QED  Quantum Entanglement Language


I propose a Theory.

 The Events of history in a very literal way, create a language based on the location, numbers/letters associated with said location, the participants of said event, and the events which led to said event, etc.

Each of those numbers/letters convert to points from which to create Hebrew letters from.

Although in truth there is an entire section of areas and characters which become impossible to have large Hebrew characters in, but possible to have smaller Hebrew characters in.

Explain, this language is not flat and 2 dimensional. Pen/Pencil on paper by default makes it 2d; however in this language the characters take on several dimensions all at the same time.

Every number of time from largest to smallest goes into a sequence.

4 billion years; from the point the earth existed presumably to the today

A years since the time when the earths surface cooled.

B years since the oceans formed

C years since the continents appeared

D - ? years since the next known sets of geological time occurred. since the first cells, first craetures, first complex creatures, first fish, first amphibians, etc. The last ice age, the beining of architecture, the beginning of writing, etc. the number of fixed points from then till now major fixed points planet changing fixed points from then till now make trillions if not a number and 100 zeros behind, depending on how detailed the counts are.

A count is from a given fixed point to present. or a count could be from any given fixed point to its end. My age is 47, however I will only be 47 for 365.4 days (minus leap years), my overall age is 47, in y amount of days I will be 48.

My age count is 47, my 46 year count can be counted in the number of days it was long.

However the key events in my life are just as important as from my first breath.

first tooth, first steps, first day of school, last day of school, first friends, courting rituals, marriage, length of time lived at each location, etc. each of those fixed points is a date to be counted from.

A-? all those differnet dates have a number sequence. the older number sequences are mostly 1000 plus guesses, million year old guesses, billion year old guesses so they cannot actually be assessed from a given date 60 million years since the dinosaurs cannot be accurately assessed to even a 100,000 year period. In my 47 years, the 60 million number has not changed since it cannot be assessed more than just around 60 million years.

however the dates from when language was in basic decrypted; example Hieroglyphics and Sumerian some of the oldest translated languages whereas Vinca, Harappa, Linear A, etc. have not been translated. Well they have not been translated to the satisfaction of the Academics community. I found the code key circa 2001.

The Gregorian Year 2001 is set 2001 years since the birth of Christ.

But here is hwere things become rather difficult. The date of the birth of Christ is a huge problem regarding since their can be not a single doubt the Roman Empire hated Jews and any/all questioning of their authority from 753 bce to the last day the empire was in existence. Complete and total hatred. The evidence against the facts the Romans hated the Jews can hardly be found. Every scrap of evidnece definitively points to the Romans hated the Jews as much if not more than the Third Reich hated the Jews. Killing more than 6 million of them in 10 years.

The Third Reich spent from 1920-1946 killing Jews, freely and unabashedly.

The Roman Empire spent from 753 bce – 400 ce seeking out and killing Jews and other enemies of its state. The Reich only had 25 years, the Romans had 1100 years. So by default the Genocide of the Jews and other undesirables from the Roman Empire was higher by a considerable factor.

It would be interesting to find out if Roman households purposely would purchase Jewish slaves for the almost express purpose of breeding them, just to have a large amount of them to kill 15 and farther years later.

Their could be a large collection slaves second, third, fourth, etc. generation of Jewish children created for the express purpose of selling them to gladiator schools and or just household entertainment to be executed in some way by the uber rich. A couple of these types of behavior patterns were written into the showtime tv series Spartacus. The breeding the Jews to produce lots of Jewish children was not included, but the using slaves for the pleasures of rich Romans at parties was a constant theme.

It is difficult to imagine the 50 serial killers operating in Rome would not have focused their “issues” on making money just to be able to purchase slaves and kill them in ever increasingly disgusting ways.

which means that since the Gregorian Calendar is based on the Julian and the Julian family spent 400 years and all of its  time/wealth creating the foundations and support for the ministry of Jesus to occur. Several of the key aspects of the ministry of Jesus occurred in buildings which were moved from their original location at gigantic expense and extreme Roman Senate punishment by the Julii Family.

what is now called “The Vatican” St Peters Basilica and Square from 4000 bce to 20 ce was called IWNW/Heliopolis. Which is really interesting since Heliopolis is a Greek word which translates to Jerusalem.

Julius Caesar ordered the creation of the Julian Calendar, which was not named after him it was named for the Julii family.  They were in fact Jews, plus or minus Octavian/Augustus. Octiavian was his birth name, Augustus was his emperor and pharaoh name. Which the Romans lied about from 33 bce to present.

The Romans loved to lie, so the date of the birth do Jesus can only really be dependent on the date the Julii family set themselves with their own calendar.

By the way; just because the Romans were no longer in an empire does not mean their genocide of the Jews stopped. The seeking out the Jews to kill them continued after the name came from Roman Empire to the Kingdom of Italy, and after when the name was changed again to the Papal States. Killing Jews went on in various measures from the last day of the Roman Empire till in some ways the present in western culture. Israel (Levant Lands), Europe, America, etc. seeking out and killing Jews which is supported by some communities and states is still happening in the present.

Israel is under near to hourly attacks from their Arab neighbors trying to kill them. Always claiming to be the victim; it is interesting that the persons and groups always trying to attack always claim they are the victims of Israel aggression.

Jesus was a Jew, he was born a Jew, his family had been Jews since Judah, whatever Jews were called previous to the Judah family of Israel (Egypt). The Julii family were Jews who had moved to the city of Samhain previous to 753 bce. Likely after the Trojan War, but just as likely after the collapse of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. The Old Kingdom are primarily responsible for the construction of the Pyramids.

Talk about a fixed point with Architecture which is beyond most absolute definitions of a fixed point. The Pryamids can be more classified as a mini-mountain range or a collection of volcano’s like Hawaii, the Cascade Range Although the distance between Mount Baker and St Helens and the radically differnet Geology from the south Sound to about 100 miles north of the US-Canada Boarder is rather different than the geology and ecology from south of the Puget Sound to the Columbia. It is almost 100 miles of distance between the two and both the ecology and geology are different from north and south. It can be considered the North Cascades and the South Cascades; b based on those two factors. Since there is more than 100 miles between consistent geology/ecologies.

The Pyramids themselves can be considered a mini-hill range; the only difference between the two a hill range and the pyramids is one is earth made the other is hand made.

From Above the earths surface are the counts which are linear and analytical.

however just like the brain, this language operates in linear and non-linear formats.

similar to mathematics; rational and irrational.

The events of the humans in some ways are very predictable, and in other ways are not predictable.


dealing with the counts of the orbit of the planet and its relative positions; that is a bit of a problem.

that problem is

each of the positions of the planet have their own circular count sequences.

what is normally considered the top of the planet,

magnetic north

the equator

the position of the planet itself in its orbit around the sun. the fixed equator, fixed top, and fixed sideways slide.

in addition, the sun.

the very center of where the sun is at its apex as the earth rotates below it. that fixed position has the count starting there.

obviously, that sequence itself has its own dawn and dusk fixed points.

it also has the exact opposite of the mid day, which would be mid-night

the dawn/dusk, midday/mid night have their fixed positions but the 4 half way points are also fixed points from which to create counts as well

each of those has fixed points