantation. Most of the confederates in the Pacific North West hated Jefferson Davis as much as the north hated him. His bad management style was literally tearing the South apart for his own egotistical and arrogant will and pleasure. Which casts an interesting perspective as to if the South gained access to a working Tabernacle of Adam System. Could Jefferson Davis have used said Tabernacle system similar to  how the Third Reich in Raiders of the Lost Ark used the Ark of the Covenant; when Davis used the Tabernacle he electro-magnetically lobotomized himself. EST electro-magnetically lobotomized the patients it was used on. For different durations and for some people the lobotomy was permanent. The behavior patterns of Adolf and Goring are similar, if they gained access to ether a different Tabernacle of Adam System or the same one was purchased by Germany and shipped to Europe after the Civil War. More than a few confederates evacuated out of America and to both the Pacific North West and Germany after the south lost. Some of them could have brought some of the books about the Tabernacle of Adam with them, as well as some captured pieces of the Tabernacles themselves. Shipping it all to Germany. Interesting if part of the Third Reich War effort was part of the American Civil War. Tabernacles taken from Bellingham aka the Picket Tower and the Orlando aka Jernigan aka Jerusalem Tabernacles both taken to Germany after the 1870s. But where would that Tabernacle System have been; the only realistic solution was the Jewish City of Jernigan which is Latinized Jerusalem. The original paperwork was dated to 1842, so Downtown Orlando could have possessed a Tabernacle of Adam system. Since the Jews had built a city their circa no later than the 1600s. He had a vision of what the confederacy had to be and despite the facts that the base of the confederacy was about freedom and independence Davis was a tyrant regarding the south had to operate according to his rules of acceptable order. He would not tolerate any dissension in his ranks. So Pickett, Patterson, and others chose to reform the confederacy elsewhere and  wait till Jefferson Davis’s incompetence collapsed his own system from within. Pickett himself worked to secure even the San Juan Islands so they could not be used by any of the dozen militaries in the area as a staging foothold to take/retake the Tower or threaten the very quiet confederacy operating in Washington and Idaho . Part of the confederacy was to seek out Jews within both the Native populations and African Slaves, to find the hidden Jews and kill them. Part of the trail of Tears was about this idea, find the Jews and kill them. In the late 1700s and early to middle 1800s geocoding Jews was a common pastime for most of the major cultures whom had a large military presence on the American Continent. Leaving the natives and some blacks in Oklahoma, but force marching the located within their ranks Jews over to the Rio Grande then up the Front Range, cross over in Montana to California, then march to the Pacific North West from California. To both kill them on the way and those that remained kill by working them to death 1000 miles away from the closest newspapers or other groups whom would say mass executing Jews would be a crime against humanity. 1000 miles away from Islamic foothold the closest news source means the execution of the first waves of the trail of tears circa 1810 was done almost entirely without the benefits of documentation.

Islam’s presence in European cultures did not start with the spread of Islam with the spread of Islamic armies into both the Aegean and Iberian Peninsula circa 630 ce. But had started several millennia before with Esau. Islam is literally  a renamed recreation of the Rites, Philosophy, Ceremonies, Rituals, and behavior patterns which Esau created after his brother was appointed King of Kings. When Jacob was crowned, according to the book of Genesis in the Bible, Esau was so angry that to make up for the soul level insult. Esau’s family allowed him to attack and conquer one of the secondary Tabernacle of Adam sites which did contain power but to a lesser degree than the Tabernacles in Egypt (formerly known as Israel ). Esau and his family conquered the city of Mecca and allowed Esau to become King of that city. But Esau simply used that Kingdome to launch attacked against the descendants of his brother from 2500 b.c.e to present. Esau from 2500-2100 b.c.e indoctrinated his people teaching his children to further his philosophy that the only good Jew was captured enslaved and forced to work themselves to death for the profit and pleasure of whatever Esau descendant was their slave master. Esau would not be satisfied till every single person on the planet was literally a slave to the greatness of Esau.

When the reformed and renamed Esau’s way aka Islam become formalized circa 630 b.c.e, they immediately started to send armies into Europe. Pushing very hard into Europe but instead of slash and destroy as they went. They set up pockets of settlers in Islamic footholds behind the front lines of the invasion force. The Islamic intent was to slowly convert European cultures to Islam and put to slavery any one or culture whom would not convert to the ways of Esau. Mohammed thought he was the reincarnation of Esau. Esau in some documentation and legends assumed himself to literally be the reincarnation of Adam. So in truth Esau/Mohammed thought of himself as the Steward of the entire world. The entire world needed to bend to his steward rules of acceptable order. God gave Adam dominion over all the plants and animals in the garden so that Stewardship literally for Esau/Mohammed means he had divine permission to force everything into slavery for his profit and pleasure.

Those footholds in Europe directly led to more than a few governments being closer aligned with the ideas and philosophy of Esau than Jacob. Those closer to Esau became the governments which leaned towards tyrannical and vicious philosophies. Those aligned with Jacob were more peaceful and benevolent. The cultures on the western side of Europe tended to lean Jacob while central and eastern leaned Esau (the façade charges and trial against Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed aka the Blood Countess is an example of how far to the philosophy of Esau cultures of Eastern Europe aligned themselves. Strong women have always been close to the top of the list for Esau line descendants to seek out and torture to death. There is an extremely good chance that since her castle was surrounded by Militant Islamic armies, that the woman in her charge and locked in her dungeon were victims of the violent men around her. Men whom could no longer access their victims. She made her dungeon into a megshift hospital to care for the girls whom have been abused and tortured to death both by her fellow countrymen armies and militant Islamic armies. If the blood countess did call for all the girls in her charge to come to her castles, then the next invasion of one of those towns/cities they would only find married woman not young girls to spoil. That in itself leaving a brutal army with no girls to deflower in a city would be enough to stir a wide range of rage from most militant armies. The evidence of her guilt could  as easily have been her hospital to care for those same girls. Since all the witness’s and said later recanted and begged for forgiveness regarding being forced to lie or face torture and execution themselves by the same people whom accused her. The blood countess was also accused of being a devotee of Hecate, the three headed goddess of the Aegean. Hecate could be an amalgamation of three separate strong female leaders from previous to the Hyksos. Lilith with her birds, Eve with her snakes, and Naamah <the wife of Noah sister to Tubal Caine; the first recognized FreeMason. But since Noah’s Ark was literally a Tabernacle of Adam, its size was vertical not a horizontal ship. Tubal Caine would have made Noah, and the oldest men in the group Freemasons. Tubal Caine himself would be PM, Noah WM, and a line of succession to the Throne of Adam “The Square East” from Noah’s oldest to youngest sons. Noah remaining in the Throne from being raised a Mason to his death, upon which his sons would have then worked to become the next Holder of the Throne.> herself being a talented healer and trained in the Hotep arts{at least according to some legends. She would most likely be the origin within the Mythology of the Bible of the field of Medicine. Each of the Crew onboard the Ark was uniquely skilled in different disciplines. Those different disciplines one would have to be Hotep/Medicine. Noah listening to the divine and being an expert in the Sciences of the Futhark, which has been labeled Erdology**. His wife Medicine, Japheth master of time and geography, Ham the past, Shem master of overall academics and diplomacy, Tubal Caine elder master of Erdology the science which allows the Tabernacle of Adam/Noah to float, etc. each of the crew needed to perform some type of absolutely needed for the continuation of the civilization tasks. But there is also the other issue, what if this is  another example of how Esau’s line to the core of their collective soul hate anything and everything to do with the technology of the Tabernacle of Adam. They either have to control it [using it for their own divine purpose or destroy it to make sure the tool does not end up in the hands of someone whom will use it for evil. Although if evil controls the tool e.g. Esau’s line than whom exactly are they protecting from using it for evil. Unless they are afraid the tool will be used against them as a tyrannical weapon, as they plan to use it against their enemies. To rule over the earth in the image |dissociative identity disorder, | of the divine.] or destroy it. This very complex issue requires two pieces of information to be added to the description. That is equal and opposite which brings up the idea of mathematics, the variables plus and minus the number line. A number line and the Eight Crew onboard Noah’s ark. Noah’s grandfather was Methuselah whom possessed the blade of Adam. That Blade Adam used [makes no difference if fictional or not, or whether the blade of methuselah was a copy of a copy, the real thing, or some type of fictional device.] by Adam to measure out the names and lifespan of the things he was placed as a steward of. That blade had writing on it which was given as a description. The description of the hidden work of the power of the divine over life and death etc. was literally three letters and two repeat. That word and the basic description of the events surrounding the technology Noah used to build his ark. Combined with the facts of the Name of the Capital of Israel is Jerusalem [Jera is the first word means Time in Futhark. Salem is Hebrew which means defined area which has been sanctified by the divine.], add the fact that Hebrew is the direct descended language of the Futhark. Moses used the framework of the Futhark as a scaffolding to build the letters of Hebrew out of. The Futhark itself is made of three sets of Ǽtt’s; which is the definition of three letters where one repeats. The Ǽtt consists of three characters. Fehu, Uruz, Thurasaz, Ansuz, Kannaz, Gebo, Wunjo . Add the facts surrounding the Ǽtt is a sphere with four lines coming off it. Back and forward, Left and Right, down and up, center to the destination. Which also makes a metaphoric symbol connection to the four trees of creation. “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” Tree one Knowledge, Two Good, Three Evil, construction (were Adam would perform his steward duties in the Tabernacle built around the Tree of construction <like a tree house, but built between all four trees, similar to a Canopy in Jewish ceremonies each pillar is a tree of creation, the cloth roof is metaphorically the Tabernacle of Adam. However there was more than one Tabernacle on Earth, they formed the shape of the ATEN >) Indo-European language translated into Sumerian the knowledge, good, and evil as well as other translations which use slightly different words but describe the same basic ideas the sentence structure means four trees not one. The fruit is a strong reference not to the fruit itself but the Electro-Magnetics of Citric Acid which can be and has been used to power a battery which generates electricity. Electricity and the function of a Djed linked with both the Flask [citric acid Noah is always depicted with, that was not a drinking flask but a battery to generate the electricity needed to power the Tabernacle of Adam. Evidence is the Bagdad battery, the galvanized nails of Roman Ships, etc.] e.g. Battery and the Amber on the upper floor. All that electricity needed to be channeled somewhere or it would electrocute anyone involved e.g. EST. The natural byproduct of electricity is literally the push push something charged will have with something else with holds an electrical charge

Ohm's law (the general principle regarding how to use a battery and an amber room to close an electrical circuit which will allow the basics of magnetic levitation to work). The Fruit is literally a physical reference washed through a dozen Esau line cultures whom were both ignorant of the truth and afraid of the true meaning. Editing to make yourself and culture feel better has been part of the entire process of Theology since day one. Some people require their perspective to have strong filters to erase things they are afraid of, religion is where they go to feel comfort not a place they go to have their perspective challenged.}. Whom was a transported to the Ǽgean from Egypt when the Hyksos brought their Jewish slave army to conquer the Ǽgean circa 1800 b.c.e. If the Blood Countess had literally been educated in the ways of medicine of ancient Egypt that would have only further enraged both her fellow countrymen and the militant Islamic armies. But she possessed both access to ancient Egyptian libraries as well as a need to care for the sick and injured in the bloody Wars occurring all around her Castles. Her main accusers were her fellow countrymen were royalty whom had borrowed vast amounts from her to pay for wars they had lost. So instead of being able to pay their loans back, they simply accused her of witchcraft and serial killing of young girls in her charge. Killing her to make sure they never had to repay their loans. In addition anyone accused of and convicted of said types of crimes would have their estates and bank accounts seized. Those seized assets would be divided between the Church and the accusers. Nice way to generate income for yourself, accuse someone of witchcraft and after their execution take a portion of their money and lands. Hecuba directly connects what the Blood Countess might have known how to do with Cassandra, Meritaten, Nefertiti, Hecuba, Medusa, Lilith, Eve, etc. As well as her cousin Prince Vlad III of Wallachia aka Dracula. Both fought first hand against militant Islamic armies and were both betrayed by their own culture, to win favor with the enemy Muslims.). Where harder and more violent actions became not only acceptable but the way the society started to evolve from hunter gatherer to some form of civilization. Although it is very difficult to have civilization when the leaders are constantly killing outright or torturing to death any and all whom question their authority.

When the confederacy formed in America Washington state and Idaho aligned with the confederacy while Oregon aligned itself with the Union. Which the largest problem is, that was polar opposite of the diplomatic agreements which had been put into place over the previous several decades. From 1806 (ironically the same year the Holy Roman Empire collapsed in Germany, opening up a library which had been assembled, scattered, and reassembled countless times since the first libraries. One of those libraries was in Heirakonopolis circa 3800 b.c.e, which depicted a mural map of the world including the entire American continent.) the Oregon Territory was recognized. That territory was from northern California to Canada. Although it would take decades more to finalize the actual boarders. For decades the northern border of Oregon was miles north of the current location      (part of the dispute of 1818- 1846 was whom would align with the Union and whom would align with the Confederacy. Since there were a very likely two Tabernacles of Adam aka Alexandrian Lighthouse’s in the Disputed area, the confederacy wanted that area very badly.). There is literally a very heavily edited Tabernacle of Adam sitting directly on the Border between America and Canada, that Tabernacle which used to have hiway 99 or the Aurora Hiway aka The Amber/Gold Road running up the middle was rebuilt to reflect an Arch instead of the previous architecture which was literally the Tabernacle of Adam (more than one copy on earth was made) which the Kaaba is literally one entirely reconstructed numerous times which sits in the middle of Mecca. The City Esau conquered and ruled with an iron fist for most of the history of civilization from 2500 b.c.e to present. Only losing control over the city a few times in the 4500 years since. The Amber Road (included as a reference in Frank Baum’s Yellow Brick Road; started as the Rose line or Blood/Amber Road/Line which connects the North South Tabernacles together. This is no different from Ogle Castle, Pickett Tower, Ferndale, and Blaine [Peace Arch] Tabernacles of Adam. The Great Awakening followers of Protestantism demanded to either control those tabernacles or destroy them. The Citizens north of the former East India Company station Vancouver  north of Portland, was seized by force by the EIC’s won subsidiary after the Hudson’s Bay Company literally switched allegiance from Britain to Dutch/English. The Trade Station became a major hub of power for the new HBC to seize control from the Columbia River north to Canada. The English and Dutch both being strongly allied with and profiting with the militant Islamic cultures of Iberia/Spain and Africa worked with the South to create a backup confederacy in the Pacific North West. The money was simply too good, being able to ship Jews off to concentration camps in those areas to work Jews to death was an extreme bonus. Especially since the closest reporters or historians were 300 miles away. The votes were called and Washington State and Idaho split off to form a new confederacy. Outside the reach of the bad organizational structure Jefferson Davis had put into place. But this broke all diplomatic agreements, Slavery to the south, non-slavery to the north had been the diplomatic dividing line since the 1770s. But in the Pacific North West the natives (not all the native cultures in the Pacific North West and British Columbia were Natives some were  called that to hide the facts that militant Islamic cultures and Spanish had obtained footholds in the area. As well as to hide and insult the remaining British. Some of the Natives were also called that as an insult reference to the Indus River in India. As a reflection of this the East India Company was formed to provide a solid link to the past and the insulting label the Catholic Church placed upon the British in America. The British in America were labeled as Indians, to create a separation between the English and the British and to further insult the British based from the Spanish Catholic Priests who were still culturally allied with militant Islam. Militant Islam had only been defeated in Spain a few years before Columbus sailed the Ocean blue in 1492. The Red Man is partially an insulting description of the British and their Amber connections. Those connections are reflected in the full name of the British Ogle family Yr Hen Ogle dd which translates from Gaelic into English as North Umber/Amber Land. The umber/amber in the name of the Ogles and the Indian Red Man were a triple insult. During the 1200-1500s the Catholic church turned so far away from the teachings of Jesus/Simon Peter and towards the teachings of Paul the Vatican was in many ways more of a Mosque than the Tabernacle of Adam. The Church did not allow anyone to defy their authority, killing in a variety of ways anyone whom presented even the thought they were not 100% behind the Church of Rome.  The insult was to label them “Great River Devotees” but to avoid using the Nile to strip them of the Nile reference apply the concept of Gypsies e.g. India but the Insult originated as “Dirty Jew, whom live on the West/Dirty/Nasty/Disgusting/Death/Necrotic/Unclean/etc. side of the Nile between Dakkara and Giza. But to remove the dignity of the Nile and replace with the added insult of the Indus River with their habit for cremating their dead on its banks, with the added insult regarding Gypsies. Difficult to have a more layered insult and degrading material applied to a culture, but in 1492 under immediate order of execution by the Priests and Guards on board Columbus was forced to literally do every single thing the priests wanted or be killed where he stood. The Priests on board were both hard line Paul devotees directly from the Vatican or were even worse <if that is possible> Spanish Inquisition Priests from Spain who grew up and were trained in a culture 99.99% influenced by the most radical of militant Islamic cultures. The Iberian Peninsula had been invaded and occupied by radical Islamic cultures for the previous 800 years 630-1490 ce. The more dominant and radical a culture the more Stockholm Syndrome will influence the cultures they violently interact with. Consequently the Natives of America were called the most insulting label the Priests of 1492 could come up with their superiors knowing full well that the Jews had been evacuating to the American continent for the previous several hundred years. So labeling them all Jews but hidden and secret label for Jew is perfect. The funny thing is, in America the entertainment regarding Cowboys versus Indians were the Indians always lose is  another form of Palestinian versus Jew. Where the Indians/Jews are again genocide for the fun and pleasure of the Palestinians. The hard line reference is because literally Martin Luther was trying to repackage Islam into Protestantism so that Europeans could accept Islam as long as it was packaged in such a way to not be obvious of what it truly was. John Calvin and Martin Luther literally created Islam Light, on Martin Luther’s side at least it was documented in his own hand as intended. He hated the entire concept of Catholicism, loved every aspect of Islam and worked his entire life to repackage Islam into a form Europeans could accept. The Cowboys were almost entirely Protestants.) had their own both openly slave and indentured servant forms of governmental control for the previous centuries. To destroy that infrastructure would require a great deal of military force.

In addition to Washington/Idaho aligning with the Confederacy you have the added problem of the previous cultures which owned the Pacific North West were still strongly present and with their own armies.

British Control

The British dating back to the city of Troy (Jerusalem) never lost their knowledge base (libraries) or the ability to sail the Ocean. They possessed both the shipwright skills as well as the navigation abilities to sail anywhere they chose.

Evidence is the Vikings whom were literally the naval arm of the Northumberland family military. Northumberland is simply Latin for the GǼlic Yr Hen Ogle dd.

The trade route across North America has been established and reestablished several times over the course of the millennia between 1350 b.c.e and 1750 ce.

Part of the reason the Nordic Cultures were constantly being attacked was not only their Jewish roots but because they were literally generating income based on their trade routes by possessing knowledge, skills, abilities, etc. no one else in Europe possessed. Not to mention the facts surrounding their extensive knowledge and understanding of electro-magnetics. Remember the British possessed a library which at times has been directly connected to the Roman Library. That same library was used by Lord Byron. Lord Byron took his friends the Shelley family into and they had over the course of a weekend a short story writing contest. Spent time in the library, then over a couple days worked to turn what they learned in the library into short stories. The best one by far was written by the wife of Mr. Shelly, her name was Mary and in the library she became fascinated with the material about electro-magnetics. Specifically about reanimation of dead tissues; which at the time were extremely common experiments occurring all over Europe. Regarding electricity and taking the severed limbs of various creatures, attaching electrodes to the nerves in those limbs and sending electricity down the electrode into the nerve. Which would by default make the muscle in the limb move. Which nerve determined which muscle was activated. But at the time in the 1600-1700s nerves were a thought but not proven to exist in Medicine. The experiments with electrodes on severed limbs provide nerves not only exist but how they work. Marry Shelley became attracted to said research partially because her young daughter had drown in the river. the grief was overwhelming and was written into her short story. That short story of course was about an eastern European Medical Doctor experimenting with electricity and the concepts of reanimation of dead tissue. The Doctor Shelley used the name Frankenstein, and the reanimated creature was called “the Monster” history has labeled the monster as Frankenstein. The monster was given no name only an ambiguous distinction, the name was the Doctor and the family. The place the experiments were conducted was Castle Frankenstein, in the Tower. The Tower specifically the top of the tower supposedly through the efforts of a lightning storm. However Marry might have edited out the Amber Room or the Amber Room was not included in the codex’s she had access to, so she added lightening. Replacing lightening with the Amber Room is  poetic license. The hard truth revolves around most of the details of the story of Frankenstein are about the electricity, the nerves, the dead, the tower, and reanimation/resurrection.

Thus proving some of the material held in the Holy Roman Empire’s library were reference books about electro-magnetics, electricity, and resurrection. Since literally the Germans and British had been long standing allies for more than  millennia, it is only logical to assume the British library’s which were large and extensive (one of those libraries was at Edinburg University, another at New Castle) shared books and materials back and forth with the German aka Holy Roman Empire’s library and educational institutions. The Germans and British had been long standing allies since no later than the Battle of Hastings, De Ogle traveled from possibly Normandy to Germany to conscript the new Germany Long Bow archers to enter the fight to take back their Island of Britain. The Pictish with their axis had conquered the islands and forced the British for the most part off the Islands . The British responded by hiring Scandinavian soldiers to whittle away at the Pictish and axis cultures defenses. Their holy sites, the imam’s, etc. The Scandinavian army under the direct command and control from the British Ogle’s starting around 680 ce whittled away, till the Pictish defenses were too week to fend off a full scale invasion. Although calling it an invasion is wrong, since the British and the Ogles had owned the islands from 1500 b.c.e - 560 ce 2000 years of possession. But the technical definition is invasion. Which the Pictish and their allies the English whom stayed behind after Hastings slowly whittled away themselves at the British culture again, which politically took from 1066-1600s to work. But the English eventually forced the British out of their own island chain again. From 1600 to present the British have not returned to the British isles. The English Crown has been in charge from 1600 to present. In the 1500-1600s the English went to war with the British and slowly defeated them. The British working from a cultural repeat pattern, when an enemy is bound and determined to destroy you, pick up your stuff and evacuate somewhere else. In the 1500s the British moved across the ocean to America. About 100 years later the English finally learned enough about ship building and navigation to follow. Same pattern repeated, the English and axis the Dutch, Libertine French, Spanish, etc. follow in force and take what the British had built in the generations previous to the invasion. On occasion the British will stand and fight but mostly run away. Which creates a very bad conditioned response on both sides. The takers all they have to do is show up with a large enough army and they can simply take what the British  and the Jews built. Invest a little into an army and take what other cultures build. They spent the time and money to build it, it requires a fraction of the amount to simply take it.

The British built and left Boston, Manhattan, Delaware, Ohio, Little Egypt, Colorado, San Francisco, Vancouver Washington state, Seattle, and finally their last stand in Whatcom County circa 1850. THE British culture for the most part was too scattered and battle traumatized by being chased down/hunted and killed for sport for 3000 years to remain a cohesive culture. The remaining were absorbed into both  Whatcom County and British Columbia. But under the strict adherence to loyalty to the English Crown. Almost all aspects of British culture were both stripped and erased. Including the facts that the British ran the world from Ogle and New Castle from 1300 b.c.e -630 ce. The British culture destroyed the Roman Army. Which is of extreme importance since the English deleted as much of those facts from the history books as humanly possible. By both destroying GǼlic and killing anyone whom might know a different story than the official political spun version. Same behavior patterns as Moses, destroying Gaelic and native American languages. Moses destroyed Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, etc.  The library the British possessed contained information no later than 1750 regarding electro-magnetic research. It only took tesla a few decades to reinvent Wi-Fi. It only took other researchers a few decades after world war I to again reinvent Wi-Fi. The reinvention was ignored outright by the powers that be in both Europe and America but, reinvented it was. It was again reinvented in the 1980s, but took decades for the people in charge whom did not want said type of technology to exist to die and they were replaced by people whom did want said types of technology.

The British with their extensive library were close to the only culture west of the colonies to both possess a huge library and have at least three places were portions of the original library were kept. Those portions of course were in Tiffin, St Louis, and Vancouver Washington. Very likely a portion was in Castle Ogle to be renamed Fort Bellingham South circa 1850 and then eventually Old Main WWU. Most of the other cultures whom performed explorations were not interested in libraries. They were interested in literally conquest and control. An educated public are not controllable, an illiterate population are much easier to control. The English, Spanish, Dutch, Libertine French, etc. are not in general fans of education, at least previous to 1880. Isolated pockets of extreme education were acceptable, as long as the pockets like Oxford those students chosen were loyal to the crown and not cause problems for those in charge. Those in charge need to be educated and they need to train their replacements, but other than those isolated pockets education is not wanted. The British on the other hand completely disagreed in all aspects. Carrying copies of their library with them to every new settlement. Which could be one reason why their enemies followed to destroy said library. Which could be one major reason the box canyon was chosen for the location of WWU .

The electro-magnetic research the British had access to could be one giant reason the wars in Whatcom County which centered on and around the Pickett Plantation were not only fought but the armies present needed to be there. To kill Jews, to capture the electro-magnetic tools, to capture or destroy the library present, to erase the new Kingdom from existence. Even the thought of a place which had technology far in advance of even silicon valley of the present would be enough to scare most of the world’s powerful cultures. Russia, England, Spain (The Spanish Inquisition was still in full scale operation up to circa World War I. Torturing to death any and all whom might think something the church would not approve of.), Holland, Libertine French, pockets of fascist eastern Europeans commonly called Germans or Austrians, etc. they each had a habit of seeking out what they did not like and destroying it. What if the Pickett tower before could have been somehow a rebuild of the Alexandrian Light House. what if the Pickett Tower before Pickett seized control over the area was in some way a giant Tesla Coil which could shoot lightening (Marry Shelley writing under the kill on site orders from the inquisition had to poetic license change the details from the books to make it acceptable and not be killed) from the former Tabernacle of Adam System to wherever the beam  was directed toward. A working Alexandria Light house “lightening weapon” would be more than enough reason for the armies of the world to gather in Whatcom County to fight to control said weapon. The British and the Ogles knowing what was coming simply did what they do, fought enough to dismantle the equipment and ship it out to safety. The devise is a tool not a weapon, those whom choose to use it as a weapon soon find themselves with all  manner of problems. Example if other theories hold that both the Confederacy managed to capture a working Tabernacle System in Orlando and the third Reich also captured and reassembled said device in the black forest. Which explains perfectly why both the baroque cheap knockoff Russian Amber Room disappeared from all record and were the other archeological treasures the third Reich gathered were placed. They were in an extremely super-secret compound hidden deep in the third Reich’s control. Assembled to create a weapon out of. Turning the tools into a weapon of mass destruction. But it turned on them, the leaders whom had direct access or ordered the tool to be used as a weapon found themselves ETS symptoms lobotomized. Adolf, Goring, Jefferson Davis. Etc. being lobotomized by EST can explain why they did what they did. When from being extremely competent leaders to drooling in the corner fools whom can barely put a coherent sentence together.

The best and most efficient way to destroy a trade route is to first blockade a key port and then lay siege to it. That way no goods come in, no goods go out, and the port is eventually conquered and taken over by the attacker. That attacker hopes to simply slide into the trade agreements already in place. The goods on their way will come in and the new management will take the profits. Which is exactly what happened in the colonies. The British created colonies and the English came in behind and seized control. It took hundreds of years, and the rewriting of the entire event. The sieges were not attacks, they were creating settlements. When the English, Dutch, Spanish, etc. army arrived is when they wrote the city was founded. More than a few cities were founded but floundered, because the city itself the population resisted the new management and had to be killed. Or the British came back. The conqueror would rather destroy the city than give it back. So instead of working with the trade route, the conqueror had to either possess the trade hub city or see it destroyed.

The dozens of attempts at the first English settlements were not failures but conquest issues. The English arrived took the city, the British took it back. The English destroyed the city. The English either had to control the city or destroy it. The back and forth taking and retaking cities on the east coast both cultures significantly from 1500-the late 1600s. Literally cost them close to everything. The British their culture the English within a century and a half were defeated in two separate wars needing the American’s to come and rescue them. The English culture would survive but not as a world power.

St Augustine Florida was one of the cities which survived the trading back and forth from 1499 to present, but it served too strategic a position to be destroyed and abandoned. But the original settlement of Jamestown did not face the same odds. The original settlement was destroyed at least twice and rebuilt. Manhattan survived three separate trading back and forth between the British and the English/Dutch before the English finally won and removed both the British and the Dutch from power.


So constantly attacking the home ports for those trade routes prevented the trade routes from continuing. Preventing the Nordic cultures (which the Northumberland culture was a founding member of those cultures) from continuing to generate vast wealth based on performing actions the rest of Europe could not.

Which included sending Jews to the New World outside the reach of the genocidal cultures from Europe and militant Islam. Those English settlers in the new world would eventually have to be dealt with the existing Jews, but the Vatican and militant Islamic cultures figured that eventually when they found them in the new world that a future generation would have the pleasure in finding and killing them. One of the last and best “Final Solution” was the Trail of Tears, which itself has only partially been covered. The process of separating out the Jews from the natives, leaving the remaining natives in Oklahoma but shipping the Jews off farther west. Which ultimately concluded with a strong evidence based hypothesis that there was a Jewish concentration and death camp were old town Bellingham currently sits. The Entrance was RailRoad and Holly streets. The exact lands Pickets seized from Reorder; whom was in most likelihoods given those lands either the chief proctor from the IEC. A contract he received in Tiffin Ohio after he sold his ferry boat business on Lake Erie in the city of Vermillion, only 50 miles north of Tiffin Ohio. Tiffin was founded by the Ogle family in the 1700s possibly 1600s; all that history was erased when the new American government came through and seized control over the city. The founding data of the city is the day the American government forced the handover of all British assets to the new Federal and State governments. Exactly the same pattern which founded Rome. A city which had been thriving for more than 1000 years more like 1500 years before the Villanovan Romulus and Remus attacked Alba Longa and destroyed that Tabernacle of Adam system. the Roman army came out to assist and both the Roman Army although then called The City of Seven Hills (Seven Major Towers in Whatcom County; one of those towers was in the City of Rome Washington State.)  and the city of Alba Longa army were destroyed. The Romans managed to seize control over the Tabernacle System of Adam in Alba Longa, but such a powerful tool the new Romans had to erase the previous 500 years of history from the end of the Trojan War to 753 b.c.e. The history of conquering armies erasing the previous history and then obliterating as many traces of the past is not only clear and statistically in evidence. It is odd when a conquering army does not destroy the infrastructure they do not like from the past.

Evidence of the IEC being present is limited, but the Reorder and Peabody homes are within a few hundred yards of the Pickett House. The original Reorder home has long since been destroyed and replaced. But the original Peabody home is still standing. The decades later replacement for the Reorder home is a ways north in the Lettered Streets section. The construction of that home was done in the 1890’s. Reorder arrived in 1855. The thirty years between, most of the city records of that time require both filing freedom of information act paperwork, and a committee chooses what information they have and are willing to give out. The paperwork is not open to anyone, anyone requiring information cannot  go and ask for general what happened. The more specific the question the better. Unless the questions conflict with a variety of laws and governmental secrets, in which case the documentation is not permitted. Best way to keep secrets, hide them behind governmental red tape where a committee chooses what to let out and what not to. In the last century the committee only lets out information which will not threaten the status of the currently accepted English version of history.


This part of the sequence of evidence is very difficult since it literally takes more than a few twists and turns. Ǽneas the close cousin of King Priam of Troy (Jerusalem; IsrǼl in Anatolia Peninsula) was ordered to Evacuate in the years Agamemnon was assembling his army to come to the shores of Troy (Jerusalem) to genocide the Jews for daring to defy him. The Trojan War technically took place circa 1330 b.c.e. The evidence of the Trojan War which is covered in this book almost not a single subject has been covered by any other author, period is literally vast in the subjects and consequences. The story of the Trojan War and the War of Castles Ogle and Bellingham Whatcom County have more similarities than can easily be described. The War in Whatcom County had been going on for decades before Pickett came in at the very end. Pickett wanted to come to Whatcom County in order to assert more power and place his own name on his English family’s long fight  against the British. The story of the Trojan War did not start when the Hyksos invaded Egypt circa 2100 b.c.e, it did not start when Esau tried to kill Jacob on a dozen occasions circa 2600 b.c.e. It did not start a century before when Terah Abraham’s father formed an army to attack and obliterate any and all traces of the city of Ur and its ziggurat system. Armed with the vastness of the Amarna dynasty history back to Indo-European language both Amenhotep iv Akhenaten and King Priam knew full well that the facts surrounding the coming invasion were. They knew the of the Hyksos or whatever they were calling themselves that generation were to come to Jerusalem/Troy, kill every Jew they could get their hands on, take all the treasures, capture a working Tabernacle of Adam System (e.g. the Alexandrian Light House), and erase the existence of the city of Troy. As the Avaris Dynasty had already begun to perform in Egypt. Knowing what was coming, the only realistic solution was literally to take the treasures of Troy, including the Tabernacle System and the library and ferry them out as quickly as possible. Aeneas was tasked with this monumental challenge; take the treasures safely out of danger.

The city of Ur possessed more than a dozen Ziggurats, only one survives to the present, and only the base, the top several hundred feet were obliterated several millennia ago and the bottom remodel to hide the evidence of the top. Kind of like removing the statue of liberty super structure, and replacing the bronze part with a few stories of masonry to hide the facts the bronze part existed at all. The reason the city of Ur aka Babel was attacked by Terah it is assumed based on the facts of the rest of the associated behavior patterns, is because the working Tabernacle of Adam System at the City of Ur scared Terah. He was afraid they would use the tool as a weapon against him. Why because he would use the tool as a weapon against them.

As aeneas left Troy, a small amount of time ahead of as many Hyksos descended cultures as Agamemnon could assemble, aeneas left on orders to go to Tyre  then to Carthage, and finally build up the city of Alba Longa with sufficient size to both hold the refugees from Troy and fortify the defenses to hold off the Hyksos whom chose to follow. Of course the Hyksos followed, and followed in droves. Those young enough or genocidal enough followed almost instantly. Moses included, he was so intent on taking either Meritaten or Helen as a bride to take the throne of the Pharaohs for himself  he thought of little else. Menelaus might have wanted her as well, but he settled for one of the royal stand-ins or doubles captured when the walls were breached by the Trojan Horse. She would pass for Helen with sufficient presence to achieve his egotistical and arrogant needs. But then again what does this have to do with Bellingham. The same Armies which fought at Troy under different names but same cultures fought in Whatcom County. The War for the Jacobs and Esau descendants did not end at Troy, Alba Longa, the Punic War, Northumberland, the collapse of the Roman Empire, Constantinople, Jerusalem, the Crusades, the fall of the Northern Kingdom under Henry VIII, the British force to run all the way to Whatcom County, nor did it end in Whatcom County, the war continued as the survivors traveled  to Germany to escape further Genocide. Only to run head long into the remains of the Ottoman empire and their armies in central and Eastern Europe. Where the anti-Semitic laws were being reenacted and enforced. The 1800s-1946 there were few places in the entire western culture were being either British or a Jew was safe. Almost everyone wanted to kill them, passed laws to make sure killing a Jew or whole families was not illegal.

Non-stop chasing the British has become a cultural psychopathology for the descendants of Esau.

The English invasion of Ireland

English invasion of Ireland went through the same treatment as the English/American/Canadian/etc. invasion of Whatcom County. The invasion of Whatcom County only had less of a population than Ireland hence the non-existent stories and documentation, instead of torturing and leaving most of the population alive as they did in Ireland. How else to enjoy the suffering, have to leave the poor and starving alive to enjoy the torturing process. In Whatcom the emphases was not on enjoying the suffering but flat out killing any and all whom got in the way. England invaded Ireland to convert the Catholics of the British Isles to Protestantism under the understanding of the new Anglican Church of King Henry. The invasion was to force the population to convert to Anglican, or at least Protestantism. Which is an extreme problem since the British own northern Ireland not the English. The English cannot relinquish control over Northern Ireland because legally they do not own it. The British own Northern Ireland. The British cannot relinquish control over Northern Ireland because all their political power has been stripped by the English and international communities. Northern Ireland can fight all it wants to, the facts cannot change till the British are brought back into power.

For some reason Esau’s line have a deep soul level need to perceive the British and their allies broken, bleeding, starving, destroyed, and on the verge of death for some twisted pleasure. but this goes along with the applications of a serial type of behavior.

The English invaded Ireland and put up 10 lbs. castles everywhere. The Castle was so named due to the parliament decree that to any Englishman whom would go to Ireland would be given 10 lbs. sterling towards the construction of a castle which had to be a minimum of x dimensions. The Irish countryside has 1000s of 10 lbs. castles. Where the English stayed for a short time to put down the Irish rebellions but did not stay past when they had to. Either moving to the big city or moving back to England.

But the strategy worked, build a 10 lbs. castle and the population will start to Stockholm syndrome to their new masters wants.

Pickett used this same basic framework when he constructed his little house. That little house was assembled with the assumption that within a year it would be dismantled and the pieces used to build a larger Manner house either where the current house sits or farther up the hill. In the six years Pickett was in Bellingham, he did not have the time or the inclination to perform said action. There was another piece of land he wanted to put a larger house on, but did not manage to achieve that goal.

The governments of the Barbary Coast, the Dutch, and the English axis themselves with the confederacy, the English planned to conquer the unimportant Confederacy if the north lost the war. Which would have not been a difficult challenge considering the confederacy only did mildly well against the union at its best. The Commanders for the Union previous to Grant were for the most part cowards. The start of the War was Cowards fighting inept soldiers but a brilliant commander. Half way through the war Lee started to understand he had been wrong and sub-consciously started to lose the war. Making critically bad decisions. Lincoln changed commanders to good solid leaders whom knew how to fight and win both battles and wars.

The English would have won any engagement against the confederacy at any point in the War. But this does point to very interesting politics taking place in Whatcom county from 1840-1889. The English and Canadians had a very strong presence in Whatcom County till the Territory became a state. No reason at all there could not have been strong political fighting occurring in Bellingham during those decades. The English trying to diplomatically obtain a new foothold colony in the Pacific North West by destroying the British in their last stronghold.

Electric Shock Therapy

It has been described that EST for a variety of times and conditions can and will give the patient an electrical non-surgical lobotomy. Force their brain to not work well for a period of time. some portions of their brain the patient will never regain. The longer and harder the EST the less and less they will be able to use their brain. The end results of the conquest and obliteration of the Tower of Babel are the technical definition of EST. The attacking army attempted to use the tool as a weapon, upon using the weapon it backfired and caused the really nasty people in the attacking army to be virtually lobotomized. The armies of Terah were “Confounded”, which most of the descriptions match the descriptions of patients whom have undergone EST. Terah was crazy after the conquest of Ur and was killed in battle along with his eldest son when an ally of the city of Ur showed up with their full army. Abraham in charge after his father and older brother’s death simply ran away from an army many times larger than his. The city of Troy/Jerusalem and Castle Ogle partnered with Castle Bellingham Whatcom County there is a consistency of evidence statistically speaking connecting these events. The city of Troy/Jerusalem itself was literally erased from existence a few centuries later. Thanks to Heinrick Schliemann for re-finding the city and proving the mythology correct. Without the evidence Schliemann provided all references to Troy would be an academic joke. But since the city of Troy was obliterated and erased from history, the city of seven Hills was erased from history, repeat 1000 times with other major cities. Huge 100,000 person population cities erased because the conqueror did not want that city to exist and forced the rewriting of history books to reflect what was, is no longer.

The madness of King George III, could King George have used some type of Tabernacle System in the UK to try and force the Colonies to comply with his wishes and that tabernacle system itself EST lobotomized him for a time. Messing with powers they could not possibly understand, the pattern of leaders whom were brilliant with sharp minds then they  interact secretly with something and the end result is off the charts crazy. The 1770’s, was the Tabernacle of Adam system in England. Could that same system be what Rudolf Hess had overseen its reconstruction in Germany based on what his archaeological teams had been sent out to find and bring back. Upon their reassembling process, did Adolf and other high ranking fascists use the system to attack with. Like the Alexandrian lighthouse, lighthouse in Germany light house in Britain. Exchanging some type of ability to hurt each other. Was it that War Hess defected and attempted to obtain a peaceful end to hostilities. Did the Tabernacle system used effectively in WWII to drive Adolf and others in his high command crazy, did the British system drive King George III crazy. Fighting the Militant Islamic pockets on the West side of the Great Lakes did Custer run into a Tabernacle of Adam system and attempting to use it as a weapon EST lobotomized himself. Same system drove Terah crazy. As well as a dozen Roman Emperors, a couple Russian Czar’s, etc. Does using the Tabernacle System wrong, drive the person using it crazy. If that person uses it as a weapon and not a tool.

Mad Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria, at different times the Tabernacle System has been shipped back and forth all over. A copy of which could have been in Austria at the time Ferdinand was alive, he could have played with it as a child. Electro-Magnetics can do good as well as very bad. An MRI is good an Electric Chair is bad.

Castles Ogle and Bellingham Whatcom County

The following events mostly take place in the first century b.c.e. but the events directly cascade from the Punic War, Hannibal, Spartacus, Caesar, Cleopatra, the Alexandrian Library/Lighthouse, Memphis Egypt, etc. into the formulation of Whatcom County and the cities therein. Both the setting up those events from after the city of Carthage fell to the Roman’s to laying the first stones for Old Main, the Pickett Tower, the Peace Arch, Fort Bellingham, etc. are a cascade effect from each other. The infrastructure the British built in Whatcom County previous to 1840, was as a direct result of the fall of all the previous cities the British built, controlled, and eventually were forced to give up. The infrastructure erected in Whatcom County was built in effect as a last stand of the surviving descendants of the cultures whom had spent the previous several millennia being hunted down and killed for reasons neither side could remember. The side of Jacob constantly running away from the aggressive Esau. If you build a defense capable of literally holding off millions of soldiers in the attacking army. If you know that the commander of that army will never stop, he will keep throwing more and more troops till either you are dead or he is dead. If the defenses are sufficient than his descendants will come back with more troops. Knowing this, how much responsivity for killing all those soldiers is there. How much responsibility does the defense building need to take regarding their defenses killed all those people. They had no choice, the commander would rather kill almost every single person on the planet than withdraw. How much character does it take to if your defenses will break that army. The army does not have to show up, but then again if it is a cultural thing maybe that army actually does have to show up. Maybe subconsciously the aggressor not only has to show up but has to literally cannot stop themselves. A Mentally ill person will sometimes hit themselves or use other self-mutilation techniques to hurt themselves, is creating a scenario with defenses a good idea when a person like that comes to your fortification to hurt themselves on it. How much responsibility does the medical provider have to a person or culture with an extreme self-mutilation behavior pattern. In effect, if they cannot stop hitting themselves in the head or banging their head against a wall, how much responsibility does doe the people around them have regarding keeping that person or culture from self-injury. Anyone around a mentally disturbed person by default is a medical provider. If you know something is medically wrong, you become a medical provider. No matter how little you know about medicine, you know hitting yourself in the head or hitting your head against a wall is against medical advice. It becomes the duty of a fellow human to try and help. Does creating a large and complex defense structure go against the above pineapples. Knowing the commander has no ability to stop themselves from hitting their own head or slamming their head into your wall, what is the ethical thing to do. Allow them to hurt themselves on your defenses or leave and let the mentally ill take what is not theirs to prevent a larger self-mutilation. They cannot use the tool you have built, so it is only give up a few pieces of property which can easily be rebuilt in the face of mental trauma.

Running as far away as possible within the confines of planet earth to build what needs to be constructed while at the same time attempting to reduce the level of trauma the mentally ill descendants of Esau will inflict on themselves and everyone around them while they try and force that which the descendants of Jacob built. And in most cases have had to rebuild from the last time Esau’s descendants have tried to take the toy again. Each time Jacob’s lien builds a new “tool”, Esau’s line have to take the tool and turn it into toy. A toy they have no idea what it is or how to use it, to them is it only  toy to play with. *

The conquest of Castles Ogle and Bellingham are literally by the Evidence of the Towers in the area as well as the connections to the British/Trojans, not withholding the facts regarding the Hyksos invasion. The armies were present for something, what that something is statistically is the same as the answer for dozens of previous battles and wars fought over the tabernacle of Adam System.

The Hyksos invaded Egypt and immediately seized control over as many Jews as they could get their hands on. The Hyksos then immediately used their new Jewish slave shield wall and began marching to invade the middle east. Making a bee line to the Ǽgean. Like there was something which occurred in the Ǽgean they wanted to seize control over. What was so all impornat about the cities in the Ǽgean the Hyksos wanted and wanted bad enough to not  stop in Egypt. The Hyksos could have  invaded north from Mecca and not swung west by hundreds of miles and 150 years to the capture of Egypt. Not a single person alive during the 2100 b.c.e invasion of Egypt from mecca was alive when descendants of that same army pushed north into the middle east. It would have been easier to simply push north and arrive at Antioch two centuries earlier. Something about using the Jews as a slave shield wall is imperative for the Hyksos. Or the Hyksos either find and use Jews as slaves or genocide them on site. It appears that in Whatcom County the aim was to find and kill on site any and all Jews the descended cultures of the Hyksos could find, including the Confederates.

Every once in a while the Jewish slave shield wall will grow too skilled and experienced for their Hyksos commanders to control. The next city that army conquers, is usually handed to that unit to have as their own city. but that means the Jews of that shield wall will possess their own city. the prize for freedom, paying a yearly tribute e.g. taxes and whenever the Hyksos come around the city has to give the Hyksos army soldiers. The Trojans refused to give the Hyksos/Dorians soldiers at Athens and Troy. So the entire Hyksos culture with as many armies as they could rally including the Avaris/Hyksos in Egypt were summoned to deliver sufficient troops to conquer the city of Troy. No slave city will defy the Hyksos. “Either give me what I want or I will make sure I kill every last one of you.” Agamemnon to Prince Hector. Killing a Jew in battle or having those same Jews die fighting a Hyksos war ends with those same Jews still dead.

The entire Trojan War including the facts surrounding the Trojans were Jews and Helen (having no connection whatsoever with Menelaus; the two would not have been within an Arrow shot their entire lives. This does not mean that Menelaus like Abraham was not present at the War to capture Helen and force her to become his wife. Her grandmother was or could have been <if the legends and linguistics hold up> Meritaten the first daughter and Pharaoh in her own Rite of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV <Hotep is a Jewish Title meaning healer/doctor/worker of energy/Rabbi> aka Akhenaten. Would make Helen of Troy the Great Granddaughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Making her husband the very likely next Pharaoh of Egypt. Provided the somehow in battle Paris was killed and one of his brothers or cousins did not marry Helen in his stead. Also provided the Avaris aka 19th dynasty could be merged with the Dorian Menelaus or conquered by the Dorians <there was an invasion of Egypt circa 1320 by the Sea People  after the Trojan War>. If the conquest would have been successful Menelaus could have taken the seat of the Pharaoh with Helen as his bride and her husband Prince of Troy <Jerusalem> Paris killed. Paris was the son of King Priam and Hecuba. Hecuba could have been the second sister of Meritaten from Akhenaten and Nefertiti; killing Hecuba’s son Paris for the Dorians places the power of Paris in the hands of his killer.) was the daughter of Theseus from the city of Athens. The Trojan War did not stop when the Walls of Troy (Jerusalem) were breached. The War spilled over and into the Punic War. The Punic War started the second the Walls of Troy were breached. Since the Trojans had long since evacuated to Italy through Thracian Lands. Thrace at the time to through the next millennia was the area of the bospherous straight. The importance of said is the Thracians were still a strong culture when the Romans arrived to Capture Prince Spartacus and force him and his fellow Jews into the Gladiatorial games. The same culture where Hannibal evacuated to after he withdrew from the invasion of Rome. Hannibal withdrew his conquest of Rome out of a strategic decision not because he had to. He had plenty of troops to sack Rome, but sacking Rome would have been a bad thing. There was a long term plan in place regarding Northumberland (formerly known as Trojans) and the end of the Ptolemaic line.

Only the truly arrogant assume that their family will survive forever. A plan in place to ensure when the next waves of conquerors come across the horizon, that the key details will survive. The allies of Northumberland knew that the Ptolemaic line would end. Most royal lines end with either a meek male who is entirely unfit to be King or the next strong female. Knowing a strong and independent female on the throne of the Pharaoh would drive the enemy Hyksos insane to a point of mass psychosis. The British and the Egyptians developed a plan. A Century before the Birth of Cleopatra, it would be entirely obvious that some daughter of an extremely strong pharaoh would rise up and seize the Pharaonic throne from a meek and useless brother. By good or bad actions the brother would be removed from power.

Knowing the Romans having name changed about four time since calling themselves Hyksos upon defeating the Cycladic and Trojans in Italy turned their cultural sites back to the Aegean. The Iberian peninsula would be easy to conquer, but taking the Aegean back had proved in the past to be an extremely difficult and challenging task. But before the Romans could retake the Aegean they had to obliterate Carthage. But Carthaginians knew the next step after the Romans conquered Carthage was to turn their perspective towards the Aegean.

Some evidence regarding the Carthaginians and my research. They were Jews but the Roman's called them Pagan, because of their temple structure.

simply numbers if the jews were indentured servants from 1550-1880. most ran west. 300 years of jews running west. 100,000 jews running west from 1550-1650, just 50 years later that could be a population of a million. 1650-1750 one million jews turns into 10-25 million Jews.


1750-1850 11 years before the civil war. 15 million to 100 easy. Those are staggering numbers. Not to mention the facts around the 10s millions of Russian Jews sent on from Siberia somewhere else.


. It could have been a lucrative business to ship Jews out of Russia/Asia for disposal in the possible Ovens of the Pickett Plantation. Assuming that is how the Jews were disposed of in Whatcom County. According to Third Reich documents, they built their death camps according to American specifications. The hypothesis regarding ovens in Whatcom County has some documentation from the third Reich as evidence.

But disposing was the key

Erasing the evidence

The only reason the third Reich was caught to easily is they lost


The Punic war started the second the gates of Troy were breached

the Trojans aka Jews had already evacuated by the time the Esau/Hyksos/Dorians breached the royal gate. The younger dorians followed the Trojans.

ok, the story is 2000 years older more complex but let us start with Troy 1335 b.c.e. I mark the Trojan war with the death of Tut.

why Moses bragged about defeating a Pharaoh in Battle.

Tut has a battle wound.

so Moses was at troy with a Jewish slave shield wall army.

in the Iliad he goes by the name Ajax the Lessor

protocol and battle glory

you want in an army, you get the gold but your accomplishments are credited to the person whom vouched for you

so Moses = ajax

the lessor

means Moses was never a Jew but a dirty low down Muslim

militant Islamic

ok, back up

Esau invented Islam, Mohammed found the notebooks etc. and refounded it

Abu Bakr read the same stuff but had a different perspective

Mohammed was one of Esau's pharaoh names

each pharaoh was given two too four names upon ascending the throne

Moses was Islamic

makes the dorians Islamic too.

forward to the gates of troy.

so we have the city of alba longa and the seven hills conquered by the dorians after more than 600 years of conquest.

city of seven hills name changes to Rome


Rome attacks Carthage. the place Priam Ordered Aeneas to travel to with the Temple System of Troy to evacuate the WMD and the library out of ground zero

753 forward to 160 b.c.e. Hannibal from Carthage the city aeneas stopped in at and married a queen there.

Hannibal ventures out to scare the Romans into sending their entire army to sack carthage

but the Carthaginians evacuate out of carthage east through the English channel

to Northumberland

Hannibal directs their attention east the population evacuate west

sorry west to Britain


Hannibal arrived at the city gates, his people are safely in the defenses of NewCastle, Ogle, and Bellingham

Bellingham Castle Bellingham the city I am writing about Pickett's Plantation

three cities were named to honor Castle Bellingham Northumberland. Ireland, Massachusetts, and Whatcom County.

So Hannibal knowing the overwhelming bulk of the entire Roman army has just sacked the city of Carthage, he knew that he could . he knows that the army will want to come home.

some will sail back, but most will walk back. Through the Bearing Straight.

Where did Hannibal die of old age, Turkey,

Turkey's capital, Istanbul on the Bospherous straight

Hannibal’s 100,000s plus army had a year to pull out of Italy and wonder over to the Bearing Straight. to lay in wait for the Romans.

190 ops

fresh troops taking on the tired roman army. Few survived.

why not take Rome. because

they had a plan

The Ptolemaic line was going to end

usually with an extremely strong female.

Elizabeth, Catharine, Victoria, the last of their family line.

so at some point in the next 150 years Rome was going to attack Egypt. hence Hannibal and his descendants in Thrace aka The Bearing Straight

but the WMD was still up and working in Egypt at the time.

how to get the Alexandrian library = or larger than the library of congress from Egypt to Northumberland around the Romans. Make the Romans move it

but wait till that female is born, the strong one capable of holding her own against anything

now things become complex

yes this stuff makes astrophysics look easy

so Hannibal idea of old age with an army the Romans cannot defeat.

four generations later his army is defeated. or maybe

they might have been defeated or they might have given up

if they gave up and surrendered they would have been taken back to Rome as slaves

enter Spartacus, a fully trained Prince with his own army to be general over.

he had been commanding troops since he was a young teenager


the bennifit of giving up is, you are taken to Rome as a slave, some are killed but the percentages are higher that most of the army will arrive in Rome.

some of the commanders, but only the top few brass, the vast majority of the three and lesser brass would be taken as gladiators

cannot profit off of killing a general if that general dies on a battle field in Thrace

but you can in the arena


a general whom gave up

agreed to become a slave

agreed to become a gladiator

agreed to be punished for his crimes in Rome Proper.

most of his entire army trained as gladiators.

gee thanks Rome for taking me and my 100,000 men to Rome. past your defenses, gave us weapons, let us see your weaknesses first hand

thanks we appreciate that

trained us as gladiators, taught us how to defeat you.

they you wonder why when you let your guard down, we attacked. how dumb are you

exactly the same time, exactly (sorry) the Spartacus revolt is occurring the Ptolemaic dynasty is at an end.

Cleopatra is born, her older brothers are timid nothings. her future husband is not born yet.

the year the revolt ended Cleopatra was three

Cleopatra was a strong and dominant child from birth on. 18 months old she was already a force to be reckoned with

they found their warrior queen

little brother future husband was nothing more than a stuffed shirt

10 years later Cleopatra was already commanding troops and helping plan strategies, her brother was having issues tying his shoes

in a few years the Romans would conquer Egypt, Cleopatra was taught from infancy what to do

seduce the roman general. have a child with him. but get the Roman soldier to take pre-boxed up library creates and take them to Rome.

some by sea some by land.

get the library to Rome.

but 10 years later Cleopatra is in Rome. she orders those crates to be shipped to the yet to be built hadriens wall.

did Spartacus help

he did not die, he left the army to head out north

roman propaganda

two things prove he was to present. one he was a gladiator known well by many soldiers and citizens.

two the commands broke down without his orders.

no on whom knew what he looked like reported his body


"not here"

lots claiming to be him

Cleopatra was not killed, she evacuated from Antium.

went to Northumberland

evidence the romans gave up the steam engine 20 years after sacking Alexandria

why leave the city of Rome intact. For one thing, Rome itself possessed at least a couple Tabernacle of Adam buildings, from Troy and Athens. Also very likely from the City of Tyre. They were about to receive Memphis and part of the Alexandrian Library.

So why leave the city intact; because the aim was to allow the Romans to take possession of the working Lighthouse of Alexandria possibly Tabernacle of Adam system and use it. Use it incorrectly, giving the user a EST lobotomy. Best and most efficient way to destroy an enemy is make them your friend. Second best way is to give them a weapon they have less than no idea how to use. Let them in a very real way, shoot themselves in the Foot.

But something else.

Assuming the theory is correct that Cleopatra evacuated, at 38 to Northumberland. According to the story Augustine told, the code of where she evacuated into exile to was North, Umber, Land. North as in on her bed veritcla off the floor, with a sacred/amber/umber snake, in her bed chamber a well defined and sacred place.

But she did not commit suicide that is pure fantasy.

But at 30 b.c.e she was 39 years old. Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar aka Caesarion was born June 23, 47 BC. He would have been 47 at the 0 year of the bran new Julian Calendar. At between 20 and 30y years to die of old age in exile and you have a 60-80 year old man dying around 10-30 ce. Aabout that exact same time a young Jew whom wsa born around the 0 mark of the Julian Calendar. The Julian Calendar by the way was calculated out at the Alexandrian Library, which was part of the Alexandrian Lighthouse a WMD. The 0 year for the Julian Calendar is supposently the birth day of the Nativity. 33 years later that young Jewish boy, born of some of the most highly ranked Jews in the Heirarchy of Royal families is born all but literally at the heir to the Jewish Thonre. The Next Pharaoh of Israel.

First monumental problem, the title of Pharaoh was already owned by Caesariion. Second problem, the Romans had moved aroudn six temple complexes from their original cities to Rome.








The Original King of Solomon Temple in Jerusalem

Eight Major

During the last supper, Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth (Nazareth in Aramaic is Pharaoh in Hieroglyphic) is elected to not only be the next Phaoah of Israel, but he is elected to be the next Prophet. He commands both the people and the spiritual life.

Simon Peter traveled to Rome after Rome was finished remodeling and building at least one if not several Tabernacle of Adam systems in Rome. Simon Peter arrived just in time to rule over one of those systems. The emperors from Augustus’s step son down the line were literally crazy for the next couple dozen Emperors. Simon Peter was reportedly not crazy even on this last day. Although the evil priest paul did grow increasingly insane in his house arrest.

There is documentation from Rome that in the first centry ce, that various magics were done in Rome Proper.

Could Simon Peter have taken one of the Transported from its original locatnoi to Rome and rebuilt systems and turned it back on.

Could Paul have done the same thing. Could his friends in Rome have ordered x tabernacle system to be built on their property in Rome Proper. Could Paul yhave figured out a way to turn his on as well.

Could Simon Peter and Paul had some type of a Tabernacle versus Tabernacle Battle in Rome Proper to fight over domination. The aggressor would be Paul, defender Simon Peter.


Hannibal stopped advancing to sack Rome itself literally feet away from the Gates. The Gates were literally within a short walking distance. Hannibal camped outside the gates for a considerable amount of time. Weeks.

The Temples Systems which had already been brought to Rome were Troy, Athens, Tyre, Temple of Solomon itself, the rebuilds copies were also crated up and sent to Rome after Hannibal’s time, etc. Soon Carthage and at least three from Egypt in the coming century.

So the Romans being the dominant culture they are, did they inform Hannibal that if he took one step closer to Rome than he was, they were going to order the citizens of Rome to completely obliterate the Tabernacle Systems they had already captured and reassembled in Rome.

He turned away and went to Thrace/Bospherrous straight to avoid those tabernacles from being destoyed. The romans would have happily destroyed those tabernacles to avoid being slaughtered by Hannibal’s men. But centuries later, those same tabernacles were destroyed anyway.

Now did Hannibal choose to turn away due to that threat or did he want to get up and personal with Rome to scare them, but was always going to withdraw at the gates. A huge show of force, to distract the Romans. But also if the Roman army did come back by ship, they would be back in a matter of weeks, instead of around a year or more.

Withdrawing meant the romans felt comfortable with their destroyed enemy. Allowing the Roman army in Carthage plenty of time to disassemble and cart the Tabernacle of adam in Carthage back to Rome. If he did not witdraw they would have destroyed both the Carthage and Roman Systems. Which would be well within the abitiy to make a strategic design about. What the Romans would do was well known for centuries. But withdrawing would accomplish the goal. Scare them, and have them move the system out of Carthage to Rome itself.

Did Hannibal know the Romans were going to perform said threat to destruction, did he plan on it. Did he want to Romans thinking him a coward whom would walk away within feet of the Gates of Rome.

Hannibal’s elephants

The elephants would be more to hold a Tabernacle than a mobile Weapons Platform. But the Romans would rather die than admit the elephants were a modified modile Tabernacle of Adam System.



So when the bulk of the Roman army whom traveled by Foot away from Carthgae back to Rome, they had to move through the bosphereous straight. Hannibal would be waiting.

Hannibal was waiting to kill every last roman whom walked home and to seize back any of carthage they took with  them. Sending what portions of the Tabernacle of Adam system Hannibal could capture from the Romans in the Aegean to Northumberland.

Cascade effect the missing pieces which Hannibal managed to get back from the Romans only angered the Romans more. Which cascade effect caused the invasion of Egypt and the alexandaria library under Caesar 100 years later. It took Rome a while to rebuilt the army Hannibal had destoyred.


From Hannibal 190 b.c.e to Cleopatra 40 b.c.e, forcing the Roman army to disassemble those half a dozen Tabernacles’ systems and move them all to Rome. Including Memphis, Alexandria, Thebes, Heliopolis, etc. Making Rome literally Jerusalem. Heliopolis is literally Jerusalem in hieroglyphic.

The Punic war and Simon Peter, directly connect in Rome. After Heliopolis was carted to Rome, partially reassembled Rome became Jerusalem. Carthage a Jewish city was dismantled and carted off to Rome. Same with Troy, Tyre, and portions of Athens. By the time Simon Peter arrived in Rome the Alexandrian Lighthouse WMD was also relocated to Rome and reassembled. The Trojans were Jews. Five major city's temple structure all reassembled in Rome. Just in time for Simon Peter to arrive and reformulate his Church in one of those Reassembled Tabernacle of Adam Systems.

When the Romans did turn back to the Aegean from Carthage, the Egyptians knew it would only be a matter of time before they  would fall. These facts were well beyond any doubt. The Roman Empire thrived on Conquest, the Roman Empire could only sustain if it was performing two goals. Conquering new farm lands to take the grain back to feed hungry Rome, and taking the gold of the richest to fill the Roman Coffers. Rome could not supply sufficient food to feed its people without conquering more lands. It could not supply sufficient gold to keep the economy stable, having to constantly infuse the Roman economy with tons of gold every few years is the only way that economy worked. In effect in modern terminology, the Romans were constantely borrowing/taking cash from other nations but then not paying those nations back. The economy then of Greco-Rome and the economy of the present, still trying to operate from a borrow and not pay back standpoint.

Egypt and Carthage came up with a plan at some point. Carthage would in effect give up and evacuate out of the city allowing the Romans to assume they had taken the city. The Carthaginians would leave the city full of their other enemies and anyone else whom wanted to come and live in Carthage full well knowing the Romans were on their way. The Romans did not give much quarter to those whom chose to stay.

Hannibal was a distraction, he rounded up a small portion of the Carthage army to attack around the Aegean while the rest of the entire population went to the west coast and sailed north to Britain. Then entrenched themselves behind the defenses of Northumberland. Once his country was safely relocated Hannibal withdrew and allowed the Romans to think anything the propaganda machine could imagine. His people were secure, he would build a larger army in Thrace and force the Romans to “come get him” over the Bospherous Straight. They did, but it took another generation to conquer that far.

Spartacus and Cleopatra, despite the fact they were separated by more than a few decades Spartacus born 111 exiled/died 71 b.c.e, Hannibal died 183 b.c.e, Cleopatra born 69 b.c.e. Cleopatra and Spartacus lived at the same time the although Cleopatra was a young girl and Spartacus was a Gladiator in his prime of 40 years old when he evacuated out of Italy. Cleopatra was only in infant and toddler during the height of Spartacus’s time. It would be interesting if instead of Evacuating as quickly as possible out of Italy, Spartacus stuck around hiding in various places to wait Cleopatra and the Plan. The plan was to assist the end of the Ptolemaic line evacuate out of the tyrannical and very likely execution of whoever was deposited by the Romans military. Cleopatra was around 24 when Egypt fell to Rome. Placing Spartacus in his 60s, not young but still able to strategize and assist. A very fit man in his 60s, a former gladiator and combat veteran a descendant of Hannibal and the Carthaginians. That is a formidable person in most ways, according to Roman legend Spartacus was fully fit and in top physical form the last time he was actually properly identified on the battlefield. The last few engagements the Romans could not identify him. Despite the fact that he had been a gladiator and thousands knew what he looked like. If they could not identify him, he most likely was not present. A good commander will bow to the whims of the politicians but refuse to be ordered by them. A good commander will take this troops and leave. Allowing the politician to head into battle and die. Hanging around the Roman Empire till he could be of assistance with the end of the Ptolemaic line, helping Cleopatra escort the library of Alexandria out of Roman hands and to Northumberland. The Romans took the materials out of the library first, then burnt the building to the ground. Although in his 70s to 80s there is not a lot Spartacus could have done other than be an advisor. He could have still had enough to fight in some capacity, but more like strategically plan how to make the Romans take the British Library back to Northumberland. Parts were ferried to Northumberland the Romans managed to hang onto portions. At Actium evacuating out of the clutches of the Roman Empire took serious strategy. But the one thing which is not reported, the Egyptian’s knew how to sail across vast distances without need for sight of land navigation. Cleopatra the battle of Actium was not designed to win, the battle was deigned to allow Cleopatra to escape. Cleopatra could have easily won the day, crushing Octavian/Augustus easily with superior in all ways on that battle. Cleopatra’s forces were superior in number, in sea position, the weather vane, etc. but they lost. Anthony did not want to fight anymore. He wanted to retire to his estates with his wife Octavian’s sister and his kids with her. He did not want to be the next Caesar. Kill or defeat Octavian would spell very bad things for the entire world. Octavian had to be allowed to win. Cleopatra had to allow the Roman Empire to write her out of history. Octavian’s political spin she committed suicide is pure fiction. Not a grain of truth to it.

The Lighthouse at Alexandria, the Alexandrian Library, Cleopatra, Spartacus, Caesarian, etc. all heading to Northumberland. To merge with the British culture. Talk about enough modification for any Hyksos descended culture to want to track them down and enjoy killing every  single member to take the secrets of the Alexandria Light House Weapon.

Thanks to the detailed accounts from the Romans themselves, they did manage to reassemble portions of the Tabernacle System of Adam in Rome. But each of the Emperors whom used it went clinically insane.

Even if  conjecture the Romans and the Islamic cultures assuming the Cleopatra took the lighthouse secrets to Northumberland. 600 years later those secrets were taken across the ocean. Eight hundred years later those secrets were taken from the east coast to the far west coast. The culture would want those secretes and the weapon for themselves. Turning harder and harder toward their religion to avoid the EST lobotomy of most of the Caesars from Tiberius through Nero, to Caligula, etc.

The story of Caligula forcing senator’s wife’s to prosecute themselves to raise money for projects the senators wanted. That cardinal event took place at least one of the tabernacles Rome owned and still owns. It is an unknown how much of the original buildings from those times are still standing, but they can be identified and resembled.

Constantinous did not escape being EST lobotomized, his son on the other hand did. Possibly because he was half Jewish on his mother’s side, but also because his mother Helen of Ogle understood the tabernacle system and taught him how to use it properly.


It can be assumed Spartacus was a couple generations down the line descendant of Hannibal himself. Also Spartacus and his core followers did not die in the final battle. They had left the main body some time before and headed north. The main body by democratic vote chose to head to the coast and use ships to evacuate Rome. Spartacus and  his men knew this was a bad idea. Instead of staying with the main body whom were heading straight into a Roman trap, Spartacus and his men headed north and crossed the Alps. The evidence is the small number of times in embarrassing situations the Romans actually told the truth. The Romans only told the truth when they absolutely had to. But Spartacus (very likely great grandson of Hannibal) knew better than to head into a battlefield the Romans set up. He worked on attempting to get his slave mob to turn around and head north, but the new leaders refused to listen. Like always the people whom start the revolution are always replaced by those skilled in politics and not leadership. The politicians can convince most they know best, when really they have no idea. The true leaders next to a skilled manipulative politician have no chance. Spartacus had no chance against the next leaders who rose up, so instead of certain suicide to take the Roman Army on their own chosen field of battle. Best to take those loyal and head north. That way the Romans have the group they want to kill/destroy and tell any story they want to. Same holds true for the Trojan War, Britain versus America in Whatcom County, Hadrian’s Wall, the founding of Rome/City of Seven Hills, as does the founding of the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County the war and the Founding of Bellingham take place in separate decades. By the time Bellingham was founded in what is currently called “Old Town” Bellingham the former Pickett Plantation and possible Pickett Concentration Camp had been long since destroyed along with the British but the same behavior patterns were present at each of the events including the destruction of the British in Whatcom County and the construction of Bellingham over the Pickett Plantation/Concentration/Death Camp . The Evidence is the trauma Pickett suffered from the moment he left Bellingham to his last day; he was already clearly suffering from PTSD long before he saw battle in the south. Where did Spartacus go, that is easy, the only place he could go safely and live his life without fear of the Roman Army. That would be Northumberland. Why because the Romans destroyed their army generation after generation at the yet to be built Hadrian’s wall. If the Romans figured out where Spartacus went after leaving his slave revolt, the culture held a subconscious grudge when the Romans renamed themselves English. After they renamed themselves Anglo-Saxon. They held a grudge against the enemies of Rome whom got away across the Wall became an act of disobedience which the English and following them the Americans and Confederacy could not let stand. Somewhere, somehow they English, Americans, Libertine French, and Confederates figured out where they went. Then followed the British to their last stronghold in Whatcom County. Hoping to find and kill the descendants of Cleopatra, Spartacus, all the Trojans, all the descendants of the 18th dynasty, etc. all the enemies of Rome. Which included Constantine, whom was also half British on his mother Helen’s side.  The Spanish and Islamic cultures in the Pacific North West would have had a special conscious grudge against any of the descendants of Constantine. Where the descendants of both Constantine and the Byzantium Empire went, the militant Islamic cultures were doing to go with maximum prejudice. Add the very likely Fatimah and her child evacuated to first Egytp, then along the coast to Carthage, of course stopping to see and gather any type of evidence regarding the Alexandria Lighthouse and its weapon first, then traveling on to Carthage. Traveling up to Rome, leaving the corpse of her father Mohammed in the Roman Catacombs as close to St Peters Basilica as humanly possible, the traveling back to Carthage before the Romans killer her. Hence both the reason and the hot pursuit of Fatimah by the Romans and the followers of Abu Bakr the man who murdered her father by Poison chased her the rest of her life. Upon arriving back in Carthage it was time to travel around to Gibraltar, up to the Iberian Peninsula. Along the way preaching both her father’s philosophy and gaining all manor or followers by the scores and her own take on her father’s philosophy which is why the Vatican and Abu Bakr wanted her dead in the worst way and sent armies to kill her. North from Iberia to France, to the coast to cross from France to Britain. Continue to spread the word about the philosophies and gather more and more converts to the different philosophies. Spending time in Britain and axis with several of the descendant tribes from the Hyksos in Britain. They had an army but no leader. She became their leader. To find and erase all traces of Fatimah as well as the British Jews became a cultural Motes Operand for the next 1200 years. The need to find and obliterate said from all existence was a major motivation for several of the Islamic cultures present in America from 1490-1860. The Islamic armies present in Whatcom County would be interested in not notoriety but finding and killing all descendants of Fatimah. Constantine creating a safe zone for any and all scholars. It was not uncommon for literally in the same room in the Constantinople library to find a dozen scholars from different philosophies working together, focused on education not killing each other to find out which god is better. The winner has the bets philosophy according to one school of thought. Abu Bakr’s religious followers could not stand that Fatimah still existed, so the Constantine fell and the Byzantium empire was forced to retreat, the militant Islamic cultures made a note to when they could follow and destroy. Whatcom County offered the last great chance for militant Islamic followers to remember to seek and destroy the new British/Byzantium Empire in Whatcom County. . Not only did Constantine carve out a sizable chunk of their lands and turn it into Byzantium; which in a late Latin version of the Trojan Royal language for Brutu. Constantine claimed his British Heritage by naming his Empire after that name. When the Islamic cultures finally figured out where the Byzantium empire fled to; they as a group would have been besides themselves with rage. The Wall was built in hopes of reducing the number of Roman side casualties. The trick worked but only to a limited degree. The Slave revolts which occurred in the American South, there is less than zero reason why the ex-slaves instead of running north did not instead run west. More than a few of the native tribes were so unsympathetic to the English that they would help anyone whom the English were against. Some hated all not them, other tribes would help. Plus once at a river system, it is not difficult to navigate up and around far to the West. The routes some on the underground RailRoad took were north south, but a few took east west. Why publicize the North South routes, to distract attention from the East West routes. An old Woman to draw massive amounts of attention, to anger the whites and the Muslims, embarrass them to no end. While the other conductors on the underground railroad worked east west. Couple small weeks and the natives, Jews, Africans, and others who needed to escape (like runaway children from abusive houses and spouses from mates whom would happily beat them to death, run west). Running North West to Whatcom County would be the perfect solution. Battered spouses, escaped slaves, Africans, Jews, natives, etc. the armies of the world arriving in Whatcom County finding scores of people whom they would normally hate or want to torture till they comply. The battered spouses whom had run away to the frontier could have used the underground railroad to escape to Oregon or Whatcom County; would or could heal and find better mates, produce children. Those children would be perfect to capture and sell into slavery. Nothing nice about the scenario, but evidence does suggest it is possible. The Russians, English, Libertine French, Spanish, Muslims, some Native tribes, etc. those actions are high on their list of motivating behavior patterns. Depending on what century.



Underground RailRoad Egypt

This portion ties into the facts of the events which cascaded into the Triangle or slave trades. When the Muslims under direct order from Mohamed to conquer Egypt, there was some sense that the Muslims were driving the Jews out and into an isolated pocket they would find and kill later. That find and kill later was the start of the American slave trade.

To ferry as many non-Muslims out of Egypt and to safety required several things. First it required the Jews to start to pack up and leave before the invasion started. Second it required discrete actions to evacuate millions out of Egypt before the bulk of the Muslims arrived and cut off the escape routes. In a very real effect form a Knight order or Masada group trained in how to ferry non-Muslims from Egypt to Niger. A similar knight order as was needed to ferry Jews out of Egypt the first time the Hyksos invaded circa 2100 b.c.e. interesting enough the Jews were ferried both to Troy and Niger. Taking ships at 2100 b.c.e from Niger to America. But the Hyksos controlled all western documentation from 2100-1550 and again 1320-500 b.c.e which is when the bulk of the surviving records were written. The Ptolemaic line created records but the Romans destroyed most of those. The 18th dynasty, minus the sealed mastaba’s those records were destroyed too. When the 1330bce 18th dynasty was about to collapse under the incompetent King Tut a similar knight order was reformed to ferry Jews from Egypt to the city of Troy and Niger, Again.

To build an effective underground railroad from Egypt out to the city of Troy to usher Jews out of the way of the invading Hyksos circa 2100bce. Then use the same basic structure to usher the Trojans century’s later out of troy and to first Alba Longa circa 1330 ce, and then Northumberland. 1300 years later to escort Jews from the middle east to Egypt in order to build sufficient numbers for when the Roman Empire collapsed a few centuries later. The Jews in Egypt would be able to rise up and take control over Israel. Israel is not in Levant, never was that is a Moses lie. Similar to the facts surrounding the calculations of the birth of Adam and Eve, about 2000 years has been edited out so the dates for Creation need to be pushed backwards by a couple millennia.

The Coptic's, Christians, and Jews whom flocked circa 30 ce to Egypt knew very likely based on the events of a century before with Cleopatra, Spartacus, and Hannibal that the Roman Empire was going to spare not a single penny in chasing down the government/culture and the descendants of Cleopatra and Spartacus in Northumberland and kill them. The Defenses in Northumberland were so strong and the armies of the Ogles were so large and trained the Romans lost against the Ogles from 30 b.c.e to the last day the Roman Empire was in existence. The Roman Empire died at Hadriens. Which meant the Coptic's, Jews, Christians, etc. knew the Romans would not be paying attention to Israel in Egypt. From 200-630 Israel was actually in the correct place. They even attempted to rebuilt the city of Luz aka Memphis. But the Muslims destroyed their efforts within months of capturing Egypt again. Muslim Hyksos the only difference is in the name and minor differences in the ceremonies.

Cleopatra and Spartacus distract to the north while the rest were working in Egypt. Distract to the North at Niagara Falls while the bulk were shipped west through Ohio. Using the same system built to ferry the Coptic's, Christians, and Jews out of Egypt and safely to Niger. Same system used on a dozen occasions to ferry huge numbers of populations out of the way of mentally ill cultures  whom are by nature compelled to destroy themselves and the descendants of Jacob.

The invasion of Egypt circa 630ce and the start of the slave trade 1200 ce were in direct cascade effect; dominoes felled in 630ce were still falling and knocking other dominoes over in 1200. The militant Islamic culture is sub-consciously compelled to militate first themselves (F.G.M.) and others. The euphoria from the shock and mutilation of self and others causes a rush of brain chemicals which they assume is the hand of god telling them their actions are holy. In in truth the actions are the brains own Endorphins and adrenaline making the person as high as if they were on an Opiate or cocaine. Chasing the high with every greater forms of mutilation.

Underground RailRoad Georgia

The underground railroad in part started in Georgia, or at least the American wave of the need to usher slaves out of harm’s way. Georgia was a state founded by the British Ogle family in order to be a safe area for escaped slaves to go to.

American Spartacus

If the south faced a strong and dominant leader like Spartacus, one they would never admit it period. Two they would not only never admit it, but they would work harder than the Roman Empire to track the man and his army down to obliterate them from existence.

Under Ground RailRoad Tiffin Ohio

The Underground Railroad was a collection of trails and people, both  escaped slaves and free people whom used their time on earth to help slaves escape the brutality of life in the south to find freedom outside the grasp of the those whom would gladly profit off of torturing a person to death. Be that torture backbreaking work from sun up to sun down and worse any infraction of the rules the slave master could do anything at all with the person owned they so choose. Rape, torture, mutilate, kill, disfigure, discrete, etc. anything the master wanted to do was entirely legal.

A group of people in western culture decided this was not only bad, but inhuman. Before the term “Serial Killer” was invented after the civil war, being a serial killer was part of the job of either the slave master or the foreman in charge. To force those whom would not work correctly to either work correctly or be beaten to death. More than a few foreman became so nasty about it, that they were responsible for killing dozens if not hundreds in their charge. Especially with the masters whom liked that kind of thing. The plantation system and the third Reich have so many things in common they are almost the same organization. Not the least is which are the facts surrounding how much business the third Reich did with Islamic cultures and how much business the plantation system did with the same cultures only eight decades later 1860 and 1940. The problem is Adolf flat bragged and other high ranking members of the third Reich bragged they developed their concentration camp system based on how both the Americans and Confederacy dealt with its undesirable populations. The Natives, the Africans, the Jews, etc. Round them up, put them in isolated pockets/reservations, starve them, let the youngsters on occasion go to the reservations and kill a few. The same need to evacuate the Jews from the third Reich the groups in the plantation organization needed to be evacuated. The Northerly route was heavily publicized. The word of mouth was to cross at Niagara. If a Magical tells you to look at the right hand, it is only advisable to look at the left. Water was to the south and East, the South had a lock on the area from New Mexico east to the coast, so the only corridor was to either travel north to Niagara or west through Ohio. In Ohio the Ogles owned huge amounts of property in the 1800s. Other Ogle branches owned vast tracks of land in Illinois; John Ogle picked up his estates in Maryland and transported his entire family to the future St Louis Missouri. Although in the 1600s both St Louis and Missouri were yet to be founded or named.

The slaves zigzagging from the place they crossed over the Mason Dixon line to the northern portion of Ohio. A sequence of safe houses along the river systems. The rivers would allow for discrete transportation of a vast amount of escaped slaves from the plantation system to Oregon. Although there was the additional problem is more than a few Muslims simply moved their plantations to the west side of the great lakes. The escaped slaves being ferried to the west by the British had to move past dozens of plantations moved to the upper portions of both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It is only illegal if you are caught. The American government could only afford to send a company to the frontier for patrols.

One of the cities which very likely possessed an escaped slave rest and relaxation location was the Maples Tiffin Ohio.

The Underground RailRoad, the Maples was  built decades before the Civil War. That Building was actually older then the White House by several decades. The white house started construction circa 1792, the Maples was at least twenty if not fourth years old by then. The question becomes where was the original Manson on the property, the Mansion which was directly involved with the earliest form of the underground RailRoad in the late 1600s early 1700s. Although with the Maples it was not a railroad but a hidden waterway. A way for escaped slaves, abused and battered people, etc. to evacuate safely from the Barbary inhuman cultures invading the east coast to travel safely to areas of control on the front rage and the west coast.  The British Ogles had been fighting a losing battle against Slavery since before the Trojan War. Fighting constantly in order to prevent inhuman behavior, which the Esau’s descendants seem to be bound and determined to continue to perform despite how bad the actions are. The north south routes take the escaped slaves to Canada. On the East side of the Great Lakes, cross over to Canada. Or simply start to head west after crossing the Mason Dixon line. That Line was created to provide an actual agreeable boundary for Pennsylvania. William Penn actually claimed a huge amount more land than his charter gave him. He claimed most of Ohio, down to the Carolinas, up to Canada. New York, Maryland, Virginia, part of Massachusetts he claimed was his. A solid boundary was needed, so the Mason Dixon line was formed.  William Penn was an extremely religious man. The problem his religion was based off of Protestantism, which both Fatimah and Martin Luther used the teachings of Islam to form Protestantism. Martin Luther obtained secret documents and oral tradition lessons from the time Fatimah Mohammed’s only surviving to adulthood daughter traveled through the area of Germany on her way to the Aegean. She was headed to Constantinople with both the Vatican and Abu Bakr hot on her heals wanting to silence and kill her. Abu Bakr claimed she was already dead days after her father was murdered by  poisoning. So he ordered his army to find and achieve the propaganda she was already dead. Killing all whom she might have communicated with hence part of the reason for the witch burning times. Find the followers of Fatimah and kill them all, kill all whom could have by chance interacted with her. Kill them all. The Vatican would never admit but they were trying to suppress the spread of Islam in their area of control. They filed, since Protestantism was coming no matter how many the Vatican killed. You see the whole Milgram experiment proves that all the populations need is an excuse to let their rage, hatred, bitterness, need to perform sadistic behavior, etc. and the masses will to all manner of inhuman actions. The leaders tell them x, y, and z actions are ok and the mob responds in kind. In addition Protestantism was literally designed by Martin Luther to be a simply repackaging of Islam. Taking a few of the more hard line aspects of Islam out, change the name from Mohammed to Lord Jesus Christ, change the name imam to Jesus, remove the demand to form the ATEN and pray to mecca five times a day and you have Protestantism. Martin Luther hated Catholicism with a passion. But loved the teachings of Mohammed. The underground railroad was needed because the Protestants wanted to keep slavery going and the British families including the Ogles wanted to eradicate slavery. As the spread of Protestantism took hold in America leaders connected to Protestantism literally took pleasuring in taking as much land and controlling their populations as much as they possibly could. This includes William Penn.

Crossing the Mason Dixon line did not help, more than a few protestants from the Mason Dixon Line north were not only sympathetic to the southern cause were openly assisting in any way they could. Which includes more than a few of the residence of Pennsylvania. Southerners with allies in the north would pay good money to northern sympathizers for the return of escaped slaves. More than a few in Pennsylvania their self-appointed job was to find escaped slaves and return them south of the border. Turning west and weaving anything but a straight path towards Ohio was another way to go. Instead of heading north and crossing another 1000 miles of terrain. Heading west allowed for the river system to the west in Ohio to travel successful from Ohio to Oregon without too much difficultly. Hiding a large group of slaves on a large barge or steam boat is easy.

Instead of traveling all the way up to Canada, immediately start to move due west after crossing the Mason Dixon Line. Go to Ohio, find the trail leading to the Maples. The Ogles in Tiffin at the Maples could and very likely would help escaped slaves evacuate from their oppressors. Around Ohio move south, crossing either the lake by ferry (Ogles owned ferries on the Lakes), take a boat from Vermillion Ohio down the Sandusky river to the Ohio, down the Ohio to the Mississippi, up the Mississippi to the Missouri, up the Missouri to its headwaters, cross the continental divide, find the headwaters of the Columbia or  hike across the desert of eastern Washington. Cross over the Cascades to the Pacific North West find a place to live, if possibly between attacks.

For those whom did not choose Whatcom County they simply used the Columbia head waters to find the split cities. The city which the river ran through. NewCastle on the Right, Portland on the left. Since the people to the north were leaning more conservative than liberal best thing to do was for victims of abuse to turn left and settle in Oregon.

For a variety of reasons the Spanish and the Islamic cultures did not bother much with the Oregonians but engaged directly with the British in Whatcom County.

John Oglethorpe founder of Georgia

The Oglethorpe family are direct descendants of the British Ogle Family. The first capital of Georgia was not Atlanta nor was it Macon. The first capital of Georgia the free state, were escaped slaves could find safety and security behind the protective British army, the British and English armies were separate bodies all together. They have fought against each other on countless occasions. The Ogles and the British have been part of the

Tabernacle of Adam

The facts regarding the Tabernacle Complex at Troy are present. Since the Trojans were Jews they would not need to have temples for a pantheon. Unless the pantheon was not a pantheon but a physical representation of the Aten. The end of each ankle/limb are toes. Those toes each would be their own temple/sanctuary at the end of each extension is an ankle, at the end of the ankle are the toes. The Tabernacle of Adam system (in the picture the praying Muslim are the toes) are the toes pointing at a specific ankle. Be that ankle in Bellingham the Pickett Tower of Old Main is unclear. What is clear Bellingham and specifically the Pickett Tower itself is part of the infrastructure of the Tabernacle of Adam system. the evidence this is not an architectural mistake are the facts of what happened previous to the Civil War and why only the events which make America appear to be the hero are allowed. All other evidence has been literally erased or obliterated from existence. Pickett Tower could be a Toe from that ATEN Foot. The Hyksos from 2100-1550 b.c.e were violently looking for the Tabernacle of Adam Systems so they could seize control over them and use them as weapons. Weapons used like the Alexandria Lighthouse, to destroy their enemies from miles away. Happy in the knowledge they were invincible. The Trojan ancestors were left off in the city of Troy because they grew too powerful as a slave army to continue being suppressed by their Hyksos Masters. But with the hypothesis that Akenaten’s first daughter had a granddaughter and his second daughter had a son. The daughters with their father dead, their brother killed in battle, and their upbringing being that of keep the genetics in the family. The Great Granddaughter of Akenaten marrying a Grandson from another daughter would fit perfectly in his perspective Adam and Eve. The Daughters training as children would close to compel them to marry their children to each other. The Hyksos wanted to both seized the Tabernacle System the Trojans/Jews possessed as well as kill every single member of the survivors of the Amarna Dynasty.

This long drawn out concept starts well before the Trojan War parts of the story date back to Noah and his ATEN/Tabernacle of Adam Ark back to Enoch being given his grandfather’s blade. Ǽneas’s son with very likely Queen of Carthage (Hannibal) Dido <very likely the wife of Tutankhamun> Bruta. Where Bruta was the son or grandson is unclear. What is clear is the legend states that Bruta was both Prince of Troy (in exile) and King of the Brits. He was the namesake of the British People.

The British People are whom had set up a very large Civilization infrastructure in Whatcom County in the 1710s. The British are whom went to documented war with Pickett. Called the Pig War. That war was beyond more complicated than all assume. But that is because the enemy (similar to the propaganda of fascists) write the history. The enemy of the Jews have less than zero interest in telling the full and complete story about what they actually do to the Jews. Kill them on mass is a cultural lustful desire, but documenting said behaviors is something few if any of them want to do. The third Reich documented a lot of their behaviors. But they also spent months before the war was actually over burning every single piece of paper they could get their hands on regarding their evil actions.

There is every evidence based reason in the world to conclude the Trojan War ended with Pickett in the Pig War. With Pickett seizing control over the Tabernacle of Adam and claiming it for the confederacy.

A  huge reason the Hyksos invaded Egytp was the Jews in IsrǼl literally rebuilt their Tabernacle system using rock. They built buildings instead of more tents. Once those tabernacles made of rock were up and operating the Hyksos were to the core of their being literally so afraid that weapon would be used against them, they had to invade Egypt in order to not only prevent their own destruction but to seize control over the working tabernacle. Esau’s line has never been able to get the tabernacle or the Kaaba in Mecca to work. The only times they can get even a small fraction of it to work is when they perform unholy actions around in inside the.

Which is similar to the actions and behavior patterns associated with the third Reich and the British. Remember the British and the English are different cultures, so Hess surrendering to the British on Northumberland soil, carrying the books and items with him that crippled the third riches ability to win wars and battles. The second Hess defected to Northumberland was the last battle the third Reich won. from then on the third Reich knew only defeat. The Russians would give some ground on occasions but mostly the third Reich lost every battle after.

The Hyksos were on a soul level afraid the working tabernacle system the Jews had built which were later name changed to the Pyramids were in fact a working tool. Those tools when combined together were a working machine. That machine Esau’s descendants have to either obtain control and domination over and destroy to make sure they are not controlled or have someone else have dominion over them. They want as a culture to be slave masters, but are petrified of being slaves themselves. Their psyche needs to have slaves to be ok with itself.

The Hyksos partially invaded to shut down the tabernacle system  of Adam the Jews had been constructing on the west side of the Nile between Dakkara and Giza since Abraham. The evidence is the Narmer Passport and Narmer Plates where he tasked the Jews to do what they could with the place. It took a few hundred years but with the guidance and strength of Jacob construction began to replace the megaliths remodeling them into pyramids. The Megaliths are the odd creatures with long necks. The neck is the symbol for both the causeway and the circle the megaliths are based from. A circle is a flat Ǽtt.

But the question becomes why would Hess intentionally surrender to a culture which were literally on more than one occasion and wave of immigration directly descended from Jews. Hess surrendering and giving a plane full of paperwork/books and tools to the Northumberland family to stop the war between Britain and the third Reich. The only war the British could fight was by using the tabernacle of Adam system against the third Reich’s system. the third Reich had of course spent the previous decade and vast amounts of resources to find every single biblical tool and relic they could get their hands on to turn them into a weapons system to lay waste to the world. But their efforts were literally in vain. There was no possible way the tabernacle system they built or rebuilt, reassembled in Germany was going to work, but the British did not have that problem. Not only did they not need to go assemble parts, they had possessed several over the course to their existence. Prince of Troy and Carthage and Alba Longa Brutu King of the British inherited several from his family after the Trojan War. His father/grandfather took a system out before Agamemnon arrived at Troy. Hess could not make the system in Germany work, but the British till around 1950 had not lost the understanding of the Tabernacle System of Adam know how. The Know how was part of the Ogle family DNA.

American Spartacus

Contrary to popular belief, there were numerous slave uprisings. Inside the organizational structure of the slaves were by nature men whom were born to be Masada. Nature can only be suppressed so far before that which is suppressed will literally come back up again with a determination behavior pattern.

The second the Jewish indentured servants started to come across the ocean circa 1590 ce pay for by their English slave masters, they started to escape their captivity and travel west. A few hundred to a few thousand over the course of a few generations. The Jews living in Europe by nature started to re-exhibit behavior patterns from their time as a free people. Away from types of restrictions and violent suppressions they had been forced to endure in various pockets since before the Tudors attacked the north kingdom, before the Pictish conquered the same area, before Rome conquered Paris, before Rome conquered the city of Seven Hills, before Carthage fell/abandoned (Carthage was not conquered, the Jews present simply abandoned the city and evacuated the entire population to Northumberland. The Hole Hannibal thing was a distraction. Hannibal set up shop in Thracian to prepare for the Romans to reinvade the Ǽgean from the Rome. For some reason the Ǽgean has some major call to the Hyksos. They attracted and wanted to capture the entire Ǽgean whole several times. Renamed to be Dorians did the same actions, at both Athens and Troy. The Hyksos renamed to Romans again headed back to the Ǽgean. The Hyksos as Persians never stopped attacking the Ǽgean from the time of Esau to present. The Jews living as a culture still remember ruling IsrǼl aka Egypt would start to reform themselves back into their old natural self of empire builders. That reformation would literally start to create armies which living rough would harden them back into the undefeatable force the Jewish Warriors had always been considered in the past. But the difference is, instead of being Moses descendants the Nigerian oral history would have been closer to the truth regarding pre-Moses Jewish traditions. Pre Moses and post Moses Judaism are almost not comparable. Post is almost exactly Esau/Hyksos/Avaris light, all the ceremonies would be based on Esau’s philosophy and not Jacobs. Previous the ceremonies were based literally on the teachings of Adam and how Adam himself was a steward of the lands not its dominance. Esau’s philosophy is to obtain dominance over everything. Jacobs is to work with and be a successful steward. Working with all that lives and with harmony with god. Esau’s line on the other hand wants to challenge god for dominance over everything and eventually grow strong enough to challenge god personally. The leader of Esau’s line would like to assume the power of god.

Along with the American Spartacus Sherman was charged with finding any and all traces of Islamic pockets still hiding out waiting for the country to show weakness and they as a unit rise up and topple both governments. Sherman was charged with finding those pockets and destroying them, liberating all evidence of Islam in America, including estates/plantations, graves, records, etc. anything which might show evidence of Islam in America. Remove the records and kill all involved will remove the threat of invasion from Islam in America. A topic the Barbary Coast militant Islamic cultures had been threatening to do in America since 1492. Succeeding with Protestantism but not with actual full Islam. But Protestantism is bad enough. The Great Awakening movements allowing Protestants to assume they can literally get away with any and all things under the group think mob mentality.


Tabernacle of Adam and Ǽneas

A slightly different theory

Adam built a near perfect Tabernacle

Hid that tabernacle, possibly in a mound. As in literally buried it under feet of earth. Made a treasure map. Noah found and followed.

Noah found and refurbished.

Noah sailed that tabernacle to IWNW 4004 b.c.e, which used to have or still did have a Tabernacle built by Adam but with Tabernacles the more the better. Provided they are linked together correctly.

Several tabernacles in IWNW was more than the invaders from Saudi Arabia could stand and they started to move north to invade capture or destroy the tabernacle at IWNW. Having  finished capturing the Tabernacle complex at Hierakonpolis. Rage fueled their soul because, no matter what they did, they could never get the tabernacle of Adam to work.

Circa 3500 b.c.e to capture a working Tabernacle at IWNW was the next goal. Hopefully to capture the clergy and make them make the tool work for the Cultural Ancestor of Esau. Previous when this culture invaded from Saudi Arabia circa 3800 b.c.e, they killed all the clergy. Sure their scholars would make it work, but that did not happen. So this time the assumption is, they were going to capture the buildings and material intact with the clergy and force them to make it work.

The Tabernacles of Adam at IWNW were all moved (one very likely possible location would be the city of Troy <Jerusalem>, the city of Tyre and Byblos (Byblos has an extreme history regarding the Bible.)** were far too close. The Hyksos could simply follow) to Troy. Replacements were built as a façade to throw off the invaders to think they captured something but in truth they captured merely a façade designed to look correct but not function. The Clergy whom stayed were the old, stupid, and infirmed to again make it look correct but still accomplished nothing. Similar to how the Carthaginians left their city in the months before the Romans arrived. Invite every culture you know to come for a visit, only the smallest of population would have stayed in the city. Those whom stayed would leave as soon as the Romans arrived. Those invited to come to Carthage would not know the Roman Army was on the way; if they chose to stay and fight the Romans would make quick work out of them, those that chose to leave with the last of the Carthaginians would survive. More than a few of the cultures chose to stay and fight their new city. the Romans could not have been forced to care less if they were killing Carthaginians or anyone else, the facts surrounding the inhabitance meant nothing to the Romans. A victory was a victory. The city was soon dismantled and charted back to Rome to rebuild Rome using the city of Carthage. Which is similar to how the original cities of Bellingham and Ogle, the cities were dismantled and the materials repurposed. The city was name changed to Heliopolis (Jerusalem) and the Façade was destroyed (Yule Log) with the clergy inside. A make it work or die in total and complete agony.

At Troy (Jerusalem) the enemy Hyksos would not post a threat for 1600 years. 3500-1900 b.c.e. But once the Tabernacle was again found, a full scale conquest was planned and executed. The Problem is 1500 years is more than enough time to build up both a huge city and an even larger population, to man and built up a large army to train the army to the point they are all capable of taking on dozens almost individually. TO build up impenetrable defenses. Those defenses were still impenetrable when the Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians arrived with Agamemnon and Menelaus as their commanders to kill every last Jew, while seizing control over the city itself circa 1330 b.c.e.

Ǽneas was ordered to Evacuate Troy with the Tabernacles of Adam (including the one Noah used) to first Tyre  (there is a deviation in the statistics, one path and collection of evidence has the Tabernacle of Adam/Noah traveling west, the other has the Tabernacle of Adam/Noah traveling south to Lake Tanna, where it stayed on top of a hill on an island in the middle of Lake Tanna. That Hill the Tabernacle stayed for several hundred years. But when politics shifted and forced the Tabernacle to move, the Tabernacle was moved <under its own power> south to the headwaters of the Nile. The Nile is not the only River which flows from the southern portion of the Sudan , then West using the flat sands and the river system to move the 60-80 foot tall building with a Djed <Tesla coil> in front to both charge the ground in front and to maintain the charge and polarity balance under the Tower. For direct hard evidence of said, the Djed [complete with Flail reference to Osiris whom was resurrected to become the First Pharaoh of Egypt , the Flail complete with both the Symbol of Laguz and three Strings coming off the end. Three Ǽtt’s, three primary threes of creation with the fourth tree as Laguz the handle itself.] The Tesla Coil to generate and distribute electricity, and the Defibrillation Machine designed to restart the Heart of a biologic in cardiac arrest. Djed, Tesla Coil, Defibrillation; they share electricity, and two directly are connected to resurrection. The Hypothesis that a Tabernacle of Adam [which could have been built literally as an electrical generating device 12 tons of Amber will generate electricity simply because of the amount of weight being held up.] is where Adam performed the ceremony which brought Able back to life, after he was murdered by his Brother. But based on the course of Jewish history specifically pre-Hebrew languages, such a traumatic event Able would be renamed to reflect his death and resurrection. Thus exit Able and enter Set; reference the word Set, as in the Setting sun. Traveling from the West to the East |Freemasonic reference intended Traveling from the West to the East|to become the next King of Kings as Jacob would assume that title many millennia later, circa 2500 b.c.e in Egypt. Although technically speaking before it was called Egypt it was called IsrǼl with its capital city at that time the Capital of the Pillars aka IWNW later to be conquered and renamed Heliopolis. Which Heliopolis itself directly from Greek to Hebrew translates as Jerusalem. The hardest evidence imaginable one of the Capital cities of Egypt was literally called Jerusalem; that would be the city of Heliopolis. The Capital city of IsrǼl is Jerusalem.}. Amber under pressure will release electricity, 12 tons of amber shifting as the building moves is a significant amount of electricity. Once sufficient electricity is generated, no amount of weight is too much for the either positive positive or negative negatively charged molecules to push against each other. Hence the Djed in front to in a way use “Lightening” to supercharge the ground in front so the supercharge base of the tower has something to push against. Using the River system, the oasis’s, and storms to push the very large floating building the miles to the coast. Be that coast close to Niger in the heart of where Hurricanes form, or off the  coast of Morocco, both provide sufficient details to warrant the statistical analysis regarding. Picking up the leading edge of a storm and using lightening and the calm seas in front of a storm to push the Tabernacle of Adam/Noah to either the area of Virginia or the Caribbean. Either way it places the Tabernacle of Adam/Noah by this statistical model on the east Coast of America circa 500 b.c.e. Very likely with the Ark of the Covenant included.), then Carthage, stopping briefly in Egypt in friendly territory. After Carthage, moving the Tabernacles of Adam literally to the west coast of Africa to make their way across the Ocean to the East coast of America, Possibly Florida but definitely the Caribbean. Once in the Caribbean sail up the West coast of Florida to find the Mouth of the Mississippi , sail up the Mississippi  to the Missouri , sail up the Missouri to the headwaters   . Across the headwaters sail across the continental divide  to the headwaters of the Columbia, down the Columbia to the Pacific

Of course with the recent popularity fo the show “Ice Road Truckers” there is no reason they could not have upon moving up the mississippi waited till ice formed then charged the ice and instead fo divering up the missouri kept going up the Mississippi to hits headwaters in the great lakes area. THwere with frozen over rivers and lakes, traveled north to the future split off home of the Hudson’s Bay Company from the East India Company. Then turned West following the river and lakes system to the headwaters fo the columbia. The future East India Company was founded by the Ogle family after they conqeured Pictish Terriroty and claimed several Piciths titles as their own like Cumberland. The EIC was simply a name change from Viking. Which Viking was a name change from the Ogle family. Which the Ogles are one fo the foundign British FAmlies; hwere the Ogles were directly from Troy is a question, but the evidence points strongly in that direction.


The Ogle Royal farmily librayr as well as the British Royal Family librry itself contined books which directly interacted with the subject of electro-magnetics. Those books were part of the same science which caused the creatnoi of the German Amber room which was later given to the Russians. Which the third reich  six little weeks after Rudolf Hess defeceted from the third reich launched Operation Barbaros in order to catpre as quickly as possible and return it back to Germany. Why return the amber room back to the third reich would be an extreme question. The Prussian/German made original Amber Room itself was a cheep knock off copy of the original. That original was literally boxed up and shipped out to the American colonies decades before the Prussian Govenrmtn rose to power. But knowing the unrest in the area, the only realistic solutino to the problem is the armies whom wanted to Germany copy was to box it up and ship it to first northumberland and second to ameria.  America the British and Germans still possessed a strong enough military to fend off any and all attckers to their tabernacle System. that System had literally been a dicrect descenants of the same technology which Noah used to built or referbish a copy made by Adam. The Taberndcle system is literally a working electronic computer. A computer which both generates electricty and stores differetn electrical signals in the crystal matrix of the amber itself. The amber both stores the electricty and generastes new elctricty. The amber room in question the one dismantld and shipped out before it could be captured by the Prussians was close to an original design. When the prussians did seize power. They did gain access to the same library which Marry Shelley gained access to. A library which taught the people reading those specific pieces of material al abot what electricty was, how to generte it,  how to focus it once generated, and how to combine focus pionts in order to amplify the ecectricty gneerted to produce sufficient to achieve real goals. A few volts is nice, but amps can actulaly achieve goals. Including killing those whom interact with it.

The books in the germany library the Prussians gained access to told them some of the deqails but not all. Those books were most likely taken out and shipped along with the amber room to Northubmeralnd and then America. Those same crates contining those extremely dangerous items kept beintg shipped father and farther west to keep them as far away from danger and those whom would choose to use the tools as a weapon. A weapon the enemy themselves brag  about turnign said weapon against god if god does not grant them the right to be King of Kings repplacing Jacobs failed kingship.

Copies of the key constructino books easkly could have been moved along with the previous to the German cheep copy which was eventaly given several decades later to the Russians. Whom them clazimed it ash theres, removign the history that it was actulaly built by the Prussians and was a gift. The Russians let people assuem they built it, or it originǼd with them. Whis little could be farther from the truth.

The electro-magnetic books which could have been pakced and shipped out of Germany  in time for the PRusians to not be able to obtain control over it and them, presented research and information which Mary Shelley was inspried by to create the resurrection cermeony used to reanimate the assembled from differetn dead people the Monster which Dr Frankenstein assembled.

The books and the germany amber room shipped to America presents an interesting chian of events. Which ulitiatmely end with them both being in Belligahm Wahsingotn state. When the armies of the world kept pushign from the east, the British had no choice. They could eiteh rcommit murder and kill their enemies or continue to run and hope for the best when it came to the enmies destroyign themsvles before the enemy destroyed the british. Unfortuantely for the 1700-1946 the enemy for the most part did tno destroy tehmsvels, they functinoed mostly intact continuing to dstroy anythign hwihc questined their authority. It was not till after world war ii that most of those aggressive nations were themslves destroyed. Leaving only Russa and America as super powers. China was huge but did not stop up to obtain the mantle of super power till after 1948. Then they  rose up to claim their global position. Centuries before the in America the Amber room with the assocaited books could have been shipped first to boston, then down to manhtatin (formign the base of what could be called Kings college but now called Columbia Univerity), down fruther to the area to be called Maryland (very close to the future locatnoi of Annalpolis), out west to Tiffin where the Ogles had a stronghold from the 1600 provably 1700s forward, then to St Louis, then way outsid e the reach of all but a few enemies to Vncouver Washington (where aroudn three major colleges nda univeristies are locatd includign Uiveristy of Porland), then up to Seattle for a spell (Univeristyof Washington), and finally to Castle Ogle in a box canyon with the area setu p similar to thermopolis. An area which was only approachable from the nroth and west. The north by land the west by sea. But from the sea was a very difficutl area to sail in. only expert navigators with strong ships could sail successfully in Puget Sound. Building a new JeruslǼm a new IsrǼl in Wahtcom was in most likelyhoods literally the goal of the british. To build a new Troy.

With at least one hypothestical amber room, the general collectino of books from the Ogle family library which was a coyp of the books from their h ome library in Edinburg and NewCastle/Jerusalem. With the books specific to the field of electro-magnetics, the books which turn the pieces part of the Tabernacle System of Adam into a working tool and those tools into a workign machine. Which connected with the legends of both the Alexandrian librayr and the Temple of Solomon; that technolgoy was in Bellingham and at least either the ankel or one of the toes was what the Pickett Tower used to be. The evidence of the Pickett Tower is unrealistic but the evidence of Pickett simply seizing control over an existing structure are not only highly realistic but extremely probably.

As for the books and matieral being in tiffin, in 1840 as Joseph Smith was assembling his church of LDS theere were wide spread reaports of all mannor of strage an unuusal and possibly anglic events occuring both at the site and in the air above site of his church. From the air, could indicate some type of fireworks/tesla works from a Tabernacle in Tiffin owned and operated by the Ogle fmaily. If the Ogles possessed a djed or some type of tesla coil, it could have apperǼd to be an electrical storm without the normal clouds. The electrical storm being part and parcel within the framework of both what angelic events appear to be like and totally exaplainable using the science of Frankenstein which is the same as electro-magnetics.


Medusa and Pericles

The legends and stories of Greek Mythology was literally translated from Linear A into a cascade of languages. Each of those languages the leaders of those cultures had an iron fist into the editing translations. The Editing translations were mostly done by Hyksos cultures whom hated what had occurred. They hated it because they both lost battles and had literally no idea what the technology which was being discussed was talking about.

Medusa was sought after by Pericles, so he could cut her head off. Her head was literally immortal and would turn anything she looked at to stone.

Poseidon had sent one of his sea creatures “The Cracken” to destroy Athens for some reason. Pericles was enlisted to both journey to find Medusa but also, use her head to kill the Kracken.

In Linear B Cracken translates as Cyclone. Athens was being threatened by a mighty storm which could destroy Athens entirely.

After the events in question or at least the story of Medusa, her head was given to Athena. Through a wide variety of Translations and about 10 languages, Meritaten could very easily have picked up the nickname by her enemies of ATEN. Meaning “that Christian” over there. The Christian in question millennia before the concept of Christian would be invented and the language of Greek used. Primarily because paul was a Hykso/Greek and his violent and imposing charismatic force in the first decades of the formulation of Christianity after the crucifixion is where the names and at least if not more than half the philosophy of the Vatican came from. So instead of calling Jesus by his Aramaic title the Greek name Paul adopted Christian has been used since.

Meritaten, has ATEN as the last sounds in her name. That name an abbreviation of which is where the name Athens comes from. Remove the H and the ‘s from Athens and you arrive at ATEN. Athens was recaptured by the Amarna Jews which so enraged the Hyksos Dorians that Agamemnon literally took it upon himself to either destroy Athens and Troy or die trying. He did not die as the story goes, he changed his name, took on a new wife whom would have either been a stand in Trojan Princess or an Avaris Princess an adopted sister or cousin of Moses in order to rule over Troy properly. His new name was not recorded by Odysseus. The Iliad was written by legend the grandson of Odysseus, as grandfather a man in his late 30s early 40s at the earliest told about his grand 20 yearlong adventure conquering the Trojans. The story did not include the years it would have taken to assemble the armies of all the different Hyksos cultures in the Ǽgean to sail to Troy. Nor did it include many details about what happened to the main characters after Odysseus sailed for home. Agamemnon took on the title of pharaoh and ruled Troy as its new Pharaoh.

Athena places the severed head of Medusa on her shield. If their was electricity present in the shiled or by way of Athena herself, that could in a realistic fashion reanimate the severed head of Medusa. Giving Athena, in basic the ultimate defensive weapon, the shield looks at the opponent and turns them to stone. Which is entirely mystical and metaphoric based. Medusa was an expert in the Science of Erdology; which is the same science Abraham used to construct the Ark with.


The question remains as to why the

Since this story was reedited by no less than three separate Hyksos/Avaris/Dorian cultures before the Romans got their hands on it and altered it further. The evidence is clear regarding Medusa could produce something which flew. Even if that flying thing was only a few scant inches off the ground and could easily move along any different type of terrain with little if any problem. Water, ice, snow, sand, gravel, ground, rocks, etc. Pegasus could move over it all. Which directly connects the performance of Medusa with the applications of what Noah’s ark and the ark of the covenant could do. Being able to take an ark and float it like a boat which more than a dozen boats have been connected with various forms of Monotheism. Boats, water, fish, wales, travel by boat, walking on water, etc. have been part of the applications of monotheism since practically day one.

What if Jesus moved on water was not correct, he used a tabernacle to float on the water to rescue his friends. Since a tabernacle which operates based on electro-magnetics does not depend on water or wind to power its motions. The Ark Tabernacle moves courtesy of push push, pull pull, neutral molecular interactions. Which to the illiterate and rage filled Hyksos trying to explain complex scientific principles to a culture whom had not yet mastered their ABC’s yet is a bit difficult. Pegasus could literally be a metaphoric reference to a floating Tabernacle of Adam. Using electro-magnetics like Frankenstein to power the minerals specific lay charged to push push away from the surface.

Noah’s ark was clearly larger on the inside than on the outside, it also possessed something of a connection to the ancient past. The Tabernacle of Adam System it has been hypothesized was literally the room and system Adam used to resurrect Abel from the dead after he was murdered. The important part of this is that this machine has been the subject of countless wars, were Esau’s descendants either want to gain access to it or want to destroy it. They want to possess the hypothesized power over life and death or make sure no one else can access it. Evidence for said tabernacle system can be found in not only Egyptian Mythology which the mummies were dressed for an expected resurrection, but also Medusa and her ability to take life away turning her victims to stone. That power was placed on the shield of Athena, making her literally the most effective warrior in the world. All she has to do is unsheathe her shield, everyone infront of her instantly is turned to stone. Which is great since she can then instantly became almost literally a one person army. All she has to do is keep paying attention around her to make sure no one is behind her and rotate around killing anyone around her. Metaphorically speaking if Medusa was extremely educated in an ancient previous to present knowing science, that would make the descendants of the Amarna dynasty which would include Medusa an extremely lethal group of people. The more education you have the more lethal your weapons of war are.

Since that culture has so many different types of electro-magnetics tools. Would it be possible that medusa possessed some type of Iron Man or suit of some type of armor which would allow her to literally use both electricity and advanced weaponry to defeat her enemies. Enemies whom would be killed the second they encountered her; a portable stun gun for a missing better idea. Connect a weapon to the suit and the person is instantly electrocuted, have Medusa grab  hold of an opponent and instantly electrocuted. Electrocution causes a person to instantly have their muscles tighten, tight muscles artificially stimulated like Frankenstein can and will mimic the person turned to stone. Their muscles are in a state of such shock, they can literally not move. Their bodies are actually like stone.

That same concept has been added to modern fiction through a TV show called Dr. Who. The TARDIS is similar to Pegasus (a horse which can fly with wings), which like Noah’s ark is larger on the inside than the outside, is tall (a short Kaaba), has the color blue attached (blue as in the color of electricity), etc. there is a legend of a temple structure close to Carthage were the middle of the main room used to have a metal chariot which during religious ceremonies would literally by itself and no ropes lift into the air inside the temple and fly around entire under its own power. There is some documentation of hundreds of tons being evaluated by electricity.

What if the Cracken was literally a storm which pushed Ǽneas not Pericles in the Tabernacle of Adam not Pegasus Across the Ocean to secure a new safe Jewish homeland so far outside the reach of anti-Semites that it would be several millennia before they could gather sufficient technology to follow and then go on a genocidal Jewish killing spree.

A tabernacle built by Adam would be the prize in any cultures crown of accomplishment as well as divine power. The Russians had wanted to possess said Tabernacle for the previous hundreds of years.

The facts that the Roberts were in charge of Castle Bellingham and Phoebe Judson was in charge of Lynden points to a strong connection between the events of what Phoebe achieved, and what the Blood countess achieved before she was stripped of her property and sentenced to death. Phoebe was also stripped of her property by sociological pressure, evidence even though she made the best of the situation she was still stripped of her lands. The land which her house sat on was even stripped away from her. Her children were not treated any better, they should have been the richest and most powerful family in the city of Lynden, they ended up not unlike the blood countess. Stripped of possessions and not welcome. Phoebe was welcome but her children were not. But phoebe had a way about her which put even those would happily kill a Jew in the middle of the town square at high noon on a weekday at ease.

Which is similar to the effects of what happened to medusa. Take the poetic license out of the situation and you arrive at statistically a similar behavior pattern as both the blood countess and Phoebe. The foundation of WWU should be in Lynden but it was placed in its location out of concern the not good people in Whatcom county would find and burn the library. Phoebe had no choice but to have her women’s college in the most secure location in Whatcom county which existed at the time. secure in the knowledge that the cities of Fairhaven, Bellingham, Sehome   , etc. would help to protect the library from being burned to the ground.

Animals 2x2

One female balanced by one male; this is also the definition of Yahweh. This sis also the definition of the science of electro-magnetics. The same science used to build tools called magnetic levitation systems. Those tools and machines can levitate, more than a few tools together can levitate tons if not more than tons of weight.

One molecule charged positive/masculine one molecule charged negative/feminine and you have the basis of electro magnetics. Two positive molecules will repel each other, two negative will also repel each other. Consequently, two strong enough electro-magnetic fields and you have strong enough force to push each other away. No matter how much each weights, enough E.M. force and the two will push each other away.

Noah’s ark animals (female and male polarities) 2(two males, 2 females) the x is the force of push generated, the x push is the exact description for a magnetic levitation.

Noah’s ark was not destined to float on water, but float in air. It was not designed to float horizontally but vertically. Exactly how the fictional TARDIS is configured.

Holy Roman Empire Collapse

Literally at the same time all these events which lead directly up to Both Captain (Future Confederate General) George Pickett’s assignment to Bellingham and the formulation of the Confederacy. The Holy Roman Empire in Germany was collapsing. The Holy Roman Empire was reformed in Germany after the Vatican seized control over the Italian Peninsula. Making the pope the new emperor; in effect shifting the pharmacy from Egypt to Rome. Which was a good idea in general but without Esau’s line in charge. But for most of the time the Romans empire existed being a Jew in Rome was either an executable offense of the Jew was literally a slave. Jews were treated the definition of bad in Rome. From day one to the last day the roman empire was capitated in Rome formerly the City of Seven Hills being a Jew as a capital crime. After under the Papal States being a Jew in Rome was worse by a considerable margin. The office of inquisition from 300-1946 had an open order for any good catholic could find and kill a Jew on site without penalty form the church. The farther away from the church the less the laws were in effect. But right up close to the Vatican, you could kill a family of Jews in the middle of the old St Peters Basilica and the population would for the most part ignore it. A few were punished for said murder but mostly Jews are bad so killing them all is good. Jews killed Christ so killing them is ok. The problem is the Jews did not kill Christ. The philosophies were literally a religious sect from Esau’s line. They were part of the Hyksos culture. So Jews did not kill Christ Hyksos priests insisted he be killed.


Library open

Previous to Carnegie, in America almost all libraries were literally private. Their family libraries in their home or institution libraries in large buildings. But all locked away from the public. It was not till Carnegie literally started his free library system that books of any type, shape, and form were available to anyone.

More than a few families literally created vast sums of income based on allowing scholars access to their library.

King of Solomon harnessed

That type of technology e.g. magnetic levitation in the late 1700s ce would be more than frightening and lustful for the most powerful culture son the planet. They would have to either possess it or destroy it to make sure no other culture got its hands on it.

The Temple of Solomon was built on the site of a Megalith. A megalith stood over what is now the Cave of life. In the approximate circle which is the Dome around the Rock (Mohamed never traveled north of where Abraham was buried, he traveled to Heliopolis and the Pyramids of Egypt. There was crowned Pharaoh and was given new names, but being poisoned he only lived a short time. The resurrection ceremony did not work. His Daughter Fatimah took his body to Rome and buried him in the Catacombs. His body is most likely still in the catacombs, awaiting time to be resurrected. His body could be close to where 600 years before the Body of Simon Peter was also laid to rest; that location by legend is directly below the pinnacle of the dome over St Peters basilica.

The millions of tons of rock moved into exact position which later conquerors could not budge the western or waiting wall. That wall has been set upon by no less than six army’s intent on dismantling every single thing about Judaism. Everything they touch destroy it, every single one of them dispose of. Leave nothing of their behind. But still that wall exists.

Solomon by legend built that wall by harnessing the power of demons, he harnessed them and forced them to cut, shape, polish, and place in perfect position all the Rocks of his Temple. Especially the retaining wall around the hill his temple sat upon.




What in the world could the Exodus have even the slightest thing to do with the City of Bellingham Washington State in the County of Whatcom. Provided the following facts are true but so far outside of the realm of realistic as to the current story.

12 armies present and at full strength

A railroad spur built decades before connecting spurs were built.

The railroad spur went straight through the center of Town. Not on the outskirts like all over railroads.

Pickett Tower on the Top of the Hill, and a 10 lbs. English Castel design being partially assembled but stopped half way through. Before the Pickett’s tower could be remodeled from a Tabernacle to a Plantation design.

The first settlers in the area passing through the City of Tiffin Ohio.

Joseph Smith passing through Tiffin Ohio a dozen times on his way back and forth across the country preaching. He started to send this most devoted followers to the other side of the Rockies but never let his organization know the actual location. Hiding one or more locations from B.Y. and is great awakening movement followers. Sending Mormons out to Manitou Colorado and Whatcom County in the 1840s.

The British versus America aka the Pig War

The legal battles between the settlers whom passed through Tiffin Ohio had to fight for decades to get their property back. Most of those records are secret and special permission through the freedom of information act have to be filed in order to obtain access to redacted 1850s -1880s legal records.


All those facts and more occurred, but stick out so hard they do not make a clear picture as to what actually occurred in Whatcom County circa 1700-1870

Pickett’s tower was more than likely a Tabernacle of Adam built by the Jews; evacuating and or exodus from genocide in both Russian and Europe. Once on the East coast Jews kept being pushed West or face genocide. From the 1500-1945 it was legal to kill a Jew in America. The Jews had to find someplace to exodus/evacuate to, Whatcom County would be a perfect Thermopolis area. The only directions to attack would be from the sea and the north. The East and south were geographically unpassable. Attack to obtain the Tabernacle of Adam and its technology far beyond that of anything seen since the age of myth and the time of legends.

The same pattern of leaving Egypt for IsrǼl circa 1330 b.c.e occurred in America circa 1500-1910 ce. More than a few of the points regarding the Exodus of the Bible and the events of the Jews being hunted down and killed like rabid dogs are similar. In fact some might say based on the statistical analysis that other than finding the 10 commandments the two events are almost exactly similar. Only a few variables are not almost dead on similar.

But then again if the events of the exodus that Moses described, then made a capital crime to question what he wrote did not go as he write they did. Then maybe the events of the Mount Sinai were closer to being some integration with a Tabernacle of Adam (similar to the Tabernacle which Pickett renamed to Pickett Tower) and any leftover books contained within.


The similarities between the Battle of Thermopolis and the extremely well hidden and obliterated from the records and under buildings Wars fought in Whatcom County are shockingly similar.

Xerxies as the Greeks called him was married to a Jew, a very talented and incredibly educated Jewish Woman by the name of Ester. Ester as in the book/scroll of Ester. Xerxes I of Persia son of King Darius whom lost the battle of Marathon (the race Marathon comes from announcing the victory over the Persians at Marathon 26.2 miles away from Athens) was more than a little kinky, he ordered his first wife to present herself to his court. During that time good upstanding women of Esau’s line literally did not show themselves other than eyes, hands, and feet to anyone but their direct male relatives and husbands. So when Xerxes I of Persia order her to show herself to his court, she naturally refused. That was the end of the Marriage.

Hs second Wife Ester hid the facts that she was a Jew till well after their marriage. Since being a Jew in Levant lands was literally an executable offense. But that was the only place Jews were allowed to be. Levant lands from 1330 b.c.e – 300 ce was literally a Gladiatorial Game, and a training ground for unseasoned armies.

As the Jews evacuated from such genocidal treatment, they traveled to Whatcom County in order to avoid genocide. But that did not mean that Jews in the Mediterranean were not still under immediate and hard target threat from all around.

Xerxes I of Persia attempted to conquer Athens as his father before him attempted to, but his father was turned away before most of his forces managed to get off the ships. Many were drowned or burned alive on the ships. Xerxes I of Persia attempted to correct said when he invaded the Ǽgean a generation later. He was old enough and with sufficient troops to mount an effective offense.

In Whatcom County the need to seek out Jews to kill them and take their treasures is where the two stories literally mix together. Theseus was a Jew, Athens was named after his mother whose name is close to that of ATEN. Very likely Athena was Meritaten. Meritaten’s granddaughter married Paris. After Helen and Paris as well as the majority of the Trojan (Jerusalem, Jews) royal family evacuated to first Italy and the City of Seven Hills (later after conquest by Dorians <which that conquest of the City of Seven Hills is where the Punic War official started, but in truth it started the second the Walls of Troy {Jerusalem} were breached.> and renamed Rome.), where they upon being followed from Troy (Jerusalem) to the City of Seven Hills they were forced to evacuate farther away to Northumberland.


Pickett Plantation

A Rail Road literally ran down the middle of the city of Bellingham.

Not a single aspect of these situations any of the leaders cascade down to the cultures whom wrote the accepted history were interested in addressing any of the subjects mentioned. No Islamic foothold, no interest in letting anyone know Washington and Idaho aligned with the confederacy, less than no knowledge that the Jews had obtained a strong cultural infrastructure as well as population (with a very large army) in the area later to be known as Bellingham and Whatcom *County in the coming decades. Castles Bellingham renamed to be Fort Bellingham    (The site of Fort Bellingham formerly Castle Bellingham. Which is still considered a strong threat from the American Government this land is still considered a military reservation. This land can be reactive at any given minute the federal government so chooses to. It is currently an orchard but way back when it was one of the Towers in the Tabernacle of Adam System of Whatcom County it was a larger threat than the Alexandrian Lighthouse   <something remarkable are the facts surrounding the design of the Lighthouse and the design of several of Adolf’s buildings are similar .  >.)


(The fort Pickett built had eight sides, two separate four sided buildings placed 90’s on one top of the other. Similar to the Khufu Pyramid in Egypt,   In Hieroglyphics Khufu translates to Noah. So in truth the Khufu Pyramid is dedicated to Noah.)

and Ogle renamed several times finally to Western Washington University would not be the capital city/castles. Ogle and Bellingham were simply support cities for the main capital. The Jews Capital City contained the main Tabernacle of Adam; which we know the enemy will always move to capture the main Temple/Tabernacle complex first (Old Main and its library were too well protected to capture first. But that Box canyon (WWU sits in a box Canyon, hills on three sides red wood trees on the fourth.) had a ring of troops around it to secure it for being a threat. The troops inside the canyon were not tasked with fighting but securing the library and the associated scholars. Most of the time if scholars keep to themselves and do not bother the enemy armies encamped around the school <like Troy; impenetrable walls> and schools defense walls are maintained. The Enemy armies do not bother the school and the scholars with their associated troops do not bother the enemy army. A de-militarized zone is created.), that Temple/tabernacle complex could be the diplomatic relabeling of Pickett’s Tower. To hide the fact that the Tower was not built by Pickett and was in fact built by the Jews decades before. If that Tower was built by the Jews that Tower would be the center or central “Solomon’s Temple” to that city or capital. But the Jews call their Capital Jerusalem. So the Original name of Bellingham was not Bellingham but Jerusalem. Castle Bellingham was three miles north, Castle Bellingham about three miles south, Castle Sehome five miles South East, Castle Rome several miles North East, the city of Luz <Jacob Traveled North West of Luz to build this Ladder to Heaven

, Blaine and the very tall Peace Arch  is 45’ North West of Ferndale. > aka the Future Ferndale being called Jam, Marietta-Alderwood would be the old location and name for Castle Bellingham, etc.>

Europe for the majority of the previous 2000 years had been a place where being a Jew was literally illegal. The Jews present most managed to find niches in the cultures they inhabited where they could survive and be non-lethally tortured for the pleasure of the powers that be.

The Jewish communities had slowly migrated from all points east to Britain where for the most part before the Pictish revolt (circa 700-1066 ce) they remained mostly safe. Free from neighbors whom would happily kill them if the mood so struck. The Jews whom could traveled to Britain then since the British never lost the ability and know how to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, the Jews and British continued to sail across the Ocean. Establish colonies and infrastructure needed in order to literally escape from the genocide occurring in Europe. The Vatican was leaning so strongly toward the philosophy of Paul they were Islamic in all but name. Half the philosophical framework of the Catholic Church is Paul’s whom was a devout and devoted follower of Esau (same culture which created Islam) and Simon Peter whom was by heritage and cultural philosophy from Jacob.

During the Pictish Revolt circa 700-1066 ce the Jews were forced to emergency evacuate from the British Isles, escaping with the assistance of the Ogle Family army and navy aka the Vikings outside of the reach of the enemy. Creating a huge trade network across the North Atlantic, which lasted till the inquisition killed and destroyed too much of the infrastructure in northern Europe to allow it to continue. But the Vatican wanted to kill both Jews and Fatimah’s followers. Since the Jews were at least in part evacuees from the Trojan War the “Malleus Malefic arum<The Witches Hammer>” or “The Burning Times” was simply a continuation of the same War Esau/Hyksos/Avaris<17 and 19th Egyptian dynasties>/Dorian/Persian/Islamic versus Jacob/Trojan in Europe. Same War spilled over into the America’s, being fought over and over every few generations, the survivors would evacuate far away. A few generations later the enemy (Esau’s descendants) would find the survivors and their newly built infrastructure and commence a new wave of attacks. Aimed at conquering and killing all involved. But when you know the enemy wants to erase you from existence, the first thing built would literally be escape tunnels and a trade/evacuation network. The enemy on the horizon, it would be time to start evacuating. Staying and fighting to the last person is Esau’s philosophy not Jacobs; Jacob’s descendants evacuate most of the population and the treasures well before the enemy can arrive.

After 1066 Jews started to come back to Britain.

Façade Tabernacle of Adam

Was the Tower Pickett Seized and renamed actually the original or was it like what the Jews did circa 3500 b.c.e in Egypt. Where they knew the invader for Upper Egypt was moving south, they were going to head straight for the Temple at IWNW (renamed 3500 b.c.e to Heliopolis <Jerusalem>) conquer it.  like they conquered a Tabernacle structure in Hierakonpolis circa 3800 b.c.e. The Jews did have time to dismantle the Tabernacles in Whatcom County. But there was no place to move to. The Jews of 1810 were literally surrounded. They had traveled as far as they could. The Canadians to the north, a combination of Confederates/Spanish/Latin<Mexicans>/America’s/English/etc. to the south, To the West was an entire Ocean, farther north west was Russia, East was where the Jews of Whatcom County had  come from so there was literally no place at all to go.

So did the Jews of Whatcom county built up defenses and stand their ground, which would have driven their conquerors to heights of rage equal only to that of the NAZI’s to the Jews or did they pack up all their most valuable and hide it all away. Attempting to blend into the surrounding cultures in hopes of one day a descendant would find the treasures and resurrect what actually happened.


Russia and the Civil War

One might think that as a matter of fact the Czars of Russia had less than nothing at all to do with the American Civil War but the direct evidence in Bellingham contradicts that official story almost entirely.

In fact the Russian Army and Pickett directly interacted on more than one occasion.

The fact regarding why Pickett built his House on Bancroft Street down the Hill from the Tower. The Tower had been in place long before Pickett arrived, but the Tower was not a Tower but a Tabernacle Similar to the Kaaba at the Center of Mecca, but this Tower/Tabernacle had a Dolman on top. Which the Russians wanted that Tabernacle in the worst way; they wanted to add to their Russian Amber Room despite the fact that the Russian Amber Room was literally not made by or conceived by the Russians. The Russian Amber Room belonged to Germany/Prussia circa 1701 for the first century of its life. The Amber Room which existed from 1701-1941, was a (culturally cheap knockoff, guild a doorjamb it is still a doorjamb.) copy of the Amber Room the Germans dismantled and shipped back to Northumberland in the decades before the Prussians seized power. The well-known replacement, was an extremely badly done copy in the Baroque style of the previous Amber Room which was close to the only thing left from one of the Copies of the Tabernacle of Adam. The Amber Room was part of the Tabernacle of Adam, specifically part of the Third/Second Floor or the Tabernacle Complex. The Tabernacle of Adam on the third Floor the Amber Room. But the Germans before being conquered by the Prussians dismantled as much of the infrastructure of the building itself and shipped it to Northumberland for safekeeping. Which the English Crown wanted that Amber Room very badly. So badly in fact that the English continuously sent wave after wave of troops to the North Kingdom in order to both subdue the ancient Kingdom of Ogle aka Northumberland but to seize control over the Tabernacle of Adam. The Tabernacle of Adam was a prize possession of the Ogle family and after it was shipped out of Germany back to Northumberland in the 15-1600s it was immediately shipped onto the British Colonies in the Americas. Which in the decades to follow the English simply after destroying as much of the infrastructure of the Kingdom of Ogle/Northumberland as they could, followed the clues left to the American continent. Slowing seizing control over each of the cities where the Amber Room was shipped to. First Boston, then Manhattan, then Philadelphia, then Tiffin Ohio, then Kaskaskia Illinois, then Manitou Springs Colorado, then Bellingham Washington State. To be seized and renamed Pickett Tower by the confederate and Plantation owner Captain George Picket. He had started a Plantation in Bellingham from Holly street north to the Patterson Plantation (the future home of Lynden Washington) .

There is most definitely more than one Amber Room, but those are the locations which contained at least one for at least a bit of time. In Whatcom County, WWU, Ferndale, Pickett Tower, very likely Birch Bay, etc. each possessed a copy of the Amber Room and the associated Tabernacle. The Birch Bay tabernacle over the centuries morphed into the Peace Arch, but originally the Peace Arch would have been more than likely a Tabernacle with an Amber Room on the appropriate floor. For a time the border with Canada was much farther north, the Location of the Peace Arch was similar to the location of NicǼa  (were the Council of NicǼa met and formulated the currently understood Holy Bible, in very large part based on the work of the Paul devotee Bishop of Lyon. Not the work of Simon Peter or his followers. Most of the writings from Simon Peter and his followers the Bishop of Lyon had destroyed. The surviving works, many of them were un-canonized by the majority of the bishops present whom were Paul devotees.) were the Holy Bible was formulated. In a very real way the Peace Arch is a direct representative of the Counsel of NicǼa and the formulation of the Holy Bible. But only scholars at the time circa 1810 would have known that, but their voices would have been entirely drawn out and silenced because that information placed Jews in a good light, when Jews were not illegal to kill either individually or on mass.

Knowing that the Russians wanted to seize control over another Amber Room, the second the Russians and their strongly influenced Militant Islamic e.g. golden horde army found out that one copy of the Tabernacle of Adam was in Bellingham. **The Russians came to the area with as large an army as they could muster. Fully intent on seizing control over whatever Tabernacles and Amber Rooms were assembled in the area. Either controlling the area of Whatcom County or obtaining a foothold long enough to capture the Amber Rooms, dismantle them, ship them back to St Catherine’s Cathedral, making either more than one Amber Room display or expanding their current to a grander and more elaborate display. The Russian’s had been present in the area since the 1700s; having known about the Jewish communities presence long before the American Revolution. The Russians (Fiddler on the Roof) had known about and been killing Jews in their territory for centuries. When Jews in the 1500s started to move voluntarily to Siberia, the government became extremely suspicious. In the Summer Siberia and the Bering straight

 are only a few hundred miles apart. Built a boat or hire a boat and sail outside the reach of the Russian oppression and genocide to the New Continent. Sounds like a plan, then work to establish a New Jerusalem in an extremely good geographical location, were the enemy can only approach from the sea to the west and the North. The West and South are locked by large volcanic fixtures and extremely large trees. The Jews evacuating from the English and Militant Islam from Europe could have met in Whatcom County the Jews evacuating from Russia. Meeting and establishing a very large population collection of cities in a very short time. Whatcom County could have had a population literally in the millions of Jews by the time the Spanish arrived to survey the area. But the Jews would have literally possessed a huge army and even larger Navy. Which would have been both a deterrent to the Spanish trying to Claim all of the American continent for themselves. The voyages to the Caribbean which managed to cross to the Pacific using Panama as a walk across point, proved to be difficult. The Spanish soon found themselves running head long into an extremely well armored fleet of Jewish Ships which had taken up patrolling their Pacific North West “Jew Jerusalem.”

Establishing colonies and major cities north of Whatcom County and south as far south as San Francisco, as far North as Juneau. But that only brought the anger and rage of the Spanish and Russians, whom could not stand the thought of a Jerusalem they did not personally control.

The Jews to them were the definition of Evil, since to them Jacob even though he was crowned King of Kings. To the Esau based philosophical cultures like Russia (after the golden horde converted to Islam and conquered Russia), the middle east, England, Spain, Portugal, parts of the Italian cultures, Libertine French, Prussia, Hungary, portions of the Greek culture, etc. Esau was a robbed truly holy person while Jacob used a pact with the devil in order to steel the King of Kings crown. A War has been raging every day since between the descendants of Esau and Jacob over whom actually is the Rightful King of Kings.

The area Pickett marched his non-scripted men into had already been a battleground for decades and centuries before. Jews marching west as quickly as they could from first Europe the east coast and west starting in the 1500s; Jews marching as quickly as boats could take them from Russia East to the same locations. Using El Dorado and Cibola as a cultural legend to let Jews know where the new IsrǼl and Jerusalem were, the Jews knew “City or Cities of Gold” meant the Tabernacle of Adam specifically the Amber Room. The Russians, and European’s assumed it meant Gold not Amber. But the lustful Esau line descendants do not think, they are so driven by all the bad things in life, they do not stop to think their actions might be bad. Or they might be being used as tools by smarter and less bad cultures to perform duties. The Spanish and Russians spreading the news about Cibola and El Dorado allowed for the news to spread extremely fast, because those cultures perceive nothing other than more gold and the lust for more power. While the Jews seek IsrǼl and its capital city Jerusalem.

Pickett was caught in the middle of a very bad situation which he worked as hard as he possibly could to achieve two goals. One create himself a Plantation and two built confederate foothold in Whatcom County in order for his friends to have a safe haven fallback position. Most of the confederacy before the first shots were fired on fort Sumter had lost all faith in the leadership or entire lacking thereof from Jefferson Davis. He was incompetent on his best day, on his worst he was nothing more than a puppet for the powerful (militant Islam) to use to get what they wanted. The powerful still in the south wanted more power and money, they also did not want the confederacy to survive. They (militant Islam) simply wanted the confederacy to live long enough to weaken the Union. So pockets of Islamic militant armies in the west could form together and conquer the union. Making America a truly Islamic country, not Protestant Islam light. Protestantism was designed by John Calvin to be a repackaged to be more acceptable form of Islam. He liked Islam and hated the Catholic Church, so he repackaged Islam to make it more acceptable for Europeans to accept. But the powerful whom had direct interactions with Jefferson Davis only wanted to confederacy to be powerful enough to topple the Union. Then their forces could topple the Union. Pickett and his friends knew this and tried to work against these interests by creating a safe zone for the true confederates to come and regroup away from the government of Jefferson Davis. When Jefferson Davis’s government fell, which there was little doubt from anyone it would. The only reason the confederacy lasted as long as it did, enough competent people were involved with the working south to keep it afloat. But in general, the corruption within forced the inevitable doom.

Plus when Robert E. Lee found out about the hidden militant Islamic influences, he figured out he backed the wrong side. He was a plantation man born and bred, but he had no idea militant Islam wanted the north and south to fight against each other, to annualize each other, to eventually conquer them both and place America under a true Islamic flag. Once he started to figure out the truth Lee started to lose battles intentionally. Loosing enough troops to but still keeping enough troops to maintain cohesion. He knew he might need to reform his military in order to fight against militant Islam.

In fact there is no reason his “Quarrel’s Raiders” and similar unites were not tasked with finding militant pockets and destroying them. All kept entirely secret with no paperwork at all,  tasking such units to find and kill every single militant Islamic pocket as they could.

The Picket Plantation being caught directly in the middle of this horrific set of circumstances.

The Safe zone, safe heaven, new confederacy headquarters in Whatcom County stood no chance whatsoever. The Russians, Spanish, natives, Canadians, English, etc. were all ready and waiting to pounce on the new confederacy. So only a few meetings could have taken place, literally as much in secret as possible. Attaching as little attention, as to not be taken out and killed. Or worst taken hostage and used as a bargaining tool against either the confederacy or the American government.

Part of Sherman’s march to the sea was also designed to find and erase pockets of militant Islamic armies and cultures in the south. To make sure the second war would not happen.

The Russian’s needed to take possession of “Pickets Tower” (makes no difference when the battles started, the Tower at F and DuPont <hiway 99 aka Aurora aka the Road of Amber. The name itself talks about the hidden and very secret Tabernacle of Adam and its Amber Room. Since that Road hiway 99 aka Aurora connects several Amber Rooms together. Or the legend of Cibola.> Street Bellingham) and its associated Amber Room. Dismantle the all-important Amber Room on the second floor, ship it back to St Catherine’s Cathedral, and reassemble as the real ancient Russian Amber Room. Replacing the Baroque fake gift from Germany. Then increase the decoration of the place by hiring the best gold smiths to expand and increase the glory of the Room. Enter Peter Carl Faberge his predecessors and workers. He was a master craftsman in gold yet but he was not the only goldsmith in Russia, but there is a good bet that his work on the Russian Amber Room strongly encouraged his flamboyance to create his other legendary pieces. Massive amounts of gold and full throated support from the ruling family go a very long way for an artist. Given an artist a blank check and if the artist is a talented master, than things like the Sistine Chapel and the pieces Faberge made not only become possible, but realistically in demand. Forgetting the facts that the Amber Room was made of Amber not gold. Gold was simply used as a conductor of the electricity generated by the Amber, nothing more than what electricians would use Copper Wire for in the present. But gold is a better conductor of electricity.

The Russians were also present in Bellingham to find and kill the remaining Jews whom had yet to be killed by the armies already present. During World War II the Russians and American armies worked tirelessly with unites labeled at least on the Allies/American side “Monuments Men”, whom were specifically tasked with finding pilfered art and other artifacts the NAZI stole and return them to their rightful owners. The Russians had their own “monuments Men” who were tasked with re-stealing the art the NAZI stole and sending all those treasures back to Moscow to make up for the millions killed in the NAZI invasion of Russia.  The Russian government has a history of stealing the treasures of those they conquer. The Russians in Whatcom County in the last 1700s through the middle of the 1800s, there is no reason to assume the Russians were not interested in stealing the artifacts in the area as well. Killing Jews and stealing their treasures by statistics is close to exactly how the Western World and Russia deal with the Jews going back to the end of the Roman Empire.

Which begs the question, if no bodies were found, no mass graves, where were the giant crematoria         ovens to dispose of the thousands of Jews living in the area previous to 1840. Very likely 10,000s of not 100,000s of Jews living in the area. Disposing of that volume of human bodies would be entirely unrealistic to put them into the sound, but disposing of them by cremation works  fine. So were was the Crematorium, killing them by sword, mass hangings, etc. is the fun part for those cultures directly connected to or part of militant Islam.

. Evidence of said taking Jews by Railcar to be executed then cremated on mass and bringing troops in to fight against each other and with the common enemy to kill the Jews is that Whatcom County had miles of working Rail Road tracks in the 1850s. The Rail line only being taken down from running down the center of the city in the 1980s; the connected north south line both the Canada and California Rail Roads was built long after.  The North South Line which runs along the Shore Line was put in decade to even a century after the lines running into downtown. The Line running downtown Bellingham was around 300 miles away from the closest connecting Rail lines in the 1800s. The Rail Lines in Bellingham were literally entirely for the first several decades isolated by hundreds of miles from the closest Rail Lines at the end of the 1800s. The East West and the Columbia River Rail Lines did not connect with Bellingham for decades. The question becomes why lay hundreds of miles of Rail Road track in Whatcom County when the tons of coal, trees, etc. were not sufficient to need to ship said only a few miles to the sea to offload to ships. But the 500,000 troops would need tons of supplies and replacement troops on an almost constant basis. In addition shipping by force Jews off to be cremated, boxcars is the best solution to contain them for miles. Off-loading the Jews directly in front of the crematoria .

The Crematoria would be literally lining the street of Railroad Avenue. Be interesting if some evidence of those crematoria is still in place 170 years later. Jews from both Europe, native populations, African populations, and of course Russia being brought to Whatcom County to be disposed of.

Which adds another almost beyond belief bad but statistically feasible feature to this theory.

Trail of Tears

What if the Trail of Tears which in truth started in the late 1700s was actually designed to separate out the natives from the infiltrated Jews. Separate the Jews out and use the North South cattle trails to move the separated out Jews from the natives and move the them to the Pacific North West for easy and quick disposal so far outside the reach of any press, no reports would be possible. Some cattle trails did exist prior to the Civil War in Texas. The Mexicans and Texans had used them in the 1700s. Moving cows from Mexico up to river barges in the Mississippi including the Missouri. Once on the River system, the Jews could be moved to the Pacific North West in a matter of weeks. Anyone whom disagreed would be killed on the spot. No reporters would be anywhere within 1000 miles.

The corner of Railroad Ave and Holly North would be the beginning of the Concentration Camp circa 1855. Likely earlier but with less efficiency regarding industrialization of Jewish genocide and disposing of said.  The guess would be the edge of the Bellingham concentration camp was Holly Street north, at that time slave quarters


Being burned alive is not a new thing for the militant Islamic or Catholic church,   to burn those they consider evil alive. Not a new thing by any stretch. But by using a crematoria, must less mess to clean up after. Plus the ashes can be disposed of quickly and not gathered by followers to use for bad purposes.

Legends regarding the ash of witches burned alive could be used to curse the priests whom were in charge of the trial, were not uncommon. So keeping a better control over the ash, and dumping said directly into the Bay would remove that problem.

Whatcom County explains why the major armies of the world were gathered, why the area had an isolated fully functioning Rail Road. Also explains why the Judson’s did not arrive in the area till after the 1870s and the majority of the Jews had been killed and most of the armies had left.

Joseph Smith

One of the other major reasons for said Pickett Plantation action could be is the very likely large numbers of Mormons Joseph Smith could have sent out secretly in 1820 to Whatcom County. He sent them out before he published his book. The Smith family has been strongly connected with the Charismatic spiritual movements for decades, before Joseph published his book. The problem is there is a violent and fundamental difference between the Spirituality Charismatic movements of the 1700s and the same name but different philosophy of the 1960s. The differences are the connection to the ATEN, to be touched (Jacob; holder of the foot/limb/arm/etc. of the spirit of the divine) by the hand/limb of god, and the whispers of the darker aspects of humanity. In effect what placebo can be defined as the Milgram effect of the devil talking in the persons ear. A human believing that they are being manipulated by some dark force can then excuse there personal bad actions and criminal behavior with the “Devil made me do it.” Joseph wanted to build a hub or ankle Temple a copy of the Tabernacle of Adam which was what Solomon modeled his Temple in Jerusalem from. That Tabernacle of Adam which Solomon built as close to an exact copy of as possible, was going to be Joseph’s main temple. Then have the rest of the System built over the course of about half a mile extending out from the Tabernacle/Temple/Ankle in a toes/starburst format.  The Charismatic movement in the 1600- very early 1800s had a thorn in the side of the Protestants and militant Islamic cultures present in America. It angered them to a violent reaction. One of the reasons Mormonism was considered a Cult in the beginning was the foundation and background of the Charismatic Movement Joseph smith formed part of his Church from that philosophy. The 1960s version was based from Churches whom were almost exclusively centered on great awakening moment philosophies. The philosophy which is mostly Islamic in all but name and a few of the rituals. Unfortunately B.Y. hated the entire concept to the core of his being. If joseph Smith had his way, he would have taught people how to divine, use divination tools, douse, look for answers in tools designed to detect said occurrences, etc. but he compromised too  much with the haters in his church.

The book of Mormon was published after he formed his church unofficially, although the official start of his church was after he published. He did have a loyal group whom gathered to hear him teach and preach. The unofficial church which was not legal or any documentation regarding it having existed, was not small. Several hundred people if not more were actively participating.

The Book of Mormon was written but not published, publishing took him in a completely different direction. After publishing, the direction his church took was diplomatic not divine. A direction which led directly to Protestants in his church to assassinate him. Which worked perfectly. Not only perfectly but the guilty persons in the church, no evidence has been found to link the two together. The people whom did the execution and B.Y.. He knew his organization was being infiltrated by Islamic/protestant followers, whether they knew it or not makes less than zero difference.

Upon the Mormons starting to make their presence known in Whatcom County, their actions would have immediately stirred a violent reaction from the American government. That reaction would have been swift and violent. Violent to the extreme. Sending troops into the area to seize control over both the area and the “undesirables” in the area recently taken over. Being a Jew in America was enough of an excuse to hunt your entire family down and kill them after torturing them for a while. Mormons were less tolerated than Jews. Especially in the 1820s, when the book was yet to be published. Most when they would have heard the information about the religion would simply think it was a cult and kill the person whom believed said actions were acceptable.


Pickett could have seized what would have been a partially constructed Temple Square from Holly Street North by about a mile and turned it into a death camp. To kill all whom opposed the Plantation System. Which would include Mormons, Jews, British, Masons, etc.

Sending out a likely between a few hundred to a few thousand of his most loyal followers to Whatcom County with the permission of the Ogle family from Tiffin. The confederacy hated the LDS movement almost as much as they hated Jews. They hated Mormons more than they hated northerners.

Joseph Smith out dousing one find day in his early teens discovered a cache of books. A huge library of information which were not printed in English. The British home language was some form of Gaelic. The origins of Gaelic have no documentation since Gaelic was already in existence long before the Romans arrived in Britain. Smith would need to learn how to read the language the material was printed in first. That came through the assistance of those whom knew how to read Gaelic. Why is it assumed the documents were written in Gaelic. Because the origin of the Gaelic language is the Futhark. The Futhark language itself is literally the parent of Hebrew. The Jews living in Egypt aka Israel previous to the exodus possessed a language different than either Aramaic or Hebrew. Aramaic the language itself is the home language of the Avaris/Hyksos.

Joseph Smith possessed a goal. To rebuild Jerusalem in America. But to rebuilt Jerusalem in America he would need all manner of things. He needed an organizational infrastructure which would allow him to generate the income nessessary. He needed to avoid including protestants and Muslims in that organization. He also needed a profound amount of money.

As he started out, the organization he built worked fantastic. But as more and more people joined, filtering out the protestants and Muslims proved to be an impossible task. Which after a given point in the size, Protestants and Muslims do what they do. Collect in a group and start to change the rules to fit their perspective of proper action.

So in his late teens to early 20s Joseph Smith was trying to perform three things at the same time. avoid being killed by the great awakening followers, avoid allowing them into his new religion, and to build said organization.

Not long after setting out to create his new religion with his books “The Book of Mormon” Joseph Smith found himself with a problem. That problem consisted of, he wanted to rebuilt Jerusalem. But the books he gained access to referred to extremely specific dimensions and details he could not understand. The Problem is, B.Y. was so arrogant, egotistical, etc. that he was going to build his personal Great Awakening Jerusalem e.g. Mecca (Esau selling his soul to the devil in order to take the power away from Joseph/Jacob reference intended. Which ironically Abu Bakr did the same action against Mohammed to obtain the highest rank possible in the Islamic world. B.Y. had Joseph killed, Esau sent a fallen to kill Jacob, and Abu Bakr manipulated Mohammed into drinking poison to prove he could rise from the dead. Which is where the whole “Born Again” concept came from.) in the manner he wanted to, he was not going to send even one second listening to Joseph. Joseph in B.Y.’s opinion was entirely wrong. B.Y. acknowledged said in the last words he spoke. Acknowledging he performed evil against Joseph, Josephs family, and Joseph’s allies including the allies B.Y. stole the library from which Joseph was loaned in order to start his school on the other side of the Rockies. That school was supposed to be named to honor the British People and possibly their previous name Trojans. Salt Lake City was supposed to be called Jerusalem. But B.Y. killed Joseph before he could be told that information.

Joseph and Brigham fought about the direction of the doctrine from practically their first meeting. Joseph knowing what the information was, B.Y. was so arrogant that he was sure he knew better. Despite all evidence to the contrary. Almost exactly the same interaction the Simon Peter had with the evil Priest Pau. Simon Peter being an apostile while Paul was an impostor who was in Greece when the events of the Crucifixion were occurring. Directly comparing the actions of Paul and B.Y. would be a fair assessment.

The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake was supposed to be built between Castle Ogle aka Pickett Tower and New Castle aka WWU. The Mormon Temple was supposed to be a direct reflection of the name Jacob himself. One limb of the ATEN touching the ground, where it touched the ground the Ankle of the Tabernacle System of Adam. The Toes, the Temples/Wards which extend from the Ankle out.

America and the Confederacy were equal in their hatred of the Mormons, the LDS’s was in their opinion an abomination to the lord and needed to be searched out and obliterated. Obliterating all aspects of the followers of Joseph Smith.

In 1836, Joseph smith started to figure out there was an extreme problem in his organization. Now in a manner of speaking, the legalities regarding the American Government owning Ohio as a state were still being debated and disapproved by citizens of Ohio itself.

March 1 1803 admitted into the Union of States from being a territory since 1787. This causes a huge problem since those still loyal to the British (not English) were still fighting to regain their rights. When the property the British owned in Ohio was seized and they had to buy their own lands back this is a fundamental problem. But it also presents the solutions documentation does exist regarding the actions reactions of the parties involved. The British were being forcibly terrorized by the English and the colonist from 1700-1787. When the area became a territory. But the Territory of Ohio itself was a deal between the British and the Royalist French since the 1500s. the British worked with the French to settle and built the area from the western portion of the British Colonies to the French and British controlled areas which extended to the Mississippi. The British and the French then partially controlled with a different political makeup the area from the Mississippi to the Pacific North west.

The British owned and operated the colonies, co-owned the Ohio River system down to western Florida to the Mississippi. Co-owned with Britain being the stronger governmental organizational structure. Although the English called from the Mississippi to the western portion of the British colonies New France. The Southern portion of Louisiana from Colorado to the Gulf was strongly controlled by Royalist French, the northern portion was British with some French influence.

This partnership provided a significant portion of the funding to pay for Versii and the battle against the protestants in Europe. The British needed free passage through France in order to take the fight to the militant Islamic armies in central and eastern Europe. To stop the Islamic armies from conquering all the way through Europe.

In America the British armies were also trying to fight the spread of Islam. They possessed seats of power in the south and up the Mississippi.

Joseph Smith was caught in the middle of those Wars the west versus militant Islam. Those wars for the most part were not over till the 1870s. with pockets of militant Islam and strong protestant supporters working with Islam, protecting said pockets when possible. The battles with the West were strongly about the effects of domination over religion. For some the ideas of religion freedom are only about their religion, their religious freedom is about destroying the religions of others. Not allowing them to go and kill other religions becomes an act and legislation of religion intolerance. In effect “how dare you tell me I cannot go kill those whom my religion tells me need to be killed. That is infringing on my religious rights.”

But when it comes down to it, the applications of what joseph smith did in response is important. He tried to build his organization despite violent reprisals from most sides.

He very likely sent several hundred settlers to Castle Ogle. The British Ogles chose to send him for unknown reasons, but he did have sufficient knowledge to work with the Tabernacle system.

One of the reasons the American and Confederate governments sent Pickett and the commanders before him was to root out anyone whom were not allied with America or the Confederacy to erase them. The Mormons in Bellingham would have been erased from Existence. Being disposed of the same way the natives and Jews in the area were disposed of. Killed and their bodies erased.

Where were they erased, on the Pickett Plantation. Which would have been an extremely lucrative business of Pickett to be in. Disposing of America’s and the worlds undesirables. The Russians bring their millions of Jews to be erased, the natives to be erased, the Jews in America to be erased, etc. but the camp was shut down by 1880. The military commanders after Pickett was forced off the lands he seized because he was trying to build a confederate stronghold in Bellingham. He partially succeeded. His replacement it is an unknown if he was a Confederate Sympathizer or a hard line Union man. Or it could be the next commander wanted the money Pickett was generating based on his Plantation and very likely death camp. The next commanders in sequence their actions and activities during the civil war are not very well documented at all. A little bit of standardized reports but mostly the fewer details the better.

Which brings up an interesting idea, the Jews and said whom in basic willingly walked into the death camps knowing as a matter of obvious fact they were going to die. If friends and relatives had been going to the camps and not being heard from again, it does not take a genious to figure out the Jews were going to die. In effect the Jews were committing mass self masicism to the ultimate degree. Dying together, not resisting the march . Could a scene like this be what occurred on Rail Road Street Bellingham, the building which stood closer to where either the feed store is or the Bus stop. Could the disposal places be were those very new buildings were built over to hide the evidence.

For evidence of said interactions, look to the book Joseph Smith’s mother wrote immediately after her son was murdered. Which the arrogance, and ego of B.Y. did not allow for said book to be recognized till corrections were made to the “Tissue of Lies” which is how he responded to the book Joseph’s mother wrote. The book would not be recognized and B.Y. ordered his followers to destroy the books Joseph’s mother wrote. Primarily because exactly like Mohammed’s interaction with Abu Bakr; both Abu Bakr and B.Y. had the true and rightful leader and family killed/removed from power so they could take over. Any threat to their power was met with violent opposition. Not being able to question the authority of B.Y. places the church he built strongly away from the category of a legitimate religion and cements it into a cult. Two centuries later, those whom follow the tenants of Joseph Smith have a religion, those whom follow the arrogant and egotistical tenants of B.Y. with violent opposition to anyone whom questions their or his authority are dealt with harshly.

The Tabernacle of Adam

The Tabernacle of Adam has been so well hidden that despite the vast number of buildings modeled after the same exact design, the origin of that design has been systemically erased because the later arrogant and egotistical tyrants whom could not stand anyone being more glorious then themselves ordered all traces of the past to be obliterated from existence.

A couple thousand years of too arrogant and egotistical tyrants erasing any trace of anything which might question their authority and the end result it most if not all the information regarding monotheism from Adam to the Exodus is no longer in existence. Minus buildings and behavior patterns, most of the known documentation has been entirely obliterated.


The Tabernacle of Adam Construction

First or Ground floor

Second or First floor

Third or Second floor is where the Amber Room would have been. The all-important Amber Room would be literally where the Arc of the Covenant was placed . The Ark of the Covenant was the vessel which the Plates hand made by god were placed after Moses threw a temper tantrum destroying the Plates to destroy the Symbol for Jacob. Moses wanted literally nothing to do with Jacobs line, he was a Proud and inhuman Esau line descendant. 

Top of the structure would be a Dolman

This is the same exact architecture as the Kaaba at the center of Mecca.

Bellingham Tabernacle of Adam***

Based on the evidence of Old Main, the Pickett Tower, the Village which existed before Lynden, the Logs in the Jam in Ferndale, the locations of the copies of the Garden of Eden aka English Gardens attached to the Grand Estates in the area, etc. the Main Public Tabernacle of Adam (similar to the Publish Temple of Apollo Troy if not an exact copy of said) would be located were the Pickett Tower was. It was located on the top of the Hill up from the Pickett House. **

That Tabernacle/Tower would be literally seized because it was a hard target threat to the Confederacy, the Great Awakening Movements, the South, everything there was to do with Islam, etc. the existence of that Tabernacle/Tower would be considered an evil abomination by those cultures. They would want to either possess its power or outright destroy it.

The Tabernacle of Adam in Bellingham Washington, would be where the Jews hid their most valuable and sacred treasures. Although when built the City of Bellingham was Called Castle Ogle, since Castle Bellingham was about three Miles north and Ogle Castle aka WWU “Old Main” building was closer. Plus from  north of the Tabernacle of Adam renamed Pickett Tower that land was mostly Megaliths and Gardens. At least that was what was built previous to 1840; post most of the infrastructure of the area had been obliterated and large buildings built on top of the old. To permanently hide the facts of the past.

Amber Room

Unfortunately I found additional hard evidence Protestantism is strongly influenced by militant Islam. Sorry John Calvin and Martin Luther were less than 80 miles from ottomans who had been in the area for centuries. Doubly so for the great awakening movements. Direct centuries of business deals for both ships and seaman.

The American heart of the slave trade is where the great awakening movements started

The European workers were directly for centuries interacting with militant Islam. Not 80 miles away but in the same rooms. Evidence prove militant Islam had a foothold in the southern colonies in the 1600


The tools

Whom possesses the room has enormous power


The Famous Amber Room

The Russian amber room was a gift from the Prussians to the Russians to secure a negotiation to aligned with each other to go to war against Sweden. But the Prussians knew the room was a cheap but expensive copy. A far cry from the original. The Originally being literally a direct by legend descendant from the Tabernacle of Adam.

In truth, if the Russians wanted to actually make an good like for like copy of the Tabernacle of Adam. First start with redesigning the entire architecture. The Amber Room does in the second/third floor depending on how you could the ground or first floor.

Next a Tabernacle does not work in isolation. An Amber Room works by way of


In the 1600s, the Germans knew they were about to lose the area which contained at least one of their Tabernacle of Adam’s. Knowing they were going to lose control over that area, the only realistic solution was to dismantle again (or ship as is, but that would be bending the boundaries of what the Vatican death grip on science would allow. Even though the Holy Roman Empire had stacks of books regarding experiments with Electricity, all said information was locked inside vaults with guards whom had standing orders to kill anyone without proper permission.), shipping the Tabernacle and its associated Amber Room back to the Ogle family. The problem is between 1550-1650 the Ogles lost control over most of their kingdom in Britain. Only small pockets of very limited control were maintained. So shipping the Tabernacle and Amber Room to Northumberland would be a very large mistake. The English government would stop at nothing if they knew that divine tool was on their shores to capture and use it as a weapon. Or destroy it to make sure that weapon was not used against them.

The FreeMasonic concept of the Legend of sleepy hollow comes into the mix about now. With the Tabernacle on British soil, safely behind large British armies, the only thing to do was to figure out if it was safe to open the boxes and reassemble the structure and where. But the problem came up quickly.


The Prussians soon figured out one of the goals of their war with Germany had not only been removed years to decades before but only a cheap façade copy was left in its place. The insult was more than the Prussians could stand. Not taking their war prize, that was  the issues or War. But the deception of taking one of the real ones out and replacing it with nothing more than the equivalent to a theatrical set. A set which would be at home in the most poor and gutter theaters; the arrogance of the new Prussian government to be presented with a War Prize not suitable for the lowest class theater set pieces. The Prussians were a proud people, telling their leaders by the façade of the theater amber room was more than their honor would allow. So they told both the Russians and the English all about it.





Almost immediately after Rudolf Hess defected from the Third Reich to Northumberland, Adolf ordered the immediate invasion of Russia. That invasion was code named Barbarossa.

The most significant aspect of the invasion was it was not only last minute, but the entire invasion itself was planned with a level of incompetence which makes the Charge of the Light Brigade look like a well-organized and strategically planned out with generous level precision military exercise.

The Charge of the Light brigade is one of the most classic modern history military blunders. Not only was the Charge executed with close to insane incompetence, but the commanders in charge of the planning stages ignored every single rule of military strategy. Using light slow horses to charge over the course of several miles uphill to artillery positions extremely well-fortified. The Charge if perceived as a way to kill every single person in the brigade, is the only way the plan makes sense. If the commanders in charge wanted most if not all of the soldiers in that brigade killed them than they planned for a close to perfect military exercise.

Barbarossa the only time that would have been worse to launch such an attack would have been literally in the middle of January. But that would have left the Germans to freeze to death in April and not January. The purpose of Operation Barbarossa was to take the best panzer division and make as close to a straight line (Remember the Russians were one of the Armies present in Whatcom County in the 1800s, fighting for something. The Tabernacle/Tower of Adam containing a copy of an Amber Room, would be an extremely good reason for the Russians to have invaded Washington Territory to occupy the Tabernacle<Pickett’s Tower>, dismantle it, and ship it back to Saint Catherine’s Cathedral St Petersburg. ) invasion to the East side of St Catherine’s Cathedral on the East Side of the City of St Petersburg Russia. Because that is the location of the Russian Amber Room.

The Russian Amber Room was not built by or even designed by the Russians. Although at the time the Russian Amber Room was


Shipped from 1600s Germany

Shipped from 700 Northumberland

Shipped from Egypt to

Shipped from Levant to

Shipped from Athens to

Athens old name Poseidon to Bellingham.

Athens and the tools of Adam

Bellingham and the Amber Room/Temple of Pillars

Fight to control Bellingham Ferndale.

Amber Room and FreeMasonry

This matters to freemasonry because all FreeMasons are charged with protecting the secrets, or the Tabernacle of Adam. Which is what the Temple of Solomon was, on the inside layer it looked like the Kaaba a tent with tall, around 100 feet or more tall support posts, on the outside a standard masonry structure. The inside and outside literally did not touch except for places to step between. The amber room is one of those secrets. The Amber Room was on the second, third floor of the Kaaba/Tabernacle depending on if you call the first floor the ground floor or not.

The Amber Room and the Cup of Christ

This portion of the bible has been so heavily edited it is difficult to relate the facts of what actual happened with the facts regarding (the garden of Gisenyi; was a copy of the Garden of Eden aka a Persian Jewish Garden. That Jewish Garden not Persian, because the area of Jerusalem that garden would have been in would be the Jewish section not the Persian/Philistine section. There was a megalith at least a dolmen on top of the catacombs which is where the body of Jesus was put to rest. Why place the dead next to a Garden designed to be literally a copy of the Garden of Eden. The Persian Garden and the Jewish Garden are copies of the same Garden of Eden legends. It was assumed that if a city had more than one public “Copy of the garden of Eden” and each of the major/rich people in the city possessed their own copy of the Garden of Eden. Than they were acting and reacting according to the laws of the divine. The Persians were part of the descendants of Esau, which their desperate need for both power and control went on an unending behavior pattern of kill any and all Jews. Destroy any and all things which might point to their accomplishments.

Regarding Bellingham, The ATEN works as a Network as in more than one Tabernacle working together. The Four Tabernacles which at least some evidence still exists in Whatcom County present both the ATEN design as well as Ohm’s law regarding closing circuits. Each Tower/Tabernacle is a Limb/arm/foot/leg/appendage, while (holder of the foot, Jacob) the structures between are the “foot/fingers/etc.” of the definition of Jacob. The x Estate a few hundred feet to the north on the Aurora/Gold/Amber Road would be in this network. ) the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Jesus according to popular legend was a fully trained Jewish priest of the Temple. Which means he had the full ability to enter the Amber Room, where the Arch of the Covenant was located and interact with the plates of the 10 commandments.

According to the physical evidence of the sites involved. The Aten one limb/arm/leg comes down to a single point, that single point fans out to a variety of different positions.

The Garden of Gethsemane literally was one of those extensions from the King Solomon Temple Mound. From the circle of the ATEN, down the limb, to the Temple Mound, literally to

(side note, the original Temple of Solomon when it was destroyed, the enemy took it down piece by piece and could have literally transported the original Temple of Solomon Structure literally to Rome. 586 b.c.e when Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar attacked the city, he ordered the Temple of literally hand built by King Solomon, King Tyre, and King Hiram by Grand Architecture Hiram Abiff. The Babylonians were from the ancient pre-Exodus school of Judaism. Consequently, the City of Jerusalem had actually been taken over and politically corrupted from within by Hebrews from the Esau line Moses. Moses was a through and through Esau line from the Hyksos and Egyptian Avaris devotee. His Hebrew were a corruption like Cancer of real Judaism into Esau’s understanding light. ) the resting place.

Ohm’s law, the Temple Mound

The Temple Mound the location were King Solomon’s Temple used to be. The ATEN in the sky. The Garden of Gethsemane. These three places (one of which had a legend regarding harnessing electricity; Solomon’s Temple) literally form a circuit. Completing the circuit completes the Defibrillation affect. How exactly is a mystery. Virtually the entire city of Jerusalem has been obliterated entirely in the last 2000 years. Only fixed geographical locations are known, everything else is literally been rebuilt at least three separate times. The location of the Garden of Gethsemane is almost entirely guess work based on documentation which could easily be entirely bias towards a variety of conquerors whom did not want truth to come out. Killing Jews till 1946 ce was an acceptable past time; it was so common that there would literally be no reason to make a note of it. Complete the circuit completes the electrical conduit; thus physics wise part of the resurrection of Jesus can be explained. Physical therapists use electricity and sonic waves to change the electro-magnetic signature of the body a million times a day. Same exact principle using Megalithic technology which is as a matter of hard reality so far beyond current scientific understanding, it hardly registers as anything at all.

Mohammed taken to the Temple of Solomon

In Islamic holy books they claim Mohamed visited the Temple of Solomon.

But when the Babylonians were conquered by the Romans, they had dismantled the Temple which had fallen into Esau’s descended Moses hands and the workings of the inside of the Temple had become corrupt with darkness and bad behaviors. So the Babylonians conquered the city and took the temple back to Babylon with the Jews. The Babylonians were not bad, they were actually the good guys. But the Hebrews whom were in charge of writing the material would not rest till they had those bad dirty Jews back under their tyrannical control.

Shortly after even though Zerubbabel was unable to topple the Babylonians sufficiently in order to dismantle the moved to Babylon Temple of Solomon, he was able to gather sufficient plans in order to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. But he made several extreme changes to the structure. For one thing he laid the temple on its back. To hide both the facts of the Tabernacle but also the facts about Noah’s ark. From 400 b.c.e to present the mythology of the size and dimensions of Noah’s ark the building was laid on its back and turned into a ship instead of being a Tabernacle of Adam.

The Romans had no difficulty when they conquered the Babylonians to find, dismantle the temple of Solomon, and ship it back to Rome.


The confusion between cultures whom truly did believe in some type of polytheistic system and the pre-exodus Jews is implied. The problem is not the pre-exodus Jews were polytheistic, that is a fallacy based on not understanding what the enemy of the Jews were looking at.

The facts that more than one temple can be found in all Jewish cultures confuses the issues regarding did that culture believe in a polytheistic system or a monotheistic system. The truth is the Jews have always been monotheistic, even before they were called Jews. Whatever they were called from Adam to Jacob they were still monotheistic. But their technology makes it appear as if they were polytheistic.

Their temples were designed and dedicated to more than one deity, or so it would appear. But the truth is the pre-exodus Jews literally understood a vastly more complex universe than Moses and his descended Hebrews.

 at the end of each line from the disk to the bottom is a different thing. But each different thing is not a different deity. That is a fallacy conducted by the enemy to create false translations. The truth is each extension is like a computer; from the e.g. the power supply, each limb/army/leg/extension from the disk/power supply operates a different electro-magnetic sphere. Almost exactly like a mother board. Video card, Wi-Fi connection, mouse, keyboard, etc. each “deity” is not a different deity but a different function of the computer.

Computer since there is absolutely electricity involved.


The Snake

The Snake of Eve is not actually a snake, the Snake is a metaphoric reference to the direction of Vertical as in the constellation Draco. Draco at that time was literally Polaris. So the whole “Eve corrupted by a Snake” is actually Eve was corrupted by the knowledge of the Megalithic structure itself. She started to learn and understand the patterns the shadows presented based on the Megaliths. She had started to learn and understand and patterns in the Shadows. But since Esau line are both misogynistic and hate all knowledge which does not give the male leaders more power, that is a double against women. All the bad things in life are blamed on women simply because




Copies of the amber room.

Evidence in architecture, one of the amber rooms of Adam could very well have been in Bellingham WA. Another was in Texas for a time, then moved to Colorado


Islam is bad and break their own rules. They form the ATEN 5 times a day. They are forming an ATEN while they pray. Their own rules they are the IDOL. Every circle is a Muslim praying to Mecca.

Esau “if I cannot walk with god, I will rule with Evil”. His behavior patterns and all his descended cultures convince themselves every generation that conducting violence against IsrǼl is their right. In this case evil given right.

The Ark of the Covenant

The last at least semi-documented and accepted sighting of the Ark of the Covenant was literally on the Island in the Middle of Lake Tanna in southern Egypt.

Using the River system instead of heading south to Ethiopia, and straight into the hands of militant Esau line descendants. It would make more sense to use the River system and take the Ark West. The Rivers from the Upper Egypt the Nile there are a dozen rivers and lakes semi-connected between the headwaters of the Nile to Niger.

Niger is where 99% of the slaves were captured from. But that would be millennia later.

Once in Niger, that escape route would be used again by the Coptic’s, Christians, Jews, etc. to escape when Militant Islam invaded.

Once in Niger the only intelligent thing to do was for the Jews escaping Hyksos armies was to obtain an ocean capable sailing ship and head straight to the Caribbean. Possibly use the coastal waters to travel up to Northumberland first, but not long behind would be the enemy wanting to take possession of the Ark of the Covenant to use to make their culture more powerful.

Heading to the American continent was literally the only realistic solution.

But knowing that literally the only realistic solution was for the Esau line cultures to follow. Keeping the Ark of the Covenant on the Eastern Seaboard was simply inviting trouble.

Inviting trouble causes all manor or problems.

So keeping the Ark moving west from Boston to Ohio. From Ohio using the River system to take them down to the Mississippi, up the Mississippi to the Missouri, up the Missouri to the headwaters,  cross over the continental divide to the headwaters of the Columbia River, down the Columbia to the mouth and the Pacific Ocean, then up the Pacific North West coast to  south of the Olympic Peninsula, where rivers would take you inland to around the area of Centralia , up Centralia to Puget’s Sound, travel up Puget’s sound till you find a perfectly defensible position. That perfectly defensive position would be literally too mountainous on two sides and require massive amounts of seamanship to navigate into what would be called Bellingham Bay.

Jerusalem to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia

Ethiopia to Lake Tianna

Lake Tianna to the River System West to Niger

Niger to the Coast of Africa

The Coast of Africa to the Caribbean

Caribbean to Florida

Florida to the Mississippi

Mississippi to the Missouri

Missouri to the continental divide

The continental divide to the Columbia

The Columbia to the Pacific

The Pacific up the Washington State Coast

Up the coast to a river leading to Centralia

Centralia to the south Puget’s Sound

Up Puget’s Sound literally to Bellingham Bay. The Most protected and secure location in the area.

Where the Jews “The Lost 13th Tribe” settled and started to literally rebuild Jerusalem 6000 miles away from the closest enemy whom wanted to hunt them down and kill them. Taking their most precious treasures with them.

After 500 b.c.e and the Ark was secure in IsrǼl aka in the Tabernacle of Adam North of Ogle Castle; the people and treasures would sit secure for more than 2000 years. 500 b.c.e – 1510 ce. But once the Spanish, Muslims, etc. sailed far enough north in the Pacific they soon ran headlong into an extremely well-fortified IsrǼl. Those pockets in IsrǼl (Castle Ogle aka WWU “Old Main”) were set up the same way the British set up their fail safe defenses in Northumberland. Preparing for the arrival of the Roman Empire, the Romans were defeated at Hadrian’s Wall but would not be defeated in Puget’s Sound.


Once in Bellingham bay set





The Slave Trade

The Jew Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492, but he was given permission by the Pope and not killed outright because in part the militant Islamic cultures of Africa, Spain, the Ǽgean, the Middle East, etc. told the Vatican. “Allow us to expand our territory to the Continent to the West and we will not collective invade and make the Vatican a Mosque”, the response was obvious. The petition to find the new continent was granted and Columbus was not executed for heresy on the spot. Most petitioners were executed.

The Islamic cultures wanted to expand their reach and land holdings to the American Continent but did not want to have issues with the Vatican and the other European cultures fighting against them for control over the new world. Plus both the Vatican and Islamic cultures wanted to an excuse to follow the Jews across the ocean to seek them out and kill them. Most of the Jews in Europe had already been tortured to death, so they needed a fresh supply of Jews to find and kill. A few generations of Jews living and producing children in the Americas was  want they needed to further their blood sport of finding and killing Jews. Since a Jew was only good for one thing, working themselves to death for the profit and pleasure of their Esau line master culture.

The large collection of Jews in Niger meant their needed to be a new way to work them to death for fun and pleasure. The Vatican/Europe and the collective Islamic cultures agreed to an arrangements. That arrangement became known as the Triangle or Slave Trade.

Islam would be able to individually sail across the ocean to individual plantations and work them as a single unit family. The Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. would handle the shipping and some families would be allowed to have their own plantations in the new world (provided those plantations did not get in the way of the Islamic plantations). The European cultures would then have to beg the west coast cultures not France to be included in the slave trade. But France had continued its alignment and allegiance to the British. Meaning the trade route to and from the Orient across the North American River system and the massive profits generated by were maintained. The French had no need to partake in the triangle/slave trade. Which caused a massive cascade effect catastrophe within the French cultures; half the culture “Royalists” wanted to maintain their alignment with the British and be violently opposed to slavery, while the every growing Libertine wanted in on the slave trade and wanted to embrace Islam. The revolution in France started well before the 1800s and in many ways is continuing. The French Royalists are still present but not very active.

The central portion of the Americas was divided between the British and the French. The French took from the Mississippi west and the British took east. In the 1600s the British before being crushed in Britain by the English gave their land holdings to the royalists French in America. For safe keeping. Not the first time the British were kicked out of their own island by the Pictish. The English are at least semi-related to the Pictish.

What does any of this have to do with Bellingham and Pickett’s time in Whatcom County. The answer is simple, Pickett was an English descendant whom his family literally grew up emerged in the southern plantation system. Generations of his family had been involved and owned both vast amounts of slaves but more than one plantation.

The Picket Plantation and military encampment would have stretched from Holly Street (which for the most part runes east west) north to the Patterson Plantation (the future location of Lynden Washington). The Patterson plantation was from a bit north of Ferndale north to Canada.

Although at the time property rights and exact boundaries would be close to impossible to nail down any exact details. Pickett Plantation was planned to be a backup confederacy for the members of the confederacy whom hated Davis

Minus this,

The Picket Plantation itself

Captain George Pickett seized 1500 acres from Captain Henry Roeder  a year after Captain Henry Roeder has obtained those acres. From Holly Street to G streets. Pickett seized the existing Tabernacle of Adam aka “The renamed/relabeled Pickett tower” and began to build a replacement encampment of an English 10 lbs. castle over the former structure. Which could have been the Chief Proctors house for the East India Company (EIC). Since the area was a trade station for the East India Company which had been (by cannon hostile* takeover by the Dutch/English backed Hudson Bay Company) in the area for a while before 1850. Captain Henry Roeder was most likely the new military army of the EIC. Roeder with the military and Peabody as either the well-established Chief proctor or the new chief proctor. Peabody being killed in a battle in 1868; not long after the end of the Civil War.


The lands which were in dispute, which Pickett seized to be the heart of his plantation and a foothold for a new and improved confederacy. A confederacy which would enable a better version without the puppet leadership of the all wind and no backbone Jefferson Davis. Well before the start of the Civil War officially at the firing on Fort Sumter; the divisions in the Confederacy had already created divisions so large it was close to impossible for Jefferson Davis’s leadership to be taken seriously. He made far more bad decisions than good ones. By a little over a year into the war, Davis only possessed a small fraction of the support needed to truly be able to lead his nation. Which caused ripples inside his governmental structure which were not redeemable.  because the confederacy were winning the battles does not mean they had the capacity to win the war. Especially dealing with a full scale Slave uprising occurring. They had to keep their slaves in line, keep the fractured confederate government held together, attempting to make business deals with enemies of America while maintaining sovereignty. The south worked to renew their ties with militant Islam of North Africa. Which was successful for the most part, but militant Islam also wanted to replace the confederacy with their own government in the south. Obtain a foothold, and eventually seize control over the entire new continent for the glory of Allah. Which the South both did not want and the descendants of the gifts not only wanted but worked very hard to foster.

The confederacy was doomed from the beginning. But stirred into a whirling dervish of lust, greed, and power those in charge could not see beyond their own deepest desires.

One of those solutions was those whom were not interested in the losing battles in the south relocated to the Pacific North West in order to not only remake the place in the proper image of the plantation system. But also allied with the Spanish, Portuguese, the Vatican, and other similar cultures which would allow for the Plantation system to continue without threat from Islamic fanatics who were going to invade and seize control over the confederacy anyway.

Makes the events in the Pacific North West from Everett north to Vancouver BC all the more interesting. Active conflicts between the Blue and the Grey in the south, same armies present in Bellingham. The Grey strongly allied with Militant Islam, more than a few of the plantation owners children, descendants, some of those plantation owner Militant Islamic descendants owned their own plantations(giving militant Islam a very strong foothold in America and the Pacific North West), the Spanish explorers whom created settlements in the area but western culture refuses to acknowledge those settlements (remember that  a few years before 1492 Militant Islam had controlled most of the Iberian Peninsula for most of the previous 1000 years. The philosophy Mohammed resurrected from the past was actively being used by a variety of Hyksos descended cultures, which included some Arab cultures in Iberia.), Russia ( with their own militant Islamic problems still had a strong golden horde <who had converted to radical militant Islam centuries before> were still strong and clearly an influence in the Russian culture and government were in the Pacific North West and had a military presence in Bellingham), the Orient (China, Japan, etc. had a military presence in Bellingham/Ferndale), India, Indonesia, more of the armies of Europe were also in the Bellingham Ferndale area, etc.

Several of those cultures were actively engaged into open and large scale army versus army conflicts in other areas. Consequently, if the say 5th army of country a is actively involved with fighting country b’s 3rd army; if both of those cultures say 7th army were present in Bellingham/Ferndale, what makes anyone assume those armies would not be actively engaged in at least itching to start a battle in a new location.

The armies of the world gathered in Bellingham, the erased War between most if not all the armies is not only unavoidable but inevitable.

The evidence is the fact that Captain George Pickett had purchased some lands but seized huge areas of land to create a farm with. His farm was not a farm but a plantation. First to clear cut the trees in the area, a picture from 1873 clearly shows the facts regarding the trees in the areas were regrowth from a 20 years before clear cut. First clear the trees, then use slave labor to create a crop from the then cleared out forest lands

But Pickett only had five years to enact his plan. The Civil War started in 1861 he had only arrived in Bellingham circa 1856. He followed Roeder and Peabody up; with their military reinforcements.

Pickett’s Plantation and the forts he was in charge of both where Western Washington University Old Main sits and the Roberts farm were present to serve as a protective fortification for first the American Government and when it became clear the American people did not want the Plantation system to operate any further in the American culture Pickett switched the allegiance from American to confederate. If you cannot make a living doing business x in location A than move the business to location B. Making Bellingham and the surrounding areas Confederate territory.

Former one culture was now officially at least on the frontier two cultures; whom were in active small conflicts with each other.

Pickett Plantation Bellingham

The Pickett Plantation the Lions Inn Motel sits on part of that Plantation. Actually full on slavery existed in Bellingham in the 1800s. Part of the reasons Oregon and Washington State separated as territories was over the concept of slavery. Which has been going on in the area for an undetermined amount of time. Pickett was simply the most documented person in the area to have direct and physical evidence of a plantation in the city. As well as a direct and hard evidence military presence.

George E Pickett was born on a plantation in Virginia. Which means he not only understood the plantation system but was schooled in the framework of the structure of a plantation.

Evidence of the Plantation

A plantation based on an English castle design is an extremely simple and regular upgrades calculation.

The tent and then the starter house are almost always not placed on the location which has been selected as the future location of the tower/manor/plantation house. The plantation house would be placed in the most strategic area possible. The Pickett House was stopped construction of the sequence shortly after the building itself was completed. The Tower was built shortly after, but the violent events of the area prevented further construction on anything. Pickett’s son, the Pig war, the onset of the Civil War, etc. meant there was literally no possible way in which to keep building. Also if the area of Bellingham, the Pickett Plantation, and the forts were handed over to the confederacy, the lands Pickett had been working with and on for the previous years would have become the property of the new commander of the forts.

Pickett left in the middle of the night to join the confederacy. He might have left because the new commander of the fort was either a staunch union man and or the new commander gave orders to Pickett that he had to leave immediately or the new commander renewed the cities and their fortifications for the confederacy. In effect the plantation Pickett was building which he seized the land from Roeder that land might have been seized from him by the same rule and laws.

English 10lbs castle


The structure and sequence of how to build an English 10lbs castle


You make a tent


Then the tent is replaced by a simple two story structure of approximately x feet wide by y feet long, two stories is non-negotiable has to be built.

The two building needs to be made in such a way as to take the materials down and reuse them in the design of the manor or plantation house. The design of the simple house needs to incorporate the concept of cut once and reuse.

Most of the time the construction of the first house is not difficult, but the construction of the manor house is long, expensive, taxing, and the conflicts with the natives are almost a guarantee. So cut once and reuse. So the boards needed for the manor house are drawn up first then those boards are used in the small house. But intended to be used in specific locations in the large plantation house.


The most important step in the process

The future plantation needs an actual tower. That tower has to be placed in the most strategic area possible. That tower has to be tall enough in order to not only give a several miles around perspective of the area, but that tower has to be the anchor tower of the future keep.

The tower is the anchor; where the rest of the manor house will be built from. In large and defined areas the manor plantation building the design might include more than one tower. If so the design and location of the tower is decided before construction of the first tower itself is started.

Design the manor house before starting to construct it.

Plantation House.

Once the lord is in the area for an appropriate time to survey the lands, determine the needs of the fortification, etc. this is when the lord will start to plan out what type of plantation/manor house is needed. If the situation changes from the tower to the manor house; the manor house or the tower will be reconstructed in order to be able to construct the manor house as quickly as possible.


The proof for the evidence of the Pickett plantation is in the English concept of the 10lbs castle design.

When Pickett arrived in the area of Castle Bellingham Washington Territory. Pickett did so with a company of troops. It is assumed he arrived with between 1500-5000 possibly more soldiers.

Captain could be in charge of several lieutenants, each lieutenant in charge of a company, a company is several platoons, each platoon consists of 12-24(48 soldiers) depending on the job each platoon is assigned.

Means that Pickett had more than sufficient numbers of soldiers to not only seize any lands under the Imminent Domain laws but could capture said lands first under the American flag, then in around 1860 claim the lands for the confederacy. Which the American government would be less than accepting of any such information regarding that type of event.

Odd thing to have a previously unknown Confederate fortification in the Pacific North West. But all evidence points to this possibility not only being possible but realistic.

Pickett when he arrived informed those living in the area which he claimed as the future “Fort Bellingham north” to leave so he could claim the lands and build a fortification for the American government. The area contained at least one if not more working farms. The area also most likely contained a previously buried deep in the ashes of destruction a Castle built by the British as both an area of protection as well as a trading hub. Much like the first established under the East India Trading Company banner then a corporate and internationally relations hostile takeover by the EIC own subsidiary Hudson’s Bay Company. The Hudson’s Bay Company which by then was operating under the authority of the English and Dutch seized control over Fort Vancouver (formerly Castle Vancouver; formerly New Castle) on the north side of the Columbia.

In basic the same actions would occur in Bellingham; with the previous infrastructure either included into the new fortification and or torn down/erased and a new fortification structure built.

Either way the infrastructure present previous would by the arrogance of a conqueror would need to be obliterated and the start date would need to be when the Fort was constructed. Erasing the previous structures and previous cultural influence.

When Pickett arrived in the area of Castle Bellingham, he seized the Castle immediately, then renamed it Fort Bellingham South.

He went one mile north of the lands which would in forty years be the foundation of the current downtown Bellingham . Another mile north west he seized the lands from the owner Captain Henry Roeder; and proceeded to not only build a house, but start to build a farm/plantation.

But he was not the only officer in the area with an active and well trained army.

The British (very likely Roeder was part of the British army) not only had an army but the area of Bellingham was close to the British under the command of the Ogle family’s last stand. The area was close to the land/lands they until possessed and until controlled with a large military. The rest of their lands had been seized, conquered, or they were pushed off by the threat of overwhelming military force. *

Tabernacle of Adam and Troy

The following idea is an academic exercise, but the continuity factor within the structure of the flow of evidence does point to a statistical likelihood his idea has merit.

The Tabernacle of Adam renamed by Picket to Pickett Tower which was on the Top of the Hill from the Pickett House about three miles south of Fort Bellingham, which itself used to be called Castle Bellingham.



The Amber Room from Noah to Bellingham

The Story of Noah’s ark has been so heavily edited by later Esau line conquerors including Moses that it becomes impossible to take the story at face value. First it is however true that

Theory one

Noah found the plans for the Tabernacle of Adam and set to build one. The one he built would not be a horizontal building but a vertical building. Capable of literally transporting the occupancy where they needed to go.

Theory two

Noah found a treasure map which led him to an original Tabernacle of Adam, that he went about working to literally recommission it. To make it work like it had during the time of Adam.

But Esau’s line although Esau only emulated and became the leader of a portion of the sematic culture whom were pure hate and needed to literally control all aspects of the lives of those they were placed in charge of. The version of genesis which Esau and his ancestors adhere to is literally a hard line “Caretakers” of that that comes from the garden. So they feel they have the moral obligation to literally seize control and force everything to obey the way they perceive things should run. In effected “You by divine right have to live your life according to my rules or I have the right to be as violent with you as I chose to be” which stems from some sick and twisted rage regarding seeking revenge against whomever for put them in a bad position. Be it Adam, god, etc. whom ever did not give that person a better more prestigious position and comfort in life needs to be sought out and hurt. No level of violence is sufficient to make up for those that are connected or emulate the behaviors of Esau is enough. Torturing to death anyone whom had not suffered enough to make the person performing the torture feel better about their lot in life. But the problem is, once a person starts down the path of needing to hurt others to feel better; forever will it darken and bitter their perspective. No amount of torture, killing, violence, etc. will ever be enough. It will always be feeling bad tomorrow, or in a few hours, or even after torturing to death an entire culture still the feelings of not enough will come up and haunt the person performing the Violence.

But while they feel haunted by their actions, anything which questions their authority can and will further enrage the person needed to express violence to feel better.

The easiest way to make someone feel bad is to either have more power than they have or worse make them feel dumb. Both at the same time is the worst position to be in.

Noah’s ark where it was an original design Noah built from ancient plans or Noah found a treasure map to show him the way to find an original and formerly working copy of the Tabernacle of Adam.

Either way, Esau’s culture 1500 years before ancestors would literally not tolerate said types of behavior.

A how dare someone not us be allowed to have that tool and power. We must go to the location of the Tabernacle of Adam. Kill Noah’s family, seize control over his work space, then over the course of month’s torture him to death using implements of torture fashioned from the remains of his family.


Something which is beyond key important to know about this point in this academic exercise regarding this collection of evidence and some possible theories as to what that evidence could mean.

In the Amber Room located on the second/third floor of the Kaaba aka Tabernacle of Adam, the room directly below the Roof the Amber Room was constructed for the purpose of working with and from the perceptive of life. Measuring out every living things life expectancies. Whom they will interact with, etc.

When Able was murdered, Adam traveled up to the Gates of Heaven and offered himself in exchange for the return/resurrection of Able.

Whether it was granted or not makes little difference. The Legend states that Set came into the picture immediately after.

As we know from Pharaoh Narmer (the first pharaoh of a united Egypt) circa 3200 b.c.e to present Pope (Latin translation of the Hieroglyphic Pharaoh) Frances. That each Pharaoh and Pope have literally been given at least one new name if not several new names upon ascending to the throne. That throne located in the Long/Tall/Large House of the Lord aka the Tabernacle of Adam. Which used to be three stories vertical not three seconds horizontal.

Although room has been made available in the cross bar in most Catholic churches. There is room immediately before the Alter the insert a Kaaba/Tabernacle inside. But almost everyone has forgotten why Zerubbabel designed that kind of space inside the Cathedral architecture.

Logically and statistically since the Pyramids are not graves but some type of death resurrection ceremonial architecture, Set could be Indo-European for Able. Set could mean some type of back from the dead (the setting son to the west) name in said language. Translated into hieroglyphic at first Anubis and the after 2100 b.c.e when the Hyksos invaded (the Hyksos are an Esau line descended culture) they fundamentally changed the entire structure and names of most of the deities involved. Including renaming the first mythical pharaoh to Osiris.

But it is interesting that Osiris himself has a crown with Ostrich feathers pointing up, which is at least semi-similar to the affects the Native American feathers head dress. Eagles because they are a magnificent hunter “Raptor” while there are no Ostrich in America. Ostrich feathers were used because of the length of their feathers not their placement on the food chain.

Sons of Noah

First born Ham

Second born Japheth

Third born Shem

According to the Futhark sequence these are the order of the names. The Futhark sequence was in almost all likelihoods the very name of the language of Adam. Fact the Futhark circle (the circle the earth makes as it travels around the sun aka earth’s orbit; aka Jera) is the scaffolding Moses used to make the characters of Hebrew out of. Then promptly killed anyone whom knew that (minus himself) and proceeded to have all writings translated according to his Esau/Hyksos/Avaris culture perspective from other languages into Hebrew. That translation from all languages into his New Hebrew took generations which Moses left the strictest instructions with his sons how to proceed.  Exactly what information to include and what to leave out. Once x languages was translated, all scholars whom know the previous were executed. All traces of the previous they could put their hands on were also destroyed. So no trace of the past could be found.



Tabernacle of Adam, Noah, the Jar Noah is depicted with, the ATEN

More than one existed at a time, more than a few are needed to work together to form the ATEN. Which ironically the ATEN directly reflects the design schismatic for a computer mother board. Each Tabernacle/Tower being a specific type of control chip, need x amount of micro-chips for a mother board to operate. This provides direct physical evidence the ancients in their Amber Rooms on the top floor of the Tabernacle (Amber when compressed will generate electricity) could have built some form of an electrical computer. What that computer was designed to do, remains a mystery. But the Akrotiri computer            can be linked to this ancient Hierakonpolis tabernacle system. Which can also be reflected within the layout of the cities in Whatcom County, a Tabernacle or a few tabernacles for each major population zone. And of course the Megaliths which the later Mansions were built around. Those torn down and obliterated megaliths being replaced by the English/Garden of Eden Garden.

The Jar



Noah enters Egypt circa 4004 b.c.e.

Noah’s ark would not be a thing to Carry Animals 2x2 (that is an Esau line lie to hide the truth. Esau’s line were denied the ability to work with the Tabernacle of Adam. So in their ultimate Rage they as a culture void to seek out any and all Tabernacles of Adam and destroy them. Hide any and all details regarding the Tabernacle of Adam and kill all whom knew anything about the Tabernacle of Adam.) But the very well hidden and buried behind layers of egotistical and arrogant Esau line descendants whom forced their rage upon any and all descriptions which pointed toward the truth. The truth became codes buried inside the fallacy and layered lies of the Noah’s ark story.

The Truth is that the Ark was most likely a Tabernacle of Adam design. A design Adam used to name and caretaker that which he was placed in charge of. To name and take care of the plants and animals in his charge required a structure from which to perform said action.

That structure would be the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle which held the four trees of creation. Those four trees are found in both the description of genesis and Nazarene.

In Sumerian the tree described in not singular but plural.

Those same four trees are what the caretaker is in charge of regarding the description of the Long/Tall/North/Vertical house of the Nazarene.



Tracing the path of at least one if not more than one Tabernacle.





Temple of Ptah Memphis/Luz


Rome (city of Seven Hills/Tabernacles/Towers; each major house built on top of each of the major hills in Rome could have started out as literally a tabernacle/tower.)


NewCastle Northumberland


NewCastle Northumberland


Boston (Beacon Hill)

Manhattan (foundation of Columbia originally possibly NewCastle or Ogle Castle)

Tiffin Ohio

Kaskaskia Illinois

Manitou Colorado

Vancouver Washington State

Bellingham Washington (being captured and renamed Pickett Tower)


Amenhotep iv Akhenaten the ATEN and Whatcom County




The Double Rainbow of the Bent Pyramid.

The Bent Pyramid as well as literally 15 others have the ATEN built into their structure. The Causeways of the Pyramids literally have the ATEN built from around a million tons of Rock. Including the Khufu Pyramid, and the Pepi I.

The Most important thing to know about the Pepi I pyramid, is the Fact that the Pyramid itself and its causeway by 2600 years predicts the arrival of Jesus Christ.

From the ATEN down to the Pyramid, the causeway points directly to the Cave of the Nativity. That L Shape forms a perfect metaphoric Foot, as in the Holder of the Foot will be born in that Cave. Since the Cave was only about 15 feet wide and the Causeway of the Pepi I bisects the very center of that cave 260 miles away; the evidence is on the mm level as well as 2600 years before. Chance, possible, but the evidence is very strong.


Battle for Bellingham Whatcom County

Destroying a Jewish cultural center, reducing the place to nothing but a pile of smoldering aches would be one of the only realistic reasons for the armies of the world to be gathered in Whatcom County and have spent decades in the area.

Evidence if the armies presence is well documented, but why has been systematically erased from existence. The facts they were present is undisputed, the facts of why have been ignored.

The armies present

The Russians



Militant Islamic Cultures

Canadian Army

British Army (what was left of it)

English Army (pretending to call themselves British)

American Army

Confederate Army (commanded by Captain Pickett)

At least three native Armies; Lummi, etc.

Indonesian Army

Chinese Army

Mexican Army

Every one of those armies had a well-documented and thoroughly sustained reputation for geocoding Jews. Spending centuries seeking out new ways to torture them, saving  enough to allow the next generation to torture a portion of the population to death but maintaining enough to torture to death the next generation. Repeat over the course of the next centuries. Jews for most of those armies were nothing more than beasts to perform the most inhumane religious and ceremonial human sacrifice upon. Several have continued to torture to death Jews in the present,  for the fun and pleasure in serial killing a Jew. Those cultures enjoy sacrificing Jews to their cultures ego and arrogance. Not a single good thing about it, but till 1946 killing a Jew in America was still not considered either a bad thing or an illegal action. In some communities killing a Jew as a thing to celebrate. A Youngers finding a Jew and killing that person was a rite of passage, a similar tradition carried forward from Sparta forward. But no news or documentation regarding said actions would be noted.  a private family thing.

That is a lot of Armies present for no purpose from the 1700s to the middle of the 1800s. If each army had only say 10,000 troops that would still make more than 150,000  troops in the area. Most large armies come with about 10,000 support personal with them, for supplies and logistics. Some military some civilians, but needed to keep large armies well supplied. So that makes the population of Whatcom County somewhere about 300-500,000 in  military and support personnel. According to the census 500,000 people would close to the total number of people living in the rest of America. This literally makes no sense as to the amount of people gathered in the smallest little niche in the world in the late 1700s and early 1800s. A vast population in the area of Whatcom County, but nothing at all to indicate for any reason whatsoever as to why half a million people were in Whatcom County. The Numbers are simply staggering but still no explanation as to why.








New York City

New York


First city in the US to surpass 200,000.





Baltimore is the second city to rank number two.










New Orleans





South Carolina



Northern Liberties



Now a neighborhood in Philadelphia.





Listed as a town. First appearance on top 10 from a Midwestern state.



New York






Now a neighborhood in South Philadelphia.

All these cities together are approximately 600,000, and an estimated 500,000 in Whatcom County alone. This is beyond odd this is a statistical mythology. But the facts that the armies were present, the facts that the armies needed support personnel, the facts of  how many support civilians were needed is not in dispute at all. What is in dispute is the facts regarding why.

The why have the armies of the world gathered in Whatcom County becomes obvious when the attached information regarding the Jewish settlements are bring into the Picture.

Weiser Lake, Dirty (Jewish) Dan Harris, King Tut Road (the Amarna Dynasty were Jews, Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten was a Jew. He used as his Monotheistic Symbol and name ATEN. The ATEN is found all over in both Islamic and Jewish ceremonies. In fact in the praying five times a day the followers of Islam form the ATEN towards Mecca. Millions of Muslims form the ATEN out of themselves five times a day. Difficult to produce harder evidence than an entire 100,000,000 people forming themselves into an ATEN five times a day as to how important the ATEN is.), the Judson’s (Judson is a Jewish name Means descendants of Judah. Judah is Jacob’s son where all Jews claim discordancy from), etc.

But if the Jews from the 1500s (very likely earlier) had built a new Troy/Jerusalem in Whatcom County a new City of Seven Hills in Whatcom County; than the armies of the world whom hated Jews with an equal passion to that of the Third Reich. Than the answer to why the armies of the world were gathered in an area which had less than zero ability to monetarily support the populations makes perfect sense. The battlefields would be under the threes and the cities which were put up very quickly after the battles. If you plow under a battlefield and place buildings and road on top, that battlefield suddenly does not exist.

What is the evidence that battlefields were in existence below buildings built circa 1890. That answer is the lettered streets and the Mansions built in the 1870s and after. The Mansions were built next to where the megalithic gardens were. The Megalithic Gardens are part of the infrastructure of a Tabernacle Structure.

A tabernacle Structure consists of several Tabernacle and surrounding gardens, exactly like European palaces. A palace sequence of buildings and gardens surrounding each palace.

This is also reflected within the infrastructure of how the City of Seven Hills was constructed. The City of Seven Hills was laid siege to over the course from 1320-753 b.c.e when the city finally fell to the Dorians. Renamed Rome and the official start to the Punish War. But the Punic War started the second the Jewish Capital city of Troy/Jerusalem the Walls were breached by the Trojan Horse.

Same battle strategy from Troy to Whatcom County; destroy any and all traces of evidence that the Jews had built a Major infrastructure of interconnected cities.

Yes this does mean that as a matter of very hard fact the City infrastructure of Bellingham Washington State is directly comparable to the City infrastructure of Troy.

Pandora Medusa Nefertiti Cassandra

These four women have something in common, despite two of them were mythical with no physical evidence they ever existed. The other two not only existed but were key players in several major events in the world.

Nefertiti was the primary wife and co-ruler with her husband Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten. Her military skills, political prowess, and education were to the extreme. Which among other reasons is why she was literally written out of history. The 19th dynasty aka Avaris/Hyksos, when they took over they did their very best to erase her from existence. Why because Esau’s line has a deep seated and tyrannical Misogyny, as individuals and a culture militant Islam has hated women doing anything which is not about making men look and feel great. They perceive a woman’s roll is to subjugate themselves totally to the will and whim of their man, to direct all their energy and efforts to being the greatest level of support for the man whom owns them.

In Bellingham, the number of armies and the obvious erasure of history previous to 1880 attests to something was happening in Whatcom County which offended the basest nature of Esau line’s descendants. Namely the English, Confederacy, Spanish, Latin cultures, Russians, etc. the facts that in Jewish (Jacob line) tradition it is acceptable for a woman to be not only a clergy but in charge of a major temple. This entire concept is well beyond unacceptable in all ways, shapes, and forms.

The Plausibility that the Clergy in the collection of Tabernacles of Adam in Whatcom County connected to the Aurora hiway (Gold Road) were equal parts males and females would have offended on a soul level all the armies whom gathered in Whatcom County. The soul level offense would not only be very bad but would also lead to extraordinary levels of violent behavior patterns. The

The Light House at Alexandria

What if the Alexandrian Light house was not actually a light house but was actually a ziggurat fortification surrounding a Tabernacle of Adam. Would provide an extremely interesting idea as to what the Amber Room could do. How powerful a tool the Light house was as well as why the Amber Rooms Adam built were sought after as the most powerful military weapon possible, minus the hand of god.

First thing to remember. To make the tool work requires using several Tabernacles working together. Exactly the same mechanism as a computer network.

Second the Light House at Alexandria would have been moved out long before the invading Romans would have been within 500 miles of the place. The Scholars would have instantly started to dismantle the protective shielding e.g. the ziggurat and immediately moved the Tabernacle at the Center of the Light House. Moving it West along with the other Tabernacles which had yet to be captured, dismantled, and reassembled in Rome.

Evidence of said is the Light House Mission located literally where the shoreline used to be on Bellingham Harbor. The Light House Mission being directly due west by a less than 200 yards from the Tower/Tabernacle of Pickett/Adam, the in progress 10 lbs. castle Pickett chose to use as a temporary house in order to obtain a strongly military foothold in the area to then remodel the small house into a large manor house with the Tower as one of the Towers of said manor/Plantation house.

The power of the Tower and the need to erase all traces of what it could do in Bellingham became a primary focus when the tower was lost in battle. When the conqueror could not make the tool work, they destroyed the evidence of the tabernacles existence.

Either that or the tabernacle was captured by the Russians and it and the ark of the covenant would have been taken back to Moscow as a war prize. More than likely upon starting to lose, the Jews in Whatcom county chose to dismantle the tabernacle on Clinton and F streets and hide both the ark and the tabernacle structure somewhere in Whatcom county. In hopes that someday a descendant would come along to find and resort the power of the infrastructure. But there were at least three if not a dozen tabernacles in the area. Which one contained the ark of the covenant is pure speculation. But it does point to why Ogle Castle remained strong and untouched by the armies as they marched through. Be interesting if somewhere buried in some attic, basement, underground cache, etc. the dismantled tabernacles and ark of the covenant was still on the Campus of Western Washington University.

Picket Leaving Bellingham

The years leading up the the Civil War, the quiet loyalities started to make thsemvesl clear in the army ranks. Those solidiers whom were absolutely loyal to the union and the soliders absolutely loyal to the confederacy were making thsemvesl absolutely clear. Picket was so loyal to the confederacy most of the time he spent in Bellingham he literally worked to create safeheaven area for the confederacy to come for both Rest and Reoganization and a back up home for the confederacy itself.

But upon the last year he was living in Bellingham, he had as much of the Tabenracle system dismantled and shipped back to the south.

Tabernacle of Adam System


Each house on the earth is its own Tabernacle System

Think of a temple structure like a computer.

temple of apollo would be the modem, isis the audio video card, Ra, enhanced video card, thor ethernet, etc.









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