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In the huge history, World War II, this might be more difficult of an organization to describe than the Thule society.

The Thule society in comparison is relatively easy. THE Thule society was a collection of think tanks with 1000 different names from 1806-1917. The umbrella term Thule works to describe them all.

Although the Teutonic Knights think tank members were only semi-allowed into the Thule Society. The Teutonic Knights were not of the same line of thinking or good behavior as the Thule society.

But the Thule society one of its founding member Himmler his daughter founded the Stille Group. Which is a charity and relief group dedicated to unknown realistic goals. They are only façade pro-NAZI. They take stands against the Nazi on key issues.

But give support can care to ex-Nazi’s; at least till they died.

Their operating budget is unknown but huge. They have several large buildings, a full paid staff, and are still in part run by the survivors of the Thule society and their serving children.


Most of the rest of the Stille group operate entirely clandestinely. They do assist the Germany government whenever possible, with both funding, and organizational help. Which they do a small amount as well with some neo-Nazi groups. But the support is mostly superficial.


The only partially, superficial, and reluctant support regarding pro-Nazi stances and or Neo-Nazi actions point to the same balancing act the Thule Society has had to perform since the FreiKorp worked to successfully conquer them and reform their protecting DAP into the NAZI Party.

The DAP was designed to act as a buffer between the government and the Thule Society think tank. Since the previous 100s of think tanks were all outlawed.

Every single time a think tank is outlawed, new paperwork must be filed and all the normal “fees” must be repaid. Fees, dues, etc. have to be repaid constantly.

Every time the government need to raise instant money, they would go to the riches Think Tank organizations, and outlaw them. Forcing all those fees to be repaid under a new name.

The formulation of the DAP with its voting block would then prevent that from occurring.

The DAP could then force the government to back down regarding regulations.


Which was a perfect target or the FreiKorp to use as a façade and perform their own clandestine operating out of.


That exact moment when the FreiKorp noticed the DAP and its Thule Society parent is when the war between the Two started. The war has not ended yet. The Stille Group has been on the front line of that war ever since.

The FreiKorp have been demanding since day one to have access to find and build their own Systems. Their entire purpose their founding document circa 1754 points to the Prussian Governments rage over not being able to make sufficient headway in finding a System and using it as a WMD against their enemy.

The pre-FreiKorp spy organization of the Prussians was one of the major political forces pushing the torture and execution at the Salem Witch Trials.

More were killed than just the ones charged. Many non residence of Salem were also trial and killed. Just outside the jurisdiction of that specific Court.

The FreiKorp is a Prussian Para-Military organization which means they are spys who are also trained to kill. Similar to the English MI6 00 Program.


The Still Group among a dozen other Thule Society Groups have been working to further the Thule Society research and cause since its founding. But since their efforts have been corrupted on a dozen occasions, they have put into place the strongest rules against letting others know about their internal workings.








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