The Prussian Empire


One of the nastier and more disgusting culture in western civilization is the Prussian Culture.

One of the most nasty cultures to have graced the planet earth.

The Prussian Culture has an origin on the dubious side of fiction. They just “poof” into existence as a Teutonic knight Order in Acre Levant lands.

They poof into existence circa 1190, but had been in existence previous for decades.


The Teutonic knights were one of the organizations Adolf’s mentors belonged to in 1890. Saying the Teutonic knights were anti-Semitic is a mild understatement of mythic proportions.

The Teutonic knights took part in the first crusade which was started and headed by the Knights from the British Culture specifically the Ogle family from Castle Ogle.

The Ogle family had the only army in all of Europe who could take on the tasks of stopping the ottoman empire from pushing into eastern Europe and tearing into Greece, Hungary, Austria in large enough numbers to genocide every single European present.


300 years later enter the Prussian Martin Luther then John Calvin. Both were Prussians trying to find a way to destroy western culture and the catholic church of Simon peter in order to allow the teachings of Esau to rule the world.

In the present they have mostly succeeded.








TR Welling