Pyramid Construction


I am working on an idea, can light alter polarity?


If light waves can concentrate polarity, the this graphic shows the sled the blocks were on.

One side pushes, the other pulls.


Ancient Egypt presented more than a few much larger than life figures.

In the bible and other sources these are called Nephilim. Extremely tall creatures which have been described in a dozen different ways from being half angel half human, etc.

A realistic answer is their height is more associated with their name description.

Their name being vertical, sacred, defined lands. which includes the definition for Nephilim.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Being able to move several ton rocks with practically no effort is the definition to modern science only a few years ago. But with experiments with electricity and magnetics, science is starting to understand the physics behind levitation.


Levitation is close to the only way the Pyramids could have been built in the associated times. A five person crew working for 12 hours could have achieved the goal with 50k workers. That is placing a block every few seconds without exhausting the workers in just a few hours.

Maximum physical efforts can only last for so long before the workers start to die from heat exhaustion.

But since the entire situation regarding the Pyramids is almost all propaganda, most of what is hypothesized is pure illusion. Almost the entire field of Egyptology is based on lies the Hyksos forced into Greek Academics after they had lost control over the Aegean. But they were not called Hyksos then they name changed to Dorians. But the Hykso are really good at name changing to avoid being punished for the sins of the previous generation.

Just like the story of the founding of Rome, Carthage, Hannibal Barka, Caesar, Cleopatra, Caesarian (Tiberius), Caligula, the Nativity, Camelot, Fatimah, etc. all those stories are entirely based on real people and events but the conquering cultures hated their enemy so badly that they twisted the stories beyond reality into pure fiction.


The sleds were not drag sleds, the sleds were magnetized sleds.

The attendant would charge the ground infront of the sled with a push push charged material matching what the sled was charged with. In front would be a pull pull devise.

The device from under and behind had push push, magnetic technology, in front was a pull pull devise.

Where did all that electricity come from, the pyramid itself is designed to generate electricity.

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Same shape, three objects. An ancient meglev system









TR Welling