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Queen of Sheba


Supposedly The queen of Sheba was a the leader of a kingdom in southern Saudi Arabia, according to the translations after the Exodus. But this information is incorrect. It was edited from the Original to being Saudi Arabia to hide the fact that a Woman, specifically a trained female was allowed into the temple and allowed to perform portions of some ceremonies, and participate with men in other ceremonies.

This participation merged the actions of Fatimah with Sheba. Both stories are true, but when merged it produces vast misunderstandings. The misunderstanding allows for both the word of god to be true as well as to hide the facts behind what occurred.

Fatimah was simply recreating ceremonies from the very ancient past, which Abu Bakr hated more than he hated her. To Abu Bakr, most of his actions (not unlike Paul and Brigham Young of the LDS church) when not trying to take over a church he did not found were about erasing from that Church what he did not like. The Queen of Sheba Ceremonies are number one on the list for Bakr, the Evil Priest Paul, and Young to seek out and destroy.

Although Fatimah did not exist yet, when the bible was translated into German several hundred years after the existence of Fatimah, this is when her story and that of the Queen merged. That merging continued into the King James Bible.



Genesis 26:33 And he called it Shebah: therefore the name of the city is Beer-sheba unto this day.


The king of Jerusalem made a trade route with the queen.



The city presumable were Sheba was queen was from. Sheba traveled to



al makkah god

al makha god




The Ceremonies of the Queen of Sheba.

Instead of looking at the ceremonies as a roadmap for her to return to Mecca or her Kingdom in Saudi Arabia. Look to the formulation of the Masonic Lodge, to the floor work regarding not how she returned home but what steps she did in a Stated communication.


There were in basic 4 ceremonies

1 just the Queen moving around the Floor.

2 the Queen interacting with either herself or an appointed King at the alter. A rather intimate ceremony.

3 the Queen interacting with her king and at least one or two others Ouija at the altar.

3b the queen interacting with the king (intimacy) while they perform Ouija. The Secretary and the Tunnels below the letter of the planchette are the key to how the Ouija operate. Using the actual bible and planchette to perform the scribing.

3c the queen and the King, with at least one other partner (intimately) interact with the Ouija

3d the Queen has the bible or Torah on her either stomach or back while the others interact with her and the Ouija.

4 the Queen and her son taking the Ark out of the Alter for specific purposes.


The Queen is a very interesting part of All Masonic interactions.

Thank you, Margot Mildred, (Shakra) Basore of Oklahoma City OK born and raised, for your kind assistance in recreating this ceremony.


FreeMasonry in OK included at least a couple of the above ceremonies in their Special Work. She participated in a couple; her Grandfather was a lifelong FreeMason. Shakra played the Queen roll at least once.

What she did is an odd subject to discuss but some of her stories and other sources indicate do corroborate hard facts. If there were Satanist Rituals happening in OK at the same time, that is a different subject.

This is specific to FreeMasonry and repeating or at least semi-close repeating ceremonies of the British Grand Lodge decades after the British Grand Lodge was erased from Existence.


Dimensional issues.


The Lodge is the ceremonial recreation of King Solomon’s Temple Jerusalem Levant Lands.

The Queen of Sheba is a Queen of her own lands.

Which means that two separate Kingdoms existed in the same exact place at (when the ceremony was being performed) at the same exact time. Which in basic breaks Newton’s Third Rule; two objects cannot occupy the same space and the same time.

But as part of this ritual, those two very separate kingdoms must operate in the same exact place at the same exact time for the ritual to be performed correct.


Also since two of those ceremonies


While performing a rite at the alter; Shakra looked down and could see tunnels through the open bible. She was both leaving over the bible, and had her hands placed on it. She was seeing directly into the open bible directly below her as she leaned over the holy bible; performing the ritual.

Those Tunnels, those layers and layers of tunnels confused both her and myself for decades till the present. When I learned that the parent of Hebrew is the Futhark. The Futhark is both a Language and a Calendar.

What Shakra was seeing was the Tunnels of Time which are in every single Hebrew and associated languages including English behind every single letter.

Words have their own tunnels. Words form their own unique shaped tunnels.

Those tunnels are a unique feature when the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Sheba merge during that ritual.


Not only Sharka’s experiences, but the early LDS Church discussed said rituals. Which Young outlawed as soon as he gathered sufficient power to destroy those ceremonies.

Smtih was called a pervert with Young Girls in private ceremonies on more than one occasion. Using girls as the Queen during that or a sequence of rites.


Also noted in the Da Vinci Code book and movie; where intimate ceremonies took place as part of the Grail. San Grael. Or Sacred Blood. Which is a direct reference to the name North umber Land. The Sacred People of the Land; or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd.

The Sacred Blood Vessel; Vessel or specifically designed land.


These rites and cermeonies have an ancient history reference. The Whore of Babylon, she did her work in the Haning Gardens fo Same.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a large and elaborate Tabernacle of aDam system. Complete with the Stages fo the Ribs fo Adam, which are also a symbol refence to DNA.












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