The Puritans began as a very early offshoot of the devotee’s of Paul. Their teachings and organizational structures were around when Paul was still in Greece Preaching Hate and intolerance to anyone who would listen.

The puritans although not named that yet gave help, aid, and support to both Fatimah as she traveled through Europe on her way back to Rome from Britain as well as Martin Luther and John Calvin as they created the infrastructure which the Puritans would find a new home within, Protestantism.

Although they did not officially start till the age of the Tudors in England. They were a violent and present religious organization who operated in very small groups, separated out over times in order to protect each other from the Inquisition.

By the end of the first half a millennia the office of Inquisition had expanded whom it first wanted to kill from just devotees of Simon Peter; to include anyone and all who opposed the Catholic Church in all ways. From 650 up to and through the end of the first Crusade the Inquisition had its hand full with finding and killing off Muslims operating in Europe.

All that violence, the core Paul Devotee’s who thought that the “compromises” made to merge with the Simon Peter’s followers betrayed the very fiber of the teachings of Paul period. Since to them, Paul was the real prophet and Simon Peter was a con man. Paul is the real prophet and Jesus was nothing more than a good teacher. Close to two entire millennia of that assumption has driven the western world mad with wanting and needing to kill each other based on misinterpretations of the same sentences.

Many people hate themselves and most of the people around them. Consequently they are attracted to the structure of a religion which teaches “you are bad, everyone else is bad too. So it is perfectly acceptable with this specific dogma to take your rage out on yourself and everyone else.”


The Whole Born Again situation, is allowing the ghost of Mohammed into your soul so he might live in you forever. This is the closes that Fatimah could get to resurrecting her father.









TR Welling