Quantum Computing


This subject is more than a little difficult to understand since it comes with a structure entirely different than the binary coputers developed in the wake of Alan Turing’s breaking the enigma code machines aka computers.

Quantum computers are also an incredibly delicate and dangerous tool to play with since they are well beyond what most decades experiences coputer people have an understanding of how to interact with them.


The reason quantum mcomputers cannot work for long is they operate on a mathematics which only paritlaly follows the parameters of both HUP and string theory.


It is not popular and a comon subject for science to laugh about but the flat facts regarding various religious orgainztionas and philophsies not only point to the structure of what the mind can do, but when in a meditative state report traveling to both other times and other dimensions.


Although no real empiracle prove can be offered regarding these claims, and most of the entire field of science laughs at said. There is no way to get around the fact that these experiences take place in the mind, and that quantium computers operate closer to how the mind works than a simply machine bionary system.


When the machines break it is because something has happened on a dimensianal scale which has caused a rift in the kernal matrix. the rift being an electro magnetics wave the 2 of the E=M C2 the wave then alters the intenral bboth hardware and software causing damage.







TR Welling