Martin Luther hated the Catholic Church. He was supported by the Prussians and the predecessor to the FreiKorp to create Protestantism. Which was designed to repackage islam into a form European Cultures could accept.


This story is long, complex, detailed, and starts with the war between Jacob and Esau. That war is the struggle inside the framework of Protestantism; truth (Jacob) versus evil (esau).

Martin Luther hated Catholicism to the depth of his being. He turned to embrace Islam with everything he had. He knew if he could repackage Islam into a more acceptable format that he could convince most European Cultures to accept the repackaged form. He was correct; the Birth of Protestantism. Which is also the Birth of the Great Awakening Movement, but Protestantism is different than the Great Awakening Movement. The GAM is much closer to that of Radical Militant Islam than just normal nasty Islam. Europeans could justify their involving with the Slave Trade because of their belief in the GAM, they could see past the hate to all that money. But more importantly they could see past the money to killing Jews. Since (totally incorrect Philistines were not Jews but what Imams called themselves before the name change after Islam) the Philistines were not Jews; but the Church sold the idea they were Jews to distract attention away from the fact that the Crucifixion took place in Rome. Starting with the Senate, ending where the Heliopolis Column stands today. The Stages of the Cross occurred in Rome Proper.

The story is not much more complex than that. Although the details left out are incredible.

St Augustine of Hippo was a strong proponent of the concept which theologically comes from the base idea that Esauís descendants aka the Hyksos spent a huge amount of time worked to cure and resurrect him after his bother Jacobís sons stabbed him with the Blade of Enoch.

According to Legend, the Blade of Enoch is a divine tool. Used by Adam in the Garden of Eden to perform his Steward Duties. After the Garden Adam passed the tool to Enoch. Who then passed the tool to the first King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System. After Adam and others build sufficient numbers of systems to work in concert as a large divine mechanism. One system will not achieve a full goal, it requires more than a few systems in order to not only be a system, but to function at the level needed.

Eventually said Blade was passed to Jacob, which angered his brother Esau to the ultimate degree. this is where things become a bit on the strange side.


The documentation regarding the life and times a Fatimah in Europe helped Luther and Calvin create Protestantism. Fatimah was the daughter of Mohammed. She spent years in Europe; after evacuating from Mecca of course. The whole concept of "born again" is inviting Mohammed into your soul. Since she failed to resurrect him from death. The argument was between him and Abu Bakr, he was sure he was as great as Jesus and Abu was sure he was greater than Jesus. So they argued till Mohammed ingested poison to prove it. Prove he could overcome death. He did not achieve his goal. but his daughter created the "born again" philosophy so that he "The Greatest Teacher" could live again in the souls of his followers.










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