Prussia and Russia Time War


The Theory of the time war between the British and the Nazi their is a portion of the discussion which has to be addressed, that portion is of course the flat facts that neither Stalin nor Adolf cared at all about their “People”. They cared about power, strength, and of course victory.

And because of that. From 1941 June Operation Barbarossa to the last day the Nazi’s were in Russia that entire situation is a smoke screen of genocide on both sides regarding not caring at all about the people/soldiers. They only cared about the results of the “Time War” building a working system, and of course sharing information about the machines involved.

What they did not count on were the facts surrounding there are ancient cultures which never forgot the secrets which were not happy when two genocidal cultures e.g. the Nazi and the Russians chose to pour all available resources into developing said technology.

The Russians and the Prussians/Nazi only pretended to be at war with each other. They did murder each others lowest ranking soldiers by the 1000s per day. but for the Russians, killing off 1000 of its citizens a day is nothing when they had a million more mouths to feed. The several million Russians the Russians and the Nazi killed from 1935-1945 were nothing for either culture. Mostly “great 10 million people we do not have to feed three times a day, great”.

The Nazi and the Russians at the highest levels were in daily communication while their soldiers were in almost constantly extremely bloody battles.

The battles were designed to take the “undesirables” from each culture and “erase” them from existence.

For the Russians it was about population control, for the Nazi it was about figuring out how to make their systems work.








TR Welling