Roman Colosseum

The Vatican is upper left in the graphic, the Original Forum is right and lower than middle, and the Coliseum is a few hundred years south east of the Forum.

Emperor Vespasian hated Caligula so much that he specifically ordered his legions to conquer Levant Jerusalem and dismantle Zerubbabel’s temple.

Then have that structure brought back to Rome, where it would be reassembled into the Coliseum. So that Jews could be executed in their own Grand Temple; which is the definition of Human Sacrifice.

The Way the Senators acted towards, Caesar, Tiberius, and Caligula is almost exactly the same as they behaved towards the Jews.

Making a realistic argument that the first Emppero0r of Rome was a Jew, the second was a complete Jerk. The third was actually named the at that time Roman insult for “Dirty Jew” The Tiber River. Which is an insult regarding the West/Dirty/Unclean/Nasty part of the Nile. Insult by changing the name of the Nile to Tiber, but the rest applies. The Dirty side of the Nile is between Abu Sir and Giza, which is where Israel is. According to the Narmer Passport.

The Romans wanted to use the Jews as Human Sacrifices to power and strengthen the core of the Roman Army. Since over the previous century the Roman Army proved it was going to lose and be crushed at the yet to be built Hadrian’s Wall.

Crushed because the Ogle family on the North side of the Wall was better in all ways than the Roman’s. THE Roman Army lost from 40 b.c.e -400 at the Wall. The wall was built by Emperor Hadriens to keep Roman Casualties to a minimum. It did not work.

Exactly like at Masada, the Romans thought that if they Ceremonially Sacrificed the Jews to the Roman Gods than the Jewish monotheistic god would be destroyed. They were entirely wrong on all aspects.

Want to see where the Temple of Zerubbabel went, look no further than the









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