Rome Rock of Mars


  1. Introduction
  2. I know exactly where the rock of mars was
  3. the Vatican; mo
  4. the Vatican fields,
    1. how can a city tightly packed with every square foot packed with life. Have an open large field with a large rock on it go undeveloped for 1000 years.
    2. answer is it cannot. That field had to be special to every single roman or the field would have been built on.
  5. The Rock of Mars
    1. the Rock of Mars is key to understanding the Stages of the Cross
  6. The woman who owned the land was from an extremely long established roman family.
    1. Rumored to be either Etruscan or Tyrolean.
    2. But that family had been in Rome since day one.
    3. One family did not hold that much power in Rome for 1000 years unless they held onto something of fundamental importance to the city itself.
  7. conclusion