Rebuilding original FreeMasonic Ceremonies



FreeMasonry has undergone numerous changes, different religions, philosophies, political leadership, etc. over the centuries these different interactions and voices both inside and outside FreeMasonry have fundamentally changed the ceremonies.

Although essentially they are the same, the details are often very different.

The lodges in a state can vary, but the lodges state to state can vary almost to the point of unrecognizability unless you know enough to recognize the key points which are unchangeable.


The pre 1799 FreeMasonic Ceremonies included the Queen of Sheba Rite. Which was violently excluded in the first few decades of the 1800s by Puritans who joined the organization to follow the example of the founding fathers. The founding Fathers were dominated by FreeMasons, but when the Puritans started to join they were so disgusted by what they found, in the upper end ceremonies they demanded changes or they would destroy the entire organization.


In some very key and special occasions, the Queen of Sheba Rite includes a select female to participate in the Ritual itself.

Also there is a rite where the JD and SD sometimes with the assistance of the WM participate in a joint Ceremony at the Alter itself.








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