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The next leap in technology will be the Quantum Age.

At 2035 in the living room 2019 7 10 2122

Or how most people write out time 7 10 2019 923 pm 2123 hours.

July 10, 2019 2123 hours

The next leap in technology itself will directly involved the Quantum Field and Quantum concepts. Thoughts, feelings, electricity, Gravity, Time, the Structure of time, etc. these are part and parcel regarding the structure of the Quantum Field.

Quantum Age

Quantum Age has been developed several times, but has been destroyed 4 times, and several religious groups are trying to create a 5th 1000 year dark age.


I was sitting in the living room in my chair having a chat with Emma about my feelings regarding the tv show copied directly from some of my research
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8637942 which plagiarized about 15 points of  my work into the plot of the show.

Tabernacle of Adam System


Operation Paperclip

The ceremony at the base of the Lebensborn Project; Lebensborn is semi-well known, but the associated ceremony is from my research. The Ceremony I also found in FreeMasonic rituals and stated communications, which was stripped out and erased from documentation about 200 years ago. However, pockets of said ceremony was still used up till circa 1970s in America. Evidence the Lynching’s which still occurred that late in history. Which the serial Killer Ted Bundy I theorize was both a product of said ceremony and he attempted to recreate it in his adult life, via his victims.

Use the ceremony wrong and it Electro-Magnetic lobotomizes the person performing the ritual. I have found about 30 military and political leaders who had said experience. Going into the room they were fine, coming out of the room they were “Babeling Idiots”. Reference to the Tower of Babel. It is not the fault of the Machine, it is the way the machine is used which is the problem.

Where the Nazi’s found the Ceremony,

How the NAZI’s stole information from the Thule Society to recreate the ceremony.

The Thule Society

The Emphasis on Tesla and his power generating machines

The significant emphasis on the Elder Futhark and its Calendar associations. A lot of people know about the Futhark; however, its calendar is not well known at all. There are a few more, but those are the major plot points.

My Work

The work on this website, my work is close to the only way those plot points could have been used as a structure to create the base for that episode.  I think different than most of the rest of the humans alive and have lived. It took me 30 years to assemble the information of those 15 points and how those 15 points are actually the same subject just different aspects of the same in effect metaphorically heard of elephants.

It is possible that someone might have independently came up with said data, but it is on the extreme side of doubtful in comparison with mathematics is not all that different than the chances a heard of zebra’s will stampede through a city. Although it has happened on a few occasions during wars and when a few of them escape some type of carnival/circus, etc. but those events are on the extreme side of intensely unlikely. So till the studio proves otherwise, I am going with the statistical concept that they plagiarized my work in that show. Blood & Treasure (2019– ) The Curse of Cleopatra -- Parts 1 & 2. The script for that might have been written as far back as say 3 years ago, more than half of the 15 I wrote down in put on my website under a all information copy write 1975 - present. About 6 of the points were written down at least 10 years ago. A few of the points cleopatra were 3 years ago, but my Wannsee Conference book I wrote 4 years ago. Which included more than a few of the plot points of that episode itself.

Super Symmetry

This points to the concept of Super Symmetry, where nonlinear and linear work together as cogs in a larger and wider quantum function structure of the universe. This is about the 20th time my ideas and or my intentions have been used by others sometimes years and in a couple cases decades after I thought of them. Which points to both the concept of the 100th monkey and of course the series finally of “The Big Bang Theory” which I Have had more than a dozen people compare me to Sheldon Cooper. Mathematically it is possible to have a 100th monkey regarding these plot points and my work being independently developed. That is not outside the realm of realistic.


Charles Darwin was not the first to come up with Evolution, another scientist years previous did too, but he did not have the social standing or the charisma to publish. In addition, Darwin married an extremely rich woman, she paid for his research and paid for his books to be published, she also paid for the publicity. Example of 100th monkey and entirely independently developed the same ideas. Dr Who also uses this same 100th monkey Quantum field concept with their “The Silence” fictional character. They use the quantum field to perform their species behavior patterns.

But if I want credit and a leg up in the area of Hollywood, I will absolutely need a lawyer. I will have to sue the company and the production, if I want to go that direction, I need a lawyer to muscle my way into being given credit for my work being used in that show.

This is not the 12th time something I did, thought of, developed, etc. has been either thought of by someone else and implanted and or stolen and used.

Quantum Brain

The concepts of the Super Symmetry and Super- A-Symmetry, if the Quantum Brain (fictional reference the Dr Who Characters of the Silence) want something presented, it will come out. In this case it appears I developed the idea, but the theorized Quantum Brain decided that in some way, shape, or form another writer was going to either see my work and put it into a different format, and or another writer was given the “Quantum Thought Sequence” to recreate the ideas and the concepts for that show.

Quantum Brain

Evidence for the Quantum Brain can be found in a solid examination of the events of history. From the mundane of people living their lives up to and through major events like battles, wars, religious actions/activities, etc.

The math's of the historiography of the Quantum Brain.

Take same the battle of Hastings 1066.  Taken the area of where Hastings occurred. That area is a compass. A large red sign with white text

Description automatically generatedand place the compass over that area affect. Same goes for every single other major event. Gettysburg, a Presidential inauguration, new senators swearing in ceremony, the Gettysburg Address, etc. place the compass over said area.

The actions and events which occur inside the compass can be directly compared to that of a Synapse bundle in the Brain.

The globe has any number of different actions and activities occurring at the same time. Those events are different synapses and synapse bundles.

Obviously all the people and players involved with the events of say Hastings were not present at Hastings. Somewhere present, but most were not. Those connected to Hastings but were in other locations, that would be the definition of a Neuropathway. A collection of Synapses working together.

But the events occurring in America had less than nothing to do with Hastings, those compasses (synapses bundles,  each human involved is an individual synapse) and  associated Neuropathways are in other lobes performing other tasks required for thinking.

Africa, China, Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, Alaska, South America,  North America, Russia, etc. far off places which had no connection with Hastings, or any given enumerable other events those humans (individual synapses) are doing their thing with little if any knowledgeable  of Hastings at all. Therefore, different lobes of thinking occurring at any one given point in time. It is a theory that things like Serial Killers are a natural unbalancing to balance affect of said Quantum Thinking. Not unlike lightening, or in this case small localized seizure.

Where did I Start to form Ǽrdology

AErdology is the science and language of how to translate the compassA large red sign with white text

Description automatically generated from an odd collection of people, places, things into definable parameters. Take those parameters convert them to variables, convert the variables to numbers, then translate the numbers into letters. Those letters will come in huge 100,000s, millions, billions, trillions, etc of letters.

Those letters will create letter sequences, those letter sequences will create words. Those words can be translated into a dictionary to be understood. Hence the application of a Quantum Language, which then proves the existence of some type of organized thought. Organized thought means the present of some type of a Brain.

I have been working on implementing AErdology since my metaphysical bookstore 1001 Dupont street Bellingham WA state circa 1996.

But then it was called Teralology, Latin for “the Study of” and “Earth”.

Since teratology was already used,

In 2003 I started to use the word erdology. when I was in the Kirkman and Conroy apt in Orlando Florida.

The Column

After working on a translation book about the Elder Futhark for years and years. I switched focus away from the “dictionary” book to a self-help Astrology type project, the column instead of being  about the Electro-Magnetic fields of other celestial bodies. AErdolgoy is about the Electro-Magnetic patterns of earth itself. AErdology was/is intended to be Intended to be published in magazines, news papers, and the like next to astrology columns.

I worked on the column from around 2003 august/sept, hard into November (October was a huge very busy month), I wrote my first column in November, second in December.


I wrote columns from Nov to April when I was in the hospital for a variety of issues. I was not only really sick but I was suffering from several live threatening issues.

I wrote maybe one or two more columns later than month and the next year in the apt we shared with Dana and Tandy. A more difficult year is difficult for me to find outside of a couple key years in my life.


I have been working on studying the function and structure of time selectively since 1996, I started just days to a week after moving off chuck’s property into Woburn with Emma. I was on the internet on my newly purchased used laptop and found what became the basis for my eventual document “Shawn 1” format 1995, which is the basis of a dictionary to translate the letters into definable words.

 Quantum Age

All this time 1995-2019, an entire generation 24 years of working and development.

I can now say with absolute assurance in the gathered evidence I can usher in the next leap in technology. Taking the age of Cyber well beyond what it was originally thought of it could do.

The Age of Time. Or the Quantum Age.

Previous Quantum Age Attempts

This section and sequence of information is not the first time it has been done.

It appears based on the physical evidence that while the Renaissance masters were building the Renaissance, they were also exploring the thoughts, equations, linguistics, etc. of the Quantum Age. Evidence can be found in most of the art and activities done from 1200-1750 ce in Europe and America.

Quantum Multiverse Neuropathway Theory

Just because actions are done in one way in one timeline does not mean every time line is built on and or from the same set of decisions made.

Each “decision” maker on the planet makes a series of decisions which have sometimes extreme effects on the world around them. visualize a tree, that trees root system is the key to understanding this.

Define Multi Verse (Versailles) Thinking Synapses

This next part is actually built into the structure of two things. One it is built in the architecture of the Khufu PyramidA picture containing text, map

Description automatically generated(And Odin Hung himself by the ankle {only one ankle} over the Well of Ǽrd for all of days 9. Which is the definition of the Hanged Man Card in the Tarot. The Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck are Hebrew Characters. The Hebrew Characters are intensely more complicated than they appear. Every single Hebrew letter is an entire word in the Futhark Language. The Futhark language the 12th character is spelled in English Jeru, Jeru means; the rising sun of the new day, or time. Jeru Salem is the name of the capital city of the Jews. It was also the main temple of the Julii family on the Capitoline Hill. Which is less than 100 feet from the Curia Julii where I theorize is the actual location of the Trial of Jesus and the start of his path of Crucifixion the 12 stages of the Cross. It started in the courtyard between the Temple of Jupiter and the Curia Julii. There is a very hard to deal with physical linguistic evidence which directly relates Jeru the Futhark Character and a Sumerian name; that evidence points to some on the extreme side of very difficult to deal with and process.). It is also built into the Poetic Edda’s the basis of the Nordic Religious Pantheon with Odin as its Head or Chief God.

Define the different Roots of a Tree.

Each root is a different decision-making sequence.

Root A would be say if the gop allowed Hillary to actually claim the prize she won. Donnie was not arrested, but the gov governors and the Russians were not allowed to hack the election. Which means about 2 million of his votes are placed back into the fictional, do not exist category, and about 75 or so of the electoral votes which went for Donnie went to Hillary.

Root B is what happened in our timeline

Root C; donnie was arrested shortly after he started to use the materials Russia hacked from the dnc. he was arrested and in jail, he could not accept the office because he was in jail. some other other gop candidate won the primary, ran against Hillary and she won in a landslide, which the gop were unable to prevent.

Super Quantum Brain thinking Process

Three small changes and the entire world and world history changed based on just a handful of people making critical decisions.

That root system root A, B, C let  us call those each one is a super - neuropathway, each super - neuropathway works in conjunction with the neuropathways of other roots.

The collection of roots can be considered a super - quantum brain.

The super - quantum brain keeps things in a multiverse balance.

Quantum Age is more poetic 2019 7 10 2239, with a conversation with Elizabeth L on fb instant messenger.

Different Scenario

Several years before I met Shakra at Mile Hi Con, the following sequence of events occurred.

I had met Galen and Bonnie through a person who lived in a similar location in the apartment complex. That location a friend helped me meet Galen and Bonnie. That friendship allowed me to connect and live with them for a while. Which allowed me to met up with David and Laura. That connection allowed me to meet up and connect with the sequence of events which allowed me to connect with Sharka; my future first wife.

However, several months before things became odd, I wanted to go for a drive. Laura wanted to go with me and her boyfriend did not. So Laura and I went for a drive. During that drive, my life had a chance to go into a radically different direction. I picked the path I chose. If I had chosen a different path that day in the car, everything for the next 18 months would have played out entirely different.

More Evidence in Fiction form of said Super Quantum Brain thinking

This is the basic plot of the Natashia Lyonne (a Jew btw) in the show she did immediately after she was in part written out of her previous show Orange is the New Black. Natashia’s fictional character of Nikki in Orange, very likely after testifying and putting the characters Red and of course Taistee in Jail for years and years and years, was given early release. Which allowed the actress to move from Orange into “Russian Dolls” the character of Nadia Vulvokov which is interesting since it is a similar source from which the theory of “The Akashic field” came from a Russian mystic source. The Russian Dolls plot revolved around the two main characters made incorrect decisions ad were pushed into a bad tree root for them. So instead of allowing themselves to stay in said sequence, the quantum field “decided” to make an adjustment by placing both of them into the proper root sequence of actions.

Edge of Tomorrow

Which is a similar plot to that of the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow. Where a species is specifically adapted to be able to read and manipulate the Quantum Super Brain neuropathway concept.

“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” Super Symmetry

In addition the evidence is that if the tv show “studio 60 on the sunset strip” had been picked up and ran for years and years and years, Simon Helberg the actor would have not been available to play Howard Wolowitz in the television and cultural defining show “The Big Bang Theory” for the next 12 years. Super Symmetry, physical evidence of actions and aspects of the Quantum Field having thoughts and directions which push humans to do x, but not to y actions.

Dark Age Medieval Age

A collectivism aspects of behavior patterns. Hence the Quantum Age, when we as humans become aware of this next step in our development as a species.

The Vatican’s reaction to the evidence of jumping from the Dark Ages (which they created and did everything they could to foster said Age) through the Renaissance into the Quantum Age. They fought against with everything they had. Not unlike a 3 year old having a temper tantrum.

The Use of Violence

The current violently (violence has been used to ensure donnie and his political party  stay in power, they will use violence again, and again, and again, etc.) illegal executive living in 1600 Pennsylvania ave Washington DC and his political party in America strongly points to the darkness before the storm.

The use of violence allows the political and military powers that be to suppress the Quantum  Age so they can do their “Freedom Actions” which others react to badly since it is violence and assault. The Let me do what I want to do Image result for religious freedom violence art” just because religious nuts demand freedom does not mean their freedoms are not assaults on others.


The actions regarding the recreation of dark age, after dark age, etc, appears to be centred on self doubt. THE quantum brain behavior pattern appears to be centered on when you get a good idea, but then self doubt and said creep in and the idea is destroyed before it can be realized.

Prussian Dark Age Efforts

The Prussian Culture’s self-doubt is not about whether the idea is good or not. The Prussian culture has a very long and defined history. The culture has also name changed enumerable times.

The Prussian culture’s Quantum Brain self-doubt has nothing to do with actual self-doubt, it has to do with rage over not being able to control the power of the Quantum Age. If they have control over it, they are the major decision makers, they are ok. If they snap their  fingers and the populations under there control follow without question, that is their happy place. However they are in all ways, shapes, and forms enraged by the assumptions that they will loose some control over themselves and the populations they control. The loss of control  forces them to keep themselves and the cultures they control as low in the technology and thinking patterns as they possibly can. Keep their populations hamstrung and they keep in control. The Prussian cultures leadership are in a “one mind” or “Quantum thinking” they would rather kill every single human on the planet than to risk losing control and power in the Quantum Age.


Renaissance Again and Again

Before dawn, the people who have the most angry resistance to the changes in the quantum effect on their life’s, have to in effect throw a full scale scream, cry, throw themselves on the floor, full scale 3 year old’s temper tantrum. They are so angry and tired they have little if any real control over their actions, they just have to express their rage over the change in conditions from darkness to light by throwing a huge temper tantrum. Collectively the species when it is time to “give up the old and embrace the new”, have to go through a grieving process. The American GOP and their twin leaders Mitch and Diaper Rash Drump are allowing their party to be as nasty and disgusting as possible. Openly bragging about committing enumerable crimes against humanity, since their followers simply love to hear about the pain, torture, and crimes against humanity being performed. Short term, the crimes calm them down, long term they are seen as equally evil to Adolf and his Third Reich.

The History of the Reich

Too bad the GOP have no real understanding of where the Reich came from, nor that the current GOP are working as hard as they can to create a Fourth Reich. Long term goal stabilize things to feel safe and comfortable again. While enjoying looking at the pile of bodies and the tortured people screaming for help in the other corner.  in the long run they will be replaced and the new age can begin, unless they can create the next dark age they want to. In which case 500 to 1500 years from now another renaissance will occur and we shall start civilization again from camp fires and work our way up to the Quantum Age again, which would be the fourth time documented that humans have had to start from zero to satisfy the mourning and grieving process of very bad people. Noah’s Ark reference the “Very bad People”, those who were killed when the waters swepted over them.

This concept is a wonderful repeat pattern to explore why some people are more than ready to allow for the Quantum Age of technology to occur and others simply cannot deal and have to destroy everything in order to feel safe and comfortable.

Part of the Quantum Brain and Super Quantum Brain is traying to create the Quantum Age, but another part is a little less hard working to destroy it. To keep humans from achieving the Quantum Age state of being. Very interesting sequence of events.

Ocean Super Symmetry


Which a direct reflection of the gravitational forces from the sun, the earth’s rotation itself (hurricanes affect the rotation speed of the planet), and the moon. The work together, which directly contributes to the actions and reactions humans perform on the planet.

Human reactions directly reflect within the Quantum Brain and the Super Symmetry Super A Symmetry of both the Quantum Brain and the Super Quantum

Brain (taking into account the concepts of a broad thinking patterns of a multiverse)

Astrophysics and Heaven

The Sun, Solar Wind, Electro-Magnetic Pulses from the Earth, Earth, the solar wind and Electro-Magnetic pulses from the earth collect into a wake left in the orbital west of the earth.

This subject has a profoundly huge amount to do with the definition of Jeru and 12th character in the Futhark sequence, the 12th son of Jacob being Judah and father of the Jews, and a name which translated into Sumerian which direct references to Sun in its function. This part of the explanation for the Quantum Age brings with it a couple of very uncomfortable topics, and a very likely roadmap to find out where the “Gates” of heaven are. As well as a possibly outline of what and where Hell is located.

Jupiter Baby Star 

Now add to this function and structure, the facts that Jupiter is a “Baby Star”

This is what is absolutely beyond any doubt, impossible to prove otherwise.

Jupiter will continue to grow into a larger and larger gravity well. It will eventually begin in a few million years gravity pull so hard on the orbits of Saturn and Uranus that both will begin to be sucked into the orbit of Jupiter, Jupiter will absorb both of them. Increasing in size by a bit. But more importantly the trillions of tons of iron from meteors which have been collecting into the core of Jupiter for the last several million years will continue to build a larger and larger and extremely hot iron core. The planet Jupiter is already compressing on itself at a rate of more than 1 cm in diameter every year. That 1 cm is the equivalent of several earths. The density and the amount of heat Jupiter generates already is a baby sun with its own solar system of 100s of moons/a few can be considered small planets. 

It would be fascinating to do the math’s to find out if our sun was part of a larger ancient solar system, which at that point our sun was what Jupiter is now. A huge gas giant absorbing billions of tons of iron from meteors. Till it hit critical mass and when its own sun died it was born.

The larger the gravity the more tons of iron will be and absorbed by Jupiter.  Making a larger and larger, hotter and hotter melted iron core. Making a larger and larger gravity well.

Eventually in several million years or so, Jupiter will become a star. When the Suns Coronus sphere fluffs off, at least if not more than half of it will be absorbed by Jupiter increasing its size into a medium brown dwarf in a very small amount of time.

The name Jupiter needs to be explored.

For direct evidence of said gravity phenomenon, that Jupiter is a baby star in the making. Further evidence is the barycenter, the point from which Jupiter and the Sun orbit. Jupiter orbits the barycenter not the sun itself. The Sun also orbits in part the barycenter. The rest of the planets orbit the sun, but Jupiter is a growing infant star. *

Jupiter as Jesus

Metaphorically God (the ATEN) the Sun and Jupiter, gods only begotten son. Change the u to an o and the stories are close identical.  Which points directly to the function and structures of the Temple of Jupiter Rome, the city of Jupiter Levant Lands, and the ATEN are a reflection of pre-Exodus Judaism.

It appears that the ancient pre-exodus Jews knew about the functions and structure of Jupiter and they included said in their religious devotions and ceremonies.

Which it appears became part of the basis and foundation of the about to be present in Jewish mythology “Messiah” concept.

Jupiter being an infant sun growing and would eventually take over as a new solar system.

Temple of Jupiter in Rome Proper

The Temple of Jupiter in Rome Proper was on the Capitoline Hill mere a few dozen or so feet from the Curia Julii. the foundation is still intact, but the building was torn down and a new building built called Vittorio Emanuele II Monument sits on the north west corner of the Capitoline Hill. The south east corner of that not very good and Publically on the extreme side of unpopular building sits on were the north west corner of the Temple of Jupiter once sat. A portion of the foundation and a small portion of the footprint of the Jupiter Temple remains. The new building was built in the middle 1880s, the temple of Jupiter was built at some unknown point in the ancient past. To the point of even trying to pin down a millennia is difficult at best. Which could be one of the major reasons why most if not all of the architecture older than say 500 bce has been erased from existence by the Romans and the Vatican.

Temple of Jupiter in Rome Proper and Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was scheduled to be a priest of that temple, and eventually its High Priest, but things got in the way and he went into the military and politics instead.

Temple of Jupiter in Rome Proper and the Crucifixion

The facts are these, there are two Jerusalem’s. One in Levant Lands which was conquered and renamed by King David to Jerusalem, the other was called IWNW, then ? how knows, then it was translated into Greek as Heli Opolis. Which Emperor Caligula ordered the city of Heliopolis moved form Egypt to Rome. Making just outside of the city of Rome Proper also Jerusalem. Two separate Jerusalem’s, makes for a very difficult super symmetry concept when you add the gospels saying “Jesus entered Jerusalem”, that makes the question “Exactly which one”. That also makes the Temple of Jerusalem a few dozen feet away from the Curia Julii in a very odd way a “Mini-Jerusalem/Jupiter”, add in the “Son of God” concept which Jupiter will eventually ignite and be a star itself, Gods only begotten Son, the Sun’s begotten son Jupiter. The Temple of Jupiter overlooking the Courtyard where 1000s and 1000s of Enemies of the State were tried and executed for treason against Rome. According to the entire history of the Roman Empire 753 bce - 350 ce every single Enemy of the Stated was brought in chains to the Senate (who met in a rotating collection of temples, in Hieroglyphic this si the concept and temple structures of the Ogdoan. For very very special occasions, the actually much larger than the Curia of Juii the Temple of Jupiter was used as the Senate Chamber) tried in the Senate Chamber, brought outside and triad again in the public forum. That public forum is where the evidence would be presented, and the accuse found guilty, then usually strangled to death. Only two exceptions.

The much younger sister of Cleopatra who was only an infant when her father was died. Years and years later, she was captured in the temple of Athena, brought to Rome, and put on trial. She was a very young girl, and the crowd found her innocent. She was simply too young to be considered anything other than a child and absolutely no threat at all.

The other enemy of the state was supposedly not brought to Rome, his trial took place in Levant Land, he was put through the motions, and double executed. When you actually look at the physical evidence, the likelihood of this having any basis in reality is between slim to abjectly fiction. The trial would have taken place in Rome Proper, and the execution would have taken place where the Vatican Hill used to be. It was quarried and erased from existence about a month after the Crucifixion of Jesus time.

Jesus after the Trial had to interact with and or go around the Temple of Jupiter to go to the Vatican Hill aka Mount Zion, aka The Rock of Mars.

The City of Jupiter Levant Lands

The city of Jupiter in Levant Lands was conquered and renamed by King David. He renamed the city Jerusalem. Jera means “the rising sun”, Salem means; the sacred city. Jerusalem translates as “The Sacred City of the Sun”, or the Sacred City of the ATEN, the ATEN being the first spelling for god in Indo European Language.


FreeMasonry draws its semi-origins from said the Palace/Temple King Solomon built on at the Temple Mound. King Solomon is the grandson of King David.

Julii and Lucia Families

The Julii and Lucia families were absolutely Jews, the evidence points so strongly in that direction only anti-Semitism and leftover same in scholastics prevents the world from realizing the facts are clear as day. but emotions and the scientific method are often at in some cases extreme odds against each other.

The rage and bitterness created by the Roman Senate is only matched by the rage and bitterness of their parent culture the Hyksos. The Hyksos have had a vision and direction from the point Esau first became angry with his brother Jacob, and had not stopped in the 4500 years since. The Julii family owned the Capitoline Hill and most of the lands around that hill.

Trial of Jesus

Based on Theory and following the actual evidence the Trail of Jesus took place in the public forum just to the south east of the Curia Julii overlooked on the Hill by the several stories tall Temple of Jupiter which was well over 100 feet tall, sitting on a hill over 100 feet above the courtyard or in Latin the Forum.

The buildings surrounding the center of the forum are the temples, markets, government buildings, etc. which represent the Ogdoan of Egypt.


Egypt has been the site of enumerable battles and wars from 3800 bce to present. To make an unbearably long story short, it is in basic the descendants of Jacob and the descendants of Esau fighting it out over control over Egypt. The descendants of Esau their go to move is Genocide the descendants of Jacob are just trying to be peaceful and cohabitate. But trying to cohabitate with a culture mostly composed of serial killers is not all that possible.

The times Egypt has been invaded, and the ruling party had to evacuate. Just the major times this has occurred. BTW, the architecture of Italy, Stonehenge, and a few other locations prove the events occurred.

Julian Calendar

One of the most difficult aspects of any and all forms of the evidence which shows that the Julii family were Jews is this calendar. It was created under order from Julius Caesar decades before it was semi-installed. It was not fully installed till 214 ce. The Calendar is a sequence of statistical analysis to force the world into working from a lunar calendar. The problem is the Lunar Calendar is an extremely bad way to measure time. But it does allow for a solid tool designed to reflect both Super Symmetry and Super -A-Symmetry. The calendar was originally designed in a 360-day format. But it was also designed to include the “Sacred High Holy Days” which there are 5 every year and a 6th every 4 years. But rage and genocidal level anti-Semitism kept the actual mathematics from being implemented. What occurred instead was just the 360 day year, which created a huge 5.4 day whole in the calendar, by 1582 the calendar was off by about 4 months. April was the middle of Winter, thanks to the mathematics of Leonardo Da Vinci the calendar was readjusted back to at least semi-correct half a century after he died in France.

Roman’s Pre Julian Calendar Calendar

The Calendar used was a very bad aspect of Elder Futhark Calendar. It was translated wrong, and used incorrectly for centuries.

The A day of X, the B day of Y, C day of Z, although there were are actually 8 major and several dozen minor calendars which went with this structure. That Calendar has been recreated as the T Calendar and how to read it and understand the language, mathematics, and science behind it is Ǽrdology.

Vatican Mistakes

One of enumerable reasons the Vatican wanted so desperately to kill both Dante Aligeri and Leonardo Da Vinci; they were an extreme asset but there very existence challenged the power of the church. Challenging the power of the church itself was and in some cases still is very much is met with a rather extreme form of violence from the Church.

The changeover from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendars 1582, it took the Vatican more than a century to accept the fact that they had been wrong for 1400 years. That is a lot of arrogance and egotism which is for patriarchal cultures and organizations more than a little difficult to deal with. But slowly over the centuries the Vatican has relaxed its stances on what it demands. About that same time as it relaxed its standards, the societies and governments around it changed and no longer allowed the Vatican to put people on trial for heresy against the church and then execute them for it.

A series of arrogant and egotistical mistakes from 1100-1700s led the Vatican to loose massive amounts of power. Dante Aligeri was so hated for his contributions to world literature that the Vatican excommunicated him, and tried very very hard to kill him several times over the years. After his death his book was rediscovered hidden inside a wall built right before he was forced to evacuate his home city. The book was published, and decades later he was considered a hero of the Vatican. His book went from being a subject of violent rage to being considered a divine revelation and was for a very brief time considered to be included in the holy bible. The same thing when it was being created was hated and feared. A century later the book was loved and adopted as if the Vatican had always had the loving and supportive attitude towards the work.

The Vatican and Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the remaining great Structures which had survived 2300 years or more from the Trojan war was the Synagogue of Notre Dame. But the Vatican and of course the Catholic church found themselves in rather extreme problems with trying to cover up evidence of things they simply did not like. One of those things was the fact that the original Notre Dame Cathedral was a re-consecrated Synagogue. But it still had the shape and structures of a Synagogue, those shapes and structures of it being a synagogue bothered the crusaders and said pouring back into Europe from Levant Lands. The old and new Notre Dame Cathedral’s were both built as classroom space. They were both part of the original Sorbonne’s classrooms.

Paris is one of the locations other than Italy where the Egyptians evacuated too, in order to avoid being killed by anti-Semitic cultures. All over the place in Paris and France you can find direct evidence of at least 2 and a few locations the last 3 major attempts to bring the Quantum Age into existence, you can also find direct physical evidence of how hard the enemies of said worked to destroy the people that were bringing the Quantum Age into existence. Fortunately for the evidence, the enemies or as the bible calls them “The Bad People” eg those who attacked Noah, who were draugned in the flood, they as a culture keep themselves too ignorant to know what exact evidence they are looking for to destroy it. They are not interested in finding out what the thing they are destroying is, only to be violent enough to satisfy their rage and hatreds. As soon as each person has their fill of rage and hatred, they move on to other more fun things to do.

It appears based on 6000 years of evidence, that the actions are not about preventing the emergence of the Quantum Age, it is about a great big target to direct all that hate and anger towards. It is also a huge political tool to gather up a large group of minions to go and be the leader of said community. The money, fame, and money the leaders make from the communities they are in charge of and lead in a war against the Quantum Age is the real reason for the genocide against it.

Battles Over Supremacy of Egypt

The Jews and their enemies have been fighting over who controls Egypt from 4000 bce to present. That is more than 6000 years of Wars, genocide, etc.

The following are the sequences of invasions and battles which occurred by primarily culture A and B for dominance and supremacy over Egypt. A are in some way connected to Jews, B are violently anti-Jewish 

3800 bce

3500 bce

3200 bce

2800 bce

2100 bce

1530 bce

1330 bce the 18th Dynasty was replaced rather bloodily by the 19th dynasty of Egypt. This is also when the Exodus Occurred. This is also the time when the British evacuated out of the city of Samhain and reformed in Northumberland.

700 bce

500 bce

300 bce

50 bce

50 ce

120 ce

300 ce


 Italy is one of the evacuation locations the conquered dynasty of Egypt go to. Hence using their architecture, engineering, etc. to build and rebuild their culture in the new location. Hence the use of the Ogdoan in Italy specifically the city of Rome. Former name Samhain.

A picture containing phasianid, bed, post, outdoor

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The locations of those wedges, the associated buildings carry the letter of that wedge. The Wedge and the functions of that city infrastructure tells the tale of that city.

Mythology Pantheons Hidden Quantum Language

Reconstruct each god and what they did, will reconstruct the actions through reverse letter sequences of what and how each ancient city was laid out.

Even the location of cities which have long been lost to history. The locations are clearly spelled out. Compare the God action the wedge letter and associated god with the actions the god is doing/performing converted to the letter description in the wedges of the compass, by using the Elder Futhark as the letters sequence it produces large sequences of letters. Those letters when converted to the actions associated in each story tell a much larger and more complex story than the surface façade lets on. 

Key to unlock the primmer, the concepts of the wedge (god) and what the god did in each story tells the tale of what actions were done in what building in what sequence.


Priorities buildings


Strength buildings,


Location buildings, key buildings regarding locations. monuments and the like


Buildings associated with sounds. pubic gathering areas, theaters, concert venues, etc.


Motion buildings, parks, recreation, fountains


Education buildings


Business buildings, business, commercial


Intimacy buildings. common houses, lovers’ lanes, etc.



Libraries, what was on that location previous


What is on that location now


What are the future plans for that building, either what will that building be used for, and or what will that building be replaced with and when. usually decades, centuries, millennia in the future the current building will be torn down and a new one built to achieve other goals


Time buildings, usually clocks




Machine buildings, craft buildings, blacksmiths, woodshop, engineering, places to go to build make things


Places to communicate, parks and the like


Upper end education, scholastics, academics, including bars, restaurants, café’s where people to go have intellectual chats.



Government buildings


Agricultural instillations, gardens, flower shops, etc. things associated with nature, ecology


Buildings and things associated with astrophysics


The self




Organization structures, offices, business pavilions, office parks, etc.


Homes, apartment complex



The Wedges (god) letters come together with the definition of what type of architecture/archaeology/engineering is present.

Put those letters together, repeat letter sequences make words, words make sentences, sentences make paragraphs, paragraphs make chapters, chapters make etc.

To find the patterns in the thought processes of the Quantum “brain” observe the 100th monkey actions of the different types of primates (including Homo Sapien Sapien).

Each historical event is in itself a synapse firing into a network neuropathways. Just because an event in one specific location on the planet does not mean every single human on the planet is involved with the events of that one location at that one time. You can have many, dozens, hundreds, even thousands of events happening around the globe which has little if anything to do with each other but have huge amounts to do with the Quantum (brain) field humans are connected to.

To translate. Take the very center of every single event, from present backwards, and if possible forwards. Then take the participants in said events, place them in as close to exact positions at least given second split second you can through the length of the event and their lifetimes. Everywhere someone is, that person has an area effect. From birth up to and through death, that person has an area affect. Some have a huge area affects; example leaders and celebrities have huge audiences, other people are born with only a few people around and few if anyone notices them after death. Example Jean Seberg the female star of “Paint Your Wagon” was at one point a huge star in Hollywood, but things occurred and her popularity declined. She died in a car in Paris, her body was not found for 11 days. Some came to grieve, but her death was nothing like Elvis whose funeral was attended by 100,000s of people and was a television event. *

Collect the compass circles of any and all given events on the planet. Convert them to synapse letter sequences, then combine those letter sequences into a bipedal neuropathway neuronetwork. Are their distinguishable patterns within the circles which could and or would indicate a mapping of some type of a brain function.

Now apply the different roots concept to that, what if x occurred, what if y scenario occur, what if any number of different scenarios occurred. The cross compare the letters and letter sequences to find the patterns in the letters, to find the dictionary of the multiverse language. Then look for ever more complex letter sequences and the like to find different stories occurring at the same time, that would be the definition of an encyclopedia. A quantum (brain) Age evidence of thinking occurring in the multiverse theory. If repeat letters do appear, those repeat letters are by default words. Words create sentences, sentences create paragraphs. Thus the formula to prove not only is there a quantum field connecting every  human into a species wide thinking pattern, but that thinking pattern also expands and explores into the multiverse. Since we can absolutely prove beyond a doubt that repeat letters will be found within the structure of civilization and of course the actions of the key leaders who have a large area affect. The only question is, what are the words, sentences, etc. of this quantum single verse (Versailles; the polytechnical college created by Leonardo Da Vinci. Take  University now take off the Uni since it is not singular, leaving vers take off the sity {French} since it is not one think it has to be plural locations illes. Vers illes, add the e for the possessive “a thing” verse. Change the E to an A to make it a “possessive thing” in French. Did Leo figure this out as well as aeronautics and invented every single one of the key inventions beyond required for space flight. Which Hedy Lamarr and Van Braun copied his work to create NASA from. Hedy was one of the other even deeper hidden figures. The black ladies were hidden, but a female Jew she had appeared nude in a movie. Black is one thing, being a female Jew is still not ok more than half a century later.) language, which by default makes the language of the multiverse also proven, but the math's to show the equations are not done yet. But there is no way if one has a language, all of them will have a language. Each one tells a slightly different story.

Versailles Image result for versailles

Means two things. First it means Poly technical college.

Second it literally translates to Multi; several as in more than one; Illes, Verse “things”. Multi Verse, in modern terminology and definition that is the basic construct of String or M theory, the theory which allows for the existence of more than one universe to exist. which in this case specifically refers to the Kingdom of France.

1460 When Phase 1 was still either under construction or bran new, 1480 or 3 decades after Leonardo Da Vinci was born and was allowed by a dozen extremely rich friends including the French Royal family and the Medici to build his spy (MI6) and polytechnical school. 

The concept of a none geocentric universe would not be in the public eye till 1630, more than a century and a half after Versailles Phase 1 was complete. Verse could very well be a direct association with the Rose Line being France is the center of the Universe.

Did Leo Crack the code of String Theory. Which based on his mind would not be that difficult since if Rome is one “universe” and France is another, the Avania Papacy ran a bit previous to Leo’s birth. Than you have “universes” all over the place. Each one operating as if they are the center of the geocentric universe.

The definition of Geocentric Universe itself is identical to AErdology mathematics of the Compass. But all but the most basic flat aspect of the compass was edited out. The Flat Earth theory is a strictly edited down aspect of the AErdology Compass.

Place the Compass over any given person and or location. The very center of that compass the very center of the circle.

Image result for freemason circle

Add in the basic mathematics of the Compass divided into a 24 hour day, 24 month calendar year. Each wedge in the compass/circle is numbered, from the first point at the top (the bible) that is 1 or F. Each of the 23 wedges after the F are 2-24 or U – D are letters.

Those letters create words. A large red sign with white text

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The FreeMason circle and Pillars, the Pillars and circle are the symbol of the west the SW.

The Compass divided into 24 sections, wedges. Each wedge is numbers, then the characters are converted from numbers to letters.

Each circle is placed over a specific area of influence; or the original Greek meaning of geocentric universe. Everything which occurs inside the circle is part of the functionality of the circle.

The Rules Regulations and of course number/letter sequences form the compass/geocentric universe mathematics. Those mathematics convert each specific location as follows.

RomeA large red sign with white text

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FlorenceA large red sign with white text

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VeniceA large red sign with white text

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LondonA large red sign with white text

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AthensA large red sign with white text

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CardiffA large red sign with white text

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BamburghA large red sign with white text

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EdinburghA large red sign with white text

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Etc. A large red sign with white text

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Each major area or capital city of a country/kingdom has its own compass.

Each compass itself has letter sequences. Those dependable and predictable letter sequences apply to create words. Words to sentences, etc. to huge volumes of complex information.

Now back to the definition of Versailles; Versa in this case is a specific defined area. Specific defined area for say Paris is the city of Paris itself, which is actually a double compass, since the city of Paris is just Paris, but Paris is also the Capital city of France. A second compass which covers all of France. The two compasses/circles/geocentric areas create huge letter sequences. Those letter sequences produce vast amounts of information. Versa is the definition of a specifically selected/area of influence. Biblically it means a specific sentence, in a city it means the area of influence of that city, in a country it means the capital and how far out the areas of influence that city has.

Versa being a specifically designated thing. Which according to the Vatican Universe, which first Leo, then Copernicus, then Galileo challenged the Vatican’s absolute supremacy over the entire globe.

The Vatican reacted on the extreme side of harshly. Erasing as much of Leo’s life as possible, denying Copernicus period but he was in Prussia and under the direct protection of the Prussian Empire who had really good axis with the Muslims from mecca. So if the Vatican did try and kill Copernicus, they had an invasion from the north from Prussian and the south from the Islamic armies to deal with. He was protected. Then Galileo, who was forced to recant and live under “say a single word we do not like and the guard stationed in the same room with you at all times for the rest of your life will execute you seconds after you offend him”.

Take the concept of geocentric universe and apply it to each country capital.

You have the absolute definition of a Multi (Illes) Verse (Versa). Or out of Latin into French Versa Illes (Multi Verse), in English the mathematical Multi Verse which is another name for String and or M theory.

But that by default means more than one universe, or Multi-Verse, or a slightly different way to define Versailles.

Is their any direct physical evidence of Versailles being an upper upper end Polytechnical college focusing in on teaching about the mathematics of what can only be realistically described as String Theory.

Just a handful of years after Leo’s death in France, location entirely unknown. The French Royal court refused in all ways to given even a hint of detail of the 20 or so houses the French King owned and considered his house that Leo lived in. The Vatican wanted desperately to kill him, so the first rule of protecting a target, do not be where the assassins can find you. Unless you have a castle and 1000 heavily armed guards at station 24/7 365.

The evidence points to the 100 or more on the extreme side of intensely educated French and other students which poured out of unknown locations in France for the next 3 centuries. Stories of the students of Versailles are what the Brothers Grimm wrote about. The stories of a sort of follow up with the adult life’s and professional careers of Leo’s students. Up to and including Ben Franklyn. He studied at the auxiliary to the Sorbonne campus for years in his youth. He invented about 1000 things, which some are still in use almost 300 years later. Nostradamus was the best and most educated scholar in France after Leo died.

Nostradamus was credited for the quatrains which is an exploration of “visions” of a multiverse. Almost every aspect of the stories the brothers Grimm wrote down contain either small elements of a multiverse plot line, or in some cases a multiverse plot is the entire story itself.

Leonardo Da Vinci was documented at the Florence School of Art entering the school to eventually qualify into the Painting guild membership, at the same exact time when Domenico di Michelino was painting his “Pit of Hell” 1465. Making Leo 13 when Domenico was working on this painting. It is entirely obvious that Domenico used advanced mathematics to help him outline the layers of the pit of hell.

Those layers can be defined as both the equations for orbital insertion and of course a multiverse. Leo would have been involved with the mathematics and of course the function and structure of the painting process.

Which provides for a significant amount of evidence to point to the math's and equations regarding the Quantum Age have been found and worked with before, but were hidden for various reasons. Up to and including the Vatican had a kill on site order for any information even mildly remotely connected to said field of study. The Quantum Age, just like the Roman’s tossing away the industrial age for anti-Semitic reasons, the equations have been sitting in paintings of the Renaissance for half a millennia.

This could be one of the reasons the NAZI’s worked so hard to gather virtually every single piece of art they could get their hands on. Collect them to study them to find and decrypt the Quantum Math Equations from. The most dangerous equations minus those of Da Vinci were the ones destroyed to hide the information after the collapse of the Third Reich.

Ancient cultures used the function and structure of the Quantum Field to communicate with each other and tell the stories of their culture and its sciences without the smallest clue going to their enemies who would only use the knowledge to turn tools into weapons to kill any and all who told them no. Up to and including god.

First and foremost rule of the followers and descendants of Esau, females are property, they have no rights, privileges, and unless they are in full and complete support of their owner deserve to be punished to whatever degree any random strong man chooses to do with the ungrateful and unruly female. That rule applies to females and any/all cultures which the descendants of Esau perceive to be week and or inferior. Week and inferior deserve any and all punishments the strong can deliver.

Talk about most of their actions are controlled for them by the thoughts generated by the quantum brain. The current leap into the Quantum Age, those connected to the beastly behavior patterns are needing time to throw an adult version of a 3 year old’s temper tantrum, before they can either refuse to accept the next leap or embrace it as if it had already been.

The actions of those grieving the loss of the old way the previous age of technology and social structure cannot help there out of control emotional reactions. There inappropriate to the human condition responses also has a built-in language, their actions are in most ways very predictable. Predictably in actions means those actions and where they occur can be translated into the quantum language which can then be more readily understood.

Which is a representation of both genocidally extreme anti-Semitism found in academics, and the Futhark Calendar which is the scaffolding structure Moses used to create the Hebrew characters from. From the center 0000 of the exact middle of the Forum the open courtyard at the center of the buildings nestled between the river and the 3 main Hills of Rome. That center of center of the center of Rome, that 0000 would be the Sun and the buildings around would be the earths orbit around said. Each building would be a representation of the Elder Futhark Calendar.

All of that information was erased from history by violently anti-Semitic cultures, who mostly are descendants of Esau.



Ants; antz can do a huge amount of work simply by following in effect the causeways laid out for them. It appears based on this theory that more primitive thinking, the more the quantum field language does the thinking for both the species and each creature itself.

It would be interesting to connect humans and their collectivism traits to the part of the root branch which is by default automatic. some things are individual control, other things are part of a collectivism quantum brain we have to do x as a species.






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