Rock of Mars


From the second the feud between Esau and Jacob began, the conflicts were so large, nasty, complex, difficult, and above all designed by Esau to outright crush Jacob.

The Rock of Mars is just one example of this crushing need to destroy.


The Second Romulus walked into the city of Samhain and changed its name to Rome. He had a chip on his shoulder.

That chip was based in the close to 600 years the Hyksos/Dorians/Avaris/etc. set out to kill every single Jew they could get their hands on and failed.

The City of Samhain took 600 years to conquer, entire empires rose up, had their hay day, and vanished between the start of the Trojan War and the walls of Samhain Breached.

Although the Trojan War in less than zero way ended with the breaching the gates of Alba Longa.

The Trojan War did not end till the British culture was obliterated in Whatcom County Bellingham WA circa 1889. When the area became part of the United States of America.

That is the end of the Trojan War.

The name Trojan means Jew. so the city of Troy means “The city of Jews”

The Trojans were more difficult to destroy than was understood.

Plus for the previous 600 years the 18th Amarna Dynasty had been building a New Kingdom in Britain. which Aeneas’s son had left Alba Longa to lead that Kingdom as its new King.

However this entire situation causes problems since the Trojans were still alive, Romulus had a problem. He did to have the resources to keep Rome and go attack the British. Plus he had no ability to get to Britain. His forces would be all but entirely obligated by. So Romulus did the only thing he could, allowed what he hated to happen, but gave strict instructions to his followers as to what to do in various cases of military takeovers by the Jews.

Those orders were still in effect and followed when the Jewish Julii family took over as Emperor’s. They were followed harder when his Great Great Grandson entered Rome to found his new Synagogue/Ministry.

Part of the founding of that Miinistyr would be on the versy spot Jesus was Crucified. Which is were the Heliopolkis Obelisk now sits. The Crucifision Cross on the top is close to the mm of where the actual cross and Jesus Being Crucified actually was.

The hours before his arrest, Jesus spent that time sanctifying the entire area of the Vatican Hill, to prepare for both his crucifision and the foudnign of his ministry.



Greco-Roman Paganism


Vatican Hill

The Vatican Hill was approximately 200 feet tall. So the top of this Obelisk from Heliopolis is approximately the same exact height as the old Top of the Vatican Hill aka the Rock of Mars.

But something needs to be instantly clarified.

The Persian God Mars which was integrated into the Roman Pantheon. When Rome conquered a group of Hyksos in Anatolia(Greece), they violently insisted upon their God of War to be included into the Roman Pantheon.

Mount Zion was a Skull

They were too good at fighting to not include in the Army, so their God of War, which was symbolically depicted as a Skull. Mount Zion was a Skull. The evidence is difficult to ignore. Plus the Persians/previous name Hyksos were descendants of Esau, in all of history you cannot find a character and people who hate the descendants of Jacob more. His hatred and genocide of his brother’s descendants makes the NAZI look tame in comparisons.

Esau shortly after his family helped him conquer the city of Mecca to ease is Psychopathic Rage regarding being not chosen to be the next King of Kings of the Semitic people pushed him to perform the worst ceremony imaginable for monotheists. Shortly after he conquered mecca and his brother left to return to Egypt/Israel. He performed a ritual to sell his soul to the devil in order to have said fallen to and kill his brother Jacob.

That Fallen attacked the brother but lost the wrestling match.





The evidence is about as strong as it can be that the Crucifixion took place in Rome Proper.

the actual physical evidence

not a molecule exists in LEVANT

the Senate, the Vatican Hill, Caligula, Tiberius, the Julii family ties to the Jewish Trojans, Hannibal and his diplomacy with the Julii family which pushed the Lucia family into homicidal rage. The Lucius family still on a Jewish blood hunt 250  years after Carthage.




From the point his body was taken down off the cross, the site became a holy shrine to Jesus’s faithful.

The Romans could not stand the site of horror to the Jews became a site of martyrdom. So they had the Hill quarried into stones.

Those stones were used as a Wall to block all access to the site of the Crucifixion. But the Wall is where the event took place. so the wall became the sanctuary. Pilgrims gathered at “The Wall” much like they would gather in 50 years at the Levant Lands Jerusalem “Wailing Wall”.


1500 years of very hard work has erased almost all traces of these facts from the official record.






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