Solar Flair’s


The Structure of a solar flair

Means that the number of particles at the core which are bunched together, are traveling faster than 186,000mps.


This has long been used in science fiction to give an easy explanation for time travel.

However, this has more impact on the field of science than can easily be understandable.


In the core of the Star, a given pocket or collection of molecules which had been bounced around inside the heart of the fusion machine would absolutely begin to form some more dense molecules. Developing a type  of pull pull of their own.

Forming a type of collective of super dense molecules which would only grow in side depending on which portion of  the fusion machine they were formed in. The denser the collection of molecules the more those molecules will attract not only other less dense material but will attract molecules of its own electro magnetics signature.

That growing ball of fast moving molecules will eventually build up enough speed to no longer be containable by the surrounding gravity wells inside the fusion machine. Which does not mean they finally reach 186,000 mps, it means most of the particles in the core of the machine are moving at just under light speed.


Based on this academic exorcise, there are several varying degrees of speeds happening inside the core of a star. just under light speed, at light speed, and a couple type of speeds over light speed. The balls of stuff need to break the upper speeds which are contained by the fusion machines gravity in order to break out of the chromosphere Image result for chromosphere.

They come out as solar flares, traveling much faster than the speed of light. But the stuff they pick up on the way out is moving much slower.












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