Like any other typical Dorian/Hyksos, he lied to ensure his philosophy was the only philosophy.


First his ancestors were purely enraged by the fact that the Trojans built defenses in Italy so far beyond what they had built in the Aegean e.g. Troy that it took from 1320-753 b.c.e to defeat them.

Aeneasís Job was to ensure that the information they were receiving from the evacuees from the Trojan War arriving in Alba Longa and the City of Samhain Hills was literally as accurate as possible to prevent those cities falling to the Hyksos/dorians/Avaris/etc. as quickly as they did in the Aegean.

The city of troy was going to fall. That no oracle or psychic disputed, so the only solution was to instead of trying to prevent the inevitable was to relocated the treasures, libraries, people, and culture from the Aegean to Italy. As a back up relocate portions of them to Northumberland.

In Northumberland aka Britain aka the Kingdom of Ogle. Named by Meritaten the mother of Thesis and the daughter of Amenhotep iv aka AkenATEN; the family name.

The kingdom of Ogle is the Gaelic version of this graphic.

It took so long that the humiliation was more than the Hyksos/Avaris/Dorians could deal with. so they erased the time between 1320-753 = 567 years.

Which threw everything in history from the ancient world off.

Most specifically Jewish history.

The need to kill and erase Jews has been the number one priority of the descendants of Esau since day one.

Second Romulus wanted his own Glory, so in standing with his ancestors humiliation about almost 600 years of losing to the Jews. He changed the name of the city from Samhain to Rome.

He then proceeded to erase all history of Rome previous to his entering the city.


Third he still had more than a large population in that city of previous cultures. He did not have sufficient people in his culture to populate the city. But the families who stayed not only did have sufficient numbers they continued to control their areas of the city.

A long as they paid their taxes and supplied his army, he did not care.


What Romulus did care about was the fact that he and his culture were forbidden by laws of both sides to interbreed. His men had not wifeís to make babies with. The females of those who stayed were kept safely and security behind very large fortified houses/mansions/estates. Which as soon as it appeared that the Dorians were going to win circa 760 b.c.e they started to beef up their estate walls and armies. Most major families has two armies, a private security group tasked with defending the house and family at all costs. The second were on occation lent to Romulus to conquer his enemies.


Romulus had to contend with the majority of his population would eventually rise up and seize control back. He worked to limit that, but he could only do so much. By the time he established himself, he was an old man.

His end/death is shrouded in mystery. He most likely demanded to be allowed into any of the Taberancle systems in the city to use it as a weapon against this enemies.

Despite numerous warnings this was an extremely to the maximum bad idea, he did it anyway. A quick death by electrocution occurred shortly after.









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