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The Pyramids appear with increasing levels of evidence to not only be a radio telescope

they appear to have been in part designed to look west and east at set given times to see the "tunnel”

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there is a 90 square built in

one of the causeways is 90' from one of the others

the square is built in, the compasses are the sun. both north and the "tunnel"


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the causeways do look up and down the tunnels at said given points in time

Pyramid 7 and Djedefre make 90’


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A Egypt the Causeways of the Pyramids

B the Tunnel created by the Earths Magnetosphere pushing into the Solar Wind

C The Earths Magnetosphere

Which is a rather large/long tube of approximately 100,000 miles. Part to the East, where the Earth is going forward into its orbit around the sun. Part the Planet itself. Part Wake of both the hole of the Solar Wind and the Magnetosphere merging to create a record of the earths past in the Solar Wind.

Part of this Hypothesis is, that the pre-Exodus Jews and whatever they were called previous to Jacob, is that the Pyramids were constructed on a 300 square mile scale in order to identify and read the Electro-Magnetic Waves created by the Earth and Sun interaction on an Electro-Magnetic Wave format. 

D THE hole created in the Solar Wind by the Earths Magnetosphere.

E the Leading Edge of the Earths Magnetosphere pushing into the Solar Wind

F as the Leading Edge of the Magnetosphere the Solar Wind, the hole created widens as the earth and the denser parts of the Earths Magnetosphere created a larger and larger opening.

G The Tail End of this Electro-Magnetic Wave interaction. In the Tail, is a record of the Earth and the Solar Wind interacting together.

This Tail End takes on two parts.

One as the earth rotates around the sun, the shape can be understood to be that of a Snakes Ribs. Each Rib segment is a single rotation.

The Rib segments creating sequences appears to be almost exactly like a snake rotating around the Sun. That Snake Rotating around the Sun in the Earths Orbit around said.


H The Causeways pointing Due East, hypothesized a squared off shaft of a couple miles long designed to be able to micro focus in on that hole crated in the solar wind by the earths Magnetosphere.

Pointing due west, the Causeways of the Pyramids point down the shaft but instead of “reading” what is coming, due west reads the past, where the earth just left. The memories of the past.



Biblical References

Jacobs Ladder; to allow angels to ascend and descend from heaven. Angels being a metaphor for Electro-Magnetic Waves.

Lilith would be metaphorically the Solar Wind

Adam Metaphorically speaking the 100,000 mile long Shaft Created by the Earths Magnetosphere.

Eve metaphorically the wake and the combined Solar Wind Electro-Magnetics and the Earths Electro-Magnetics merging into a form of a memory.

G Rated version; science and biology light descriptions Lilith Adam Eve


Lilith Adam Eve  very adult version with warning screen


The story of Noah comes into the picture now.

Noah survived the great flood to carry the Nephilum, this family, and the great library out of X location to Egypt to form the Country of Egypt at 4000 bce. The Flood was to destroy the “Bad People”, who wished to either possess the technology and secrets or destroy them.

The power dynamic from 4000 bce to present has not ended. The Bad People are still trying to either possess power or destroy it if it is someone elses hands. They are always afraid that if power is in someone elses hands, that power will be used to bring harm to them. Why because if and when they have possessed power, they instantly being to use said power to make others obey their will. They do not want to be forced to obey, so they fight to ensure they are the powerful to make everyone else obey them.


The technology of the above, has been a primary target of the bad people since practically day one. When the Old Kingdom aka the Ogle family, evacuated out of their homes, they rebuild their “Israel” which has all the engineering specifications needed to be a radio telescope.

They have rebuilt dozens of times. Each rebuild leaves behind key aspects; the enemy has no idea what they are destroying so they have no idea how much is left when they destroy the bulk.

The plan was obviously to built a couple dozen “Israel’s” and of course “Jerusalem’s” so that over time the destroyed sites could be collected into one and the original could be pieced back together.


The worst part is, the bad people are always convinced they are the good people and working in accordance with the will of god. However they usually have to break all of gods “do not do that” rules in order to follow the will of god to destroy the technology.



Of course there is another issue; that of Lilith and her legends. Lilith and her legends specifically regarding intimacies and her “children”. Her children being demons of course.





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as the earth enters the solar wind. the passage of time creates "the warp"


each location is its own “encapused thing”. Each “Thing” has its own “unique” boundaries.

The weave is about tracking each “thing” on its path through the timeframe built into the solar wind.

Based on these physical laboratory testable thing. It appears the earths’ “time” is a biproduct of the solar wind.



the Warp as in weaving.


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The Green Warp, and the blue Weft.


The Weft would be the rotation of the planet as it travels into the opening in the Solar Wind.

The motion forwards, and the clockwise rotations of the planet every day. the below and above of the strings of each person and each location. intertwine with the warp of time.

Which in effect creates what Jewish theology call “Demons”. since the Solar wind would reflect the metaphor regarding being “Lilith”.


The Pyramids are Macro,


But the Causeways are Micro.


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Each of the Causeways points to a different “micro” portion of the Heavens.


Depending on where the planet is on it orbital journey, depends on what is being “seen”.


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