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Plates of destiny

Are a mythical construct courtesy of ancient Judaism, Sumeria, People of Kaern, and Egypt, the construction techniques of the pyramids, the Magi (Zoroastrians who visited Jesus Christ at his birth), etc.


The Plates of destiny are supposedly some type of plate with writing indicating some way or form from which it is possible to calculate the destiny of something.


Although it is not possible to prove what was on the plates of destiny; it is possible to recreate at least a guess as to what the information and or mathematics was on the plates of destiny.

Plates of Destiny and the Necronomicon



Egypt, Pyramids, Scotia, the temple of Perth Scotland, the throne of Destiny, the English, the British, Northumberland, etc. has a profound interaction with either the legendary plates of destiny or have some type of similar words with corresponding mathematics and technology from Eridu and Sumeria


Which the Mercia based (Saxon; which is a province in Germany, which was settled by a specific family from Rome. This family by standard roman rules of government; the farther away from Rome the more unacceptable to Roman polite society the family/culture was. Germany being on the other side of the alps indicates a very unacceptable but still military prowess culture.


One of the Major centers for the Roman Library was centered at Leipzig Germany. Meaning the Roman empire had a profound influence over this area. The Roman empire was in part founded by at least two separate Esau Line descended Hyksos.

By behavior pattern the Esau line always considered what Jacobís line did as blasphemy. Even though Jacobís line were always given or managed to obtain the Titles of King of Kings; Esauís line from the beginning of their culture did their level best to destroy those that blaspheme or at least Esauís cultural definition of blaspheme against their own rules of religious order. Just because one culture has strict rules regarding religion does not give that culture permission to violently impose their rules on other cultures.


The plates of destiny supposedly were taken to of the city of Eridu by conquerors from the near by 20 miles to the east city of Ur.

Eridu contained a massive many story ziggurat. A ziggurat was both a large expansive library and a school for those that knew to instruct those that did not.

The plates of destiny were by rumor one of the items the Ur attackers took.

The Ur attackers then spent years running from the defending Canaanite army. The commander communicated with the pharaoh of Egypt requesting permission under the reservation laws set up by Narmer (aka the Scorpion King) for monotheistics specifically those who would be called later on Jews to have safe land and community infrastructure.


Once in Egypt circa 2700 bce; the commander who would later be called the All father/leader or Abraham in Hebrew (circa 1000 b.c.e) set up his tents just north of the southern border of the Narmer provided reservation/refugee lands.

Abraham by rumor himself laid the foundation stones for the great temple east of El Beth El.

Leaving the plates on the reservation lands; Abraham was ordered by the pharaoh back to the capital. Then ordered out of the country.

But the plates would have stayed in Egypt.

The plates would have needed to have




The plates would have needed to be stored in a secure area.


First in the Sakkara necropolis; since it was huge and mostly built. The Sakkara necropolis most likely was already a library from the People of Kaern.

Second under the temple of el Beth el.

Later possibly in the subterranean chamber under Khufu

Staying in the area till the Hyksos invaded. Then most likely taken to the UK.


Current location by theory; at least the last one is the throne of destiny UK.