Sherlock Holmes


This fictional character is similar in many ways to the fictional character of Dr Victor Frankenstein.


Both characters are based on very real people, with both extremely high IQs and performed actions which would not be understandable to others for years if not decades after.


Sherlock was a man who was not able to be restrained by either a normal job and or the riggers fo his heretical upbringing. He was born of the must upper-class. While most of his family became knights, took seat in parliament, became spys, worked with the King.

Sherlock’s independent nature did not allow him to operate in such confined and restricted areas of work.

He had no choice but to work independently, as a Private Investigator. Specifically, in the realms of homicide and of course being a Spy.

He was insanely loyal to the British Crown he only would help the English crown. Which angered the English government to no end.


Although Brother Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this books set in a very specific time period. The real Holmes lived decades earlier. So the connection between Jack the Ripper and Holmes has no basis in reality.

An old man in retirement is not capable of performing those tasks.


However Moriarity was also a very real person, a professor but he loyalties were pure Prussian. He was not only a Prussian Spy (FreiKork) he was what would be called later a full fanatical freak NAZI.


if each of the novels would be read as a collection of freikorp trying to overtake both Europe and British interests; than there is a string to Ms actions.

I bet a closer examination would reveal the actual events the FreiKorp did to seize control previous to wwi







TR Welling