The city of Rome itself used to be called Samhain “The Eternal City”.

That name was put into place by Julius Caesar who along with his ancestral line had lived in Rome since well before Romulus was born.

The city was conquered when the Samhain Army went out to help defend the city of Alba Longa, and the battle plan was to destroy the Samhain Army then destroy the city of Alba Longa. Then send word to Samhain, “surrender or be obliterated from the earth”.

Since Samhain held major secrets which had been partially destroyed by the Hyksos who came after in waves. Keeping archaeological secretes intact and as many copies intact as possible became the goal. Till those secrets could be revealed to the world.

The City of Samhain was built as a replacement for the Pyramids of Egypt. The City would do the same job as the Pyramids did. they would tell the same story the pyramid did. Be the same tools. And work as the same machine.

The 7 Hills and the 7 Areas of Pyramids are roughly equivalent. There is also an equivalent tool/math/machine/story telling synagogues in Paris, and Northumberland.



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