Sphinx and the Lions Grip



The sphinx sits to the east of Khafre; if my theory is correct. That pyramid is dedicated to Adam. The architecture inside is the journey Adam took in order to resurrect his murdered son Able.


A huge part of Masonry is the essence of Shriners. Their symbol is the Khafre Pyramid with the Sphinx in front.


That sphinx is part of the lions grip


The riddle of the sphinx comes into the description here.

What creature walks on 4 legs, 2 legs, and three legs.

The answer is of course human; in the walk of life almost every human does.


But this is directly connected to the bible by way of Adam was placed in charge of the walk of life of everything. Just because he was kicked out of the garden does not mean he was not still in charge of the walk of life.

Which also means Adam was in charge of ferrying those into the body and out of the body.


The Lions grip allows for a person to have some at least vague reference to the very ancient past. One of the if not the first ceremony of Masonry, being built some 2400 years after the ceremony was at least by legend created. That being the Khafre pyramid. That pyramid being the embodiment of the story fo Adam (if my theory holds).