Russian Amber Room


This story is also itself a long and storied history. The story is vast, complex, detailed, and goes back to the city of Heliopolis aka Jerusalem.


The Amber Room was not built or designed by the Russians, it was built as a cheap knockoff by the Prussians to safe political face when the Prussians conquered the Germans. The Germans dismantled their Tabernacle of Adam system and shipped it west. By the time the Prussians arrived in the Castle the Tabernacle was reassembled inside of, the Prussians were angry all they found was an empty section of Castle.

So instead of admitting they had been deceived, they set to rebuild their own version and Bragg about how great it was.

The original was built in Ancient Egypt, supposedly as a way for Adam to connect with his Tabernacle in the Garden of Eden. He built dozens of them, forming the Symbol of the ATEN.


Decades later the Prussian Amber Room was given to the Russians as a gift. But the Russians not only knew it was a cheap knockoff, but also knew the original was a powerful Weapon. The Prussian Room was a theatrical set piece. But the Third Reich had no idea it was a theatrical set piece designed to look corrected but not function in almost any way.


Which is the reason why six short weeks after Rudolf Hess defected from the third Reich, the high command immediately set to invade Russia. Making an almost literal bee line from Berlin to the East side of St Petersburg and the Cathedral of Catherin the Great to seize control over the Amber Room.

The film the dirty dozen is based on a secret military special forces group were sent well beyond enemy lines to find the Secret reassembled from spare parts Tabernacle of Adam System and turn that system into either kindling or in the confusion dismantle it and ship it back west.

The Third Reich possessed a working Weapon of Mass destruction with their efforts to capture and rebuilt biblical tools. The Ark of the Covenant, the Cup of Christ, the blade of Enoch aka the spear of Longinous (the story of that Blade is complex, and the overwhelming majority of it has been erased from knowledge. The story of the blade is not only complex, but it the name of the blade is Longinous the soldier whom carried the blade was very likely the Roman Officer and a Member of the Roman Jewish counsel of advisors in the Middle east Joseph of Arimathea.)

The Amber Room itself was a cheap knockoff, but it was feared by Allied forces with sufficient time and resources they could take a fake piece of set decoration and turn it into a working and viable room.


The working and viable Room was signed to generate electricity and direct that electricity to achieve various goals.

Think of a cell phone tower but a million times more electricity. That electricity similar to a Tessla coil could produce in effect an electrical short circuit from the coil to a given object. For example in the fictional story of “Warehouse 13” the story creators built a “Tessla Gun” which could shoot electrical short circuit from a mini Tessla Coil up to several feet away. With sufficient voltage to act as a stun gun.

A working correctly Tabernacle of Adam system complete with built correctly amber room, which would be located on the third floor or the main building or Kaaba could be worked with to generate and direct said types of electricity. A bolt of electricity of hundreds to thousands of amps shot out over several feet to dozens of yards would be an impressive weapon.


The story of the dirty dozen is about a secret paramilitary group sent into not a luxury resort but a working tabernacle of Adam to make sure that weapon could not be used to stop the allied invasion of Normandy.


Hess told the allies were the Tabernacle system was and how to quickly and easily dismantle it.

Although most of the situation was strange and unusual since the Russians had already dismantled their Prussian gift starting hours after Hess defected. The English warned the Russians was the plans were. The Third Reich was going to invade Russia at some point, but when was still to be determined.

However the Russians did manage to dismantle their Prussian gift and ship it somewhere else. While they sent work crews into create a new fake set piece in order to literally allow the Third Reich to take the fake and try to work the Russian Fake into a real tool.


A wrinkle to the story comes into play now.

The wrinkle is, the Russians had been in Whatcom County specifically Bellingham for decades from 1750-1860 fighting over control of a working Tabernacle of Adam system built by the descendants of the 18th Amarna dynasty and the Trojans renamed British. The British and English cultures are vastly different. The British are descendants from the Trojans and Amarna Dynasty the English are descendants form the Pictish and Romans.

Although for a while the Pictish culture had allied itself with one of the only pure evil cultures on the planet, militant Islam in order to seize control over Jerusalem Northumberland. Which is only a little south of where Hess aimed to land and be captured by the British. He body double was captured by the English.


The third Reich upon invading Russia only six little weeks after Hess evacuated literally were hunting for both the Prussian amber Room and the Tabernacle of Adam system the Russians either copied form the system they witnessed from Bellingham or had captured ports and rebuilt in St Catherin’s Cathedral. How much of the St Catherin’s Cathedral was from the Prussian gift, Whatcom County, copies from legends, etc. is an unknown.


What is known is the events of the Russian Amber Room, the Prussian invasion, Whatcom County, Bellingham, Troy, the Amarna Dynasty, Heliopolis, etc. draw a stark contrast to the facts presented compared to with publically spun story which when the evidence is exampled can produce little if any real evidence other than political spin. The official stories are almost not believable.