Religious Liberal versus Conservative


The extremely uneducated man on the right had issues. First the Bakers were sued not because of their religious beliefs. That is pure fantasy, they published to their friends the names addresses, phone numbers, etc of the gay couple. Violating all aspects of their privacy. They were sued for invasion of privacy and creating a violent atmosphere. Death threats from some Conservative members of the community were made. If that couple had been involved in an assault and or murdered by someone who that baker gave their private contact information to that would have been first degree manslaughter. It had nothing to do with the gay issue only with the trust of a private citizen giving privileged information to a private company where their is an expectation of said private information would be kept confidential. The business was lost because the expectation of confidentiality laws were broken. Second the whole "choice regarding sex thing" the pastor on the right is not being forced to choose to have sex with someone he does not want to. How are his rights being violated by someone else choices? His comments regarding those that demand tolerance will limit my choices and force me into making choices which are against my religion. They complain I remove their choices, but I do not want them to remove my choices. How is the guy on the rights choices being impinged upon. He is not talking about his choices, he is talking about witnessing others choices. He does not like and wants to limit others choices because he does not want to see them. That is a sin of the first order, free will allows every individual to have their own choices. As the right pastor pointed out the word of god is absolute. The War between god and satan was over choice. God wants man to choose, satans war is over limiting the choices to just how satans perspective regarding worshiping the father is. The guy on the right is acting and fighting according to the same argument satan argued. All within my perspective have to worship god according to my perspective, nothing else is acceptable. that is very close to quoting satan.


The problem is, liberals and conservative religious leaders know or have any idea about the following. They have no idea Martin Luther designed Protestantism to be a light repackaging of Islam.

They have less of an idea about the structure of the Great Awakening Movement was strongly influenced by Barbary Coast militant Islamic cultures the community of Connecticut had directly interacted with for the previous several centuries.

The early settlers to Connecticut were forced to leave Europe because their closer business contacts tiwh the Barbary Coast Militants was a crime against humanity.

They were forced to lave Europe, because the money from committing crimes against the species was so good they could not give it up. BUt part of those crimes is for the ship and the slave purchasers to conduct business deals in Africa. Staying under the invitation of the equivalent of ISIL for months if not years while business deals are conducted to sell humans both Africans and Jews takes time. A year of Arabic influence over thousands of deals with each ship and several centuries starting roughly 1200 c.e. will have a strong and dominant affect on the “Group think” model of the ship crews and businesses man. After a while the 100th monkey syndrome will start to convinced otherwise really good men that it is not really a crime against humanity to commit genocide or place another human being into torturous bondage till they die of exhaustion.


The gifts were a nice touch.