Smith and Jacob become Israel


first and most important thing to note!!!! all people like smith literally have both body guards and a body double in case of the worst case scenarios

they are almost never mentioned in the documentation. just like slaves are also not mentioned. obviously different classes of people but the documentation reflects the same.

so smith left

Jacob left is family and traveled along the same route that his ancestor traveled e.g. Abraham. although Abraham was not his name since that name would not exist for 1500 years till after the invention of Hebrew.

he followed the trail to Egypt and set himself up as king. which was all fine and great since he was born a sufficient rank to claim said honor

but his brother grew jealous. which Esau was prone to do.

so he brother set to build himself an army and invade Egypt to take the kingship of Jacob away from him. which the entire culture did not want.

so they all got together and decided that Jacob would take his vast army and supplies and rejoin his family. where they would together attack an conquer mecca so that Esau would have his own kingdom to call his own.

upon conquering the city. Esau insisted that he and he alone would march his army into the breached city and like a messiah walk into mecca as gods representative to his new people.

which is what he did

Jacob was invited to leave his brothers land. subtly NOW, get out NOWWW!!!!

so Jacob complied.

but on his way back to Egypt. what his brother did behind his back was close to the exact thing that young did to smith behind his back.

Esau hated his brother with an unmeasurable passion!

young hated smith with an equal level passion

young would and did stop at nothing to take over the church

the guy who wrote the book was made into evil and the guy who was not allowed to see the plates was raised to be equal to if not better than smith. 180 years later smith has become close to evil and young the messiah of the lds faith.

upon leaving mecca Jacob was encounter by a fallen.

that fallen challenged Jacob to a fight.

the fallen based on the recreated hajj was sent by Esau to kill his brother

upon winning that fight, Jacob was given a new name Israel

what was smiths new name?


Israel went to Egypt to form the kingdom of Israel. which stood hard and strong from 2500 b.c.e to 2000 when descendants of Esau invaded from Egypt to erase what the Israelites had built in Israel.

Esau’s descendants hated what the Jews had built so much, it became their cultural focus form 2000 b.c.e to present. Erase any and all achievements the Jews do. Most notably what the Jews did in Egypt.


What does this have to do with Smith and events of only 15 years before the start of the American Civil War? That is a very difficult question to answer, since the actions of smith and the actions of Jacob becoming Israel are too similar to ignore.

Fighting with his brother for more than a decade.

Finally coming to a head, where the antagonist wins a decisive victory.

The protagonist goes on a spiritual journey and has a name change.


But the events which occurred on “Rocky Mountain” are specific and detailed! to a maximum degree.

“Rocky Mountain” is not an area but a city. 14 years later “Rocky Mountain”  was renamed “Old Colorado City” which was also for a sequence of years the Capital of Colorado. It was also the Capital of Kansas, and the original Capital of Texas.


But if Smith did become some version of Israel, where has he been for the last 170 years. That answer is to an extreme amount complex.