Rebuilding the original LDS FreeMasonic Ceremonies


Part of the ceremonies borrowed from Jewish sources, the other source were British Freemasonry sources.

Although in all hard fact the pre-1800 British FreeMasonry ceremonies included various aspects of the Queen of Sheba.

The Ark of the Covenant and Queen of Sheba. Along with her son, a son who was conceived inside the Inner Sanctum Sanctorium of King Solomonís Temple with King Solomon. Her son had the full rite to take possession of the Ark, as his father built the Temple for the Ark. Being the primary Caretaker of the Ark was his fathers and therefore his responsibility.

The Child Used the same path out of Levant Lands when the Hyksos threatened to invade and seize control over Jerusalem and the Ark itself. They demanded to use the System (the Levitation abilities) and the Ark as WMDís to conquer the world.

Smith attempted to rebuild portions of those ceremonies, till too many Great Awakening Followers joined his church to began to seize control.

As they seized control over the Church, Smith and his loyal followers began to distance themselves from the Church itself. For 12 years, as one of the Great Awakening Followers specifically B.Y. forced more than more changes. Smith was forced to remove the original Jewish and British FreeMasonic Ceremonies from his church.

Plus as the Great Awakening Followers reacted to the Jewish ceremonies they both non-Mormons and Mormons became increasingly violent regarding those ceremonies. Refusing to perform them since they were about as Anti-Semitic as the NAZI would be in the next century.


The Great Awakening Followers have the same origin as the FreiKorp. The FreiKorp a branch named changed from FreiKorp to NAZI January 1920. One of their leaders Adolf Hitler convinced a great deal of his fellow Korp members to join the DAP. The DAP once they had a sufficient voting block with Korp Members changed the organization from DAP to NAZI and away from the Garden of Eden to violently Anti-Semitic, well anti-everyone but them.


The FreeMason ceremonies circa 1799 included several things which would be unthinkable 200 years later.












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