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Psychology has to be broken into different parts. First the rather extremely complex history where Wundt found the tools is not simply in any way.

Then how Wundt but those tools into a different format

Then he had to finish his time as a Slave to the Prussian Empire,

Leipzig Prussia/Germany to publish his works

Where his book went.


·     The Basics the Foundation of Psychology;

o  The hard facts of Psychology have been debated to an extreme amount almost non-stop since Wundt was in Tiffin Ohio operating under a different name under orders from the Prussian Empire FreiKorp stationed at Fort Ball.


o  The more I dig in an research the foundations of Psychology, the more of an endless abyss it becomes. Wundt did not  invent the field of Psychology, it merely found the pieces of Psychology hidden in several different locations, with different groups of people, a couple captured libraries from the Ogle family, an epic clandestine sequence of wars between the British (Trojans and Old Kingdom) and the descendants of Agamemnon who formed their own culture name which they later 1300 bc – 150 ce proudly claimed and used openly. Then spent the next 1500 years hiding any and all evidence regarding a connection between themselves (Agamemnon’s Culture) and hteir self appointed name Philistine. The name became a problem with the rise of Christianity from the Evil Priest Paul and his more than 60% of the new testament was either written by him or by his followers. He turned against the Roman Senate after they turned against him and worked very hard to strip him of the power they had given him.

o  Basic hard psychological fact, something suppressed will present itself as a pathology later on. The more it is ignored the harder the pathology will present itself. The more it is suppressed and of course ignored the more destructive the pathology will become. At this point in the field, the forgotten information regarding how exactly Wundt reformed the tools which became the modern field of psychology have been suppressed and ignored for 180 years. The truth regarding Wundt, his location, his notes, his academic helpers, etc. have all turned into a violent and self destructive pathology which must be both identified and addressed.

o  Of the many (on so many levels many) problems in academics is the situation that theology becomes a very strong part of the entire situation. There are skinner devotees who are still convinced BF Skinner’s work is great, when most of this theories directed towards nature could not be more wrong and were proven during both WWII (the holocaust) and of course through Milgram’s work. However this work is still taught in some ways as if it is still relevant when the problems in the situation are clearly ignored.

o  The other situation which is the most violently difficult for the field of science to get itself around is how much of the current literature is based on ideas which were based on books and articles which in fact have a foundation in the most violent anti-Semitism European cultures could manage. Some of the anti-Semitism is just shy of the Third Reich and other portions worked very very hard to suppress facts from history which the current politicians could not stand.

o  Then their comes the basis of the modern recreation of Psychology. Which according to the collections of evidence, the formulation of Psychology most of its first three decades have such a profound problem regarding both anti-Semitism as well as what the society will accept as facts. The chasm between what actually happened and the truth from 1820-1880 specifically within both academics and the formulation of Psychology itself is the difference between facts and pure fiction. The currently believed items are mostly fiction, up to and including the fact that most Psychologists who practice are ex-junkies. Ex junkies simply switch from being addicted to A substance then switch to b, c, d, e, f, eventually ending up addicted to some type of therapy/counseling. To get close to their addiction but becoming addicted to the rush of helping someone overcome their addiction.

o  Accounting for those factors, science has a solid and thoroughly understandable base from which to adjust itself, remove the anti-Semitism, and of course since there are far fewer junkies/ex-junkies in the field easier time presenting new and interesting ideas. Psychology on the other hand is filled to the brim with addicts who have simply found a new expression for their addiction, in this case sticking to any theory in psychology which fits their needs for dominance and control.

o  The addictions present in the professionals in the field of Psychology prevent the facts from being both perceived as well as processed as evidence.

o  There is no way the evidence presented is not in linear pattern. The number of questions which come from this presentation of facts is extremely difficult to process.

o  Genesis; extremely cut down to just 51 chapters by Moses. But there is still a copy of the original in existence. The oldest still in existence copy of the book of Genesis is the Pyramids of Egypt. Although there is an older copy but it that copy has been mostly obliterated by the rages of time and of course conquest armies. The Ziggurat system of Levant lands was an older copy, but most of the towers have been obliterated.


·     The Classics

o  The Classics are the group of books and materials written from the end of the Trojan War till about 200 bce, mstly by cultures in the Ǽgean. They would not openly and community wide us the name Greeks till after the Roman’s called them Greeks decades if not more later. There were Athenians, Spartans, Thracians, etc. but no Greeks. Greeks was an academic term used mostly in very small pockets. The Romans picked it up ater they conquered the Ǽgean and used it to label the entire culture with it. Since it was easier to use one word than to separate the 10 major and 20 minor cultures, who mostly did not get along with each other.

o  The Dorians/Hysso (Esau’s descendants) cultures were constantly attacking and trying to genocide the Ionians (Jews).

o  The majority of the Classics centres around the Concept of the 10 different versions of the Iliad and Odyssey.

o  The collection of books is written for different cultures to take different lessons from.

o  Before major battles and or Wars, the leaders would sponsor the Iliad and Odyssey plays which were specifically engineering to manipulate the common people to “Sacrafice for the Greater Good”. That selfless heroism is in itself its own reward. Dying for the community is itself an act of a Hero.

o  However the Rich, Royals (pretend royals), the Leaders, War Lords would be instructed to read the Iliad and Odysse spencifically geared for them to learn  how to manipulate and control the commoners. The sotries were about the strategies involved with the Battles. The emphasis was not on the battles but on the logistics, the manipulation technicques, how to negotiate, how to find and kill the leaders, not get bogged down with killing 1000s of commoners but keep the eye on the prize find the kill the leaders. The infantry is good for killing infantry, but you need to bypass killing simple farmers and laborers to focus on the large prize.

o  Wundt read them all and knew their were tools involved with he could separate the tools form the Classics stories and focus on what those tools were. which is what his book was about. focusing in the tools and not the distractions of the stories.


·     The Ogle family Image result for ogle family crest

o  The Related image

o  Book of the Dead of Tayesnakht, Thebes

o  Pharaoh, Book of the Dead

o  Book of the Dead, Ptolemaic Period


o  The Ogle family well the full Gaelic name is Yr Hen Ogle dd translates into English as North(vertical) Umber Land. Which is a code you can find in very specific religious places.

o  Ogle family Code;

o  Image result for egypt old kingdom flower


o  The history of the Ogle family is on the instance side of difficult; the family official hit the history books with De Ogle before the Battle of Hastings. The Battle of Hastings is an entirely long, detailed, complex, layered, and violently nasty sequence of events and part of the Trojan War. The Trojan War is also on the extreme side of complex. The Hastings part of the Trojan War is just as complex. The Battle of Hastings itself immediately created the Crusade's. Which immediately created the Renaissance, which immediately cascaded into the creation of Modern Western Culture, Modern Academics, the end of the Witch burning times, the Industrial Revolution (which the Ogle family in Tiffin Ohio took first hand part in the creation of the Industrial Revolution. There Heidelberg Library in Tiffin Ohio was finally captured by the Prussians at Fort Ball, which immediately opened ancient secrets of science and the like to the Prussian Empire who used those secrets through the Help of about 50 linguists including Oliver Cowdery, Josphe Smith (under a different slave name), Wilhelm Wundt, etc. to translates the Ogle library to find the weapons the Prussians had been demanding since 1130. The Prussians are simply renamed from the Teutonic Knights, who are the culture which descended from the offspring of Fatimah the only surviving daughter of Mohammed the “founder” of Islam. which is not true, the Founder or at least semi-founder of Islam is Esau. The refounding of Islam came when the Ogle family were transporting books in this case books which were specific to Esau and his descendants. The books were on a ship. That ship was headed from Constantinople back to Northumberland. The Ship and the crew were captured. One of the survivors a female was one of the best warriors the Ogle family had. She battled and killed every single person she faced in the middle east. She earned herself an honorable position by simply being one of the best Warriors alive.

o  She was taken by three husbands who with the help of a dozen “friends” of her new slave master/husband, she was impregnated. But the second they let their guard down, she killed them. The family reacted by trying to kill her, she fought them all off.

o  She was sold to a different family, after the child was born and was not included in the history. Possibly raised by dads family, or was killed seconds after birth.

o  Her new slavemaster/husband did the same thing. Sjhe killed him and his friends the second they let their guard down. A second child, and again no record of said child.

o  Her third slave master/husband, same thing x3. Impregnated after a rather hard fight, they let their guard down, she killed them, fought off all attackers.

o  Sold to her fourth slave master/husband. This man was Mohammed. He was not a warrior but a scholar. He knew several things. One absolutely never let your guard down; she will kill you. Second never ever ever let your guard down, she will kill you. Third take the first two and repeat them infinity towards any and all interactions; she will kill you, she will kill your guards, friends, and most of the people sent to attack her. She is better than most if not all of the people within 500 miles of her. She has no fear of being nude in the middle of a crowd and killing  with her bare hands. She takes a weapon from one of her victims and she is all but unstoppable. She can fight for hours totally nude, and it does not bother her one tiny bit. If she needs to fight, she fights. No modesty, or issues with being nude surrounded by any number of people.

o  So never let your guard down.

o  So a fourth child a female is born.  He does not let his guard down. But instead of killing the child. He allows the child to live. That child would become Fatimah.

o  it is unknown the number of Children she had, at least one, if not two. However based on how many issues Islam has with telling the truth regarding the facts of truth itself and then add their misogyny over females. Little if anything about the life and existence of this wife/slave of Mohammed is in fact trustable.

o  How do we know as a matter of hard fact anything about this situation. Because Fatimah had Red Hair, she was almost if not over 6 feet (her father was about 5 2 possibly 5 4. while mom was at least 6 feet if not 6 6.), pale skin, medium Hazel eyes the outer ring was bright green, she had her mothers strong iron will, etc.

o  Her two sons inherited those traits. Her family line from those two sons all have northern European DNA. Many of them have firely reg beards, as apposed to the normal Arab black hair, short, very dark skin, black eyes, etc.

o  Her Arab name was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, although it si more likely that some Arab female was the public face of the Nordic Princess the real mother of Fatimah.

o  The mother was able after several years, break her bounds, and evacuate. She did what she needed to do, she left for the coast of the Red Sea, with navigation skills she was able to get across to Egypt, where she managed to get to the Nile. At the Nile she was able to travel north to Alexandria, where she found a family fleet to take her safely back home. She left her daughter Fatimah behind, because Fatimah was nature wise her fathers daughter. She was to the depth of her soul loyal to her father and her fathers family. Despite the fact her fathers family wanted her dead. Mom left Mecca without her.

o  It might be possible to reconstruct the events in Northumberland from when Fatimah was about 6ish to about 16 when Fatimah was forced to evacuate Mecca with both her fathers dying body and his guards in the middle of the night.

o  Mohammed and Abu Bakr had a bet, Mohammed kept demanding that he was equal to Jesus. That he had the power of resurrection, Abu kept saying “prove it” usually with some type of an insult mixed in.

o  FInaly after several months of preparation's, Mohammed agreed to take poison in order to prove beyond a doubt that he was equal to Jessus and could defeat death.

o  The second his 16 year old daughter found out, she put the plan in place. Using a relay system pre-set up. She and her entourage arrived at the coast of the Red Sea as fast as their horses could take them. Changing horses every about hour or two. Not unlike the pony express. Ride flat out covering hudnrneeds if not thousands of miles in a very short time.

o  Taking the boat across to another waiting relay set up.

o  Abu Bakr by the time he figured out things were wrong. Fatimah and company were about 1000 miles away as the crow flys. However she was more like 2000 miles away based on real foot travel time.

o  She was so far out of reach, she could not be easily captured.

o  However that was not a concern for Abu Bakr, he spent a few months rounding up his army and sent his full army to Egypt to both invade again to convert Egypt from Shia to Sunni. He wanted to be worshiped, he wanted to destroy Mohammed’s influence over Islam.

o  This Actions led directly to the Salve trade which began with the Native Africans about 400 years later, and grew into the American continent 500 years after that. Which the Ogle family fought against the slave trade from the point they learned about it till they were eventually destroyed by the different Islamic/Protestant Cultures combined armies attacking in earnest during the 1800s.

o  All in all an extremely complicated story.

o  Fatimah’s mom arrived back home, and had about 10 years to relax and heal. Till daughter arrived with an impressive army. Completely convinced that mom just did not listen the first time, that Fatimah now as a mom herself and of course as a 18 to 20 year old it took a while to travel from Egypt to Northumberland. Especially since she and her religious beliefs were most unwelcome in a lot of places. She spent months in Rome, before she was chased out.

o  She spent at least 6 months to a year in the Iberian Peninsula converting them to her version of Islam. A couple decades later Abu Bakr’s army showed up and informed the people “convert to my version or we will happily kill you”.

o  She arrived in her mothers Kingdom and was given a most heartfelt “go away’ from her mother, and her moters family. She was made so unwelcome, she had issues with her survival.

o  She spent the next several months in Britain converting the ex Romans and of course the Pictish, the former Hyksoss who evacuated out of Egytp when the 18th dynasty took over. Evidence the Princess Scottia evacuated out of Egytp as to avoid being executed for treason by the new 18th Dynasty. Scotland is named in her honor.

o  Months to a year or so and Fatimah had an army more than capable of taking on her mothers army.

o  The two fought hard bloody battles from 635-650, when Fatimah’s forces were defeated. Fatimah was forced to leave Britain; Fatimah left and traveled to Normandy/Holland. Where she continued to convert followers, rebuild her army, and kept running east towards Germany. Germany was packed with the descendants of the Roman Army and Culture. So convincing them she was a descendant of Amgemmon and Romulus was very easy.

o  She had a rather large army when she traveled back to Rome to perform the Resurrection Ceremony on her father. She had left in in the Catacombs of Rome close to if not under the Vatican in 633.

o  The battle was epic since Abu’s Army, the British, the Merovingian, etc. armies all followed her to Rome. They battled it out at Lake Nemi. The battle cost her and her son with her half brother their lvies. But it also cost her half brother his life as well.

o  one of her kids might have come back to Britain after mom was killed. TO reform the army in Britain.

o  The army reformed and attacked the British Ogle family from 650-680, eventually winning. THE British Ogles were forced to abandon their Kingdom and named island for mainland Europe and Ireland.

o  They did a lot of things from 680-1066; which is an entire huge and complex sequence of events. But it is easier to simply called it the “Age of the Viking” which translates as Marine. The Ogle family created a new army from their friends and allies in Scandinavia and attacked Islamic settlments from 680-1066. When there defenses were weak enough, De Ogle his faily, and friends formed a new army. Found a sufficient leader to lead the army and become King of Mercia aka Anglo Saxon lands with their capital of London. Together they cross the English Channel and attacked the Picts, winning hands down in a  matter of minutes.

o  The Pictish bows were only lethal at 50 yards, the Ogle family had hired German bowman. The German long bow was lethal at 200 yards. So when the picts lined up, they thought they were out of ragne of the British Bows. They were wreong. THE British began to fire at the Picts, who were cut down in stride. By the time the shield walls collided, the Picts almost did not qualify as an army any more.

o  about 5 more battles, each more decisive than the last occurred in the weeks which followed. The pictish king surrendered. William was elevated to King of England. which at the time meant from London north to Sherwood Forest, and west to Cornwall.

o  William wrote in his own hand “I am giving the Ogle family back their lands”. Which extended from Sherwood forest to the southern boarder of Scotland. Which at that time was 100s of miles north of its current boarder.

o  The Ogles were back in their home; but it would only last 500 years. The same basic coalition which Fatimah had created reformed and attacked the Ogle family from 1100 to 1600 when the Ogles were again forced to leave their own named Island, and Kingdom. In the half millennia since, they have not been back. The Culture was too heavily hammered by too many wars on too many fronts from 1550-present to mount a successful counter attack.

o  The ogle family evacuated out of Britain to the East coast of America. Now something which almost cannot be stated enough. The British are Trojans the English are Romans formerly from the Army of Agamemnon. The two are differnet in almost every one. the British are northern European stock, light eyes, light skin, tall, stocky, etc. while the Mediterranean cultures are dark/black eyed, dark skin/hair, short, and small minus the belly. They dress differnet at least did. They speak two entirely separate languages Gaelic for the British and Italian/English for the Romans/English.

o  After the conquest of Britain, the English began to use the name British and began to call the true British Indians. In reflection of the East India Trading Company. Which is not a reflection of India but of the Great River eg the Nile fromwhich the Jews relect and honor Israel. Which is an incredibly long story. Trojan Actually translates to “The Descendants of the Holders of the Foot”. Holder of the Foot is Sumerian for the Hebrew name Jacob. So the true double translation is “Descendants of Jacob” which as the Jews can tell you, they are descendants of Jacob. Jacobs 12th son Judah is where the Jews and Jewish culture came from.

·     Agamemnon

o  This part of the Tail of the Foundations of Psychology is rather extremely difficult to tell. The number and amounts of twists and turns an amusement park ride look at an English tea.

o  As a young man Agamemnon dreamed of being a great and pwerful king.

o  he heard about the Tributes concept from the King of Knossos demenaidng to be sent a male and female tribute from every city within this reach. Indicating some type of range weapon of mass detruction which could reach more than 100 miles.

o  He traveled to the city with an army to conquer the city and capture the weapon for his own use. Unfortunately for him, the Grandson of Amenhotep iv aka Ahkenaten beat him to it with both a better plan and a larger army.

o  Theseus performed the deed and captured the weapon. which angred Agamemnon to a point of psychosis.

o  Agamemnon followed theseus,  his army, and the weapon to the city of Poseidon were both the Hyskso at Poseidon and Agamemnon were both destoyred.

o  Theseus took the city and renamed it to Honor both his mother Meritaten and hteir god the ATEN. 500 years later and 10 languages the name was changed to add an H after the T and ‘s after the N to make it possessive. ATEN became ATHENS.

o  Agamemnon’s actions created the Classics. Minus him the Trojan War would not have occurred, which is hwere the Classics are based from.

o  His actions led directly to Wundt being in Tiffin Ohio at Heidelberg University with other linguists translating ancient texts to find weapons.

·     Philistines

o  The Descendants of Agamemnon after they called themselves Philistine took on another name 577 years after the gates of Troy were breached. That name was the name of the new commanding General of the descendants of Agamemnon’s culture aka the Philistines in Central Italy. The Philistines was the name of the governing body of the culture. After the Commanding General finally was able to destroy the city of Samhain Army at Alba Longa, he was able to ride into the city unopposed. He renamed the city in his own Honor, Romulus, Rome. he proceeded to erase the 1000s of years of history the city had, and claimed “he built the million plus population infrastructure in a single day”. Romulus was long on ego and short on reality. A thing the Romans to this day still have an issue with.

·     THE Old Kingdom

o  The Old Kingdom and their main enemy the descendants of Esau have been fighting over the concept of knowegle and who controls said knjowegle from 2600 bce to present. The descendants of Esau took on the name Hyksos, Avaris, Dorian, Philistine, Roman, English (not British, those are Trojans/18th Dyansty/Old Kingdom), Prussians, etc. The descendants of Esau have had about 10,000 names. The Old Kingdom their real name is Ogle. They have only name changed to avoid genocide from the descendants of Esau.

o  The Old Kingdom are who built the Pryamids.

o  The Pyramids are absolutely, positively, in no way, shape, or form graves. You will not find a single molecule of evidence in any of the Pyramids of a body or a mummy within 500 years of the end of contnrustion.

o  The Pyramids are based on the essence of the rules of science and the Scientific Method, the Pyramids are among other uses they are an Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.

o  Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope

o  The Wake and Radio Telescope Image result for alligator swimming in a wave


·     The Trojan War; Troy part ii

o  The battle which actually took place at Troy.


·     The Palace at Knossos and Theseus Trojan War part i


·     Tiffin Ohio

o  This city has an insane history; its official history does not start till post the formulation of Fort Ball. However the Ogle family had come back when give the all clear from their friends who had built and lived in the mapeles for the previous several decades. The Maples was built on a 5 acre plot of land in the middle of the Ogles 500 acres. The Acres they were allowed to repurchase form the bran new American Government. Although orginaly the family owend from Montrall to New Orleans, but that is pre1754 actions. The family lost huge in the Samhain War.

o  The FreiKorp moved in and from 1754 to 1820 kept their Fort Ball a black site. Entirely secret except for the people who were forced to interact with it. Like the Ogle family; located at 224 and Market Street on the west side of the city.

o  Notable people who have traveled through (or extremely close) Tiffin

§  Joseph Smith traveling under fake papers. He was a slave Afterall, he had less than zero choice.

§  Oliver Cowdery

§  Brigham Young

§  Amelia Earhart

§  Wilhelm Wundt traveling under fake papers. He was a slave afterall, he had less than zero choice. Wundt read the classics and the materials the FreiKorp had provided him in both Prussia and Tiffin and he made notes. Those notes became the first modern psycolgoy textbook.


·     The Seven Years War aka the 7 Years War aka the French and Indian War aka the Samhain War (Samhain in Manx Gaelic is pronounced 7)

o  This War was a contination of the Trojan War.

o  The Prussians were absolutely demanding to have access to the Heidelberg Library.

o  in part because they believed and there is a huge amount of evidence to back it up, that the Heidelberg Library and eventually University was originally designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci as a copy of his Versailles Phase One.


·     The Prussian Empire

·     The FreiKorp

o  An absolutely horror story and evil group of paramility spy's who reaked genocidal havoc from the day they were given their new name 1754 to the present. Just because WWII ended with there “seemingly obvlsly defeat” does not for a second mean they actually accepted defeat and disbanded. They simply continued the work they ahd been doing since they name changed from X to FreiKopr. Although some of their splinter groups have name changed to NAZI, Neo-NAZI, KKK, Skin Heads, White Supremanciests, Nationalist (including about 1000 American Conservative Politicians; up to and including number 45 Diaper Rash Donnie Drump; who his family have been FreiKorp spy's since the organization formed in 1754. It is difficult to find information as what it was called previous, but the Drump family had been part of that organization too. MOvign from close to Konensburg to Eastern Central France just before the French Revolution in 1750. That also includes Steve King from Iowa), etc.

o  Currently the strongest locations for the FreiKopr are in and aroudn the Great Lakes where their descendants are just as vocal today as they were in previous centuries about their political wants. Slavery, genocide, money, White Supremacy, power, to be the one and only voice allowed to be heard, etc.

o   The Current Prussian Emperor is likely David Koch of Wichita Kansas, since he and his family took the Divine tools out of the Third Reich and have stored them on family estates since 1942.

·     the items include but are not limited to

·     the rebuilt Lake Nemi Ships

·     the Amber Room from Russia

·     the plans for the Tabernacle of Adam System

·     etc.

·     when you expariment with the Tabernacle and you do it wrong, the results are insanity and or psychopathic behavior. Dennis Rader aka BTK was conceived in Wichiti Kansas right after the Amber Room vanished under the direct supervision of Erik Koch who was 100% in charge of the panzer division who make a bee line to St Catherins Cathedril, was in charge of the Rail Road the boxes were placed on, 100% incharge of where that Rail Road went, was the former Mayer of Konensburg were the U-Boat Fleet was headquartered, and he survised it all. His cousin who was in charge at the Berson Belson Concentration camp was arrested shortely after and executed for stealing from the THirdd Reich. Since Erik was far too pwerful to challenge, arrest, and or charge for the crime.

·     Another Serial Killer was also born within 100 miles of Wichita Kansas.

·     Garry Ridgeway was also born of a hard core nazi family and very likely had access to similar Tabernacle equipment.

·     Same with the Boston Strangler

·     Ted Bundy was raised in Seattle and his family spent a huge amount of time in Lynden WA, which at the time still had active “sundowner” unwritten laws. No natives, blacks, or Jews allowed in the city after Dark, or the penalty was a beating or being killed.


·     Wilhelm Wundt

o  Wilhem Wundt August 16, 1832 - August 31, 1920

o  this man actually witnessed first hand the Freikopr in his area push and help the Dem party in America form, he witnesses the Confederacy form in front fo him. Just because Ohio was "non-Slave" does not mean a thing when it comes to the appliation of how pro-slavery pockets fo truly evil people are.

o  it also does not mean at all that the pockets fo pro-slavery people were not jsut as strong ad miliatnt in northern ohio as htey were in southern missisippi. an argumetn can be said that northern ohio was a bit stronger because teh overall culture fo nohtern ohio was against slvaery adn the consrvative aspecds of life, so the pockets in say Tiffin had to be even stronger to fight against community and social structures telling them "you are wrong,  you are committing crimes against humanity. you are evil". etc.

o  in the south the very very minority voice was saying "NO". in and aroudn teh great lakes the majority voice was saying "NO", while a small but extremely violent voice was sadying "how dare you question my divinen right to have slave, to kil who I want to, and to live my life according ot how I chose. and if I choose to be cruel and nasty beyond measure to eople aroudn me, that is my free wll. I do not care at all abot theri free will. their free will must bend to meet my demandds. I am a representative fo god, and if god tells you to do x than that is me telling you to do x. I am god".

o  which is a rather bad mental health state, but one more than a few fo the founding confedertaes possessed. also one more than a few violently patrioarcal cultures posssess. somethign about a patrioarcal culture brings the super jerk out in the males, when tehy obtain power.

o  Wundt was taken and ro sold into slavery (indentured servanthood) when I was about 5. He immediatley presented with a knack for languages and linngusitcs. so he was steared in the direction of language. he was taught current languages, he was also taught ancient languegs. he excelled at to an extmreely amount in ancient languages. he was so good at translating ancient language into german and prussian that when he was around 10 years old the Prussian military campaign in Ohio finally broke for the prussians despite more than half a cnetury of losses.

o  the Ogles finally gave up control over Heidelberg U library and allwoed the rpussians to sieze control over it.

o  Wundt along with about a dozen linguists were shiped over from Prussia to America specifically TIffin Ohio crica 1842in order to translate the books the prusisians found in the heidelberg library. by 1850 hte papework was finished and thhe state fo ohio granted Heidelberg a teaching charter.

o  allprevious evidence was obviously erased to not make the prussian govnermnet or Amierca look bad. since the official sotry ws that the only thing on the frontier was savages and wilderness. A library so advanced it contained codexes and blueprints how to make electical machines was so far outside the realm of the official story that it could not possible be recorded. so teh history fo wher ethe boks came from, the true histoyr fo the Ogle fmaily. who the bulk fo the fmaily were forced to evacuate tiffin leaving only a small token of poeple. when they came back to claim their lands 224 and market streets on the west side fo the city it was marked as if htey had just arrived adn were never in the area previous. which has no basis in reality. the Maples was about half a century old circa 1820. but that information the historicnas in teh area in teh prsent are almsot all descennats of the prussian empire adn have absolutey no interst in any way, shape, or form in telling the true. because it makes their ancestors look bad. look like the blood thristy genocidal conqueors htey were, instead fo teh peacrfuly and wondeful builders of a great city fo Tiffin they want to maintain teh illusion fo.

o  but hwat does psycholgoy teach us.

o  psycholgoy teaches us that the longer facts aer suppressed for fictions, the more deviant the behavior patterns. the deviations in behaviot patterns willl continue till the truth is revealed.

o  hwihch is fascianting concsidereidn how religious Ohio is and how storngly they want to follow the teaachings of Jesus. depsite wnating to have slavery, gneocide, and sadicstlly take teh free will of others away.

o  Wundt as a chid went from war zone prussian heidelberg to war zone Tiffin oHio, the trauma of those events shaped his personalyt in extreme ways.

o  they shapped his pesonalty so much and hard that despite teh fact he was an expert linguist by the time hw as 17, the prussans then forced him to learn to be a Medical Docotr. to handle the war wounded in Prussia at the time. Not longaffter he ogbtained his Medical License to practice medicine his indentured servant contract was up adn he was allwoed for the first time in his life to make his own desigtions. he took h imselfl and his notes to leipzig adn began to pour over his life experiences. refusing to treat paitnet as a Medical Doctor and refusing to treat patients as a mentla health professional. he was a lab person once and only.

o  he hated any type fo patient care, he only liked experimenting wiht his mazes adn his electical machines.

o  it took him more than a decade at leipzig to write his books "the first modern textbook on psycholgoy" based on his notes taken in Tiffin Ohio.

o  after pubhsihg, his book ushered in the spread of psycholgoy faster thna a wild fire. Several major univeristies founded theri own psycolgoy department soon after obtaining his book. those psycolgoy deptments are still thriving in teh rpesent more htan 140 years later.

o  but wundts book contined infomraiton which was entirely bad when it came to the tooks the prussians demanded. what the prussians demanded in his book was they demanded to have population control deviced. which he included in, but was noot his favorit subjects.

o  when BF Skinner obtained his book, he dove into the population control theories with full force and spent his entire career working to find out better adn better ways to make hhis patients do what he wnated them to do. his technolies were for the most part torture, and on a good day only slightly traumatic.

o  on a bad day his techniques were entirely leathal.

o  but that was ok since most fo the time his techniques did force his patients to "do waht they were Operative Conditinging" trained to do. hwever that OC only lasts for a specific amount fo time till true behaior patterns emerge and sometimes violent behaior atterns are actied upon.

o  one fo the reasons the field fo psychology has so many issues, and radically bad problem is how much of the founding of the wundt document has forced wholes in it.

o  the forced wholes are so large and impressive, the nasty and inappropriate behavior patterns which are still hidden from the internal structure keep presenting themselves.

o  you also havew the problem that the different cutlures must be approached differntly.

o  nature based philospy epople need a totally different approach than the esau philophsy epple. which is also entirly differnt than the jacob people.

o  theri are universla truths, but their are alos cultural universal truths. the way a nature person in by dna part fo a culture cannot be supporessed or extincted any given behavior. it can only be redirectred.

o  nurture can be extincted, but those are very difficult to find.

o  some cultures have only been around for a relatively short time, and those behaviors are not coded into teh dna yet.

o  other cultures have been around for millennia and are so coded into the dna, that what used to be nurture has turend nature and can only be redirected.

o  these deviations are not only not clear in teh field fo pschology. htey are almsot entirely ignored by teh majority of the theories present. both the current ones which have not been proven wrong yet, and the huge amount that have been proven wrong. Example skinners work regarding you can change nature to suit your personal/society demands. that was proven wreong a century ago, but it keeps being brought up. not because it is any more correctd or not a cnetury later. but becuase the powers that be want to keep using it to force theri free will onto those aroudn them.

o  the dominatn patrioarcal cultures, forceing others to give up free will is a huge Domiant Submisive power rush. some cultlures like teh Prussians and their several parent cultures which included pockets of teh Roman, the Droians, adn distantly the Hyksos. the cutlure getts off on dominating and forcing less domant indivulas adn cultures to bend to their will. the harder and nastrs the forced bent teh more the in effect hyksos like it.

o  Wundt witnessed this first hand in both prussia and of course in TIffin. which hw as not allowed to talk about in any way shape or form.

o  but it happened non the less.

o  he wrote those parameters into his book, and his studies but the domint cultures who picked up his book and ran with it, for the most part ignored those portions. ignored them to a point of "we do not care about that fritly stuff, give up the population control tools, shut up, adn go away".

o  was the hykso susual responce.

o  to make psycholgoy a truely great field of academics. the first palce to start is with a day to day clear understanding of what wundt was doign when he was starting the notes.

o  then of course dig into his tutors Jospeh Smith adn Oliver Cowdry; the men behind teh LDS church. then dig into all three men were transsported to Prussia. to continue to work obvlously clandesetinnly. Smith adn Cowdrey were put to work continine to tranlate, where wundt was put to work to become a Medical Doctor. obviusly smith adn cowdrey had secets teh prusisnas were demanding. which included filling out more informaiton about the future of psycology, as well as what they knew about teh Ogle's. specificaly what htey knew abouut teh tabenacle fo adam syste, which in the wrong hadns is a Weaspn o fmass destuctdion.

·     Joseph Smith

·     The Holy Books

o  The Talmud

o  The New Testament

o  The book of Mormon

o  The first modern textbook of psychology

o  The torch; book of exodus to Malachi

o  What do these three books have anything at all to do with each other.

o  That answer is extremely difficult to define since only three of them seem to have anything at all to do with each other. The fourth seems to be entirely out side the realm of real, and the fifth seems to have less than nothing to do with the first two.

o  However as the evidence will clearly show; the book of genesis takes place between x – 2500 bce. Approximately when the pyramids construction started with the Old Kingdom. Judah being sold to the Pharaoh and the wife of the Pharaoh and Judah performing a ritual together points to some very interesting things regarding the fertility rites and the pyramids.

o  What does the pyramids have even the smallest thing to do with the field of Psychology; that answer is a bit complex but overall very simple. The answer is,

o  The Pyramids are a reflection on a huge scale a synapse of a brain. Which means the Pyramids had the capacity to think

o  The Pyramids are an Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. designed to identify Electro-Magnetic waves from the cosmos

o  The Pyramids are an Electro-Magnetic Wave Detector/Broadcaster which in part were designed to identify and read the Tunnel to the Orbital West of the Planet.

o  Genesis; extremely cut down to just 51 chapters by Moses. But there is still a copy of the original in existence. The oldest still in existence copy of the book of Genesis is the Pyramids of Egypt. Althoough there is an older copy but it that copy has been mostly obliterated by the rages of time and of course conquest armies. The Zigurate system of Lavant  lands was an older copy, but most of the towers have been obliterated.


·     The truth of the origins of psychology


·     Clandestine Operations

o  Clandestine Operations almost never leave records

·     Chasing the library

o  The British given possession of the libraries of the Trojans, the Egyptians (18th Dynasty), in part the Carthage library, the Samhain (rome), Alba Longa, etc. they had placed them under extreme guards in key cities they controlled which the enemy would take centuries to develpe the necessary skills and men to threaten.

o  The books contained information which the greeks had stolen part of and developed amazing technology from.

§  Acroterie mechanism

§  A rudemntary steam engine. The ROmas found said tech in the Alexandria library and turned it tin other advantange by destroying most of the evidence and hiding the secrets. They would have started the “industrial revolution” at 20 bce but they were too consernfed with finding and killing Jews to care about the money they could make from the steam engine .

§  Engineering to make huge buildings

§  Engineering to create the aqueduct system

§  Steam

§  Optics

§  Mechanical engineer to make machines they could connect to water falls and steep rivers. Having a “paddle wheel” every x feet powering a sequence of grain mills.

§  And of course Electro-Magnetic machines.

o  The Prusians and of course their axis cultures either knew flat out what the books contained they could not access and or they had a really good idea.

o  When Mary Shelley and her friends were in one of the newly opened “library’s” to the academic public. She found the story of a medical doctor who had build his own Electro-Magnetic machines and had conducted experiments. She fictionalized his actions into Frankenstein. The real man was one of 100 of upper class and rich scholars who had conducted said experiments. The Prussian spy organizations which the FreiKorp was just one branch of had laid seize to each one and stolen as much of that technology as they could. However they still as of 1790 did not possess sufficient to know how to use said to create weapons from it. they needed more.

o  The hunt to keep chasing down the British did not end with the conquest of America by the Prussian axis the English. Capturing Harvard, Trinitiy U (aka Kings college aka Columbia), etc. in the colonies did not produce the metiarl they demanded access too. That left venturing farther west to find hidden library caches the British were still holding onto keeping as low a profile as possible.

o  That points to Tiffin and the library’s around Tiffin alsmot perfectly. Which also explains they northern Ohio has 10 of the best Universities in America. But each one is relatively small. They were designed to be that way.

·     The contents of the library

o  The libarys contained secrets wich dated back to the Heirakonopolis library of 3800 bce.

o  Which also means some of the books contained the secrets of the Pyramids. The Pyraid technology is almost beyond imagination more complex than is currently understaodo by acadmics and science. The ATEN is built into the Causeways. A 100 million tons of carved rock stretching over miles and miles. Modern science has no idea how to repeat but our technogoy has fainally in the last 13 years risen to the point we can now proof an even higher level of mathematics and engineering which makes the still mystery of the pyramimds look small in comparrision. How did tey do the next part is so far beyond human knowledge right now, it is like a pre-schooler trying to understand a 40 year experienced Theoretical Quantium Physics equation person describing how C curves around a black hole.

·     Linguistics

o  The descendants of Esau eg Mecca, Russia (blue horde), Prussia, the Third Reich, Protestants, Dutch, etc. ctures have a problem with digging too deeply into the past. They will only go so far and then stop. They stop because the information they find stongly contradicts their philosophy. When that occurs, they havd to stop of have to reorganize their theology. Which most are not wiling to do.

o  Consequently. Instead of performing the research and learning themselves. They recruit thugs from their citizens and go capture scholars from other cultrures to do the research for them. So they can maintain ignorance but force the captured scholar to decode the books they cannot read to build their weapons.

o  Enter for the specific purpose of the field of Psycholgoy. Wilhelm Wundt, Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, and dozens of others as yet unnamed. They were brought tto Tiffin in order to be forced to translate the books captured or stolen from Heidelberg.

·     Need to kill all Jews

o  Although the Axis cultures have less than zero conscious understanding, the leadership chose millennia ago to hide the facts of the situation. That they are fightintg and desperately want to kill Jews in order to replace them on the Throne of Adam. The Throne is mostly a mythical concept since most of the cooberatign evidence has been erased by the Axis powers dating back well before the Roman  Empire. But the throne of Adam was part of the Tabernacle System, that System has some limited Documation. Although in hard fact some of the documentation is misleading, some leaders knew about information they kept secret and performed atdions which they were actioning from secrets.

o  A perfect example of the Throne is the Russian Amber Room which was a gift from the Prussians circa 1730 to Russia to cement another piece deal. However when the Russians and Prussians went to war wit each other, it was not for the reasons msto think. They did not want to end the war, they wanted to remove percentages of their popuations. They either had more mouths then they could feed, ro they had too high a population of “undeasirable” citizens they wanted to get rid of. So intead of mass executions, both sides would round up those citizens and have them fight each other to the death for enteainment. A in a way gladioatorial combat for the fun of the crowd.

o  the equation is actually rther simply if you break it down. The Argument between Esau who demanded to be the next “King of the Throne of Earth” kept stealing the birthright from his brhter Jaocb. But Jacob was not physiclal strong but mentally, and always managed to come along when Esau had put himself into a compromised position to force Esau to give up his cognitive dissonance might makes right. Jacob was the chosen one, not Esau. But Esau was always convinced that with enough muscle, weapons, and blood lust that he could eventually take the power away from his brother.

o  Esau after loosing antoher combat session and praying hard to send a Fallen to go kill his brother on his way back to Egypt. Esau uused the Kaaba at Mecca his newly conquered city and its captured residence and killed them all to have that fallen go kill his brother. His brother survived the attack and was renamed Israel.

o  From that moment on the Hyksos culture the supposed descendants of Esau have had one cultural goal. To seek out and destroy the Jews, take their synagogues and turn them all into mosques to worship god correctly.

o  However minus mecca, this has never worked.

o  And from 2600 bce to about the tiem of the Roman Empire the above details were removed from common konwelge. The reason to seek out the Jews to kill them, because just seek them out and kill them. The Esau and Jacob thing has been well buried by history.

·     Pro cultures

o  British

o  Royal French

o  Germans (nor Prussians)

o  Austrians (the none Muslim descendants)

o  Some Simon Peter descendant Italians

o  Ireland

o  Scandinavia

o  Mormons under the leadership of Joseph Smith


·     Genocidal cultures

o  Prussia

o  Russia

o  Paul's Vatican

o  Spain

o  Libertine French

o  English

o  Americans

o  Confederacy

o  Dozens of Islamic sub-groups

o  The LDS under the leadership of B.Y.

o  Mongolian Golden Horde

o  Blue Horde 1240s–1502


·     People directly involved

o  Oliver Cowdery

o  Joseph Smith

o  Wilhelm Wundt

o  Thomas Ogle

o  Joseph Ogle

o  The Ogle Family line

o  The British Culture; which the Ogle family are a a founding family


·     The Classics

o  The Trojan War

o  Medusa


·     Tools of Psychology

o  Crowd control which skinner turned into behriorism

·     Industrial Revolution

·     Upon further researching the origin of Psychology. I made a shocking even to me discovery with evidence to back it up I was not expecting at all. The problem is, that new branch of the evidence is seriously relevant to the direction of those whom put Wundt and Oliver under in basic indentured servitude to translate ancient technology. On the Sandusky and Mississippi River in that exact same time the first Steam Engines were being built and tested. The first working and at least semi-"Steam Engine" went into service as a business just 5 small years after 1847. Talk about a jump in technology. I have known about the steam engine, Frankenstein, d fibrillation tech, etc. for years but this new branch adds an important portion to the motivation for the soldiers at Fort Ball to perform the actions they did. I can more clearly answer why now. They I suspect based on hard physical evidence the Prussians had a very strong idea of the technology books they were chasing and were more than slightly angry in the 1000 other library's they seized control over. that they could not find "these books". So, they looked to Heidelberg, and lay seize spy v spy to the city 1812-1850. What the FreiKorp/Prussian/Russians have an axis and all but kissing cousins with a different culture which had power, money, and of course a desperate need to seize control and destroy their enemies. The new tie discovered is the Blue Horde which invaded and controlled Moscow for several centuries, they still were powerful and in the government just about a century before in the late 1600s. After they were still strong and powerful but were reduced in their governmental control.  The Blue Horde on the other hand when they were part of the Golden Horde had converted to violently radical Islam in their time in and around Mecca. They were still fundamentalist and wanting to kill all who questioned "the prophet" in Russia in the not too distant past. which includes all the 1800s. Prussia and Russia have been close axis for most of the last millennia. The Prussian Government began not that far away from Mecca, aka the Teutonic Knights.

·     Smith and Judaism 

·     Oliver Cowdery

·     Book of Mormon

o  one of the truly difficult parts and aspects of this book is can this book be believed or is this book simply some type of odd cult type weirdness. The problem with this book is, that its founding and writing were done by two men. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, Oliver Cowdery was in Tiffin Ohio from 1838-1848, give or take a few months. The records show 8 years, but the end records were directly from the Prussian Empire troops stationed at Fort ball, which was only about 2000 feet away. Fort ball was primarily a Prussian Military base which the English and then Americans were allowed to be stationed at, but the JB Ball was primarily for Prussian Troops. Specifically paramilitary FreiKorp Troops. Which means the base, its operation structure was mostly lies ontop of lies. The Russian Empire rarely told the truth, and when they did it was always clouded with exaggerations inside the truth to twist the story to make them the hero and the enemy the villain. Otherwise known as typical psychopathic reactions.

·     BOM Wundt

o  I found evidence that the BOM directly assisted Wundt in the creation of his firsts modern textbook of Psychology.

o  Oliver Cowdery and Wundt were in Tiffin at the same time and place in the same room, dragooned into service to translated the newly captured Heidelberg library in Tiffin Ohio.

o  Several aspects of Psychology can be directly linked to the ceremonies and structures of the BOM. Without the BOM, Psychology in its Wundt created form would not exist.


·     Smith Cowdery and Wundt at Heidelberg Tiffin Ohio library

·     The Mormons LDS


·     Psychology and the LDS under the Direction of Smith

o  There is another problem to the Psychology and LDS situation.

o  That would be the community which was extablished by Smith in “Rocky Mountain” just east of Manitou Colorado well in truth it was called Texas in 1825. Rocky Mountain was the first capital of texas back when Austin was about 5 tents next to the river. 1822 when “texas” was on legal paperwork founded but the French had been living and thriving in Texas since the 1600s. the French royal family of Louis XVI King in exhile had been inving in Manitou since 1790. Just because the legal paperwork said x does not make it true at all. In fact the armies present, the musketeers in Texas were more than a match for the Mexican, Spanish, and of course all of their axis put together. Which is one reason Coronado had to travel to Manitiou one by himself and a very small unarmed continent of his closest advisors about 12 men. He was escorted to Manitiou to have a chat with the British and French in Manitou. He came back a changed man. But the mission was entirely clandestine and no documentation exists regarding any aspect of it.

o  The British and French wrote various items, but in 1800 those documents were itehr confisted and classified by the Amreican govnerment or destroyed entirely.

o  Smith sent his “unacceptable” followers to Rocky Mountain to help the French Royal family in exile built the city. One small piece of evidence exists regarding this in the physical. The Bancroft School building, its foundation and of course a least one picture of it still exists. That Buiding began as a replamcnet of the Louvier.

o  It was partially torn down and remodeled several times.

o  It used to stretch wider than the streets to the east and west of Bancroft parks current dementions.

o  But the infrastructure buit from 1860-1890 has oliberated all but the must basic aspects of the original city of Rocky Mountain.

o  Although lots of documentation exist regarding the Bancroft Palace, it was just not called that. Mr bott a serious and early developer of the area to be called Colroado City lived in what would become a school in a decade for month before his house was finished. The Texas and americans loved the amount of gold they could extract from colroado city in the 1830-1840s. but hated the people present. I do not mean a small amount of hatred, I mean soul level “put them all in the ovens” smelter (21 street ruin) and erase them all from existence. Jews, blacks, ex slaves, mulsims, French, britihs, natives, etc. but said information has been entirely erased from history. Or was never documented in the first place.

o  But something is entirely erased from the situation. The French royal family had a decade or two to prepar for the FreiKorp to invade Frence and perform a sphy coupe detant upon the Royal family. Not even the first 100th time the FreiKorp used their spy skills to topple threatening govments to the Prussian and Russain govenrmetns. The French had more than sufficient time to take their more valuable technology “steam engines” and “electrical generators” out of France and to America. The FreiKorp wanted those mahcines and would happily commit genocide to force the subject.

o  Electro-magnetic machine instructdions in Heidelberg and Electro-Magnetic Mahcines in Manitou. Both have a beyond significant documented LDS presence in the 1840s. Smith in his own hand worte “I am going to Rocky MOutain” in the last year before June  1844. Immediately before his was supposedly killed/martyred by the FreiKorp in Carghage Illinois.

o  The evidence he was kidnapped along the way or the night of the 22 is difficult to disprove knwing that the FreiKorp desperately wanted him in their possession as a skilled linguist. They would stop at nothing, so there is less than zero reason while the intent was to aim at the city of “Rocky MOutain” he was likely captured, given a new name, new papers, stripped of all identificying personal items, and shipped to Tiffin in order to work on the animations.

o  Why Rocky Mountain. Because it possessed a huge army combination of the French (musteteers) and the British armies. It also possessed electro-magnetic engines. Which could easily be converted from being good machines to being weaspons of war.

o  It is a documented fact that in France Denis Papin built a steam engine capable of pumpuing water out of a mine circa 1690. 1690-1790 a century between the first documented powerful steam engine in france to the time the court of Louis XVI evacuated to Manitou Colorado.  A full century one country, with a huge amount of money, and the backing of the French royal family there are few limited to the reach of steam technology. Combine that horse power with an electrical generator an dyou have amps if not watts of power. Watts of power and the machines which can be built are all but unlimited. Up to and including a computer.

o  Most of that stuff was shipped to amreican in the middle 1700s. To keep Prussian and Russian hands off of it.

o  The next question is, what does anything at all of this have to do with Wilhelm Wundt and the subject of Psychology. The answer is in the form of a quesiotn. Tell me exactly hwere the electrical machines which filled Wilhem Wundt’s Leipzig psychological laboratory came from? Trace every single piece of machinery from where Wundt built it from, or had it built, or where he obtained the dozens of pieces of machinery to assemble into his electric machines. Electrical machines were not anywhere close to a time a dozen. They were a special custom built each piece. A few machines were put on boats in France to make the first “recognized steam engines. In 1850, but the libertine govnement did not see the potential in them yet.

o  The first not experimental steam ship was built in France in 1783 by Marquis Claude de Jouffroy. From a failed 1776 expariment. The French Government possessed more than sufficient money and power to build an entire large enough for ocean voyages steam ship to take then at faster than any sail ship across the altantic, around florida, and up to the Arkansa without stopping.

o  This is extremely important since the structure of that ship would have been used a bit, but hten was dismantled to go up river as far as possible in order to then canablize the hsip to hide both the French French royal family and the technology.

o  Unlimited resources and tons of gold would be perfect to exarpient with to produce better and better electrical machines. To direct the generated electricity to achieve larger and larger goals.

o  Wudnt was absolutely fascinated by the body’s electrical system. He combined all that technology together to study the body’s electrical system in his laboratory.


·     The Pyramids

o  The Pyramids

o  Built by the Old Kingdom aka Ogle family


o  Causeways

o  Synapse

·     Temple Square Salt Lake Utah


·     Old Colorado City Colorado


·     The French Royal Family in Exile


·     Leonardo Da Vinci

o  This man was one of the smartest humans to have ever existed. His IQ based on what he was allowed to take credit for was well over 200.

o  what he was not allowed to take credit for makes his IQ somewhere north of 300.

o  He was a basterd so polite society could and would absolutely never accept his more extreme ideas, inventions, and creations.

o  example Machiovelli was allowed to publish his work “The Prince” because Machio had a royal title and money. Where Leonardo was born a basterd and his mther was a Jew. He was lucky to have survived his teenager hood. If he had not have spent from about age 11-60 mostly living in France the Vatican would have succeeded in killing him.

o  They tried 4 times and removed him from Italy on the 5th when he was 62.

o  He designed the Sistine Chapel, Versailles Phase One, which was used as the basis of the Vatican Remodel. Based on Vitruvian Man.



o  Leonardo Da Vinci and his Versailles which translates as a Polytechnical university. Evidence in Vitruvian Man.

o  He built two that we can show physical evidence for; Versailles Phase One, and the Vatican. His design was the basis for the remodel from 1510 for the next several decades.


·     Electro-Magnetic Wave Telescope and Possible Gateway to Heaven

o  At least two copies of this Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope were built. At least two, secondary evidence points to about 10 in America.

o  Heidelberg University Tiffin Ohio

o  The Palace which used to be in what was renamed to Bancroft Park post 1910; Bancroft Park however that building extended beyond the east west boundaries of the current Park. It was also not called Bancroft School previous to 1890. Several Wars were fought over that Palace and associated technology.

o  Other Possible Pyramid inspirited Telescopes;

o  Whatcom County WA state

o  Manhattan (Trinity College)

o  Boston Harvard

o  St Augustine Florida

o  Georgia

o  Vancouver WA

·     Gateway to Heaven and or Hell

o  Of the couple dozen subjects they are all G rated.

o  but a couple of the links are very adult rated. all have warning pages before the adult stuff is available to see.

·     The Hyksos

·     Esau

o  Esau and Islam

o   The Pyramids are according to the Esau descendants are a gateway to Heaven and or Hell. The Pyramids should belong to Esau and his culture, despite the fact they had less than zero idea what they are, and are 100% ignorant how to use the tool. But they do not want to understand how to use it, just possess it.

o  Esau’s descendants on a soul level are completely convinced that the Pyramids are a way to reach the gates of Heaven and possibly enter them.

o  Why Esau and his descendants want access to “heaven” is anyone’s guess. But based on their actions over the last 4500 years. There actions make it abundantly clear, they want to go and have a conversation/discussion/argument with god over his creation of the Jews. They want to Jews removed form history. They want Jacob to never have been born. If god refuses to remove Jacob from history, they as a culture are prepared based on their actions to fight god “The Tower of Babyel” over control of Heaven and to displace him as ruler of the Universe.

o  They then want to create specific changes to the course of history which will completely favor their wants, needs, and desires. Which begins with Esau being put in charge of the Tabernacle System of Adam and Esau to rule Earth as God Rules Heaven.

o  This argument did not begin with Esau, nor did it begin with his ancestor Terah, the father of Abraham. Nor did it begin with Noah/Gilgamesh and his Flood situation killing the “bad people”.

o  It did not being with that. It began long ago with the argument between Able who was put in charge of the Tabernacle System of Adam, and Caine who was put in charge of protecting the system from attack. Caine did not want to be in charge of protection, he wanted to be inside making decisions about the fate of mankind. He wanted to be part of the decision making process. However he did not have the temperament to be making said decisions. He grew frustrated and angry over not being allowed inside the Tabernacle while Able was working.

o  Caines frustration grew into rage, which grew into homicidal violence.


·     The Descendant Cultures of the Hyksos

o  Hyksos

o  Avaris

o  Dorian

o  Philistine (570 years later they would call themselves Romans.)

o  Paul Christians, as opposed to the followers of Simon Peter

o  Emperor Nero (was actually Paul)

o  Mohammed

o  Abu Bakr

o  Fatimah; this persons life is only covered from birth till she is about 18 with two sons. Her life after her fathers death is pure fiction. She evacuated out of Mecca with her dyning fathers body and his closest guards. She traveled from Meccao to Egypt, from upper Egypt/northern Ethiopia to Lower Egypt, west to Carthage, Carthage to Rome, Rome hwere she spent some time, evacuated out of Rome back to Carthage, west to the crossing over to Gibralter, Gibrialter up to Iberian Peninsula, through the future spain, crossed over to France, up France to the Saine, possibely spent some time in Paris, west to the English channel (despite it was not called that then), across the Britain, spent time in London, north to the Kingdom of Ogle where her mothers family was, attempted to work with her mother and her mothers family, was rejected flat out, turned her back on her maternal family, formed the separate armies of the picts/romans/etc. into a solid army under her command, attacked her mothers family (aka the Pictish revolt), warred against her mothers family and her step brother for years and years, lost huge at 650, had to evacuate out of Brtian, traveled east to Normandy, east to Germany, south to Venice, south through Italy, entered Rome with a larger army and a determination to resurrect her dead father she left in the Catacombs under the Vatican, made a bee line to the Lake Nemi Ships, the armies of the world followed her lead by her half brothers army of Knights, they fought, she left both her life and the goal of brining her dead father Mohammed back to life, the Lake Nemi Ships were partially destroyed, everything from the water line up was destroyed. THE Ships sank, leaving about 20 feet between the damage and the surface. She had sent her children with a couple of her lovers in Britain to Constantinople, Her son with her half brother was in the battle at Lake Nemi and was also killed. but so was her half brother. At that point the Vatican worked very very hard to erase all evidence of the events and the battle which took place, but the evidence could not be any more clear. Her kids who lived at Constantinople merged into history and have not been heard from since.

o  her descendants kept together and kept the family strong.

o  later her descendants were forced to leave Constantinople and traveled at a group to Acre, just in time for the Templar Knights to arrive.

o  Knwing flat out that they could not be anywhere close to the Templars and not be attacked. They evacuated out of Levant Lands and traveled eventually to Slovakia; conquered the areas, set up their new Empire centered at their conquered capital city of Konsneburg, name changing from Teutonic Knights to The Prussian Empire.

o  Where they quietly spnt the next several centuries underminding the power of the Vatican in Prussian and north east Europe. Taking ithe teachings of their “figure head” Fatimah and creating PRotestanitsm from it. 

o  The original organization Teutonic Knights did not just vanish when the bulk of the group name changed to Prussian. The core group took on a secondary roll as a think tank, advisors, etc. to the Emepror.

o  Although it had to reform a couple dozen times over the 900 years from 1130-1920, it was still called the Order of Teutonic Knights when Adolf was a member from 1914-1920.

o  But that smashes into the function and structure of the FreiKorp, its previous names, its post names, and of course when the Munich Branch of the FreiKorp changed it name to NAZI after taking over the DAP, which was a political party established to protect the Thule Society.

o  From about a month after the DAP formed, FreiKorp members joined it in ones and twos through 1919. By the end of summer they had a large enough voting block that Adolf's commanding officer ordered him to join and to evacuate the group and the situation.

o  He did, he informed his CO that the group was perfect for a Façade Group to further the Teutonic Knights cause; which had not changed one tiny bit from Fatimah to Adolf.

o  Adolf joined, messed with the group.

o  Then at the end of November, made all kinds of political maneuvers to rise in the officers ranks.

o  by the end of November beginning of December with his FreiKorp friends as a voting block. He was able to seize control over the DAP, and was appointed its new President. A position he would hold for the next 25 years. All to further the cause and philosophy of Fatimah, which was renamed Fascism. The main goal was to remove and erase the enemies of Esau from existence. First the Jews and then any and all who apposed that Esau should have been appointed to be the Pharaoh of the Tabernacle of Adam System.

o  Most of what everyone knows about WWII is about 2 inches of the top of a glacier, everything below the Waterline is still entirely hidden from those who either participated and or have studied it for almost 80 years after the events.

·     King Solomon's Temple

o  king solomons temple was part of a electro magnetic wave radio telescope

o  of the millions of lbs of materials used to creation the Pyramids of Egypt. No less than 50,000 lbs of it is quartz.

o  When Quartz is compressed, it releases Electricity. Making the Pyramids previous to being partially destroyed, a power plant. Generating huge amounts of electricity every single minute of every single day.

o  King Solomons Temple is within the 300 miles which is hte max distance between a "power plant" and a receptacle for said electricity. TO use in some type of Machine.

o  Legend has it that King Solomon’s Temple was built using "Harnessed Demons", which at 1000 bce, how else do you try and explain to some illiterate cultures those huge blocks being moved into place using electro magnetic levitation. Exact same engineering for a Mag Lev Monorail Train.

o  The Pyramids were designed in part to look down the solar wind wake

o  that solar wind wake orbital west left when the earths magnetosphere and the solar wind combine

o  that combination created a physical wake, a physical electromagnetic wake of particles and waves.

o  that wake can be identified and "read"

o  the Pyramids; bent to King Solomons Temple is part of the telescope to identify and read that "tunnel" but the tunnel is all too in all hard physical reality real.

o  FreeMasons mark KIng Solomons Temple as their not beginning/origin but the first real place they formed. To protect the Ark of the Covenant.

o  The Tunnel created by the Solar Wind and the Earths Magnetosphere has the same engineering structure as a wake of a Ship.

o  that tunnel

o  can be mythologically identified as a tube/entrance/stairway/straw/gateway/etc. to either Heaven and or Hell

o  it is a tunnel made every fraction of a second the earth has been "broadcasting out" its magnetosphere.

o  about 4 billion years. or in other words a bottomless pitt

o  or abyss

o  I can add lots of information to this, the name of the Old Kingdom who built the Pyramids. The Name of the family is in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd, or Ogle for short. The translation of the family name in English is North Umber Land, or the area center east of the Scottish Boarder. Psychology. The facts that the em fields generated by the double horizon Pyramids produced em waves which in the brain are thoughts. The Pyramids and causeways are engineered to resemble a synapse in the brain. Just vastly larger, instead of microscopic, they are 300 square miles.

o  The Causeways are built using the format of the ATEN, which is the oldest of the Egyptian deities. It is also a monotheistic deity. The ATEN was a singular deity till an invasion of Egypt from a culture from Mecca circa 3800 bce.

o  A our deities are better than yours turned two monotheistic concepts into a pantheon.

o  The Causeways as mentioned are also in the form of a synapse in the Brain, which is where thoughts originate. Means the Pyramids had the engineering capacity to think.

o  Combine the Sun and its every day different position to "rise up" from the Horizon, that makes it own ATEN over a 365.4 day ark. So you have the ATEN from east to West, and the ATEN from West to East with the Causeways. Which if you remove the lines in the middle, that makes the Star of David.

o  showing the engineering for a synapse and the causeways of the Pyramids are identical

o  meaning, the pyramids used to be able to "Think".

o  50,000 lbs at the absolute Gramm minimum compressing at different rates and times every second all day long. over the course of 2 separate horizons north and south

o  em waves were pushing all over the place inside the pyramids structure

·     Thule Society


·     The Four Year Plan

o  In 1932, Adolf determined that the Thule Society was a threat to him and his tyrannical power.

o  Since they were a threat, he immediately outlawed them.

o  The group simply changed its name the same way it had changed its name 1000 times from 1806-1918.

o  They changed their name again 1932-1945

o  Then Changed it again from 1946-Presnet. That New Name is Stille Group.

·     Wannsee Conferences

o  Each and every part

·     Stille Group


·     Demands for Divine Technology

·     Turning Tools into Weapons

·     The 18th Egyptian Dynasty

o  The 18th Dynasty was comprised of mostly descendants from the Old Kingdom who came back to Africa knowing the bulk of the Hykss Army would be obliterated in the Thera Volcanic eruption. The descendants of the Old kingdom came back and simply sat in Carthage and waited, for the eruption to occur.

o  The eruption occurred and they chargd into Egupt with a full army and full culture ready and willing to take back what was rightfully theirs.

o  The very small token Hyksos/Avaris force in Egypt very quickly surrendered.

o  The Old Kingdom was once again in charge of Egypt.

o  Their Reign as the 18th dynasty lasted for about 200 years. Because they were not willing to suppress the Hyskso in their capital city of Avaris; the only way to keep the Avaris from regaining power was to about once a generation go and radically reduce the population. The 18th dynasty was unwilling to do that. So the Hyksos/Avaris were able to rebuild both their cutleur and army. So when the youngest child of Akanaten was born a crippled and deformed boy. The family knew that was the end of there time. They made arrangements to evacuate the ulture and as many of their citizens as possible.

o  One of the places they traveled to was of course Samhain. The city of Poseidon (before he was captured by the Dorians). Troy of course. Tier, Carthage, and of course Northumberland.

o  Only a small token of Jews and others were still in Egypt when the boy king was killed in combat and the Avaris reseized the throne of Egypt creating the 19th dynasty.



·     Western Culture

·     Western Academics

o  The History of Western Academics is an incredibly complex and layered subject.

o  the Basic history

§  Cyber Academics

§  Modern Academics

§  Renaissance Academics

§  Leonardo Da Vinci

§  the Guild System

§  the Vatican and Academics

§  The Roman Empire and Academics

·     you will be hard pressed to find a group outside of Mecca and the Islamic Nations which hate education and academics more than the Roman Empire, they are second only to the Vatican, which is truth is just the descendants of the Romans who are descendants of the Hyksos name changed but with the exact same behavior patterns. The Romans attempted to make a Dark Age/Medieval Age, but by the time they wanted to do it, they did not have the army or the power. So the Vatican under the direction of the philosophy of Paul not Simon Peter did have the army and the power. So from 300 ce to 1750s the Vatican did everything in its considerable power to destroy any and all questioning of its authority and power. UP to and including genociding entire groups of people because the “Inquisition” was afraid that one person who was outspoken might have “influenced” more people so the entire group needed to be Human Sacrificed to Lord Satan in order to prevent those questions from spreading.

§   Greek Education under the Tyranny of the Dorians/Avaris/Hyksos

§  the Dorian Dark Age 2100-800 bce

§  The Old Kingdom

§  An Older Dark Age 3800-3200 bce

§  Heliopolis and Heirakonopolis

§  Gobe Teka


o  Where does Western Academics go from here; that answer is extremely simple; each student needs to build their own database of information. However, the brick and mortar locations will fight the next step with everything they have. They are more afraid of the next step in Academics than the Roman Empire and the Vatican were afraid of common knowledge from 30-300 ce combined. The next step is for Students from Kindergarten up need to create their own Website, in order to keep track of all of their ideas, arts and crafts, projects, all aspects of their education need to be documented. So that the best of their ideas will not be lost. Example I was in the 8th grade, I wrote a wonderful story about the lost adventure of Hercules. It was supposed to be 3 paragraphs but I wrote 20 pages. It was thrown away shortly after the school year ended. If students were provided with their own “academics database” they could go so much farther and must faster into there future. Some schools will operate based on 1400s rules in there admissions department. I have bounced through 5 gradschools because I kept running into teachers and two Heads of Departments who were so against my education I was asked/told to leave despite a 4.0. Both Heads I offended by knowing or understanding more about the subject than they did. One Psychology department I proved Wundt was in Tiffin Ohio when  he recreated Psychology from his studies of “The Classics”, he lost his cool when I put my same mind towards the field of Cognition. I used Quantum Physics to describe what was happening, he reacted as bad as he could and not get arrested. The other school I know more about a specific regions history than he does. He is very knowledgeable about one very small section of the entire regions history. He has taught it for 20 years, but he has no idea about the history previous to 1890 and no knowledge in most cases of anything 100 miles north and south of his location. When I pointed it out, he was not happy with me and I was assigned teachers who were unbelievably bad. I lasted 10 days in class one, 3 hours in class two, and 12 days in class 3. I dropped because the last teacher we had a scream match over the phone regarding he demanded I plagiarize and his rather violent anti-Semitic perspective.  If you have an issue with a teacher and you are not a lawyer, do not bother because they bring lawyers in to settle the matter. An academic trying to present evidence in a court setting will likely loose, because the formatting and words used are so radically differnet in the field of Law.

·     The City of Samhain the Trojan War Part iii aka the Odyssee

o  The city of Samhain (Samhain in manx gaelic is pronounced 7) Hills was one of a dozen evacuation sites for the Jews of Egypt. The Jews of Egypt ruled as Pharoahs in the “Old Kingdom” 2600-2100 bce, the family name in Gaelic is Yr Hen Ogle dd, or simply Ogle. Again for the 18th Dynasty 1530-1330, when the Trojan War began. Although that sequence of Battles and issues is violently long and insanely complex. The Exodus, Moses aka Ajax the Younger, Jewish Slave Sheild Wall, the 2nd daughter of Amenhotep iv aka Akanaten his youngest child a boy was named King Tut. His and Nephertit’s second child a girl was named previous to her marriage to King Priame of Troy was Meketaten. After her marriage her name became Hecuba,a take off the name Hercules. Although the spelling of Hercules is proto-Greek a language which would not exists till after 800 bce, more than half a millennia from the Trojan War 1330 bce to proto-proto-proto Greek. Saying spelling changes occurred in the 5 languages from whatever the Trojans used and the culture Agamemnon formed which later called thsemlves Philistines. The Roman Senate called thsemlevs Philistines because that was what the govenrmeign body of the culture Agememono formed called itself.

o  The Odyssey


·     Romulus


·     Rome


·     The Romans 753 bce to 400 ce

o  The Romans hated any and all of this information and worked hard to destroy it. The Vatican hated the information worst and set to create the Office of Inquisition which was tasked with keeping the Vatican’s secrets by burning all source materials which contradicted the church and of course killing any and all dissenters. Which from 300-1700 the power of the Vatican was strong enough they could kill anyone they wanted at any time with out being questioned. And they most certainly did.

o  first on their list was to destroy the language of Italic to prevent the previous history of the city from being known after they went to the trouble of killing as many people who knew about the history of the city and the country of Italy as possible.

o  second they started to conquer the areas around the city to ensure that they would eventually remove all obstacles to their power.

·     the Julii family


·     the Julii family 200-30 ce


·     Imperial Rome


o  The Roman Senate after the issues with Julius Caesar grew afraid of their retired soldiers. Circa 30 bce, the Senate grew so afraid of their retired soldiers that the promise of 20 years of back pay and x amount of acres of land to call their own. Which used to be as close to ROMe Proper as possible. The Senate changed the rules and forced most of their retiring soldiers to live in what would be called Germany, Slovakia, and surrounding areas.

o  1000 years later, the descendants of the Roman Army and Culture were still relatively intact. Name changed of course through 1000 years of wars, cultural changes, Islamic invasions, etc. However the bulk of them were still romans. Which means they were still Philistine descendants of the Agamemnon culture who attacked the city of Troy.

o  What does this matter at all.


·     the Descendants of the Roman Culture and Fatimah

o  It was extremely easy for Fatimah to convince the Anglo Saxons that she was descended from Agamemnon. Her fathers line after all was Hyksos. Since both Agamemnon and Mohammed both claimed to be direct blood line descendants of Esau, it was not difficult to convince them she was their new Leader. She for a very short time became Empress of New Rome in Britain. With it she brought a renewed emphasis on the religion of Mars aka Allah. Mars and Allah are the same thing in differnet languages. Covering the 600 ce Anglo Saxons from whatever religion they had back to the worship of Esau’s god Allah was extremely simple. When he arrived in Germany a few decades later, most of her work had been done for her.


o  400 years later, when the British retook hteir island. The newly renamed Teutonic Knights were sitting waiting for the Templars to come a knocking. The Teutonic Knights plan was to clandestine slip past the templars then attack their flank form Prussia for the next however long.

o  Ultimately that attack the Ogle family Knights Templar resulted in the Ogle family being fored to evaduate out of Btiain, then being forced to evacuate out of the east cost of America. Which was the eexact plan the Prussians wanted.

o  They wntaed the Ogle family to retreat to Tiffin so they could attack them from all sides by already in place armies which had been sitign watigin for the order of rabout half a century. Hence the creation of Psychology in at the end of a war which lasted almost a full century. The Ogles win at Hastings but the enemy followed them to Tiffin and wudnt witnessed the end of the Ogle Empire from the front lines. 

·     Ohio River Valley Genocide

o  About 50 cultures in the oHio river valley fighting tooth and nail for supremacy with Wundt caught directly in the middle. The nasty cultures were using genocide directly in front of Wundt. He was dragooned into service by the worse of the worst of them. To just give a basic outline of what happened to Wundt when he was just 15 is difficult to define.

o  The Prussian Empire in Europe, through their Army, through their sub-group the FreiKorp (not yet renamed to NAZI; but same behavior patterns).

o  The Prussians in American. A major chip on their shoulder from both the Salem Witch Trials (what hey were called preiovus to 1754 wree present and military active), then the huge chip on their shoulder during both the Seven Years War and the American Revolution. Their other named political group/party Tammani Hall which was about as nasty regarding politics has the NAZI’s were minus no gas chambers. They would just kidnap their enemies in the middle of the night and kill them.

o  The Prussians had been allied with the Ottoman Empire when they where still called “Tuetonic Knights”.

o  The British,

o  The Elgish

o  The Americnas

o  The French Royals

o  Libertine French

o  The Pictish

o  The Scotts

o  The Germans

o  Austrians

o  Native Americans several tribes were still large and aggressive.

o  The Spanish present causing problems

o  The Ottomans present and causing problems



·     the Nativity


·     the Crucifixion


·     Jesus


·     Simon Peter aka Emmanuelle aka Jessus aka Emperor Cladius aka


·     The Evil Priest Paul


o  The descendants of Paul and the Roman Army from 50 to 400 ce were given lands in what would become Germany/Prussia circa 1100 ce. It was called Germany about 30 bce, but the point is the Prussian Culture forming in 1130 circa which si the point. The Prussians were Muslim first and foremost. In a rather strong way so was Agamemnon.

·     Paul and Simon Peter War



o  the Romans worked extremely hard and killed millions upon millions of people from 50 to 1700 ce to erase they were the ones who had the argument with Jesus. When Jesus is arguing with the Philistines, he is in the Senate chamber arguing with them.

·     Joseph of Aramathea

o  Joseph of Aramathea is famous in the new testament for helping Jesus and giving his own carved alcove in the Catacombs to Jesus after his become clear he was going to be arrested and executed. However a couple things. One those events took place in Rome Proper, two Joseph was Jesus’ uncle, three during the arrest Joseph evacuated out of Rome to NorthUmberland (translating from English to Gaelic) aka the Kingdom of Ogle, specifically the city of New Castle. New Castle translates to Jerusalem.



·     North Umber Land in English in Galic Yr Hen Ogle

o  Northumberland is where by legend the children of the Trojans who were capable of evacuating Italy went to. They were led by Prince of Troy Brutu, the son or grandson of Ǽneas and Queen Dido of Carthage. The problem is, Queen Dido was not from Carthage, she had just arrived in Carthage from Egypt. She was the Widow of King Tut, who was felled in battle.
Ankhesenamun was her pre-being elevated to the rank of Pharaoh name. She was Pharaoh of Egypt although she served her entire time in Exile. First in Carthage, then in Italy, then depending on a wide variety of issues in Northumberland.



·     William James at Harvard

o  Early in his studies, back when Wundt’s work was still taught at Heidelberg University Tiffin Ohio. He traveled to that location in Tiffin Ohio to learn from Wundt’s students first hand. However the Prussians in Tiffin were not pleased at all about their clandestine operations being spied upon. So they demanded from 1754 to present to have their operations all but entirely secret. Despite plenty of evidence of their presence and their spy work and paramilitary actions done. They refuse in all ways even in the present to admit who they are and what they did. James was forced to keep those years of training at Tiffin secret. He voiced that issue repeatedly at the end of his life.

·     Mary Calkin


·     The American Psychological Association


·     Lightner at Penn State


·     BF Skinner

o  This person took Wundt’s work and turned good tools and turned them back into the weapons the Prussians wanted in the first place. His theories are for the most part regarding using his tools to heal is a pressure bandage on a compound fracture, it will only work for short periods of time. But ignores the injury entirely.

o  His work is loved by descendants of the Prussian Empire, they love controlling others to force them to comply with what the society leaders want. When the Leaders demand compliance, the Skinner tools come out and are used again. But they will only work for short periods of time.

·     The Intelligence Test


·     Behaviorism


·     Cognition


·     Lifespan Development


·     Sex Identification




·     The development of the brain and a glacier age

o  The human brain is a marvel of engineering.

o  Several systems are working side by side.

§  The neurological system operating through the nerves at 300,000 kps.

§  The neuropathways operating in ever increasingly complicated layers.

§  The circulation system operating at the speed of the blood pressure and heart rate.

o  Cognitive thought requires a very complicated bit of building neuropathways, and layers of neuropathways in the brain it takes a considerable amount of time to build those pathways.

§  First it takes a brain capable of developing those neuropathways.

§  Second it takes an internal understanding of language to create language based memories.

§  Third language memories have to be paired with sense memories to create the layered neuropathways in the brain.

·     Memories in children begin about the time they start to develop the ability to communicate more than just basic wants. Around the age of 18 months to 3 years old neuropathways, depending on person, start to create layers of responses. Those layers of responses are the foundation of cognitive thought. Cognitive thought becomes more and more strategic the more neuropathways layers are created. Then the layers have to communicate with each other. Then the neuropathways have to communicate with differing lobes. Which Plato was actually talking about; thoughts bouncing around inside the brain. A thought can go to and from various portions of the brain; from the base thought patterns out to various lobes. Then back to the base.

o  Plato’s from the eye out to the object back to the eye; translation has always been wrong. He was talking about following a thought from formulation to complexity in the brain. The idea might have been triggered by seeing something, but once in the brain the rest is all brain structure inter actions.

§  More than one trigger is needed to both create a thought pattern from the hippocampus and put that thought pattern into the lobes pinball machine; and into memory.

§  Fourth it takes being able to access those language with sense events.

o  The best and most effective way to create long term language and sense memories is to go through either one trauma or a series of traumas. Post-Traumatic Stress disorder is something which is a set of neuropathways created in the brain. Once the brain starts to develop neuropathways of sufficient design to record and recall traumatic incidence; everything from that point on is adding detail and scope to the basic cognitive thinking patterns. 

o  The stress and strain of survival in a glacier age is the best recipe for creating post-traumatic stress. Which leads directly to a rudimentary cognitive thought infrastructure.

o  Generations forced to live in the harshest conditions imaginable among major predators all easily capable of killing an entire village in very little time. All point to generations of traumatic stress to the brain. Generations of brain stress and trauma could lead to permanent neuropathways construction start to be built into the DNA.

o  Could this continued mental stress lead to cognitive thought?

§  Examination of the evidence.

·     During the last glacier age man went from little more than just another primate to developing

·     Music 75000

·     Art paintings

·     Art sculpture

·     Complicated tent construction

·     Spears and flint blades.

·     Etc.

o  Proof of concept

§  All upper end academia’s are pressure cookers of stress.

§  The more stress students go through the better they learn.

§  The better they learn the better their instant recall will be.

§  The longer and more impressive the schooling degree the harder and more pressure is placed on the student.

·     Proof of concept. The motivation to survive; motivated early man to develop a sufficient enough brain structure to think. Thinking allowed ideas, which allowed survival.

·     The books

o  Leviticus

o  Numbers

o  Deuteronomy

o  Joshua

o  Judges

o  Ruth

o  1 Samuel (1 Kings)

o  2 Samuel (2 Kings)

o  1 Kings (3 Kings)

o  2 Kings (4 Kings)

o  1 Chronicles

o  2 Chronicles

o  Ezra

o  Nehemiah

o  Esther

o  Job

o  Psalms

o  Proverbs

o  Ecclesiastes

o  Song of Solomon (Canticles)

o  Isaiah

o  Jeremiah

o  Lamentations

o  Ezekiel

o  Daniel

o  Hosea

o  Joel

o  Amos

o  Obadiah

o  Jonah

o  Micah

o  Nahum

o  Habakkuk

o  Zephaniah

o  Haggai

o  Zechariah

o  Malachi

o  The new testament; Matthew

o  Mark

o  Luke

o  John

o  Acts

o  Romans

o  1 Corinthians

o  2 Corinthians

o  Galatians

o  Ephesians

o  Philippians

o  Colossians

o  1 Thessalonians

o  2 Thessalonians

o  1 Timothy

o  2 Timothy

o  Titus

o  Philemon

o  Hebrews

o  James

o  1 Peter

o  2 Peter

o  1 John

o  2 John

o  3 John

o  Jude

o  Revelation

·     The NAZI Time War






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